Heaven's blog VII-18777 'Come fly w us as we, as One, re - arrange the sun.' )

Google images.

Bridge To Infinity...

Humanity's Bridge to the stars. Perfect, beautiful and strong, like Us. Indeed. )

Yes. Now



Ok Guys,

This is the last blog on this particular site. The jubilee has branched out to www.paulfb.com

The situation here with the ever disappearing pictures can not be kept up with.

Jerry is waving to us and to the jubilee extension. See?

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Jerry w a wave over Dorchester, Ma. August, 2016 Hey Bro! <3 ) ) )

Rec after reading pinned post go to bottom and work way up. Ty and Cheerio... )

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Greetings Sons & Daughters ~ Daughters & Sons of Light and many other descriptions as well.

here we are: https://tinyurl.com/Comeflywusas1111

We Greet you ~ One and All ~ Owners of God's infinite love, joy, mercy, compassion, recreation, expansion and FUN. Fun ~ The Final Frontier... )

So, friends, we have a little issue to deal with on this Gateway computer. these days. Seems the arrow key that allows one to move the curser under text does not want to do it's job anymore, and we can't advance the content of this page downward.. No worries, that means we can only go in one direction. Up )

This is not bad bc north is symbolic of ascension, getting our stuff together with clear heads, minds and clear of karmic baggage that only drags us down.

We R here Now:


The good news we are hearing is that all karma has been neutralized going forward, Source says. The Ultimate intervention, my dear friends, even the interventionists didn't see coming is upon us. We will let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, and let everyone know that it's *Jesus, Rock & Roll and Love of God that has brought this to 'plant it' earth. aka Terra, Gaia, Mother Earth. So, my dear friends, we should All be Very Grateful, dear hearts, for this compassionate, understanding and lovable way that Creator has chosen to bring us, his awesome, amazing, super talented children and Grown ups home.

* Choose the order for your expression of gratitude that works best 4 You.

We know the order we choose. We now share it with ya's so there is no doubt where we stand. In the order that was shared we unhesitatingly go with #3 Love of God, of course, . Next is # 2 Jesus, Who says 'thank me, however don't worship me, I'm just the messenger.' Got it Jesus, everyone's brother. We love you Jesus <3. God, We love You more ))) <3 <3 <3 and coming in a distant 3rd is good ol' Rock & Roll. Yeah, we love it, right Mick? We can live on it, right Brad D of The Group ~ Boston. and who will scrrbe choose for a 3 rd opinion? Easy, we Paul's gotta stick together, so Mr McCartney, a man who has way more money than God, You Sir are hereby invited, along with Ringo, John and George, of course, will be there in spirit. Come, please, Sir Paul, and do what you do. Venue to be decided by powers that be. Alright, this sharing from above and below, is in the books. Remember, sharing is caring, so if You ae led to share, please do. Thank ya's very much. ) ) )

Rec & fin


9:45 p.m.

Quincy, Ma. USA, Planet Love divine, Milky Way Galaxie, Prime love cosmos, Infinite Creation of Creations Absolute, One Divine Ultimate ~ Ultimate Divine. ALL THAT IS.

So, are there any questions? Awesome. ) <3

Final moment rec & fin:

9:53 p.m.

P pic.

In this video there is a little story about how this card came into being. Ya's can consider this Your card. You've earned it if you are here and seeing this. )

Take a tour of the love ~ swoop room July 22, 2017




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That's Dad, Alva W Brown in the dark shaded portion of the gateway computer screen.

This just showed up one day as our home page. Thank You Dad for being w us. ) <3

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Greetings One and All,

Hope everyone had themselves a miraculous month of May.

We came across this Heaven Letter today and to say it resonated with us is quite the understatement.

We tweeted and FB'd it and shared it here: www.paulfb.com

#NewNews God gives us The 11th Commandment 'What I offer is like getting out of school for vacation – nothing restrictive whatsoever. If I upset the apple cart of the world, then so be it.' http://heavenletters.org/the-eleventh-commandment.html also here: paulfb.com #ABC #CBS #NBC #CNN #Trump

Here's to us all taking this commandment to <3. We can do this. Let's put aside our craziness, fears, doubts and just Have Fun.

Thank You God. )



For Mom and All The Awesome Mom's out there...



On Passover and Easter Sunday Eve God has a message for HIsHer beloved Children...

B.B. King & Ensemble Perform "Let the Good Times Roll" at In Performance at the White House

Thank you kediacorporation for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for B.B. King and Company. We Are All Blessed by this sharing of God's Gifts. )

This, in context, can be experienced here...




Greetings One and All to the last day of March W Easter Sunday tomorrow.

We came across this video wThe late great Dolores Cannon and we're led to share it here and now. Hope en-joy. )

Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth

Thank you UFOMediaVideos for sharing on YT.

Thank You God and Your cosmic messenger Dolores Cannon. TY Dolores. )



Welcome to Monday. of this Holy Week.saints, sinners, Humanity at large...

