From Infinite God 'W' Love ~ Welcome to HisHer ~ Our Ascending 'Heaven on Earth' God-Is-Love 'Fun' Jubilee. Celebrating partnership w Max Gratitude, forever. Thank You God ~ Divine Source Creator All That Is, 'IJN' Indeed. And So It Is.


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Currier & Ives.


                       Partner with Creator and see if all things fall into place...   The Forever Merger is On

April, 2018

May we all find our perfect alignment with Creator's divine plan for us all...


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p.s. I also now go to a sister/brother site
If led, see you over there.  )

   Hey Dear Friends, Does anyone else want to make our own 'Peace On Earth'  & 'Joy To The World?' 

Who needs a hug?  Here Ya's Go  (  )  <3  )

                        Yahoo images.

Thank You Janis.  <3  See Ya's at among many other places on this HisHerOur joyful starsite. )


Greetings Fellow Divine Infinite Star Beings ~ Gods and Goddesses of Infinite Light and Love.  Ah, Yes, Dear Ones ~
God knows what HESHE  created and moments have come for  We awesome 'Spirits in the material world' to truly 'Rise & Shine!'
And So It Is.

To see what can happen when one puts Everything 'In God's Hands' mosey on over here... )                                                                            And Now 3/24 18

Yahoo images.                                                                                                                                        P pic  Nantasket Beach, Hull, Ma.  March 2018

See Y'as Shining 'over there.' if led.  )



And Yes, My dear friends, we do say 'Yes' to the above - year round.  We got plenty of Joy to go 'round forever 
Thank You's to  God and Jesus.and Mother Mary for starters.

So, with the site considered to be Heavens blog VII-17777 this site moves right along with Catch Y'as over there...

Bridge To Infinity

See what spirit has waiting for us all to discover there.  Good stuff fer sure... )


Greetings lovely, handsome, infinite star beings of divine light and love.~ All 'Part & Parcel' of The One ~ 
Infinite Divine Source Creator ALLTHATIS.. "I AM THAT I AM"  Divine Ultimate Higher Power Ultimate Divine..

'Fresh Front Page 'New News.'

Applause to everyone for efforts to introduce an RV. However the ez, ultimate solution is with God's divine, perfect plan i.e. 
The Rock & Roll divine intervention plan of common sense. In other words - put Everything in God's Hands. AA Michael says 
unequivocally: "IT IS DONE."   Along W Dr Peebles; "IT IS DONE."

 All shared here:   All God's Children Welcome to the jubilee..      See Ya's in 7th Heaven. Oh, we're already here. Cheers. ) 

Eddie Love, got a song for us Bro?  🏌️‍♂️😍😎 Oh, and one other thing.  https://youtue/uZjUgRjbTYY  

TYG TYJ TYM TYJ & The Grateful Living for all eternity.  <3  )


Source Creator's Children have much to be thankful for esp at this celebratory Holiday Season.  This theme is 
continued at this shiny new blog page.  If led see ya's over there...

As seen  at the  above blog VII-16777 page which is now complete, (we can't let it go too deep) we shared a new
subsidiary site.  All invited to come by and check it out esp for anyone struggling financially.  Deadheads could think
of it as a place to sell ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches w/o  the muss and fuss. lol  Here's the link w our friend The
Most Interesting Man in The World showing us where to go.  )

Have the Most Interesting Man Send an eCard for You                          

Thank You kind Sir.   see you over there... )


Greetings One and All and Welcome to a 'Awakening' place here on the inter-net. - The platform where 'We The People' can meet and share the 'good stuff'
in our worlds.  We have tons of good, enlightening stuff here sure to raise the vibrations of even a cat.  )  So, on with the show and btw, Paul, the steward of this place does not get a stipend or pay to keep this HISHER ~ Our starsite going.  Please, if led and can contribute to our 'fun'draiser.which officially 'kicked off' today at 3 p.m. ~   God bless you!  Any contribution you can make is welcome and Yes, have no doubt, 'the cashless society' is a 'done deal.'  We Immortals will 'Make it so.'
when we 'Wake up.'   Towards that, check the new online portion of our dossier and the latest #14 blog sharings inc fresh videos at link below.

God Has spectacular plans for His far flung wayward children, my dear friends, and we're so glad you have arrived, come, stumbled on or fallen into this particular section of shore of the vast sea called the inter- net.  Know there are no accidents, no wrong turns - everything is happening as it was meant to be - 'from the beginning.' (Nod to ELP)  and though there are surprises, the best has always been meant for last.  So God left the best for last, dear ones, and Jerry, our dear friend, what is it Bro?  FUN, Paul, TYJ. Fun is All she wrote for us for Now & Forever, guys. 


Greetings Infinite Star Beings on  the way up.  On this 'Angelic # day'  Yep, we all know #44 is an angel # and Fun is the Final Frontier that Is endless as well as
everlasting, so let's get on with it,  shall we? To get up to speed, we highly recommend  moving around this, HISHER  starsite as spirit moves, however, for these
times we're living in now as 'The Event' is upon us, we do hope Y'as will go to  and really go thru the pages as a, well,  how 'bout, Drumroll Bonzo & Karen C et al Heavenly Drummers. WOW!!  TY Guys!!  <3  ) ) ) 

Ok,   'A Course In Fun ~  The Ultimate Final Frontier For Now and Forever and ever.   After al - with no mutant enemy to deal with and no disharmony to cause us any stress, certainly no money worries... with all that crap in the rear view mirror, my dear friends, what else Is there to do for all eternity but to just 'Have Fun'  Got it? Scribe will say the word for humanity downstairs.   Ready?  Yeah,that's a word.  Humanity - R U Ready?  Ok, the word 'downstairs' here is 'AWESOME.'

The Word 'Upstairs' Is Ready?  DIVINE>  (well )  (We add that 'well' bc 'sic' is negative and well is the opposite and since that's the way it came out we allow the Infinite Creator of ALL THAT IS to Who we all are a divine spark of.  Congrats  Humanity.. We Are All at Infinity's Doorstep.  Let's Carry On from this divine moment and shine, shine, shine,  like the stars in the heavens that we  are.  And So It Is.

Fun, anyone?

Image may contain: 2 people, including Paul F Brown, eyeglasses, beard and indoor                      
P pic   4/4/17  Chelsea, Ma

Good New News for Humanity, esp when Every day Is Fun Day...        Complete w Jesus' response...

What's that Mom?  You read my mind  lol  )

Mom & Paul read each other's mind 345 ~ 777

Thank You  God and Mom for this Far Flung Production Ltd. which was conceived, produced, directed and acted by God.  )

And what else to mark this special Angelic day... Yeah, Dr Peebles goes 'modern' with His special message to Humanity shared here...

Dr Peebles goes 'modern' to get the Good Word out re this particular corner of  Infinite Creator's Divine plan.  At:  umbrella.  --)   See Y'as there. And bring yer ) ) )  Uncle Jerry will surely see Y'as there.  )

Dr Peebles on Paul's gateway computer Praising God From  Whom All blessings flow,  calm and Trusting Absolutely.

Inviting All God's children, bc we Are All  connected, to take a cosmic ride

Dr Peeblles to Humanity...


Thank You our beloved Dr Peebles.  (Not shouting - just His normal volume esp when giving a blessing. )

Alright, and so this is a  wrap as scribe wants to get out in Mother Nature and go for  a ride and a walk and maybe, just maybe, we'll meet You somewhere out there, and we can walk around the next bend or in the park or on the sandy beaches of Infinity.  It's a beautiful neighborhood, my special friends, each and every one.  )

Googlle images.

Pick Your spot.  'You Are here.'  Our Now and future neighborhood... )

Rec &  fin for now
3:50: p.m.


Greetings Beloved Gods and Goddesses of 'THE ONE.'
How has Your creation of a day gone so far today?  Hope Good.  We were expecting kind of a low key day, however Spirit had - has other plans and we ride the wave. You're All invited to see what's gone into the books at today and we must share the following as it only adds 'Wind to our sails'  and confidence in our God aligned path, not to mention Credibility. for the doubters out there.  

