From Dakarra W Love 777

Yahoo images.

We've made it, guys...Rowing Boat On Beach.

We must admit that viewing this picture gives us a gentle sigh of relief. Like landing on the exact right spot that we as a collective were meant to be from the beginning, Is it so for U2? Hey you're here, right? Congratulations, now sink your toes into that sand and Praise & Thank God for All is HisHer work. Indeed. )


December, 2016

Greetings and Welcome fellow cosmic beings of infinite love & light. This is a page where we can celebrate God's eternal victory over darkness with the tool that brought us here, now.

The tool is music but the force is love. You put those two things together and one becomes invincible. Darkness doesn't stand a chance in the long run. Indeed.

So, as announced over at Here is Dakarra's ~ Paul's beloved twin flame ~ gift to us. May it feed our souls w God's best nourishment, after Jesus ~ Music. If you feel led to share this celebratory page here is a url: (ok we admit it. we're human & a dummy lol we somewhere along the line started using a c instead of a k. We are having a good laugh over it now. We do have trouble w names, sorry Dakarra. She understands. ) (Dakarra says either spelling works for her. You are so kind Dakarra, P does prefer the K version. Thank you very much sweet <3.

So, with a great spirit having our collective back ~ among countless others & God, Jesus, Mary, Mom~Dad, Diane, & The Company of Heaven

P pic

Taken 7/10/17 at The Moody Blues show. Boston, Ma. P & D had an awesome time. )

Let's get on with the show ~ sharing our joy...

Dakarra knows we could not have picked a more perfect artist to kick this divine love sharing than Beloved Master Mr Jimi Hendrix.

That's why you chose this tape isn't it Dakarra? Answer... ) in Paul's <3 Indeed, we speak the same language.

Whoa, Dr Peebles just came through here guys W a message "GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO ARE READING & BEING BLESSED BY THIS PAGE


Wow, Thank You Dr Peebles. We all appreciate that. Thank You So much & God Bless You!

Dr Peebles, Ladies & Gentlemen, Everyone's Friend & Mentor esp if you 'a s k' Him. Thank You again Dr Peebles.



Winter Solstice Day

We started this page a few days ago. Have done some edits and we were just visited by Dr Peebles. Previously we got all the way down to

the sharing of 12/20/16 So, w this revised intro & the wind in our sails from God, always Jesus, Mom & company of Heaven inc Dr Peebles

we return ya's to the following thread, as is and we'll begin the newest sharing with Traffic & 'Dear Mr Fantasy' So drivers & passengers you have the green light to begin

From 'the other day'

Take it away Jimi! Yeah, the doubt, the fear, the darkness & ridiculousness not to mention the greed. Take it away our friend.

We'll all help you. Replace it with love guys ~ the only thing that matters. Indeed.

Thank you SkullShocked for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix Experience & @ 500,000 Woodstock Experiencers.

It's a Free World from Now on... If we choose it, Folks. Right Jimi? Indeed. ) <3

More Jimi here:

Gaze w Jimi & Friends

Jimi invites all to 'Experience' His vibrational musical appearance here along w The other Special Guests inc Jesus, Mom, Jerry Garcia, & John Lennon.

Special Thanks to Dr Peebles and Intuitive Consultant (ret) Mr Jim Law who skillfully navigated this essential, ioho, presentation.And we Thank God esp Indeed.





Know, dear ones, when we say "Thank God" or "God Bless you" The Blessed Mother Mary and Her Son Jesus are also in that bountiful blessing since there is no separation between the 3. Its one infinite, loving cosmic <3. Want to get a sincere blessing? Give a buck or more to the homeless. You'll get a "God Bless You" in return, almost guaranteed, as Paul did this morning; try it out. The more you know, ~ ~ ~ ~

So, Jimi, Bro, give us a song to celebrate this, please... )

The Wind Cries Mary.

Thank you Bo Willouby for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sir Jimi Hendrix.




