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l i v i n g T h e I n f i n i t e l i f e N o w. IJN. )

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October, 2015

Greetings & Welcome Dear Friends in the Infinite Oneness of All That Is.

Announcing Wonderful, Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible, Awesome ~ Breaking News for this Cosmic infinite Love...

Day. 10/22/15. This, Dear beloveds, is the day that will be remembered as the day the earth went to Heaven, Indeed.

This is so declared and decreed this beauteous, wondrous, glorious loving day ~ Now. In Jesus Name

Done and released to infinite worlds, universes and divine cosmos' everywhere.

And So It Is, Now, Indeed.

The following is brought over from the Site Essentials page where we could get a little acquainted.


We could also get acquainted some here:


It is so unbelievably good to connect with You dear fellow beings of light & love. Our language is music

so that is mostly what you'll be experiencing here at His 'Good Ship Infinity' starsite.



First things first: Know, One & All...


And this long lost one...


Our pathway:


Give ua a sign, God: Please?


Who else needs a party?


Would you like a tour of our~His 'situation room?'

From September, 2013


(the following became unavailable for months after not being readily available for decades)



Is this your first rodeo, paul? )


The following 2 readings paul had with Intuitive Consultant Jim Law (ret) are considered essential for 'getting' this site

From Sept 2012


From July 2013

How 'bout Mr Toad's Wild Ride?


See and hear the rewards plan God has. Styx reveals in song below.

A New Car!!! Can be like the one below.. or your choice, of course.

Must be a licensed driver, in other words, dear ones ~ everything is now free as in a certain document

p pic

Note: No one has to drive, one can B a passenger forever. You want to go to some distant cosmic place for lunch? Think it, you're there. Simple. )

Announcement page seen in Heaven's Hall of Fame Good News Documents, look directly across from this line. one down.

By the authority of one Divine Ultimate this plan, Heaven's ~ God's perfect, infinitely perfect plan is now, hereby in affect.

Thank You Jesus and if you can't find it on the menu, here's a shortcut.


Hey boys and girls...

Free bicycles too or skateboards as well, etc

Requirements are listed at that page in that document

#1 A smile. #2 A please. Last but not least, A Thank you.

Do you think you can handle that beloveds? Awesome. )

So help us get the word out re God's Victory over darkness as

we help them them up and if they are led, they can join the band.

Thank You Everyone and as we say, "Have a nice forever." Indeed. )

p & co 7 & humanity.

p.s. Shout out & Thanks to Zorra, Indeed!

To everyone everywhere, Peace ~ Love ~ Happiness ~ Harmony ~ Understanding ~ Compassion

and Great music to pull us all through.

And, of course dear friends, there has to be a song to put a stamp on this divine sharing

from Divine Ultimate thru p the humble servant.

Ok, p will be right back after he goes to You Tube and comes back with His selection for us

as we know He does have exquisite taste. He, God that is. p is an excellent driver, willing 2 take U, humanity, wherever you want 2 go Free bc we are now in a free society. AKA 'Heaven on Earth' & you can take that 2 George/ paul Washington, himself. Read on for all the 'good ~ new ~ news.' Indeed.

Photo by Carol Tangherlini

'Mr Unassuming' p on Canal St., downtown Boston..

Made a few stops to share on FB etc but this is His choice and you may have seen this other

places but here you go dear friends. Hope you all enjoy Heaven's prophets, singers

and musicians along with the fans who are transforming the world. And, indeed, It Is Done, Now. IJN.

Thank you shannon saunders for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



4:55 p.m.

Ok, in His perfect momenting, dear ones, please consider the above to be a pinned sharing.

A link for this blog page if you'd like to share is:


Frequent activity page recently was:


Now, as of 11/12/15 most frequent is...


p.s. 11/22/15

The previous 2 are completed dear ones.

You have a runway and a flyway with those alone. not to mention the

other pages. We recommend all, of course. They were created by Him.

Celebrate, be happy and don't worry.

God ~ Source... He's Got This.

And So It Is, Now. IJN.


November 2015 & on...

Note: This is God's site, Fully & Freely turned over to Him as p was led to 'self assign' himself to do, without hesitation, long ago. Since it is His site, you, my dear friends, fellow brothers and sisters, sons & daughters of The Great 'I Am That I Am,' please feel free to take what you like here, share what you are led to and leave the rest. Sharing is caring and when you do share 'good stuff' you are not only enriching other's lives but your own, indeed. Insert smile... ) Thanks.



New sharings will go here, most recent on top. Thank you.


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Cosmic Lighthouse 7777777



12:14 a.m.

Announcement: Please check out the following final sharings on this thread that is now complete. A fresh, thread is starting here: Thank You Very Much. )




10:28 p.m.

"Announcing & making it official"

As mentioned below, This day marks the ending of this Thread as we can't let it get too long, so from this moment on. Future Heaven's blog sharings will, His Will willing, be shared on a new Heaven's blog page. This particular page here is 'in the books.' Everything here is His work, typos; p will own.

It is hoped you will come visit this page & 'get it' more each moments you visit.

So, see you @ the new heaven's blog

As it Is a incredibly awesome privilege for p, the humble servant, 2 serve Him, it is also magnified beyond any number one could assign ~ serving each & every one of us, His children. Yep, you, & you & you & oh, dear, ok All of US, inc p who can't wait 2 see what He has next 2 share w us all. One thing we can share w U humanity, is, that indeed, It Will B Awesome. God, He, can never B less than Awesome. Take that 2 paul's Mom in Heaven. She & The Blessed Mother are our biggest cheerleaders & supporters on the other side. not 2 mention, paul's Dad, Alva, who's picture w p's dog 'jaws' showed up as our desktop picture a few weeks ago. The angels & all can take this 2 Jesus ~ the right hand of All That Is, The Infinite I AM THAT I AM. & So It Is, IJN. Now & forever, Indeed. "YES."

Namaste. )

Peace be with you, each & every one... )

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Jesus. Thank You Jesus / Sananda.



Greetings fellow travelers on life's highway 2 heaven. Btw, AC~DC fans don't worry if you like the meat & potatoes of this Rock, the lyrics r just that- lyrics. There's no hell, unless you consider the hell some have created thru their own expectations. Best way out of that scenario, is 2 follow any glimmer of light & music. Help is on the way 2 meet one in any dark, despairing place one may find themselves in.

paul, dear bro, please share w the split p - nut gallery here how you woke up 2 day & then what happened.

Alright, since u asked my dear spirit guide. Friends, we r getting 2 be more intimate confidants here. p, channels your 'I AM THAT I AM' as well as The ONE Infinite I AM. We Are One, In Him. Therefore, we have no secrets, as drool flows out of the channel's mouth. Btw, p has been pulling a fair amount of hair out of his mouth lately. (ref 2 Heather's comment on WZLX interview, and while on this topic. ZLX send p or publish the whole interview, plz, like he asked in 'comments' section over there. Ty.


This is shared below however, we will include it here, lest anyone want 2 leave here & go looking 4 it. Guess p was enough frivolity 4 ZLX on St Patty's Day & no one ever followed thru or weren't impressed. that a guy on a 'mission from God' would be of more interest & followup. It's ok, p understands, knows,the routine. Someday, someway, H will allow the wake up call that might peal away the onions & maybe people will say as they actually investigate God's starsite


Anyway, in the nebulous state between waking from a deep sleep and becoming more conscious, it came to p re a certain individual he got 2 spend a little time with yesterday at The Ruby Rogers Center in Somerville, Ma. Yes, dear ones, talking about a soulmate named Nanci, the director of Ruby Rogers, and her picture w p is below. So what spirit laid on us coming out of that dream is the earth ~ cosmic name of Nanci, of whom when paul first contacted her after @ 30 years of no contact, p said in a note something like can my half team up with your half & together we may make up a whole? It just came out like that, no thought, no 'thinking' just straight from Source 'stuff' coming out.

After that we resumed our friendship, p became a member of RR & today we, the whole human race as one, is, literally, On The Threshold of a Dream.

Father of ALL THAT IS ~ are we getting this down as YOU, THE INFINITE 'I AM THAT I AM' Is wanting This, & we humbly mean E X A C T L Y as You want this written on YOUR Starsite, Dear Father?

Proceed, My Dear son, u are doing yer job. don't think twice, it's alright.

Ok, we're letting it roll here as friends, the kind you can tell anything to, under the sun.

Thank You Father, ok, so what p received was the name 4 Nanci, paul's 'old laughing lady,' herself.

Ahem: No drumroll, thanks guys, simply N, yer new name is: Ahem: '16 Buffalo's'

So, when we met @ 47 years ago, it was 7 Eagles going up w 16 Buffalo's Who wants 2 see that movie? Omg. ha he hoo..

Did we mention Nanci, was born in Buffalo, NY & that that's where we got married after 7 years of living together?

Here's yer new car, dear, pending dealers & everyone waking up. It's Strawberry alarm clock time, folks.

Thank You God Who created, produced, directed & acted in this video. It's All Him. Indeed, "Yes."

Nanci is inviting all of her friends & hitchhikers of all stripes to get in, there's plenty of room 4 everyone who may have missed paul's silver ~ the color

of invisibility vehicle. Nanci's color & her vehicle is red.

Let p share a quick Nanci & p story: Ok, way 'back in the day,' as they say, your divine couple p & N are traveling across Canada in a converted bread truck.

Yeah, 2 hippies on the loose. We're headed toward Toronto and there's a lot of hitchhikers on the road. We start picking them up. It's getting a little crowded as N says, "pick them up" above paul's protests that 'we can't pick up everyone, nanci, come on.' We ended up picking up every hitchhiker on the road, must have been around 13 youngsters (as Ed Sullivan would say; Ed's here smiling & laughing, yeah, the man who brought the Beatles 2 America & darn proud of it!)

Indeed, Salute Ed! Well done, Bro.) in that truck, like sardines. All got 2 where they were going, on time 2 see Rod Stewart in Concert. delivered right 2 the venue. That's Nanci 4 you folks. lol So, rep over half of the human race, who's riding in N's car & who wants 2 ride shotgun w paul. No backseat drivers in paul's car, sorry. Shotgun 4 everyone. Spirits can fit, it's no problem.

Catch a bus here, if led...or a train...


What's that Sir Don? Perfect, ioho also. Here's link 2 the perfect song 2 slide right in here. w thanks 2 Farm Aid 4 sharing. Hope enjoy:

Thank You Sir Don Henley, Lone Star State tribe leader & team eagles we are one 4 ever. Good grief, p does that leave anyone out?

Father? No, son ~ sonny, how could it?

So, on how many teams are we covered so no one is forgotten, or left behind? Mom says: "God's love will always have everyone covered. You can't escape His love no matter what. might as well rejoice & smile, smile, smile. ) Thanks Mom, love you, always. btw, you've been hanging at Jerry's place we suspect. )

As 'Shiloh' by Neil Diamond - one of Mom's favourite artists played on Quincy's community tv station. We were just watching - Shilling Shockers, so 'Shout out' 2 Ms Penny Dreadful hosting her macabre friday night horror show on QATV. Find out a little about the divine Ms Penny Dreadful, here @ wikipedia w a

'shout out' 2 the 2 Dave's.






Yahoo images

Yep, Mom loved watching the people on tv. Thanks 4 helping guide this Mom, & Garou, ) going 2 bed, now.

'More,' mom...)


2: 44 a.m



Thank you Dave Fuentes 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Ms Penny Dreadful, Garou, & Dave Fuentes

Hear Dave's song starting at 4:27. we concur, that not only The Lord but God, Himself, wants us to laugh, right, Ed McMahon?

Yahoo images.

Oops, wrong guy, however, he was in Ed McMahon's picture cache. We're not lying, look here's proof, we don't lie, ever. )

(this little joke brought 2 us by Him. You can't fool us God, we know how You work & we Love it. Here's 2 a 'forever' of Your humor. )


Here we go, Thanks God 4 helping us get it right. )

Thank You Sir Ed, ~ Friends let this little play here serve as an intro 2 His Gazers IV page-

featuring Ed & Johnny. Here ya go...


Yahoo images.

Ed and Johnny.




Strange News from another star...

Excuse us Ms Penny Dreadful however the universe has just informed us that this particular video was made, by Him, 2 be placed, exactly here & dedicated 2 you & all the wonderful people who make, or try 2 make others laugh. Rest assured Ms Penny you are not in that latter batch. You have a true, unique gift & we appreciate it over on our strange planet, indeed. w 'thanks' 2 TheBeatles VEVO, let's all visit Penny Lane, shall we? ha ha ha ho ho ho he he he. )

Thank You The Beatles: George, John, Paul & Ringo w a 'well done' nod 2 Mr George Martin

GGHHHHOOOhhhGGGGoooo GARooo jygggg. Awesome, Garou, yeah, p's 'werewolf' is getting better. Garou just said: Ahem:

"God Bless Us, Each & Every one ~ Keep smiling & don't fear nuttin', sonny's & daisy's" )

Thanks Garou, couldn't have said it better, ourselves. )



!1:11 p.m. As a repeat of Shilling Shockers is playing on QATV

Garou is stepping forward & wants 2 say something, Garou?

garoooghhh,eh garooughhh garrrouggghhhh Eh, gaaarrraggghhh . Penny? Thank you so much dear Garou, very insightful, and thanks soo much 4 sharing.

p concurs, tho his 'werewolf' is a tad rusty. We would say that short, simple speech reminds us of another eloquent speech. Yea, what else but the awesome speech made at the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by Rush guitarist Mr Alex Lifeson. If you haven't seen that awesome eloquence, here it is...

Thank you kimberlyatienza01 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Alex Lifeson. If we need a speechwriter, we will keep u in mind. More likely though, we'll just play a song. How 'bout this one...?

Thank you RushVEVO 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Rush. Your ship is our ship, we can just call it 'Rock & Roll' Who else is on board, we know Jesus is, who's next?

Other things 2 share. There iis now, a perfect 'gazing' picture of Blue Oyster Cult at His gazings page...


Fyi, starting today, p's new daily routine is 2 go 2 that page 1st thing every morning & 'gaze' w Jesus ~ Lord Sananda 2 whatever music. Today, did it w the 1st music on that page, yep, 'Uncle John's Band' by The Grateful Dead. It was awesome. Then p went & will every day go to visit Karen Carpenter, then today went 2 see Erik w the incredibly awesome Jackson Browne soundtrack. Then p went to see Kate Wolf. So the top 2 are set for this guy everyday going 4 ward. You can follow suit or do your own thing. All we are doing here is relaying what will work 4 us & wish you the best. You have our best,

Rec & fin.


5:27 a.m.

& 4/2/16

12:50 a.m.

Later this same a.m.

coming out of the dream the image that can never be 'nailed' on physical plane this can only give an idea, & this is now, like all incredibly awesome dreams is in the dream akashic records., indeed.

Take an image like this and multiply it to 7 images in one screen like a Christmas tree. Here ya go...

Oh, & this image is from here:


Maybe it was a premonition of the Christ picture above however that is the picture, indeed.

& Thank You Jesus.

You are our team leader 4 ever. Indeed. )

Ok, we went a little over into 4/2/16 & it just turned to 4/3/16

so, here @ 12: 07 a.m. we ask you 2 see all future sharings of blogs going forward here...




Went to sleep 2 this, woke up w a mandate 2 share it here. Please play on YT 4 subsequent BOC

Thank you Blue Oyster Cult - Topic.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult

More BOC here:


Other news: we, p, were gently directed 2 visit, every day if at all possible, the 'gazers' pages. and by reciprocity so should His team. It's explained more at:

tinyurl.com/Gazers777 scroll 2 bottom, however rec visiting a few friends along the way. You want 2 B a cosmic superStar ~ hang out w a few of them esp the Christ ~ Jesus at the top. Play w Brad Delp's, Boston song & you will B on Cloud 9 'til Tuesday' - next, we guarantee it, Right John? Absolutely. ) & btw, Imagine a world as one? Done deal 4 us on the rock & roll train. You poor, poor money chasing laggards. Look, we'll wait 4 ya's 4 a while, & we understand bc the media is against God's awesome news getting 'out there.' However real 'star power' is starting 2 show up 2 shine the light that His starsite deserves.

Oh, & Btw, a new 'blog' page will B initiated April 1st & this long thread will remain as is, however new content will be added 2 the new page, His Will willing, of course.

One last thing 4 now: p's regular Wednesday afternoon gig 4 hugs from Him, Spirit, God, All That Is, as p steps aside & you can receive a 7 or 22 second deluxe hug. Hours today are from 2 pm (as RR has meeting b4 that.) to 4 p.m. today as p has 2 pick up his best friend, Carol, at work. Ruby Rogers Center 64 Union Sq. Somerville, Ma. Donations welcome 4 the awesome work they do, helping people get on their feet.


Here's a not so secret axiom, dear friends. Givers get. Get it? Try it. Always give one of our homeless something if they come up 2 you. Guaranteed 99% of the time U will get a heart-felt "God bless you." And it's none of our business what they do with it. p got @ 3 yesterday, which he needs & appreciates.

He says, mention this. ok, who wants 2 B the First, yes the very as 'the Law' comes thru Who wants 2 B the very FIRST Person to actually Contribute 2 God's Site?

paul, rich beyond any conception of belief in the heavenly 'bank' - very unfortunately can't pay his earthly bills, he's not gonna get a j o b at Walgreen's or anywhere else. This, working w/for God is his gig. < period (other than driving Carol around) The situation is, as long as you, humanity, don't get the word out, don't read "An Urgent Message" Don't take heed of the Cashless Society proclamation. we're 'stuck' in the old, same old same old, corrupt ridiculous BS. It's frustrating to God , 'I AM THAT I AM' Himself and, obviously, the channel is frustrated. He publicly Thanks his beloved brother, Dick, for awesomely fulfilling his pre-birth contract 2 have his little brother's back financially, and he doesn't make p feel bad about it as p has enough on his plate, doing His work on behalf of humanity.

If you people are waiting around looking 4 Jesus, guess what? We "R" the Jesus Train. You 'R' not going 2 find Him outside the Good* made & given portal, folks & You can take that 2 Your lawyer, Indeed. Is it time 4 you? Who may have been reading this, His, blog 4 years 2 send maybe 5 bucks or so, or if you're a new arrival, on here as per your perfect moment 2 be here. Are you led 2 make a contribution? Awesome. No one has 2 make a contribution, & esp w the cashless coming in. All we're saying, on behalf of this channel is. Are you a XXXX (edited w His ok) or what, p gets chills. So we, 'THE LAW' RRR out 4 now.

Contribution button & other 'good stuff.' here: We don't mean 2 put a 'guilt trip' on anyone. Only stating the facts, Jack.


Ok, In other news, It's another, Beauteous, Wondrous, Glorious & Loving day out there, so if can, He rec's ~ getting out in it and, if led, smile 2 the world,

& you know what? Dollars 2 donuts, the world will smile back at you. ) Try it u may like it. Right Uncle Jerry? Jerry smiles like the sun. ) Thanks 4 stopping by sonny, Bro ) Love U 2. )

Prove that you, yes you, are a powerful being who has the innate God given power 2 make this world a friendlier, more loving place. Dispel fear & hatred, He says, & all that negativity. Don't take negativity from anyone either. walk away. He doesn't care if it's your own family that's giving you garbage. Rise up, put any 'bad situation' in His mighty hands & declare & decree 2 all universes, to the Omniverse itself, that U are, indeed, 'the most powerful being in the infinite cosmos' & furthermore that. Ahem: I Am That I Am ~ a beacon 4 His infinite Love, Light & truth 2 shine thru me as me. Let Superman & Batman, Green Lantern & even God, Himself, look at U in amazing Awesomeness & think. Wow, "That's My Boy, or Girl ~ I'm So Proud." Indeed. ) And So It Is Now, IJN

Namaste. )

Insert song paul.

Of course, Father... )

Thank you top401965 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Donovan. ~ We all love you, not 2 mention this, His song U brought thru. Thanks again sonny. )

Some info on Donovan:


our favourite Donovan song

Thank you Spankystube1 4 sharing on Yt.

Thank You Donovan, for helping His site go swimmingly out 2 the masses.

One more on this Atlantis theme, ok guys? Awesome. U R getting 'the hang' of this, His, teaching platform, indeed. )

Thank you CountryRock2U 4 sharing onYT.

Thank You Mr Jackson Brown ~ David Lindley & Band & grateful, appreciative audience ~ All of us.

Ok, guys, at this point in our evolution esp being in His perfect, infinitely perfect plan manifesting moment

by moment. What shall we do next or now? Well, paul has wood 2 chop so 2 speak, however you folks can all

go to Disneyland/world or wherever. Everything's Free as He, God wants it. Play the career, money game, 9 2 5 rat

race, it's already been won- by the rats. Congratulations 2 them. We spirits in the material world r ready to move on, your prerogative, humanity. Your move.

Ciiao 4 now, guys.

Rec & fin


6: 52 a.m.

Musical addendums:& edit:

8: 22 a.m.



Happy Birthday, Mr ‪‎StevenTyler‬.

paul has a date with Superman & Batman today, so he does not have the spare moments 2 fill this ‪‎Aerosmith‬ page up.


Check that page 2 see who p recommends 4 a 3rd Superhero, already at Disneyworld. Steven, leave the light on 4 us Bro, Please. Thank U! )

Walk this way over there, where, we are told, & we do believe all the sonny's & daisey's 'r' showing up to see the show. Everyone knows these guys deliver. )

Thank you AerosmithVEVE 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Lead Mouth himself Mr Steven Tyler & Aerosmith & Fans ~ Everyone. The Trains rollin' all night long, we believe,... is, indeed, the term. )


Later that same awesome day... Wow, what am amazingly Awesome movie God made, thru the writers, directors, special effects, production , the actors, etc, etc. At Oscars moment you can congratulate each other & marvel at your amazingness however if God did not agree to inspire ya's 4 this work, it would have been nothing. E.g. lmagine a piece of driftwood on a beach, doing nothing but sitting there, until, maybe an open & aware photographer stumbles upon it & recognizing its innate beauty captures it and shows the world what he's found. However, that driftwood Is god, as is the photographer, ~ god.

So, all these people did their jobs & the result is an incredibly magnificent work of action art. Y'all take a bow, not 2 your audience but to God 4 living thru U & allowing this success 2 occur, bc U did 'show up & do your jobs.' This scenario is what is termed 'win, win,' esp when U give the credit where it firstly & rightly belongs, ~ He Did/does It, thru us. Not us. w/o Him graciously working w us who want 2 advance, like that mole in a Moody Blues song, creepy crawly things we could have stayed; as "THE LAW" Comes thru pounding the keys here, HE IS So Fanatic About You's Getting The Scoop. It's HIM Donkey & Elephant breaths. OOh, how the political and anti God shit on HIS Planet gets HIM started Every moment

ok Moment out, aS THE 'T' WORD IS EXTINCT IN OUR/hIS VOCABULARY. p looks up, sees the Caps. They stay.

Coming home from the theater we played this. We'll share this here. If you're not interested in hearing this, LEAVE, go your own way, that's F I N E. G-BYE!


NO MORE MR NICE GUY> Slip, slide away_________________________________________________________where eternal oblivion awaits. 00000000000

Or opt 4 The Good God option of peace & love w Jesus & Rock & Roll (p's department.)

Thank you Marc-André Ranger for sharing on YT.

Thank you Pink Floyd 4 channeling God's music 2 a motley world desperately in need of this, tho they don't even kno' it.

Here's the full 'Dark Side of the Moon album:

Thank you Rock& Roll 4 sharing on YT.


Thanks again Pink Floyd: (alphabetically) David, Nick, Richard & Roger

w a ) out 2 Syd

Yahoo images

Pink Floyd..

Rec & fin


12: 08 a.m.



Happy Easter Every~one.

Awesome News. This Easter now 'officially' starts the launch of the infinite love paradigm. From this day forth be it known to friend & foe alike God & His infinite love rules, this, His planet, as same rules all other places & spaces in His omniverse., This plan-it, earth was/is an area set aside for all (How's this for an oxymoron - 'warring parties' 2 come & settle their bones, issues or what have U's "Time" 4 that is up as is the term 'time' itself. The great decree by God 'Let the chips fall where they may' has taken place &, indeed we are definitely late 4 the sky, should have been done long ago.

Ok, time as 'they' used 2 say has come today. Guess we could call this 'Heavenstock' & we have absolutely no doubt God, knew somehow it would come to this, right 'Word party?' no more, now, officially, today as. we'll mark it as 'momenting' @ 3:33 a.m this page was 'born.' Visit & accept the token gift He would have you receive. To accept what is offered there is your choice, dear ones. It all comes down, again, to the documents at:


And please see the 'New News' playing here now & 4 ever Thank ya's very much. )


Rec & fin 4 now


4:00 a.m

See 'Brad' over there.

World Party, a little traveling music, please, Bro's. Thank ya's very much.

Thank U SuperForever90s 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Karl Wallinger & World Party. So, world is it party moments 4 ever or you wanna wait in the maya? Your choice humanity. Godspeed

in your choice. Our recommendation is take the God created, Jesus & Yes, Rock & Roll Xpressway to timbuck2 if that''s where He takes it. Does it matter where He takes us? We just know it Is Awesome. So, as we say, driver take us 2 infinity. & do 'step on it.' )

Alright, fellow peeps, who can think of a song to put here, to show this is not 'rocket science' It's all quite simple & p is a simple man. Ok, you who thought of

The Cars, here you go...

Thank Uatsejam 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You The Cars. We all appreciate your coming from whatever Far Flung Star Systems

U guys came from 2 make the Awesome music. Cheers. from All of us. )

Note: There has 2 be a 3rd song here, however p has a date at hhis brother's place to celebrate Easter & we gotta go,

Later friends. & we hope your Easter, if u celebrate it, is awesome as well. )


9:29 p.m. Easter Night, p is watching his favourite show; Long Island Medium. Theresa is so Awesome. Indeed.

So, here's a 3rd song as promised. Lynyrd Skynyrd take it away our dear friends w a special 'nod' 2 'Mother.' 'All Mother's' You rock, U know, U love. Indeed.

Thank you strokes612 for sharing onYT.

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd 4 showing the heart is the way 2 overcome all appearing 'bad' things in life. ~

Ok, so paul's watching His favourite show: 'Long Island Medium' and is led 2 take a picture of the veil -less window out 2 the third floor balcony of His 'situation room.' p took this picture while Theresa was on screen talking. Just sharing. As 4 the mess, it's in progress spring cleaning. search 4 a maid & assistant still open 2 the right applicants. Pays 0 in 'the Cashless Society' however u may B kept busy, but not 2 busy. & u can quit anytime. Contact info, as always, here.


p pic

His 'situation room' 9:29 p.m. 3/27/16 as 'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo is talking on screen. LIM crew, if you want to come 2 Boston, p,would love to B on TV. As seen in following, i.e. earlier stuff, p is the self appointed 'most interesting person in the tri-state area,' so, if led, take a chance on him & maybe, just maybe,

God of ALL THAT IS, might come thru. Your move. )

p.s. we have a beautiful tapestry to replace the old, worn out discarded 'veil.' Now, there's no veil. This illusion we live in is a good ~ God created, illusion, so, the only thing that can mar it is human ignorance, fear, mindlessness & crap like that. The animals aren't screwing this paradise Earth up, only the humans w stupid agenda's like making money over everything. God says re that s%*t \\ "flush it & begone."

We have His infinite love, Jesus infinite wisdom & love & we have p's specialty ~ Rock & Roll.

Can we not just share His boundless, infinite cornucopia of abundance w/o the banks, the insurance industry the taxes. The new, now paradigm says to us~ gods as well. , God, we want all the above 'good stuff' in our lives Now. What can we do to expedite this, now?

Jesus says: Stop building on sand, give everything up to God, any situation u find yourself in. & get Your music playing in your soundtrack. This is how He can guide us. e.g. Want joy in your world? Go 2 You tube (another amazing gift from Him) & find 'Joy 2 The world' & see if that doesn't bring some 'joy' 2 your world. Ok, let's all carry on... )

Ok, it's 11:22 & repeat of this really good episode of Long Island Medium is playing on TLC

Later, guys, ) Can't resist... )

This song is dedicated to the amazingly awesome & beautiful Theresa Caputo & her Wonderful Family ~ Larry, Dad, Victoria & Larry Jr. & Fans ~ Everyone. )

Thank you victsa 4 sharing on YT.

Thank you 3 Dog Night 4 Sharing Joy 2 The World. Right back atcha's w 'more.' from Everyone, Indeed. )



All we can say is the Kansas show last night was simply incredibly awesome. They hit it out of the park plain & simple . Here the only picture p took of the show bc we thinks it's notstrokes612 quite kosher to take a whole bunch of pictures. In other words, be in the concert, not lining up pictures, We even felt bad taking the one, however, we wish'to share a glimpse of the band and the awesome historic Cabot Cinema & Theatre. Here ya's go. Speaking of Ya's Large cosmic 'Shout Out' 2 The Rolling Stones bringing 'the gospel' 2 Cuba last night, as well. Great work guys. )

Thanks cousn Ned Byrne, last minute companion w Carol too tired from the baby. Is it us or does anyone else , see a cross / sign of a cross in the Cabot theatre?

It was certainly a spirited audience for the guys who put on an amazing show. Thanks again Kansas...)

Oh, this is too rich, not to share. Have you read how He demonstrates our 'everypersonness.' (did we just make up a word?) We are all infinitely powerful spiritual beings as p wrote about at' Promise of a man' page. The link is just below. There we shared our every-day humanness such as not being able to find our car or where we left it. It happened again tonight. We parked in a parking lot around the corner across the street from the theatre. Darned if Cousin Ned or p could find it. Finally after losing @ 22 minutes of our lives we stumbled upon it. Yes, we're quite sure God had a good teaching moment or 2 with that. We get it God, you can't fool us, we've been loving U 2 long. he he he, ha ha ha. ) Ok bed moments...G'nite 'All That Is,' 'J'' & each & every one of us, 'the ground crew.' See ya's around.


