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June 1, 2016

Greetings fellow sailors of God's infinite cosmic sea of love. Welcome to this page, formerly called 'Heavens Hall of Fame ~ Home, anyone?'

This page is where we will embark on the eternal, infinite adventure that He/ Spirit has planned for us, His beloved sons & daughters. Here are & will be, as He shares - songs of 'moving on,' leaving & arriving, sailing on. getting the wind in our sails not to mention our hair & feeling the inspiration that we're not just taking up space on this planet, but that, yes, indeed we are here to fulfill a purpose and we're not gong to allow anything or anyone else stand in our way.

Remember, dear ones, the countless beings (our biggest cheerleaders) who stepped aside so that we 'chosen' volunteers could come here to this schoolroom planet and do our part to bring in the infinite love & light of The Creator. This is the plan dear beloveds, nothing less than Heaven on Earth.

And guess what folks? It's a done deal. That's why with this, His starsite; we are in 'Celebration' mode. Can you say "Thank You Jesus"? He 'did it' for us.

So, replacing 'Burning for you' which disappeared from this top spot (these beginning songs have been waiting here for many months for this 'dovetailing' action to take place that Spirit is so good at.)

So here now is 'Light Years Of Love' awesomeness from Blue Oyster Cult.

Take it away, guys... )

Note: An intro to this page is here:

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aka: Earth's cry ~ Heaven's smile

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Elton John

Tumbleweed Connection (1970)

The words I have to say

May well be simple but they're true,

Until you give your love,

There's nothing more that we can do.

Love is the opening door

Love is what we came here for

No one could offer you more

Do you know what I mean?

Have your eyes really seen?

You say it's very hard

To leave behind the life we knew,

But there's no other way

And now it's really up to you

Love is the key we must turn.

Truth us the flame we must burn.

Freedom the lesson we must learn.

Do you know what I mean?

Have your eyes really seen?

--- Written by Lesley Duncan

All invited to experience thiis site's mission statement...

Who else wants to mend the dream's malfunction? Love is the answer & the fix, right Dr Peebles?

Dr Peebles says 'try love' )

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Note: This was the last song of the previous 'Home, Anyone? page.

6/1/16 Wink back to you Mom )

Coming home tonight, last song we heard on 'The Bridge' Sirius Radio.."Moonshadow." Hello to You too Mom. Love Youuuuuu. <3

Of course we do listen to that station, among many others, that plays lots of Cat Stevens, but still. lol.



A New Beginning starting on this page. It's about Home & coming & going & Sailing on and sharing our infinite cosmic selves and the wind in our sails & highs, not minding the lows as we know they are necessary to recognize the highs when they happen. Fellow sailors of His infinite cosmic sea, are you ready for an adventure? Let Led Zeppelin start to take us there with the greatest song ever recorded, performed by the greatest Rock group in history. The Moodies are in a category all their own. )

Thank you Led Zeppelin - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

A live 'Celebration Day' 2007 version of Kashmir is here on this awesome 'celebration' page He put together. So, why not celebrate? )

Get more wind in yer sais with Led Zeppelin here...esp Achilles Last Stand featuring 'the hammer' himself, Mr John Bonham on drums. John is one of His

volunteer 'gazers' here. All gangsters of Rock & roll welcome to 'gaze' with him, and non gangsters as well. )

So, a place to hang out with the group that conquered the world & still rules to this day, now & forever.

His Will willing, always...

To Be Continued

Thank You God Who does All

Witness: p, simply the humble scribe, servant, advocate, channel & Your biggest fan, indeed.

He has a word for ya's people. Here's where we're at...The message remains the same.

Rec & fin for now.


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11:23 a.m.


It has been agreed to here that one song per day is the most fun way to proceed. Hey - we have eternity, folks. That way there each of these awesome songs get their proper due. Spirit loves Fun. Fun, what a concept. Indeed, w this concept we're all sure to "have a nice forever. ) " Ok team? )



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Thank You Santana

Wow, this works for us, folks; don't know about you but we got the wind in our soul now to do whatever He would have us do.

