Heavens blog VII-8777

pic. Nantasket Beach, Hul, Ma March, 2017.

Greetings & Welcome fellow infinite, immortal & eternal star beings of Light & Love. From far we have all come.to be on planet Gaia ~ Terra Mother Earth

to be here at the moments of this most momentous shift of the ages. Indeed.

For some it's been a most arduous journey. Your sacrifices and obstacles to be here on this 'bootcamp' planet of all bootcamp planets in these end moments

are duly noted. A appreciative & grateful omniverse salutes us that are here, dear ones. Indeed.

So, let's kick things off with a song that came on Yt when we first logged on, and we thought, that's perfect. However we were thinking of the other business which we took care of at the previous blog. tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-7777 And that will suffice to close off that page and history.

And then, while searching for another picture, we saw the above picture of our Grand Commander ~ Jesus ~ Sananda and were attenpting to place this picture somewhere. However, it didn't take but a thought to know the universe (God) wanted it placed here to start off a brand new blog page.. So, here we are beloved masters all. (lower case for our modesty, humbleness & humility.)

So, here's a song about Love, what else? There is nothing else in the final analysis is there, guys? Jesus? No, Paul, there is not. ) TYJ. )

Yes - Love Will Find A Way (Official Music Video)

Thank you yesofficial for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yes.





With God's help, dear ones, we can go from anything fear based to something truly fitting our unfolding magnificense.

We can have the infinite, ultimate, perfect divine plan He has for us right here - right now. What say we? God, can we say 'Awesome' for us?

Here we go... 'Awesome.' And So It Is. Indeed. YES. )

Divine Wind - Blue Öyster Cult

Thank you VideoguySAT for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult

We are in alignment with The Divine Will and our mandate is to be strong.

See & feel in song, dear beloveds...

See Dreams...




Greetings One & All. My oh my you are all looking truly marvelous today. And why wouldn't you as shining in the awesomely beautiful day God has created for us all to live, love and play in this blessed day as all days are blessed. IJN. Indeed.

This day we mark the day that this site has a new domain and title change. FYI The previous domain still works and will, however, be it known to all- friend & friend alike - throughout all creation that Earth Party Now. com is Yes...


'Congratulations' if you just read this. You're one of the very first to have this information. If led to share this - no one is stopping you. Like sharing good news?

Share, share & oh yes, share! It will warm the cockles of your <3 knowing you're doing God's will. We all gotta play our part in waking up this sleepy world that's been dreaming a nightmare for far too long.

Ok, this calls for a song and we can't think of a better one for this event than the one played on WZLX, Boston's Classic Rock 100.7 this morning at 11:33 a.m.

So, lets bring on Collective Soul and drink this musical nourishment in deep to our souls, shall we, guys? As Jerry Garcia Band plays 'Black Peter' in background on one of P's tapes.*

*Of course, what's ours by the grace of God, is everyone's in our tight 'club oneness,' so this is a most fine tape, guys, it's in a box w other exceptional music. Title for this tape is: Grateful Dead - Ballads etc. For deadheads this tape has Stella Blue, Twist of Fate, Wharf Rat, Morning Dew, Fire on The Mountain, and Black Peter. Side B has Brokedown Palace, Lady w A Fan, Ripple, Candynan, Loser, Ruben & Cherise, and finishes up w Blrdsong. ). Pretty, pretty good, huh, guys? Can we get a 'yes? _____ Oh, alright, Thank Ya's... ) So, on to the music...

Collective Soul - Shine (Video)

Thank you AtlanticRecords for sharing on YT.

Thank You Collective Soul.

Break moment:

4:11 p.m.


Same day

6:36 p.m.

Look guys, He wants to share this awesome page of Love, joy & happiness - and it isn't even finished yet. Check it out, if led...


Yahoo images.

Warning: This is a 'rabbit hole' of a page. )

Back here at the ranch

Joe Friday moment:

10:48 p.m. and God has a song for His kids.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare For The Common Man

Thank you UnionSquareMusic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Emerson, Lake & Palmer

More ELP here: tinyurl.com/GazersIV777

God said Paul could put his favourite vid & music on this page so, here we go, friends, w our favourite all moment vid & awesome song to go with it.