Lookey here, my dear friends, at the perfect 'memory' picture from this day 4/5 in 2016 that just dropped into our FB timeline. Ya can't make this stuff up, guys. But EZ for God. ) Perfect synchronicity. The Universe smiles, not to mention the infinite spirits in the room watching us create this 'work' for God ~ Us... Big 'Sparks' of God and getting Bigger all the time. ) ) )

So, let's take this picture w Uncle Jerry in the middle w the 'Fun' sweatshirt on and let's All Get in this picture. Say the magic word "Yes." And So It Will Be ~ And So It Is. ) And who does this leave out? No one, we hope. )  Catch Y'as later... )

Jerry, Bobby and Company having Fun ~ 'back in the day.'

May it be proclaimed, here and now, that this day and every day is 'Fun Day' in All God's Infinite Neighborhoods.  )

And So It Is.

Rec & begin
5:55 p.m.

Need we say it, my dear friends?  The Cosmic Jubilee Is "ON"    )


Look, guys, one thing led  to another from that Heaven - Earth merger page and now The Infinite Love in Action Frontier  page is 'On.'

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P pic.
Everyone's invited to the jubilee.  Contact information and other stuff is here:

So, Folks Welcome to the jubilee.  Yeah, we're a little low key, not into hype or saying 'Hooray for us.' or looking for any spotlight type  thing.  However, it just can't be denied and we never would bc everything on this site is a product of God. Signed, sealed & delivered.  You have arrived on sacred high vibration territory my dear friends.  Spend some time on this starsite, not  to be confused with a 'web'site, and your little feet may not come down to earth  for a while.  We hope to see  you back here often & don't forget to tell your friends, if led. They'll thank you for it later.  So, yes we have a ongoing 3 part Press Release.  Here Ya's go and God bless you if you pass it on to Your worlds.)..

Press Release ~ Updated 7/30/17

                 Portrait of Jesus by artist Akiane Kramarii.                                                                                     .

Another part of Disclosure Press Release

Oahu Beach Sunrise, Heaven on Earth
Yahoo images.

Heaven on Earth.


Greetings  fellow spirits in the material world and a ) & 'Hello'  to those watching from 'Upstairs."
What a momentous day this is in the 'wellusion' that God has provided for HisHer children ~ 
all grown up now, some physically, mentally & esp spiritually.  

Hello People, it's 2017.  Time  to Wake Up and  K n o w  that this is is a spiritual universe we are living in.  It belongs 
to God Who created it that way.  We humans have in some parts of the world taken this beautiful world and made it a nightmare to live in.  
This is mostly due to fear and we the people of the now falling prey to the old, outmoded and obsolete economic and aggressive militaristic ways of previous generations. The time for change, and we mean real change is Now, if not Yesterday., Dear Ones. 

So, we, team oneness, create(d) our own virtual Heaven on Gaia  where we all can come and meet and we like to share good stuff, so here's a page where we 'celebrate' that 'good stuff,' mostly in song.  If you like the tunes we are playing and living by then by all means, Join us.  The chariot, and in our modern times - the bus, the train, the car, the merkaba is waiting for us All with no one left behind.  Together, we can have it All, as God wants us to have.  We reference one of our prime  Spirit guides and He, hereby, emphasizes that this light being typing this Has cosmic credentials to do this labor of love and invites all to take  the 6 pack tour here.   Dr Peebles says it  should be reviewed w/o delay so you know this is not just a dude online blowing smoke.  We don't smoke anyway. nasty habit ioho. )

So, happy reviewing, check the blogs for the latest sharings.  get out in nature, smile at a stranger, give something away, let the other guy in... These are some things we can all do to create our Heaven on Earth.  So, as we say and our team oneness concurs... With God on our side & Jesus & Mary and the angels guiding us we have it made in the shade, fellow immortal spiritual light being who's been around forever and as we embark, as one,to the infinite frontier ahead of us is Shine on and 'Have a nice forever.'  )  And So It Is


  Yahoo images.                                                                                                                 P pic.

 Dr Peebles  'Great Warrior of God.'                                                                              Hull, Ma  July 2017
 He Blesses everyone..."God Bless You!!"  Indeed.

Wow, guys is God bringing out the big guns to blow this site out of the water as Dr Peebles said 'beyond our wildest dreams.' 
 And You, immortal spiritual being of light, here now, can help make it happen.  Just, fearlessly invite your friends to the jubilee, right Jerry?  )  )  )

FB & Tweet: Hey Peeps who love music. Our spirit buddy Jerry Garcia is waving & inviting All God's children to the jubilee.
Check the historic, just completed, blog page:   Cheers,  😎

P pic

Paul's driving in Dorchester, Ma in 2016, looks up and sees Jerry waving in a cloud. 'Hey Jerry, we <3 You!!'  God knows we need leaders down here who truly know what 'Fun' is. )  We're in paradise now, my dear friends.  All that's missing is our acceptance of God's, I repeat , God's awesome New Now paradigm.  "God's Will Is Done Now.and forever." 
And So It Is.

Jerry invites all to a 'cosmic gaze' with him, after Jesus and any other gazer you're led to, here...

Rec & fin Joe Friday time for now.
3: 00 p.m.


Announcing that opportunity came and only a brand new blog page would be appropriate for it; so here it is.  Hope en==joy... )

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Entering The Light!


Guess what guys?  After only @ 11 days a new blog page had to be created.  The 'good stuff' 
is flowing like a river or like 'the falling rain' which is Paul's analogy for how Jerry played guitar.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, ocean, outdoor, nature and water
P pic.
Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma.
Awesome stuff is being shared here if we do say so ourselves (speaking on behalf of the group. )


Greetings One & All and welcome to God's Earth Party Forever starsite.  We sincerely hope this site does its
job for you in raising your vibrations and therefore your consciousness.  Visit often for new sharings from Source God Creator.

Get ready for a real good time ~ forever. IJN.   And So It Is.  )
 Image may contain: Paul F Brown, outdoor and closeup         
P pic.
Pic taken on what we later found out was 'National Orange Blossom Day' ~ June 27, 2017                             
The one and only day in 2017 we wore orange.  lol

Ok, Guys, who else  will spread the good new news of God's  Victory over darkness?  You?  Alright, Awesome.  )

Who wants to hear what Paul is listening to as he does this sharing?  You Lucky & Daisy?  Ok, here it is...

Jimmy Buffett ~ Feeding Frenzy

Thank You Mr Jimmy Buffett & Band & Fans ~ Everyone we hope.  )

Hey guys, shake the hand that shook the hand of Jimmy Buffett.  For real.  Jimmy coming off the stage at Club Passim, 
Harvard Square, Canbridge, Ma  'Way back in the day.'

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
P pic.

That's Quicksilver III down in the parking lot, guys.  Get Your proxy Quicksilver at participating dealers, hopefully All, starting Yesterday.
Thank You to All blessed merchants participating in God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan for humankind's liberation.  Indeed. YES.
In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.  <3   )
So, Carry On, Guys.  See Ya's when we see ya's.  Have an awesome day. Leave you with this song for all the days lived and yet to live.  Jerry?   

Black Peter, 10/29/77 ☮ Grateful Dead

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead.

Here's to all the God given days  ahead, my dear friends.  En-joy, be glad & esp Grateful.  Indeed.  )


Greetings fellow sons  & daughters of The Infinite.  Today we are awesomely privileged and Grateful to bring
forth the 'New News' of a new Heavens blog - already loaded with 'good stuff' if  we  do say so.  Go now  and
find out about God's plan, going forward for His wayward children.  We mostly allow and let the music do the 
talking.  If we have something to say~ here's  what it is in 99% of the cases.  Ready?  123  "I Love You."  Ok?  Awesome.  )

Image may contain: 2 people, screen
P pic.


New News, guys. Yet another new blog page is up. Check it out here:

The eternal jubilee is on and guess what?  Yep, all yer friends are here. )

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
P pic.