We just feel like a little Rock & Roll Take Me Away, Release myself from Earthly Care.music.

Fellas, Please lift us up and Thank You Very Much...)

Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for - and Blue Oyster Cult. Carry on Guys ~ Forever... )

We just want to share that Brother Erik, in addition to His Twinny Flame match service, The Boy God has volunteered to be a pet

matcher as well. Coming in like a soft summer breeze, we recorded the moment and here it is. Erik's page can be experienced here...




Greetings fellow Glorious loving Gods & Goddesses of God's Infinite Light & Love.

We have much to share w Y'as mostly at our other site. paulfb.com Esp at the newly created Cosmic 'Fun' page...

tinyurl.com/CosmicFunNow4All777 and the newly created tinyurl.com/HeavenonEarthNow4All777 It is so obvious, esp

to this scribe, my dear friends, that God Is Not Fooling Around.. My goodness, when Paul gets on the computer it's like the

floodgates open and he barely has a moment to come up for air and maybe share something on FB or Twitter. But we love

our job and could not be happier bringing only some of God's 'Good stuff' to the world. We are not in any way shape or form

the only one bringing 'Good stuff' forward.

We will share this HeShe God Is 'DONE' w the the trauma and drama of HerHis Children suffering in this bloody, to use

an English colloquialism, 3 - 4D theater. The whole paradigm and matrix we live in is shifting to the higher planes, Dear Ones.

No, the money, that primitive form of exchange will not be permitted to come along. Sorry for all you money worshippers out there.

As one of our better president's here in the United States said. 'The buck stops here.' Well, the buck has stalled and gone out of style -

replaced, joyfully and at long last by the LOVE standard paradigm, where All God's Children get everything they need and are not denied

anything bc they don't have the sufficient pieces of paper. Think about that folks. Think long and hard esp w a limitless, bountiful, generous

Father Mother God Creator of All of us looking down and can only shake HisHer head as we free will beings, created in the image & likeness

of God continue on our rat race like blind lemmings running where a cliff is the finish line.

We have a better finish line, beloved brothers and sisters, Sons & Daughters of 'The Divine.' Remember who we really really are, Old Souls.

Once upon a time many aeons ago there lived a race that had only one way of living and it was just second nature. An 'agenda' was an unknown

concept. Our will was The Law of One' Doing God's will which was our will for we were one. We were happy and lived each day like there was no

tomorrow bc there was no tomorrow. There really was no time.

Fast forward many eons and w man's evolution came other factors, that only God can explain, if HeShe wishes but it, obviously, is way to big a discussion

to get into here. we'll just say, the unenlightened took their stubborn positions and the rest is history.

So, as we like to do, we are again sharing the latest 'Good Stuff' from the Patricia Cota Robles Era of Peace front. En-joy...


Thank You Patricia Cota Robles and The Company of Heaven. God bless Us All. IJN <3 )



Happy Beauteous Sun-Day Infinite Starbeings of God's Perfection.

Hope Ya's are feeling well today and even 'weller' in the days ahead...

Let's look and listen to our cosmic friend Patricia Cota Robles.w Good News 4 Sure... )


Thank You Patricia Cota Robles and The Company of Heaven. God bless Us All. IJN <3 )



Well Hello there, Nice to see You, Thank you for stopping by, it's been a while ) or if this is your first moment

here; Welcome. You are certainly in the right place at the exact right moment. God has been expecting you and

here you are, right on time as it was written in your eternal script from the dawn of Creation. So, if you've got the time...

We've got the wine and the music and the knowledge hanging out in this starsite like the following 2 items W Everyone's

Dear Friend... Patricia Cota Robles.. Take it away Patricia... )


Thank You Patricia Cota Robles and The Company of Heaven. God bless Us All. IJN <3 )



Greetings Folks,

In today's newsletter from Tania Gabrielle everything seems to be movin' on up exactly as it should


Jupiter in Retrograde: Let there be Joy!

Dear Paul,

Retrogrades have gotten a bad rap.

Their purpose is to internalize and integrate the meaning of the planet, degree number and astrology sign affected by the change of direction.

Later today Jupiter turns retrograde. In this case we have LOTS to celebrate:


Jupiter is in Scorpio at 23° at the moment it stands still and changes course.

What a lineup we have in store for the next four months!

1. Jupiter embodies Joy! You are invited to internalize happiness by focusing on what makes you feel good, positive and energetically expansive?

2. Scorpio, a water sign, deepens all experiences allowing the FEELINGS to integrate subconsciously – where they impact you most.

3. Number 23 is the “Royal Star of the Lion” vibration symbolizing great promise, success and rewards in your personal life and career.

The combination of Jupiter, Scorpio and 23° (the degree that the change of direction takes place - a powerful indicator of the next four months) indicate a big shift in how you process, create and activate JOY in your life.

Scorpio purifies so you have instant and constant access to your Soul…

What if you focused only on what your SOUL desired?

What if every decision, word, action originated from your heart?

