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Currier & Ives.


Moments of sweet moments start for God's children

March 16, 2016

Commencing, this moment on, as Lionel is singing Jesus Is Love.


6: 42 a.m.

Thank you space2lovebird for sharing on YT

Thank You The Commodores, Thank You for Coming down as One to uplift Earth. Unbelievably well done, guys. )

Everyone loves you guys, Sail on & take us with you, please? God says: 'go in peace & love & don't forget the music, dear beloveds.' )

Thank you GiraldiMedia for sharing on YT.

Thank You Lionel & Cast & all who put this awesome movie together. Sweet. )

What we have here, folks, is a case of Endless Love...

Thank you PanMvideos 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Diana Ross & Lionel Richie.

Thank You Mr Lionel Richie, like all of us, a sparkling shining gift to humanity from God. Thank You God, Our Father ~ Mother of ALL THAT IS ~ Divine Prime Ultimate Source ~ Source Ultimate Divine ALL THAT ISN'T Mother ~ Father, God Prime Creators i.e. Ultimate Divine Sons & Daughters of Oneness. IJN.

And So It Is Now. IJN. Thank You Jesus.

And the song is: Play it ~ the littlest waif in whatever 3 rd world country one could think of...

Thank you metalboombox for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Commodores.

The Commodores

The Commodores.

Thank You The Commodores featuring Mr Lionel Richie. Guess what, guys? Everyone Loves you, I know, why don't we all go on a cruise to ever, ever land

and play volleyball with Jesus. I'll be on the other side. Now, which side would You, yes You, want to be on? )

Your answer? Ok, for those of you that chose the Jesus team. CONGRATULATIONS, You chose the Winning side. Rejoice & be Glad! Doesn't it feel great,

awesome, in fact, to be a Winner!!!!!!!. )

Ok, guys, listen up. Here's the plan, Stan. Janie, you go wide, cozy, you go deep. Jerome, you go to Mars & start a group, oh, and take Jimmy & Robert with you.

not to mention John & John Paul, and expect to be cultisaris erectus ized however it's only, as He terms it, Rock & roll, so don't be afraid. A smile is all you need

and all it needs, yes my dear friends, smile and watch your troubles go away. What do you think was the ace in the hole of one of our greatests presidents?

President Ronald Reagan., other than the fact that he was lucky enough to have a great love in his life, the lovely & beautiful inside & out Nancy, He had a terrific

smile. How could any nation want go to war with a guy like this. Ahem: 'they say 'seeing is believing, here ya go, folks. Can you discern this is a good man? we concur w God: )

Gazing at us now...

The Reagans.

The Reagans.

So, there we have it friends, God pops in a guerilla type 100% double gaze from 2 Gods. A God & Goddess of The Highest caliber for us. Thank You God. )

As 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' plays in the background on YT.

He's someone you'd want to sit around the card table with and crack jokes with. p laughing just thinking about this & the dudes & dudettes he'd like to do this with. Hey Loggins & Messina, when you're done recording 'Come Sail Away,' why don't you guys come over to the place and hang out. No rush, pooh corner is more important and don't leave angry eyes on the table. Awesome work guys.

Yep, folks,this is it, you want a song for your group, ask Him. iI one wants a sunny day. Which reminds the channel, that was the music he woke up to playing in his head, today, honest. Note from Him: Peeps, p is as honest as daylight & rain. ) & one can take that to the throne of the Great Central Sun. Ok, now, our next gazer has been very patient so after a few loose ends are done, his moment will come soon. p has an important announcement to send out via twitter & FB. coming up soon. Moment marked here for all eternity for this sharing is:

Now, we, He leaves us with this song. May you have a lovely, sunny day but if you like gloomy, misty heavy days we wish you that. Indeed fellow beloved masters, we can have it all. We will have it all. We have it already. We have God who loves us, we have Jesus who loves us & we have the loving spirit of Rock & roll that loves us. And all we gotta do is get on our knees one time & love it all back, all that loves us. Sounds like a plan, Stan. Sounds like the best bargain ever. Thanks boss. Thank you and that went right to the top ^ to the Divine Ultimate ~ Ultimate Divine top.

So, paul, does all this mean the world is not doomed to oblivion & everything is gonna be alright. You said it, Spanky. Our world is just fine & dandy. All we gotta do is get the maniacal, stranglehold, financial money grubbing cannibalistic folderol of a system most of us are suffering under now & show it the door. Who's with us? Anyone? Meanwhile p might lose his internet connection cuz he''s fucking broke as "the Law" rages at the machine he's up against & the every day go your way people just muddle on thru just hoping for a raise one day so they can get that new dinette set or get tickets to the next red sox game.