If you think this should be shared to Your worlds, fellow Gods & Goddesses, then feel free to do so. None of us need a 'weatherman' to know

which way... ok - you know...) Carry On & keep smiling. )

Got a suggestion? Our contact info is here:



Alright, paul has to share his favorite video once again here. This is guaranteed to put a smile on yer face if you have a pulse. Perfect song,

perfect performance right down to the final glance.

Thank you emimusic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band

And, guess what, already we're breaking all the rules. The song in the queue for the 4th is so compatible with another song that they just have to go in as a pair.

So, to be fair to Pat & Co we have another awesome song to add. Pat please tell us we are invincible ~ so true, with feeling. Here we go, folks.

Thank you PatBenatarLibrary for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar ~ Neil Giraldo & Band.

Still out there Rockin'. Let this be max wind in yer sails! )

Wikipedia on Pat Benatar...



The Commodores are taking it Free & Easy... )

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Who's ready to Sail On...

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Thank You The Commodores

Wikipedia on The Commodores...

Note: we tweeted this: Sending out to #MuhammadAli this #Commodores #Masterpiece Sail On here #ABC #CBS #NBC #FOX Some may feel this, with the words of the song, is inappropriate. Be that as it may,

the feeling of the song, the crescendo of 'Sail On' evoking the endless possibilities ~ for us all, dear ones, overrides any sad situational lyrics. Agree?

Muhammed does. We checked with him via the pendulum. He's getting a Heroes welcome celebration over there as we can only imagine. Jimi Hendrix & Co inc Jerry & Co, not to mention Christ are taking good care of him. The great lesson for him to learn here... humility. Done. 'in spades' so to speak.

we asked him if he wanted to be a gazer down the road a little bit, since we were 'on the phone' with him and the pendulum said no. w Jimi right there, we asked "is it because you think you're not worthy?" The pendulum affirmed that was the case. we said to our dear friend (always aloud so there's no guessing) that God thinks you're worthy, and esp since you were & are an inspiration for so many years to so many people, esp the kids. It would be an honour to have you, dear Muhammad, as a 'gazer' when the perfect moment arrives. There's no rush.

So, p asks Muhammad again, 'would you like to be a gazer and 'be there' to help your many (rather than the few) fans & friends?'

This time, the pendulum did a very strong arc in the positive. And we just now confirmed again with @ a 5 inch arc in the positive. So, Thank you

beloved master, Muhammad Ali. "Soon" (don't we all love that word? lol ) p will, we trust, be led to create a 'Gazers VI page and we'll see how that all shakes out. p does have a public invitation out to 2 guys who used to be in a little band out of Liverpool, UK. You can check that out at this blog page. Just scroll down to "p inducts Alvin Lee". See how we/He does it there. Thanks All & have a most blessed day & as always, no matter what. "Keep smiling," ) God loves us, He wants to take us home, our real home...Heaven; we can start by making Heaven on Earth. Who's in?

And before this... and here...

Hope you got some loving wind in yer sails from this sharing. Keep on sailing & try to have 'fun.' Fun ~ Good. Good ~ God. God ~ Good. we are all Good )



p asked his special friend, Carol, in the car yesterday as a test ) Carol, if God was on a desert island with only a battery powered CD player, what group would He want to listen to forever? Well, Carol knows p quite well so she immediatey said The Moody Blues. Indeed. )

Note: Not saying p is God ~ egoically, however, we are, all of us, God; just our individual versions of Him/Her God. We got this, right guys? Awesome. )

Thank you MoodiesFan for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues

"The Afternoon: Forever Afternoon"

Tuesday, afternoon,

I'm just beginning to see,

Now I'm on my way,

It doesn't matter to me,

Chasing the clouds away.

Something, calls to me,

The trees are drawing me near,

I've got to find out why

Those gentle voices I hear

Explain it all with a sigh...

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Thank You The Moody Blues.

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ThankYou The Moody Blues

Alright, dear friends, all fellow star beings born of love & light. That should put some cosmic wind in in all our sails as He says 'take that.' for now, not to mention forever. )

Wikipediia on The Moody Blues.