Checklist when we go out

1 wallet

2 cell phone

3 music, cd's radio in car. gotta have wind in our sails, nothing does it like the language of the angels. yep, music music and, did we mention,... oh yes... music. Y'all have a nice 4 ever, now.

Rec & fin.


2:53 a.m.



Greetings fellow infinite beings of light & love. It's another awesome day in the neighborhood, and we start it off w 3 more songs of meaning 2 His

Promise of a man page.


We'll, His Will willing. B @ the Kansas concert in beautiful downtown Beverley this evening. So let's put a fitting song here, ok? Thanks. Here ya's go...

Thankyou HeavyMetalChannel1 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Kansas for 'Carrying On' ~ yourselves.. See ya's @ the show 2 nite as He, Himself declares, in His perfect synchronicity, There is Peace, Now. Indeed. as he is done.

Here are the Final Credits as 'They' Bring the curtain down.

All Credit , no blame, Goes 2 God, The infinite God who just happens 2 live in each & every angel on earth & everywhere. all in His God created field.

We 'R' the Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Lovers, (formerly Roadies, Outlaws & Gangsters of Rock & Roll. And So It Is Now, In Jesus Name.

Naturally, God has a song 2 go out with @ this moment. Play it channel722. Done, dear God 'toin' it up, folks... 2' 44'' of musical magic. 4 All. )

Thank you Darryl Hushaw 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Cream w a large 'nod' 2 Mr George Harrison 4 co-writing this masterpiece w Eric &, of course, God.

After 'the show' we can all go our separate ways & do what we want 2 4~ ever.

Wow. p,what r u going to do bro? Thanks 4 asking whoever u are, ) Right now, since good things come in 3's we must share a 3rd song here, so, allow us to go get it & we'll b back. Thanks. Actually, we R breaking all the rules. There will B 2 songs coming up. Can U guess what they will B?

This just in there will be 2 more Him willing that will ad up 2 ~ 5, the number of adventure. Who's up 4 a littlle adventure? Wow, awesome.

Thank U Largarife2 4 sharing on YT.

Thank U Boston. Here's the original lineup delivering 'The Goods' 4 All. Thank U Boston. ).

Thank you AB3348 4 sharing on YT.

Thank U Blue Oyster Cult. Still 'doing it' "forever" as their T shirts said back in the day, when p saw them in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Forever, Now, Indeed. )

Here' recorded version w visuals that will make u laugh, At least, did 4 us. hope u en-joy. )

Thanks 2 boratdave89 4 sharing this on YT.


And 2 close out on this Beauteous, Wondrous, Glorious, Loving day ~ sharing & rep all the Rock world gifting to U Humanity, God, Himself, with help of all the Rock & Roll Gods & Goddesses other half of the female perceptio Here's The Allman Brothers Band. They started every show w this: Statesboro Blues...

Thank you Daniel Shire 4 sharing on YT

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. Heard on the street: We're All in The Band of Brothers & Sisters.

Last however not least & Rep All The Rockers of the female persuaion, Ms Pat Benatar, bedazzle us will you, Pat & Band? Oh, God, Thank U! )

Thank you emimusic 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat & Neil & Band. We live 4 love. Love Is all & leaves out no-one or no-thing. we can all deliver this back to Him, God, as One delivered

in His perfect, infinitely perfect momenting. & So It Is Now & forever, Indeed. In Jesus Name

Namaste. )

Rec & fin


10:18 a.m.



Greetings All 2 the 1st day of the 'rest' of our lives. Indeed.

As Neil Young sings My My Hey Hey on Boston's Classic Rock ~ WZLX.

Large 'Shout out" to Mr Bill Atkinson 4 his awesome & then some Top 10 list.

Here's latest visuals of what he, literally, has going down in His 'situation room."

We are what we eat.

paul, you're 'toast.'

Clean plate, good work, sonny. ) His 'veil.' thank u 4 your service. u r now on way to dumpster. Done.

The new 'veil', in affect now, Cheers. Thank You God who Is entirely responsible 4 this & Everything else, on this, His site. "

Old veil crumpled on the floor, new veil & 'Quicksilver' down iin the parking lot. See u in a sec, going 2 get Carol at work.

Have ' N' awesome day, guys. Pick up yer cars when all agree, God, thru the humble channel, p, is large n in charge. Peace.

Rec & fn.


4; 07 p.m.


3//23/16 Cosmic Trigger Day in The Neighborhood. Picture above, Indeed.

We P & P off to "B" the wizard @ Ruby Rogers Center 64 Union Sq, beautiful Somerville, Ma, Usa, Planet earth Milky Way Galaxie Etc )

'Shout Out & Happy Birthday Mr Ric Ocasek of 'The Cars." Thn God''s favourite Classic Rock Radio station. 100.7 WZLXank U & Friends 4 Showing up.' )

p, & p out the door... Smile on )

no, we're not going 2 use p p after this, we R 1. Just demonstrating a good revealement. It is written. As 'Sweet Emotion' by Aerosmith plays on ZLX. Keep playing His music ZLX. Thx. )

Ok, 7:03 p.m. & we're back

we had great moments at R R Ctr, what a wonderful place for people who want to get back on their feat. Ms Nanci Baren, p's ex from way 'back in the day' & staff over there do an excellent job w the clients & really care. Today there was a very lively meeting. Every Wednesday there is a meeting. p announces right now, since the center is really for clients & it's a small space. that any outside folks that would like to experience a deluxe 7 or 22 second hug w God, as p steps aside, can have that starting @ 2 p.m. Wednesday's outside the front door. There is a little plaza there as well. Look, Ol' George Washington looks over the place as well. Sweet.

p pic

Moving right along...

As we mentioned in the 'hug' conversation here:


Let' set the record straight, shall we? Good,

So, as we've been receiving info on this duality 2 of everything. 2 for the road type thing, 2 as well the above went down town twice. Here's the highlight ~ Highlight of the day ..

But first, Mr Kevin Karlson, here's our 1 sign, nothing 2 do w religion which is the farthest thing that we are about. Spirituality trumps religion, however we give every level of spiritual nourishment its due respect. &, obviously, we protect this with a hefty trash bag. Fitting cuz we are here 2 take out the trash, so we can re-use that bag. We would never ask Divine Mother 2 do a job 'the man of the cosmos' should do. U peeps w us? Ok.

p pic

His ~ signature is always 'the lighthouse. Here He says, take another tour of 'the situation room' repeated listenings only add to the cosmic ingredients that add to ones auriic field w repeated listenings~ seeings. And paul's voice here, is pretty much the same as Nanci's


So, here's highlight of our day at Ruby Rogers Center ~ in pairs

the camera snapped twice so here are both pictures following His theme of 2 2 2 beings in 1. Ok here ya's go...

Photos taken by Harry A. Ruby Rogers Staff

Ok, here's the first one full size to give it its due...

Nanci & paul

With a Very large nod 2 Mr Neil Young, Ladies & Gentlemen meet 'The Old Laughing Lady' & 'the loner', themselves. Indeed.

May we say, a very nice 'gazing' picture as well. Yes, a very nice 'gazing' picture as well.Indeed, Indeed. ) )

p going 2 Yt, take a wild guess what he's going to come back with. And Ultimate Divine "Thanks" 2 God, 4 only He can write this unfolding script we are, each & every~one of us, surfing thru. @ this very moment & all moments 2 come in 'momentum 2 & thru Infinity.. )

Btw, If U r experiencing hi water~ over your head turbulence in Your life experience, right now? The solution is always, always to 'Give it up to God.' You can pray to Jesus, however, God, himself is standing right next 2 Jesus, so it's like you hit a home run however, you've stopped @ 2nd base. Jesus encourages everyone to 'get smart' on that point. heck, all of us can talk all day to God, like p does, and w inviting Jesus into your heart, there is success, right there. Keep a soundtrack going 4 ya & now w 'The Cashless Society" 'On' tho the timid, the fearful merchants that have been informed of this are basically missing the boat to be saluted when His curtain (As Joni Mitcthell sings In the background & sings 'He's taken the curtains down ' from her song 'I had a king' at the exact moment we were typing 'curtain') comes down, [this is an edit on 4/22/16. we edited out they were 'disobeying' God] as 'The Law" makes a cameo appearance here. Just by talking to yourself. Your inner God is listening as, He/She is, simply ~ U, IndeedI

Insert Now


@ 8:22 p.m.

may p mention that while editing this just now & listening to that home made tape, we just turned it over & what's playing right now? You guessed it; 'The Old Laughing Lady.' You can't make this stuff up, folks. Anyone want to see the evidence, the tape is right here.. Just one of the many masterpieces Spirit created thru p.. And we could say but we won't: 'And you can take that to the emperor' as The Emperor of Wyoming' by Neil Young now plays in the background.'

This is just one more episode of a little wind in our sails that we are exactly where we are meant to be from the beginning, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing at this moment. And for this we are now & always grateful to You, God. Thank You, Indeed.

So, in closing we, the brotherhood /sisterhood of the oneness of God, The Good God, The Good God of peace, love & Rock & roll invite everyone to quit the rat race, the rats won, let them have their cheese, like the Band Boston, we can live on Rock & Roll music, have fun in the sun w our friends and, on our knees, Thank The infinite God of ALL THAT IS, The Holy God of 'I AM THAT I AM' & As infinite Creator God's ourselves, We can now all Say as 1. Thank You Jesus. Without You, Dear Brother of Evermore without Your intercession on humanity's behalf, only God knows where we'd be, if at all.

Rec & fin.


10: 23 p.m..

w edits on 4/22/16. & fin: 8:40 p.m.

p.s. This last Wednesday 4/20/16 was our last 'hug day' at Ruby Rogers. It was a nice run since the fall but it has run it's course.

Thank You Ruby Rogers Center 4 your kind sponsorship.

Thank u i'm a cork on the ocean 4 sharing on YT.

Thank U Josie S 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Neil Young, you showed up Sir, and we, the human race on both sides of the veil R so much the better 4 it. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World, my dear friend & may we all, every one of us, beloved masters raise a glass to Mr Neil, our designated conquering hero. U did it Neil, you're the hands up, best n the business, son. Can we 'do lunch' soon? Awesome.Ok , everyone. 'Carry on.' )



Greetings Cosmic Winners on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious, & loving day on the good planet earth.

We all know 22 is the 'love' # so this is a day among days to celebrate. Let's all Thank the Infinite Creator of ALL THAT IS, 'Prime Source' 4 all the awesome blessings we, His:Her Children Thiis picture is a salute ~ Thank You to All The Divine Ultimate, Ultimate Divine Spirits, in Oneness we noware. IJN.

p pic

One Gateway computer to connect all the people of the world together. wow, Can you say "miracle" fellow beings of infinite love & light. Awesome.. P, says it 4 all: "Miracle." "Thank You The Good God. Indeed.

Thank you vzqk50CL for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues. Everyone loves You, & your music is awesome as well. Thank ya's most sincerely.


everyone, indeed. )

p.s keep smiling team dream 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.

'If led, have a simply awesome 'Currier & Ives' forever life, dear beloveds. In Oneness of His One, perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan, Stan.' )

p pic

Who wants to meet at 'The Sunset Grill? Let me know if u need a ride. we got no room 4 backseat drivers, sorry carol, shotgun or nothing. Or u can take a cosmic train w Yusuf/ Cat Stevens or take the Jeff Beck ~ Rod Stewart Train bound 4 Glory, or 'The Grateful Dead' Bus to kno:w~here. Nowhere: Good. Good. Thank You God. ) We'll B there bi (sic) midnight. You leading Bobby Weir? Good, Bro. Here's 2 everyone out there In God's 'green day' valley who 'know' in your heart, the band U B~long to, '& that's that.' as a good lawyer in Boston used to say, btw, if U need the best lawyer in His Infiniite Cosmic realm, p has 'the guy' that will get u free, p hopes he just steps 4ward & don't let any oak tree stand in yer way, beloved, dear Bruce, not to b confused w 'the boss'. paul's lawyer wears 'cowboy boots' )

This Gentleman is a Lawyer. Case closed my dear friends. Let's go grab a beer? Fittingly, there'a a place right across the street from ''Currier & Ives' central. Yeah, Boston's Public Gardens & Common, a little place called "Cheers" Meet ya there, my awesome friend or have your people call my people. Alright? Say 'Good afternoon,' Gracie. Gracie, "Good afternoon, Gracie." )

Announcing: It is now hereby legal, street legal to follow a smile w a Ahem: laugh. Does anyone remember laughter? I do, I do, me me me. Whats your name, little boy, what's yer name? Ah... paul. ok, little paul, you are now in our files & on our list of 'the usual suspects' Ok, go now, don't b so moody & lighten up like Sheryl Crow meeting Steve McQueen, ok? Alright, everyone, Carry on. And remember, if given an opportunity to help someone or lighten there load and u don't act, that's a lost opportunity u can never get back. w a nod to Mr Leo Buscaglia.. Indeed. And So It Is, Noe, (sic) Now Indeed.

A toast 2 U humanity.

p pic

Namaste. )

Rec & fin.


4:12 p.m.


11:56 p..m.

This just in. the very patient & loving new 'gazer' has checked in and now spreading, actually 'shining' his infinite love to all cosmos' is here:


Mosey on over there and be careful not to be run over with love. A tsunami of that is rushing over His planet as His work is D O N E.

So, let the peace in, folks. It starts with us, each & every one. IJN

Let it be, Indeed.



9: 22 p.m.

p checking in, looked at the computer clock , yep, right on His moment of moments. (we really are retiring the term known as 'time.')

again, here in this 22 nd dimension. God calls it that, if other people say, oh no, we're in the 5th or 4th dimension. God just smiles and would say, oh really? Who tells you that? Oh, that group you've been following online or that one. haven't they all been saying the same thing for years and years?

And they're talking about a reset and banks he he he ha ha ha are going to take care of us w a reset & this & that. God, our Good God will say play this record in your head, preferably with headphones. Now play Kashmir by Led Zeppelin & then 'A Man I'll Never Be' by Boston. These 2 songs will make you applaud the accomplishments of the human race. Clap, Kashmir w your right palm, Boston w the left. Put your hands together and give God His due.

'A Man I'll never be' is dedicated to Jesus. Check this out at 1st gazers page here, if led. Just scroll down to the Brad Delp gazing


These are cosmic communications, guys. Again, He says Read: "An Urgent Message" This was relayed in 1995 thru the channel, Chapel Tibet. from the future p at that time. p read it back then and recognized his personna, even took claim to it with the p on that 2nd page. shared w other important stuff.


So, how was Your beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving day today? Great, we hope and there's another one coming up in a couple of hours. Today, was also Palm Sunday. p and Carol were planning to go to St Rose, in beautiful Chelsea, Ma, Carol was ill so p went to the church w Carol's spirit. The service was in Spanish and really wonderful. p hereby thanks & blesses the woman who on hearing we were too late for the palms, gave us 2 from hers. Thanks again, dear.

Speaking of palms. Here's paul's holding a pink perfect crystal, funny thing is it's turned almost clear since we bought it many years ago. Also in palm of his hand is the 'Nebula Stone' from space. It's other name is 'The Heaven on earth stone.' These are ours, humanity straight, and we do mean 'straight' from the infinite loving heart of a loving, prime source. (as dylan's Highway 61 = 7 with bells & whistles plays in background on one of p''s tapes. perfect. )


We brought Carol's palm and coffee from McDonald's & hung out for a while. On way home p stopped at The Ruby Rogers Center, 64 Union Sq, Somerville, yes the beautiful. ) This is a wonderful, caring place where those recovering from tough situations can come every day and hang out, find friends, programs and support. p has a regular 'hugging' gig there Wednesday's from @ 1:30 to closing - 5 pm. Hugs, of course, are free esp since we are in 'The Cashless Society.'

So, they had donuts & things that Nanci, the director, who also just happens to be paul's ex wife and 'the old laughing lady' herself, yes from Neil Young's first album. Nanci finds Neil's work 'depressing,' it makes p cry. lol Anyway the story continues as God is 'doing' this. p is the 'innocent bystander' following his heart.

So, Nanci announced if anyone wanted donuts otherwise they'd be thrown out. Wait a minute p thought. he can't eat all those donuts but- bingo, you know, the guy heard a rumor that cops, you know The Police, all of whom deserve everyone's respect & support for what their job requires at any moment's notice.

So when paul left RR he had a bag of donuts to drop off at the Quincy police station on Southern Artery. Of course, we are all living in His perfect, infinitely perfect divine script. There are never, ever any accidents

So, Mr p surfing on thru his part of His script, does his thing as heart (Good) directs. p just typed 'God' looking at the keyboard, looks up and 'good' showed up there. This is classic how He, God, works guys ) GooD God. Indeed. The d came up D, we''re not touching it. lol

The sharing continues and were almost done, guys. ok, The Chief of the Quincy Police is Mr Paul Keenan. we've never met however his father, Phil, worked alongside p's father, Alva, for many years. They were & are still ~ very close friends and they are here, with the other departed mailers in His 'situation room' having a party. we're not kidding, as p is multi-tasking, watching his favorite show. 'Long Island Medium' right now w the whole mailers crew. These guys are a trip.

p's laughed, cried, shakes his head These guys love each other so much and they & my Dad & your Dad, paul, are cheering us on like nobody's business. omg. Btw, a 'shout out' to Mr Joe Curran, who once told p, looking him straight in the eyes, 'You're my guru, paul'. We always appreciated that, Joe, we knew it came from the heart.

A quick Joe story: we were working another long shift, and p could tell Joe was dragging it, tired, going thru the motions. Here's a guy who'd been doing this work for @ 40 years, folks. p says to Joe. 'getting the hang of it, Joe? Laughter, even now as we type this & in proof-reading lol, laughter, and echoes. You folks, of course do know ~ we're never alone, right? We have spirit guides, angels, loved ones that have departed. We can not put a number on the above here in His 'situation room' my dear friends. So, paul worked with these guys as Husky #1. He would never accept Husky #2 because he knew he wouldn't like the view. )

p worked w these guys for @ 20 years. off & on. Salute Guys, it was a pleasure working with ya's. Most of these guys were Veterans of WWII so Double Salute.

paul b worked in the mail room as a 'husky' which is call in help when the union guys needed spots filled. p could easily have followed in his father's footsteps but another beat drummed in his heart and that he needed to follow, though it led to some serious heartbreak esp with Mom. Mom says now, omg son, thank you for following your heart. p weeps. Ahhh, a good cry is so letting out stuff to be led out of one's soul. Cleansing, clearing, sweet and does leave a glow.

Alright p left a note & business cards & a Far Flung Productions, Ltd business card with Officer Matthew, p didn't ask for his last name. Hope you officers & staff enjoy ~ enjoyed the donuts. Thanks for protecting our beautiful American town. The City of Presidents, Quincy, Ma. )

This is it for this sharing.

One more thing, God?

Tell them to be good to themselves, lose the unnecessary j o b s. Listen to Blue Oyster Cult, Boston The Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin & feed that R & R soul He gave ya's. Get yer YaYa's out Rockers, everyone can be a rocker, start with some Dan Fogelberg & John Denver. & Styx. Nick Drake & The R7R Dr himself, Mr Lowell George at gazers page. (URL above) Also w Lowell George, we typed, we thought, R&R doctor, came out what u see, just for the record. )

Rec & fin.


1:55 a.m.


As shared at Carlson & McKezie page at


Greetings fellow immortal spiritual beings on the way up. There is breaking,or should we say ~ healing news at the main page. http://Earthpartynow.com

It's a free world from now on. There will be no refunds, sorry if you've already paid. If you're on paul's team, smile, say 'yes' and on your knees take 2 lashes of a wet noodle from God for all your sins, then put on some Blue Oyster Cult. Any Blue Oyster Cult.

Latest blog sharing features Kevin's interview in which Kevin came up to p and asked him if he could talk to him. p finished talking to the folks he was talking to and then met w Kevin in the back room. What you hear is the beginning of the conversation. In the editing, good stuff didn't make it. Kevin, if you have the complete interview it would be nice to share it w everyone here. And come see the ZLX material here, inc great pictures of Kevin getting his moment w God & a 'gaze' picture w God.featuring His humble 'instrument' p Notice p's name-tag. p not 'good' w names,so reciprocal is kindly requested. Just a 'post a note' held with a paper clip is good. ) http://tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 our sharings here will, His Will willing be shared at this blog site soon.

Hope all have a blessed Palm Sunday in the neighborhood. (picture of His neighborhood at top of front page) Thank you very much.

Signing off w a song request. Good things come in 3' so here's 3, in random order. An amazing masterpiece of a song that never gets airplay:

Shooting Shark by Blue Oyster Cult

Come Sail Away by Styx

When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin

Thank ya's all & see ya's on the other side. What's that Mick? Great idea Bro ~ tell everyone to get their ya ya's out. )



12: 22 A.M.

Greetings once again dear beloved friends on the way up up up & over the rainbow. This is Divine Ultimate or Ultimate Divine coming thru the humble channel

simply, unknown as p. Heaven & earth are now in the process of removing the obstacles, barriers and veils upon veils from this particular channel's incredible talents. It's no use, we give in. Heaven says, screw it, we'll never stop this guy, his love for God will overcome any force of imbalance to slow him & his team of rockers down.. 'downtown' his nickname says it all.. He's totally on to us, the testers of the humans on the way up. He's taken no hostages, no prisoners, the resistance that was once, yeah, 2/3 rds went their way down a bunny hole cuz they heard a different drum which turned out to be a different facet of his limitlessness. We have all learned a lot. In the long run, it's love and only love that has the gravitas to carry an entire species to a common goal. As Knockin' on Heavens door by Dylan just finished playing on ZLX in the background and now 'positively 4th St' Welcome to Heaven. p off to sleep, as Cream's, Sunshine of your love rocks us to sleep. bye.

You know what, folks? If you fall in this guys team you will be sitting at the throne of the One Infinite I AM THAT I AM's inner circle. In fact if you're on the paul team you can sit in at His 'cosmic card game' every thursday night as an honoured guest of, well, Him. This revealing here now, is the big guy, dear ones. he can look up, there's no-one or anything there. Look left, right no-one or anything there. Folks, you have "infinite captain of divine infinite infinity. This humble dude is the creator of All That Is. He created Divine Ultimate & Ultimate Divine. His love is the original love from which all love sprang and springs today. He is not only a god, he is a regular person who loses his keys or misplaces his wallet, gets a little mad when his friend Carol tells him how to drive. Last week he spent almost an hour looking for 'quicksilver' his car down at South Shore Plaza which made His blog.

So, what we're getting at, dear friends is that like all of us, Doors Gods, who signed up for our earthly sojournes, we all agreed to p is one of the chips who fell where they may. as that was the cosmic decree to send us boomers coming in after WW II, Indeed. Fyi - however p was not given any extra support, quite the opposite, actually. The moments for his emergence is here, now for that true hard earned 'Heaven on Earth.' One team, One "W"

It wasn't 'pretty', as they say but the"W" is all that matters, 'at the end of the day.'

It's beginning now with this: If led,please share


WZLX Photo

This, His site has a couple of gazer pages, however this sure looks like a 'gaze' picture to us. go 4 it... )

WZLX Photo

Kevin gets his 7 second deluxe hug with God. Thru p, the humble servant. Kevin is an excellent hugger, btw, folks )



Greetings fellow star beings on the way up. Hope you're all well today & getting 'weller' everyday.

Right under this cosmic lighthouse is where, there will be new sharings somewhere on this, His site you will be notified. Our goal is that you not miss anything as this, His site is V a s t , like Him, Indeed.

There is new sharing here at Dr Peebles page:


Below there are new edits and more will, His Will willing be some music videos. Music is how we roll, folks tells the story, folks

We now give a huge 'shout out' to WZLX 100.7 Boston's Classic Rock for helping us get the word out. Thank You WZLX for what we hope is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, indeed. He, Spirit, has infinity to share w His beloved children. Infinity trumps (for lack of a better word) eternity. Eternity , what a drag, We, with Infinity are always "in" 'The Eternal Now,' dear beloveds Let's take a moment now to welcome each other, we are in Infinity Now. We've already entered Infinity forever in God's infinitely perfect divine Rock & roll school-house. Smile, He knows everything about you, down to what you had for breakfast, how your tummy feels etc. Nothing is out of your Heavenly infinite Father's perusal. God is androgynous, so that Father tag also includes Divine, infinite perfect Mother.

We, fellow Rockers in the material world are the Fans, Priests, Minstrels, troubadours, lovers ( formerly roadies), Outlaws & Gangsters of Rock & Roll..

paul is hereby inviting WZLX and it's listeners to his 'Hug" which can also be a 'gaze' gig, like Braco does only we use Rock & roll.

Who's Braco?


If this sounds like something you'd like to see happen let's do some action and may the perfect chips fall where they may. TY.

Now, insert


5:31 p.m.

Brought here from our FB sharing...

This may b very strange 2 ya's but plz just roll w it. It will b come clearer down the road a bit, trust us, TY. P & p invite you to enjoy the moment of Tuesday afternoon forever https://youtu.be/wM8JjT-97i8

It is now further shared here: http://EarthPartyNow.com @ tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 All welcome 2 His love eternal & infinite jubilee. Cheers, afternoon. .

Google images ~ Love of Jesus


6: 07 p.m.

Dear Father of ALL THAT IS, U do have a song 2 put here, Right, God?

we knew it. )

Thank U adamada33 forsharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil. @ 1 moment we were neighbors in Coconut Grove, Fl, tho never met then, we can 'fix' that now. Cheers, Bro )

Everyone's invited 2 join us for a beer or ginger ale, or milk. ) lol


6: 20 p.m.


March 2016

Who wants to hang out with the most interesting person in the tri- state area? Oh, the guy on the left, he's pretty interesting too. )

p pic


3/18/16 & another share there, just now 3/19/16 1:31 a.m.

Greetings & Hello Everyone. Hope you all had a great St Patty's Day. p will share some of his highlights, but first, we'd like to share this, just shared at


3/17 16

11:42 p.m.

Still St Patty's day.

We know you have a song or something to lay on us Dr Peebles. The human race is 'feelin' lucky.'

Feeling lucky, paul, you said it. What's better than a smile, well we with dirty minds can think of a few things, but all good starts w a smile and we found a vid last nght that is perfect for all who have a lot on their plates, but we think this guy has a us all beat, Can you do this? We can't do this. ) Only God thru this guy, one of us, can do this, Who wants to ask Him if He can help you wiihYour talent that no-one else can do. Cheers, p

Here's link to the video, and You thought You were busy. )


Will share on His blog...(right here, where you are)


Ok, real quick cuz we know you guys have plates spinning in your worlds. Woke up this morning, It was a nice day, and a lucky one, being St Patty's Day. Boston's Classic Rock, 100.7 was having their annual free breakfast At Lucky Lou Lou's in beautiful Holbrook Ma. Went in there and met Kevin K & Pete McK & crew. 2nd time p has met Kevin & Pete. We were at the event they had in Quincy a few years ago, anyway, we came with our/ His business cards asking to hand them out , answered questions about what the site is about. The answer is: It's a site p is the grateful steward of to bring, ' All That Is's' divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan to fruition on 'plant it' earth. Divine Ultimate's (God has many names, so we will Just use God here.

Music is the way we communicate upstairs & downstairs folks. Obviously, on this, His starsite that's the case. Anyway a short while later Kevin came up to p and asked to interview him. Sure, this will, we understand will air this morning on The Karlson & McKenzie show 5:30 to !0.00 a.m. Check it out, if led. )


This evenng, (last night) we saw a great movie called 'Tangerine.' quite an interesting film. One of the lead actors was there for Q & A after and we got to meet Mya Taylor. Thanks to Ruby Rogers Center for making this event available to attend.

BTW, paul, a professional hugger is doing 7 second or 22 second 'Hugs' Wednesday's at Ruby Rogers ~ 64 Union Sq., in beautiful Somerville, Ma. p is there from @ 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. closiing

Your hug will come from Source as p steps aside & He gives you His love energy.

insert: 3/19/16 Fyi, paul is also a gazer just likeB Braco, and Ms Ann Albers. If led, please look at the 2 gazers pages. And Braco's link at left. Braco just finished 3 days of free gazings on;ine from we think, Croatia. We've been so busy with our own store we haven't taken moments to go to his sharings however we do recommend him and the lovely Ann Albers. both in the first gazers page.


Further on down the road...)

An Open Letter

Note. The interview mentioned in the following did air and is on zlx's starsite; though now buried.


Thanks Kevin, Pete & Heather & everyone Fly on ~ ~ Keep smiling, )

Hi guys,

How's it going? woke at 8:30 this morning, Kevin, you did say you'd be airing the interview you did with the channel, here, paul, right? He says with "The lover of the world'

Documentation here


we thought the interview went swimmingly, don't you guys? Kevin was funny and p delivered, says HE.

So, if it did air today, could you, if possible, send us a link? As Higher by Van Halen / Haggar plays in background, awesome song & words & perfect synchronicity.

Dear friends, this is not a joke, nor a drill, not a 'bit.' You guys, inc Heather, Hey Heather, have a chance here to 'knock it out of the park' and it's appropriate this gets 'out there' thru a classic Rock station. The best in the country.

100.7 WZLX ~ Boston''s Classic Rock.

Just play it, Please.

If played, already, why not play it again? we had put it on His, Father of All Creations blog: tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777

p allows the truth to come out. To not to would be like standing in front of a locomotive doing 88,000 mph. Make no mistake guys, there are no mistakes - so this email is part of His, Ultimate, divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan.