Wake up people we are on the threshhold of infinity Heaveny Father God Channels from this channel's gateway computer to everyone. Who's reading, thinking about it, acting on it? Is it You? Word to wise. Make it You. Be one of the ones that get to say...You know what? I stood up. I fucking made a difference down in that miserble swamp that the earth fell into. The maia has lifted and infinity is in our windshield. Bull & crap & evil and all the violence crime, petty bullshit is in our rear view mirrors dear beloved graduates. Tell the 'powers that be' that you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore. Banks, insurance companies sick disgusting IRS go to fucking Hell and leave me the fuck alone. This is "The Law" pounding the fucking shit out of his keyboard, letting up now cuz don't want to kill it. their, said it. p won't edit,(except spelling-done) cool breeze, open windows, doors & love & serenity are now master of All That Is. See you's.

Rec & fin.


10: 26 a.m.

Thank you Sam arisa for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sir Paul Simon, we paul's gotta stick together, right Jimmy's Robert's, John's, Step-v-hen's, Jerry's... etc? Not to mention female's as well. )

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Greetings, One & all to This, His new Gazer's II page. Here are our next 2 gazers . You may think you know them from The Allman Brothers Band...

However, think anyone really knows anything about anyone? Oh, we can maybe scratch the surface of what we think we know, however in the short run, all we

can do is guess and hope they are nice and not a monster inside. These 2 gents from the south are monster free and p & He declared ok to gaze to the depths

of one's soul. So we choose some of the best southern Allman Bro's Band to gaze wth. This pivotal point we're sharing, folks could change one's life, however only

for the better

Mr Duane Allman Mr Berry Oakland

Google & Yahoo images

Duane & Berry. These guys knew/ know each other.

Thank you Daniel Shiel for sharing on YT


Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. )

Thank you cremesupreme for sharing on YT.

This picture makes an excellent gaze, p's favorite song, Guys there's a cosmic train coming, ya's might want to get off the tracks & into the flying machine coming to take us home. As 'they' say, just sayin'. )

Thank you Allman Brothers on MV for sharing this on YT.

Thank You The orignal Allman Brothers. Let'a all look forward to the grand re-union, guys. God Is promising w No doubt whatsoever, Indeed, in fact all the bands who have departed members will re-unite if they want to, right Jerry? Boss, I believe and trust you, I know your (His) plan is His, perfect, infinitely perfect plan so, we're all 'good prime creators' over hear (sic) over here, music isn't just music. It's His, God's love, Indeed. Take that to your sleeping mass media, earthlings. We see you are now turning the page and getting deep already in yer 'Currier & +ves' see what replaced the ''I" there, folks? Edit, change, 'fix' His

version? Not on your life. It came out that way and that's how it stays.

Ok, this introductory first gazing for Gazers II is complete. We 'thinks' there will be 7 gazers on this page and then we go to Gazers III

Got a ? paul, 7 Eagles ~ when can I pick up my car? Yes, (God btw, please put together a rock group called 'YES' That will be awesome and let them inspire and blow people's minds. Guide them through many changes and let them rock until death do they part. And, God, let one who departs return to, along with his pals, esp Jimi, help assert that death is Not the end, really only a portal to the ultimate awakening. And so this all comes to pass as all moments are lived simultaneously, right, scientists? Indeed. So, we be now & forever 'rockin in heaven as we do on earth, like in 'As above, so below.' His example of this at 'Gazers777. That placement just showed up there, btw, folks. Edit it to where p thought he was placing it? Ha, that's not how H works folks. One must discern what is better, our plan or His? Best is always His. Take that to the bank. Oops, sorry the bank is gone. It was doomed to eternal oblivion anyway. So, no tears, no regrets, don't want you back, banks, insurance co's and did we mention the F54732 IR F***** S. Bye cannibals of your own people. Gone & done with. Compliments of God, fellow spirits of love & freedom.

Ok, sorry dear that just came out, now where were we? Oh yes, got yer email and so nice to hear from you, sweetie, right back at you. 'Robin & Now Dovebreath 1 You can't get it until & when the car dealers wake up & get with His program. All can help with this by watching this video more than once, in fact the more you watch it, He says,the more that voice which is the same voice as Nanci's will nourish ya's. Remember Nanci, I said, I saw something, couldn't put my finger on but we have the same voice. It was this video. Btw, folks, like our good buddy, Braco, people report just hearing his voice they get the same results as experiencing his gaze. You want love to visit your soul and you give it back? Team up with Braco and all the other gazers at His site and that's what it's all about, Alphie.