More Moodies here: and all over this / His site.)

Moody Blues forever... )



Wow, look at those numbers, somebody call the cops. Ok never mind, we have 'The Police' here to protect us with the truth that, indeed - Yes, we are

Spirits In The Material World What could possibly be cooler than that?

Thank you EiDy Lukošius for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Police for sharing this awesome news.

And for sharing it via

Message In A Bottle...

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Thank You Sting, Andy & Stewart ~ The Police.

How are your synchronicities going these days, folks? Here's a little taste for ya's.

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The Police

Wikipedia on The Police...

Have an above average, awesome day, friends & if you are getting something from this page/site feel free to share it.

Muhammad Ali just proved to the world that sharing & caring gets one to a higher level in heaven. If this is God's site and it IS

why would you not want to share it? Oh, you're afraid someone might think you're a kook or religious nut.

we will say again if you have not seen it on here - there has been a lot of moving & shaking around here. Ok, this - His site has zero, nada,

nothing to do with religion. Religion is like having a pie divided all up in slices. Now= spirituality, my dear friends, is having the whole good, grand

cosmic pie and being able and encouraged to eat it too. As spirits in this plane having human experiences that we agreed to or contracted for; we are

finding ourselves in the play, the game, whatever we want to call it.

p says 'we' because he's in it too however he knows it's only temporary maya illusion stuff and not really real esp compared to our awesome, infinite future as companions to God ~ All That Is. Our individual 'I Am That I Am' higher selves may be activated any moment in the now, the eternal 'now' we are privileged to be living in, now. Indeed,.in the new 'love & only love is all that matters' paradigm that the heart of God in the form of music washing over the planet is the 'tool' not to mention 'nourishment' that Spirit, at least in our neighborhood, is using to facilitate humanity's ascension home from where we came.

Let the music reach us, touch us, move us. It has that power because it comes from God, it is God's heart. Be it Beethoven or Beatles; if we love it, if it makes us smile, laugh, cry, move, think or jump for joy; It's Him. God is the music, the joy, the fun and it's now & forever the moment to give Him His due.

Ok, with this being said and laid on the table, we are now going to bed. Have awesome moments til we meet again where music will most likely be the storyteller.

we are not comfortable on a soapbox however we only edit when led & when words of substance come out thru us, we let it flow. Father, is there anything else for us at this moment? Ok, Thank You God, some aspirin for this splitting headache and bed. Cheerio friends.

Namaste. )

Rec & fin.


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2:47 a.m.



Excuse us but speaking of synchronicities, may paul share this little video he & mom (mom says use lower case, situationally,

for humbleness & modesty like p does) made yesterday? Ok Thank you, much appreciated. )

Btw if you have not heard this reading w Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire (Ret) Jim Law Channeling Dr Peebles & distinguished guests, ya gotta hear it now. )

Thiis is changing everyones's life.experience.

Thank you Mom for making this possible.

Thank You Mom & The Upstairs Cheerleaders 4 a humanity on the rise ~ as one. )

All Aboard The peace & love train? A smile is our ticket. )

Thank you CBS Sunday Morning for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yusuf / Cat Stevens. Welcome back & Thanks for all the good you do.. )

p.s. If led, see our comment on YT.

Ok, Good morning brothers & sisters of a world on the way up. Lovely to see you again.

we have invited Scorpions to share their particular brand of Rock, i.e. the thinking person's Rock with messages of hope & triumph of the human spirit over any & all obstacles 'they' try to put in our way, indeed.

The moment is here, now, for the real.

Winds of change are now & we better get ready for a hurricane as well. These are Scorpions ~ take no prisoners Rock.

Bring it guys...

Thank you Scorpions VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions

Thank you ScorpionsVEVO for sharing on YT.

Awesome work, Scorpions.

Now, This is what we're talking about...

Thank you Scorpions on MV for sharing on YT.