And while we're sharing the above, for more full disclosure, we are led to share this 1993 reading here if inquiring minds want to hear Ashtar of the Ashtar Command coming through the great channel Michael Ellegion mention, among many other things, where our twin flame is & when she is to come into our life. Well, the ongoing moment is now, our dear friends, and the place to meet all our twin flames is in our <3's. Indeed. Open the <3 & allow the infinite love of God to come in and all else, other than love, just bless it and release it and don't be surprised to find that, in doing so, we've all created a true paradise on Earth. And So It Is. IJN. Indeed. YES.

End of insert.

Profound 'Thank You's' to all participants inc God ~ Jesus, Dr Peebles, Jim Law, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon & of course Mom and All the spirits in attendance then and All hearing and appreciating this now and going forward forever. As this reading transformed Paul's life may it also transform Your life for the better. This is our sincere wish for you and this is why we are sharing this w you humanity.

So, to clarify some the end when Jim asked if this had helped us in some way. We, obviously, didn't realize the depths that this would lead us to in time and space. We were waiting for the right words to come out - however they didn't and truth be told we were a little thrown by Dr Peebles saying this could be a source of income as that was so not what we intended the site for. Another factor was we were semi brain dead tired having worked our courier job that day on practically no sleep having attended - experienced the awesome Robert Plant concert in Boston the previous night. The reading, our time, was 7p.m. EST

Btw, if anyone would like to make a love donation and not make Dr Peebles a liar, which He most definitely is not, while the money is still in use we could indeed use a few bucks. We all have our bills to pay, right Dr Peebles? Indeed God Bless Anyone who helps support Paul and this free site. God Bless You. Where do we go, Paul? Here & Thank You, Indeed.

Paul, just wondering, how much in donations have you pulled in w this site as the good Dr Peebles mentioned? What, you want to be the first, my dear friend? Go for it. The truth is this place has been facing opposition, obstruction, whatever the dark side can muster. The corporate news media does not report on site's like this that people do w their own God given inspirations. Just ask a certain female news anchor at WBZ Channel 4 in Boston. If they did there would be tons of this material to cover. Hmm alright.

Meanwhile, the work here is done, folks. We're ready for the cosmic hammock and guess what? He's got one for all the brave & bold volunteers who took on the challenge of a life in the most arduous of places in the omniverse to learn some lessons and gain some experience in how to love & serve God & His infinitely perfect 'divine love wins all' plan. So, what was/is your part? Did you serve the light or the dark? Regardless, the game is over, dear ones, the good guys have won and the credits are rolling. Saints or sinners God takes no prisoners, as the song says...Journey's 'After the Fall.'

So, we have the roster of artists and songs guys, however we will be interjecting other material as spirit leads e.g. we clicked on the DaKarra link on the menu and it went to this link:

And this mission statement song says "put me here." And so it is, now & forever. We're all in this cosmic play together, friends. We all came here to lovely Gaia who so unselfishly offered Herself up to God to use but not abuse her. By other names Mother Earth ~ Terra is very tough but the moment is 'Now' for humanity to give her a more than well deserved break. Indeed.

Concluding this transmission ~ Imagine yourself as spirit and live this song as same. Indeed ~ love is the opening door, love is what we came here for, no one can offer you more. Do you know what I mean.... words from God thru Lesley Duncan. Thank You God & Lesley. )

A song for all spirits in spirit or body. Let's all take to <3. Indeed.

Thank you nalencer for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sir Elton John & Lesley Duncan who wrote this masterpiece.

Indeed, we're all in this together folks, so let's carry on here with the show...

Alright, beloved friends, the tax man can wait. While at the Site Essentials page we saw that a picture had to be fixed. It had disappeared.

God knows we are aware of the disappearing pictures on these pages. It's a situation that can be annoying but also beneficial in that it creates

an action to fix, eliminate or change. Each instance of this is its own situation. And will be dealt with. Just be patient, folks as we are just one guy here.