Nantasket Beach sky scene.


A perfect day, after all, how can you beat 10?  Well, Mr Brown, I would rather not 'beat' days, I would rather just 'love' them for what they are ~ Spirit's divine, perfect by design, creations; hear that omnipotent subconscious mind?  Good.  After all, our team oneness deserves only the very best of the best of the best. Indeed.  What's  that Infinite Father of ALL THAT IS?
And So It Is.

New page link is here for those who deserve the best...

Image may contain: ocean, sky, beach, outdoor, nature and water
P pic.

God & Humanity reflecting each other. And it's good.


Guys, when you've 'gotten' all of the # 12 blog there is this new one just hatched here.  Check it out, if led...

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water
P pic,

Sunrise over the bay...

June 3, 2017.

Welcome One & All to this finished, done & complete site.  Feel free to click around to your  <3's content and we hope you have fun & come back often.

A new blog page has just been created and it will have any new things to share esp re the shift of human consciousness  as the ahem: 100 monkey curve (only as an analogy) does its thing.  Scribe  is just typing what's coming down here, folks, don't spank the messenger, please.  TY.  )

So, here's the dashboard for the new blog page and we hope ya's enjoy and are ready to blossom.  Thank you very much.  

No automatic alt text available.
P pic.

All the merkabah's are coming, you?  Oh good bc You are expected.  You know it just wouldn't be the same w/o you. )


Greetings and welcome one and all to this finished, done & complete site where humanity, you are encouraged to wake up and smell the coffee so to speak.
Know, dear ones, this is God's world and despite what we've been told by God knows who: the media, our next door neighbor, the paper or inter-net...
It's God and God alone who is really in charge; Who knows our deepest and darkest fears and the only One who can say~ ''doesn't matter, here, come with Me,
forget all else.  You are my beloved child and I've come to take you home."  And So It Is.

Indeed, we need a song for this one, dear friends.  It's  just a click away. right at the top, you can't miss it, unlike the head up their ass atheists  who can observe  the constellations and say, yeah, that's all just an accident.  But that's not happening anywhere @ here fellow immortal spiritual beings.  Not on our watch, on our  page, which belongs  to the people. i.e. All of us, living large and in charge knowing that Source Divine Creator ~ God has our backs.. Our watch says its time to toss out all the petty, territorial, religious pride, dictator wars and all other such folderol and come home to Jesus & God.  Here, let P show ya's.  We can meet God half way, guys.  hear (sic) we go...

You coming humanity or you gonna stay in the old, same old same old dilly dally tired, worn out paradigm with it's disfunctional, stuck in 3D model T way of being and operating w an obsolete economic system that works too often only for the few while the many suffer, living lives of quiet desperation.  In God's eyes we are all equal in the boundless, limitless, beauty & wonder that He~She has prepared for us, my dear friends. We can and must do better.  It's moment.  On behalf of the group, may we all 'Carry On' as One.  Paradise doesn't  have to wait anymore, guys.  We can create heaven right here on earth.  It's up to us. Who's up for the challenge?  Awesome.  ) 

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
P pic.

Since we are God sparks, it's like  meeting our-selves.  Who wants to see God?  Look in a mirror, gaze w your-self.and Smile.
May we all be richly and bountifully blessed on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, sweet & kind day.
And So It Is.

Memorial Day
May 29, 2017
Google images.

And why not remember them every day we live in freedom.  

Thank You All Veterans and Those Currently Serving.  A Grateful Nation Salutes  You.  Indeed.


Major news of the day and the era we are living in.  

A founding member of the seminal southern rock group The Allman Brothers Band ~ Mr Gregg Allman, has made his transition back to spirit. 
The Rock & Roll world is in shock but is, as we do when this occurs w a bright shining light,  we 'Celebrate' his or her life and all that they accomplished leaving nothing undelivered. 

We were fortunate enough to see the brothers perform the following song in concert in a club in N Miami back in the day.  They would kick off every show with this number and we are led to kick off this entire finished site with this live masterpiece.  Rest assured dear friends  there is quite the party going on in Heaven and it has no signs of letting up any time soon.  So let's let this song be as a merkaba for we spirits here in 3D to join the party.  

R.I.P. Gregg and Thank You, on behalf of the group, for the love and the music.  Rock In Paradise.  <3  and maximum appreciation from all your brothers & sisters upstairs & downstairs. May the heaven & earth celebration begin at another level.  One no one except Source Father~Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS saw coming. IJN. And So It Is.

The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues [Live]

Thank you Gustavo B. L. for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.

What's that Gregg?  Oh really.  )

Gregg Allman "I'm No Angel" @ The David Letterman Show

Thank you MyInnerEye Mike  for  sharing on YT.

Thank  You Mr Gregg Allman, Paul Shaffer & The World's Most Dangerous Band & David Letterman.  )

Rec & fin
5:23 p.m. (cosmic trigger moment )

More Allman Bros and other new info here:  (scroll to bottom.)

May  the peace, love & joy of the Christmas & holiday season be with us all now & forever.  And so it is, IJN. Indeed.

So, what exactly is this site all about?  Well, guess first thing would be to visit the mission statement page:  Here ya (we) go...

Oahu Beach Sunrise, Heaven on Earth
Yahoo images.

5:43 a.m.

Announcing:  God has a very special gift for us all in the form of a song.  It is esp sweet since it was gone and now returned.  This gift will, 
Hiis Will willing, be shared at the latest blog page here in a few hours.  Be sure to check out all the 'good stuff' over there leading up to this.

Cheers,  )

Image result for currier & Ives winter christmas scenes
Google images.

Currier & Ives.

Yahoo images.

Happy Earth Forever ~ Handle With Care, needs 3 things  to start ~  love, love and love. what else?  More love.  Can we get the hang of this, humanity?  Awesome. )  

Indeed on the love # day of the month  - shouldn't we spirits, disguised and walking around on this planetary platform as humans, mark every day as 
a 'Happy Earth Day!' ? We think so.  Just like every day is a grateful Independence & happy Spirits Day.  So much we humans on the way up have to celebrate.

We, all who help to shape this site, the seen & the unseen, hope Y'all have a real good time at Earth Party Forever. com


Very special "Thank You" to Elvis, The King of Rock & Roll for being one of our cosmic gatekeepers, 
along w  Dr Peebles and Mr Jimi Hendrix, at this His ~ Our forever starsite.  )

And So It Is.  In magnetic Gratitude.   )

Yahoo images.

Elvis at the gate of Graceland.  Hey Elvis, you are going to let us in, right Bro?  Awesome.   )

p.s. See Dr Peebles links just below & Jimi Hendrix here...


Like 'Happy Mother's Day' to All the wonderful Mom's out there ~ like our Mom, Marie, with Jaws here, probably on a Mother's Day long ago.  <3

Image may contain: 1 person                      Image result for Everyday Mothers Day
P pic.                                                                                                                                                                      Google images.

Mom, our partner in love creating this, ultimately God designed, site, - not to mention Jaws is only a thought away.  We subscribe to the notion that every God blessed day is not only Mother's Day but Father's Day  as well.  After all - where would we be w/o them?  Indeed.   )

Announcing that it is announced on the blog page w Jesus just below that this site has officially done its thing.
It is finished Dear Ones.  Y'all invited to check out the following page which Spirit has placed here which also features Mom & Jaws, not to mention here:

Check out the following and don't worry necessary repairs w maybe updates will be made where needed on this site.

Yahoo images.


Hey Guys,  notice  a change in the above title?  See official announcement on the blog page  w Jesus just below.
Carry on... )


Announcing that there is a new Heaven's blog page just starting   If want to check it out then just mosey on over here...

Image may contain: 1 person, text
Yahoo images

Thank You Jesus.

The shift is on... Indeed.  YES.
You know love is gonna find a way, right everyone?  Awesome.  )

Guys, major new announcement & awesome stuff coming down on the above blog page.  Check it out, if led.