If you listened to the part of you that is purely connected to Spirit, to the eternal Universal Source of Love… then your decision process would be effortless, often instant, and your outcomes blissful.

What is meaningful to you?

Is it developing your mind or the body? Yes, to live on Earth it is suggested that you enhance your understand and nurture your mind and body. But not at the expense of living a divinely inspired life.

Soulful living is at the core of joyful living.

Jupiter governs wisdom. The greatest LOVE you have ever known and will forever know is experienced when you guide every moment from your SOUL.

Egoic living will separate, soulful living will unite.

And if you are concerned about raising the energy of the collective consciousness of humanity – well, the good news is, you accomplish that INTERNALLY!

Raising YOUR vibration will automatically raise the vibrational frequency of ALL.

You are one with All!

All is one with YOU!

Take your divinely inspired goals and put them into practice now. Ask:

How can I best help others achieve their dreams?

There are infinite ways to help, inspire and uplifts others – what is MY WAY?

Follow your gut feelings - the thread carrying the answer of that question - and you will invite your heart to join you every step of the way.

It's time to let there be Joy!

Love and Joyful Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle




4:16 p.m.

Sharing a sweet sharing on our FB momentline...

Can a FB sharing on a Tuesday Afternoon change lives? We hope so... & Fantastic news: Money, Bitcoin Gold it's all going down the cosmic poop shute https://youtu.be/bPLWBhNW3F Replaced by the new, VASTLY Improved currency of Love ~ Divine and Infinite. Here's your intel humanity.starting with this...

tinyurl.com/urgentMsg2BFree777 & here: paulfb.com #Celebrate 😎

Thank You God's Cosmic Messengers ~ The Moody Blues. On bewhole of a Grateful Infinity... <3 )


We're working our way Up, remember, guys.

The moment is>


4:44 a.m.

Awesome work guys. (Re previous share.) We won't say 'keep it up' we

will and are hereby saying to You's and Everyone... Please, Hu-manity - I gratefully accept God's most timely, not to mention -

'momentally' gift to All and One - One and All, here and now.

Good Golly Miss Molly, what is it Mr Brown? The Ultimate Gift, our dear friends, is Our humble, simple, sweet and loving Lord

and Saviour, a true friend to All, an excellent carpenter, a better fisherman and a best 'fisher' of men and women that our wildest

dreams could ever dream of coming into our busy, hurry/worry mundane lives - for the most part. We hear Ya's out there, 'nuff intro...

Humanity, Please, Let Us All, All as One, Welcome The Lord Jesus Christ ~ Sananda - His Infinite Cosmic name.

And Here's His Infinitely loving gifts to us, on be-whole of All THAT IS. in 3 parts. # 1. Creators's Infinite Light & Love.

#2 His Welcome Home Embrace ( ) <3 # 3 Rock & Roll. 8 <3 ) ) )

All images created by God.

Huey Lewis and The News. Hey guys, help us spread the Good News will Ya's? Awesome... )

Huey lewis and the News-Power of Love

Thank you Ryder276 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Huey Lewis and The News and Yer Fans i.e. Everyone. <3 ) ) ) ~

Following the abve, Spiirit ike this selection from Peter Gabriel. How do ya get a name like Peter Gabriel"

We guess by not keeping secrets re Ultimate esp Good News. )

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (HD version)

Thank you Peter Gabriel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Peter Gabriel And Fans... i.e. we hope - Everyone... )

Alright, Ya's know we like to do things in 3, so here's the 3rd song fpr this particular segment, my dear friends.

Take it A way Guys...

Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. See Ya's on some far fung distant shore where God has a major gig for Ya.

Meanwhile - Carry On. Everyone loves You Guys. <3 ) ) )

And So It Is.

Rec & Fin


7:28 a.n.



Thank you to our dear friend, Patricia Wynne ( Oh what's in a name - may be something to ponder. ) Right Catherine? )

Here's our fresh tiny link for a song that's as Big as The Omniverse.


Thank You Peter Holllens & Crew. )



Alright infinite kind spirits on the way up. We have some incredibly amazing stuff to share with ya's

First, We will share this Old Soul's starsite. Here it is...


Google images.

'Keep smiling Michael.' )

So, recently our Galactic friend Michael Ellegion, with whom Paul had a most interesting reading in 1993, has been

on a kind of 'gypsy' tour and magical things have come down re his search for his twin flame. If led, read about it here...

Warning: Prepare to be awestruck. Paul lives with his twin flame - Dakarra, and he was & Is awestruck. See what we mean....





The previous emails from Michael and other germane material has been updated at paulfb.com at the 'Welcome Home.' button.

(See download arrows to bring up menu's.)



We're in infinity time, now folks. God knows what time it is. Time to be Free, for You and HimHer. Yes. Indeed. )




On the threshold of going 'Upstairs' in Mass Ascension mode; some are still trying, some w good intentions, but, c'mon Spirits, I mean WTF, you know? Here's what we just left at a RV FB post. https://youtu.be/tzStDMTAGkA

Take from it what you will, kindly leave the rest. P & Co.

