'Flying' ~ Bobby Orr ~ 777 )

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Third in His series of fabulous moments in Boston sports history. Here~ Bobby Orr goes 'flying' after scoring the goal for the Bruins to win the 1970 Stanley Cup. Awesome. )

The Goal.

Forever Immortalized w Zakem Bridge in background.

Bobby Orr ESPN SportsCentury

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Thank You #4... Keep flying & showing us how to live life w grace, dignity, love & compassion & smiling while doing it. )

Yahoo images.

Thank You Bobby Orr (nice 'gazing' pic, Bro. )

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Where to from here? Have you heard? Havlicek stole the ball & Flutie Did It w a Hail Mary! )



And Larry Bird did it with plain old hard work...



Here's to all the heroic moments of our heroes lives and Your 'heroic' life. )

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