This just coming forth...  God's starsite endorses The Ruby Rogers Center and has started an education page.  We do recommend entering thru the portal (below)  If led  to continue here is the link to good stuff.  )

Image may contain: tree and outdoor
P pic..
The Father of our country watches over * blesses this humble portal to infinite abundance for all.  Indeed.
Thru that door we are all entering a cosmic Free zone.  )  TYG. IJN. YES.

It was good, no awesome, while it lasted.

See Ya's in paradise, oh, we're already here. 4 real. )

Also on this awesome, infinitely blessed day we announce that a Kryon 777 page has been started to share The Kryon material. This is essential awesome 'stuff' to be a graduate of 'schoolroom earth'  dear beloveds.   )   Get yerself 'magnetized' here...

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature
P pic.

See ya's at this essential page... )


On this love day - 22 we all know is the love #, we officially announce the latest blog page.
Come on by and check it out, if led.   )

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor and water
P pic.


Greetings All & Welcome to A New Year.  A year of fulfillment & liberation.
To mark this occasion there is now a new blog started here & all are inviited.  Cheers,  )

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Excuse us ~  Front Page News?  In our local neighborhood & beyond it is...

'For the many rather than the few...'

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Indeed.  )

The Creation of Adam By Michelangelo   (thru  Google images.)

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
--- Albert Einstein.

"Llfe is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the Moments that take our breath away."
--- God  (since no other author is known, (it's always Him  anyway.)  Note:  God is androgynous.  Know when we say Him we acknowledge Her as well. Indeed.

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me."
--- Jesus Christ

Greetings All & Welcome to God's ~ Our* sweet, simple sharing starsite & Paul & Mom's 'dream' work.  we're so glad you came by.  Grab a cup, take yer shoes off, stay a while. If when gotta leave, tell yer friends what you found here.  Y'all come back now, hear?"   (Nod to Beverly Hillbillies.) *Note: 8/22/16  In heading & here & elsewhere 'our' has now been  permanently changed to 'Our.'  God considers we Beloved Masters ~ Immortal Spiritual Beings, to be worthy companions to Him.  After all, that is how He created us to be.  

Congratulations, Humanity  ~ God Loves us, esp so since we've 'made the grade,' on our own, - w His help & Jesus, of course, & Mother Mary, and our Angels, Guides, Fairie Friends, departed loved ones, the spirits who stepped aside so we could be here - cheering us on.... Let's face it, friends  (and we all are  friends on the other side.) we all need(ed) all the help we can possibly get down here trying to survive in the 'Insane, lunatic asylum of the universe.'  (Nod to Sylvia Browne.)

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His ~ Our  'signature' pic.

"If you are a lighthouse, you cannot hide yourself;  if you hide yourself, you cannot be a lighthouse!"

--- Mehmet Murat Ildan

A page  well lighted & waiting  for Your visit when you can...if led, Yeah, we'll leave the light on for ya's...)  (Nod to Tom Bodett.)


Welcome, on behalf of the group,  to a beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, sweet & kind day in God's infinitely harmonious neighborhoods.

Want to start your day in a good, blessed way?  See Jesus / Lord Sananda for just a few seconds even, every morning and get your wind in yer sails for the day.  
Just a suggestion - works for us.   )

We have this picture & music  at this page should one choose to partake.

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This site has pretty much done its thing folks.  Like a house that's built, were putting our tools away and that hammock in the back yard sure looks good.  
In fact - we've been testing it lately.  Yep, sure works good.

So everything has pretty much dovetailed to this page...

and occasional updates like this new sharing w Dr Peebles is made here at the latest blog page...

Thanks  Dr Peebles for being an excellent guide to us & this site.

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Dr Peebles.

Because, we're told, inquiring minds want info now w/o searching or going on an expedition.
Who wants to hear why this whole site (practically) is all Dr Peebles' fault w help (a lot) from Mom & Company of Heaven Spirits coming through, inc Jesus, 
Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia & John Lennon.  Special Thanks to Intuitive Consultant  Jim Law...

For what it's worth...


Check out the just completed blog page here, if led...

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Merry Christmas  & Happy Holidays


Now sharing  here as well as at the new blog page...

Because we're all in this together... Tis  the Season for All pulling together as One, right God?  Indeed.
Everything's gonna be alright.  God's plan is perfect for each of us.  Believe it or not, we don't believe it; we Know  it.

Christmas Miracle - Inspirational Video   Thank you Cleon Alleyne for  sharing on YT.

Trust God & Company, Everyone... He's Got This.  

Veteran's Day  
We Salute All Who Served Protecting Our  Freedoms Past And Present.  Thank You For Your Service.

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Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima is a historic photograph taken on February 23, 1945, by Joe Rosenthal. It depicts six United States Marines raising a U.S. flag atop Mount Suribachi, during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.  
More at the current blog page below.


Thanksgiving Day.~ A Day to Count Our Blessings...

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Hey Peeps, if You think Every day should be Thanksgiving Day, Smile, ok?  )  Awesome.  We're Proud of You Team!  )


Here's the newest blog page...

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(Make up your own title to this pic.)


A Friend, just like any other Friend drops by w Birthday Greetings at that blog page.  )

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Indeed.   )

Greetings Gods, How be you all today, ~ this beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, harmonious & kind day to be alive on the planet Love
Note the numbers  as our 'do it by the numbers roadmap unfolds.  9 is a 'the' max number, 22 is as we all know by now ~ 'the' love number, and 2016 is just sweet, like a peach set before us for the eating.  If Christ set before us a peach w some wine, dear fellow Gods. would you partake?  We certainly hope so, esp if it were  rep the modern day bread & wine of the Last Supper.

As was announced below, September 1, 2016 marked the 'Official' launch of this God~Our starsite- @ 4 years in the making w nothing but love in its creating & we hope it shows.  Some, we know, think this is Paul's ego trip.  Let the humble instrument say in his own defense, if this were an ego trip why is he still at it with no remuneration whatsoever, only the love we get back from the folks who have come by here and enjoyed the termed 'goods' shared here.  We don't ask for much, just your love, that's all, bc that's all that matters.

So, here's the song, Ladies & Gentlemen, From Macon, Georgia, The Peach State God gives us... The Allman Brothers Band.  Guys, Take it away... ~   ~  In memory of Duane & Berry.   RIP  Rockin' In Paradise & waiting for us all. Indeed.  )

Both Yahoo images.                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                              The shape of a new planet called Love  We made it, Folks.  Take a bow, He says...)

Thank you Luca Simoncini for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band

p.s.  Duane & Berry invite Ya's to come  & 'gaze' w them here...w special guests, Lionel Richie, The Commodores, The Reagans, Sonny & Cher, Cass Elliot, Kansas & more inc cameos by Paul Simon, Julie Andrews, The Grass Roots, Dan Fogelberg, Stevie Nicks & Jerry Garcia

'Special Thanks'  to a High Flying Eagle  who helps steer our Good Ship Infinity.  Thank You  Bro Glenn.  We  All  <3 You... )

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Beloved Master Glenn Frey & Friends like Jesus/Sananda are hanging out here:

And here...


Greetings God(s)  My oh my. You know what?  What Farili Triumphio?  (our new, now, self God given name.  You God Lucky & God Daisy  U are looking absolutely splendid today like you have been forever since God created you to be prime companions to Him/Her.  How are you enjoying your new God given freedom where everything is Free as He wants it?  What?  Oh, you haven't claimed it yet as the so called 'News' media is, obviously, 'sound' asleep at the wheel and only tells you about the dark crap, the disasters, the calamities and other road rage incidents?  Pity.

Ed note: Pictures added 9//23-24/16   Here's a vehicle for a Farili Triumphio & Team 777. Then when it came to start college at The U of Miami, what was better than one's thumb. to provide the transportation  Could do this 'back in the day,' not these days.  )*
   Image may contain: car, tree and outdoor                       Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
   Paul's  classic Triumph TR3

No automatic alt text available.

Thanks Brother Dick for digging these up.