Paul F Brown

1 second ago

Try God's RV EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! STOP THE MADNESSSSSS. paulfb.com http://EarthPartyForever.com SPIRITS DON"T NEED F'N BANKS. THe Madness that ascended beings have to go to banks is just SMH MADNESS. Sting What's that song~ Yeah Hello

WE ARE SPIRITS IN THE MATERIAL WORLD. WE ARE GOING "UPSTAIRS" Spirits. 'WEIR' we don't have to worry about finances. Give It Up To God's Divine, Perfect, Infinitely Perfect Plan. AND SO IT IS...........> GOD WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST RATES.

Keep Calm & Listen To Blue Oyster Cult. Kindest Regards Fellow Gods & Goddesses of The Infinite. Step Away From The Gobbledygook, the Insanity, The Folderol of This. , maybe well intentioned but completely a waste of time in the non material high vibrational dimensions we are ascending to now. Who Wants To See God's Plan? Go Here:

tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777 This and a whole lot more here: tinyurl.com/SiteEssential777. This will go on spirits blog here... tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-18777 Peace, love and Rock & Roll forever Gods & Goddesses. Don't sell yourselves short. No price tag can be placed on our souls. Ask God. HESHE Will tell Ya's. Again,,, A S K )IJN( And So It Is... p.s It's Cosmic R & R moments forever i.e. Rest & Recreation. Have nice forever... )


March 1, 2018

Greetings fellow infinite Starbeings of ight and love on the way up. As we shared on FB last evening, oh, here we'll just show Ya's...

Paul F Brown

3 hrs ·

Greeting Friends...Just Announcing that Tonight, sometime after 11, we will be uploading a Major Announcement re the complete and utter Upliftment of Humanity & the 'Plan it.'

The place will be somewhere here, paulfb.com who knows, maybe a whole new page under this site's umbrella.. So see Ya's later. Hold on, better yet, it will be after midnight March the 1st.

March will be a truly Cosmic Month as the divinely appointed warriors, guardians, Gods and Goddesses that we all are will be 'marching' into God's sweet Victory circle and all of us tested, tired, beaten up, kind, average folks will be able to have their Ultimate reward with a simple ASK ing.

This will be presented with a simple 'Open Letter.' Mr Paul, is this some kind of a joke, man? No, Sonny, When we do a joke, usually we have to say 'now that's a joke.' lol No, we're not Jay Leno ) We are serious, not curious. and we're not delirious either. )

We know Who runs this planet and it's not any secret government or surface government puppets, or a cabal. It's God, dear ones. The Ultimate Infinite God Source Creator ALL THAT IS.and guess what beloveds... SheHe HeShe ~ That God lives in each and every one of us.

We all do need a cosmic break which btw was the 'word of the day on 'The Doctors' TV show today. Paul, what a coincidence! Actually, my dear friend, we call them 'synchronicities.' Cue certain song by The Police.

Ok, we gotta run out and get some necessaries at the store. We'll be back b4, God willing, well before midnight and if you want a hint of what's in store for you good boys and girls ~ Sons & Daughters of the infinite.. we will just say Everyone's loneliness problem, situations have been heard and solved.

Ciao for now and 'Catch Ya's later - after midnight. Cue Eric song if led, )

Rec & fin


1044 p.m.

Love and blessings,

Paul & Co. ) <3 😎

P pic.

Who's got an inside straight? Oh, You, my twin. ) <3

P pic.

OMG When did Mr Brown turn into Uncle Jerry? lol )



March 1, 2018/

Greetings fellow Gods and Goddesses of The Infinite.

As promised it is after midnight and we are here, despite some mugwup computer interference.

Please read this and Rejoice, Rejoice Just a suggestion. ) )

An Open Letter...

Subject: Hello Elisa Re Erik's new gig...

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>

4:25 PM (7 hours ago)

to Elisa

Greetings Elisa,

Paul Brown here, 'the humble lover of the world' That not dubbed by me but by a very gifted Sabian Astrologer back in the mid 70's.

I was informed by spirit last night that God has a new gig for Erik and our boy is 'Rocking' it. already. He's a natural. )

We have placed this news here at Erik's place on God's starsite http://EarthPartyForever.com At: tinyurl.com/BrotherErik777

Elisa, I would really like to have your blessing to further share this with people. These are the days when Twin Flames and deep soul mates are connecting as part of Creators divine plan and ascension process. Going forward through all eternity -Fun is all we need be concerned with. Earthly care and drama is a thing of the past.

--- Starting yesterday.

We invite you to visit the Earth Party Forever Ext here... paulfb.com Check the buttons, if led, esp click on the 'Jesus Welcomes Us <3 button.; We put this up about the same moments we were doing the Erik 'stuff.' I would really love to share the 'new news' about Erik's new gig here at the latest blog...


Hope to hear from you soon, Elisa.