We dedicate this to Team Oneness of which God and All That Is is part & parcel along with All of Us God ~ Jesus ~ Mother Mary and Mother Earth

our families and the music and our gratitude to God for same...from The Moody Blues & Led Zeppelin to Alvin & The Rockin' Chipmunks.Dear God Thank You for the music.i.e. the wings to take us home.

And So It Is. Indeed. YES.

Pat Benatar - We Live For Love (Live)

Thank you PatBenatarVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band.



And so Dear Ones, may we all drink from the same cup of divine destiny according to His perfect plan? Or do you have a better plan for humanity? If so let's hear it, ok?

P pics.

Yahoo images.

And so we do. Indeed. Yes & forever. Dear brothers & sisters.

At this moment we invite y'all to head over to Dr Peebles page and sift thru the instrument's credentials and maybe decide if God, maybe has brought the right leader back to this earthly platform to help, along with Jesus & Team Oneness - since we're all in this forever* lead His flock back home.

* we typed (we thought) 'together' look what showed up. 'There You go again, God. )'


Google images.

Alright, and for those of us who may need a 'wakeup call,' we do recommend going over here. Have fun... )


Yahoo images.

Ok, guys, Ciao for now

Joe Friday love moment:

Same day...

2:22 p.m



11~ God's 'gateway' # Have a awesome one, everyone... )

Speaking of 'gateway's' we can't emphasize enough how important the Kryon material is to our collective evolution, guys. This material was all produced to really deliver this awesome 'new news' these halcyon days for the human race. Indeed, we've been around since before time could ever exist,

We've been Creator beings w Source since the beginning and we will go on forever. We don't need cash anymore. Money is a 3D concept. Eternal, infinite beings suuch as all of us are on the 'Forever' train so let's get our shit together & embrace the new paradigm of YES and get on with it, shall we? We can't hear you... ?


Within God you have your eternal and endlessly joyful existence.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul and John Smallman



2:40 p.m.

Hey Guys, shall we celebrate our collective forever with a song? God has us covered with...

Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues-(Long Extended Version)

Thank you Director for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Joe Friday Checking out for now on a most beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, harmonious & kind

Tuesday Forever afternoon.

3:02 p.m.



Sharing a FB share... )


Hey Team Oneness, Y'all invited to get the latest 'Good New News' here: tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-8777The Jubilee is On

http://EarthPartyForever.com See me there... )

Yahoo images.

So, let's have a song, how 'bout the one we're listening to this moment as ZLX just played a 'cue' song which is our cue to put our own music on.

So we have Styx. Take it away fellas... )

Styx- Light Up on AXS TV

Thank you AXS TV Concerts for sharing on YT.

Thank You Styx.

This just in... a new Kryon sharing is up. None of these are to be missed, team... )


So, we have' lost' another one of our own... Not a chance in Heaven, dear ones. Justone more spirit to welcome us all when it's our turn. This can be individual or collective. How would you vote? If you askthe scribe here, he votes unquestionably for the collective bargain as it would be in a twinkling. One moment we're down here living our very limited. narrow 3D lives and the next moment we find ourselves in a whole new reality and we have new, improved 'light' bodies to move around in. We cantravel at the speed of though and be wherever and have anything we want simply by thinking of it. It will be super deluxe custom made for you with no enhancement that would make it better unthoght of. And So It Is. Indeed.

Guitarist J. Geils of The J. Geils Band Dead at 71 - Story & Tribute

Thank you Rock History Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Beaudin and producers of this Channel.

J. Geils Band - Full Concert - 11/05/77 - Winterland (OFFICIAL)

Thank you Rock on MV for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Mighty J Geils Band. R.I.P John ~ Rock In Paradise.



Greetings Team Oneness. We have a major announcement to make later in this sharing. However, first how was your day?

