HisHer ~ Our Earth Party Forever ~ Golden Age of Love 777

Divine Blessed Mother Mary:

Hello, my dear sweet beautiful Beings of Light. And so rightly addressed. For you are all taking on such a beautiful hue and radiance not seen ever. The recent downloads of light and energy, still continuing, have blessed you all with such an increase of radiance and luminance that it is difficult to quantify on any present scale of definition...


Mother Mary: Breathe Out The Breath of Creator – Channeled by Fran Zepeda - April 29, 2014 via @FranZepeda1


Thank You Fran Zepeda and Christine Burk for the image on this page.

Thank you Jackie Evancho VEVO

Thank You Jackie Evancho.

This song could also be named Oh,how we love you Mary...

Thank You Diana Jones, Steve Earle and Company and audience, i.e. all of us! )

Thank You Blessed Mother Mary. Nothing else to do now but...Praise God

Creator and..All That Is.


Now .Ring Them Bells!

Thank you to Bob Dylan who wrote this an maryblacknet for sharing on yt.

Thank You Mary Black and Joan Baez and Company ~ All of Us, We Are One. Indeed!


"Our time has come."

Painting by Akiane Kramarik age 8.

Thank You Sananda ~ Jesus.for showing us the way which is Love & only love. <3 )



Thank You Jesus and John Smallman and Matt Muckleroy for YT posting.


Valentines Day 2/14/13

On behalf of All That Is we wish you a Happy Valentines Day Dear One. We all know

you've had your trials and tribulations in the illusory past.

Let the New Now Higher Dimensional frequencies of love manifest in this Now Golden Age on the planet, Gaia aka Terra.


The Scene of The Party...


P and Company.



4:22 p.m.



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Thank You Creator and Kathryn E. May. Md.

Google images.


Creator has a song for us, friends

It may be time for the Earth Party to start!

Thank You Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra.

Thank you to aurevlis for sharing on You Tube and Special 'Thanks and High Fives' to All the Wonderful, Crazy, Happy People on Planet Earth!!

Thank you for volunteering, coming and being You! And Infinite Bountiful Blessings to the zillions of spirits who stepped aside so that we could come

here do what we came here to do. In Oneness

And So It Is.

The Creator and Company Father Mother God Creator, ALL THAT IS. In Jesus Name.

Transcribed by P the humble servant and Company.




Addendums 7/13/17


Thank You Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra.

Thank you sgtpepper2 for this on YT. Great performance Jeff and Company.

Carry On Everyone... )

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Thank You!! )

Oh, one more thing, we do wish you all this... It's good, trust us...)

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Thank You Boston.

Thank You Boston ~ the City.

And Thank You to ALL THAT IS! Does that leave anyone or anything out?

we doubt it... )

Peace love & joy.

Namaste, Espavo & Happy Trails...

P and Company.

Google images.

Peace of Christ be with us all.

And So It Is.


P.s. All welcome to a Grateful Grand Jubilee: www.paulfb.com we got the light on 4 Ya's...

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"Become like a lighthouse! Shine your light brightly, and guide others safely to the shore of love!"

—Dr. Peebles


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