Paul Brown

p.s. Feel free to share this and can even share as 'An Open Letter' I would love to do the same. Take care and happy trails always, Eiisa. )

Elisa Medhus

4:36 PM (7 hours ago)

to me

Exciting! Go for it. I’m on a plane about to depart back to Houston from Oslo. They’re making us go to flight mode on our phones

Sent from my iPhone

Thank You Elisa ~ God bless You and All your friends ... Everyone. ) <3

P pic.

World's End. Hingham, Ma 3/1/18

Hey Guys, 'If your life's journey comes to a fork in the road; take it.'

Confucius. ) ( )

Real Confucius Quotes...


Santana - Soul Sacrifice 1969 "Woodstock" Live Video.

Thank you NEA ZIXNH for sharing on YT.

Thank You Santana, Which one's Santana? lol ) Awesome job guys, Carlos you're an awesome snake

handler, but God has more experience. ) Well done in calling God in. Excellent example to all. Can't do it,

just can't? Maybe God can do it. That's what the guy pecking the keyboard does, but as a partner, partners.

OK, done and out.

Rec & fin


2:44 a.m.



Greetings Dear Ones Celebrate, It's Cosmic Trigger Day . The 23 rd day of the month. From now on out humanity

we got it made in the shade, for sure. Everything is cool, copacetic and right alignment w Infinite's wishes for the best

scenarios of our lives, despite what you may see on TV. We had the word come into our cranium today that our dog, Jaws

is really Mom's dog.. Can you believe it? )

So all the infinite love one can pour into a dog has been going into her bc a dog and it's master are connected

like a funnel of love and of course, Mom's love also always came first for us. Our cat, Tinker, also is Mom's pet bc Jaws and Tinker

are a package deal. Can't have one w/o the other. So the love between the pets and Mom has been like amplified 3 times the love.

Oh, there will be sweet, joyful reunions soon, my dear friends.



Greetings Dear Fellow Free Beings of Infinite Love, Light, mercy, compassion, health, harmony, happiness

and conviction. ~ All on the way to the final frontier that Our loving, infinitely loving, caring God Creator has

prepared us for. That being Fun. ) The final frontier. Yep, God left the best for last. TYG. )

Now, in the 'flu' season when humans are in final flight boarding, hopefully, The Cosmic Peace and Love Train to

Fun and Fulfillment.with music as our lover and guide to paradise. It starts here, right where we are, dear ones,

which is 'weir' ) (sic) we are meant to be, if led, 'doing' God's work for humanity, and as potentially outlined in our

pre - birth planning of a lifetime with so many roads to choose with our free will. Indeed.

We, who did not sign a binding contract, like e.g. Hitler or in more recent timelines, the Vegas shooter, the Boston bombers

or last, we hope and we pray, the sad, controlled shooter in Park*land, Fl. There is more on this topic here, http://paulfb.com

if led to see what came thru

scrrbe ~ here: at Front Page new news' button (as Bad Company by Bad Companny plays in perfect synch in background. Cassette chosen blindly by Dakarra at P's request )Now, moving on to brighter things Did you notice, dear friends, the above 'heavenly, happy, harvest date?

Indeed, my dear friends; just think. Today from the moment scribe Paul is pusing the keys

Now, just played on WZLX ~ Boston's Classic Rock the Simple song for simple peeps. A Must share. Turn it Up. )

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man - 9/9/1994 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

Thank you Lynyrd Skynyrd on MV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd and the fans & Friends ~ Everyone <3 ) ~ ~ ~

This just in. What's that Mick & The boys? Yeah right, Let's do this peeps, while we're young... )

P pic.


Next stop ~ Infinity... W a divine soundtrack. ~ One 'Lightship Infinity' 4 All



So, let's share this little story. Last night, after completing an epic session online where a lot of the content

on these inter - related sites, like this page and over here...http://paulfb.com Mr Paul decided he had to get out and go to the Stop & Shop. So, after picking up a few things, he didn't want to go home right away. So, we went on a familiar ride where we went from Southern Artery to Washington St, around the rotary once just 4 Funn (sic) ( Nod to Charlie Daniels Band ) then over the Fore River Bridge into Weymouth, Ma while listening to good music - mostly on the Sirius radio station 'The Bridge.' We love the mellow stuff they play from the 39's. (P can swear on a stack of bibles he typed in 70's )

Another example that this computer has a mind of it's own, or is it just funny man Jack Benny chiming in with a cool age for some of us to enjoy eternity in.. We suspect the latter. ) The time honoured accepted age when we cross over is 30. P thinks he will spend eternity at 30, however Creator is easy on a suggestion that has been, apparently, put to the table..

So, Paul, what was your route once in Weymouth? Did you go all the way to Hull or Hingham or what? Oh, and what music came on, kind sir? Can you show us? Certainly Lucky and Daisy and Thanks for asking. But first I'd like to share a song that we listened to the day before that came on just after we left the Stop & Shop, Can you just imagine all the synchronicities when you're on the beam of The Infinite" divine plan, everyone? So, here's John w 'Woman' See...