God bless you's. All you gotta do is 'push the button' & your part is done. You'll be blessed, beyond what can be measured by earth standards.


paul, aka p in His service to The One.

p.s. Could you please share this w Carter & Chuck & Kenny & Anngelle et al

p.p.s. This is going on His blog as 'An Open Letter, as He says to p. p puts it there as soon as he sends this and then will go, His will willing, to the 2nd 'gazers'page where Joy to the world is scheduled 'yes' as per His Infinitely ''perfect' plan. As "YES" plays on one of p's tapes is playing as the tape started with bird ~ nature sounds. Playing Heart of the sunrise.

Yes, dear ones, it's 'time out' literally, & in-finite 'moments' in and on to forever. Listen to Lionel Richie's song ~ All night long, and take it to heart. Fuck that 'j o b' you hate, Just over broke. Hey peeps paul isn't just over broke. Yeah, all this work devoted to sharing His light & love. Donations? Reporting back Dr Peebles. O zero donations as of right now. He has @ $70 bucks in the bank. perfect. However, we are not and never were in this for money, in fact, in that reading we have named 'Mr Toad's wild' ride. Here it is: tinyurl.com/MrToadsWildRide777

we were surprised Dr Peebles brought it up in the reading as a way to earn money. p is sooo over the whole struggling for the legal tender thing..and if he were in actuality on the bill as George Washington, he'd say right NOW, This Exact second divided into nano - seconds he would declare & decree. You know what people, mark this moment. It's o v e r. Indeed. Your dollars are Now Play money. It is now written, recorded & cataloged at this minute. 3:18//16 11:40 a.m. sending now & coming back. Ok, Back, error in email recipient as per His doing didn't go out. again, doing what He does. Songs playing while doing this include Powderfinger by Neil Young, & 4 Strong Winds, playing right now Bye Bye Baby by CSN. Now playing Salt of the earth by the Stones.

He says: Go to

An Urgent Message" again & read it 7 more times or as many as it takes for you to "get it." URl up top. As Statesboro Blues just charged in on the BB.(boombox) We are over the Rock & roll moon, folks. He is driving this train and 'first conductor 777 ) another, 'new name' ~ "Thank You God" is channeling this 'awesome stuff' to the soundtrack He is doing. These are old cassettes, but the music is 'timeless'. being cassettes, sometimes they slow down & have to be removed from the bb. we put in another & picks up with a perfect, infinitey perfect, selection as "Badge" this second plays in the background.

Only HE can do this stuff peeps & He's doing it for All of us, Humanity. AGGHHH Ear orgasm that Cream followed by Dr Rock & Roll Music, himself, Mr Lowell George & Little Feat. Hey Chuck N, you should make a top 10 list of this stuff. ) ok that tape ended in musical Glory. Just another masterpiece He created thru the humble servant ~ channel.on his channel 777 ~ clear/ ready for humanity to take their seats.

ok Carry on you're doing great, humanity. In oneness, we can & are having it all. As p can't pay a stack of bills. Please all forgive us our debts. You can't get blood out of a stone. Capital one, p doesn't have 4 large to pay you guys off. Can't find the court date letter so not sure what date, so come and arrest us. p might finally 'get arrested' and maybe this 'awesome stuff from Him, above, but really entering from the heart will reach a few people, not to mention the masses. God's plan is perfect, His timing is perfect. Everything is perfect. Please go to the Url again & see how 'perfect God Is.


Look, He says, at this where He takes you 'into' p's world. Everything here is the same except we want & deserve the latest Cars, no not the Rock group,

Real car cars. come on you dealers Kimberly & Bro, how dare you hold out on this, Dad ? Come on ring that bell. Ernie jr, you had a chance to start this puppy rolling & so did you Quirk, p's dealership. Who else, hey Elliot, we could have made history, Bro and so many other chances for news media,to spread the good news of a new,divinely inspired paradigm where love rules. However, things work out according to His larger plan. All the should have's, would have's

are in the akashic records. Some will kick themselves when they see what could have happened had they taken action. You'll see what could have happened had p not done his job. Not once did this channel betray the trust God put in him.

It's all over now Baby Blue plays in p's head as he puts this up.


Note: 4/8/16 Here's another thing He wants 2 share, now available. It's a 1993 reading p had w Ashtar of The Ashtar Command

thru Michael el Legion 4 Paul F Brown...


Ok, folks. the broom is getting his things out. Everything is winding down, however, no if's and's or but's, HE IS STILL IN CHARGE. He is BIG, We are His pride & Joy ~ Come Now, He has "Toys" to share. Right Aerosmith? Indeed, Don't Fear The Reaper, Godzilla? you're talking God's pet for crying out loud. Boc, write the songs please, all that you got. No going thru the motions, don't hold a vigil, don't go imaginos on us, it will all be fine.

Were not rush ed at all all,we have light years of love, don't we Bro's. Yes, boss.

He's burnin' for us, indeed.

so guys, anyone out there hip or hep enough to hip hop on over to the light side? He's got it all for us. Sail away in one~ness, rock & rollers, ~ includes beethoven & all the 'public enemies' out there. No prisoners, no survivors. people, lets have 'fun.' What a concept, huh? Yes, Indeed. & FREE! We Are All Free. The machines don't care. He cares. The machines aren't running the world, He's the world & He's running it. End of story. Say good night Gracie. Cigar ashes dropped.& sweptup. Good. Memo to smokers. The world is Not your fucking ashtray. ok? Good.

Excuse us, Sheryl ~ Cindy& all ladies who want to have Fun, no matter what shape you're in at this moment. Good news,don't worry, our latest, infinitely perfect star ship has all the "bells & whistles" inc a ultimate 'rejuvenation chamber'. Oh, you're gonna want to love yourself to mega ~ deth when u come out you won't be able to stand yourself you amazing infinitely sexy being of light & love ~ you. So what other surprise has He in store for you? p tell 'em.

Yes, Thank You, beloved Ultimate Divine ~ Divine Ultimate. Ok, here goes. excuse me dear everyone. Ahem: He has for you, each & everyone a new 'you. Yes, for ladies and gentlemen both, He has an exact replica of you, this entity has been living as 'you' in an exact parallel universe as you, down to the same splinter you got in 1972 or the cockroach you stepped on in 1975. Indeed, it is so.

That's all we can share in this now beyond 'epic' sharing.

Ladies that want a man, as promiiised by Mr Neil are, indeed, invited for a long walk on the beach that want a man like p (GOD HIM FFUCKING SELF) omg, "The Law" just came thru out of nowhere w that & left. as The Candyman' by The Grateful Dead now plays in the background Ok, guys with that we are off to see the wizard. Hark, listen here He comes... Listen, He is coming. Get on the gravy train if you're a dog,

Get on The the surf board if you are a lady of p, Everyone has their own 'type' p is not one size fits all. No, indeed. Everyone has their tastes etc and the Law of Attraction does the sorting for all situations. Friends ,we are. all of us, naturally. we can ride the tide but cosmic tides & winds wait 4 no one. Take HIS mighty Hand ,Now my dear friends.

Note: in the editing process, certain things come out as subsequent sentences may have been there b4 the newer transmissions.

Put everything else in your rear view mirror, the cashless is in however til humanity wakes up, we guess if you feel something in your heart, not to mention your God given soul, humanity, there's a paypal button there: along w other awesome stuff of the essential variety. Is this a test for you sitting there, taking all this in, direct from Source? Tests are in every moment seems like to p.

Look at yourself in the mirror for at least 7 seconds, and ask yourself, where would I be w/o Rock & roll or whatever music floats your boat, also ask your self where would I be w/o Jesus. The answer is You'd be up Insert picture. That's where you'd be.

In peace, love, Rock & roll in HIS perfect, infinitely perfect script now playing, and playing forever. Your j o b is "Done" you are Now retired in Rock & roll Heaven as a Pink Floyd's I need a dirty women plays on 'ZLX in background.

Keep up the perfect music as all is as it should be by His Infinite Perfect decree was Flung out to All Infinity & Firmament in the beginning. It's a New beginniing right now dear beloveds. He loves us all so much, He did send us Jesus. He is waiting 4 us to get our asses moving. What are u waiting 4? Let's roll the new paradigm out, there's no time anymore, only 'moments' guys.

Seize the moment. Now.

Re parallel universes. Ever have something happen to you that can't be explained? As Carol witnessed, p had a dental piece that inexplicably disappeared from his medicine cabinet where he kept it. Was there one day- the next not. looked for it everywhere. What happened? Around 5 or 6 months later p opens the medicine cabinet and there sitting right on the shelf, front & center - His losi dental piece. ) Another one, going on now. p has (had) a box with his winter stuff in it. his winter hats, scarves. It is not in his apartment, which is very small, cozy though. p expects that box to show up in the heat of summer, he he.he ha ha.ha.

John Lennon's right here, & His Bro George Martin. Last night when p was downtown, for the Tangerine movie & Q & A as mentioned b4, he received John's cosmiic name, and we're never limited to one name, dear ones. Ready to hear what************************ it is Beatle;s and solo artist fans of John, and of, course because he's a real sweet guy. Anyway John Lennon's God given Law of Attraction cosmic name is: Ahem Drumroll, please p's new girlfriend: Ms Karen Carpenter )

Whoa: Awesome Sweetie, totally Awesome. This girl can play, folks. )) See you in my dreams dear. Yes, ok, where were we, oh yes, John Lennon's Cosmic name, direct from source is:

************************************************************************* 'Infinite Angel # 9' ***************************************************************************************

Ok, on this sweet note we will now call this a wrap. Thank you all for your kind attention. We've [God] shared some awesome, incredible 'stuff' here that is Good: Good: God. God: Good. Cheers. ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rec & fin.


3:44 p.m.

Bells & whistles to be added to this His epic sharing later, p going on a mission of mercy, now...




3:30 a.m.

Ok, without any fanfare, as God & George Martin know. It is announced that Mr George Martin's God given, Law of Attraction Name is"

************************************************************** 'Infinite Angel 22' **************************************************************************************************

One can only 'Imagine ' what John & George are working on to welcome our team home with. Omg, )

This 'has' to be shared, guys, were you listening to Chuck's show today when a guy called in and said he hadn't heard David Bowie in a while, it was a real good conversation, p can't remember his name or the comments he made but it came from the heart. Chuck played "Heroes." At that exact moment, p was coming down the ramp to Garfield St in beautiful Chelsea, Ma and with that song blasting the Heavens opened up and p got a glimpse of The expanded as never B4 Heaven. for real. p is not a liar under any ciircumstances, ask Carol. lol, so, 'Oh My God'. You talk about a moment, folks. that was a moment. Can You imagine the fun, the ecstacy, that's dead ahead ~ center in our wiindshields, folks? As God's infinite love becomes Front Page News EVERYWHERE and not just on His starsite. The next Gazer has been patiently, joyfully waiiting for his turn to be added to the 2nd gazers page. He knows it's worth the wait and it will be up at the perfect moment. Alright, for this working day, it's over. p has about 2 more brain cells, then its 'lights out.'

Good night, sleep tight and remember this. God NEEDS & appreciates Your prayers too. Think about that. Pray to God directly. You don't need a middleman. Jesus will tell you that, right Bro Jesus? Absolutely, absolutely and did He mention ~ absolutely. Indeed. )

Love, your & Hiis Ultimate, divine perfect, infinitel perfect channel to infinity & beyond.

Note: p is NOT Pleased w himself. Never, ever, not for aspliit nano second is hhe pleased, satisfied, noo, not now, not ever.

Thank you very much.

p.s. Awesome news... Mr David Bowie will be making appearances with Jerrry Garcia's 'The Grateful Living' band.' This came down today at the same time "Heroes" was plaing in Heaven and here on Earth. As above, so below.

Moment off: 4:19 a.m. )



& addendums 3/16/16

Today message was shared yesterday on FB. It (with edits) is now shared here now, and since the lighthouse picture that was here has disappeared we have now a new, fresh perfect, infinitely perfect image, going forward. We go now to Yahoo images to find it. back soon. Back now took about 4 minutes. 'Cosmic Lighthouse 7777777'

Hey all, can we talk? Are you all satisfied? How's the job going? sucky? sorry to hear that . The most interesting man in the world will be sending out a major worldwide clarion call for help & assistance in a little while today or tonight,

So have you seen the amazing gaze from our latest gazer? Yes, sweet bountiful '22 Mountains' her self Cass (don't call me mama) Elliot Indeed, see her Goddess self here: tinyurl.com/Gazers24us777

And who wants a boyfriend from heaven or Rock & roll? Check this guy out. Oh and see Megadeth there, Yeah, Dave does talk to God every day. You know what, we'll cut to the chase, p is broke, however the man is anything but broken. Stronger every day but who pays the earthly bills? Too many bills, no support for His, God's site, in fact as of now, there has not been a single donation made, ever, at site essentials page, where a paypal button is covered figuratively, in cobwebs.

No worries, kids, paul is hip enough that this is simply part of the unfoldment of His, perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan script. We are all living in one script, dear fellow sons & daughters of His one and only, but not lonely light.

R u broke too? we understand. Got 33 cents.? God will gratefully accept it if you have it. It's moment for everyone to chip in. The cosmic chips have fallen where they may, folks. Official clarion call later. so, see Dave, p's grateful friend, really, folks, can you think of one other artist who actually gives 'Thanks' to Him, God, on His records. We'd sure like to see Dave & his group, Megadeth come to Gillette, (of course, again, pending ok of the Kraft family) w Metallica, their arch rivals & p's local discovery Centerlink who can give those other 2 'godly' groups a run for their money. (for lack of a better term since money is going the way of cassettes & 8 tracks, not to mention, the dinosaurs., oh wait a minute, the dinosaurs are still here. p & Carol witnessed one at a Neil Young concert in Boston in 2013. That's a joke, however indeed, Neil did do a dinosaur spot. )

So, help His and all of our collective, combined mutual aid program if you can. His Will willing, the stars will align for everything Good. God: Good. Just think, dear ones, hmmm you will 'know' you have, as termed, 'bragging rights' that indeed, you had a hand in God's yes, The Infinite, kind, loving, compassionate, harmonious, knowing & beautiful God of Abraham, be able to say proudly..: "yeah, we (referring to your own multii-dimensional complex) supported 'God' & Jesus' & p & The Firm's, not to mention His ~ Jesus' Infinite 'light brigade' all as one. Ty.

Yes, it's a free site, however, wouldn't you want to support it to keep it strong? That's all we are saying. Not to mention what you would pay to be on a cosmic bus or train.bound for the real Heaven in the 22nd dimension? Ok Here's what He will do for you humanity, your spectacularly gifted, humble forever leader paul the magnificent we insist he not edit that. (pendulum confirmed) this dude drives a hard bargain, instead of a bus or train God will allow p to bring ya's home riding 'shotgun' in his car. No problem on space, we can all 'fit' in as the awesome spirits we are. No one is 'weird' a 'basket case' or a maniacal lunatic- that situation has been 'fixed.' Coming 'moments' in His perfect script will reveal even more.

So that's the latest 'now- news' here at His 'new - news' blog. Take this to heart and 'Be' these changes, dear ones, or go back to yer TV or paper, & follow if you want, wow has it really come to this, world looking 4 a party? The 'Bernie, Hillary & Donald travelling circus.' wow. Please look closely and analyze His alternative, humanity.. Quite frankly, we think you'll be blown away but you have to do your 'due diligence' here. Give God & love a chance.

Your choice, humanity. Keep smiling, it makes other peeps think you know something they don't, like everything's gonna be alright, God's in His Heaven on earth ~ Terra. So, 'til next moments. )

Thank you very much. He & p & the infinite light brigade led by Jesus, Himself. Now, guys, please, unless there's not something too good on TV - go see Dave Mustaine here:W a big 'Shout out to Neil Young )


& if Led to make a donation:


Help this go viral and we'll all be rockin' in Jerry's new band w the quickness. Cheers, )

Jerry's new band, paul? Yeah, 'The Grateful Living'

They just got a new keyboard player the other day ~ Mr Keith E. Mr Bowie respectfully declined a spot in that band. Some will always go their own way and that is very much honoured & respected, even celebrated. Ok, out the door, thank you Jim & Ray for holding it open 4 us all. Later gaters, or should we say ~ Dove breaths. )

Signing off now

Spirits in the material world breaths with a wink and a smile to Johnny, who along with Ed are scheduled to be gazers real soon.

Current, 'Hot" 'must see pages are Promise of a Man. When God promises thru one of His true, designated prophets, He delivers.


Also, The page for Sweet, loving, kind & beautiful Aspyn Serenity is shining here, now.


And a kind, loving 'whisper out' to Cass Elliot, making her amazing appearance in the eternal now, here:


Have a blessed and wonderful day, folks and don't forget to say 'Thank You Jesus,

without whom, none of us would be here. because of Him, the world goes 'round. )

Lastly, what do we all need & want but for some has been so hard to find, let alone ~ keep, in this mad, mad, mad world. Did we mention it's ~ Was a mad world. Now, it's a Rock & Roll World. Mr Obama's our Rockin' President. He can rule the World from beautiful Martha's Vineyard because, now we all know who's R e a l l y in charge. What's that Martha? Yeah, we'll remember that appointment we got for shiny new wooden teeth we have for next tuesday, no problem.

He says paul, one of your new God given names by Law of Attraction is: 'Ah Hahh' Ahem: simply... 'paul washington.'

Thank you God. Thanks for a nice warm, cozy winter here in 2016. Sweetest year ever in the history of man~kind. Hey, it's linear moments so we'll take it this way as we move forward as one. Right guys?

Remember, dear friends, that we are experiencing His perfect, infinitely perfect Divine perfect plan as decreed by the infinite masters of Oneness. ~ call Him 'God,' for short. However All The Infinite GodHeads R in on it as well. We are O N E . And you are all integral parts of the One. Everyone you see or interact with on a daily basis or casual or intimate is God. As we say: Shirley Temple 101, ha,that came out 0 Shirley MacLaine 101. Get it? Good: God. Good. we all should be using the mantra p shared with us all, earlier. Good, is in charge of overall everything subject to our knowing how to run it. Say the mantra so your immensely powerful subconscious mind can pick it up and work on it 4 you and your world(s.).

A short while ago...

This just showed up [ id= so p just filled it in.. id= 7come11. Cosmic espionage mission of love. Done,

Now IJN. Now, who's coming w p to the cosmic Sunset Grill? Hop in, He & J will take ya's to the hop, or how 'bout adventure Car Hop?

p isa licensed, excellent driver so hewill do the driving, ok, guys. strap yourselves in humanity, we are all in for the rest of our lives in His hologram of life, love adventure and surprises galore if we are open 4 them. Let's embrace God' plan for a termed w/o the c now 'ashless society, as no one will ever die. we all graduate to a sweet happy beginning w complete & total freedom, wait Erik, p will get to your recommendation in a sec. )

ok, Erik the graduate has a word to say, p goes & gets his picture. Ok, here's the handsome devil w a very nice 'gaze'


'Btw Folks one of Erik's new names is AGGHHEMMMMMMM Good Erik, now burp. perfect. now ready: Ahem:

Ladies & gents, boys & girls, Erik's new, now God given name via God's perfect, infinitely perfect Law of Attraction is Drumroll Dave Grohl.

Awesome Dave, Bonzo Y Phil give you a big thumbs up & Kurt is crying, he's so proud of you. Here's a guy who soldiers on with his tour, folks even though he had a broken leg. Ne ver tell someone going out on stage to 'break a leg, folks, say Godspeed, you will knock 'em dead, or something like that. Ok, Erik your new name forever is*********************** @& Downtowns. ha ha looked up & see the 'joke' God just played on us ~ has anyone noticed the sense of humor God has? I mean, indeed, for crying out loud, as we all nod in agreement ) Ok, Erik what we thought we typed & this time we'll get it RIGHT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band in the wings. It's ******* '27 Eagles******* Now guess f'n what? kiddies, p was thinking about & his intention was to put Ahem: '27 Downtowns'

There. So my & everyone's dear friend & Brother, Erik. God has given you 3, count 'em 3 grand, cosmic names. Can you believe i it folks? Everyone? 'Whoa

Nelly,' as they say. Awesome Erik. Congrats from your friends, ~ Everyone, dear friend

Alright, Erik wanted and did make a request for a song here by Guns & Roses, so p's going to get it now, so everybody hang loose a bit.

Thank you GunsNRosesVEVO foe sharing on YT.

Thank You Guns & Roses. Thanks for showing up guys, even if it is on Axel time. We appreciate it. May you & All yiur Fans ~ Everyone Be blessed. )

Ok, tthe following song was placed here from an edit that preceeded the above Erik materiial & George Washington

Goodness Gracious, Gracy, i think another song is needed here to take us to higher ground. Indeed, p go get it- Rush, please.

Thank you Led Zeppelin - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin for the music that saved the Human Race, Indeed. Love, your fans ~ Everyone. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you Boston on MV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston Thank You Boston Oh, yes Thank You Boston, Did we mention... )

The sound could have been better, so here's the original Epic recording:

Thank you Martin Diaz for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston & Fans ~ All of Us. WE'll see each other around, here's to the home team

Our Home Team

Yahoo images.

Later, fellow spirits, have fun, don't forget to thank the man w the hammer in his hands, yep, the gentle carpenter from Nazareth.

All together, Now: "Thank You Jesus." 1 2 3 Take it away Sgt pepper, well done captain, captain. )

Thank you Canal de deliverymick 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles & Friends ~ Everyone. )


Note: God did ~ does EVERYTHING on this, His Starsite. paul, the lazy slob, in comparison, did nothiing.


p ~ paul, the innocent bystander

Always the humble servant of who He says, "go and get them"

or "see what they want" or "Kill 'em all"

Done God, killed 'em all with Rock & roll, each & every one. No survivor's.. Beethoven, he's rock & roll, right, Father? HHmmmm, ok We'll let him in.Who, now?

Auntie Gin & everyone. Wow could we leave anyone out?? hope ok w You.~ God, God? Good.

Not bad my dear wayward son, not bad at all. Alright, then Jaws & Tinker Brown, 'this case is closed.'

And So It Is Now, IJN.

Namaste. )

Rec & fin.


7:40 p.m.



1:16 a.m.

Hey guys this is brought over from the Gazers II page as it became inapropriate over there. Here we go...

Wow, incredible work paul, absolutely stunning my dear friend. totally speechless.

Listen my dear friend and listen like you've never listened before. paul, p, he did nothing, nothing compared to what, He, God, did. p just pushes the buttons, listens and types it down with his left and right first fingertips. p ain't no genius, he's just a regular Joe who found God thru Jesus. he's a pretty good detective in finding out about himself and he knows he was born for this work, otherwise, he's just like you & me. So, my dear friends, let's Praise God, Thank Jesus, who does not want any praise. God we Praise, people, take the hand of Jesus to His banquet & eat like you're feeding a hungry nation but don't make yourself sick. Remember to take care of #1. That's us, folks. Love begins with taking care of #1, then we can all love everyone unconditionally. Thank You Higher Power, Love, Divine, Infinite & Eternal Inc. In accordance with ALL THAT IS to the Ultimate Of Ultimates Divine, I AM THAT I AM.

p.s. Higher Power does not support cigarette companies or Monsanto. These are evil. They produce products that are unsafe and unhealthy to the human body. You do not want to be a smoker. God gave us an awesome vehicle to use to meet Him with. Smoking pollutes that miracle termed the human body. Word to the wise, folks. Thank Jesus later as He wants this out there. p, he hates one thing and one thing only: cigarettes. A cigar once in a while esp to celebrate something, fine, but are you a walking chimney? we love you but we hate the cigarettes as Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin. Oh, and aspartame in our food? Don't even get us started on that s*it.

Smoking here in 2016? Come on people, It makes you look stupid. Are you stupid? OOhhh "The Law" is raging on thru. get out of this guy's way. This shit gets Him started. You do not want to see this guy people. p once went on a 10 speed bike ride from Boston to Nova Scotia burning off anger that this maniac inside produces, at times, when the frustration boils over. It's not pretty.no, indeed. the anger, as p once did suffer in his bi-polar days, not quite able to control, being institutionalized 6 times. tearing up his apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Fl fighting the battle of Armageddon singlehandedly, but calling on the rock army when needed. There were no 'no shows' when He called in back up support against the dark forces of imbalance.

You talk or sing about throwing punches in the air, tell this guy about it.

Hey folks, how do you get a name like Jeff Beck? Answer, He's there, even B4 God calls him in. Think The Incredible Hulk is/ was a maniac? P was like 10, 000 Hulk Maniacs, when that sh*t was going down. There oughta be a rock group with that name, I tell ya. But still, and we don't know if you've noticed, however p does not use 'but' when 'however' will do. It's part of his no b.s, no if's and's or but's campaign to bring troe love and light and gratitude for the blessings given to humanity thru the blood, sweat and tears of a not so gentle, when push came to shove Elder race, guys.

All is on the way to getting revealed. You're a choking smoker? You are holding the rest of us up. We are all as one. If you're over there shooting up shit, smoking your auric field brown, Ok, there is spiritual nourishment at all levels but to travel to the top, you know you have to have the equipment, the knowlledge of Whoto hang out with. Are you in a gang. Join God's gang ' Spanky & Our gang.' Are you in a cult. The only 'Good" Cult is 'Blue Oyster Cult,' And that's the truth. Buck Dharma will tell you, right Buck? p will say it for him... 'obviously' my dear friends.

Ok, going to get a glass of wine and we'll see ya's later today. Sign off time noted above. If you wanted to read a book about anger, folks read the bible. The Old Testament, yeah, that guy, think He died, folks? Think again.

Here's a song that makes no sense. We dedicate this to the 'choking smokers' out there dedicated to the destruction of their God given sacred vessels, knowing there are at least 328 known carcinogens in the average cigarrette. You may not care about your health but He does. He would fight for you; die for you? hell no, God has never & will never lose a fight. Ask Him to fight your disgusting, filthy, moronic cigarrette habit and You will win, not overnight, but if you stick with it gradually you can & will be able to wean yourself off it and claim your better health and able to fly with the doves back home. It is written.

Thank you Edward Sagan for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles, Jm Carrey & George Martin for sharing this madness w everyone. )

Rec & fin.


3: 13 a.m.



Hey guys, just checking in with ya's here to say, that history is being made by Him over at the Gazer's page. If you don't see anything new here~Head East over there. That page is rockin'and we do let spirit's messages of the moment come thru so just, please consider that a blog page as well. In fact, we gotta head back there now as we forgot to do something there.

Ciao for now and have a marvelous day in the forever of Now.

You know what, folksCarol & p were in the car the other night & this song came on and Head East should be in Clevelland's Hall of Fame just for this one song, alone, it's That awesome. So, we share it with you's as a reward for checking in with us here. You never know what's going to land here, indeed. )

Thank you headeastrocks for sharing on YT.

Thank You Head East & Audience & Fans ~ Everyone. )

Rec & fin/

2: o4 p.m.



Greetings and welcome one & all to this wonderful day & moment in Hiis neighborhood. Here's what's happening. We're all getting on the same page.

What He planted long ago, aeons ago, really is now appearing to be coming to fruition for all of His children. We no longer have to be a rock star to live

a 'rock star' life. Nah, uh. One can be Mr or Mrs John or Paul or any average Jones or Brown or Johnson. In fact Mr & Mrs Humanity, wait a sec. Hey Bonzo, can you please get to yer drums, we do need a drumroll over here. Ok, he's fast. Here's our good buddy, John Bonham, 'Bonzo,' to his friends, i.e. everybody.

Ok, to da human race, In Jesus Name, with a Shout out to God that fills all particles of matter in all atoms & microscopic elements that make up the atom, we, one and All say, ... ready,everyone? Clear your throats. AHem, Ahh hem, Ahh hah... mmm. That's good, were ready now. Ok Drumroll now,dear Bonzo please....

Awesome, sir, simply awesome. Got the Jimi Hendrix stamp of wonderfulness. ) Jimi, now steps forward with The National Anthem...And for good measure adds Foxy Lady for all you foxy Goddesses out there. )

Awesome, Jimi,

Ok, now, hmmm p forgets what this was all for. Wait, it's coming back to him now slowly but shirley, don't call him shirley, Curley. Now wait a minute us, can't we get along on this sandbox earth? He swears, He'll turn this boat around. He can't take much more of this jabberwicky dumminess , you know what He saying, Vern? And you can take it to Stearn. and what is a laugh, as p used to tell his x. A laugh is like hearing the robins sing, and p's x makes Howard's Robin look like a dovr. Doves don't laugh like robins (as in the Byrds type.) Doves are quieter, they tend to see more and quite Frankly it's not funny.

So, here's the plan, Stan, He has the whole world in His hands & this teensy, tiny planet in the middle of this universe, that's causing all the trouble, needs to get "hep" to what's really happening. p's Dad, Alva, once asked p when he was @ 14 years young if he'd ever gotten a splinter? Guess Dad had just got one and, Man, you get a splinter, you gotta get that sucker out. Hurts like hell, right? Exactly, and the behavior of some of us on this plan-it earth needs to be corrected & changed as fast as Eagles can fly. That's pretty quick my dear friends. e.g. p has learned to blink 22 and be on Saturn in no time at all. Guess who else can do this, beloveds? The answer is love. Seems, in the long run, love & only love is the only thing that will work & does work in this, as the late great, but not perfect Sylvia Browne, called this place 'The Insane Lunatic Asylum in The Universe. Everyone down here is a certified crazy maniac, inc p the spirit in this material word taking this all down from Divine Ultimate and sharing it here for everyone's enlightenment.