And Still more... going out to all the people who were conceived when this song was sweeping the world back in the day... )

Thank you Scorpions on MV foor sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions ~ The Pride of Germany & The World's Rock Group.

Yahoo images,

Scorpions 'gazing' Lol )

Wikipedia on Scorpions...



Ok, Welcome folks to another beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving day on planet Rock. This little blue pea in infinite space is where all us crazy, in a good way, volunteers came together by the law of attraction and planned, pre-birth to do whatever we find ourselves doing, these days, these moments of our living. Time is an obsolete term in our neighborhood, beloveds. It ran out. Thank goodness our Creator is very patient as well as loving, and He sees so many of His children down here - hanging in there, struggling, not giving up or in. He sings- hang on, help is on the way, and so it is, now. Finally & not with words or politics or religions. Jesus never intended to start a religion, He just wanted to show people down here, stuck on the wheel of karma a better way. The way of love.

Oh, what an absolute joy to have this God as our God. He's the best in the business, dear friends. The God of Abraham, the God of Jesus Christ & the God of Rock & roll. So, lets get to the music, and showing up right on point are these guys. Their music is awesome and timeless. They call themselves, simply...


We want the truth, the whole truth, and we need it perfect. Done. Thanks guys.

Thank you ForeverStevePerry's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.

Thank you JourneyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey

Thank you Penny Liwanag for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey & God bless all the band members, past, present & future. )

Wikipedia on Journey.

This just in: God bless you Jonathan & whole crew!

Jonathan CainVerified account ‏@TheJonathanCain 22h22 hours ago (Ed note: the love numbers, folks

Feeling God's winds in my sails!This tour has been a true blessing of celebration, legacy, music and love #DSB #journey #mylife #blessing

You're not the only one feeling God's wind my dear friend Jonathan, you & yer friends ~ Everyone hang on for tomorrow's artist which will come with a typical synchronicity story. )

p.s. Clue: it does involve His favorite radio station. Boston's Classic Rock 'The Wind' WZLX. )



Greetings fellow sons & daughters of All That Is. What a beauteous, wondrous, glorious loving day we are experiencing today so far. )

First 'Shout out' & Thanks to ZLX DJ Kenny Young for playing our request of the Scorpions: Rock You Like A Hurricane for the all request hour.

We are asking here now, Kenny, if you could play the first song below for tonight's all request hour? Thanks in advance if you can. )

Ok, as stated above there is a little story of synchronicity to share here, however first - a shout out & 'Hug' to Mom, our partner in crime. It only took like 5 minutes to hear a Cat Stevens song when we got in the car today. )

Alright, so the other day the 5th when p had the Erik experience which is blogged about here

we were making up the list for the artists who spirit wants here, we were putting in the groups we've heard the last few days. All candidates are carefully considered and it's always His decision in the end or more accurate the beginning since that's where we're at these days, folks.

Ok, so Erik's hanging here in the situation room and as paul is thinking Bob Seger & his songs of the wind & high adventure, Erik is floating another name & advocating for same. Who is/was it paul? Thanks for asking, Lucky. It was/ is some guy named Neil Young. Alright, you talk about a decision; who goes first?

p decides to do the time honoured thing and flip a coin. he goes and grabs a quarter & places it next to the computer & is just about to flip it when he realizes that the song playing at that moment is 'Roll Me Away' by Bob Seger The exact song we would have & will start this sharing at this moment.

So, this is the # 9 spot since we started anew here with Led Zeppelin. filled with Bob Seger. And this story lets the cat out of the bag, so to speak, of who now fills the # 10 spot. Yep, obviously, the mighty Mr Neil Young, ladies & gentlemen. We'll see ya's tonight, wll after midniight with Neil, ok? Awesome. Take care. )

Ok, so who wants to go on an adventure? For those of you "in" here we go...)

Thank you 1957GSSl for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.

Thank you Dave D for sharing on YT.

With or against the wind adventure is where it's at ioho Thanks Bob & Co for the soundtrack. )

One more for the road that goes on forever...

