Our Dossier 777

Pic taken by a client of Metro Courier Network waiting for his delivery. Circa 2003

Paul, the courier, in Downtown Boston, Ma. USA



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Greetings fellow immortal spiritual beings living human lives. We were inspired to create this page and share

some of the documents in our dossier for the purpose of giving more clarity as to what the heck we're all about.

So, sit back, have a glass or a cup and hope ya's enjoy this page. )

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This page is now part of the 3 part power presentation of HisHer ~ Our Disclosure Press Release. The Mission Statement page has been added.


Check the blog to find out how this came about, if have curious mind. who doesn't? )


Can we talk?

Ed note:

This page has been edited as some material has just dropped off

We must share this here...

Greetings Immortal Spiritual Beings of Light & Love... July 24, 2017

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung (Directors Cut.) Production Ltd.

This is the 3 rd of a trilogy of videos. The other 2 can be viewed here tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-14777 or here...

tinyurl.com/His-OurPressRelease777 TY for watching and More if you share this. )



So, guys, are you smiling yet, we hope so, right Mother Teresa?

Thank You Mother Teresa and Jerry... ) )

All invited to gaze w Jesus, Mother Teresa and Jerry here...


God knows we should have a song here and this immediately came to mind... Take it away Blue Oyster Cult... )


Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

Ok dear ones, as you know or should if you've been on this site for a while. Our partner in the crime of love in the first degree

is Mom, and guess what the song next in the YT queue after this one is? Can you say 'Year of the Cat' by Al Stewart?

The last time we heard this was in the car, in the last 48 hours and we said out loud to the universe... I wanna hear this song every day.

So, guess what? Now we can. Sraight from the <3 of Mom and for All of Us here's the song... And btw, you can't make this stuff up, )

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat

Thank you Rafeta Vinilo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Al Stewart and Company.

This is Mom coming thru in the purest form. my dear friends, and far from being a follower of a far flung star, we're all following

each other as actual 'fans' of each other. We don't 'believe' this, dear ones, we Know this. e.g. who is not a 'fan' of Al Stewart?

Here's where we are, guys...On the border of ahem: The infinite frontier.

And So It Is.

Al Stewart - On the Border (live)

Thank you mitzy1234 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Al Stewart & Company.



Great idea Dr Peebles, what better place to share the '6 pack' tour than here . Brought over from Dr Peebles' place...


Dr Peebles.

So, it is recommended and all are invited to take the 6 pack tour...Hope en-joy. )

First, though, spirit says 'put me here.' We're doing all this together, dear Bro Paul, as you well know.


--- A highlight accompanies each sharing as spirit is doing this w Paul, fyi.

Starts with this reading w Ashtar thru the clear 'telephone line' Michael Ellegion. TY Ashtar & Michael Ellegion

---Hear how yours truly first took earth embodiment 500 million years ago.


And why not share some good news.

---Have we forgotten, my dear friends what The Lord's Prayer really says. Looks like we have, but we can catch up w His wishes w right leadership. i.e Jesus.

--- See 'Urgent Message' delivered to a channel, Chapel Tibet, from Paul's future self, (this 2017 version,) in 1995. TY Chapel Tibet for allowing this transmission.


Jesus, did the deal go down?

---Jesus energetically coming thru Paul w a verdict. TY Jesus for endorsing with no hesitation whatsoever. Indeed.


from Sept 2012 reading w Jim Law TY Jim Law.

--- Take yerself to the seashore or the forest, etc nature will bless us. Indeed, works for us. )

---But nothing compares to a hug w Jesus. We can share this, team. It's meant to be shared, right Jesus? ( ) It's at 42:33 right after Jerry Garcia. )


From July 2013

---Wow, w Dr Peebles as 'gatekeeper' we hear from Jesus, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and John Lennon. What a 'heavenly row.' OMG. TY to All... <3

--- 'Beyond our wildest dreams.' Waiting on you, folks. Make 'Heaven on Earth' or continue down mediocrity road.

---Maybe, as Bob Marley sang..it's time to 'get up stand up' and be the best we can be. Indeed. TY Bob 'Great Lion of God' Marley.




We found a reading from Akashic Records reader Leslee Jo Klinsky fro 2009 Very interesting, if we say so... )


From September 2013. Our first video and only one til 3 years later...

---Not just Nanci deserves a free, God given car or a skateboard, but all the good people God created. It is written. TY Nanci for being a Noah. )



2/23/18 ~ Cosmic Trigger Day

This room is now and foreve ths love ascension room. And So It Is.

(end of 6 pack and addendums)

Namaste. )