This was snapped on 2/19/18. Notice the exact moment 2:22 A max love # w 52 balmy degrees in Frbruary, the love month.

P pics

Thank You John Lennon.

Alright, continuing, we were asked about our route and music. So on traveling over the bridge, while listening to The Bridge station. ELP was mentioned and we immediately got the notion that a certain ELP i.e. Emerson, Lake & Palmer song will be shared somewhere real soon. Indeed. So, after going over the bridge, we continued along Bridge St aka Rt 3 A. We did not venture down to Hull or Hingham this time. We went as far as Neck St and turned right a short way coming to North St. We turned left on North St , thereby heading north taking us back to Bridge St. We turn left and this song comes on the Bridge station. Ready? TY God.)

Fans of numbers, like Paul, check the time. We got '11' a God # and we have '22' Everyone knows that's the love #. It was a balmy night last night in Mass a choo O setts ~ God Bless You! Thank you very much. Yep, one of the benefits of sneezing is you can get a 'God bless you,' ) So, how are we enjoying this non psychedelic trip so far, my dear friends? Good bc we have more. This song came on right after this song and we Were feeling lucky.. Hang on, be right back.

Thank You Sir Paul McCartney and Wings. )

We're back...

Ok, this was the song 'The Bridge' played right after, see the time: 11 ~ God's # and 25 A Christ #

Ace With How long. How long? Indeed That long, my dear driends. )

Thank You Ace. )

Next song to share esp the ladies... ) Arriving at 11 ~ God again, of course, and 32 Just a nice #. )

Thank You Linda Ronstadt. )

And we arrived home in our parking space and we just held off turning the car off to see

what the next song would be. and... Can You believe it 'Gise!' (sic) Who else is checking in with

this particular song but Mom! <<3 ) Thank You Mom! We all <3 You! )

And this we will play... ) # 11 God of ALL THAT IS and # 33 ~ The Christ #.Thank You God and Thank You Jesus. ) )

Play it Sam... )

But first... Oh, and if you're not familiar with our Cat Stevens connection. Check this... )

W Big Thanks to the team involved w this inc Jim Law, Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon And esp Jesus. <<3 )


Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman (5 minute version)

Thank you Maurício Amendola for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf And Thank You Mom. <3 )

We'll have another Cat song and then, hopefully, our infinite 'Peace Train' will arrive on schedule, my dear friends. )

Wild World - Cat Stevens

Thank you STest Mtest for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf <3 )

Cat Stevens - Peace Train

Thank you Steve Bobo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf & Company and Fans & Friends i.e. Everyone. <3 )

Alright Ya's all invited to check out our sister site, here ya's go, if led... )


Rec & fin for now.



One last word my fellow Infinite beings of love and light... ) God loves Us. )



Greetings Dear Ones. Thank Ya's for being here. As was related in the pinned post, we have no other option

but to go north, i.e. the direction of 'Upstairs.' Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice, dear friends, but to 'carry on. '(Nod to CSNY )..P doesn't think he's sticking his neck out too far when he allows his perfectly designed universe 4 him, to follow in line or step up asking his universe to follow the plan, Stan, and may the friendly, kind and loving spirits who volunteered to guide us home ~ as One Big Team. There is awesome strength in numbers as any field general will tell ya's.

So, we give it all up to God Who is Silently and musically calling his Far Flung Children Home. Congrats fellow 'spirits in the material world.' (Nod to Sting, )

Apparently there's a 'grinch' in this computer which allows whole paragraphs that we had written to disappear and we still haven't fixed an issue that causes a third of our screen to be in the grey area, but we digress So, p's doing his thing here with the Moody Blues cd Every boy deserves Favour; playing in background while we are typing very similar words on the keyboard. So, in a place where we ideally 'Let the music do the talking.' (Nod to Aerosmith ) we'll just let ya's listen to the words and music here. Straight from Creator thru these amazing musical channelers / messengers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Moody Blues...

A place for more, if led... tinyurl.com/MoodyBlues777

Insert Song...)

The Moody Blues - My Song

Thank you riversend21 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues. )


Ok, Brother Braco, kindly take over, my dear friend...) <3 (shhh don't tell 'en about the power in silence

Let 'em figure it out 4 themselves ~ their multi - dimensional selves..) (Nod to Connie Chung. lol )

Time to Celebrate Big time Guys, right Brother Braco? )

And Thank You 4 showing up,everyone's dear friend. )

Yahoo images.

What a coincidence. ) Braco has 2 more days of 'gazing.' the 21st and 22nd. Here's the schedule and 'good stuff.'



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February 18 at 1:26 p.m .

Paul & Company's Cosmic Manifesto.

