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Greetings fellow Gods & Goddesses on the way up.  This page celebrates the spirit of The Ruby Rogers Center.  
This was a giving, altruistic, caring place which for 35 years served the needy, the homeless, the hungry and esp 
the mentally challenged, out of a sense of love, compassion and purpose that all should be served.  Ans So It Was.

Please en-joy this  site to see what we have lost in an era of budget folderol and bean counting fiscal ridiculousness.
while living in a boundless,  infinite, no lack  for anything, multiverse created by God.  We live In His 'Wellusion' dear ones,
We can take it back (the good stuff we have lost) when we 'WAKE UP' and smell the roses.
And So It Is.

(repairs to this page will be made soon.)

The  Father of our country watches over The Ruby Rogers Center, Union Sq, Somerville, Ma.

Greetings Everyone & Welcome to the luckiest page on this, His ~ Our site.
We welcome you with open arms and open hearts full of love & gratitude to The Creator.

You may have come over here from this latest blog page & the one before it where The situation of funding and our campaign to save The Ruby Rogers Center created the need for this page.   While the 'green' is still the prime medium of exchange, the real, eternal & infinite medium of exchange is coming in like a  slow tsunami that can not & will not be denied.  And So it Is..  Indeed. 

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Alright, so  here's the official crowdfunding page to go and check out and hopefully, make a donation of anything that feels good to you.  That's  all that is asked.

Please check out the articles to gain a more thorough grasp of the good work that  the RR Center does.  It's also called God's work, such as feeding the hungry, offering a warm place to come in out of the cold..  It's a place where everyone isr respected and can find  fellowship with their peers.  There is no other place on the planet like the Ruby Rogers Center.

Ruby Rogers Mission Statement:


What we offer:

There is a whole lotta love at The Ruby Rogers Center, dear friends... )

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Thank You Mr Jeff Beck, (how do you get a name like Jeff Beck, guys?  )  Indeed.  God's car in the background, oh, and don't forget to smile.  )


Thank you geofffxdwg07 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Jeff Beck.   )

Meet some of the Ruby Rogers Team.

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Nanci & Harry

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Ralph & Nanci   )

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Just sweet... )

Meet Tauncha dishing out free lunches.  Only at The Ruby Rogers Center.

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Tauncha &  Nanci.   )

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Grab some 'take home' or hang out with friends.

Free advice is on the walls even... )

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Old friends... )

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Photo by Harry Agritha: Ruby Rogers staff.

Nanci & Paul.  (w nametag.)

Hey Bro Paul  ~ what's that donation page again?


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Photo by Harry, we think.  )
From Harry's FB:

We served another great lunch today at the Ruby Rogers Advocacy Center. Go Sox! — with Nanci Baren & Cathy at Ruby Rogers Center.

Paul knows that food was awesome bc he picked it up & delivered it.  What an awesome honour to do that. - 3 times a  week!   )

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P pic

We salute Ruby Rogers who's courage started it all.


Mom checked in w Paul last evening picking up the food on, ahem:  Green St, Cambridge, Ma

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                                                                                                                                                                                                               15 minutes later, Gordon checks in.. 
If you're not getting the Cat Stevens connection- you haven't yet listened to...                                                                                     "Mom, if God could sing (and of course HeShe can.)  He'd sound like Gordon                                                                                                                                              Lightfoot."  (words Paul said to Mom as he gave her and played a GL cd.)

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So, from here, to pick a moment, may we all move forth, as one, in the love & light of the higher  energies in all of us simply reflecting same from The Creator? Awesome. )
And So It Is.  Indeed   YES.

Have a very nice forever, everyone... )

Here's a good place to 'get it.'

Who's up for some Gordon Lightfoot?  Awesome... )

Happy Earth Day ~ Update...
Alright, so we heard back from the Sanders Theatre people and with all the particulars that go into a concert and one look at the dossier, we knew that 
we were out of our depth w our quixotic dream in 'the real world.' of bringing Mr Lightfoot to Cambridge to do a fundraiser concert.

However, the good news is that thru the miracle of modern technology, we can go back in time and witness a  Gordon Lightfoot concert from 1972.
Gordon, please know we all love you very much and we thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing your gifts to this very day.  God bless you, Indeed.   )


Thank you murrough mcbride for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr's  Gordon Lightfoot, Red Shea & Rick Haynes

On behalf of the group, and this could be oh so many groups, we'll just say on behalf of team oneness...
Keep smiling, be happy don't worry, know we're all infinitely awesome eternal, infinite beings of divine light & love 
who have been around forever. and, we are connected,.and compared to what's coming, 'we ain't seen nothing yet.'  Cheers,   )

Namaste.  )

Rec & fin.for now
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Just for fun and to keep that green lucky thing going... why not share this page featuring a man who could fly when he wore # 33 with distinction 
for the Boston Green i.e. The Celtics. and an unbelievable  work ethic.  We're talking Larry Legend.  Take it away Mr Bird.   )

Yahoo images.

We concur Larry, but it don't come easy, right Ringo?  Indeed.  )

Update:  5/17/17
The Celebration of Ruby Rogers' Accomplishments is starting.  Doors close  before June 29th, 2017

Let's Go Celtics!!

Yahoo Images.

The Celtics Leprechaun.   )

Congratulations Celtics on a Great Season!   )


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P pic.

Bill, Nanci & Harry  3 Musketeers of  Ruby Rogers Center... <3  )

What's that God?  Don't worry about it?  Ok, we won't, none of us.  Thank You God.  We love You God.  And God Bless You God.  Yep, we're turning the tables on You God,  and we even  have a song to sing to You, Source God.  Here goes...
But first a little video, Bro Paul brought to the group, who wants to rate it?

Thank You  God  Who conceived, produced, directed & acted  in this Far Flung Production Ltd.
And So It Is.

Ok, God, eternal moment for a song for You, here we go...

Thank you Mr Kleeg for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil.  )

For our cetacean friends...

Fred Neil - Dolphins (HQ)

Thank you SuperCurtiis for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil.

And finally...

Fred Neil - Faretheewell

Thank you aprimitivemind for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil.

Fred Neil is one of God's volunteer gazers and can be experienced here...

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Thank you all for your kind attention and support for this most worthy community family cause.

May we all be richly and bountifully blessed with the infinite love and light of the Creator's beneficence.
And So It Is.

Rec & fin
2: 22 a.m.

Namaste.   )

p.s.  Did we mention... Y'all invited to the jubilee.  if interested click on the link and we hope you en-joy it.

Currier & Ives at Yahoo images.

Coming Home   )


Check this article The Boston Globe  did on The Ruby Rogers Center

Bill Gidrewicz (center) and director Nanci Baren served a lunch to members of the Ruby Rogers Center in Somerville.
Boston Globe photo.

Cathy,  Bill, Harry & Nanci in the kitchen at Ruby Rogers Center.

Friday, 6/23/17
Fun time  at The Flaming Grill in Revere.

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Some of the usual suspects... )

Where do we go now, troops?  Well, maybe, just maybe, God has a place prepared for His children.  Check this out...

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P pic.

Nanci's is red, what model and color is Yours?

Thank You God Who conceived, produced, directed and acted in this  Far Flung Production. Ltd.

Namaste.  )