Btw, if one doesn't like their name one can change it at your own volition as the infinite, divine, sovereign being we all are. p points out that breath means life. Life: good Good, we know is God: God: good. 1 is one. No one is ahead of one, unless one counts zero aka 0 as a number. p will you get to the %3@75 point Bro & tell us who Dovebreath 1 is! Ok, sorry to digress. Ok,we're getting that she drives a red Malibu. She can't help, smiling & laughing when she's in the company of a fella simply known a p. She's in awesome shape considering esp what she's been thru in this life. And she the director of The Ruby Rogers Center in downtown Union Sq. in beautiful Somerville, Match a choo setts. God bless you, wow that came out of no-where, huh?

Yeah, friend of mine said a friend of hers heard it from another friend from way back that those things are like a reboot to the train of breaths. Silver, i.e. pure crystalline nano-silver is a great remedy for any sinus, cough agh aghhh cough. As mentioned until we go upstairs en masse or upstairs overshadowed, however , whatever His plan is however God's plan , His infinite perfect plan that we now are living in, His 'Currier & Ives" plan for each one of us unfolds, simply trust, know He knows exactly how you feel today.

You got a tummyache? He knows it cuz it's His tummy too. Got a headache? He knows it too cuz he's got the same headache. Getting it dear beloveds. There's no need for anymore suicides. Too bad that the good word has not gone out to the world and gone viral but the sleeping , oh boy, we just woke up "The Law" the raging Hulk in us that gets mad as hell and He's not gonna take it any more. Anyone see the movie Network. Yeah, that movie and that guy. The B.S. can all stop right here right now, folks. He suggests you throw away the paper, blow up yer TV (Not literally), visit the country, walk the beach, get a free car. Dealerships, aren't you guys sick of seeing all those acres of cars you can't sell because the economy sucks, people are broke and crazy with stress & anxiety and the red sox starting their season is not enough to help. Sorry, that's just the way it is at this particular fork in the road or juncture of desire. What do we really need, guys. I'll tell you what we need. We need a leader of Christ like wisdom for the whole planet and not just one country. We need To ask if not beg God, and if anyone is an atheist still, after being around this, His starsite, well, you have free will, you can do anything you want.

You can destroy yourself in the physical however you can not destroy your eternal soul. In the ultimate long run, dear ones. He, who is You, living in this schoolhouse Earth,yes, The Lunatic Asylum of the universe. We know, it's tough, can be brutal & unspeakably cruel however we do have a solution. It's name my dear friends is salvation in Jesus Christ. Take Jesus' hand and no one else. No, not the channel taking this down, not God the source bringing it. No, we all want to be welcome & honoured guests when we are led to our perfect, nothing less than perfect permanent home on the range of infinity, i.e. Heaven. We start where we are now in Heaven on Earth. We give it all up to Him. His plan is the best oneness plan. Heaven & heaven alone is the answer, embrace it as we embrace Jesus when he shows up 4 us. Talk to Jesus. Invite Jesus inside, Jesus is marvelous company, we joke all day and of course He is always in on the conversation. Truly, that's why we always have a smile on our face. It gives us peace of mind knowing we're doing His work. That's where all the synchronicities emerge from.

Ok, this is the lesson for now & forever. Say something once? Why say it again? It's here, written straight from Divine Ultimate for your consumption humanity. Now we leaveyou with link to a page that, if the channel, p, had his way would have been "out Fucking there so we could have avoided another suicide. OOOhhh He's maddddd!!!!! Can you feel it Folks. P pushing the buttons with !0, ooo maniacs behind him but it''s ok, we're 'hep' to know this is God's plan to wake up humanity as serenity returns and we'll go do a few odds & ends and then at His perfect time p will create a lovely page for his God given cosmic superstar Aspyn Serenity. All can see her loving gaze at the first. 'Gazings' page.

And as a tribute to Mr Keith Emerson & all of us_ humanity, here's your fanfare from God to the gates of Heaven on Earth. w sadness it came a day late for one of the best among us. R. I.P. Master Keith, Rock In Paradise. Keith urgently says "Don't do what I did."

Hear (sic) folks, yeah we all need a box of tissues when we get around this, His site at times. This is a good day to go for a walk in the park, put on music that means something to us and Thank Jesus that it's all over. Long live us all. We can't die, we only change frequencies. right Kenneth? Yeah we'll get over this. It's called grief however it won't change us for the worse, we learn from it Deep emotions are deep emotions, some of us are bawling our eyes out right now. Our good buddy is now one of our most poweful angels and the music he left us with wll nourish our souls forever.

He ~ p out

To Keith..& his friiends ~ All of us.