Happy Sunday & All Days my dear friends. As a certified 'cosmic' man who is friends with everyone on or off the planet... You're All invited to visit our new starsite: http://paulfb.com (an extension of http://EarthPartyForever.com ) esp check out the 'Celebrate Forever 77'

It's time to go cosmic, dear ones, i.e. with our feet on the ground and our consciousness open to the infinite. We are all made for this 'next step'God of Infinity led journey. Our DNA is ready for it and there's no stopping it and it is a joyful process. Some are already way down the road with this. Their cheshire cat grins can give some of them away.

Lots of us have struggled much too much. in a mean economy, to survive, so if that's you and you want to find a way to make money while it;s still a medium of exchange - we have a brand new opp called RAF (Revenue From Advertising) It's right on the front page. It's only $10. so most people can afford it. If you need help contact us. Our card is there. with our info.

Also, other top notch opps are there. So, if led, check 'em out.. Paul can personally vouch for the A.G.E. Pill. You can feel the positive results almost immediately. So, everything else there is related to the uplifting and advancement of the infinite human spirit. Ya's may have heard 'we are spirit's in the material world.' TY Sting. )

Indeed,' we are one spirit.' Paul heard those words in perfect synchronicity as he typed this As paul this moment is hearing this song by Peter, Paul & Mary...'River of Jordan.' The cd was picked out by Dakarra as we asked her to pick out the perfect music for our Sunday morning. So, everyone Thank Sweet Dakarra for this..). .TY Love. <3 )

Listen & celebrate 'team oneness.' )

River of Jordan - Peter, Paul and Mary

Thank you Denis O'Leary for sharing on YT.

Thank You Peter, Paul and Mary ) ) ) And Friends ~ Everyone. <3 ~

News flash, we are all cosmic beings and Creator has a plan for HisHer ~ HerHis kids i.e. us, my dear friends. Aren't we seeing this unfold in our own lives? Many of us are unhappy,, disapp.ointed and hurt by what's gone down in our lives. We cry and weep and gnash our teeth, if we're lucky enough to have teeth,) and we pray to Lord Jesus.

And that's fine, truly fine bc He hears us and His Heart is nothing but divine love, mercy and compassion, in spades. However, He also reminds us right here and now, dear ones, thru the scribe's fingers on the keyboard of his Gateway computer that we all do, indeed, have a direct line to God bc We Are God.. We Are Gods and Goddesses, beloveds. , and It's time for Everyone to know that and understand who and what we really are.

We are each a spark of the Infinite. We have meaning and purpose in what we are doing and what we came down here to accomplish in this cosmic schoolhouse termed earth. We, in embodiment, carne to earth to learn, to teach, to share what we know or have been taught and accept as true and hopefully master, Beloved Masters.

So, we did not imagine that we'd be writing a book here, my dear friends. ) However Creator's spigot, so to speak, is one that if we allow it to flow is more than happy to rise and shine with the light of a new day dawning, a new song in a never ending river of love and innspiration (sic) We, each and every one have a home, guys. No one is homeless when we 'wake up' and choose the right kind of leadership,

The ancients knew that the greatest leaders can be the the one's that are the quietest and most unassuming than the ones of bluster, empty promises and ego's that are out of control. Not pointing fingers or anything like that, just making a statement. Take it with as many grains of salt as feel nesessary.

That is, indeed, if we do need leadership. if we do, indeed, need it., wherever we are, in life or on the other side. Scribe knows, he doesn't have to believe, he knows ~ the way, the truth, the light and the Infinite love is in following in the footsteps of The Ultimate Master, Brother, Lord and Saviour of The Human Race 'Jesus', aka 'Sananda' in the higher realms. The Lord God of ALL THAT IS. .

First, a kind, compassionate human who is more than generous with sharing his or her God given gifts for the betterment and uplifting of humanity, not just for one country. Someone to love us and then guide us and then, if God's will ~ take us home. i.e. to our eternal home in the higher realms where we all came from.

Who could we ask Jesus (stop right there ) do it better than our own divine infinitely loving twin flames (and we do mean flames, dear brothers and sisters.). So, Paul's 'smokey' divine, infinitely perfect twin flame invites us on over to her island when we are ready.. Ya's all can have a free ride, but first ya's just got to get rid of your earthly notions of success, like having a lot of money. When we get on the other side, we will all look back and be glad for the many kindnesses and unselfish acts we did for our fellow humans. we will not pat ourselves on the shoulder about how much money we managed to accumulate. Hopefully we used some of it wisely to help others.

So here's P's sweetheart's link to arrive safely in tranquility bay for us... ) Here comes paradise..Feel free to let us know if you feel the love...)


Yahoo images.

Yep, the pic is 100%. Plenty big for all us spirits to fill in. Thank You Archangel Michael for rowing the boat ashore but esp, Your unending, kind and compassionate loving service to God and HISHER Creation ALL THAT IS. And So It Is.

The long strange trip of endless drama and re-incarnating to fix this or balance that from eons of past lives are now ending, my dear friends. . We can put it all behind us now, dear beloveds ~ Creator says with a ) Period, Italics, underlined & Exclamation point! And the scribe thinks Hallelujah. OMG Source is on the bus with us, Rock & Rollers!