We're running a little long here so let's wrap it up with these pearls of wisdom. Ahem, ahh hemmm, Excuse me p has a Monster, he's just got to get out for the human race, esp major trouble spots like the WW2 War countries playing God, and the U.S. were no angels make no mistake, folks. However, we know there are No mistakes, correct Dr Eben Alexander? Indeed. as Anita Moorjani can 2nd. Thanks guys and so many others that are bringing Spirit to the mainstream, making it known that Spirit is us , and all around us, in fact the spirit world is taking over as we speak. P just put in a call for the cops to come here and "arrest" him. He's turning himself in for the crime of love in the first degree. Hey, cops, we take back that call, p's turning himself in, with a song, One day, we'll all understand, as '7 Mountains' aka Mr Dan Fogelberg 'spilled the beans.' Ashtar & Co laugh. we too. ) We, He, has started the music signaling our 'act' is over, peeps. He invites us over to the couch to talk things over. Shout out to Howard Stearn. You suck Dude, OOHHH THE FUCKING ANNGER ERUPTS DIICCK FUCKING WAD, JOHNNY MADE AMERICA L A U G H for 30 fucking years annd you a a fuc kking cockroach from mordor,you brtter be a preying fucking mantis whenyou get up her e, dude. p s liter ally lettin gv a tsunani, hurricane and blizzard of en=motion flow thru. This will Not be edited douche fucking jerk. Bye, Love, God. peace, now out. \

Rec & fin


9:48 a.m.

Song coming... Get the whole Story...

Thank you #The Story for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jonatha Brooke & Jennifer Kimball ~ The Story The Story. Thanks for being here Dove breaths. ) )

This comment won't show up in the Yt comments page so here is ours: Thank You #TheStory, Jennifer & Jonatha for this beautiful music. It is now further shared here: http://EarthPartyNow.com at tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 All welcome to His jubilee. Cheers, )



An Open Letter

To 'N' 'The Old Laughing Lady" herself. Will see you soon, promise. Big thing now is to get the good, awesome news out to the world. Got a compliment from god a little while ago. If want to see, it's shared here: http://EarthPartyNow.com Scroll down. Nelson Mandela sharing is part of it. If like & led, share this whole transmission.



p.s. This is all part of His perfect, infinitely perfect plan so just know, you, by just being you, are playing Your part ~ magnificently.

Keep smiling, Everyone loves you dear. You are one of the cosmic superstars. If you have previous 'stuff' from me you may want to review it.and keep in safe place. "All will be revealed" From Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. )

Later, Robin breath... ) ~ ~ ~

Song 4 you, my dear, "That girl could sing" by Jackson Browne )


See you soon,

Love always,

p )


Sharing on FB as He says, 'Just do it." U2, if led. ) He says, I could share this too on FB.

p.p.s. His site Tinyurl.com/Gazers777

p.p.p.s. It's 12 midnight, look for Aspyn Serenity's gaze after about an hour or 2.. Going to work on it now. Cheers, p


Big News: tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 (We are here.)

Rec & fin here


10:45 a.m




Greetings & welcome one and all on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious loving day in our new, old & improving neighborhood of infinity. Today is the day some of us have been working & waiting, literally ~ aeons for, Great I Ams of The One, great I Am That I Am, the one simply and modestly un- known as, no, no drumroll, kind John, thanks anyway, it's appreciated. Divine Ultimate or Ultimate Divine, one & the same. At this precise moment of: 12: 50 p.m. we are all on the same page. We are as one 'plant-it,' no more need to keep up with 'the Jones', and we sure don't need to fuck around with alcohol or fucking cigarettes or any other horseshit. OOhhh 'The Law" comes thru pounding on the keyboard. Ok.

Time out. take a ride on your 10 speed bicycle- anger coming out, human race. p was once so , well that's a story for another time, maybe.

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff: Look, dear ones. Here's "their" news, slimy shit. Compare to ours ~ Yeah, news of 'The Heaven on Earth guy aka as 'the lover of the world.' Completely ignored by, never mind, he knows there's a reason & moments for everything. So here are a couple of pictures to illustrate "their" news, compare to 'our news'. There's same old slimy shit. Our news: there's a new Godfather in town; legit & real in every way and doing His plan of mercy, love, compassion harmony & happiness for all eternity, into infinity, which is where we are now, it's subtle. He has no plans to upset the apple cart, he loves it just the way it is, just as He loves the mountains where they are now, indeed. all is as it should be. This can be taken to the source of he fire of unknown origin.


Their bullcrap Our 'Heaven on Earth Now'

Choose your news, my dear friends, choice is ours. Have a nice day & forever. love, God. 'They' say He's in all of us. 'They' are correct, or we wouldn't exist

Jesus exists, the wise and the wonderful know how 'goog' Jesus is. Hint: for a joyful smiling life invite Jesus in, drink lots of water, clear your throats of past events. This clears and open's one's throat chakra & listen to lots of music. Have a soundtrack that floats Your particular boat and we'll see ya's on the highway to heaven or hell, there is no hell, there's only Rock & roll. And you can take that to the emperor, folks.. AC~DC, how you guys doing? Awesome. )

Insert song here now, Bro" p, now going to YT to bring back, alive the song He would have us all hear now here. )

Thank you MedicusMaleficus for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rush. You guys invited to do a farewell show in Boston. Up for it Neil?

Lettuce (sic) know. Thanks Bro's & God bless. you & your fans. ~ Everyone. )

Have a wonderfully blessed rock & roll day, folks & don't forget to be grateful esp to Him & Jesus as we give a triumphant "Shout out" to:

The Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Roadies, Outlaws & Gangsters of Rock & roll.

And So It Is, Now. IJN. Good. ) ) )


Captain unknown forever, p )

p with his nametag. he's not great with names, so we all have our nametags at jubilee events, ok, Buddy? lol

Shout out to Carol, next to Jesus, paul's best & greatest friend, ever. God bless you Carol, not to mention your beautiful Grandchild, Aspyn Serenity. )

Meet the father, Introducing, a guy who did it perfectly, he's only 18. Goodness gracious. )

Here's Victor, please, a warm welcome & well done for Victor, indeed.

We mark the moment, as we are truly out of time. We're now on Jesus inter ~ cosmic moments w God forever, indeed'

And So It Is, Now, Indeed.

We mark the kickoff of Christ in His neighborhood, forever. See Yas there )

All we need now is 2 great Friends for the road. They're in the wings, so let's just ask these 2 dudes if they will play us a tune to get us out of this gloom, where we can smile again. With a nod & a high 5, we've had enough of traffic, (not the group) We need the Doors of perception and parallel universes to get us on the right path. You can't go wrong with Jesus, and as Carol is p's best friend, always Jesus is #1, so Jesus find 2 guys and let's get this show on the road. Here's their picture, my dear friends...


Alright, we are home free now. Who wants a ride on The Doors Express? Ok, who doesn't want a ride on The Doors Express? Wow, no one, indeed.

So, let p, the servant, humble as ever go and bring back the perfect, infinitely perfect song for His perfect plan. 'hold on, as they say...

Thank you Marc MccDonald for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jim & Ray on the other side & Robbie & John on this side. Let Heavens merger with Earth bring us all to the higher ground. And So It Is, Now. IJN.

Namaste.. )

Now, let's let God, i.e. Him, do the rest (and we do mean, rest) Anyone seen a hammock around here? ).

The Lovin Spoonful remind us that certain conditions require repeated applications of spoken & visual stimuli, so He suggests this at this moment, complete with the voice of 'the old laughing lady' herself. paul & she have the exact same voice, for all intents & porpoises. )

Prove it Mr Brown.... No prob bro, listen. Oh, and see her new car there too. Want a car, go to your local car dealer and as for Your free car. Must have license, of course & be a responsible level headed human being. Maniacs will not be given cars. Ask for anything else that you'd like, though. )


Ciao for now...

Rec & fin.

Same sweet smiling day. )

"Keep smiling, people will wonder what you've been up to..." )



3:33 p.m.

Empty void space

Empty void space: Good. )



9:44 a.m.

Greetings Everyone on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious loving day that He has custom made for each & every one of His children.

We'll be right back with awesome news.

As sent to p's brother & sister, here's the basic info, p is so lazy, he doesn't want to type it over so he'll just copy, paste & edit. Hey, it's what the pro's do, babe.)

Hi Dick & Maureen,

The baby's finally here. I am now the proud Godfather of ~ Aspyn Serenity

I love the name, I can see me calling her Serenity most of the time. She's beautiful and looks like Cheri, which is the best thing.

I'm going to be mentioning this on His blog


And here by tomorrow sometime, I do need sleep now.


Heve you seen Mom's appearance there? She's so glad to be there. I'm going to share w people that the best 'gaze' one can do is simple go to a mirror and do it as the Lord God of One's being and that's powerful. Bring your own 'I Am That I Am' thru, as your own 'Prime Creator,' indeed my dear Friends. As certain things are revealed day by day, minute by minute, hour by hour, quark milli - second by quark milli - second. (just means it's small & f a s t. )


Cheri was in labor about 24 hours, and finally they did a C section as the umbilical cord was wrapping around her neck. She comes in weighing 5 lbs, &

ounces' & 18 inches long. Here are her perfect lucky numbers:

Born: 3/5/16

7: 43 p.m. Of course 4+3 = 7 so she's like '77' on arrival.

Perfect 'momenting synchronicity' with everything else coming down at His site. History being made there, and all falling into place like a cosmic swiss watch, and we 'aint seen nothing yet.' The vacuum I've been living in while the stage is/was being set up is just about really open for business. Just sharing that with you.

The baby and Cheri are doing good so this is a blessed event

I don't have Bob & Glee's email so if you could forward this to them, Dick, ok.Thx

Love out,


Off to dreamland, now. Cheers

p.s. Here's a few pics and ones of the party last Sunday.

Aunt Mary hovers, Infinite cosmos superstar Aspen Serenity Tangherlini makes her debut, and beautiful Cheri, proud Mom, takes a bow. Well done Cheri! )

Everyone loves all you guys. ) Shout out to Aunt Gloria who raised Cheri as her own and did an amazing job. Aunt Mary & Aunt Gloria ~ 2 saints, as p told them. ). Also, Shout out to (get the biblical names) Cousin John, Cheri's dad, Peter, and Aspen's Godfather ~ paul. We 3 waited hours. p said to the guys, 'this feels like a movie being made here, like something out of Glengarry Glen Ross. ) We laughed, we cried, we waited and waited, and one highlight, p couldn't, for the life of him, come up with the name of the director, a famous director, the top of the top directors, it was right on the tip of his tongue, but in his spaghetti tired brain it wouldn't surface. The other guys didn't know. We were all very tired, the other guys having been there a lot longer than p. Btw, this will be in the akashic records, file under: Waiting for mountains to move. lol..Any way, a lovely lady sitting a few chairs away finally had mercy and chirped up. Martin Scorsese. INDEED . OMG Thank you Aleisha, God bless you, that was driving p crazy. ) Other highlights were many things John came out with in his brain dead tired state. p told him he should take it out to LA, like that Billy Joel song, you know the one...)

Ok, just had to share this, good stuff, if we do say so. )

So, naturally we do need to welcome Aspen with a song and we'll place it below, so p off to YT. Actually, we can just go to the gazers page & get it there. Yes, can you peeps say 'no brainer? Of course you can. Hey Dan, my 3rd best friend in spirit (by the way, again, p has been noticing that the weather around Boston has been reminding him of Dan. Hardly any real snow but dustings of snow & just a little rain, enough to make Boston & surrounding areas look like a Currier & Ives landscape. In fact p did mention to Carol the other night, driving past the Public Gardens & Boston Common something like 'this is just Currier & Ives' all the way around here. ) We've had a great winter, cold, but w hardly any snow, unlike last year when we got buried. That reminds us of something which we will mention in a 'p.s.' below. Ok, where 'was' you sir p? (grammar sic.) Oh, yes, going to gazings page to get a song, be right back. If want you could follow us over there & get a quick gaze with Erik or Kurt. 2 of our new generation rep gazer's we couldn't be more proud of. These 2 alone bring half of the human race to the table. Well done and 'doner' Bro's. Leave some for the other gazer's ok, guys? Thanks, ) Continued below...

p pic



11:17 a.m.

Update. Name correction, turns out the absolutely perfect, infinitely perfect spelling for this just arrived from Heaven, bundle of joy, is: Drumroll, Mr Bonham, please

Awesome, sir (lower case, we're all modest & humble upstairs & no one is 'special,' We're all just 'us' ~ as the god's & Goddesses we are. All prime infinite creators, indeed.

This little, wondrous, glorious, loving newborn from Heaven is simply 'Aspyn Serenity Tangherlini.' She is scheduled to be the next 'gazer' at His gazings page. Not only that, she, His Will willing , will have her own page within the next 48 hours. All Aspyn fans will be blessed to see the latest things going on in this awesome context. Some may think this is too much attention to a new baby, however we can assure you all your concerns are noted as He covers all areas, entrances & exits of mind & soul, not to mention heart ~ body. Changes are 'a plenty' as God, we know is 'Good" literally, that's another name for Him, as the song says... 'All will be revealed' Indeed, dear sisters & brothers, this world is on the precipice of a totally new reality. Don't worry, no hurry, no rush (unless you want to listen to great music, yeah , little Tommy Rush from New Hampshire makes awesome music. Just put his cd in the cd player, now playing 'Old Man.'

You want music for the 'old soul' that just joined us, here it is, folks.

Thank you Thom Shelford for sharing on YT.

Thank You Big Tom Rush from Wyoming too. ) Cheers Your New name,:my dear friend, '5 Mountains' Congrats, sir. )

Ok, previous usage of the name 'Aspen' will not be corrected as that perfect vibration still resonates with that wondrous name. Reminds us of a wondrous town out west. p has never been there but did visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming, another wondrous place out there in The Grand Tetons.

Alright, everything is alright as The Great Lion of God Mr Bob Marley said it would be. Fear, being the only thing that can stop making the world. Music, esp Rock music, (as The Cars Boston's pride & joy along with so many others, not to mention 'Boston, the band' plays ' It's all I can do' in the background. You can't make this up, folks, as we've said before and Theresa C of Long Island Medium' (p's favorite show) has also said. It's true. Spirit has everything dancing in perfect sync if we are. We all have our 'yellow brook way' laid out 4 us if we want it. Indeed.

So, Here's our welcome to, no, not the jungle, that's for lions & tigers & bears, oh my. No it aint the zoo, either. Animals should live in their natural habitat. Poachers are going to HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Thatt's "The Law" coming thru OOh Chills He's PISSED!!!!!!!! ok, no editing, as p concurs.

OK, let's escape to the mountains shall we? As The sound of music plays in the form of Mr Bob Seger & The Silver Bullett Band play 'Real love' in the background. Wll share after Dan here:




This just in, News of the awesome kind. He just said... give dandy Dan his cosmic, down to earth, infinite name as per Law of Attraction:

Dan, my dear friend your new name is Drumroll Bonzo, Thx John. ) ' 7 Mountains' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Congrats Bro )

Rec & fin.

11:11 a.m..

Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Dan Fogelberg & Friends ~ Everyone, ~ See Ya's in high places... )

Thank you Bob Seger Channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bob Seger & Company of Heaven ~ Everyone ~ )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you LedZeppelin for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin SHOUT OUT to John 'Bonzo' Bonham Oops, sorry Bro, He's sitting right next to p in spirit. Shhh, it's quieter over there. ) Bonzo )

Thank you Jorge Selas for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin. Everyone loves you guys, see Ya's around forever ) ~ ~ ~

Another working day (sharing) has ended...) Oh...

p.s. Dan Fogelberg, my dear brother, p is right now confirming, sir, that you are, in fact, accepting his invite to be the 'spirit Godfather' of one, Aspen Serenity Tangherlini, is this correct, my dear friend in Christ? Pendulum enthusiastically confirmed. Done, you Sir Dan Fogelberg, Champion of Big snow mountain sky do hereby accept and confirm that we Dan? Oh, you've allready confirmed on your end that you've asked and He's accepted the co- co in spirit of Godfather's to Aspen Serenity. Fella named John Denver. Ok, 'good' deal Sonny's. John, clear your throat a little. There, good job, my dear friend. My oh my, isn't this all quite interesting dear friends, all Eagles in the house & the great outdoors, indeed witnessing the now emergence of Him, out of the vacuum. p you should have been a vacuum cleaner salesman, bro. We were, for crying out loud. (Ashtar, p doesn't make up these sayings but when they fall right into what we're trying to say it does make one smile. So, friends as p's #2 friend, (and he doesn't mind being #2, in fact He l o v e s it and His downline ~ the Deadheads under his wings, but also able to soar as high as they want witness this sharing and as soon as p hits the Save button all this will be saved, and soon, hopefully this will go, as they say, 'viral, we can all get on the same cosmic train as one of Mom's favorite artists sang about, you know, that 'Tea for the tillerman" guy. (when p hts that 'save' button he's going to have tea & a tuna sandwich. for lunch.) guy, Cat Stevens ~ now known as Yusuf. Yusuf, wanna 'do' lunch?

And this goes to all 'you know who yoe are are' artists out there do 'come to Boston if you want to 'do lunch' w p. Hey LA babes, again, have your peeps get w our peeps. Wait a minute, you don't have anyone working for you cuz they all woke up to their own 'Prime Creator' ness? Well, Elliot, we suggest you be your own 'bad to the bone' boy and 'thoroughly'... ready again Ashtar?...this is one of our very favorites... "KNOCK IT OUT OF THE Park" ) God made, Ashtar, the tip of the iceberg soul, approved ) lol And so, God asks you dear beloved masters. Has the humble p done his part or has he let the team down? How would you rate his performance (p is dictating this, folks, just punching the key's as it flows out of his DNA. And as we wind on down the road here dear friends lets just, as the music talks in the last music sharing just say, Heavenly, infinitte Father of ALL THAT IS (Mother is inc ~ unsaid ~ in the term Father (ok Nanci ) g o o d. ) lol. Love you too, more. ) ) ) Shout out to deep & depressing Mr Neil Young. Lunch, Neil? and all you artists out there who need lunch or a song or a re-boot. Look this guy up, indeed. Oh, and have a nice day everyone, forever.

p out. )

P, what are you going to do now p? Thanks for asking 25 Eagles, p is going to go edit the above and save and then 'fix' lunch, then maybe a nap and then will work on the next gazer. We'll call it: Sometime after midnight est. His Will/should His Will willing. And, yes, 25 Eagles, you're so considerate, we will remind peeps who '25 Eagles' is: Thanks Mr Jimi Hendrix, now you can go back to your guitar school. Ok, we did just tell them who you are so we're 'good.', right peeps. Everyone? Thanks dad. P's not your daddy, kids. 'He's' your Daddy, The Biig Guy, Upstairs. That guy, He's yer Daddy, not p. Ok later gaters. Everyone clear your throats, drink water & smile & then come fly with the Eagles. You are one of us. All Noah's animals have Eagle DNA in them, not to mention dove.

Film at 11.(that's a joke.)


p.p.s An Epic sharing deserves an Epic Sharing so one from the home town team, Brad are you ready to lead, my dear son. Doing the best he can. Here's Brad. & Tom & Barry & Fran & Sib Ladies & Gentlemen turn it up for 4 Boston.

Thank you Tainted Rock for sharing on YT. Watch on YT to get following songs.

Thank You Boston ~ The City With a HUGE Shout out to Mayor Menino. ) Now, Thank You Boston ~ The Band. Tnank You Fans ~ Everyone. ) ~ ~ ~

The tea & tuna sandwiich were delicious. Picking Carol up a little later to go visit the new Mom & the new arrival. Joyful yimes, share it wiith everyone. Someone, think it was Gloria, yeah, saiid she'd never seen me so happy. p concurred, never happier. So sharing the joy here with each & every one of you. A way to infinite consciousness is happiness, so we pass it on, 'don't worry, be happy. ) And you can take that to the emperor.. Cheers.

Rec & fin,

3/6- a 'taking care of business #, as 10,000 maniacs plays in the background 'These Are Days' Indeed.

In the year of Our Lord 2016, sweetest year ever, )

3: 57 p.m. Now w Peter Gabriel 'Solsbury Hill' plays soundtrack. )

Thank you Jorge França de Almeida for sharing on YT.

Thank You 10,000 maniacs, Love, All the other maniacs ) ) ) .

Thank you Peter Gabriel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Peter Gabriel & Company of Everyone, Indeed. )



11:44 a.m.

Greetings Everyone on this angelic beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving day in the incredible new & improved 22nd dimension we are all living in now.

Congratulations Humanity, somehow, with the Grace of God, we have all made the grade, from the mountains to the prairies, the whole world is celebrating.

Heaven's Angels are in the house and an entire new generation of angels are making themselves known. Hey Erik, Bro, will you please introduce the newest angel of kindness, mercy and outrageous talent he's shared & is sharing with the world?

Erik: "Greetings Beloved Dudes & Dudettes.in Christ. This is not a prank. lol

Kurt & i are moving Heaven & Earth, Now to blast the Fantastic News of Good, Himself (meant to read 'God,' came out 'Good'. we don't edit stuff like this, as it's, obviously, too 'good' to edit. 'Good' it is, indeed. lol) & Jesus The Christ in the body oo.Note: here the page jumped and the first 2 letters of the words at the top of the top picture showed up there. Perfect. Just as He wants it. we just finished it. You may not feel the energies yet, dear ones, however please trust that The Master, Jesus, knows how 'good' God does it. So welcome my angel bro hear (sic & lower case for humility. We gonna rock your worlds humanity. we gonna tell you how it's done with the help of a split p shell. we gonna follow Noah's dove right up the river of adventure to infinity. oops, we're already there.

Thank You p the Good (& plenty) ) Jesus machine. Welcome to the machine, indeed. )

Btw, "Shout out to David Gilmore on his 70'th Birthday. Thanks, Bro, David for blowing p's earthly mind so he & God & Jesus could build 'the perfect beast.' ) And, folks, you can take that down to the sunset grill where the eagles gather. (whisper out to Mr Don H aka 4 Eagles.)

ok, guys here looking at 2 angels of mercy and compassion of younger generations. Each generation has it's own cross to bear and to be overcome. These 2 reps take no prisoners & they love us all so much as to make the ultimate act to fulfill their missions on earth for humanity's enlightenment. Godspeed Kurt & Erik...w help from good & Jesus, of course, always & forever, indeed.

"Carry on' everyone"

And be sure to 'stare' at them over here:


Thank you FarmAiid for sharing on YT.

Thank You 4 Eagles & Band & Sunset Grillers ~ Every ~ one. ) Hugs... ( ) )

Brought to us by:

Both Yahoo images.

Intro: Top of their generation Reps for Higher Consciousness. please a warm hand and Ty to Kurt & Erik. Take their hands & musical outreach to yer

perfect, infinitely perfect 'home on the range.' ~ w infinite, perfect & divine love, now & forever.Indeed, beautiful. w a little help from me friends and a big

"Shout Out" to Mr Joe Cocker, one of the 3 sponsors of these dudes for their mission, the other 2 being Jesus & good. Congrats Bro's, you are fully initiated and your downlines, so to speak, or sing, are all the better 4 it.

Carry on... )

Yes, we're proud. We put all our hopes & dreams on these 2 dudes. They didn't quit, they looked at their 'shit' right in the face and chose the only option that made sense to them. Same for one of our other gazers from p's generation, Mr Brad Delp. Shout out to you, dear Brad., a man we'll never be, indeed. One other, we'd like to recognize at this moment. A soldiir of Christ, ~ Mr Roy Buchanan. Peace be always with you brother Roy.

Where we'd be w/o good & Jesus & Kurt & Erik and all us other angels? Sad to think of it but we'd be here. With 'Thanks' to p's and everyone's 'good buddy' online & off, Patricia 'Trish' to her friends ~ everyone, WYNNE. )

Thiis is Big News, my dear friends. The poop, officially ends here & now.

Here's where "The Law" says put this hear & here, bro good. Not a problem 'I Am That I Am.' ~ humble service w a ).

See "An Urgent Message' (Scroll 7 or 8 sharings down.)


p.s. Our next gaze sharer will, His Will willing, be revealed soon barring a phone call to go to the hospital to welcome Cheri's baby to the cosmic 'Sunset Grill.' which is this wonderful place for the human race )


Rec & fin.


2:27 p.m.



Anyone out there like photographs & memories? Anyone not like same?

We didn't think so. So, dear friends, here's a song that should touch your heart;

Thanks Mike for sharing on YT.

Thanks Jim Croce.

This is now shared here at His gazing page


Go to that page & watch history being made. )



Greetings lovers of music esp you Rock & rollers, like p. Folks, Please don't misunderstand us in what we're doing here. For instance, p loves all types of music. but what he normally listens to is Rock & roll of the classic shade. Someone has a question... p is 'Rap' ' music' once & for all?

ioho Rap iis spoken word poetry wiith a beat, yes, it has it''s place in the pantheon of music, for sure. We respect it like we respect all music. That doesn't mean we have to listen to it. God gave us all our own musical taste and so, 'it is what it is' Ashtar laughs ) we do too. ) Go listen to what you will, whatever feeds one's soul, every heart is different and beats to its own drummer.

So, we want to make something very clear here my dear friends about religion. At every level there is spiritual nourishment. The site p created and termed Earth Party Now is because the moment is 'now.' This site is a fulcrum and a resource to use for humanity's ascension. There we said it. Time is d o n e, dear ones, gone the way of the dinosaur or the 8 track tapes which had its 'time,' and then was gone. See God, the Creator of ALL THAT IS says...Let all religions, all sects, cults, belief systems, whatever floats your particular boat at this moment can be improved on as we move collectively closer to the infinite, loving, kind and merciful heart of Source, Prime Source. All we are asking is to look up humanity, yeah, and then look up some more. What is 'up there' is infinite my dear friends. We will never come to a brick wall that has a sign "sorry, you can't go further, this is the end."

Obviously, that just can't happen. There is no end of growing, learning, sharing like their is no end to God's love. It feeds on more and aver creating more love, the ultimate nourishment. it's like an infinite ever exponential tsunami of love & light that can never run out. God knew what he was doing when He created mankind. He gets loving companions to hang out with forever and mankind loves God for creating the perfection that is each and every one of us so this is what we can term, are ready Ashtar? Yep a 'Win Win' situation. lol So, likewise we can't reign in our consciousness. If we limit our consciousness to one narrow religion or cult or belief system we really cheat Him out of what infinite joys and divine happiness He would love to share with us thru all eternity, which is our light body life span. Yes,indeed, it's made to last forever and you can change it at will however you want. Just ask our dear friend and apprentice, Erik.

right Erik? One word, Dad~ Yes.. Thank you my dear son. Hey, wouldn't that make a great name for a Rock group? Indeed. )

So hear (sic) we let the music do the talking and with all lova and sincerity we invite everyone to join His Rock & roll Army. and to all to look up, embrace the great expansion of consciousness spreading all over this battlefied / schoolhouse incredibly beautiful Terra ~ Earth. The deal is done, the good guys won. Now, we extend to all an olive tree. See here: The Eagle gathering place. Everyone is an Eagle. No creepy crawling things to follow, that's just mother nature. Untrap your selves dear animals in transision to the dove and ultimate divine creature that we are all now. Indeed. See ya's in heaven. Oh, that's where we are now. )

And so it Is, Now. IJN.

Namaste. ) Here's a hug just for you, His special one, you. ( )


Now, Turn it up, please. )

Thank you southernrockfan for sharing on YT.

Thank you Rossington Collins Band & Grateful Audience ~ All of us. )

Rec & fin this beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving day in the neighborhood at:

12::50 p.m. Carry On...)



(Originally shared at tinyurl.com/Gazers777 still there...

Note: this part may be moved over to the blog page but we're working on it here while doing the gazer's page stuff.

Greetings everyone your & His humble servant checking in and OMG what a day yesterday was.

If you've read the recent sharing, we do apologize for the many typos which we hope are fixed now.

Anyway, where to start? As Babe I'm gonna leave you plays in the background. p knows what he was doing on Nov 20, 2008

because that's when the tape termed: "Feed Me" ) was created, and God is this tape feeding this guy. How 'bout side 1 ~ Achilles last stand, Kashmir,

The rain song, No Quarter, Black mountain siide and on side 2 ~ Babe I'm gonna leave you, You shook me, Tangerine, That's the way, Bron yr stomp, Whole lotta love, Thank you, Ramble on, What is & should never be. How's that for a killer tape? Not bad indeed. )

but let's move on as we listen to this awesome nourishment for a R&r heart.

The Gazer page is 'must see' 'stuff for everyone. This page has aan agenda and that s to get all of us to Heaven on Earth and with the quickness. This has already been accomplished with the 26 gazers that have participated so far. There is no limit on the potential gazers because anyone can do this even souls not gifted with vision as long as one hasttthe intent and pur purpose to help others, God does the heavy lifting, dear ones.

It is a place for forgiveness, so give yourself to your best destiny and use that page as a resouce to healing, in fact as Ashtar would say, why not use all the pages on this, His site. Each page can be like a different ingredient to make the very best 'lasagna' one ever could experience, indeed. )

So, here's some wind in your sails to get over there my dear friends and sail on. Peace be with us all.

Thank you sbritt for sharing on YT.

Thank You Circus Maximus.



BREAKING NEWS: WAR IS OVER. He says this now. Who p?

I AM THAT I AM says this. And So It Is, Now. IJN..

2nd by:

Google images.

Co- Presidents Yoko & John Lennon.

Brought To Us By:

Drumroll Mr. John "Bonzo" Bonham

Awesome, Sir.

Brought to us by The Co-Presidents and members of The New / Now Coalition termed:

Spirits In Body & Spirit United.. A subsidiary of Sons & Daughters of Light Ltd.

A corporation formed in City of Miracles, Coral Gables, Florida 1980.

Thank You and God bless us all, each & every one of us, His humble but incredibly extraordinary children.

And So It Is, Now. IJN.

Namaste. )

More info re: this here:


Rec & fin. 2/29/16

10:01 a.m.



9:33 p.m.

Just sharing David Bowie's celebratory appearance, complete with fiireworks at


This page is where it's happening now, going forward however that does not diminish, in any way, what is shared on these other pages.