Thank you tangent5000 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bob Seger & Co. ~ Maybe we could All accompany you where you're going our dear friend... )

Rec & fin


2:33 a.m.



Alright, Greetings & hello folks. we feature an old friend here to all of us. When were you first turned on to Neil Young? Like most of us baby boomers it was way back in his Buffalo Springfield days & his first solo album, tiltled: Neil Young. Those of us who like 'deep' music, it still remains one of our faves of all time.

There is plenty of Neil Young all over this/His site, you can't help tripping over it. That's a good thing, right Mom? Mom loves ya Neil, of course like p, Mom loves everyone, and as p is so privileged to carry Mom & Dad -Alva W's - blood & DNA as the 'ground crew' and leader of Sons & Daughters of Infinity' [same as the other name S&D of light ~ just enhanced.). So,as the Neil inspired statement below* shares. It's all about love, dear ones, love & only love.

Ok, let's get to the music. Befitting the theme going on here, we share with all of ya's...

4 Strong Winds...

Thank you Paul Cronauer for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young & Nicolette Larson.

p.s. Nicolette is one of His esteemed 'gazers' & she & Neil can be seen singing 'Forever Young' here:

Don't miss taking a few minutes to gaze w Nicolette, a most loving beauteous soul. )

Who thinks they're 'just songs'? we hope this song wakes some peeps up a little.

Thank you 666MOWZER for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil & Crazy Horse

Thank you David Towl for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil & Company.

Thiis is for you Mom. <3

Thank you Farm Aid for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young & Willie Nelson & Company.

Here's what it's all about, folks. God's infinite love & Rock & Roll can't take any holdouts, it's simply not possible.. p & Mom will show everyone as we

follow in the steps of the Ultimate Master ~ Jesus. What say you, humanity? we hope it's Yes. & for the whole 'Roundabout.' of God's children. No one will be left behind, as that Journey song 'After The Fall' said. Saints or sinners, take no prisoners. It sucks being a prisoner. Surrender to the inevitable dear fellow immortal spiritual beings and let's go home. If this sounds like a plan... Smile... )

Here's some good stuff we want to share with ya's

with a shout out & thanks to Neil Young for inspiring this... )


p.s. Mom along w Jesus & Mary have a new musical portal. The one on the statement is no longer in existence. Here's new, now & forever one...

Yes, we are serious about this; just ask Styx w 'The Grand Illusion,'

Essential 'Must hear.'

Where you coming from, paul?

The (Urgent) message remains the same.

We should all know by now...

And more at:

Alright our dear friends, there surely will be more things added to this page. Since the month is a 3rd over and we want to keep the threads of these sharings reasonable in length, this thread is now over.

See you tomorrow the 11 th on the new page . It will be shown here.

So, Sail On friends and if you like this place- Share it, you Will be rewarded in some or many ways. He Guarantees it. we have another video set p made today that could & should make history. Look for it around here 'soon.' )

Rec & fin.


3:11 a.m.

Ok, folks, the url for the Wind II page is...Hope ya's enjoy...)



Greetings Dear beloved children of 'The One' who lives in all of us ~ as us. )

We have some awesome news for ya's folks. Yep, [ 'our soon'] is here, now, right on His perfect, infinitely perfect schedule of 'moments.'

On this beauteous, wondrous glorious & loving day in His 'neighborhood earth' of neighborhood Milky Way galaxy. we'll keep it here for now. )

So, here's where we go, everyone, as one, see ya's there.

Alright, where to now, paul?

Reckon it's moment to fly on over to the Wind page II. Link is above and celebrate with our newest artist who is responsible for

helping many, many people get through some pretty tough straights & putting His wind back in their sails. So, wiith a Thank you

to Heart, we'll get to work over there &Thank Him for the beautiful sleep after our latest all-nighter. Is there anything better than sleep?

Ok, next to that...? Exactly, as Jay Leno would say. Btw Jay, Johnny & Ed are gazers; let p know if you want to follow in their footsteps w

your own stamp; as they both nod their heads in encouragement. You had an awesome run in your own moments, my dear friend, bringing

laughter, the best medicine, to millions. So 'Thanks,' Bro. )

Ok, friends & lovers. So, here's a wink & a 'friend' & a comment from 'the lover of the world' himself. And, of course we say it in a song, or a few songs.