Our inspiration and loving, adventurous lives will never shrivel up, my dear fellow immortal spiritual beings of infinite love and light. who have been around forever and are further in league to journey forth in love, laughter, wonderfully fulfilling relationships with our fellow 'Ka Jinsky' (formerly Ka Jillion) Family.and 'Fun'' is the only thing we have left to explore. Yes, it is projected to take forever. Sorry 'bout that. lol )

So, who's up for the challenge? I tell you guys right now. We have eternity to investigate this far flung paradigm. 77 Now, to re- iterate dear sisters and brothers of eternity; think of God's infinite love like every drop of water coming from the source of WE as ONE. Just think, folks, will never dry up. Scribe thinks of Niagara Falls Far Far bigger and better, not to mention 'badder' than what any mundane politician or guru can, in comparison, bring to the table.

So, who's ready to give it up to the Divine Ultimate, The Infinite God. The I AM of all I AM THAT I AM ~ The One & Only Original Source Celebrate God's infinitely perfect plan now. No foolin'. We ain't got time. He's come to take His/Her children home. Thank you very much. (Nod to the King of R& R) 🏌️‍♂️😁😎

Next is to go here to the perfect song played by a blending of the senior and newer versions of 'Jehovah's Favourite Band'. God give us Dead & Company. With a Big nod and High 5 to 'Uncle' John Mayer, himself, for 'Stepping up to the plate.' 😎🏃‍♂️🥂

Alright guys here's direct link


and don't forget to stop by the other buttons to be pushed at http://paulfb.com like...

Celebrate Forever...


And be darn sure to click on

Tinyurl.com/WomensVoices777 when there.and say 'Hey' to Pat. ) 🏃‍♂️🏌️‍♂️😍

Just sharing 'good news.' ) Take whatever moves with you and leave the rest. See ya's in Infinity. i.e. when we decide to 'wake up' in Grateful Living' mode forever. )

And So It Is...IJN Indeed.



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Paul F Brown For those who don't have a clue, let us give ya's some evidence that there is, in fact, a plan, not to mention a rhyme and a reason, for the season. Rejoice Dudes & Dudette's God is on our side (of the veil) He loves the Dead and the living. and the 'plant-it.' Unconditionally. In this discussion Evidence Mr John M has a chance to flow w his true passion. May he or may he not? What's in a name, my dear friends, besides clues? Johnny boy is the real deal, folks ~ Jerry approved. This old soul talks to him every day just like we talk to God and Jesus. Rest assured Bobby and the other ones, Mickey, Bill would not be up there with some fake imposter. Bobby knew from the first jam this guy could play like no one els, except, of course, Uncle Jerry himself )

So, on with the show and btw there's more than one bus, my dear friends. watch the last video on this page right to the end let us all Thank our lucky stars that God gave us Rock & Roll. And, God, like Elvis ~ 'The King of Rock & Roll' says always, on our behalf..."God, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" God says :y'as don't have to shout. ) lol

So, Lookey here ~ sports fans.. tinyurl.com/TheOtherSide77777 😎he eternal celebration starts here. http://EarthPartyForever.com Ext, here... http://paulfb.com Did we mention a brand new Heaven's blog just started here? https://tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-18777 Y'all have your own multi-dimensional selves a happy, nice, joyous, love filled and adventurous forever, now. 😍 See Ya's around the schoolyard... )

Anyone want 2 take a tour of the love ~ swoop** room July 22, 2017 ** this humble room is now the * 'ascension' room. Take the tour in virtual realty and may all who come here, be blessed ~ if you allow it. And So It Is. IJN. Indeed. https://youtu.be/H9w--sn-dGQ 💕😲🏃‍♂️

Dead & Company: "Uncle John's Band" - Live (Wheatland, CA 2016)

Paul F Brown Some people think they're just 'songs' Those that 'get it' i.e. God's perfect plan know better. We submit Uncle John's Band. Lookey here...Grateful ones ) ) ) tinyurl.com/theotherside77777

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Paul F Brown That's YOUR card, Humanity. Feel Free to pass it around. Cheers

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Paul F Brown Obtw, cash in your chips folks The new standard of exchange is Love. Everything Is Free as GOD Wants it for HIS Children ~ You Grown Up's Here: Check HisHer Docstinyurl.com/GoodNewsDocs777 Got a license? Go pick out yer new motor vehicle or skateboard. Celebrate resposibly Dread and and Live heads. Here's a song for this day. Love to All from Boston... ) R.I.P. Brad Delp Rockin' In Paradise like all of us will if we come to the jubilee. Paul, where exactly Is the jubilee? The Jubilee, my dear friend, Is Jesus ~ In our

's Allow Jesus in our hearts and souls and our lives Will be a jubilee. Now turn it UP!

Paul F Brown Like we said ~ Turn it Up!https://youtu.be/OzR6vRwPKAI