He has, and is doing all of this, dear ones, so it's all good- forever, indeed. IJN. )

Here's how t looks there...

Thank you GlastonburyOfficial for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr David Bowie & Band & Audience ~ All of us. )



Good morning everyone on this beauteous, wondrous glorious & loving day. Shout out & Happy Birthday to my glorious, wondrous loving brother Richard, Dick to his friends.

Actual birthday the other day but celebrating it today. Best brother on the planet. Thanks for helping the cause, Bro.

So, Got on the computer and went to You Tube seeing what would jump out and saw this Erik vid. God wants everyone to see this, my dear friends. We went to share it at Erik's page:


It was already there. )

So, p, being a clear channel, as Ashtar has validated, knowing His High self, his 'I Am That I Am' aspect of his self, his 'God' part, p, fulfilling His Will as best he can will right now share this here. What better place for Him on this, His site. Getting to know God is getting to know ourselves my dear friends. Erik does a marvelous job in 'splaining this that is pure Erik, so get to know yerself better, dear ones,, and please, just take the time to see this with your morning/evening/afternoon coffee tea or milk, whatever, and peace be with all of us now & forever.


Thank you Channeling Erik for sharing on YT.

Thanks & God bless Elisa & Jamie & Erik. All keep up the fantastic work and esp Thanks to the listeners. May you, Yes,

each & every one, be a close personal friend to Your 'I Am That I Am' franchise. Now, Jimi says he needs help deciding who

the next gazer should be among the many eligible candidates. You could flip a coin Jimi but what the gazer's are saying, no, you first,

no, you first. lol.

Heart was our last one and we will be sending a permission email to their website like we did with The Moody Blues. but, please, artists

you who know you need to be on that page and subsequent pages, please contact us somehow and let us know. Even better yet, come

on over, after contact and we'll do it together; how's that? Cool. )

Ok, done here for now, heading to gazer's page with the quickness, the next gazer has accepted & is in the house, so to speak, and we don't

keep heroes waiting if we can help it, but there will be one before the one you all know we're talking about. )

Rec & fin


8: 11 a.m.

w addendums 8:22 a.m.




Wow is all p can say with what's going down at His Gazer's page. We could go over there anytime and there's an amazing artist

we could just add there. But there's no rush and each volunteer gazer, in flesh or spirit will be brought forth at their perfect moment.

Someone who had a perfect moment was Chris Squire of YES, a while ago. Before Chris it was Brad Delp of Boston fame. Before Brad

it was Janis Joplin. Jimi's got this, beloveds, as 'gazer gatekeeper extraordinaire' Thank you Jimi for stepping forward to do this job as p hadn't

even thought of it prior.

So, p has been at this computer way too long and need to get some air so, we'll catch ya's later. Will do a FB share & maybe twitter to get the word out

that this, His, site is where the good stuff is hitting the fan. If you feel the same way, tell everyone. You will be blessed, we guarantee it. )

Rec & fin at: 5:00 p.m.

p.s. Be sure to see the addendum just below re the 1993 reading p had with Ashtar thru Michael El Legion, finally available to the public in His perfect



Wait til you folks see what He has coming up at gazer's after midnight. You know my dear friends we really are all one. There's no competition when we are all on the same team. The game is over. The light wins over darkness. It was not pretty, dear friends, in fact it was largely quite ugly; but we, the forces of light kept on. What choice did we have? None and his brother no. But we (the collective we) got the W for the whole omni team and in the long run, though it was far from 'pretty,' Ashtar loves that term ) the W is all that matters. Right, Bill Belichick?

When one's back is against the wall, as Vince Lombardi, legendary Super Bowl winning coach said. "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.."

Humanity, here is your W. Congratulations. Wear it well. p out.

p.s. The reading mentioned below is essential He says. This will tell you fellow emissaries of light what team you're on. If you are reading this, you are on the winning end. When we were down and disheartened we never, not once,, carried a chip on our shoulder, "That's life" Frank would sing, so, get over it dear ones. We knew, time would eventually run out which it has. We have the W now to prove it and our job humanity is to listen to this recording, not to mention the other ones at Site essentials page and get ready for the Big artillery coming at you at the Gazers page. We gonna rock this plant- it to a whole new paradigm, yep the love and only love rock & roll paradigm. p out.

Rec & fin


11: 44 p.m.


p pic



Congratulations to Mr Jimi Hendrix who stepped forward and offered to be the "official spirit gatekeeper" of the 'gazers' that

will show up at His gazer's page. Jimi has them all lined up and the queue pushes the more worthy forward. Expect to see

a 'hero' and a high flying eagle among the spirit's Jimi and all of us will salute soon. Jimi does Not fool around, folks, so stay tuned.


Yahoo images.

Thank You Jimi for being "The Man."



Greetings All on this wondrous, glorious loving day.

What a day yesterday was and today promises to be quite interesting as well.

We went to put in a fresh cassette declaring it to be the perfect tape to listen to at this time.

Turns out the one we dug up was not a music tape but the reading we had with Michael El-Legion channeling Ashtar in 1993.

It's been at least 5 years since we heard this.



We took that finding that reading tape from 1993 as a clear ok that this needs to be shared at this time so hear (sic) it is my dear friends


It is also now shared at His site essentials page with other readings and stuff.


So, over at The Gazers page yesterday we had 8 Gazers step forward.

paul, how many gazers are you gonna have at that page. God only knows my dear friend. We do know this. There's a line starting

with Jimi Hendrix but Jimi understands that ladies come first and the 9th gazer just has to be John Lennon who is right here. So, this is

our next love in action activity. And we'll try to be at Braco's gazings today, starting in 1 hour.

Peace be with us all... )



Ok, as announced previously Braco is doing his thing and we have been moved to create a gazing page of our own. Jesus could do this, right?

So, we invite Jesus ~ Lord Sananda to head up that page and we are having fun working on it as He directs. Here's the url, come by and visit

and see it be built right in front of you. )


Thank you and as always, if you care to share you Will be richly rewarded. He will take care of that somehow someway. It's like making a little deposit in

the 'good karma' bank. ) And So It Is, Now, Indeed. IJN.



As previous sharing says the Dr Savage page is now complete with Rock music playing its part. We have 2 new url's for that.

They are at the bottom of that page.

Also, Braco starts 3 days of free online gazings. Details here:




We are very happy to announce a brand new page to this, His, Earth Party Now, good news platform.


We can't believe we never heard of Dr Savage or this movement til we saw a sharing of the Rush movie on FB yesterday.

As the good Doctor says in the interview video following that movie, paraphrasing, guess all things have their time. We say

moment and the moment is now for this miraculousness to be shared here & everywhere. Please help us make Dr Savage a

household name. The moment has come my dear friends.

Spread the word that the Divine exists, miracles can and do happen. Our lives are miracles, aren't they? We've done and are doing

our research and we highly suggest to all to check it out with an open mind.

Who knows when we might need to rush calling this number: 1-818-332-6445.


Google images.

Thank You Dr Philip Savage



Shared Eagles & Jackson Browne Glenn Frey Tribute...

Thank you Mike c for sharing this great tribute to everyone's friend, Glenn. It is now further shared here: http://EarthPartyNow.com at:

tinyurl.com/Fromhere2eternity777 All welcome to His jubilee, now & forever. Cheers, )



Happy Valentines Day to all the Immortal Spiritual Beings on Planet Earth. Never forget who/ what You are.

Got a song in your heart? Here's a great one for the day... )

Thank you mancaangelo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Louis Armstrong & Company of Us All Immortal Spiritual Beings,* Indeed. )



He suggests: Please scroll down to "An Urgent Message."

The message remains the same ~ forever. Something to Celebrate? What are we waiting for Humanity?

Namaste, )



Happy Birthday Mr Ray Manzarek

Google images.

Keep on Rockin' In Paradise, Ray.

The Doors here at His jubilee site:




Update: This, brought over from:


as suggested, here (at last sharing.)


Here we go:


We woke up this morning 5 a.m. to a party. Wherever Jerry goes, there's a party. )

We had cosmic hugs and High 5's and tho we didn't have any music playing you know

'they' did on the other side. Guess what, this just in. This recording of our favorite song,

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed popped up a little while ago. We were thinking where to put it

as it begged to be shared. You know what? It just found it's prime home here


And will also serve nicely at His blog. As we salute His rockers & rockettes who responded to

p's invitation to the 2nd reading and always turn up in moments of celebration. Cheers Guys.

Thanks God, The Ultimate Rocker. )

Peace be with us all.

Thank you SlowhandFender's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.



Hey Folks,

Guess what,

The moment has come over at


to announce that this, His Earth Party Now site is

done, finished, complete except for adding content to artist's profiles.

All is well, all is as it should be. This site, His Will willing, isn't going anywhere.

Hope you get to explore what He has done here, have fun & a nice forever. )

paul you're not leaving without a song, are you? No, Eagle 1, we have our traditional

song when we close. Here it is...

Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Dan Fogelberg.

More Dan:




Once again Braco is giving free live gazings online.2/2 2/3 2/4


More Braco here:




Hello one and all and welcome to the wonderful month of February, although it feels like late April outside, we're told. Going out soon so we'll enjoy it.

Announcing that the main page is full, complete and done as far as new sharings there, folks. He has created a new page that, henceforth, will be considered the extension of Earth Party Now. com. t's name & url is, simply:


See ya's over there... )



Moved over here from Facebook...

Excuse us Humanity.

Big news for You, Humanity, you will not see on your TV or newspapers for a while. It's all here: http://EarthpartyNow.com & at: tinyurl.com/7days7songs777 & tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 Are You in His Eagle party yet? it includes "The Cashless Society" If want in say "Yes." and you will have all the credit you need & won't have to concern yourself with having cash. See docs page ) tinyurl.com/Goodnewsdocs777 for that Good News announcement Doesn't matter that it was first announced in 2002, it's time is Now, as is the "An Urgent Message" doc

Are You an Eagle with infinite God shared wealth? Say "Yes" w a )


He, God, Spirit, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator Divine Infinite Prime Source Divine Ultimate Creator ALL THAT IS & Isn't Etc Etc )

All concur that we, with their perfect help (we don't always get what we want but we get what we need, and no, it's never easy. We wouldn't want that anyway, would we? No. Indeed.

So it's done, finished, signed, sealed & delivered in song to us dear beloveds.

Sail away or sail home or whatever you want to do, He says: Go for it, Now.

There's no time like now, and you can take that to The Emperor, Now. IJN.

[Note: This was written as a fb sharing same time the main site updating was happening so written before the L&M song Vahevala was shared there; just fyi]

paul, we smell a song coming up, what you thinkin' Bro?

Indeed, my dear friend, there's a song, and we feel it rather than think it, so give us a few minutes, and this will be shared at His blog. tinyurl.com/heavensblog777 where history, being created right before our eyes and ears, is shared...

Peace out. p

p.s.This and the front page sharing for these same moments occurred pretty much simultaneously. That front page is now done, so p go get the song for here and we'll talk among ourselves. Deal, be right back...Done, just the song we knew He'd want, strangely enough. En-joy. )

Thank you EssentialDegnities for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.


Floating free as a bird

Sixty foot leaps it's so absurd

From up here you should see the view

Such a lot of space for me and you

Oh you'd like it

Gliding around get your feet off the ground

Oh you'd like it

Do as you please with so much ease

Now I know how it feels

To have wings on my heels

To take a stroll among the stars

Get a close look at planet Mars

Oh you'd like it

Gliding around get your feet off the ground

Oh you'd like it

Do as you please with so much ease

Bouncing about on the moon

Guess you'll all be up here soon

The candy stores they'll be brand new

And you'll buy a rock with the moon right through

Oh you'd like it

Gliding around get your feet off the ground

Oh you'd like it

Do as you please with so much ease

Come fly...

Come fly...

Come fly...

Words by Ray Thomas

Rec. by The Moody Blues.

Rec & fin w song & lyrics 1/30/16

3: 07 a.m.



Hello Folks, How be ye all on this wondrous, glorious loving day He has made? Awesome, we hope.

He has put the final stamp on His 7day7 essential songs page. Yes, the url was updated but previous one works too.


What's playing paul? Journey, 'Frontiers' album. This cd, unwrapped til now, we've had for over 3 years. It was sitting right next to us.

We have another one that's in the car now. This seems to be the perfect moment to unwrap this music, one of the absolute greatest albums of all time

Yeah, the universe just said, put it hear (sic) dude, He, spreading His cosmic net of music far to the farthest flung constellations of His infinite creation.

And so it is, now, indeed.

Thank you journeyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.

Friends, we've only just begun... )



12: 55 p.m. (fin)

Just sharing this FB sharing, Cheers, Don't worry, be happy. He's sooo got this. )

Big Thanks to ‪#Sting for sharing your brilliance on YT for all of us. Some is now further shared here:

http://EarthPartyNow.com At: tinyurl.com/Fromhere2eternity777

He got us good my dear friend. His gentle "Sting" operation is a mucho grande success. Proof that holding out for His perfect, infinitely perfect, plan is, indeed the best, i.e. perfect & 'only' way to go moving forward on His planet, Terra- Earth.

So much fantasticness to come for us, beloveds. If paul could only get arrested, things might crystallize a little faster for the masses. But all is in His perfect timing according to His divine plan )

All welcome to His eternal love jubilee, The place to be to celebrate #HeavenonEarth ) And don't miss His Brand New 1 glorious day 1 glorious song/album page: tinyurl.com/1day1song4us777

Let's see, so far we've got #WilliieNelson #TheBeatles #LedZeppelin

#TheMoodyBlues & #CrosbyStillsNash&Young

Who will the artist be tonight? We will all find out sometime after midnight. )

Have a great day & Ciao for now.

p & co. )

p.s. To 'get' this site, one should really check out Site Essentials page

tinyurl.com/SiteEssentials777 oh, and His blog:


p.p.s p's brother, Dick, said to him on Sunday: There's soo much there.

We said, it's Him, what would you expect? And so it is now dear ones. IJN Keep smiling, eternity's waiting for us all, and it's a friendly place, indeed. Certainly nothing to be afraid of. In God We Trust, right? Prove Him So. Cheerio, )

Yahoo images

Indeed, take a bow, Sting. )



2: 46 a.m.

Hey guys,

Just stopping by from the new 1 day 1 song page (URL is below) where the song, that could be like a clarion call for this

incredible day in Earth history is Now shared. The thing is, will word ever get out about this, His 7th Heaven site? p can only

do so much. If you peeps who do read this stuff and then just go merrily on your same old, same old, mundane way w/o sharing

anything about what's going down here, then where are we? Stuck. However, if we are inspired a bit we could shout from the rooftops

or at least tell our FB or Twitter etc friends or maybe even mention t if we get into an actual conversation with someone, couldn't we?

Who doesn't like good news? Oh, that's right, the news media. Bad news sells; news that gets us all stressed & depressed; that keeps us

in our place. We stare at the soul sucking box we all have in our living rooms to keep us hypnotized & controllable. Pity, human race, what's happened

to you. Our heart felt sympathies to you. And the ground crew, the ones come to shake up & enlighten up this planet. Talk about a hard hard job. OMG.

But, wait a second, someone out there has a pulse. We just felt it on our monitors. Wait, there's more. It seems to be coming thru what is termed, radios, yes, frequencies of sound that turn into what is termed- music. This could turn Everything around for these lost souls down there on Terra - Earth. Guys, if we go down there as One termed 'Rock & Roll Army' we could kick butt, take no prisoners $ (sic) & show them the way, the 'right' way to do it. Money is Not the way.

Love, dear ones, that's the way. We know that here in the higher realms and Earth is no different. It's the same everywhere. Love is All, All is Love, All Is God.

What else is there? No thing Eagles, no thing. You want it in a song? Be right back... talk among yerselves... )

Thank you Phương Hoàng Nam Lê for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.



Hello All, well it clearly is all over but the sharing. New content has been added to the Site Essentials page.


What's that Dr Dyer? We concur my dear friend, people really do need to get their heads out and investigate.what Spirit has here. One thing

we have in spades: Pure infinite transparency. Is p making all this up? Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha rolll the floor lol. Puh lease, Loiise

but thanks some of you for thinking he's this clever. OMG. ) Dr Dyer say something, Bro.

Google images.

Thank You Dr Wayne Dyer.



Greetings All on this wondrous glorious loving day the 22nd of this amazing, so far, month of January..

Hey paul, nice of you to stop by, what's up? Been busy but not for us. First, our dear friend Carol's daughter Cheri is expecting a baby in early March.

She's having a difficult pregnancy and we are hereby requesting prayers for her now & coming days til she, God willing, gives birth to a healthy, bouncy

baby, Lord knows she's bouncy in utero.

His site is finished with all nighters our pleasure to do.

The last thread to the stars is 'From Here to Eternity' (url is in previous sharing below.) It did end with some surprises such as this smilebox.


Spirit's timing is perfect esp when we, His Co-Creators, are on the same page of Oneness. We say, "not my will, way, timing or plan but Your Perfect,

Infinitely Perfect, Divine Will, Way, Timing & Plan is Done, Now IJN. And So It Is Now, Indeed. Thank You God.

paul, what did you do today? p slept, eagle one,(no grasshoppers @ here anymore-not that there's anything wrong w grasshoppers) We were tired from

a challenging month working for Him, doing His will, joyfully. runs to the hospital and losing sleep takes its toll. The body can not function w/o this awesome and amazing part of our earthly lives. We all do know this, right, dear ones? So today on this cosmic love day, we slept in and through the afternoon. Got up @ 5 p.m., showered and just laid down for a minute. Three hours later we woke up. ) So, we do go home to God when we leave the body and sleep, likewise at death, we go Home to Him. We had an awesome day w Him.

For p to spend the whole day, and then some, with God is not a bad thing, deep, dreamless sleep, we'll take it.

So, p what did you take away from this experience other than getting caught up and refreshed, we presume, for a little while anyway?

Thanks for asking eagle one, we woke to an idea of one song or album, one that we would term 'essential' for every day God gifts us with a whole new day to live and dwell in and we, on behalf of His Grateful Children are sooo grateful for, now & forever.

Here's url to this page, we will all be on forever and a day. Deal? )

See the masterpiece He starts this page with...

Words fail, just play it, Sam. )


Cheers, )

Rec & fin. 1/22/16

11: 27 p.m.

Google images.



Brought over from FB, folks. Btw The From here to eternity site is done. Wll something else be created to follow it? Only He knows. )

FB sharing:

In His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine will, way timing & plan Spirit has taken Brother ‪#‎GlennFrey‬ of ‪#‎Eagles‬, Solo work and Miami Vice

fame home leaving a world of music lovers devastated.

See what this event has led to in our neighborhood here: http://EarthPartyNow.com At: tinyurl.com/Fromhere2eternity777

All welcome to His jubilee. Cheers, ) p.s. Be sure to see the smile box sharing way at the bottom to tie everything together. Indeed,

only HE can do stuff like this. ) oh, yes, "Have a nice forever." Thanks for reminder, spirit. )



Well, the front page and the From here to eternity page are certainly the pages w the latest activity

The tinyurl.com/Fromhere2eternity777 page will soon have a Coda to Glenn Frey, Saluting his life.

Also today starts 3 days of Braco gazings. Details here:




Catching up day, Yes, we do get busy, don't we? Indeed.

We Salute Dr Martin Luther King. Words can't fully convey the positive impact this humble man had for humanity.

Thank You Brother Sir.



On this 21st anniversary of the successful transmission of "An Urgent Message" from the future p thru Channel Chapel Tibet

and on to the page of Connecting Link magazine. We further celebrate His message that the moment (remember "time" has gone

the way of the dinosaur and 8 tracks) to affirm the Very well done deal of Heaven On Earth is here & D o n e .Thank you very much. )

It's all happening over at His Soundtrack to infinity page:


See you over there. )


(This sharing is brought over fromThe brand new page 'From here to eternity.')



12: 23 p.m.

Bless this wondrous, glorious loving day.

Let's get right to the music: From Genesis, We Can't Dance cd song.#7 Tell Me Why.

Got someone or a nation to share. tell them & everyone it's Front Page News here:


The song: Tell Me Why, (Indeed. ( we Can do better.

Thank you cedric van Wessel for sharing this sadness on YT.

Thank You Genesis.



(Brought over from FB)

Hey folks, who wants a debt free home and a debt free life? He's giving it all to us if we only accept it.

You won't hear about it on tv or newspapers, (until they wake up) only here.


Be sure to read "An Urgent Message" dictated by p thru a channel in 1995, speaking about the current days/ hours/ minutes Now. We ran out of "time," folks.

The eternal Now is all we have. Have nice "moments" forever, indeed. This will be shared at His blog page for permanent reference. If the above sounds good

to you, please share and you will be blessed beyond measure. That you can take to The Emperor, as banks will be closed soon.

Sorry, banks but what would you really rather have, another long, boring workday, or the Ultimate Freedom that is shared in Heavenly Infinite Father/Mother's, Infinite Prime Creator ~ Source & the terms can go on and on since The Higher Power's that be are All On The Same page. So, before we 'Ramble on' any more, we'll close with a heartfelt "Thank You" Dear Brother ‪#‎DavidBowie‬ and we will be putting up something of/for David 2nd entry at the newly created page 'From Here to Eternity'. Stay tuned.


Direct to His blog is:


And this sharing is done now at this moment in eternity and will be shared at the blog in a few more moments so it is:

Rec & fin.. 1/12//16

2:57 p.m. (not bad #'s if we say so. You got your 2 love # your 5 - adventure & your 7 God's # )



Hi All, Thanks for checking in here at His blog. All the new now news has bee of the type that demands the front page,

so, if haven't checked there the last few days, don't miss it, and if it resonates with you, then please share it. Thx )



Brought over from Facebook:

Hey peeps, the world is not round, nor is it flat. Lookey here, this is the shape of the world. Pictures don't lie. Do they? lol Come to the world jubilee folks,

The world is F R E E. Who says paul? Ah, the being Who happens to O W N it, that's who. Read the awesome and true front page news hear (sic)

http://EarthPartyNow.com and start spreading the Now new news. Good news for the people, oh, so sorry news for the corporate greedsters and corrupt banksters i. e. only the corrupt ones.

They know who they are. Yeah, other groups out there have good intentions, news, and stuff but they are still talking in earthly terms.

The Gods are not concerned with money. It's no longer needed in the new/ now cosmic paradigm. If your paradigm that you relate to and

put energy into, sure, that will manifest for the powerful creator beings that we are.. We in Rock, we let the music do the talking and that takes

us to Infinity. We are, indeed, infinite, limitless, divine, creative loving beings of light, love & compassion.created by Infinite Prime Source aka God.

Sorry, Nesara is a joke compared to His Divine, infinite, perfect free plan. Divine Ultimate does not have delays, we are right on time. TODAY, January 7th

Is The Day The word should get out re this good news but a sleeping, focused on bad news, industry is not about to report this because news about "God" is

hamstrung with ancient scar tissue from , just sad, religious wars and endless folderol. Enough of that. Spirit is the new word to use in mixed company, dear ones, ok?

p, the guy doing His will and building Spirit's starsite has not been able to get arrested. In His perfect plan it will be when it will be. We are going for N O W, when it happens.

We make our own front page news.

p's infinite intelligence, working w Industrial strength Angels have kept his actions under the radar for benefit of His most perfect divine outshowing. Now, Our Rock & roll world news is truly 'done.' All we have to do is His Will.Which is to take His children home to infinity. Sorry, we're listening to a channel talking and talking about banks and this is. totally 4-5 dimensional stuff about a revaluation. i.e. RV. You will, if haven't already, read in prevous blog sharings how we are now in Infinite Dimensions. Infinite Dimensions, Folks, did we mention, I N F I N I T E Dimensions. This is Not something to fear or be 'ascared' of (to use a Boston colloquialism). No one is ever alone on either side of His veil. Take the most loving, kind, gentle hand and you'll be going with God & His perfect plan for you. Yep, Y O U. Congratulations on Your ascension. Amen. )

Cashiers are still going to be needed in what they are talking about here, and btw their Sananda is definitely not our Sananda. He says 'nuff said.

This is not going to work. In His cashless society, my dear friends. Who wants to work in a bank when a limitless, boundless cosmos with as many loves (love everything, everyone everywhere and then love more.) Banks, Rv's all earthly holy crap is on the way to eternal oblivion. Did you hear that IRS? Oh, and no worries, peeps who worry about their appearance. You are your Spirit given stunning, beautiful beyond belief 'real self' over there. ~ Just around the bend. P is hearing the Moody Blues play as he types this.

Indeed, yes fellow graduates, we will live in our own custom made surroundings with our loved ones and pets, forever. Did we mention we're all in our spirit bodies, taking any shape we want, as well? See His blog tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777

See/ hear today's news alone. She used these words, 'think this thru.' Funny a perfect song, exact for this whole scenario. Jerry and The Grateful Living are right around the bend, folks. Jerry steps forward with our 'think this thru' song:

Thank you Elizabeth Travis for sharing the truth and love & light in form of The Grateful Dead on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Company of Heaven ~ All That Is. )

& More...

This will now be added to todays Heavens blog. Cheers and love everyone. p & Co. Thanks God IJN. )



Greetings, divine, beloved volunteers to Spirit's perfect, infinitely perfect, script for humanity to find it's way back

home. As we sit here at the computer, it's exactly, precisely 1: 44 a.m. Perfect, prime time to be here, doing

His work. We got our desperately needed sleep. It was a long day starting from @ this time last night and down-

loading a lot of content, when we were online. Shout out to the folks who got hugs from Source at Ruby Rogers center

p, a veteran street hugger gives free hugs there: 64 Union Sq, Somerville, Ma from @ 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Come by if in area.

The spirits are in the house. there's a bank of infinite energy behind p & about 5 ft to his left. The power and love emanating from

there can never be measured as He moves these fingers thru the heart & soul and discernment of p, humble servant to all, dubbed

by others: "the lover of the world" (by a sabiian astrologer back in the 70's..See tinyurl.com/Goodnewsdocs777 Scroll down and don't

miss "An Urgent Message." dictated thru channel Chapel Tibet in 1995 by the present entity, p, yes, a traveler of both time & space. fyi. )

You see dear ones, we, obviously, need all the help & assistance we can muster because it's a big world and lots of unbelievers, skeptics

and mean people. God didn't send us down here alone. We have our newest cosmic superstar: Erik validating and supporting us and His

perfect plan. See Erik's page here and how He inspires us and integrates the pages here in perfect synergy. tinyurl.com/BrotherErik777

Ok, we simply must share at this moment, that when The Moody Blues music ended we went to a box of cd's, blindly pulled out one and put

it in the machine. Who's playing but our old friend, in Spirit, Mr.Johnny Cash. Yep, and as we look at his beaming face on the cover of the cd,

he's got something to share with you and me & all.; hear (sic) it is, and to be taken to heart.

Thank you Johnny Cash Infocenter for sharing on YT.

Thank You Johnny Cash & Company. )

Ciao for now, important Greeting from The Moody Blues going up in a few at His Front Page.

One more from Johnny...

Thank you Johnny Cash Infocenter for sharing on YT.

Thank You Johnny, June & Company

And one more~ For what Jesus taught us.

Thank you abargle for sharing on YT.

Thank You Johnny Cash & Company.

Rec & fin.


4:00 a.m.



1:24 p.m. From FB

Peeps, today is a great day to visit Spirit's Starsite We welcome you w Open Arms



See Spirit Superstar Erik's page:


Scroll down to read why the current economic system is fatally doomed to eternal oblivion dictated in 1995 by p's future self, the dude channeling this from Source, typing this now. TY Source / God.

Always see Spirit's blog for latest sharings.


Then rec listening to Kashmir,

Thank you vzqk50CL for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

then go pick out a car, a house and say Thank You to the merchant & Thanks God/ Spirit. Then go with Aerosmith on Permanent Vacation.


Is that a plan? We hope so. ) oh, almost forgot, want to go to see all the great bands?

Visualize Diamondstock777 happpening "upstairs" because of traffic, never mind Mr Kraft, Thanks anyway, Sir. Carry on folks. and have a wondrous, glorious, loving cosmic day. You will anyway because that is the area of space Terra ~ Mother Earth has now moved into. Have a nice forever, All of us. Keep smiling and pay attention to your soundtrack, it's alive. )


All That Is, J & p & The Firm.

Rec & fin. 1/6/16

1: 07 p.m.



2: 48 p.m.

If led, please share this.

Hey everyone, How are you enjoying "The Cashless Society"? ?? Peeps, listen, we all have to do our due diligence and investigate this. If you're not going on Spirit's starsite and taking away the latest messages, you are not following Spirit's dvine plan for your lifepath. We are destined to be on the same lifepath, the same P A G E. hEAR (sic) on Plant-it earth, get it?

The music is our wings to infinity. So we are late for work at Ruby Rogers Center. People are waiting for their perfect hug from spirit. So please go here and do your diligence. Thank you.

p & co.






AN OPEN LETTER. Please pass on to Your world(s) if Led...

Greetings Peeps,

p just checking in. Have you been following all the daily updates to spirit's [Note: Now In our off site referring's we will not be using the 3 letter deity word beginning with a G. Sage advice from our Yoda manager who will remain nameless but her first name begins with a n and ends with an i. She is one smart cookie, p wishes he could pay her in abundance but we are in

"the cashless Society" now and we are all equal in our infinite wealth, just like spirit. So, we send her all our love, the new/now currency.

We want to extend our deep condolences to the industrial magnets and corporate moguls for the apparent 'loss' of your wealth as the banks close and some very well, or should we say 'bad' connected banksters find their pockets as empty as their morals. Pity,- it had to come to this, sad, indeed.

But, we have some good news, dear ones. With that old, stinking mess of a system, totally unfair, when athletes and celebrities made millions and school teachers and bus drivers etc. struggle to put bread on the table. smh (shake my head).