They are like potato chips or a lovers kiss, one is never enough. )

So, we say Thank You Jesus... &

Hello. here are songs we offer to ya's, not to mention Every Good created & crafted. [ Note: p typed 'God;' how-ever - it came out, as we all can see: 'Good.'

Good ~ God. God ~ Good. )

Directions: ok, guys, to get to the love songs that are waiting 4 us all from Her ~ Him, i.e. Divine Infinite Prime Source ~ Creator ~ Sharer ~ Father Mother of

ALL THAT IS, In accord w Divine Ultimate / Ultimate Divine, The Infinite " I AM THAT I AM " "GOD" And So It Is Now "In Jesus Name" w divine, infinite perfect love 4 all (small case for our humbleness & modesty.) <3 love ya's Indeed! )

Now, let's, ...hold on, - what's that Alvin Lee of - your new group's name, Alvin is Now ~ w a drumroll from Bonzo, & Karen & all the awesome drummers on the other side ~

Wow, Wow, Wow... [btw guys did you know those were the 3 last words spoken by our dear friend, Steve Jobs, as he was transitioning to home? Indeed. )

Hey Steve - Thanks from all of us for doing your many jobs while you were down here, Bro. Btw, what would God only ask of us, folks, other than to simply 'do our jobs' that We agreed to do, and in many cases of great significance- signed 'contracts' to carry out. See for Erik sharing knowledge re this. Btw, in case you're wondering, p did not sign a contract. it was a handshake & a hug deal with God all the way. As Jesus was / is our witness, indeed.

Now, Ok, where were we? Oh, yes, did ya's 'catch it? As Jerry plays 'Black Peter' on one of paul's tapes. (the incredible solo now playing from the legendary 1977 performance at Northern Illinois University's Evans Fieldhouse. Obviously, p has to share it at this moment... Off to You Tube.for a bit, be right back. Talk among yerselves in the meantime... )

We're baaack. ) Ok, hear we go...

However, first, we almost forgot. We caught it 'a few moments after' ) that we / Him had already written Alvin's new group Now playing in Heaven. So, paul what the devil is Alvin's new group, dude? Ha ha didn't you catch it, dude/ It's Now, Now one word Is our cosmic superstar ~ Alvin's new group. Ha ha. Alvin, you took that watermelon off the stage at Woodstock, & what the heaven did you do with it, Bro? we trust that you & yer crew ate it up in celebration of your 'killing' everyone that was there. Nanci was there. Where the heaven were you paul? we were hitchhiking to Miami, Fl to start school at the U of Miami, lucky. Thanks for asking. )

The rest is, as they say, history. So, our long, winding strange trip has brought us to typing this particular sentence this moment, this day in our evolution. We've never been better or more grateful to All That Is for our being and to continue to shine His loving light, to help lift humanity & help escort, w His divine just do our job. paul, He says 'just be you, sonny. And if you do, wayward son, all the other sonny's & daisy's will bloom, indeed.

And So It Is Now & forever, Indeed, IJN. ) Good, give us a hug, ok? ( ) perfect.

See ya's on the beaches & parks of the world & beyond...

Nnamaste. )

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

Thank You appreciative fans/ friends who 'get it.' )

Alright, onward immortal spiritual beings of light & love, are you ready to experience God's infinite love in songs? 'Hear' we go...simply click on this particular link. Then just sit back gaze w the 'gazers' They will be there for each one of us that shows up there, guaranteed, as they volunteered to do this 'work.' of love for humanity.w a handshake & a hug, like this ( ). )

Ok, we're off to do His work at: we're a little late for the sky over there. First things first & don't try to do things 'perfect' on no sleep

& 'a stitch in time saves 9.'

Thank ya's all for showing up & doing yer jobs, against all odds, as best you can. Indeed.

Namaste. )