The rest is history.  )

We do now stand corrected, Thank you very much spirit, as in a whisper, spirit says... there's a song to put  right here, right  now; not next tuesday or tomorrow. 
Now is now, so here is the song spirit wants here & our humble, self assigned, mandate to do His Work IJN  says: "Done."  Thank You Spirit, which, of course, Is God. Thank You God for Your Trust in us as  we Trust You, God w All our Hearts & Souls. Indeed.TYJ.   )
And So It Is.

Thank you vendor61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

At  0:27  Can we all say  "YES"  God says "Good."  Thank You God, The Very Definition Of "Good,"  Indeed.  Yes.

Brad ~ Rockin' In Paradise says "Hey."   )

This Hitch A Ride video was first shared here:

A most excellent page to visit if we do say so ourselves.  Indeed.

Meanwhile,  the cat is out of the bag that God, thru Farili T has a new page which is now termed: His~Our 'Happily Ever After' page.777
This  is a 'dovetailing' page where all the other pages are now emptying into.  See ya there...

7:12 p.m. Insert: 
They won't tell you what's happening here.  i.e. New Good News that  can't Wait...

[End of insert]

Hey guys, one reason God has given us the internet is so that we may circumvent their corporate greed, i.e. profits at any cost, bearings and tell each other the good news.  We here in the "One for all, all for one"  Sons & Daughters, Daughters & Sons 'situation room where the music barely ever stops playing are inviting you to go here and get the facts about what you folks are depriving yourselves of. (As Gordon Lightfoot's 'Seven Island Suite' plays on our BB.

Gee, what a 'co-incidence,'  this song is also right down there at that 'site essentials' page. Like, oh my, right, lol.  Folks, if you don't know- there are no coincidences. These are synchronicities and they are clues to us as to how in alignment we are to Divine Creative Force.  If you trip over synchronicities all day every day, you are in  the flow and you are 'good' as we say, you are in the vortex (ref Abraham-Hicks.)  See, God is 'Good.'  We have dispensed with the adjectives, dear ones.  Yes, even 'awesome' when it attempts to describe God.  

God is the indescribable, the ultimate unknowable, we mere mortals could never in a moment or in a million years begin to scratch the surface of God's Love & mystery.  All we can suggest to you fellow peeps of the one typing this is to surrender to His best, divine intentions for us- knowing it's way better than anything we could dream up for ourselves w our limites human mind/brain equipment... We are all in for one grand, wild, adventurous loving, harmonious ride. Indeed.  

These 2 pages are in 'cahoots' w  each other,  Tons of 'Good News' here...

These are the days we were born for, my dear friends. So, please enjoy, embrace, the awesome new freedoms the Creator has & Is bestowing on us, His Loving, fearless, super-multi- talented beings that He created just as we are; each perfect as He thought us into being.  There are no misfits, no damaged goods, so to speak, human beings.  We can csall what we've  been through and survived ~ Rock & roll. There is a place for each & every one of us in this new 'now' paradigm where love is the only currency needed.  Again, e v e r t h i n g is Free.  God has the reins in His mighty hands.  You have  a situation?  There are no problems, per say, really, only situations.  Put it all in His hands and say to God & the universe.  "Here You go God, this is/was beyond my ability w my limited human understanding to deal with, however  You God, In Your Infinite Wisdom, do know and are fixing and supplying the solution to the very best of all concerned.  And So It Is, Now...  
In Jesus Name.  Thank You God.  Indeed.   Yes.  ) &  laugh, as  if You're Janis Joplin & God just gave you a new Mercedes Benz.

So, oh, My goodness, what a long way we have come... so let  us share an appropriate song for this occasion.  Oh Btw, You Folks know who brought us the weekend?  Well, New news for ya's if you didn't know _ It was God.  And Now, and for some time now He has thrown in the Other 5 Days.  In other words, Every day can be like Saturday.  So, let's recap, as 'Too Late For Praying' by Mr Lightfoot plays in the background.  (It's actually never too late for praying.  It's a song title - not something  we  want to feed our infinitely powerful sub-conscious mind which is always at our beck & call.  (More on the subconscious mind when we take this conversation over to the new blog page just started th other day. Here's the song...  Hope en-joy... )

Thank you Johnny Cash VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Highwaymen.  

God, I want to be a highwayman.  ) you already are Lucky & Daisy, you already are.  ; )

Rec & fin.
3:14 p.m.

Hey folks we're back with 3 words to say & a song which we just heard on one of our cd's   as we were nodding off.  So, here's 3 words to  take to heart.
"I Love You."

And now, here's the song, as He is orchestrating everything as David Bowie, now plays on ZLX, 'Young American.' And now 'Dirty Woman' by Pink Floyd.  Indeed.  )

Thank you LoverboyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Loverboy.


Greetings  fellow Omni beings of light & love.  How are you today?

Me?  Oh, we are super, thank you for asking    )

Thank you  Rock, Soul and Guilty Pleasures for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Commodores.

Announcement.  This,  His~ Our Starsite site is  now "Done, complete &  finished.  Thank you very much.  Indeed.
Except  for special features, like the one coming  up of a man who learned how to fly, this site will no longer have daily updates as we are going to be going on permanent vacation. w the quickness.  Hope ya's don't mind, however our work we came down here to do is done, complete, finished w a kiss & a grateful smile.


Indeed, new 'good stuff' will be added to the latest blog page, the 'traffic cop' of the pages here.  We do have new content coming up, as we say 'never say never, as we don't know what we don't know.  Right, Yogi Berra?  

As directed to at the latest blog 'traffic cop' page:

See & read about 'The Man' mentioned above, here...

Yahoo images.

Thank You, God ~  I AM THAT I AM  for loving, guiding us & leading us onward & upward.  May we all "Rock On" W you forever, God.  
We Love You So.  Indeed.  Now.  Yes. ~ 

'Hey' Paul ~ Farili Jagio, Do you have a page that you would recommend for us to start  with.

Why, yes, Daisy & Lucky, we do.  Since you're already on this page, it's, obviously,  a  good place to start. Then, we would rec this page & then, as 'they' (whoever they are.) say... 'all bets are off.'  


Ok, Brothers & Sisters, We just would like to send you on your way w One Word, and  here ya's go...Celebrate, Smile & be glad.  )

Thank you LeonardCohenVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Master Leonard Cohen & Partners In Love.  Cheers,   )

Rec & fin
1:58 a.m.

We note with sadness  but gladness for Leonard & the Company of Heaven of Leonard's recent passing from this world on to a better one.  
We'll see you down the road a bit, our dear friend.  ) 

3:00 p.m.

Announcing Now, That the Official Launch of This, His/Our Starsite is September 1, 2016.Please share the Good News, if led.  Ty.  )

Our/His Press Release.  Yes, Indeed, Folks, We're taking the lead... )  He taught us Everything, Indeed.  )

Update, re the above statement about taking the lead.  We've given 'the lead' right back to where it belongs, gise, to God. It's analogous to Dicky Betts stepping out to play lead.  Awesome & dandy for a bit, however that's Duane Allman we're on stage with. )  Catch what we're saying, gise?  And it's his boot. Indeed. 
Dicky & Duane take a bow, guys... and now Gregg & Butch & Jaimo & Berry, & Alan & Warren & Derek & Otel, et al.

More on  TABB here...

Who wants to hear Paul's favorite instrumental? Here it is ~ live )  Hope, en-joy...)

Thank you   SlowhandFender's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.  )

4:23 a.m.

New News  re our friend, Jerry, same url as just below.

Jerry says 'Hey'  'Welcome to the jubilee.'  Everyone 'Made it.'   )

Yahoo images.

Beloved Master Jerry Garcia.

The God appointed follower of Jesus Christ to lead 'The Grateful Dead' & now, 'The Grateful Living' ~  Heaven's new 'House Band,'


Look, up in the sky,,, Jerry's waving 'Hey.'    )

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
P pic.

We All <3 You, Jerry.  Waving back to You  ) 

See the above & other 'Good stuff' here...