Great, above average is good but remember 'Awesome' is awesome and to have an awesome day think 'awesome' Our infinite subconscious minds love awesome. Our minds love to stretch, believe it or not and we control, consciously or unconsciously what goes down in our lives, aka God's movie scripts for each of us - each custom made & taking all things into consideration.

So avoid dear ones, if at all possible, falling into the negativity trap.because that stuff can attach itself to us and before ya know it, you're walking around as Mr/Ms negativity and people pick up on that energy and no wonder some of us find ourselves alone. Again, we do not want to feed our listening mind, body & soul any negativity for we are the feeders of the good nourishment for a successful journey thru this termed, 'game' of life which is our schoolhouse where the spirits keep coming down here to learn about life. Spirit tells us It's no longer necessary.

3D reality is heading out the door, or 'upstairs' to be more exact, folks.

A song for a day in the life...

Moody Blues-Dear Diary

Thank you Moody Jillfoor sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.YES.

Ok, so your humble steward here had a rather busy day taking relatives, ok, Aunt Gloria & Cheri on some appointments and shoppimg. P was in Tar-jay (giving Target the LA pronunciation treatment)

and thinking about God's 'Team Oneness' and 'getting' that other, higher groups, (for lack of a better word) were being recognized as also welcomed as belonging in Team Oneness. This was the triumphant 3 known as The Pleiadians, The Arcturians & The Andromedans. representing by reciprocity all othe infinite star systems, constellations, what have you. Indeed.

At lunch in Target, Aunt Gloria even asked P where his head was, he answered honestly - w the Pleiadians, Arcturians & Andromedans. )

So, as P mentioned in an earlier sharing that there is not one person or thing on the planet that is not a valued member of Team Oneness. The expansion of this has occurred and it is Awesome, dear ones, and God's Awesome Will for His children, dear ones. And So It Is. Indeed. YES.

Continuing our story for this day. We got home @ 7 p.m. and really needing a nap we did just that. Getting a couple of glorious hours spent w God.

On awakening it came to us that hmmm Does Team Oneness' have a President, or even need one, and then it came rushing that, of course, if there was one, totally worthy spirit in flesh or not, that All could get 122% behind as The God Appointed Leader for God's One Team representing All That Is.

This person came to mind and without hesitation we asked God & confirmed with a 2nding when Jesus Christ immediately stepped forward, right hand held up and seconding this nomination immediately followed by Jerry Garcia 3rding it. ~ followed by everyone. Indeed, and that is how it went down, dear ones.

Alright, Paul, so who is this spirit, in flesh or spirit and do we know his name?

Yes, folks most of us know him and The Group he was a founding member of. His name in his last incarnation here was

Drumroll, drummers... Mr Glenn Frey. The new President of Team Oneness. Indeed. )

You can see Glenn's portrait at Gazers page.


Yahoo images.

Congratulation Bro Glenn, President of Team Oneness. )

Let's hear Glenn harmonize w Eagles

"Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles (Lyrics included)

Thank you G.B.'s Entertainment Channelfor sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.



Related to the above...

Thank You God Who conceived, produced, directed & acted in this video.

And Thank You Dr Peebles sharing this so it's on this page.

And why not share some good news.


Jesus, did the deal go down?


The above 2 links are from this page - tons of 'Good News' here...


This too as logging in this morning this popped up. We made a tiny url...


Is the Rock way the best way? Yes, ioho, after Jesus, of course.



From God With <3...

A Song To Bring Us All Together ~ For You Jesus ~ Sananda...

Boston - A Man I'll Never Be

Thank you BostonVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.



This thread can be continued at this page ~ built by elves overnight... )

Jesus is over there, as well. )

Salesian Missions Easter Card.




There are new updates Spirit is sharing here...


P pic.

The Ruby Rogers Center, Union Sq, Somerville, Ma.

Jesus’ 2017 Easter Message: Set A Place For Me April 16, 2017

Thank you MarioGattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Jesus and Linda Dillon.





Greetings Team, here's to a awesome day for all.

So, yesterday, we had occasion to go thru the tunnel in Boston coming out and going over the Zakim Bridge listening toThe Bridge on Sirius XM radio.

