Gazers III 777

             Ron 'Pigpen' McKernon                                                                                           Keith Godchaux

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      Brent Mydland                                                                                                                       Vince Welnick

April 11, 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to  the Gazers III page here  at His Earth Party Now Celebration site

There is an introduction 2 this page from Jerry Garcia on the previous Gazers page: scroll 2 bottom if you'd like 2 see it.

The above gentlemen; Ron, Keith, Brent & Vince were the legendary keyboard players bravely taking that seat even though, after Ron, it seemed like a  not so envious job to take.  But where would The Grateful Dead sound be without them.  He invites us 2 'gaze' with these very vibrant & alive spirits & let their spirits of love, light, compassion & musical genius fill our hearts with the real substance of love they would like 2 share w us.  And  So It Is, Now.  IJN

Grateful Dead, Pigpen, Next Time You See Me, Copenhagen 1972

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 Thank You The Grateful Dead featuring 'Pigpen.'

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Thank You The Grateful Dead featuring Keith & Donna Godchaux on an epic 'Dancing In The Street.' 

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Thank You The Grateful Dead featuring Brent Mydland

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Thank You Vince Welnick & Terrapin  Fllyer 

Thank You 'The 4 Horsemen of The Grateful Dead keyboards seat.'  Ron, Keith, Brent & Vince,  you all 'knocked it out of the park' while you were here.  
See ya's down the road a bit.   )


Please welcome our next gazer.  She's an angel who brought a whole lotta love 2 the world & continues 2 shine from Heaven, rec do yerself a  favor & connect 4 a few sweet moments w Nicolettes 'lotta loving' gaze.  )

Nicolette Larson.
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Nicolette Larson

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Thank You Nicolette Larson & Neil Young 

Next gazer?
Hint:  He's the undisputed "Great Lion of God."


Ladies & Gentlemen, the moment has arrived 2 welcome Mr Bob Marley 2 His Gazers page III
Welcome Bob, So glad you are here our dear friend.  We see you've brough a whole lotta joy with you.  Awesome, Man.

Mr Bob Marley

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Mr Bob Marley.

Yahoo images.

Tell it like it is, our dear brother...

Click it, it's good guys,  )
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Thank You Bob Marley & The Wailers.

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Thank You Mr Bob Marley  & All the people of Jamaica & the World.

One love  ~ with God we got this, brothers & sisters

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Thank You  Bob Marley  & The Wailers

Sayin' One Love, One Heart
Let's get together and feel all right
I'm pleading to mankind (One Love)
Oh Lord (One Heart)

Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Let's get together and feel all right
--- Bob Marley.

Everything is going to be alright.

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Thank You Bob Marley & Friends ~ Everyone.  Thanks 4 coming 2 His jubilee dear friends.
May y'all find His peace, love & joy in yer hearts now & forever.  IJN.
And So It Is, Now, Indeed.
Namaste,   )

Ok, so, what could follow this?
Ans:  nothing, this thread is done.  Short & sweet.
There will, His Will willing, always, (we take nothing 4 granted, folks) be a Gazers IV page soon.
Who will it be paul?  Well, fyi, at present, there are 7 gazers in the queue.  

Hint:  The next gazers are a duo who kept America laughing for 30 years on late night tv.   )
There you go again paul, just about naming names.  )
we, know, however how else would we describe these 2 gents, other than  that?  Anyway, He, Spirit, God, All That Is & More wants us, His children 2  l a u g h.
And why not?  we're living in His infinitely perfect declared, decreed, illusory script, custom made 4 each & every one of us w the people, situations & horizons He has in store 4 all His loved beyond human comprehension, children.

So, fellow children of The One, let yer humble servant, kind brother from waay back, & biggest fan ask Spirit, right now 4 a perfect, infinitely perfect song 2 close this wondrous, glorious loving &  awesome thread out with.  Allow us 2 go 2 YT and hopefully, we'll be right back w that song.  Talk among yerselves for a sec, Thanks.) 

That didn't take long.  Ok, folks, we have Heaven's House Band, The Moodies 2 take us 2 new horizons accompanied by awesome images by I Love You!

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Thank You The Moody Blues.

This is a wrap,  See ya's down the road a bit...

Rec & fin.
8: 03 a.m.

What's  that Bob?

Say something, right. Hey Rockers, Reggae.

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Thank You Mr Bob Marley ~ Keep shining 'Great Lion of God.'   )

p.s.  We'll let you know when the new gazers page is up, 2 or 3  days prob.  Til then rec  getting acquainted here  4 some 'Good news.'

& blog II 4 latest updates:

Gazers IV page is up...

Thank Ya's all & come on back soon, ok?
Thanks again.   )

Namaste.   )