We have put out the offer for a volunteer assistant to help us with site maintenance. If you are the one don't hesitate to contact Paul..

Our contact info is at that Site Essentials page as well.

So, Allelujah, while over there we treated ourself to Leonard Cohen and then this magnificently awesome video, and we now offer this up to our diivine loving sweetheart Dakarra. This is for us Dakarra and we hope all the twin flames will own this as their own as well. )

Dance Me to the End of Love...

Thank you LeonardCohen VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Master Mr Leonard Cohen & Company. <3



So, on with the show ~ Dakarra's show. It's her choice, friends. Remember we're all friends on the other side. We've known each other forever and we are in process of returning home, so let's have a grateful soundtrack to do that with, shall we? Awesome.

Funny, P has to deal w the tax man. They want money. they are not going to get it. Mr Trump Please dump the IRS w the quickness. Thank You Sir.

So here's George Harrison & Company inc 'God' Eric Clapton w 'Tax Man' Take it away God's.

Thank you preistguy for sharing on YT.

Thank You George Harrison & Eric Clapton & Company



Joe Friday moment

12:49 p.m.

So before we get to the next song scheduled, we must congratulate, we guess, the Artists & Groups who are now inductted intothe Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, aka the Rolling Stone hall of fame. This Hall of Fame is empty of the #1 group that should have been in there from the outset. Yes, we are talking about The Moody Blues. Dakarra chooses this one to share here ~ Exqisite taste, dear. 'hear' we go, a soundtrack to float over paradise with...

Thank you Charley Stevens for sharing this awesomeness on YT. Nice work.

Thank You The Moody Blues

We were asked a certain question a while back... here was and remains our answer. Follow this link, if led.

These God's are also certified Gazers here...

Yahoo images

The Moody Blues

#1 in Heaven's Hall of Fame, sorry Led Zeppelin. )

From Paul & Dakarra & Karen w love & joy to the world and a nod to The Moody Blues...

Thank You God & we humble Gods & Goddesses You Created. We Thank You God for All The Blessings You continue to bestow on us each & every one..

With awesome gratitude, Your Sons & Daughters of love, joy, happiness, kindness, harmony, adventure, freedom & infinite Gratitude. Indeed.

Rec & fin.

We gotta run


1:57 p.m.


We're back, same day

8:30 p.m.

Sorry if you were looking for the Moody Blues comment on the above video, but hopefully you found it at the blog V page (link above)

So here it is here and the 2 remaining parts of this are over there as well.

So Paul, you got called to work late, that means you drove over the Tobin Bridge, what was the song, bro?

Curious minds want to know. For those who are new here, the significance of this is in previous blogs & videos..

Basically, music is our soundtrack when we're out and about and it seems to be a conversation between us and whomever is

around on the other side. Now, of course, Mom is always around and Her beloved posse is: Cat Stevens (listen to Mr Toad's Wild Ride'

reading to hear how that came about.

Other posse members are any soft rock group but esp like, Al Stewart, Jim Croce, Elton John, Jackson Browne, & Gordon Lightfoot. We have to also include Our & Mom's favourite radio stationis 'The Bridge' A Sirius XM Satellite radio station.Neil Young & Neil Diamond.

Ok the table is set for this sharing. We'll back up to yesterday and share with you guys that coming out of the O'Neil tunnel and on to the Zakem Bridge then around the loop ramp thru the tunnel and onto the Tobin Bridge which connects Boston to Chelsea the song that came on was... Any guesses? )

It was 'Operator' by Jim Croce. A most fitting song since we were prayng to God to help aleviate our pp (pretty pitiful) financial situation. So, yes, operator put

those prayers thru to God. They are then done & released for spirit to answer when the perfect momenting comes around. Release, loose, let go let God.