Thank Spirit, we have the new divine, infinite love paradigm sweeping Mother Earth like the love tsunami it is, indeed. As stated at Spirit's starsite:

http://EarthPartyNow.com and spirit's blog there tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 and all the other pages there like the just created today Aerosmith Appreciation page,

tinyurl.com/Aerosmith77777 not to mention Brand new Blue Oyster Cult page: tinyurl.com/BlueOysterCult7777777

And, we have started the Sting & The Police page.

Yep, good things come in 3's tinyurl.com/Sting&thePolice777 (already started.) So, Please everyone, let's all get on the same page, we can Rock Plant~it Earth. The no more keeping up with The Jones' paradigm calls for another Mighty Drumroll from The Bonham Bro's, Guys?

Awe ~ some John & Jason. ( ( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0 (sic)

See Ya's around Heaven on Earth.

p & co..

p.s. Guys, please keep up the pressure, please keep calling car dealerships saying something like, HEY, WTF, When are You guys gonna start releasing Spirit's cars according to Spirit's divine perfect, infinitely perfect plan? We are so tempted to name names but we don't Dare want to embarrass anyone on our b(l)ock or have a quirky reaction. So, now that the earth is on no time, the cosmic RV is "on" and all people everywhere are wealthy beyond belief in Spirit's timeless new/now paradigm, why don't we just say to Spirit.

Thank you Spirit. and thank you for perfect timing, as we think of a friend & her family we saw today who hadn't been able to eat anything in 2 days. That kind of crap is done & over with, dear friends. Spirit's divine love solution is On, Now. And if there's a "news" organization that thinks this little site is worthy of some coverage, step forward and start spreading the awesome news coming out of Boston, The Love City.

Mr Kraft, we have not heard from you re using your stadium. Word on the street is Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones and Blue Oyster Cult, not to mention Aerosmith is waiting on your family decision, Oh, and Sting says He & The Police are In..

We humbly ask The Moody Blues if they would come. Sharon Osbourne, the job of managing the bands and co-ordinating is yours if you want it. (already reached out to on FB) Michael Laing, the original Woodstock co-ordinator, if you're still here and want the job, call p. What's that Elvis?, & Jerry and Duane & Berry? Yes, He's here with you, (As the Doors play a rather 'nasty' song in the background. A time of Divine miracles is right around the next bend if we allow it, guys. So, what say we? All our cards are on the table. Can't get any stronger, We really can't survive w/o Heaven on Earth, friends. Sting is so right, there is no political solution for our troubled evolution. All that's left people is Spirit's perfect, from the beginning, divine infinitely pefect plan. Did we say infinite divine perfect plan? That's what we are living in at this moment dear friends, in case you didn't know it. Whether you're living in a castle or a box, we are all blindingly briight srars in Spirit's firmament. Rejoice, rejoice someone sang, we have no choice. ) So, it's the party at the end of time and the beginning of the now. The eternal now. And so it is now. IJN.


Thank you very much. Our cell iis 781-267-4282. Also looking for a personal assistant and a maid for our studio apartment. Couple of days a week is fine. Your pay , since cash is dead,

would be... maybe treating you to a movie or dinner or just a walk in the park or the beach. Of course you'd get a deluxe 7 or 22 second hug like the clients & visitors at Ruby Rogers Center,

64 Union Sq, in beautiful Somerville Ma are receiving now If they a s k.. (p is there Sunday to Friday @ 2:30 or 3 to 5 p..m.) Ask spirit for something, anything, and Spirit will deliver exactly and precisely the best solution for you. It may be small or large or seaming unanswered, but Spirit has a plan and a "momentline." 'time,' like money has gone out of this, spirits hologram/illusion, my dear friends. Don't fret, we are all good in what we see in front of our noses, just be aware the illusion is transitioning us to the higher and higher love vibrations as The Moody Blues who were playing in our head are now playing on the air now wiith Tuesday afternoon. There are no words... )

This just in: P's got an idea, we have a ship that can take us to Saturn in the blink of an eye and there is a Disneyland/world there created by Ol' Walt himself that will blow everyone's mind. We've seen it in a most vivid dream. Who would want to sign up for that little activity?

Wow, paul, what song could you ever place here after that? You are correct my dear friend, only silence golden silence, but you know what, we have silence in a song so let's see if Simon & Garfunkel can lend a hand. )

Thank you Kanal von MuZeKopp for sharing on YT.

Thank You Simon & Garfunkel

Bye for now, every one. )

p & co.

Rec & fin.


3:40 a.m.

Addendums, fiin.

5:25 a.m.



An Open Letter

Guys, did you know Erik has his own page at His starsite > ,< Yes, indeed, just go to: http:EarthPartyNow.com and mosey on over to: tinyurl.com/BrotherErik777 If led, share this in your world(s) and start calling car dealerships and tell them you're coming down to pick up your God given car. Tell your boss you're going to work for God so you won't be in anymore. Then, hopefully go get a beer or play basketball, whatever.

Everyone who is gifted with a brain, hopefully 2 eyes and ears who investigates this, God's site, will take it as a 'real deal' because it is. It's part of everything we see around us in this, His, perfect, divine, infinite cosmic hologram. It's all under His control and alive with His divine, infinite perfect and compassionate care. (as Countin' on a miracle by 'the boss' plays in the background.)

This is a worldwide movement. The infinite Cosmos' are cheering on us earth volunteer warriors. Question, what are the, blood on their hands, corporate greedsters gonna do when no one pays attention to their corrupt, unfair and rotten to the core system anymore?

2 things. One: They can join us, as believers because they can see the proof in the pudding. Those are the smart ones.

Then we have the eternal contrarions, the haters of any good, light related energy. They have there own place officially known as eternal oblivion.

There's no God created hell, dear ones, unless you want to call this earth experience down here - since time immemorial, that. And who could argue that. This beautiful earth has been the designated 'lunatic asylum' of the creation. That word 'creation' encompasses all galaxies, universes, cosmos' so we don't have to

differentiate, ok. And, yes, it's not even capitalized because God is so far beyond anything even those terms, and it's all in His mighty hand, one hand can hold it. (as Bruce Springsteen's Let's be friends plays in the background from the perfect 'The Rising' album.

p insists on putting this note in: Bruce my dear friend, indeed the rising album is perfect and one of our favorites. One thing Bro, it's always nice to give credit where credit is due. Even with the graphics it shouts it out that this was channeled material and, indeed, it is for every song, literature, masterpiece ever thought or written in recorded time. It's time we all get hip to that notion which, in fact, is the truthful reality of this eternal situation. God is, simply All and All is All That Is.. p couldn't be typing this w/o His divine energy coming thru. So, our point is for everyone.

A simple Thank You God, or Thank You God for using me as your humble instrument, etc. With this said we are hereby giving a Humongous 'Shout out' & Thanks to Dave Mustaine, founder of Megadeth who does exactly this on all His albums. Well done, Bro, very well done, indeed. p out.) Indeed, and p did have a vision of Megadeth playing Gillette w Metallica and p's local discovery Centerlink (among many discovering this band))

Nothing is set in stone, of course,

Now, we have a question and it refers to the term 'Lunatic asylum of the universe,' a term that the late Sylvia Browne used, rightly so, for this place.

Sylvia, right here beside p says she is so incredibly sorry for the hurt she caused by giving some people incorrect information. (more filters could have been used & spotlight of tv didn't help.) Emotions are carried from earth to heaven folks and Sylvia has very deep emotions. p is crying right now as he types this. (As "Come on up for the rising by Bruce plays in the background. and we move on. Obtw, Sylvia is and was as right as rain that everyone on the other side is 30, The Firm's agreed upon age. Why be 29? or 31? Remember some of us used to say 'don't trust anyone over 30'? lol. But 30 is a prime age. WE're (sic) still young but have acquired a little bit of wisdom & knowledge at that perfect age.

So, the dude doing the typing here is 67 going on 30 and feeling better and sexier every day, and that's not a joke, folks. ) Of course, if you want to try or be 39 or whatever, have at it. Whatever suits you. p will be 30 when he reaches that golden/ turqoise shore, and meet God 30 also, of course free will rules. You want to see how it feels to be 857? Be God's guest. How'bout a billion year old? We would say why? but we, as immortal spiritual beings are sovereign beings. That Great gift means that no one is under God's thumb. This is why we had separation in the first place.

Ok, (As 'With these hands plays on our soundtrack we will now end this historic sharing as we and The Firm bow and say Thank You God. Indeed.


God, Jesus, & All The Company of Heaven

w a shout out to the humble servant, p. (having a good, a very good cry.)

What's the song(s) gonna be paul?

You're getting to know him a little aren't you.. no, it's not Sniff & The Tears, but go to His Blue Oyster Cult page and it will be showing up there. )


Thank You One & All, In Joyful Oneness

Definition of joyful:




feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness.

"joyful music"

synonyms:cheerful, happy, jolly, merry, sunny, joyous, lighthearted, in good spirits,bubbly, exuberant, ebullient, cheery, smiling, mirthful, radiant; jubilant,overjoyed, thrilled, ecstatic, euphoric, blissful, on cloud nine, elated,delighted, gleeful;

jovial, genial, good-humored;

informalchipper, chirpy,peppy, over the moon, on top of the world, upbeat;




"his joyful mood"

pleasing, happy, good, cheering, gladdening, welcome, heartwarming

"joyful news"

happy, cheerful, merry, jolly, festive, joyous

"a joyful occasion"

So, yeah, All that good stuff for God's Children Now & Forever In Jesus Name.



Rec. & fin:


12:10 a.m.

Yahoo images.

Thank You Father Mother God Creator All That Is, In Jesus Name.

Excuse me Mr Brown, how in the Heaven have you done all this? Please tell us, we won't tell anyone, promise. ) (mona lisa smile)

Ok, my dear friend, but as we've stated before there are no secrets in God's creation. There are tools we can all use,

some shared at Site Essentials page.


But, look, just please use this one, the one p uses every day. It is absolutely guaranteed to get you to find where you belong, with maximum quickness & will provide max

impact to change and light up your world(s). and you will surely find you way to Your perfect place in His Firmament. Repeat after p and make this your own; we will all be on

the same page, Indeed. The bonny boat will be as one again. The eternal oblivions may even awaken. There's a rock group for you guys.

Ok, Are you ready to be as one with All That Is, and surrender your earthly, stressed, fettered, worry, hurry, fretful, fearing minds and really start living the life He would like you to start living beginning N O W. Mark your time. Yes, indeed. your life experience is about to change. The big doves are hear (sic) to take you home Here we go:

"Dear God, not my will, way timing or plan is done, but Your PERFECT, INFINITELY PERFECT, Divine, Will, Way, Timing & Plan IS DONE NOW & Forever , IN Jesus Name.



Rec, & fin.


3: 07 a..m.



Good morning Folks,

We sincerely hope you are doing ok during this roller coaster ride to eternal and infinite joy. If you have discovered this place

thru a friend, you should say something to them in feedback if you do find this, His site, stimulating. If not, fine, we're not everyone's

cup of tea.

p's next appearance at Ruby Rogers Center at 64 Union Sq, Somerville, Ma is Sunday, 2pm ~ 5 p.m.. Hope to see you there if you are in the area.

p's reviews on His/his hugs are out of this world because, indeed, they come from Infinite Source as p steps aside and the unbridled force of All That Is,

gently comes thru. Watch how you feel in the next few weeks as the energies co mingle with your particular biology. Expect miracles now everyone as we

move collectively into the higher vibrations of His divine, perfect, infinite love field. Remember, we are living in His, infinitely perfect plan. Let's swim in it, cuz

we certainly are over our heads in the new now time of our eternal existence.

paul, what is the best thing we can all do as one to insure we are doing what we can do to make our transitions as smoothly as possible now & forever?

Perfect question at the perfect time, thanks for asking, my dear friend, what's your name? Jim Morrison, you know my name, boss. Indeed my dear friend,

however we are not anyone's "boss." Thank you very much. Now we will allow Divine Creator to answer your perfect question.

Thank You, Divine Creator here with Divine Ultimate, and we wish to give you the perfect formula to Ultimate victory and satisfaction, as The Doors, Break on thru to the other side

plays in the background..

Note: See latest updated sharing at 'Boss' Erik's site. )


Alright peeps hear we go, ok. First, have a few moments of divine golden silence. just you and God.

Now, please: Repeat after p: Dear God, All That Is, Not my will, way, timing or plan, but YOUR perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan Is done Now ~ In Jesuus Name.

And so it is now& forever.


Do that and we'll all be at our perfect place at Heaven's banquet in no time, esp since there is no time left. We are officiall off the clock now dear beloveds.

Don't believe p. Here's a song to prove he's not pulling your leg. Btw p is not a jokester, and we don't tell jokes but yes, we have a sense of humor, there's

a difference there folks. We don't expect anyone to humor us oor entertain us. You just be you and all will be grand for all of us for eternity. We are One. One

divine cosmic, infinite mind in Christ.. And so it Is now In Jesus Name.


Here's the song...

Thank you EQRock10 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Guess Who & The Audience ~ All of Us. )

Rec & fin. 1/2/16

11: 35 a. m.



Greetings all, here we are in a new year, guaranteed to be the sweetest year any of us have ever had. First of all

The Cashless Society is officially launched: Now. as This Is The Will of God, the One True Infinite Father Mother God of ALL THAT IS. Etc

[please don't confuse yourself about God when it comes to 'names' God does have more names than you can shake a stick at.] )

So this sharing is, indeed, meant to be shared beyond this, His blog place: Just copy & paste and send and you will be blessed and recognized

as an official "Greeter" for God & His site. Oh but what will people think of me? or I'm so known only with xyz program and... ok, we understand but really, what other people think of you is none of your business. Trust Him, your program will be lost to eternal oblivion with the quickness. If it has an amazing product, great, start shipping available product to the world. Just do it and don't think.

That's why a lot of these car guys are going to be kicking their arses up and down the boulevard of broken dreams, (we are listening to Green Day as we type this) not for them but the people they could have helped days ago. Pity, just sad, but this day today now, the official launch day is Now. and this coming week is an awesome time to accept and start rolling with His i.e. God's divine perfect will for us. He only wants the best for us. His divine perfect, infinitely perfect plan

is the one we want dear ones. His plan is the best by a country mile and way beyond what we can imagine with our earthly minds, indeed.His is the best- not your hopes & dreams, trust the dude typing this, guys, His hopes & dreams for you make your dreams look like, oh, comparing a row boat to an ocean liner.

Go with God and His Great plan for you. Join His 'Firm" Say yes to forever in the infinite cosmic body mind of Christ. We are the cosmic warrior winners

Don't be left in the dust, furniture store guys, home depot guys, Mom & Pop stores. bands please play your music free. Come play Gillette. He invites you Sharon Osbourne to be the band co-ordinator, obviously it 'pays' nothing but the eternal rewards are out of this world. We hope you accept. Know any bands, dear Sharon? )

tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 at:


We are looking for leaders to step up. We will not mention names but you know who you are. We woke up today in much pain from the

old mattress we sleep on. Yep, the old 'Eternity 7000' needs to be replaced. If you would like to give us and everyone else one free, our

contact details are at His Site Essentials page.


Oh, and Quirk Chevrolet in Beautiful Quincy Ma please let us know when we can pick up our sweet 2016 Malibu RT, silver, of course. Thanks Guys

Shout out to David B -our prime service advisor. Make sure you pick out a beauty for you David & everyone over there. P still hears ads advertising, year

end clearing for only $xxx. This from car people who have been or called, given business cards of His Site that screams. LLook at this This is good, but p still after 37 years of , oh never mind. Who wants to see Nanci's new car? Here you go, pending Humanity's acceptance of God' plan, on thr table now. Humanity what say you?? (p just had to delete some of His stuff. We tell you peeps. You're looking a gift horse in the mouth, it's Not appreciated.Indeed. Time for the people to take action. Forget the Money and profits is everythiing media. Youur tv and newspapers reporting this? FOrget about it. It's up to us, the people to share this. One day when it gets amazingly viral and the banks and insurance companies go broke, then, maybe maybe they too will wake up. The energy caming thru this vessell typing this folks is of a scale you can not understand. P can handle it but make no mistake, as if you could, there is a time to act and a time not to act if you don't agree on something. If you are with what God almighty Himself is proposing to this world thru this compassionate & loving channel.

If you haven't read An Urgent Message by p's future self, yeah, the very fingers now typing this . Time has caught up with that guy. Trust me he aint no pretender annd if you have the fear of God in you, you better not dilly the f dally. Say yyess or the promise of Heaven on Earth Is off the f table.

Ed note sorry folks p can't take the force of these fingers ffrom doing their thing. This IS THE BIG GUY COMING THROUGH> OVER & OUT> COME SEE P IN HIS OFFICE< out

p.s. paul, the compassionate sovereign guy calmly invites all the Automile car dealerships to His office and meanwhile. GIVE THE CARS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They ARE NOT YOOURRS, THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully some people are going to learn some hard lessons the hard way. Banks? You're still doing business? WTF!!

p.p. p ddid ameliorate some of the content taking out certaiin words but leavinthe tell tale "F".an removing a name. Also Commonwealth Chevrolet what are you guys doing up there, You're still selling cars for chump change? Really with banks closing? The people are infinitely rich now. Money can't buy anything for us, people. It's like trying to make a fish fly, just aint gonna work. 'nuff said.

Here's what you people don't want?


It''s Now or never humanity. please don't take this or think this is a joke. Listen to the music

playing, the soundtrack playing in the air that surrounds you. It's your guide. It feeds & nourishes your soul

e.g. For breakfast this morning we had a big bowl of The Peasants cd and Nick Drake & Green Day. Now i'm putting

in The Steve Miller Band funny, we woke up this morning with Fly like an Eagle first song we heard on the radio. It also happens to be the song that plays at the top of ouur Mission Satement page. Here, look please:


Gee paul, what a coincidence. Excuse me my dear friend, coincidences do not exist. Synchronicities exist. they prove that there are times, places & events that are on the same track and at times they will meet each other. So, WE have to go to Brother Erik's page and put up the Bob Marley song He thought of for that site. And there was another one we can't think what it was now but that will be there too, or whateve Father wants there since as p can't say enough, this

His site and we, p, is the spirit in flesh at the keyboard.

Signing out. not so fast, sonny, the 2nd song mentioned is 'Fly Like an Eagle' and is up at Erik's site.


Rec. & fin: 1/1/16

final fin: 11: 43 a.m.

12/40 p.m.

Google images.

Who wants to go for a ride to Disneyworld? The one on Saturn?

p & co.

p.ss. It's real folks, saw it in a dream, indeed.



If anyone was planning to come by The Ruby Rogers Center today for a hug with p, he will not be available due to an unforseen situation...

We had an awesome time yesterday and after RR sponsored our attending a terrific show called Buyer Cellar. We recommend esp if you love Barbra Streisand.

Also, the new additions at His Happiness forever page is pretty much the end of the rainbow, folks, Check out the last sharings there, if led, and discover how seamless He led us to "the other side." Indeed.


Share this and you will be soo blessed, indeed. )

p.s. p , God willing, will be at The Ruby Rogers Center, 64 Union Sq, Somerville, Ma from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.today giving Free, of course, lol Hugs

direct from Source with a soundtrack of our home made music tapes. Our dossier will also be there. Part of which is online at:


(This will be a pinned post, guys for obvious reasons, we're exhausted. no, not really but going back to bed now for a few. later. )




Hey paul how did your first day of residency go at the Ruby Rogers Center go yesterday? It went well for the little time we had to do it. The group had a

group outing set to go see the new Star Wars movie. It was pretty awesome. Every scene jam packed w action. After the movie we were all invited for pizza

at the New Towne Grill in Porter Sq. in Beautiful Cambridge, Ma. Thank You Ruby Rogers Center & director, Nanci. )

So today is an inclement day so no going out but getting a lot done on the computer. We will be back at RR lomorrow officially starting at 2. Come on by if you're in the area.

So Erik's page is done. God did an Awesome Job as usual. You can visit here:




Thank you chni1's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You God & Joni Mitchell. Nice work...)

Paul F Brown 1 hour ago

Thank you chni''s channel for sharing this masterwork of God thru Joni Mitchell. Only God can create stuff like this. And same for all of us. We were all created from God to be mirrors of His love, in case you didn't know it. Get enlightened and go to His starsite http://EarthPartyNow.com and, among other places there you will find this song at: tinyurl.com/LetJesuswelcomeU777 All welcome to His jubilee. Let Jesus be your tour guide. You will always be where you're supposed to be. All you have to do is a s k. (tip) Don't be an ahole and not do it from your knees.

Welcome to our little portal to God's infinite and eternal love, indeed. If led, please pass this on and share the good news of 'The Cashless Society' with the quickness. People are suffering under an old, worn out corrupt to the core 'system'. They think it's going to last? Forgetttaaboouut itttttt. Collect you last paycheck, throw away your papers, move where you want. It's All on God from now on peeps. Forget about trying to chase the impossible dream of 3rd dimensional riches. That system is noow, (sic) indeed, f l u s h e d. God's divine force is directing the fingers of p, the best in the business, if you doubt, look at the body of work at My site, the humble servant & Christ have put together for Me and You, Indeed. And so it is Now, In Jesus Name. Amen.

p.s. We 'lost' one of our fierce Rock & Roll Warriors the other day. Look for a song at the bottom of this page tinyurl.com/HappinessForever777 and look at it as a new beginning as there is no death, only a returning to the light, so rejoice everyone, our beloved Lemmy is just around the bend like all the Spirits. Jerry says, Hey y'all, we're changing the group's name to The Grateful Living and Lemmy just joined the Band. In fact, my dear friends, Jerry's band is so big no one is left out, Indeed. ) So Dear Lemmy R.I.P. Rockin' in Paradise, with perfect timing in Christ, Indeed & Amen.

Ok, so do you want to go to your dead-end job tomorrow? Of course if your job serves the people, and it's important, use common sense.

Ok, this is a wrap, fellow co~creators of God & creation, we are all in His divine, holy script playing our parts and it is perfect, whether you're visiting that happiness forever page or wherever Jesus guides you, you are good. No one has done any wrong. We all signed cosmic contracts pre birth to do our parts in His illusion, as that song by Journey plays in our head. Look for it after Lemmy's song. What's the song paul? After the fall, my dear friend.

Rec. & fin. 12/29/15

1:00 p.m.



Today, we start our residency at Ruby Rogers Center in Beautiful Somerville Ma. 64 Union Sq.

If you are @ the area. We know we need a much bigger venue. Today RR Center, hopefully asap, Gillette Stadium where the bands God invites will jam like the old days. Bands that have lost members, well all we can say is, expect Miracles. As Rush ~ "Working Man" plays in the background. BTW, Rush, if and when we get the approval from The Kraft family to use their beautiful & awesome facility. You are invited.

Also, maybe we could get support from a certain someone if he knew another Band we'd love to invite is, ahem. Bon Jovi. And another local band is playing in the background now, Aerosmith, 'love in an elevator,' Oh my. )

Gotta run... )



Thank you WestLA Guy for sharing on YT

Thank You Lowell George & Little Feat. Can't wait for your 'Back In Love' Re-Union

Concert at Gillette. As we were typing this we realized there was no music playing.

Got up grabbed a random cassette declaring this to be the perfect music to hear now.

Put in the magic soundbox. Pushed play and we hear 'Fire on High' by ELO, i.e. Electric

Light Orchestra. Perfect, as George Thorogood plays now - movin' on over. And now, guess

who? Hmmm. ) Some band that calls themselves... Blue Oyster Cult. doing 'Black Blade'

So, p is hereby inviting those 3 bands to 'Do" Gillette and also to come back as often as they like,

as 'Burnin' for You' Now.plays. and we're gonna move on as we got to share that Braco is coming to

our magic computers, and as we go to post this the song 'Veteran of the Psychic Wars' plays, indeed.

Bye. p )

Rec & fin 12/26//15

8:37 a.m.


Merry Christmas Everyone Everywhere In Jesus Name.

Fantastic New (sic) just completed minutes ago but not here. It is posted at a new far flung superstars

site. This is required to know what's going down at this site and on this Earth. It's not good news

folks, It's literally out of this world Good News, Indeed.

So here's where everyone can read the Open '" An Urgent Letter" from paul's future self.

This is the day now for this sharing to be blasted to Heaven & back It's all here:


Love to all from God & Jesus & The Firm )



Greetings beloved masters on the way up. we want to introduce you to our beloved mascot "Lucky."

Anytime you need a laugh, the best medicine, stop by here. We first came across this when it had @ 45,999 views, see what it has now. )

Thank you Talking Animals for sharing on YT.

Thank You "Lucky." God Bless You & All Your Fans, i.e. Everyone, Indeed. )

Yeah, this is a combo we woke up to this morning. Lucky and John Prine. En-joy...)

Thank you Kenneth Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Prine & Company.

Thank you langsense for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Prine & Company.



1:22 a.m.

An Open Letter

Strange News From Another Star...

Hi Richard, Greetings dear friend,

WE have some amazingly good news which you can find here.


Read about the new global paradigm that God is rolling out.

You are one of the first to know about this before it goes viral.

If led, please, share this information with Your worlds not leaving anyone

behind and you will be eternally blessed. IJN.

Your dear friend in Christ,

paul aka p

p.s. Hope you had a nice cosmic day today. the first of forever, indeed

Read all about it here: tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777

Merry Christmas & Sweet Happy New Year

[Richard, this off the record, ok? We know you're a man of faith and I know you love God like we do. We are trying to get this out to the world. There is opposition, we need spiritual warriors to step up and boldly go forth and be part of God's plan. If you say Yes, all you have to do is send out the above email and it will go viral just by you alone.

But read the blog too tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777

Thank you beloved master.


peace out.

p.p.s. Richard, to be clear, the email should end right at peace out God just said to use all this for more affectiveness and we concur. No one will know which Richard in the world we sent this too, so your privacy, which we respect for all, is kept. Deal? And I'm going to send it out too with: "An open Letter to All" We have 1 day for this to go Global my Dear friend and everyone gets a new car like that song by Styx, in fact that just gave me a grand idea. Of course all ideas and thoughts come from God. So the plan just changed. This whole email will be shared and everyone this is how we, God in us and you. Indeed, we are all one big happy team. We let the music do the talking Here we go and We're off to Facebook & Twitter (the only ones we do) and this will be on the blog site in seconds. God is Rockin' the house, Indeed. ) Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live)


Thank you Maximum80s 2

Thank You Styx. & Audience



Guys, guess what? Today is Cosmic Trigger Day in the neighborhood if you didn't already know. 23 being the Cosmic Trigger #.

Image result for the universe

God neighborhood we live in.

Announcing CASH is D E A D. No Longer With Us. It's Replacement Is L O V E. Indeed

There's no need to weep, no gnashing of teeth over this . In fact, it's a joyous occasion, This makes us all as rich as God. You think God

wants to have to walk around with dollar bills in His pockets when He visits Earth? Uh uh. we doubt it, in fact we know exactly how He feels

being an empath ourselves. And, indeed, God has great compassion for those who are sick and tired, not to mention, weary of the rat race

and the treadmill.to make enough money to survive. That's not why He created Terra, Mother Earth.

Beloveds we have a higher purpose in life for being here. We are, each and every one of us, Indeed, blessings to each other. So, can we allow

ourselves to accept the new paradigm of love direct from Source ~ God thru brother p writing, ok, typing this down at this miracle to the world machine

connecting us all over the world. So, instead of going to work, p, for one, wants to go for a walk in the park, stroll the beach, sleep or go see the wizard. Anything but have to go to a boring, soul killing j o b. That is if you have that kind of job. Now that you don't have to go to work just to put bread on the table

- go do what your spirit wants to do. It's time. If you've had to put off your dream, now is the time to boldly go do it, you've got the time now. no excuses. )

Ok, speaking of meaningful jobs, Is it a job if you love what you do? We doubt it. )

p is hereby announcing that starting Monday December 28th, he will be starting a new venture. If you came here via the front page and read down

a bit you've read about the Hug research that's revealed the healing benefits of Oxytocin, a hormone that the body releases when 2 people hug for @ 20

seconds. It's called the love hormone, also the trust hormone and the happy hormone.

This is our kind of hormone and who doesn't need a good hug? God knows p does. )

So what's the story paul? The story, my friend(s) is that p, a veteran street hugger, will be showing up Monday thru Friday @ 2:00 pm. to 5:00 p.m.closing.

We'll have literature on hugs and everyone that asks will be given one of paul's business cards. There will be a notebook to make a comment if you like.

And btw, p will not be the only hugger, volunteer huggers are welcome to apply.


Addendum: Ok guys, paul is not good w names. at the rr center we will also have name tags available or you can make your own. paul will also have one,

in the shape of a heart. So you know it's Him The Capital h came out, it will stay there. So when Buck Dharma & Eric Bloom and company come we expect to see your name tags, seriously, even Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham and Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart, & Jeff Beck. How do you get a name like Jeff Beck btw? Things that make you think.. hmmmmm So, "yes" dear beloveds the jig is up, we're not stupid like some, we're not saying all politicians or phony preachers popping around only for material gain. Sir, Anger arises here indeed Who else, besides Neil Young can call a spade a spade? As David Crosby plays in the background, is there anything at all I can tell you, the world's most opinionated man )

. Neil and Graham please come see me, don't forget yer name tags, ok.

Father says "We gonna needa BiggerVenue, (unedited) indeed Dear Father, the Ruby Rogers Center is tiny and it sits in a very busy place, so, Father let the perfect place appear.

What's playing on your cosmic boombox now paul? Thanks for asking dear beloved master. Boston. More than a feeling.

Announcing Change of plan. Just back from the little boys room where we got some downloads from Infinite Source.

Somewhat fitting as p has had many 'close' shaves [as Heart plays~ Crazy on you in the background.