And as we note what music is playing at these moments, the universe came thru Big time with this selection from George Harrison. TY George! )

George Harrison - Love Comes To Everyone - Lyrics

Thank you nowhereman113 for sharing on YT.

Thank You George Harrison.

Team Spirit is saying thru the instrument...

Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar (Indeed.)

Thank you Malkin2004 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pink Floyd.

Flash News

Time does not exist by Monique Mathieu

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Monique Mathieu


God would NEVER hide Himself from any of you!

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul and John Smallman

So Paul, does Team Oneness have a motto?

Why Yes of course, if we all live this we will all thrive as one. And So It Is.

Yahoo images.

We wish Everone aHappy High 5 Day!


Glenn The Friend to All give us a High 5. Ty Dear Bro... )

Still April 20th btw - Nanci's Birthday. Happy Birthday Nanci!

So, tonight is one of the night's we do 'the trays' ref that we pick up the food from our generous neighbors in Cambridge on Green St & Lee St.

Alright, we head out annd as we're going along Quincy Shore Dr along Wollaston Beach we notice that a Cat Stevens song (of all people ) is playing 'The Wind.'

So we want to mark the moment w a photo but w a camera phone sometimes by the time you get thru the apps and to the camera the shot is gone esp with a 2" song. So what comes on next? Here, be our witness. On 'The Bridge' Sirius XM Satelite radio

P pic.

Hey Mom, are you having fun? We are... )

So, those are our latest synchonicities. How has your day been? Any coincidences? Folks when they start piling up just call them what they are- synchronicities. Btw, am I the only one seeing the # 33 everywhere? On the clock, on a video or wherever 33 is there.

Paul what does that # mean to you?

Thanks for asking my dear friend, it's Christ moment, it's His #, just like 11 is God's # along w 7. Got love? You should be seeing 2, or 22, or 222 everywhere.

Ok, we wrap this up for now.

Rec & fin



Oh, did we mention 44 is an angel # ?

We're all angels dear ones. Carry on... )



Unconditional Love ∞ The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, & Daniel Scranton


And when you are ready the Light will dawn.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.




Happy Earth Day!

The shape of the new earth... )

Yahoo images.

We are here... )


Moved from front page

Life, love, freedom celebrated here at a new page. Come see, if led...


P pic.

Nantasket Beach, Hull, Ma.



This page has just been completed. Surf on over there if led to check it out... )



The whole point of being human at this moment is to find Love now.

by John Smallman

Thankyou Mario Gattoaladino for sharing onYT.

Thank You Jesus & John Smallman.



Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Blessings from our Divine Mother...


P pic.

Thank You Blessed Mother Mary. <3



End of This Realm of Existence May 7, 2017 Channeled by Linda Dillon

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Universal Mother Mary and Linda Dillon.



So, Gee, what a co-incidence, along with the above Surfer page, that we just happen

to have a tsunami page, actually 2, to share if anyone would like to experience them... )



Who wants an ocean to surf in? Looks like God gave us one... )

P pic.

Nantasket Beach, Hull, Ma



Fear is a tiny and unreal space that you have set aside within yourself.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.




Kryon May 2017 - Its finished

Thank you Mindstor for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll

And with this masterful transmission from Kryon thru Lee Carroll this page is, indeed, finished.

All Credit Praise Glory To God. Any complaints, correspondence, donations can be made here:


Thank You & 'Have A Nice Forever.' )

God only knows if there will be a new Blog page. In the meantime as with other pages spirit directs to the grand dovetailing page here...


And then, the song...(And for Father's Day as well.)

Fred Neil - Faretheewell

Thank you aprimitivemind for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil.

Faretheewell doesn't mean any of us have to be a stranger... )

Namaste. <3 )

Rec & fin.


7: 44 p.m.

P.s. Remember friends, it's Mother Mary Month ~ all month )


Yahoo images

Divine Blessed Universal Mother Mary. <3

The new God & committee of Oneness approved blog is set to launch on June 1, 2017, God's further willing, of course.

The dashboard, subject to change, is here...


P pic.

Hope to see ya's there... )

Namaste. )