Alright, so we thought that was pretty amazing. So today, after experiencing 3 Braco gazings Carol calls, needs a ride to Michael's. Ok we finish quickly what we were doing, which is the above, we hop in the car and to answer your question friend(s) - the song was Ahem: 'Carry On' by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on the Classic Vinyl Sirius XM station, w a nod to Joe Cocker singing 'Feeling Alriight' on The Bridge' station. Sometimes,we're like a heat seeking missile to get the perfect soundtrack. You probably do the same thing, right?

Ok, we get Carol and we head to Michael's in JP (Jamaica Plain) back via the Tobin bridge and this will cost us $3.00 electronically. it's not free like the outbound. You guys are getting a lesson in Boston traffic aka 'the apocalypse.' Ok Paul what was the song playing from starting on the bridge to Storrow Drive? Ah, it was 'Green Grass & High Tides Forever' by The Outlaws on Classic Vinyl station This is the song that completes God's 'Happily Ever After' page.

Here's link for reference...

p.s. Long sharing cut short but saved if anyone is really interested.

p.p.s. Following sentence ended the long post.One reason why coming out of the tunnel & going over the bridges w Gordon Lightfoot singing (Me & Bobby Mcgee) was that Paul once gave Mom a Gordon Lightfoot CD

and as he put it in the cd player he said to Mom. Mom. if God could sing, [and of course HeShe can, God is all our voices,] He'd sound like Gordon Lightfoot.

We remember Mom's smile then. )

Good night. )

11:58 p.m.



Here we insert the text that was over at the blog page. We move it here for everyone's convenience so one doesn't have to go back to that page for reference

Here we go.- from


Alright, continuing the conversation, the next song was Crosby Stills & Nash's 'Teach Your Children' and now Glen Frey is singing The Eagles 'Peaceful, easy feeling.'

btw, this tape only listed the artists on the label. It now as of 12'17'16* *(no slashes tho they were intended ) at 11:27 p.m. This tape is now officially labeled

"From Dakarra W Love" as Alan Parsons Project played 'Games People Play.' and now 'Seagull' by Bad Company plays.

Next up Mike & The Machanics 'Living Years' Even though we've been around forever dear ones the living years in our incarnations now are something to treasure. If we can make a difference in our fellow cosmic travelers through time & space that's what it's all about. Tell 'em you love them while we're here in the living years. Don't wait til it's too late as the song days.

And now we have Mr Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band playing 'Blame It On Midnight.' Aren't these all fantastic songs guys? We thinks we may be doing a page termed 'From Dakarra w Love.' That's a project for a rainy or snowy day that we thinks we'd en-joy. You know guys all the songs and pages and this entire site Is 'From God W Love.'

Ed note: insert: In fact we were just led to put this first & foremost on the heading of this His ~ Our site. rec on 12/18/16 at: 2:00 p.m. And so it is, Now. IJN. Sweet, Indeed. Thank You God, Thank You Jesus & Mary & All The Company of Heaven & Earth. No spirit is left out or left behind. Sorry darkness lovers. In the end it's God's Way, w/o Him there is no highway. God's Way is the way of eternal & infinite joy as the 'clear' typing this at the Gateway computer, his hands shaking w the force from Source coming thru like a locomotive so wonderfully, Indeed. Deep breaths bro, ahhh, how sweet it is. Ok, so on behalf of Your infinitely loving created humanity,God, your Sons & Daughters, and yes, a motley crew we are, indeed ~ we thank You God for all the infinite & eternal blessings You bestow on our collective awesome tapestry of a body. In You Dear God we live and breathe and have our being Now & forever. In Jesus Name. And So It Is Now. Indeed. Yes.

We now return you to the previous thread. Have a fantastic day, folks. )

Listening now to Ms Bonnie Raitt singing 'Love Letter.' and side one ends.

[End of text carried over from blog page.]