He says, if The Kraft Family will allow, we will do Gillette come Monday. Like Braco had to give up one on one meetings to do gazings because of the crowds

p could give individual hugs to each and every one who shows up there from the stage to the soundtrack that 'Creatorchooses' for the moment.

It will probably be silence for 22 seconds. Oh, did we mention, we will invite Bands to come play. paul will do the hugs/gazings between sets. BTW Doobie Brothers get over here please!. P is begging you guys, ok? lol

Tom Scholz & Company, From my knees I'm asking you Bro, if you guys will come and play at your convenience. We don't even have to ask Blue Oyster Cult if they will play. It will be your turn whenever you're ready brothers. Btw, everyone invited to see their just created this morning Star page and we aren't done by a long shot.


Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Carol King, Bonnie Raitt & Chris Smither, Lori Mc Kenna, Loreena McKennitt, and on and on while Carol King 'It's too late' plays in background .soundtrack. For our record, it is n e v e r too late. )

In fact, let p right here, right now go way out on a limb and hereby invite Megadeth & Metallica to come to Gillette, and we have a local band that

paul discovered and, talk about dreams coming true for these guys, p thinks he even did mention to them what a dream that would be to be on the same bill with these 2 Bands that they idolize and for damn good reason. They are all Gods for crying out loud. ) and p concurring and catching a vision of the future OMG. We did have a vision of this happening that afternoon when we saw them playing at Nantasket Beach in Beautiful Hull, Mass a chew setts. God Bless You!

Wow, What's the name of this group, paul?

The name of the group my dear friend is Centerlink. You can google them and find out about them, we think they're awesome

as Come Monday by Jimmy Buffett plays in the background. no crap, folks, we got up to put some music in while .moving our arms around magnetizing our hands to whatever God would have us listen to. (while Jimmy plays why don't we get drunk and screw. LOL

Like Theresa C says "You can't make this stuff up!"

Thank you Pop on MV for sharing on YT

Thank You Jimmy Buffett and Parrotheads! )

End of 12/24/15 Addendum


Since the cashless thing is in, your compensation will be the 'out of this world' benefits of just helping at least one person have a better, brighter day.

You gonna tell us where this is going to happen, bro? Yep, it will be at The Ruby Rogers Center, a place where people in recovery can get help and

support.. 64 Union Sq. in beautiful Somerville, Ma, USA,

beautiful Plant it/ Mother Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Jesus Christ neighborhood. See picture above. )

How did you get this job, paul? Glad you asked. ) p knows the director, Nanci, Nanci also runs the Ruby Rogers Yahoo online group which is a

place for sharing all kinds of 'good stuff.' there is also a facebook page. For info you can just 'google' it.

You must be happy paul to have been given this opportunity. Very happy, ecstatic, because we know this is God's will and when we proposed this action to

Nanci, her immediate and enthusiastic response; the only words p could say was 'I love you' as we have said to each other for eons. Have we mentioned

Nanci is p's ex wife? In fact if you don't believe that, you can go to the good news & docs page which you should go to anyway since we added some new good stuff there today. tinyurl.com/GoodNewsDocs777

One more thing here, if there is a television station that may want to live stream this venture please contact the center. We can assure you the cast of characters there and what p & co will be sharing will, God willing, be amazing. Remember peeps, God is the one letting all this come thru, the dude, p is just typing with his God Given fingers and brain. That kind of works out pretty good, huh?

One more quick thing here, and trust me, His blogs are not usually this long but this being Cosmic Trigger day there's a lot to cover.

So last evening we were at the Ruby Rogers Center and got this all agreed to. Then p went to channel 7 and dropped off 22 business cards.

Then went to Channel 4 and did same. On the way to Channel 5 p stopped by Eastern Advertising, where he used to work, in beautiful Newton Ma

since it's right on the way. It was great to see the guys we worked with for many years. It was like when we left a couple of years ago. Same guys same everything. Anyway, we gave them cards too. Shout out to you guys and we sincerely hope you all take this to heart and people like Ernie Bock Jr who we heard on the radio, Boston's Classic Rock WZLX 100.7,* this morning. Hey Ernie, got any cars to give away? Your Dad says go be the FIRST ON the Block to do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, He's on Fire w this Ernie, GO FOR ITT He shouts, my friend. He's so proud of you dude. I cant type any fastter Love you son.!!!!!!!

Did we mention p also stopped by there* and left 22 cards with an employee who kindly took them in as he was leaving. Btw Chuck Nowlin, you are invited to look at any of the music threads on His site and share a perfect 10 or 22 or whatever. If can't decide just ask Him. He, again, of course does live in all of us. He does everything and we can't make a mistake. There was no mistake at the Beauty Pageant the other night, folks. They both deserved to win so they are both the winners. God knows about multiple winners, indeed,. For the record, everyone on the planet is a winner.

But sir, what about Isis. If there's a news bureau that wants to get into a serious discussion about shit, contact us. Now Steve Harvey you might be coming 'close' to making a mistake my brother if you don't ask p for a sit down chat. If so, you gotta come to Boston, my dear friend.. Like the song says, "Please" )

Ok, we are just about done, dear ones. p will finally post this but, obviously, we need a song here. Should be up before 33 minutes or so. We gotta bring up our laundry. Meanwhile have a wonderful Cosmic Trigger Day on the plan it, plant it, love-it, protect-it. Oh, lots of songs vying to be placed here but it can't be Uncle John' Band. Already been there done that. This will be for a brand new fresh start. Ok, who's reading His mind now? Back in a few.

Rec & fin. 12/23/15

5:02: p.m.

Addendums: fin. 6:09 p.m. The Bock material

Now going to put the song up. Trust p folks, it's a no brainer... )

Thank you The Ripples70 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Genesis.

One more for the day and p needs to get off this computer. Who else, besides p, has

a perfect song to put here? There are no wrong answers, ) be right back..

Thank you NEA ZIXNH for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Police.




The Cashless Society is Now a done deal peeps.

Signed, sealed and delivered by the Cosmic Powers that be. Indeed this wondrous, Glorious loving day heralds the Love paradigm

replacing the old, disfunctional, money driven over the cliff, crazy, ridiculous, corrupt & chaotic folderol of a system.

EVERYTHING IS NOW FREE. In case you didn't know it fellow human beings. God owns this world and He's taken it back.

Trump, with all due respect, Sir, you're b r o k e just like the guy typing this from Source. We are all in the same boat

i.e. The Good Ship Infinity. We sail on as One, dear beloveds, we are one under one United God. One Heaven and One Earth merging

together as one . God's children are one, indeed. Everyone is Welcome to Father of Infinite Heaven's Starsite. and get all the good news

you can handle and then some. Go to:


You will be shown everything. Don't go anywhere else, like the story of the guy who turned away a boat and a helicopter and a helping hand from a neighbor, this here right now is what we've all been praying for. Our time has come. In heaven, we let the music do the talking so let's all wake up, listen to the music

and study His starsite. He made it p e r f e c t for His God & Goddesses children. See you at the jubilee. )

"All will be revealed."

From: Kashmir

Rec by Led Zeppelin

Written by Page/ Plant/ Bonham

Please, if led, share this good news w everyone in Your world and be free like God wants us to be.

Make this the happiest and most joyous Christmas and the sweetest of New Year's ever. With

God all things are possible. Make it so. Do your part and tell the world to go to His site and see

"the Goods" for themselves. You want game changer Good News? You got it.

A little cosmic traveling music for us:

Thank you Led Zeppelin for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Led Zeppelin


J & p & God & the Firm


Rec & fin.


7:00 a. m.



12:11 a.m.

An Open Letter

Greetings my dear friend, Jim,

Now: 12/21/15

10:23 p.m [23 the cosmic trigger #]

How's everything? Good I trust.

You, Jim, are the first person on the planet that I am that I am

is sharing this Strange News From Another Star with.

Here's what's going on. Tomorrow, which is about an hour and a half away

paul, the guy typing this with Source , will announce to the infinite cosmos' that here

on earth, we are joyfully changing from the old, tired, seriously damaged paradigm where

money rules and if you don't have any, you're screwed.

The new paradigm starts on God's perfect timetable at @ 12:22 a.m. 12/22/15.

This will be announced on His starsite at that time, God willing, as a New York minute

is playing in the background. This will kick off with a Boston minute, my dear friend(s).

So, we must go & share this exact email with e v e r y o n e.

We invite you to His starsite and also to Boston, the music & the city.

Dr Peebles says GOD BLESS YOU!!! to You, Jim, & EVERYONE!!!!!!! INDEED.

The whole world IS visiting His starsite as we speak...


This major announcement will have everything to do with this good news docs page


Oh, and His Press Release is here:


Kind regards.

J & p & God & the FIRM


p.s. Everyone who shares the good news of this, God's eternal victory and outshowing

of love, happiness & compassion will be truly blessed forever. p asked God for the perfect song to send this with. Hear you go divine beloveds. From Heaven's House Band, Indeed.



Rec.& fin.


11:11 p.m.



2:22 p.m.

Greeting Ruby Rogers members,

Have you heard the good news? No?

Well you haven't gone to the right place then.

All the good news of the day(s) are hanging out at His/ Heavens jubilee.

A place wher you can never play the music too loud. e.g.


Thank you God ) and the other 2 God's. )

What's the song of the day paul. Thanks for asking my dear friend

but there really, in all fairness, can never be just one song however but like He gave you a song and now you want more. Guess what, if you like that we bet you'd like this. Jazz? Yep or how 'bout classical or you got to listen to this reggae, get the point, dear ones? In other words, if you like apples, why not try a peach/?

Oh, and you haven't lived til you try a lemon? ) Very soon we'll tell you the Apple orchard story and the comparison w the present financial folderol. Even St Germain needs to hear this story. p's gotta run so we'll talk later. Share a smile with someone today and make each other's day. Just a suggestion. )


En ~ joy, and there's a whole lot more at the celebration, joy, happiness & compassion site.

Heavenly infinite Father has created this, His site, thru p the humble servant & advocate for humanity.

His plan is our plan beloveds. The cashless society is on, dear ones, each of us is infinitely rich in spirit

and spirit trumps any earthly wealth. There is no comparison. So, literally, as one person, in particular, yeah, we'll name names, hears all the time. "Mr Trump, your money's no good here. sorry," And he gets everything on the house. Is that fair? We don't think so. More mention of the donald with all considerable due respect, is at the most recent blogs. Lets you and me & Carol do lunch soon Sir, deal?

And tthis post will be going to todays blog as is. Ty.


Mosey on over here and check everything out. The site is 100% complete.

What's to be added soon is gravy or better stated- cream. So come and join

your brothers and sisters at God's starsite. Doesn't matter which side of the veil

you're on as the Heaven & Earth merger is On, Yes, indeed

Ciao for now,

love & hugs,

p )



Sharing at 4:52 p.m.

Hey Everyone Happy Sunday! We, p & the FIRM, hereby declare and decree that today 12/20/15 and all the days to follow are the best days of our lives because it is the day our loving, infinite Creator has made for us Now. Now being all that matters. Forget yesterday and all it's wounds , misery and uncertainty.

Creator has made for us a brand new beautiful, wondrous, glorious loving day. Embrace it. Definitely put your favorite music on. paul's been listening to Dan Fogelberg since he got up.

Now, we're gonna put on some Jackson Brown. How 'bout you?

To find out about God and what He's up to, why not visit His starsite. What, you don't think God could have a presence on the web? He's everywhere isn't he? Indeed, make no mistake if there were mistakes which we know there aren't , right, my dear friends? God wants to have fun with His custom made children. He's in each and every one uf us as us. Pretty neat, huh? Indeed, my dear friends. it is so.

He knows and feels for us. We all could use a little succor after all we've been through, esp lately. So, a good place for that would be to go to


at His starsite:


This is the outplaying of His compassionate "Sting" operation. It's happening now, today is the day. See His Press Release


paul accepted his mission called mission impossible. With God's help he turned it into mission IS possible. With God all things are possible. Besides prayer, music is the only other thing that reaches heaven my dear ones. He, paul, did his job with the greatest intent and worked like a dog in this 'go for broke' mission, and guess what dear ones?

He made it! Big Time. paul is b r o k e. yep. Don't believe him:

Look: 12/20/15 Account Details

Current Balance $47.80 Available Balance $16.16

Collected Balance $47.80 Last Statement Date 11/25/2015

Oh, we still have$16.16 left . Can you say 'sweet?', 'sweet?' While The Who play 'Won't get fooled again'

in the background. We do not lie, We do have some money coming, hopefully soon from a couple new programs we're in.

It's funny because we, are looking for people to join Our Firm. We are looking for bell ringers, whistle blowers and sharers of this,

His, the Creator's site. It pays nothing monetarily but the rewards are Out of This World, Indeed. And besides, money is going out of fashion

as we type this since it's value in the 'now' paradigm of the 5th dimension where love is the currency, it has just run it's course. Everything is free.

The world just needs to catch up.

(all this is at His site.)


So, if you accept our offer to join His Firm, you will be joining the

Biggest, baddest FIRM in the history of recorded time. You can take all the money of all the firms on the planet and it wouldn't come close to

the 'rewards plan' Creator has for those who say YES to accepting His offer. Word to the wise, don't think about it, do you think about the next

breath you take? This is the no brainer of all the no brainers. Trust Him, It's even on our money, last time we looked.

To join His FIRM and all you do is: have F a i t h & share the good news shared at this, His, starsite.

If you refer just 1 person, one other child of God, your eternal rewards will be completely and totally Off The Chain, Indeed. Do it, you''ll see; p guarantees it, esp if that person is struggling with issues like homelessness, poverty, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, misery and too many empty promises from politicians.

Now, back to your humble but dynamic servant/advocate, paul.

If you would like to help his immediate situation. If everyone reading this went to the Site Essentials page and the donate button & made a $3.

donation p would be all set. He could keep his computer turned on and pay rent and other stuff.


Donald Trump, if you like all that's going down here p is respectfully asking for 1 million dollars, not for him

but for all it can do for humanity while the money is still good. Thank You Sir in advance if this deal goes down with you.

You also get a free million dollar hug from the best in the business, if we do say so ourselves. )

This is a wrap my dear beloved friends. Love on...


Cheers, light love laughter and sweet dreams the next time you go to dreamland. Yep, that's when we leave our bodies and go visit God. So maybe you'll get your next song or inspiration of what to do in a situation in your life.. Just a s k and also ask to remember and keep a journal w a pen next to your bed. )

God loves us, He's taking us home from where we came. You can call it paradise, we like to think of it as Rock & roll Heaven.

3 bears (Elvis) and the Firm up there have the red carpet out for us, indeed. It's hard to say good bye here but p just figured out what the perfect song

is so let's kiss and say good bye til we meet again.



Jesus, p, God and All The Firm Shout out to Jimmy, Robert, John Paul, John & Jason. Led Zep Rules forever.

Rec. 12/20/15

3:57 p.m.

Addendums & fin.

5:44 p.m.

Here's the song, already added to the site, as Fire on The Mountain by

The Grateful Dead plays on the boombox; another sweet synchronicity, indeed.

This going home song is on this, His site, twice already, Thank You God.

Now, here's the one to take us home. Take it away 3 bears ~ Elvis. )

This is for You, Jesus, from all of us. Thank You, & yes, we will keep smiling forever. ) ) ).

Thank you Elvis Presley for sharing this masterpiece on YT.

Thank You Elvis Presley ~ 3 bears & Company. )



This is turning into one of those epic days and we still have an hour and 52 minutes to go. )

So, paul, we hear you bumped into some people tonight on your supermarket run, Care to share with us, Sure, you know we

love to share good stuff. So, ater 3 days w/o leaving the apt paul goes to the chop & chop ) (we use that term as a sort of

term of endearment. Comes from our dear & beloved friend Carol's daughter, Cheri, who called it that when she was little.

So, p's in the chop chop (Stop & Shop) down by the yogurt and feels an old familiar energy and who is it but Ashtar, yeah, the Ashtar

Command Ashtar. The same dude who gave paul a reading thru Michael el Legion back in 1993. So, pleasantries and, let p tell you guys,

there IS a plan, Ashtar knows what it is, he may have even mentioned it in the reading which we have on cassette. P won't directly reveal the

name of the operation because it may "sting" some people but to those who can read code, 'nuff said. So, carry on dear beloved master and your

millions , to use a small number, of legions of the great brother/sisterhood of light.

So, about 7 seconds later paul responds to a stop & shop employee who said Hi. paul says Hi back and other pleasantries were exchanged and

we got into a very nice conversation . This S & S employee, Al, is quite a guy He was interested in what we do, p said that he's online with a site

He asked if P was like a born again Christian? We said no, it's more like a spirituality thing it's not about religion. paul asked him if he had a computer,

he said his daughter did, so paul gave him one of his cards and among other things he asked us if we had a life changing moment that made p the way he is

these days. We talked about how many people have NDE's (near death experiences) and they were changed. p didn't go into it too much but agreed many moments in life can be defining, or words to that affect. So, a Big Shout out to p's dear new friend, Al!

Let's finish this, so p feels like going for a ride, we head south over the fore river bridge and all the way down to thr Hingham rotary, listening to Led Zeppelin and it occurs to him that, you know, hearing that first zeppelin album when it came out; that was life changing, indeed. This was something totally off the hook. What power and nourishment for the rock & roll soul. Suddenly Dan Fogelberg made his presence known and 'the Firm' were all riding shotgun. ) )

Jerry and company all rockin' to the healing sounds of the mighty zeppelin. You had to be there, my dear friends. Coming back into Quincy just for fun, like

the Charlie Daniels Band we did one lap around the rotary for fun, then, another one for Carol. She needs our prayers everyone. Thank you.

And a 3rd time for all of us to look out for each other and all that is in our futures. Expect to have our consciousness expanded in the coming period of His

emerging outplaying of His divine plan. Love, we can tell you is the plan in every scenario. Love is the answer. Love everyone unconditionally. play well

and listen to the music. Let it set us free and one day soon the entire planet will be hearing the songs of God in unison.

We're all in this together. God loves us and provides bridges to our eternal place to live with Him forever. See you on that golden turquoise shore. )

Love & hugs,

I am that I am




Here's an awesome bridge of songs that He compiled as He does all.


Here's music for the tough times we've been going through and Yes, with

God's mercy and compassion, everything will be alright. Trust Him. Ty.

Thank you Константин Лелюхин for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company.

Google images.

Thank You Sting

God bless you and all Your Dear Friends i.e. E v e r y o n e, Indeed. )

Another working day has ended. )

Rec. fin. 12/20/15 3:42 a.m.



Greetings Friends,

I am & I am and All That Is have been working for aeons for a much bigger firm than all the firms on earth combined. We are looking

for partners to spread the good news re the victory of light over darkness. It doesn't pay anything monetarily but the spiritual rewards

are out of this world!

If you'd like to visit His jubilee and maybe be a large (there are no small parts) part of this

go here Everyone is invited, no one will be left behind, no one, sorry. )


And if you say "Yes," just share, share & share and the blessings will be beyond belief for you. Guaranteed. )

The site is 99.9% complete and will probably always be 99.9 % complete, ok? Thank You!

Cheers, w Peace, love, harmony, happiness, compassion, adventure and most esp

G R A T I T U D E.



p & the FIRM.

Now, in a place one can never play thhe music too loud, Brad, dear Brother, TAKE IT AWAY... )

Thank you Martin Diaz for sharing this perfection on YT

Thank You Boston.



Moved over from FB.

Ok friends, by now you've probably seen a sharing or 2 of us sharing His Earth Party celebration site. If you are not visiting cuz you are so feverishly pumped up about selling your money making offer...1st we don't blame you, we all gotta eat but p tells you this right here right now. In a few days, or whenever humanity wakes up and realizes there's a better carrot on a stick to pursue than money.

Indeed, a whole new paradigm is rolling in like a tsunami, a tsunami of something better than money.

Wait, What's better than money? Ok, besides that, you dirty dirty minds, ) LOVE, LOVE and oh yes, LOVE is The Best. Nothing is better than L O V E and that is what matters in the long run. Guess what beloveds? We, you and the guy sitting here, channeling this on his computer, which is God's computer since everything and everyone is His creation. are Now at the end of The Long Run.

Time is dissolving as we are witnessing right here and now the merger of Heaven & Earth, Indeed, we kid you not. Heaven is no match for earth, dear ones. Heaven is the lover of the Universes and the Good Earth, Thank goodness, right? )

So, what's the plan, Stan. Glad you asked, Jack. time to bring it all home Jerome. So here's the deal, Neil. We pick up musical instruments and learn how to play. Might take a day or 3 but it will create something that will be termed m u s i c. Music is like life, itself, it's like the air we breathe and the blood in our veins.

If, when we get down there- at that schoolroom earth and we do follow our destiny, as agreed to pre- birth to be musicians; music having been well established through the ages. We will, indeed make our mark.

Indeed, we will, if we are wise, make music the soundtrack to our lives. If we are well intended Heaven will move heaven & earth to make it the best it can be. It's that important beloveds, indeed.

So, today, at this cosmic moment in time p will share his first music that so became the 'soundtrack'' of his life and sooo many others of like mind. Let's call it what it is really, the soundtrack of a generation. This and Deja Vu also which we are listening to now, having already heard CSN once on the boombox and at YT.


When did you first hear CSN, paul? Thanks for asking my friend.

We've shared this online before.

p was living in beautiful Coconut Grove Florida attending the U of Miami in a ramshackle little house with 2 roommates. One day p was in the overgrown back yard when strange sounds started BLASTING from the neighbors open windows. We were Hooked, )

It was pure jasmine, still is to this day and will be forever, indeed. )

So, this little sharing will be moved to Heaven's blog at the jubilee site: tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 for permanent reference.

Thanks all for reading this, it is our infinite pleasure to share all this with you. Now, lets keep listening to the music and whatever soundtrack floats your particular boat; keep it flowing. Also remember too; silence is golden.

Peace & love

p & the Firm.

p.s. Before Kent State and the end of paul's college days he answered an ad posted on a campus bulletin board seeking a housemate. Nanci opened the door and the rest is, as they say, history. Yep, that's how p met the love of his life, the old laughing lady herself. Thank you dear brother Neil Young for that song.

We cry every time we hear it. )

Thank you I'm a cork on the ocean for sharing this masterpiece on YT.

Thank You Brother Neil Young.

More Neil:




Brought over from FB.

Good Day & Greetings beloved masters. Please welcome our newest spirit guide to stand alongside Dr Peebles and Erik. He showed up in 'the situation room' while paul was just waking up this morning. Please welcome with a smile and a big cosmic hug... Dr Wayne Dyer & He welcomes all his friends,i.e. Everyone, to visit Heaven's jubilee. Be sure to put some music on, or we have plenty for you there and watch the love & synchronicities pile up for you. ) http://EarthPartyNow.com p & the Firm at your service. p.s. Want Dr Wayne or Dr Peebles or Erik to be a personal guide for you? Just a s k. We recommend all three. Things go better with 3, a divine #. Cheers ‪#‎DrWayneDyer‬ ‪#‎DrPeebles‬ ‪#‎Erik‬ ‪#‎worldNews‬

Welcome Kind Sir

Google images.

Dr Wayne Dyer.



5: a.m.

Dear diary, what a day it's been... )

Here's FB sharing we sent a little earlier

See what went down at His Jubilee today. Many highlights,

among them these words of advice from Kate Wolf


All welcome to Heaven's jubilee. Cheers )


Image result for Kate wolf

Google images.

Thank you Kate.



@ 815 p.m.

The following is from our fb. just sharing...

Busy Busy Busy. God knows we have a lot to get to. In fact just typed in a url to go to but landed at the place which is below, yes, the

blog post showed up and we just knew that happened for a reason. So before we post something there, here we are doing a draft here on fb.

Hope that makes sense to you all. Yeah, we're on our way to make a post re a new friend and his mother who is talking about & to him. The perfect

time for that is coming but, for fans of Dr P and Uncle Jerry and The Firm, yeah, one can think of Jimmy Page and that music group rep all the musicians

who have and are saving the world as being part of "The Firm." We are so strong, 10 billion butterfly sneezes can't even stop us.

Fans too, indeed, can't do it without the fans. We, the fans are like the wind to a sailing ship. One is designed for the other.

So, the universe gave us this nudge to stop here at fb, and this entry popped out , maybe so peeps can get caught up and see where we are now.

So much more to come. This, His love jubilee is like a surfboard to surf through, there's really no end and you can start anywhere.

So here & hear you go my dear friends. (and He says put this there too as part of the permanent record there, and so it iis done) Yes, Father.

Oh, and we invite & everyone for visiting His jubilee. Make this, Heaven's worldwide sharing place part of Your world and hand in hand, together

we'll stand, On the threshold of a dream



Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday's Everyone... )

and keep smiling, )

paul aka p, your humble servant

aka "the heaven on earth guy."

(not self dubbed, fb friend Patricia W did that many years ago on a ning website pre dating this one.)

aka "the lover of the world."

(not self dubbed, a sabian astrologer dubbed p that back in the 70's. One can see that story here, if interested. 3rd one down.


Question for you paul, does this mean you are a special person? Glad you asked that grasshopper,,, No, not at all. Indeed we are all "special"

in God's eyes but no one is more special than anyone else, we are one. Kings & queens and the littlest waif in any 3rd world place are all equal,

and just as important to The Creator; in another life that little waif could have, indeed, been a king or queen. We all have our own unique jobs

to do that only we can do as, and we wish there was a better word for this but there really isn't - 'contracted' to do pre-birth.

With God and the Lords of Karma we accepted our terms and conditions so to speak and for better or worse, here we are.

Fyi everyone your servant p agreed to do exactly what he is doing at this very instant. A lot easier than, say Dr Peebles had it - traveling the earth

to bring good news to people and sharing his healing gifts. In the modern world here, we have the so termed, 'internet.' and we can be sharing something

to the world and be naked doing it, what's that eriK? ha ha we had a good laugh earlier when he showed up. p knew he was around. )

Watch for his page coming soon. And now, finally, we will proceed tothe NDE page and share what we were going to post there a few hours ago. lol

DR Peeples got a word? Actually he has more than 2 words for us dear one's, but the good Dr ssays, "you first Jerry."

Uncle Jerry here everyone and normally I'd do it w a song but I don't think you'd hear it, like Jimi did so paul found something for me and it's perfect

so take this on the road with you brothers & sisters and I'll see you 'round the bend.' I love all you guys!!! (ed: that does include the 'gals.' gals, ok?

thanks for 'getting it.')

Google images.

Thank You beloved Master Jerry.

Oh, we'll be doing some cosmic traveling my dear friends. )

Dr Peebles?

Thank you my dear brother paul and may you and all sons & daughters,

boys and girls of His Heavenly, infinite divine love & Light be bountifully blessed,

and so it is now, indeed. )

Google images.

Thank You & God Bless You Dr Peebles. IJN.


Rec & fin. 12/17/15

9:44 p.m.



Moved over from Facebook...

Greetings Most Fortunate Beings on The Plant It Earth at This Wondrous, Glorious Bountiful Time in as termed your human

e v o l u t i o n. It Is I, Dr Peebles, coming thru His humble servant, paul, the keyboard player sitting at his computer in his 'love

is everything situation studio' here in beautiful Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, cosmos J ~ %%777 )

We are about to quietly blow the lid off the Project Rock His House. Indeed, the time is Now for His 'Rock intervention' is nigh. Nigh means

Now. ( Here paul goes to an online dictionary and for your edification here's what he'll share with us: nigh - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


Nigh is an old-fashioned word that can be used as an adjective or adverb to mean near or nearly. Something that is nigh impossible — like knitting a sweater in..)

A little music from Heaven:

https://youtu.be/5Whpwrks5Zo as He welcomes us to Heaven on Earth.

Press Release:


Can you say "done deal" beloveds? It's all done but the dancing in the streets. Jerry, you and the guys have a song for that, right?

Yeah, we do but what about Uncle John's Band and that 7* synchronicity you had a little while ago, bro? Doesn't even bring goosebumps to you anymore,

just smile. )

As Carry On by CSNY is playing in the background. Love is coming to us all, INDEED. LOVE IS COMING TO US ALL!.. Whoo boy .OK, This will be moved over to His blog corner at the site. Okay lets push the buttons and FB friends, help us get the good news out there, ok? As Kansas blasts, Carry on my wayward son. Oh yeah, we had to 'toin' that one up. )

Here we go sisters & brothers, boys & girls on the way up.


(scroll way to the bottom if you'd like to see the synchronicity of the day here:


And as Jerry and his brothers play Scarlett Begonias we will now push the button and sign off for now.

Suggestion: get yer dancing shoes out everybody. And pass this on if you love God Jesus, Mary and ALL THAT IS & ALL THAT ISN'T...

IN Joy and Oneness,

DR P, p, Uncle Jerry, & THE FIRM )

And finally signing off with the amazing Joni Mitchell singing Little Green, and as we proofread, now, Heart, Dreamboat Annie.

And so we, as one human family, rejoice as we truly are... On the threshold of a dream.

And so it is Now, In Jesus Name.


Rec & fin. 12/17/15

12/16 a.m.

Shortly thereafter: And as this plays with no action on our part, it just played on on YouTube, we just smile and share it. )

Thank you illuminatedEntity for sharing this amazingness on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



Latest cosmic synchronicity, if interested...

Mosey on over to tinyurl.com/MoodyBlues777

Scroll all the way to the bottom. Someone is waiting for us all there, indeed.

Tell Him a friend sent you. )



Announcing: Updated Press Release for this, His site, wherein:

Dr Peebles is formally welcomed to the team and he gets to announce

the official name of this platform's ascension name. In oneness...

Here you go... If like, please share. Thank you!


Why is this man smiling like a cheshire cat? Read on...