This just in. With sadness and on our asking if he wanted to be in the queue for gazers, just said 'yes' via the lapus lazuli crystal used as a pendulum.

So Mr Keith Emerson will, His Will willing, be # 11. gazer.

Ok, gotta run, Carol 'the boss' called. lol back later will edit if nec

Ciao for now.

Fec & fin.


12: 48 p.m.

Oh, real qick. Next gazer: Hint: She's responsible for getting CSN together. There's rumor they could get together after all, in the newly created group mentioned in Gazers777 Smile & be happy even tho feeling sad. Take care. ~



1:34 a.m. Ok, p apologizes to anyone looking for a new sharing tonight. It wll be up, Him willing tomorrow (later today) we just finished an epic editing job on the above material. we got nothing left in the tank for today. We will start with placing another song or 2 by TABB. Off to dreamllandzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



10:25 a.m.

Commencing with a fresh brain, we're 'good.' )

Hey, guys, my dear friends, Have You heard the news? Ok, well, lets just do what we do. We, God & Us, Let's let the Lord ~ God of our inner being, simply let the music do the talking. e.g. Got a crush on a girl or a guy? Let the music do the talking. p says it works, tried it with Lisa D of Lisa D & the Daisy's of Infinity.

Circumstances of 'time' & distance prevented anymore flourishing of that relationship, but the connection was made w the help of 'A Flock of Seagulls.' cassette paul sent to her w a note. ) & phone call. Sting, try that approach, my dear friend. Send 'her' any of your music. ) If she's really deep, send her 'Soul Cages.'

Great idea, p. Btw, whatever happened to Flock of Seagulls? Well, we heard on the grapevine that God gave them a raise, well, not really a raise, Lord knows, like everyone else, we love seagulls, however, they can also be a flock of Eagles & Now A Flock of Doves., OMG, hold on guys, cuz as we type this ~ He says, Why Not a Flock of Human beings? And why, humanity stop there, esp when we were originally created spirits. We are in the age now of the

'gathering in' of the spirits, dear ones. Mark the moment(s). the age of 'mark the moments' is upon us, moments have replaced time. If didn't know that, Johnny, you know it now. )

Our clocks just adjusted to suit the daylight. We can do the same with our consciousness, fellow spirits in the material world. We don't have to be 'stuck' here anymore if we don't want to. He will teach us.. Trust Him. Jesus showed us the way, Now, my dear friends, it's (empty space) to, on our knees if not our bellies to say "Thank You Jesus". Now, Ultimate Divine ~ Divine Ultimate, who lives in us all, who Is our heart, will take over & do His job. So, as we listen to The Allman Brothers Band play with the original lineup, lets get in the spirit, thank our lucky stars for the gift He gave us in Jesus & Way down...

Rock & roll to to feed our soul & whatever music 'does it' for us, let it roll. Clocks have been adjusted this weekend, guys. So, moving on... let's reflect on e.g. Sir Paul McCartney. Mr McCartney has shown us how a beatle can graduate up the ladder of fulfillment simply by following his heart, finding & sharing his wings, doing what he volunteered to do & reaping the rewards, amazing, crazy, infinite love from everyone. leaving anyone out? Not possible. There's no end to love. Next to Jesus, the only thing that approaches God's Crazy, infinite * eternal love is music. Ppaul, the musician, may not have a dime, the poor guy, compared to the wealth of God, however, it doesn't matter anymore, in a free and easy society, indeed, my dear friends, as paul ( We paul's gotta stick together, right paul's and Dan's etc & even Sting's, right Sting? How many stings are there? Oh, yeah there's that wrestler dude. wouldn't want to mess with him.)

This all as p greatly enjoying Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias sing 'AsTime Goes By' in the background..

.See, humanity, we can fly. Indeed it is written. Fly, not as a fly, God forbid, but as a soaring dove back to Him . He'll meet us in everything we think, say and do. Everything, all we see in our vision, with the gift of eyes that work or not. It's All God & It's All 'Good', Indeed.

Ok, referring back to the first sentence starting this sharing. We give us The Allman Brothers~ Revival. But (and one of the few 'buts' p will use) First & Foremost, a love song...

Thank you WillieNelsonVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You, Willie & Julio for sharing yer awesome gifts. p can't decide which outfit he likes better. Each is soo you. )

Here's link to the song we were listening to: 'As time goes bye bye. )

Thank you nabil Stouhi for sharing on YT.

Alright, Ladies & gentlemen: From God: The Allman Brothers Band...