Alright, we're back and What a surprise, going to YT we find the perfect Traffic 'Dear Mr Fantasy' because it features

a 'Dear Mr Fantasy' Himself... Mr Jerry Garcia. )

Thank you Gustavo Orozco for sharing on YT.

Thank You Traffic ~ Steve Winwood & Jerry Garcia. )

Ok, we are not going to share all the songs on Dakarra's tape. We are much too lazy and tired for that,

however we will share higher highlights like the next song, 'Games People Play' could also be named 'Where Do We Go From Here' by Alan Parsons Project.

Thank you DigitalDave1954 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Alan Parsons Live Project.

Hey Guys, here's a place we can go. We're all invited...)



Wow, the day before Christmas

Here's a perfect song & video that says so much...

Thank you PWestlake0114 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mike & The Mechanics.



Christmas Eve.

Now Ms Bonnie Raitt sings the last song on Dakarra's tape.

Bonnie Raitt - Love Letter - 11/26/1989 - Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium (Official)

Thank you Bonnie Raitt on MV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ms Bonnie Raitt & Band.

Alright, so right now at Joe Friday moment of

7:00 p.m. we just pressed 'play' and we have The Cars 'It's All I Can Do.

The Cars, It's All I Can Do Since we couldn't find a live version we share this mystical 'bridge' video...

Thank you MsJaggerz for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Cars

Next song up is by Mr Jackson Browne 'Before The Deluge' This song is here, along with Bob Seger, The Eagles & many others

As you will see that page needs major work but lots of good stuff there too. Don't miss Alex Lifeson's R & R HOF Acceptance speech. ).

Next song on Dakarra's tape is Mr James Taylor 'Baby Boom Baby.'

Thank you Logan13az for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr James Taylor & Company.

Next song is 'Layla' by Derek & The Dominoes followed by Mr.Greg Allman singing Midnight Rider.

Awesome songs, however we can't share vids on all of them..

Next up Journey - Send Her My Love

Thank you journeyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey & appreciative fans.

Next song is also Journey ~ 'After The Fall' which, among other places, can be found here...

Along with the likes of Jimi, The Moody Blues, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppeliin, Blue Oyster Cult, Yes, The Scorpions, Boston, Ozzy, The Cars, Janis, Fleetwood Mac, The Boss, The Allman Brothers Band, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, ELO, CSN, Prince, Aerosmith, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Eagles,The Who, Loverboy, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Huey Lewis & The News,Rush, Jefferson Starship, Paul Kantner, Alice Cooper, & Paul McCartney & Wings.

There, no one left out. )

Ok, Moving on.. Journey - Faithfully (Official Video)

Thank you journeyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Simply one of the greatest videos ever made.

Thank You Journey. Congrats on your induction in the R&RHOF, way overdue. Of course, like The Cars

You've been in Heaven's Hall of Fame since day 1.

Alright, this is turning into the Journey show as next song is 'Rubicon' Let's put up another video - shall we - all God's children? Indeed. )

Not so fast, we have a song, one of our all time favorites, not just a fave Journey song. We now, Dakarra & Paul dedicate this awesome song to all the twin flames out there in the universe(s).

Journey - I'll Be Alright Without You (no we won't - who are we kidding? lol)

Thank you journeyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.

Arnel Pineda and Journey - Rubicon live in Chile

Thankyou EMOisFAG videos for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.



Merry Christmas!

Alright, continuing on here. Next song on DaKarra's tape is by The Who - 'Behind Blue Eyes' (Kilburn, 1977)

Thank you Mariano Pulera for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Who.

Next up 'Wasted On The Way' Crosby, Stills And Nash

Thank you ericc mercado for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby Stills & Nash.

Thus concludes the music from the 'From Dakarra w Love' tape. Hope ya's enjoyed it.

Dakarra & Paul enjoyed bringing t to you, however, do understand, beloved brothers & sisters ~ it was & is All God's work.