Insert:  This just in.  A new blog page has just started.  Previous one, obviously, will lead in.  Thx  )

Cosmic trigger day & there's a new blog page up, created  by elves overnight. )

Yahoo images.

Happy Love Day for The Merry Month of August, Guys.
See what went down today, click just above that hammock and tomorrow 8/23/16 The ''cosmic trigger' day of the month, we'll see what God has 'in store' 4 us.
One thing we do know, it will be Very Far Flung.  7 7   )

Welcome Folks to this ~ His/ our starsite.  Please read all the good stuff as spirit will lead you through this site if you allow, just ask.
The latest sharings and place to get what's going down by the moment is at the current blog  There's  some new, awesome information here,
esp for romantics everywhere...

No automatic alt text available.
From Paradise calendar 2013

Greetings Fellow immortal spiritual beings.  Please do read on w all the Jerry 'Goods.'
We must share though that there is a brand new 'Gazers 7 page featuring a man who knew that we are the above- Immortal spiritual beings, on the way up.  )

He welcomes ya's there with a big  )  TY.  )

August 9, 2016

Today we celebrate the arrival of Jerry's spirit to Heaven 21 years ago. 
Please see current blog.

And see Jerry's gaze section here... TY,

August 1, 2016

Like, "Happy Spirits Day"  All Spirits on either side of the veil  Also It just happens  to be  Jerry Garcia's Birthday.  
So, indeed, this ~  His & our site celebrates the fact that every day must be a happy spirits day, since spirits who are in heaven, indiginous or via the Christ train are, very  'happy.'   

We must say from the get go- this is not about any religion, cult, dogma or belief system w all due respect for any one's path & where it may lead. Here at this His/our site we cut to the chase and we share the good news- mostly in song for music is the <3  of God, the  Good God, present & accounted for at this celebratory place.  This is all about the spirit & the unquestionable proven beyond any shadow of doubt that God IS.   And so It Is, Now, IJN.Indeed, "YES."

So, let's celebrate now where we are folks with this song brought to the top from below.  Here's what we're doing... )

Thank you LoloYodelforsharing on YT.

Thank You Joan Baez, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir & John Khan & Audience ~ All of us.  )

There is now further 'knocking' here...


Alright, Guys, August 1st, '16  was the big giant leap for the spirits to celebrate everyday as being a 'happy' day.  Of course, there is no 'time' on the other side, it's the eternal 'now.'  Please look at this little video, now up on You Tube and a picture that goes with it. Thank Ya's One & All. )

Jerry's personal invite to celebrate 'Heaven On Earth' Now here...  )

Thank You beloved brother, Jerry.  See You & Yer friends ~ Everyone, at 'the jubilee' ~ now.  ) 

So, a little while ago, we decided to ask Jerry what he thought about what's going down here, what with paul declaring (although he didn't, it just came out.) Happy Spirits Day as sort of sponsored by him, in spirit as he is.  So, you know we do things musically on this ~ 'His & our' site so, we declared aloud that Jerry lead us to some music that would give more clarity to this situation.  So, following our usual technigue, we just wave our arms out a little and let them w our hands & fingers do their thing.  It was in one of the boxes behind us, as we sit at the computer now.  we picked a cassette, blindly and put it in the BB.

Who's playing?  The Rolling Stones.  Okay, then we realized the song they were playing is... Are you ready for this folks?  And, remember, ya just can't make this stuff up... Have you seen & listened to the above video?  Okay, the song The Stones were playing on a cassette named 'paul's ZLX poifect* tape.'  ) is... Ahem... 'Can't You Hear me knockin'.  Actually dear bro Jerry, "Yes" indeed, we can hear you & your friends knocking.   )

Insert: 8/27/16
Hey Beloved Master Paul McCartney, You got a song to let them in, Bro?  Oh, awesome, man. Thanks Bro.  OBTW, Lunch.Paul?  On me.  We 'Paul''s gotta stick together.  John Lennon says, nno* Paul, he's got more money than God.  Ok, John, w George smiling nearby.  If Mr McCartney will pay, then we could go to a really fancy place.  Ok, we'll leave it up to Spirit to see what plays out.  )
(end of insert.)

Here's an idea, God, Jesus & Mary, Jerry & Co, et al... why don't you All Let us in your Heaven & we'll allow you All in our Heaven on Earth we are all creating, now.  Deal?  Thank You All Very Much, Indeed.  "Yes."   )

Here's The Stones doing it live & getting all our Ya Ya's out... )

Thank you The Rolling Stones for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Rolling Stones.   A prime example group proving that Rock & Roll, like us, is built to last forever.   )


Yahoo images

Hey Guys, Uncle Jerry is inviting everyone to his page & that of his brothers at the Grateful Dead page.

See if the 'Deal' went down... )

So, God's throwing a party.  You coming humanity?

Thank you aurevlis for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jeff Lynne & Electric Light Orchestra & All the people of the world, see ya's in Heaven.  Oh, we're already here.  )  Celebrate.  )


Greetings fellow travelers on the way up.  These recent sharings just below are, ioho, pretty, pretty cosmic, if we do say so ourselves.  Indeed, Yes, pretty cosmic, indeed. Know what guys?  Jerry's birthday is almost here- August 1st, so what better way to celebrate The Man's birthday than to Officially  Declare August 1, the Official "kick off" of Independent Spirit''s Day.  Let paul here be the first to wish each & every one of us "Happy Independent Spirit's Day."
Now & Forever. If led, please pass it on to Your worlds.  )

--- As 'Simple Twist of Fate' by The Grateful Dead featuring Jerry on lead vocals & guitar, plays in background on our randomly & blindly picked cassette named... '2002 Independence Day Times'  This is a tape made with spirit in 2002. (If we made it today, no doubt, we would name it 'moments.')  and this is absolutely no accident  that we are listening to this tape as we type this at these moments, on this beauteous, glorious, wondrous, loving adventurous day,  w Jerry & the Grateful Living, present here in 'the situation room.'  Scroll down & according to His synchronicities, we will see the video for this awesome song.

Now, as 'Black Peter' plays, we simply  must echo, The Long Island Medium, herself _ Theresa Caputo.  "You can't make this stuff up, folks."  No, indeed.
Here's the thing guys, we all each & every one of us down here in the schoolroom/house planet Earth...  
we have an  Absolutely  A W E S O M E   GOD!  This is  a fact, dear beloveds. Every page on this - "our" God given site screams this. ~ Rock & roll style.  )

As announced the other day- He has declared this site to, henceforth, be thought of as "our site."  It, up to now has always been made clear by the scribe, p, to be HIS, but He has changed that and again, as of August 1, that's something else we can officially celebrate.  Just think, we each one has our own site that celebrates God & us, His co- conspirators to bring about true "Heaven On Earth."  And So It Is Now, IJN, Indeed.  "YES."

A simple further reflection... let's ask ourselves...would Jesus, on His return, go out walking around sharing His 'Good News" or would He take advantage of the modern miracle where one can sit at the computer & reach the millions with the "Good News." ~ where it can easily be spread out to all corners of Heaven & Earth?  It's clear w this site ~ Spirit Has chosen this path.  Our journey to this moment has led us to this place, this fulcrum, if you will. .So, as Journey plays 'Separate Ways' now on the tape, we mark  the moment & say.  "See Ya's around the next bend, or so... )

Rec & fin for now.
1: 52 p.m.



Greetings fellow travelers thru this ~  His Infinitely perfect, divine, absolute ~ beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving & adventurous to the max, script we are living thru; - swimmingly, we hope. For that Is the way, He recommends we do it.  Going with the  flow, making it as easy on us as can be. i.e. non stressful as can be.    for instant communication - worldwiide

It''s  not written in stone, however we feel this front page has 'done it's thing' and may all visitors now find your way to the current blog to be directed from there for the latest sharings  & updates.

Here ya's go...