Thank you djclay33 once again for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. God bless you guys & all your fans ~ Every ~ one. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the devastating loss of Duane & then Berry in very similar fashion, The Band, led by brother Gregg decided to 'soldier on' with broken hearts because that's what musicians do, ~ make music and also correctly knowing that's what Duane & brother Berry would want & expect from the guys. God bless The Allmans & all the bands & fans they inspire to this very moment. Big nod to Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, among many inc groups of younger generations, all solo artists influenced by TABB You know who you are.

See ya's around. ~ .

Thank you internazionalikos2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. Take us home Bro's on wings of your sacred southern sound. Whisper out to p's angel ~ Jessica Thank you j & co of infinity ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Rec & fin.


1:57 p.m.

Addendum: 2: 11 p.m.

Next gazer. Tonight after 11 p.m. sometime: Hint: she is a Goddess being who's good at connecting people who sing God's songs.



Ladies & Gentlemen, Please a warm hand & smiles & Hugs for our elder sister Cass (don't call me Mama-if you can help it.) Elliot

Current residence ~ 7th Heaven. Cass we know you're a total, perfect complete Goddess now, however, even as you were on earth, your inner beauty shined thru. And your voice. OMG, the voice of a generation. God bless you and your other singing partners and we all look forward to a heavenly re~union. Namaste.)

Ms Cass Elliot

Yahoo images

Ms Cass Elliot

Thank you clodoaldo500 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cass Elliot Beautiful prophetic message in song. Humanity, take heed or throw it all away & continue sad, lonely political & religious hypocrisy.

We are at the crossroads, He says right now. Let's see what next song will say. God, lead the way...

Thank you Drew Arriola for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Angels of joy & eternal happiness forever ~ Cass Elliot & Julie Andrews & awesome accompaniment of musicians & lastly for now Bless All

That en joy this. Want to gain more? Pass it on. )

Thank you gabrosz for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Mamas & The Papas. Let's All Meet On That Golden Shore. p will pull up w Dr Ralph Stanley riding 'shotgun' if he has his way. )

Thanks again Angel In Charge Ms Cass Elliot. 3 word 'whisper out,' as angels whisper to her friends David, Graham & Stephen & can't leave ol' Neil out.

Guys, 'let it be.'

Rec & fin


1:07 a.m:

p.s. A conversation started here more suited to His blog page than here so it has been moved over there.

Warning: It's not all peaches & cream. Here's link if want to check it out. Smokers beware,

More Cass here:

Next gazer... Hint: He was one half of a legendary singing team in the 60's [Sometime later today.]



1: 55 a.m.

Quick update. So busy working at another page we had to blow this off, the gazer is finewiith it.

Want to see what God had P doing. Take a gander here, folks,

A clarion call going out sometime tomorrow (later today) featuring the most interesting man in the world. G'nite. )



7:25 a.m.

Hello, everyone, Joe Friday checking in here, finally it''s the right 'moment' for our next gazer. He's been very patient however he does understand, p has had a lot of 'plates' spinning. You know what, folks, spirit just whispered in the channel's ear, folks? As 'Shattered' by The Rolling Stones" just finished playing on

Boston's Classic Rock ~ 100.7 WZLX as Bob Seger now sings, 'Against The Wnd"

Alright, now let's proceed w this awesomeness on the way here. We know it's going to be 'awesome' because He is doing it, indeed.

Hello humanity, He now presents a spirit no one can resist smiling back at. This kind and gentle soul who cared so much about others and being a good

'joe' serving his community, he ran for office & won & did all kinds of 'good stuff.' 4 All. If led, check his wikipedia.

Mr Sonny Bono

Yahoo images

Mr Sonny Bono

P pic.

Sonny & Cher.

Sonny blesses and sends his love to the tree that sent him on his way. Sonny would not change anything, right Sonny? Absolutely, dear paul, it was my time everyone, my contract was a great one & I Thank God with All My Heart & soul to, indeed, have had such a life, going out doing something I loved to boot. )

I am living a life over here, everyone, that is beyond ~ ~ ~ belief. Guys, put your doubts away. This guy, paul, is the real I say again and to all nations, mountains, railroads & palm trees, all everything, stop ~ ~ ~ procrastinating. Join team paul, the all 4 one, and 1 4 all team. Jesus is 'in' the team, you should be also. If you just mentally or said 'you know what, I don't give a ~ ~ ~ , what have I been doing with my LIFE, where have I been, how long have I been sleeping. OMG, ~ ~ ~ all my fears, I'm done with fears. That's been the only thing holding me back.

Announcement: It is now declared & with his gracious acceptance that Mr Sonny Bono is now & forever the 'Official' 'lead mouth' of Far Flung productions, Ltd.