We are humbled & honoured to be His instruments to share His Good News. Ok, now we gotta go get in line some folks behind us deserve a break today

Ok, we have to skedaddle over to

Oh, have you seen the latest sharings at the blog? Read about the future of money...

And there will, His Will willing, be a Major Christmas gift for all HisHer children shared sometime after 9 or 10 a.m.

Peace out at 5:00 a.m )



Greetings Friends,

Lest anyone think think Paul is responsible for this starsite, think again.

And as far as the 3 dudes above singing that song, it's not just their story, it's really the story of the human race, guys.

The moment to get our sh*t together is N O W. Indeed. Let's show the numberless beings watching the passion play

unfolding here on Earth that God's plan to bring us all home to Him is a perfect plan because God Is perfect & HeShe

will not be denied His fulfillment in divine, perfect alignment with love which is all that there is in all the infinite cosmos'

that make up the omniverse. Indeed.

So we are led to share some highlights of our day today. We have been getting a lot of sleep in the last few days. A lot of sleep.

So, as we were on the computer today trying to make money w opportunities; at 3:00 p.m. the phone rang, it was a friend who needed a favor. So a few minutes later Paul goes to the car and pushes the start button & what song comes on the radio Sirius XM's 'The Bridge' at that precise moment?

What's the song Paul? Thanks for asking Sonny. The song right from the very first note was, Ahem: Al Stewart 'The Year of The Cat.' Thank You Mom, in perfect sync. Not only that in a show of sync the next song showing that Mom & Dakarra are in cahoots was... Firefall's 'You Are The Woman That I've Always Dreamed Of.' Btw, we had forgotten that song and were wracking our brain since this afternoon to think what it was, finally asking Dakarra about an hour ago now what the song was. (It's 10:44 p.m. at this moment) Shortly after asking we became aware that this song by Firefall was playing in our head. Wait a minute ~ that's the song! Yeah, Thanks Dakarra, Indeed. )

But wait the best is yet to come and all the way til we pull into our home parking lot. So, we're going thru the O'Neil tunnel and coming out of the tunnel & onto the Zakim Bridge & who is on 'Classic Vinyl' (we switch between this station & 'The Bridge' to find the song that speaks to us) but Mr Jimi Hendrix,

The song... 'Are You Experienced.' As we go over The Tobin Bridge 'These Eyes' by The Guess Who comes on. Pretty good. Hi 5 Jimi! ).

Alright, couple of hours later we're heading home and btw, during this expedition we were blessed to hear music from Cat Stevens 'Until I Got Hurt' & 'Hard Headed Woman', Jim Croce 'I'll have to say i love you in a song.' Yes, this is how we communicate in our neighborhood in the higher realms, dear ones, see why...

Thank you YCSMusic2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Jim Croce & Company

So continuing on, did we mention we heard our favourite Al Stewart Song? 'On The Border.' Elton John, 'Tiny Dancer' (we think, not quite sure)

So, we''re on the road to take us into the tunnel near Haymarket, and we're thinking, ok, we heard from the usual suspects but no Gordon Lightfoot.

We swear to Jesus and all that's holy, not 7 seconds later Gordon Lightfoot comes on 'The Bridge.' 'The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgeralld' Yes. '

It's like, we are having a conversation, Indeed. Right, Mom? ) You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Alright, now we're in the tunnel and the satellite signal goes away so we click on WZLX Boston's Classic Rrock and what is the song? Can you say 'perfect?'

Santana's 'Europa' aka 'Earth's Cry ~ Heaven's Smile.' Indeed. )

So, we continue on down the highway listening to good stuff and this masterpiece by Dan Fogelberg brings us right to our parking space at home. We listen, of course, til the song ends. Let's listen, shall we?

Thank you DanFogelbergVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Dan Fogelberg.

Anyone want to 'gaze' w Dan, go here:



Let's listen to this & we dedicate it to all the twin flames and flames in general. Hope en-joy. )

Thank you Meredith Steele for sharing on YT.

