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Divine Blessed Mother Mary:

Hello, my dear sweet beautiful Beings of Light. And so rightly addressed. For you are all taking on such a beautiful hue and radiance not seen ever. The recent downloads of light and energy, still continuing, have blessed you all with such an increase of radiance and luminance that it is difficult to quantify on any present scale of definition...

Mother Mary: Breathe Out The Breath of Creator – Channeled by Fran Zepeda  - April 29, 2014  via @FranZepeda1

Thank You Fran Zepeda  and Christine Burk for the image on this page.

Thank you Jackie Evancho VEVO

Thank You Jackie  Evancho.

James Gilliland  and Susan Sanderford talk Mary on As You Wish talk Radio, 5.4.2014: 

Thank You Blessed Mother Mary, James and Susan.   )

This song could also be named Oh,how we love you Mary...

Thank You Diana Jones, Steve Earle and Company and audience, i.e. all of us!  )

Thank You Blessed Mother Mary.  Nothing else to do now but...Praise God 
Creator and..All That Is.  

Now  .Ring Them Bells!

Thank you to Bob Dylan who wrote this an maryblacknet for sharing on yt.

Thank You Mary Black and Joan Baez and Company ~ All of Us, We Are One. Indeed!

This page may or may not be done but it is recommended to mosey on over to the May is Mother Mary Month page.
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Thank You Prime Creator.

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Thank You Jesus.

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Thank You St Germain.


   A wonderful talk by Sananda ... heart to heart ... about Ascension.
  Then, a trip to the Crystal City above Sedona, Arizona.
  The Great Master Lanto, from a planet beyond our universe, greeted us.
  This was the guidance we have been looking for. 
WEB PAGE:  blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel


Historic Call
Listen to Sananda's  Ascension Training in Sacred Retreat.

"Our time has come."

Painting by Akiane Kramarik age 8.

Thank You Sananda  and Sanat Kumara  Thank You Dr Kathryn E. May/ Lady Portia and Anne DeHart/ Lady Nada.


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Thank You Saul and John Smallman and gattoaladino for YT posting.

Valentines Day  2/14/13

On behalf of All That Is we wish you a Happy  Valentines Day  Dear One.  We all know
you've had your trials and tribulations in the illusory past.

Let the New Now Higher Dimensional frequencies of love  manifest in this Now Golden Age on the planet, Gaia aka Terra.


Healing for Ascension Group call with Sananda/Jesus by Channel Panel  2/13/14



Greetings Beloved Masters,

All who Love the Light and Love and the Divine, Infinite, Perfect Creation Divine, Perfect, Eternal  'Always Was and Always Is'  Infinite Loving 
Prime Creator has gifted  HIS children.

We Are One.  Prime  Creator has chosen this auspicious day ~  the 22nd (22 being he love number) day of the first month of the new "now" year, the year of all years 2014 and 2 days after the Official

Announcement of the Golden Age commencing January 20, 2014.  We are all 'Indeed' richly and bountifully blessed to be in such Awesome Company.  You will know Prime Creator as we are all creators

and we all have Prime Creator's gifts.  We are the gifted ones, beloveds, each and  every one of us..  Whatever and wherever we find ourselves, whether on this schoolroom Earth or whatever far flung place

in the Multiverse we are; rest assured,  Prime Creator has a plan for you and has always had a plan for you.  No one mired in any dross must stay there.  No one on any plane or dimension suffering, stuck,

lost and alone must stay there.  Love finds a way always.  All are  Now Free to be where you and Prime Creator agree is the best place for you.  Look to your angels and guides.  They could be right next

to you with a smile and a helping hand.  Take that hand, do not wait for the hand you perhaps, stubbornly,  were expecting.  One thing leads to another and we are all on a journey to our most perfect destiny.

Creator Gods, Your  Divine Father~ Mother God Given Sovereignty Is Absolute!  You Are Free.  Now and Forever.  Go and in peace, love and  harmony create  your new, now  world.  It Is Written.  Amen.


P  and Company.


Information Central for The Golden Age

Thank You Prime Creator and Dr Kathryn E. May.
Google images.

Creator  has a song for us, friends

It may be time for the Earth Party to start!

Thank You Master Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra.

Thank you to aurevlis for sharing on You Tube  and Special  'Thanks and High Fives' to All the Wonderful, Crazy, Happy People on Planet Earth!!

Thanks  for volunteering, coming and being You!  And  Infinite Bountiful Blessings to the zillions of spirits who stepped aside so that we could come

 here do what we came  here to do. In Oneness

And So It Is.

The Creator and Company  Father Mother God Creator, ALL THAT IS.  In Jesus Name.

Transcribed by P  the humble servant and Company.

Addendums  7/13/17

Thank You Master Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra.

Thank you sgtpepper2 for this on YT.  Great performance Mr Lynne and Company.

Carry On Everyone...   )

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Oh, one more thing, we do wish you all this... It's good, trust us...)

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Thank You Boston.

Thank You Boston ~ the City.

And Thanks to ALL THAT IS!   Does that leave anyone or anything out?

we doubt it... )

Peace love & joy.

Namaste,  Espavo & Happy Trails...

P and Company.

Google images.

Peace of Christ be with us all.

And So It Is.