He's not the only lead mouth but he has a corner office 4 this. Congratulations dear Bro Sonny ~ Everyone Loves you, my & everyone's dear friend. )

Also, there are contenders down hear (sic) who also have a gift of 'the mouth' the mouth is the chief sex organ in a human body, did you know that dear ones? indeed, search 'the mouth' to find out about this amazing organ in everyone's God given 'miracle human body.'

p will only mention one top contender here as we've got to move on. He's a local chap, with roots in New Hampshire,~ The 'Live Free or Die state. he's in a

world renowned band w a huge following. You could walk into a store around Massachusetts & bump into him. Word is he's a regular good guy w a heart of gold. He's got Oprah on speed dial for crying out loud. )

Omg peeps, give it up 4 Mr Steven Tyler, yeah, the Lead Singer in Aerosmith. If you want to be recognized 4 this this Sir Steven, just have your people call paul's people. oh, nobody's answered the invitation to be an assistant to paul, yet, and also his invite to be a maid for His 'situation room' has not been filled. Neil did say in song "a man needs a maid' didn't he? yes, one his masterpieces 4 sure. Our contact info remains at the site essentials page.

Back to the original sharing as the editing process mixes things up a little., however it's all good.

Everyone is am immortal spiritual being, This is fact. Good darn it, where have I been 2 be living so small? Here's what God would say, now, right this second, while p is typing down this edit sharing, we're bringing on the expansion now where we're building the steps with drums & the letting go & then the flowering and redemption & perfect outcome. as a song writes it's own self.~ & joy emerges at the end of a perfect song. Right here, we recommend going to Brother Erik' s gaze at the 1st gazers page & hear 2 Jackson Browne masterpieces seamlessly sewn together & picture 2 halves of you reunited in song. Heal your 2 half's and when that's over go see Fred Neil's area and Fred will spill the beans about how he's gonna get to heaven. Take it 2 heart 4 sure, dear friends. )

Don't tell anyone though, it's a secret Yeah, 2 p's will do it, 4 sure, right Jesus? 'Indeed, my dear friend. )'. Put You, The Lord God of Your inner being with God & you & Jesus, what have you got? we've got a triple play, folks. we have made the play that lets you walk away. The game is over. no extra innings bc you had an edge on your team, beloveds you had God, of course Who is always on our side from the beginning, after all He created us. Nobody wins alone. That would never work. You need the best talent you can find for your team to win, Invite Jesus into (y)our hearts. Now, we have it made in the shade, indeed Let's venture out there w a smile on our faces, a song in our hearts & be open to the love the universe will send back to us without fail. Stop.we're Done. Now.

Here's a sign.

p pic at Market Basket. Chelsea, Ma.

God says:

Get off that fucking rat race wheel of karma. it doesn't exist anymore. Our sins are forgiven, He, God, won't even do the 2 lashes w a wet noodle if that wasn't a joke anyway. so why keep doing the same old same old. Aren't you guys bored stiff? p is living the dream now. The only thing that'a drag is that, you guys, humanity, aren't paying attention. Everyone is caught up in the shit that is this old paradigm that is so hard for some to let go of. God says again & how many more times does He have to say read 'An Urgent Message.'

You can find it at Brother Erik's page and see how easily he got arrested by the Police, right from the 'get-go' Doing the same shit every day just to earn a paycheck. Come, humanity, we're waiting 4 u. It's all we can do as the Cars have told us in song. Take the hand of paul, guys. the hand that shook the hand of among other notables, Mr Jimmy Buffet, coming off the stage back in the day when Jimmy was just a pup, at Passim coffee house in boss town, beautiful, Currier & Ives town, Cambridge, Match 'a' chu setts God Bless U . )

Who else, besides Sheryl Crow wants to have some 'FUN,' anyone? Then get the heaven w God's program. Lose the meaningless j o b esp if you work in a bank, insurance co, or, God forbid, the fucking IR fucking S. Capital bank you will never get the 4 g's p owes you since, you are doomed to eternal oblivion w the quickness. sorry but that's the way He wants it. He wants His children 2 B F R EE , NOW, not tomorrow, not next Tuesday. It should have been done long ago.

What happened, oh yeah, this is taking the grassroots path. All we can say, peeps, is where were you when someone needed you. God says put that on . p says 'with the quickness, God, W the quickness beloved Father... Take 5 Dave & music lovers of all stripes. p can't just think it & have it appear down here. ' 'Upstairs,' we'd already b listening 2 it.

Thank you John1948FiveE for sharing on YT.