Thank You Firefall.

What a lucky night we had when Dakarra said 'start digging,' we were right in front of the bench at the foot of the bed. We had thought it's moment to get a 'lucky' tape out & play it. Moving a couple of boxes aside at the bottom we get to a box of cassettes knowing it would be the perfect cassette to fit the occasion. Eyes closed we pick one out knowing it would be the right one.and holy moly does this fit the bill, look for yourself, guys. And no folks, you know we don't make this stuff up. So how's the soundtrack of your life going? We're led to share that prior to placing that tape in the boombox it has been @ 3 months since playing any music in there. We are usually in silence at home but do occasionally listen to the radio and a cd once in a while. The silence is where we live. The TV? Not much to 'forgetabout it,' except for us, Long Island Medium. Sunday nights at 8 on TLC. We love you Theresa & Fam inc fellow fans - millions of us. )



Alright Happy Sunday Everyone and this is the Day many families, like ours, will be gathering to celebrate St Patrick's Day

We are on a lucky ride lately that we feel very excited about for everyone. But here's the thing dear ones, fellow immortal spiritual beings on the way up, if God said "Ok, children, that game's done - here's another one...New & improved. Would you, humanity, look up from your devices to even notice?

What if He said "your money's no good anymore," US, Russia, China, & every country on the planet. Even your bitcoins are no longer valid. Sorry, we know they're fun but the new & eternal currency Love, trumps all that other stuff. It has nothing to do with our God assigned president either foks.

God's plan, God's infinitely perfect divine script is working itself out in perfect ways. And so it is, now. Indeed.

The New Now paradigm of love triumphing over fear has already been written and we are just going thru the motions of a slightly dramatic shift in our pre -birth scripts which are not written in stone. esp when a cosmic love intervention tsunami we could just call Rock & Roll floods the planet andour beloved Gaia can catch a well deserved break from the unmitigated madness of what humanity is capable of.

All are invited to go to - God's humble starsite to get the rich details of our liberation dear Humanity. Its starts Now or as soon as we "Wake Up" from our collective nightmare of governing w/o spiritual understanding & consequences of not consulting God. dear beloveds..

So, to find out more about all this and the event that brought things to the fore at this particular weekend, be directed from the front page there and eventually

find one's self led to the blog

If lost or confused ask Jimi Hendrix- an official guide to the site &/or Dr Peebles, not even mentioning Jesus who is always more than happy to guide us with the wisdom & strength to cope with what we may be facing in our windshield. He & others can help us put things in the rearview mirror of our perspective.

Ok, so here we are on this turquoise paradise of a page and the moment is now to get on the 'Official Song of Team Oneness. We've all met here, so let's celebrate. Ms Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo & Band... Will you kindly bless us all with the song? Thank You! )

No stranger to this site, let's affirm... 123 that:

We Live For Love

Thank you PatBenatarVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band.

Ok guys Wishing You All Have a Great St Patty's Celebration Day! See ya's around the campus. )

Alright, since this site has & is doing what it was created to do in 3D momenting, just know that the last stop is this dovetailing page. Here ya go......



The moment has arrived dear ones where we really get it in gear and fly on wings of sound of the most adventurous variety

So, Thanks to Dakarra let's rock, K guys? Awesome. )

led zeppelin mothership full album

Thank you Led Zeppelin ~ Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

Rec & fin

Same day...

1:11 p.m.



Hey guys, Spirit invites us all to the brand new Heaven's blog page at our old familiar site.

And our 'gazing' buddy Braco is there with 2 more days of 'Gazing the Infinite' Here's link...

TY Braco <3

May or may not be Continued as spirit moves... ).



Happy Moody Monday Dear Ones in this holy week.

God invites All HisHer Children to His Her new 'umbrella' site... A simple site - literally. If led, you could easily create one as well...)

Yahoo images.

Namaste for now... )