Dear Diary, what a day it's been, Dear Diary, it's been just like a dream

Well, dear ones, how is Your day going? We have to admit, that since Dr Peebles has joined

"the firm" here and accepted the 'gatekeeper' position we have been smiling like a cheshire cat; and actually

way more than that. Gene Kelly dancing in the rain comes to mind. )

[here we 'googled' Gene Kelly to make sure we had the spelling right and this came up... go on try it yourself. ) ]

Thank you Ibarnard86 for sharing this jewel on FB.

Thank You Gene Kelly & Company.

We, earlier, listened to the 2nd reading with Jim Law channeling Dr Peebles after many months

of not re- listening to it. If you haven't yet heard it, we must say it's required to "get" what's

happening on this, His, site. For your convenience, fresh from the Site Essentals page, here it is:


Indeed, as we are led to proceed s-l-o-w-l-y we must, if at all possible, do what we can, each of us, to do our valuable

part that we each came down here to do. We are each the one and only one who can do our self assigned part and without

one, it's just not the same. We are all love, we are all divine infinite beings of light & love. We came, we love, we are still here.

Rejoice, be glad and Grateful and embrace the amazing future coming to each and every one us now - in the eternal now, here on our

beloved Mother Earth.

These are not the end times dear beloveds, these are the beginnings times, Indeed, and we are the game-changers making it so. Indeed,

the love tsunami with the force of a trillion freight trains can not and will not be denied. And so it is now forever and ever, In Jesus Name.



p & co

Rec: 12/14/15

11/48 p.m.

Ed note: 12/16/15

The following is where the whole new paradigm shift here at His site started w Dr Peebles.

Good stuff, indeed.

And 2 more great channeling videos there now as well. )



New message from Everyone's Friend and Mentor ~ Dr Peebles...



From Blossom...

Welcome Everyone.

Please enjoy the latest channeling.


Check out the You Tube version

Thank you Blossom Goodchild for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blossom Goodchild , White Cloud & Federation of Light for this beautiful message;

now further shared at His earth party site here: tinyurl.com/blogcorner777 All welcome to His

jubilee http://earthpartynow.com & meet His site's new "gatekeeper," Dr Peebles.

(our comment at YT page forthis channeling)



Happy Birthday Jim Morrison...




Check out this special recorded call w Zorra


It will say hit #12 but that is for a previous call. If you just hit # it will go to the most recent call which is this one.



Check out The Death Experience & After-Life Realm- Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn.

Added at NDE page (Near Death Experience)


Google images.

Image result for eternity




New Channelings from Jesus & Saul at John Smallman's Place.




Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix!


Now 11/26/15

Image result for happythanksgiving

New Channelling Nov 25th.

Blossom Goodchild <updates@blossomgoodchild.com

Thank you all so much for hanging on in there with me along this journey.

Hello Everyone.

Happy to be able to channel once again.

Here it is!


Thank you all so much for hanging on in there with me along this journey ... sometimes embedded with roses .... some times up to our neck in manure! Yet, on we travel ... in the KNOWING deep inside that we have each other to connect with as we breathe in and out ... and in doing so, we are able to FEEL that we are all in this together. For that which I breathe out .... you breathe in. That which you breathe out ... I breathe in ... how can we possibly FEEL alone.

How Blessed we are!

Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays



Thank You Blossom and God bless...


11/24/15 & 25th

Don't miss free gazing sessions with Braco from Croatia.

Details here:




Hollow Earth Network sharings. Zorra on Paris event.




There is a great new Robert Plant video below

playing with The Sensational Space Shifters



Messages from God at Circle of Light.

Paris, A Call to Love


You Are Now Life's Doorway




Sharing a new twist at The Hall of Fame ~ Beginnings ~ Led Zeppelin page

Check this out, if led... )




Greetings dear ones,

Today also p's birthday, we celebrate the ending of this site as being an active ongoing site and its moving into a more gentle "done" site that has reached its

apex as far as its fulcrum function as His sharing place to be a place for raising vibrations which is a large part of what we are made of. More will be added to

artist profiles and pages like the NDE [Near Death Experience] page but the final major thread ~ runway or flyway has been completed. Thank to all taking

His trip. With Him on our side- there are no sides. Just oneness dear ones, just oneness.




fin: 4:49 p.m.

This thread is considered, after the 1st page, more or less, the more directed way to go on a musical journey Here's a URL


One can start there, t's a very long journey that will musically take you to The Tsunami of Happiness forever page. The URL for that is just above and

there you will see our signoff.

In other news, we added the 2 latest John Smallman channelings from Saul and Jesus. They are quite good, as usual, and we urge everyone to read them

So, Thanks for reading and we hope you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy this, His starsite, indeed.

Take care,

p & co for The One.

keep smiling )



3:30 p.m.

News Flash: Braco from Croatia is gazing 2 more days, Sat & Sunday.

Check this if open to Divineness


11/12~ 13/15

The first legal day after Veteran's Day and p remembers where he was and what he was doing 37 years ago this day.

p was living in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida. After much thought, 9 months, p marched into the CG

town Hall offices and registered Far Flung Productions LTD as a legal corporation in that city.

It was for Consultations, Personal and Professional as he thought he had a pretty good head on his shoulders and wanted to help people.

Turns out having a sort of 'shingle' out was more of an inner planes thing than outer and it all worked out and is working out fine.

So, we have our cosmic platform. We are at everyone or every group's service that asks for it.

'nuff said,

Thank you,


We hope you have seen this which shows you our card.which is Your card.


p.s. When one takes a step like this, publicly sort of 'going out on a limb,' like the Shirley MacLaine book that talks about stuff like this,

It is always nice when, after a while, the universe gives you a wink or a sign, in other words a confirmation that what you did or the

path you went down was definitely there for you and you did the right thing for you.

Btw, p had never heard that term before, 'far flung.' It just popped into his head one day. Since way back then you see it mostly in

travel sections of newspapers re some far away= far flung location, right?

So, just 2 or 3 weeks later p is back home in Boston walking around the Christian Science Church on Mass. Ave when he looks through

their book store front window and right there staring at him is, in a book open to the preface page, a quotation. Would you like to know

what that quotation said?

We can't quote it exactly and if we read the book title it is long forgotten. Maybe a Christian Science scholar knows the book.

The preface quotation said, in essence. "Who would you follow - creepy, crawly thing - or far flung star?."

So that my dear friends was/ is our confirmation and like said, we started seeing it in travel sections etc.

This is the first time we have mentioned this to anyone fyi. So, we hope it, in turn, gives you some comfort that all is unfolding as God's

perfect plan is supposed to. We are not a cult and we only like Blue Oyster Cult as a safe cult. )

p.p.s. God's rock & roll intervention tsunami of love and light and all things good is as a done a deal as the day Elvis Presley walked into Sun Studios

in Memphis Tennessee, the birthplace of rock & roll.

So, you know what? This page could use some magic, so let p get back here and see what jumps out at him on YT. ok?

Here we go dear ones, and this selection which was right at the top of yt recommendations because we just were on it earlier because it's one of the songs at the Strawberry alarm clock page which leads into the 2nd love Tsunami page.

So, if you let your cosmic traffic cop show you, go here:


and then that page will direct you here:


And there you are where your paradise should be showing up and where all your friends are.

Don't be the last to show up there, be one of the first and an inviter, Amazing heavenly rewards

for that. So be a whistle blower, Tell them before they tell you. Just say Dude or Dudess, Hey,

what's up? You may want to check this site, I think it's pretty awesome, what do you think of it? Get back... )

That's it, be the first on your block to spread the good news of Heaven's divine rock & roll intervention.


Thank you Blue Oyster Cultist for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.


Veteran's Day.

We Salute All who served and are serving our country now.

Lots of activity at Tsunami of Love page. In fact we must make a 2nd and then probably

a 3rd page since this thread will, God willing, runs til Nov 30th.

Check that page if not already. Link above.

Cheers. )

Btw, our using the i i as our signature was very short lived as

we are more comfortable w the simple p & co. Thank you. )



Hello, and thanks for checking in here at the Earth Party Now blog page.

The Tsunami of Love page is now the Tsunami of Love & Fun page

You definitely want to check out everything happening over there this gateway 11 month. The 11th,

of course is also Veterans Day.

Veterans Day, an American holiday, is not a "happy" day. It's not like Happy new year or happy groundhog day. It's a

day to remember and salute those who fought for and died for our freedoms that we too often take for granted.

Like Memorial Day, Veteran's Day is a day for us to have some gravitas in our observance of the day.

We can do our shopping etc but let us remember the cost of our freedom as we go about our business on 11/11/15 Veterans Day..

So we salute the brave men and women who served and are serving our country now

God Bless All The Veterans on Your Day and all days.



Question? What do Johnny Carson. Cyndi Lauper and Loverboy have in common?

Ans: They're all making Earth Party Now site of God, specifically for them at the Tsunami of love page at His jubilee the #1 place on the internet to hang out in our category. Yep, go ahead and google ''earth party now' and see for yerself. The beings "upstairs" are cheering us on beloveds because, except for the usual hot spots we, humanity, have done pretty well in doing our best in life and following the golden rule.. So, we're home free and we do mean free.

So go here, if led, and look around: http://EarthPartyNow.com and be sure to visit http://tinyurl.com/TsunamiofLoveNow777 and maybe 'catch the wave' of divine, eternal, infinite love and see all your friends there. And when you get to the Smilebox slide show you'll see some of your peers. Yep, no one is any more special than anyone else. We all volunteered to come down here to play our parts on the gameboard of life and hopefully to make a difference. You can make a difference by sharing the good news at His starsite. When you do that just watch the magic happen in your own life. Here's another page that is essential to "getting" His site: tinyurl.com/SiteEssentials777

Love on, peace out. )



Wow, so much coming down and finding its way to this, His starsite, We are now referring to God/ Source as one.

The Tsunami page is an active page and will be the current active runway to infinity.

Must see the sharing theere of November 3 rd and what went down that day

New look to the front page as God/ Source has downloaded the latest light on the path

for the sons & daughters of creation, there for us all.

There is Abraham Hicks and there is Neil Young and more.

Signing off til next time

i i & co.



We have a new sharing from Jesus at John Smallman's place page. Be sure to check it out. (link below)

The new Tsunami of Love now page is unfolding wonderfully as God directs that as well as everything on this, His, site

Here's an ad we placed in FB which also goes out to twitter. Feel free as always, to share

"Has the time finally come to get closer to Heaven?

Check the #LedZeppelin #MoodyBlues #GratefulDead & #PatBenatar Love tsunami page at the jubilee:


Don't miss God's party in these early stages. peeps. This is the ride you were born for, indeed.

The new paradigm is here now. Carpe diem.




Hello fellow surfers of the divine, infinite love tsunami. So much is going down on the plant it.

First, we have a new page where the truth is spoken thru a big man in the U.K.

His name is John Smallman and he channels Jesus and Saul. These messages coming thru

John have become so awesome that we are not led, we are mandated to share them with the

world and so, God has created the "JohnSmallmansPlace777." page.

It's on the menu or direct link below.

These messages, as far as we typing this are mandatory. They really are 'good news' for you

humanity so we urge you to click yourselves over there and check it out.


In other new news just in; the thread for the site:


has come to its natural end. Don't despair dear fans of that popular page, it is continued under

the direction of Higher Power. or hp for short. Just as p, He will be hp, we the humble ones refer

to ourselves usually in the lower case.

Excuse me hp but what will the new page be named?

Ans: Thank you for asking my dear friend. The new page will simply be called:

Tsunami of love 777

So, you got a ship to surf this wave with, dear beloveds? Ours is music and you can join

us simply by loving God and having a song in your heart. On the Site Essential page p

gave us all some sage advice. After leaving this blog we suggest moseying over there and

checking it out, the part that talks about Jesus etc. It is not called Site Essentials page for nothing. )

ok, it is now 10/31/15 1:04 a.m. and we are leaving this page.

Take care,

hp & co.

p.s. Excuse me, just sticking our head in here to share what we are about to send to Mr Smallman's blog.

Here you go, (and all may share any and all parts of this. We are all on the same team, right? Indeed )

Thank You God, Saul & John Smallman. Another timely message that should be on the Nightly News. All these

messages, it is clear, need to get 'out there' where the masses can see them. God has created a place just for this

at His humble but dynamic starsite http


Go to:


Please come and check it out. It was and is being made for each and every one of ya's )

And my dear friend, John, it brings me great glee to send you your appreciation envelope.

Thank you so much.


hp (formerly just p)

p.s. This newsworthy event is shared at His blog page


We are fully transparent here my dear friends. )

Shine on... )

peace out:


2;22 a.m. for real ))

Read on for previous exciting details, if we do say so ourselves, good stuff, indeed. )


The daily or when we feel led to post will be placed right here.

So this just in and posted on our Facebook page:




1:05 p.m.

Greetings, How ya all doing? Great. If you haven't been on His site lately, the big news is that it is officially as of midnight tonight under new management. Yep, p is turning everything over to Higher Power. It is a well done deal, actually eons in the making and it goes down tonight, after midnight.

Don't expect fireworks, it will actually be business as usual but with much increased wind in our sails as the amazing cosmic tsunami of divine, infinite, perfect and complete, limitless love sweeps even more over the plant-it.

The cosmos' run on God's love and His music. His music is our runway back to Him. So we invite you, each and every one to really take a look at what He has been doing at His starsite. You might notice some changes, starting with the header. It's hard to miss. lol. It's our Higher Power music starship to infinity. To get on board all ya have to do is listen to the music. Hmmm that would make a good title for a song. Oh, The Doobie Brothers already did it, indeed. )

So, we're sprucing up the site getting it ready, e.g. check out the new heading of the Strawberry Alarm Clock page - 2nd one down on the menu. Here's the new header in picture below. Thank you for sharing all this, if led. So His jubilee site is http://EarthPartyNow.com and the most active and where the most action is happening is here:


Thank you very much. )

p.s. Shout out to John Lennon, our wonderful amazing friend doing what he did here, ~ in spirit as well, making a difference.

Guess what my dear friends? You could make a difference in your life and others simply by sharing this unnt til it goes viral and then some. Let the timid ones shy away but the brave and bold ones will help make history. If led, let nothing hold you back.

We are led, will you join God's perfect divine plan? Forget about politics and government and absurdities and ridiculousness of the ho hum mundane same old same old, beloveds. He, God, has a new pathway for you, a whole new paradigm for plant-it Earth.

Rise up with the music and the plan in place from the beginning. Yes, you can think of this as your and planet Earth's ascension.

It is here now, and dear beloveds, it's time.

Peace and all that comes with it.


p & co 7 & humanity222

Note: This will be posted at the Blog Corner page at His site:

if led to check that out.


Cheers. )

Rec. Fin 10/29/15

1:12 p.m.


Ok, here's the blog post for now:

Go to http://tinyurl.com/You-me25thDimension

That's where it's all happening now my Dear Friends and God bless you.

p & co

Thank you EssentialDegnities for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Beloveds Your ride has arrived. Indeed. )

We say, omg Awesome God. Thank You.

God says, thank Jesus first. Take His hand and let him drive you to your God prepared place in the higher realms.


Here's His hand on the wheel of God's vehicle He lets paul drive. Notice speedometer at 0. No multi tasking when driving.

Thank you very much.

Friendly fistbump for everyone. )

Participating Dealers may step forward, now., if led. )

Now: 10/21/15

Greetings Dear ones, We are back.

Let's get up to speed with an appropriate song, shall we?

Dear Diary.

Thank you Moody Jill for sharing on YT

Thank You The Moody Blues.

So, Mr Brown, how is your day so far.

Wow, is all we can say. It started after midnight when we started adding the artists into the

5th and last wave into Heaven's Hall of Fame. As has been stated this Hall of Fame is really

just a fulcrum to spring forth to the higher realms. Is there an artist here who really floats

your boat? Let them be your inspiration to go where they are going. ~ paradise.

If you are just doing the best you can in life and just barely getting by day to day.

Good news, your time for relief is now. Right now right this second. Tell everyone you are

the King or Queen of your world and declare your sovereignty and site this starsite as your reference.

All who take this site seriously, like the spirit in body form ~ p, who is the humble steward here, you will

survive and thrive. It is written for you now. And we have the God given power to successfully have your back.

The very fact that you are on Terra, Planet Earth, the toughest place in all the cosmos' to learn your lessons speaks

volumes, Indeed. The time for complete freedom has come.

The gameboard is no longer in effect, the end of karma is a done deal. Brothers & Sisters of the infinite light just be grateful to God.

He has done this for you, after all, He created you, you've been well tested and guess what? You have passed. Humanity, wins as at

least 51% of you have made the grade.

So majority rules and paradise is the reward now and forever onward. Saints or sinners Welcome to Heaven on Earth. IJN.


We'll go get the perfect song to add here now, be right back.

God in His infinite generosity gives us this masterpiece for this age. Truly just over the horizon is the future Humanity has earned.

Thank you josef49PA sharing on YT

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Continuing now, Big news is the illusion we live in, God's illusion, therefore a good illusion

is improving to the point that it is fixed. There are no cosmic cracks. There is no so called

cabal that has God and His perfect plan hamstrung, at least anymore. The devil, so called Lucifer

means bringer of light.. God's Infinite divine light could never cause any spirit to turn away.

The dark has pushed the light forward. Now it is light and contrast. No one should have any

fear going forward. All the people in war torn strife areas are, indeed, volunteers, as were

the 6 million souls Hitler exterminated as per contract.

So, with the illusion tuned up and working as smoothly as possible with people going about their sometimes

chaotic and erratic activities, you will notice more and more, synchronicities, doors will open where in the past

they may have been closed. p, himself has noticed license plate numbers for instance validating he is exactly

where he should be & doing exactly what he should be otherwise those things wouldn't be there and observed

like that. It's no accident this illusion provides what you need at your fingertips and just looking around you this is

your custom made illusion all orchestrated by an infinitely loving and admiring creator, God, who is your Biggest fan!

For example, reading the license plates while driving, to us the #1 represents beginnings, a new start or something prioritized.

Btw you may have your own # system with what #'s mean to you, and that's fine, my dear friend.

#2 is love, 22 is the official love # but 2 works as well.

#3 is the Trinity, Father Son & Holy Ghost.

#4 is a co-operative #, e.g. you are 'for' something or someone or situation. 444 iis an angel #.

tell you a little synchronicity story about that in a bit. BTW, the last lic plate p saw before pulling into the parking lot where he lives

today had the last 3 numbers 444. Thank You Angels. Oh, and don't even get us started how many times we see 11:11, oh my goodness. )

#5 is the adventure #. p saw a whole lotta 5's today. Who wants to go on an adventure? me me me!!! )

#6 is a taking care of business number. A rather unexciting, mundane number. but, of course necessary because business has to be attended to.

#7 is the best, it's God's number after all. You see a lic plate with 7 that vehicle is blessed and the law of attraction puts things where they should

be unquestionably, Indeed.

#8 is the eternal number, it never stops, how can it? It just goes round and round to infinity, for crying out loud. It's a good #.

#9 is the max, or culmination number. If something is complete, it get's a 9, right John Lennon? )

# 10 is perfect, it's a number that doesn't need anything else. It's done, fin.

Hey paul, what's your license plate?

Ah, 5688HE I'll spell it out to you and We've had this for at least a dozen years since the law of attraction gave it to us.

We have adventure, we have taking care of business, done or in process. We have double infinity and we work with and for God and Jesus,

so we get HE, not a bad license, huh? )

So, these are what primary #'s mean to p, your humble servant. You, most likely, have your fave meanings. )

Getting back to that 444 synch story... and after that we have been told to relay another story re 911 and who is really responsible for allowing

that whole scenario to go down.

Just looked at the clock, it's 10:22 p.m. we're on the beam of love divine. In fact, that's it beloveds, God has this world, not to mention this local

universe synchronized to L ~ o~ v ~ e. Divine, Infinite, eternal, take no prisoners because there are no prisoners love. Of course in the higher

dimensions there is no time, that's an earth device for living in this place of duality and density. Any questions? Awesome.. Thank You God.

Another thing we do sometimes is blindly pick out a cassette of music that p made w various artists or a cd sometimes declaring this the perfect music

the universe would have us listen to at that particular cosmic moment, of course all moments are cosmic, right, Robert Plant? Indeed. )

Earlier today we blindly picked out a casette just following our waving hands to the perfect music for this cosmic time and what did we come up with?

Sting. Nothing like the sun album on cassette. Yeah, we never threw out our cassettes ) Hey Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar command, a fleet of God

only knows how many ships orbiting the planet for millenia, You always said this would be a sting operation, Indeed it Is so, my dear friend. )

one of our homemade cassettes, Pink Floyd playing Time.with the wake up alarm clock. ) and now Us and them. beautiful music. Indeed .

Excuse me, we just have to come back here and share that The Grand Illusion by Styx is playing now. Ok we are done sharing this. )

How long has it been since you've heard this?

(Click it, it's good.)

Thank you kirtww for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Co.

444 story, happened about a month or so ago and can be verified by the Coast to Coast Am radio show.

Ok, p is sleeping soundly, suddenly wakes up looks at the clock. It's 4:44 a.m. Being a regular listener of Coast to Coast Am radio show, p turns it on.

Immediately, like within 5 seconds, host Goerge Noory's guest mentions 444. Didn't get the guests name and in a few minutes went back to sleep but

the guest was an afficionado on synchronicity. So, pretty cool, huh? )

Now comes a tragic but in the long run, with the benefit of infinite knowledge and understanding that only Divine Ultimate and God / Jesus can

discern. p was dreaming just the other morning and had a dream. The dream was about 911. We have forgotten much of it but during the dream

we consciously were made aware that this was something that, in fact, needed to occur and was ultimately the will of Divine Ultimate as a cleansing,

A fast track way to wake up the world and more or less bring the dark forces to the fore and thus pushing the light forward as this event brought more

of us together than anything in recent history.

It was / is made very very clear that Divine Ultimate takes Full & complete responsibility for this terrible event.

Want more? later that morning we were on the S.E. expressway going to Boston coming up to the gas tank that it popped into our head about the 911

dream. Immediately we see a car just off our right front fender with the first 3 numbers 911. We're not done, in the lane just to the right of this car we

see the license plate Paul and couldn't get the rest of it. It was a tow truck carrying a car, Paul's Towing. The symbolism is obvious, i.e. carrying out what

needs and needed to be carried out. Out of the ashes, literally, 911 did what Divine Ultimate Creator knew it would.

Be it known beloveds, make no mistake- there are no mistakes, just ask Dr Eban Alexander (see NDE page) the 3,000 + people who perished that day were and are since they live on in Heaven, Volunteers, and of the highest callibur since many many more stepped forward and volunteered to be of service to God's perfect plan. God's plan for each and every one of us is perfect, Indeed it is so recorded and shared thru p this day and time and we will see you another time. God bless you all and don't forget to keep smiling and be grateful to the Higher Power andThe Divine Wayshower, Jesus Christ.


Rec. fin: 10/22/2015

12:25 a.m.

Thank you The #1 Source of Styx Music. for sharing on YT.

Thank You Styx.




Hello fellow Gods and Goddesses, How be you all today? ~ This wondrous, glorious loving day that we've been waiting eons for? Great. )

Let me show you the song that finally got Paul out of bed today in middle of the afternoon and then we'll talk, ok?

Playing in our head @ 2:23pm...

New kid in town

Thank you Angel Orozco for sharing on yt.

Thank You The Eagles.

Ok, here we are beloved ones,

We are one, we have made it, the Infinite Divine Complex of God is in His Heaven and

all is right with the world ~ our Terra~Earth.

Yes, it is so Now, Indeed. smile )

The joyful work of cleaning up Terra is in all our own best interests. We all need to do our part

in lending a hand. As they say many hands make light work, right? Indeed.

So beloved masters, shall we begin anew ~ Now? Our team of light says YES, We can begin this journey

and truly en-joy Heaven on Earth. The "Done Deal" of the century! Amen.

Divine Ultimate Hand. .

Thank You Divine Infinite Ultimate ~ Divine Ultimate to HIS Friends, and as we Creator Gods are All Infinite, Divine Ultimate will suffice.

So, back to our little story... your far flung fun brother of light, Paul, doing his thing as he was born to do, i.e. help to bring about true

Heaven on Earth, and we don't have a train of thought so let p just say the last few days have been quite something. DU put that "selfie"

picture of Paul up at the May is Mary Month ll http://tinyurl.com/MayisMaryMonthll page tho p doesn't really like it. You're looking at

a guy coming of a 4 day fast with way not enough sleep, in a word exhausted. It's Ok though, no worries. All is fantastic and amazing.

The Omniverse is cheering us on. The millions (to put a small number on it) of soul's who stepped aside for we embodied ones are

celebrating. All in all, beloved masters, we Are Done. Beloved master Yogi Berra once said "It ain't over til it's over."

Beloved Dear Ones ~ It's O-V-E--R! Amen.

So, we got the Song of the day up which features Beloved Masters termed "The Moody Blues" @ 2am this morning and tho we added

more content on rising this afternoon - pictures. What we want to say is that, you know... this sight is God's. You, being a God as well,

so this sight is Y o u r s Beloved Master. If you go there and see something that you like and would like to share with your world ~ do it,

don't hesitate. He who hesitates is lost. Did p hesitate when he got the impulse to make a page for Mary month? Not a second. )

And now look where things have led.

There's 7 billion or so soul's on the sentient planet named Terra. God, in HIS infinite wisdom chose one humble, simple being of light to

share what HE wanted to bring forth and share thru the modern miracle as termed the computer. Now, we can all beon the same page,

so to speak. The work is done the celebration is "On" and we are going to whatever Father Mother God, Creator, All That Is ~ And All

That Isn't and The Divine Ultimate have in store for us. All we know is it will be awesome. So stay tuned beloveds and most of all be Grateful.


Rec: 5/12/14

6:44 pm

We leave you with this song by Blue Oyster Cult.

Take me away...

Thank you 686 SPYROS Music for sharing on yt.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.


Greetings Beloved Masters,

This Blog Corner is now going to be much more active and will be the place where important information

Be sure if at all inspired at this site to share with your friends. God, Divine Ultimate has provided this one

place, simple and clear where mostly ~ the music does the talking.

In Oneness,

) (Divine Ultimate's signature, yep, it's a smile)

p.s. Be sure to gift yourself with Blessed Virgin Mother Mary's page entries daily - this sacred month of May.

Namaste. )



Wow, it's been a while since we've been at this page. See have to do some editing. (done)

The reason we are here right now is to share something really taking off now, esp with

Divine Mother Mary stepping to the fore of this, HIS simple, humble sharing place.

With the ascension process of humanity rising like a crystalline rocket ship. Yes, we are,

along with Terra - Earth in the 5th dimension portal to Infinite dimensions. Yes.. Thank You Creator!

What a wondrous,glorious, loving day this is and has been so far. Indeed. TY Father God!

So, with Mary co-directing the out-sharing of this platform. It is so decreed and acknowledged now

that all will see and be here when Divine Ultimate allows. If you are reading this now, then obviously

now is your time to be here and if led, share the love and light that is here in magnificent abundance

So, earlier today your friend Paul was in the shower and it came to him what the song of the day for

the wondrous, glorious loving day termed May 8th, 2014 will be. Actually 2 songs, one is a clarion call

of a song and the other is the actual official song of the day.

Later in this 7th day of this sacred month of May ~ Mary's Month, after doing and putting a lot of 'good stuff'

on this site, we took a nap. Isn't sleep an amazing faculty that we, for the most part, take for granted?

Nothing better than laying head on pillow knowing you're going right out of your body. Had deep wonderful

sleep and came back. wonderfully refreshed felt a 'presence' at the side of my bed. Instantly I knew who

it was and the name 'Divine Ultimate' instantly entered my consciousness and lovingly confirming the 2 songs.

That was it and I had the most restful feeling. Who was/is Divine Ultimate? That name rang a bell and I knew

where I had heard it ~ the only place I had ever seen or heard it. You can see that name in a document at

'Good News Documents" from menu at left. The document is called: An Urgent Message. Check it out.

Me, myself and I didn't have to ask who it is. This entity is always with me because it is my oversoul.

My infinite and eternal I Am That I Am.

We then went for a walk on the beach, remember beloveds we all have a date, if you're willing, at 7pm your time

with Divine Mother Mary. If "your" plan for your life needs fixing. Try God's plan. Join us and be led to the Ultimate

Divine perfect plan for your life thru the loving guidance of Jesus Christ. You want the best? Try Jesus. Amen.

We like to get out in nature as we can and feel the Earth under our feet, don't you? Yes. Indeed. )

So we'll meet you,hopefully ALL of you Humanity at a certain place, soon, and we do mean soon, like NOW.

Cheerio, Espavo and





11:22 PM.

paul f brown


"Hendrix Kills God." )

Thank You Jimi & Cream & Company.


Interview with The Man ~ Jerry Garcia

Right on Jerry, and Thanks Bro. )


A psychedelic history lesson...

Thanks to all who contributed to this work.


Meet the 3 Sisters who show how to get along... )

Thank You Jenna, Justine and Brianne! ) ) )


Interview with Master Robert Plant...enjoy. ))

Thank you Sir Robert.

Paul was Privileged to see Robert & The Sensational Space Shifters in Boston recently.

It was a stunning show. Robert left nothing on the stage. Absolutely Nothing. )

Have a most abundant day, friends.

Peace out.

Thank you Luciano Zaccaria for sharing on YT.

Thank You Robert Plant & Sensational Space Shifters

Here we are...

Thank you MusicWorldRecords for sharing on yt.

Thank you The Doors.


From Edgar Cayce's ARE [Assn for Research & Enlightenment] Think on This...

"All knowledge is to be used in the manner or what will give help and assistance to others, and

the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world.

Reading 254-17 d

Melancholy Man

Thank you Mim Mehmet KARAMAN for sharing this on yt.

Thank you The Moody Blues.

Ok, Congrats, you've made it 2 the very bottom of this thread. Where 2 now? Here you go, see you over there...