Thank You ~ The Grassroots, ~ You guys are awesome, ahead of your 'momenting,' we might add,

however, know that there is no 'time', only moments your moment is now. Indeed. Cheers from everyone. )

'Heaven Knows' coming up

Thank you Bobby Cole for sharing on YT

Thank You The Grassroots. The message remains the same. Carry on... & Thanks. )

Back from the editing ranch

Sonny: I lived such ~ such a Blessed life. Cher & Chaz et al I love You Guys ) i.e. everyone.

Ok, let's get some music up here. We'll go shopping on YT & be back when we're back. Coming Sonny? Oh yeah, w bells on.... )

Ok, we're back, ZLX, thanks guys for playing 'Fat Bottom Girls'. we got rid of that, went and picked one of paul's tapes, randomly. Funny thing happened, that tape of paul's turned into Kansas 2 albums on one cassette. 'Leftoverture' & 'Point of Know Return'.So here's at least 2 songs for Sonny to start & there will be a 3rd as it's 'The Law" now. )

Here's His selection.... Ok, you didn't really think we were going to play 'I got you, Babe' did you? Not that there's anything wrong w that if that's what floats your boat. )) Sonny loves this stuff, he's a rocker to the core, so My dear friend, Mr Bono, This song's for you, rep All of us. Kansas, Stand Your Ground. You hold down 'The Heartland' paul, 'play it' ZLX, please play this asap..with a mention of would be appreciated esp by God... Indeed.

Thank you KansasVEVO for sharing on YT

Thank You Kansas for carrying On. His perfect, infinitely perfect plan.

Thank you Kansas VEVO for sharing on YT,

Thank You Kansas, America's Heartland Band 4 doing Your part in His Ultimate Divine plan, Stan. )

As His infinitely perfect plan would have it, 'Kansas' is 'in~town,' playing The Cabot theater in beautiful downtown Beverley, Ma this coming Friday. p & Carol will, His Will willing, be there.

P pic

Welcome 2 The Land of Promises Fulfilled Kansas. Thank Ya's 4 Doing Yer Part.' Awesome Show ...Cheers. )

Now, in Boston & surrounding areas, it's a Dan Fogelberg Day. Indeed, just the right amount of snow. People bundled up against the cold. Our breath comes out, mingles & hangs in the air. btw, Joan Baez, here's a 2nd opinion on your poetry from God. 'It is what it is.' Therefore, it's you, and you, dear heart, are magnificent.

And you can take that to the 'situation room,' Yes, indeed, u r Invited to visit esp w other "J" friends. Of course, Jim & Jimi are always in the house. So, as 'Yes' would say... Your move.

Alright, God, please select the perfect Dan F song for this spot, and p, You fast humble messenger will bring it back w the quickness. as p's been listening to this Kansas music. The words are truly awesome. ZLX, please play some Kansas. Thx, ZLX. And why not 'break all the rules' and play some Dan Fogelberg. The following is p's favourite Dan song 'Missing you', Here's a live version & shows what a great guitarist Dan was / is. indeed...

Thank you Dan Fogelberg Videos 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Dan Fogelberg & Company. Everyone loves you, Bro, Keep Rockin' in Heaven, we all hope 2 see you & friends, soon. Good God Willing, It will B soon.Indeed,

Hey Ashtar, excuse me buddy, what? you want p to call you sonny? Oh, cuz 'Sonny" is safer than 'buddy' & sonny is less likely to get us shot. ok, makes sense. Why don't we call all our 'Dog" friends 'Buddy,' does that work? Awesome. So all you 'Sonny's' out there that want a dog 'buddy' simply ask Spirit for a Law of Attraction dog companion 4 you, and same with a cat.. Any ?'s ask your~ self, The Lord God of Your inner being. And So It Is, Now. IJN

Ashtar, what we were going to ask you, everyone's very dear friend, is - have you heard 'Where there's a will there's a way?' We concur Ashtar, we'll type it out loud here... Look insiide you, folks. Is there a heart in there, is it beating? Awesome, you're half ~ way there. Pick up the Rock beat. You don't have to go to Led Zeppelin right away. heck, start wiith Perry Como, just get into music. let it be your master. Allow it to guide you to paradise, the place of peace & love in your heart. And so it is now, In Jesus Name. Indeed.



God, Jesus and a humble, not worthy unknown servant channel simply called p Thank you All.

p.s. Lest anyone think, paul is doing this, let his humble self assert he's innocent. p had nothing to do with this transmission, except to punch the keypad & edit

It's God, dear ones, God doing everything. Period.

Rec & fin, Now w corrected fin moment


7: 03 p.m.



11:40 p.m.