So One final wish for all free, independent spirits reading this on this awesome wonder-full Sunday afternoon, as we hear Led Zeppelin's 'The Rain Song' just come on on the cassette termed  "Tribute To Jerry Garcia."

Please catch up with that 'independence' proclamation & other 'Good stuff' here, if led, that goes all the way back to the beginning of  this, His starsite*

Ed note 8/1/16
This we believe is and should be the final sharing that this Site is His alone.  It is now His & our starsite, dear ones.  Does this clarification come with any responsibility brother paul?
If you feel led, Lucky, to share this site w others it is only good.  A good thing to do - as He Is good.  He did everything on this site that is good  & uplifting for everyone.  Typos, any mis-communication, p, the humble scribe. 'owns' those.  Thank you very much.   

Thank ya's one & all.  )

So we can Say:for now and all the days to come:  "Happy Spirits Day"   One & All ~ All throughout His infinite Field of love that Is everywhere in everything and Is All That Is. i.e. God.

Such is just the way it is, dear ones.  we are God because God & Jesus are in us. This is the deal for us humanity.  Say "Yes" or, well, we know not what you would do for there is no alternative.  Guess you could crawl in a hole but even the moles in there are seeking God, just ask The Moody Blues.

Ok, so we leave you guys w the song chosen by HE~She, Creator Prime Source, God ~ ALL THAT IS. And Then Some... )

Thank you Jimmy Karlson for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin  ~ The Promise of Rock Fulfilled & Delivered, Then, Now & Forever...  )

Next song on that tape is this one as Jerry invites & welcomes All His Friends to God's Jubilee.  Indeed,  "YES."   )

Thank you PMH5001 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead  

The song by The Police just below is the 3rd song completing this musical triumvirate and sealing this particular moment in this, His sites history.

We Thank All God's children ~ Everyone for your interest (hopefully) in following this, His site.

God bless Each & Every one whether you come here or not.  The only thing that matters is if you love.  Love on fellow souls and we dedicate the song playing now on the other side of the above mentioned tape to you all..

Song is:  'Into White'  by Cat Stevens.  "Thank you Mom."... )

Note:  Just after sharing this the power went out for a while. No matter, however it does remind how inter- connected we are.  we depend on the power company to do its job and the power co depends on us to be good customers.  Likewise we spirits, intertwined and created as one immense, magnificently awesome tapestry by The Good God.  The God Who creates synchronicities like this...

Here's a page, The perfect page for Him to send us to from the above sharings.  Go, He says.  Say "Hello" to Jesus.  Listen to the music there  that we could call 'Diamondstock.'  It's all so good, like God   Good.  Thank Ya's all very much.  See  ya's again.  Beautiful.  (Nod to Joe Cocker.   )

Indeed, Mom...

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Mom, Jesus, Mary & "smile."

Wait:  there's more, Mom would have all visit the following for more 'Good stuff.'..

Who wants to go to the 22nd dimension of divine love? Click, if led...

Oh, and here's a link to the Tsunami of Love page...

And the fun, joy & happiness page...

Ok, Yes, me  and Mom are extremely generous in sharing 'good stuff'  It comes from a long line of ancestor's good intent & deeds and as paul goes forth with Mom's & Dad's best wishes for us et al w their blood & DNA ~  we pledge to simply continue on doing  God's Will in our own humble, quiet, unassuming way.  
Thank you all for your kind best wishes and support.  Our contact info is here:  Thank You,   )

This just in.  Mom & Dr Peebles, along with Jesus, a gatekeeper for this / His site invites everyone to Dr Peebles page w a suggestion in song for all of us.
We can do it Folks, one person at a time if need be, we can love everyone as one & be one, can't we?  Of course, it's eazy, riight Maude?   )


Just a note as we're running...  on this 23 ~ cosmic trigger day afternoon... to all the spirits:  That's each & every one of us reading this
 Ladies & gentlemen Boys & girls.

HAPPY SPIRITS DAY.  & not only today however...  All the days that follow.  Congratulations Humanity, somehow ~
He says:  "we've  made it."

2:22 p.m signing in Now, this precise moment in God's cosmic clock to mark  


He has a song  for us... Here's to Eternal Youth & Vigor & Gratitude, most essential.  Thank You God.

Thank you   EiDy Lukošius for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Police  from All Of Us, ~ Your Appreciative Audience... )

Indeed, Dear visitors to God's site.  This is the place from this moment on to experience & Celebrate this day & everyday...


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Spirits we were originally created, spirits we are going home as, & spirit Is our future.  God's Will is done and God's Will Is Very Awesome for His children.  Our God, Dear Ones Is A Very Awesome God.. 

Please read on folks & see (hear) where we're coming  from and more importantly ~ Where We're  Going as ONE.. .

Since we are Spirits first, humans second, living thru our schoolhouse scripts with drama & lessons we're learning ~ we, as of Now, celebrate our Larger aspect that we are: ~ Spirits.  This is where we're going as the high vibrations of this site and our own moments in our own sanctuaries ~ lead us back home to Him.  Our team is on point, beloveds.  No one is left out.  Here's a video we ~ He wishes to share w His Far Flung Flock of learning to fly from here to infinity, as One.  Cheers,  )

Thanks Elvis for being the cover guy here.   )

Thank You Father for creating, producing, directing & yes, acting in this video, therefore it's perfect ~ as is.   )


Greetings beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, kind, adventurous & rockin' spirits in or out of flesh.

As per invite of our dear Beloved Master friiend, Blossom Goodchild, our 'all of the above' friend from the land 'down under' ~ Australia. 

Today Is 'HAPPY HUMAN DAY'  & Not only today, but  E v e r y  Day Is Happy Human Day.  Resolved. And So It Is Now, IJN. Indeed, "Yes."   )

Blossom's announcement & other awesome stuff, because He did it all, is shared here:  the current blog...

Here's Blossom Introducing this event...

Thank You Blossom

Want some more Good News?  Here, let our excellent & awesome friends Mr Jerry Garcia & Mr Richie Havens announce it to everyone here...

Wow, pretty, pretty, pretty good news over there.  paul, you're kidding us, right?  Sorry, sonny, paul does not kid.   What's going down down here in the school - house/ lunatic asylum of the universe, is  also going down "upstairs."  As above ~ so below.  "Upstairs," of course has it all over this downstairs place we find ourselves in.  Indeed, there's really no comparison ~  however, up there or down here, there's plenty of learning to do.  Love, however Is the answer to everything.  All the trouble going down in the middle east and other hot spots in this world... Love  & only love is the answer.  

We let the music do the talking in our Rock world, folks  so let us lay a song down so all may try & 'get it.'  Take it away, brother, Neil...

Thank you rick myers for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young & Crazy Horse & Appreciative Audience inc Carol & paul rockin' out in the balcony.  Awesome night.  )

Who wants to go on tour w Eagles & Doves?  If led, you know what to do... )


Tweet:  FB:  TY #DoobieBrothers

Thank You The Doobie Brothers for yer appearance at His jubilee here & here...

 All welcome to get yer ya ya's out. )


Hey Guys,  It's late now and almost the 12th however we must let ya's know that the Gazers777 page is complete,done, fin & ready to rock us like only the next page that God works on can.  Everyone, please check out this page & if led, share it w Your worlds. TY.  )

Greetings  & Welcome all on this 7th Day of forever Now.  Please check out.

And His Ultimate 'Coming out' page here.  God Bless each & every one of us on 'The  Good Ship Infinity'

Guess what?  Yeah, we're 'out the door.'  )

Have an awesome day & forever in God's field of love & opportunity, guys.   )


Just in ~ Experience Jesus/Sananda's 'gaze'  w  Elvis soundtrack... )


Congratulations  All God's Children ~ Ya's have All made it to the Ultimate "Smile" place on the internet.  
Indeed, God's place of awesome sharings & Music & Celebration.  The blogs  are like the traffic cops here 
directing you where to go, so right now, we rec you go to Heavens blog IV

And then to the brand, spanking new Blog V, here...)

Alright   'Carry On'... )


Greetings Star People.  Yes, that is the term we use to greet each other so we know that we are 'hip' to the fact that we know we are addressing a fellow star being or beings, and  we are on the same page and we know we have volunteered to be 'plant'ed here on this , no, not 'funhouse, nor termed shithouse, it is a schoolhouse dear loved ones of The Infinite. to do our god given tasks as  God would have us agree to do according to His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine script.  And So It Is Now, fellow 'graduates' of the school of 'beingness in His Field of love.  The only field there is, folks.  There is nothing but Good's * 'field of love.  We live and have our being and nothing, nothing, did we  mention 'no thing' else matters.  As Alice C has stated in song ~ 'School's Out for- ever.'  And as so many songs are  about 'going home.'  Hey, isn't  it about time, dear fellow homesick weary travelers, that we did just that.  We don't have to stay down here trapped like rats.  We are Eagle, doves ready to fly, as one to our homes in His Higher realms of Infinity.  Now, who the Heaven wants to go?  Take your ticket Now by swimming  around this site custom made for everyone by Him.  God did & does e v e r YYYYYYY t h i n g here b/c It's HIS site, dear ones.  p pushes the buttons as We are typing this through his clear auric field which allows  no separation from him, p, to "The Infinite." So, today being Cosmic Trigger Day.  he, p, (lower case for his humbleness, modesty & humility)

As Brother Alvin Lee, hero of the group he led * on earth termed '10 Years After'  & Now, on the other side, Leader of the band termed "NOW"  exhorts, from The Infinite ~  Ok... ready team?  Alvin?  all ready, Now as One  Jesus?  "YES!"  whenever you're ready, God.  Ok, hear* we go  team infinity (lower case for the above stated.  We DO IT in Song.  And Now The Moment & The Song.  As Peace of Mind by the Moody Blues plays in the background.
Here's the song.

Thank  you Boston on MV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

Now, who wants to ride 'Shotgun' to the  stars?  Let us know.  Thank Ya's very much.   )

Image may contain: Paul F Brown
Photo by Carol Tangherlini.

"I got a driver & that's a start..."
---The Beatles

Alright, guys, we got the call to work, so as your day shapes up for all of us, we wish you the very best.  Check back later & we know He has a lot more in the tank for us to share.  Sharing is caring, so if this / His site turns you on, why not share, share & oh yes, S  H A R E  this place.  God knows the world needs this stuff.  As this song now plays on the cd.  Here ya's go & please take it to <3  for real.   "Shout Out To Neil Young Thanks Bro 4 'keeping it Real, Bro. Lunch?  I'm buying, oh, that's right ~ everything'd Free Now As He wants it.  Yep.   )    Who else wants  to go "Whale watching?"

Thank you Moody Jill for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.   lunch guys?  & a  whale watch?  )  sounds like a  nice way to spend a forever afternoon to us.  )

Ok, guys can't keep 'the  boss' waiting.  Y'all have  an awesome day with infinite more to come ~ forever. as  Uncle Jjerry*  says as "I'm just a  singer in a R & r  band"  plays Jerry says... "Hey guys "I'm Just a singer in a Rock & roll band"  However paul is not!.  Go figure.  LOL  )
Thank You God for all the divine, perfect, Awesome synchronicities we all are experiencing as Your perfect plan rolls on.  Thanks again God.  And guys, we'll catch ya's later.  Don't worry fishes in the sea.  we don't fish & if we  did we'd throw ya's back.  That's a joke, folks..  Ok, we are 'out the door.' so bye for now... ).

Thank You God  for the the Awesome gift from You ~ 7th Sojourn thru The Moody Blues.  )  

Alviin & NOW shout "KEEP ON ROCKIN'  !N  JOY & SATISFACTION!!!!!!!
Chorus part,,,  YES!  <3   <3    <3


Greetings one & all on this beauteous wondrous glorious & loving day in the infinite infinity field that we now dwell in.  Another term for this is...
God. ~ The Creator Of Infinity.  The love # of 22, really is "The Day of Heaven's  official starting point.  As His  humble servant in divine service to 'The One'
we mark the day, the moment and start The cosmic celebration to start. Indeed.  YES!    from  this moment that we relay this message from "All THAT IS."
Come to HIS eternal & infinite Celebration.

The channel is an unbelievably 'busy' guy, burning the candle at both ends, really, and as he's 'running out the door,' again, as usual, he'll put up this song to kick it off.  So, Guys ~ Everyone, 

"Let's Rock"  ~ Alvin Lee"  NOW!!!  ~ Jim Morrison

To the song we first played on our own today, after waking up and turning on ZLX and hearing the first synchronicity of the day.  These exact words that second ~ 'Sometimes I feel so tired, I know  there's one thing I got to do ~ Ramble On..."  )  Indeed , Thanks WZLX  &  Led Zeppelin ] [ Yes'

OK, Friends p has to leave right now.  That song is here, by ELO Go there now, Please, & see the whole page as He will guide ya's.  Later doves of infinity... )

Now Insert ...With Judas Priest rockin' w 'You Got Another Thing Coming"  And now 
The Allman Brothers Band playing 'Crossroads.' we direct you to.
8:22 p.m.
This just in & rec to all  w the quickness.  )

And furthermore He wants this Placed Here for to be seen, read &  accepted as 'it is what it is.'  Indeed.   

So, Humanity, are  You going to be a sideline athlete?  He won't let you.  You signed up, volunteered to be here for the grand cosmic 'Shootout at the OK Corral.'  Today is the day,  YOU, Yes You  step  up and declare Your alignment with His divine, infinite perfect plan or follow a creepy crawly thing.  That's it.  That's your choice, folks.  Doesn't sound like much of an option but people have been following the latter choice on this planet for aeons. As 'Casey Jones' by The Grateful Dead just started on one of our blindly picked home made cassettes..A : o) for U  Jerry & Co.

Ok, the song is obvious to put 'hear' * for you guys.  Let's Rock Rockers.  As Aerosmith plays on the magic boombox ~  'Let The Music Do The Talking.'  Think the instrument, p, is making all this stuff up?  Folks.  Yeah right.

Thank you BostonVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

So, He says Read this if you want to know what's good for you.  He says YES!   is good for us.  Concur humanity?  Indeed for our team, God, The sons & daughters of infinity.  Oh, we have a  whole group termed the kickers & screamers who don't like anything, however, one glimpse or unveiling will shut them up, we know that so we know the  Rock with or w/o the roll  will do the trick for them, Indeed.

After all guys, can you imagine our eternal loving bliss in fellowship 'w' our Awesome God & friends/lovers/ pets/ families etc all waiting for us in the perfect settings He has waiting for All of us.. knowing that some didn't make it and are forever suffering in some damnation place  forever?  Uh Uh says God,  that can't  & would never, ever, happen with The One, True, perfect & infinite God ~ The Creator of The Infinite.  And So It Is , Now & Forever, Indeed ~ IN Jesus Name..  YES.

Please go over to...

See latest updates & will be new blog site soon to keep them from getting too long.  
Cheerio,   )

Please 'Do' The gazers pages if you want to be ushered to The Infinite w Friends along the way.  A brand new one is just around the  bend.  
This gentleman has been waiting patiently for His turn.  Hold on Bro, we're coming.  )

And for those of you who like to 'cut to the  chase' here ya's go... ) In faith say "Yes" & Go... )

"Have a nice forever,  everyone as one.  Thank  Jesus & of course, God Most of All. & Turn It Up!"  )

Rec & fin.
10:57 a.m.

June 19, 2016

Dear  God,


Here's what we want to say to the world & infinite cosmos' beyond, passing on What You taught us, Father...

Thank you TheBeatlesVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles. for so many days of the life spent w your music as soundtrack

Thank You The Beatles for sharing God's  music to the world.  )

(brought up from below)

Google images.


And that's all she wrote for this  thread due to slow loading w too much 'good stuff.'

The original material to this point has been reassigned here...

See Ya's there there and for more fun forever... here:

Namaste.   )