Next gazers, there's 4. Hint: They are an elite group known as the hired 4 God keyboard players to link us 2 infinity. Ok Deadheads, take a wild guess, ok? lol May be up some time in the next few days.It will begin a New Gazers page. to be called Gazers III May you always be exactly where you're supposed 2 B. As always, we wish ya's to have a nice forever & we will see you on the sidewalks of life. Life: Good God. Thank You God, Always & forever. )



Announcing: Jerry why don't you do t his Bro,

Thanks Bro paul, Folks, these 4 guys helped make the group The Grateful Dead what it was while I played in the band. It was an absolute pleasure 2 play with them, and boy oh boy, do we have a 'band' of brothers & sisters up here. I didn't die, just dropped my body & met God. He lets me do my own thing up here as he does 4 everyone. All we want 2 do over here is do things that 'please Him,' that's it. The Grateful Living is God's Band waiting 4 anyone who wants 2 join when ya cross over.

Over here, love, love & love rules everything. Soon, if He has His way, same will prevail on Earth. His idea is 'Heaven on Earth' & why not, it's Heaven everywhere else in His majestically awesome creation. It's only a matter of time, but guess what children on the way home, 'time' has run out, as paul relays from Him, we are in 'moments 2 remember. moments. & it is good, like God: Good. )

We rec living life in that schoolhouse you're in with all the love your heart can hold. If you need more, get a pet. A cat or dog can only amplify a heart's love 2 the max. Keep a soundtrack, in your heart, if not what's playing on your devices 4 ya's now. paul was just in the car & heard 'Miracles' by Jefferson Starship. You know that will be going on one of the pages like the 'Fuel' page or the blog II page. Ok, paul, back 2 U Bro, & Thanks 4 letting me come thru. ) Oh, almost forgot, ) So, hear (sic) is link to Gazers III...) These are songs of & from the heart of these players. May they touch all hearts & may we Thank God who makes all things possible, including miracles & taking His children home 2 paradise from where we came. Uncle Jerry, out. )

Yahoo images.

Jerry Garcia "6 Eagles"

Thank You Bro Jerry, And So It Is Now, dear friends, IJN All Is Well, All Is Ok. We're all going 2 be fine, right Larry? You talkin' to me, man? No Bro, your brothers Moe & Curly. Yes, folks, He wants us 2 laugh, be happy, no worries, no hurries. We're in His illusion & it's a magnificent one. Bob Marley, we see you over there in the corner waiting for your turn 2 be a gazer... soon, Bro, real soon. ) Yeah, we have free will so we can muck it up as humans tend to do, when they follow in lockstep w the crowd of lemmings bowing 2 puppet-masters of darkness & imbalance. -Look out 4 that cliff over there, yeah, the cliff of following only the money. You know it's only paper, people, right?

Come on & get with the Jesus train. It's, Ahem: F R E E & it's Now the moments 2 get on board. We are waiting 4 you, humanity. Your 'time' is up, moments are in & we have forever. This Is God's starsite. He runs the show here. p pushes the buttons & he does his job he was gifted to do &, indeed, born 2 do. It's simple, friends, Let the music be your master & Praise God 4 every good thing & bad thing in life.

The solution 2 seeming 'bad' things is simply 'bless it with all the power of 'The Lord God of My Inner Being' Put it All In God's Hands & release it with a chop chop of your hands & let Him take care of it. No need 2 go back, it's in His Hands, like that song... He's Got The Whole World In His Hands' So It Is. don't put a time clock on it, just 'let God do His thing.' If it's money you need, like p, trust that one way or another your needs will be met, with the quickness. Remember, in God's eyes we are all equal. No billionaire is more important than the littlest waif in whatever 3rd world country one would choose 2 name.

Ok, so with this little digression, here's link 2 the Gazers III page. Hope Y'all En~joy...

See ya's over there.

No 'standing in line' as that song (Stand back) by Stevie Nicks, just played on our magic boombox.

TY always 2 God 4 awesome, perfect, divine synchronicities all day every day. )

For those not familiar w that song, it's awesome. Here, if we were lying, let us know. Stevie, take it away please, dear...

Thank youStevie Nicks 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Stevie Nicks & Crew.

Rec & fin.w addendums & song

4/11 16

9: 44 p.m.



2:47 p.m.

Hey, Jerry, wait a minute, Bro, you're not getting away that easy, we need a song from you. How 'bout the one paul is listening to right this very moment...

Hear we go guys. Call it a "SimpleTwist of Fate." w a 'shout out' 2 scribe, Bob Dylan. Thanks Bob. )

Thank you Grateful Dead on MV 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band.

Ok, ready guys? Let's mosey on, as one, 2 His Gazers III page & get fed some more of His 'food.' Can we ever have enough?

Humanity? "I doubt it." )

Thanks All for coming to this page and esp if you are led to share it.

Namaste. )