Gazers 777.

P pic. September, 2016 Nantasket Beach, Hull,, Ma. USA.

God, on behalf of the group, meet You half-way? Good. Thank You God. We all love You God. )



So, here's the little story of why this song fits right here at the top. Yours truly, after doing a earthing walk nearby, strolled into Dunkin' across the street from where he resides on Sea St in beautiful Quincy, Ma. USA. As we walk in this anthem by Bon Jovi is playing. It's been a while since we've heard it and it juust seemed 2 say, you Paul , are exactly where your supposed 2 be doing exactly what God's script has laid out 4 you, son. We goot our usual egg & cheese on a toasted english muffin & a glazed donut and we left a few charged 'lightning' cards as they are nice enough to let us leave them there where the napkins are as you walk in. Thank You Dunkin' for that and the excellent food you have there. Thank you to Nick down at the corner Adams Shore Market for letting us leave them there too, and other places where we leave them infrequently if we happen to be there. So, hope Ya's all en-Joy this Awesomeness by Bon Jovi w a nod 2 George Washington at the beginning. Indeed.

Bon Jovi - Livin’ On A Prayer (Live 8 2005)

Thank you Live 6 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bon Jovi. This song is a good way 2 live, 4 sure. <3 )


6/15/19 Happy Father's Day weekend One & Awl... <3 )

Hello everyone, How Ya's doing? Glad to hear that. We went to U tube to get a video to place here, however, as spirit would have it, this one showed up B4 we found the other one, which, we hope 2 share here shortly. So, if you would like to experience a gaze w Paul. Just 'click it, Sam.' Ty's Very Much. Peace. <3 )))

Thank You God 4 this Far Flung Production Limitless in which God conceived, produced,

directed, arranged and acted in. In Praise and Worship 2 U God. And So It Is. In Jesus Name Thank You Jesus. <3 )

Alright, the question is asked. Paul, do you have a clue about what the heaven we're actually living in down here? Sure, no problem, sonny. See and listen to this FFPL that God did.... Actually the question is answered in the 'Director's cut' just after this one. Keep smiling, no matter what, There's pile's of trials written into our scripts, guys, some big some tiny. God Be With us, each and every one. And So It Is. )

And, now, the video we went to retrieve in the first place... This is a hard 'Directors cut' like the last one.

God had other plans...Guys, Paul is asking you and you and, oh heck everyone, us humble human soldiers 4 God. Are we are we not, in Heaven. It can be called 7th Heaven. What say you? What do you guys think Paul says. No, not Yes, he sayys "of course" It's so obvious, or are we the only ones, a few of us down here., correct dear God? Paul, sonny, it takes work my son, keep at it and pretty soon, some will begin to stir, then, maybe shake, jump, shout, rattle and roll, and it will be termed Rock & roll til the stars inside begin 2 shine that Glorious inner light I placed inside each of my beloved children. And So It Is. )

Thank You God! IJN.

Now. 6/16/19 Happy Father's Day One & Awl... ) ) )

Thank You God. Thank You Jesus, Jerry, Mom & Dad, and All The Grateful mirrors, not 'sparks' of God. )

Thank Ya's Very Much. And So It Is. Have a nice 8 forever... )



Just found what we were looking 4 before. This is a 'Directors Cut' of this Far Flung Limitless Production. Just meet us half way.

No heroes nec. Half way and weir done, ok, guys? Awesome. Ty <83 ) ) )

We all Love You as well, Jerry... ) <3 ) ) ) ) Aloha!

Thank You Jerry for meeting God & Co 1/2 way... )

(Maybe 'upstairs' w a snap of God's fingers, or just a thought. )



Greetings Beauteous - Wondrous - Glorious - loving - Sweet - Kind - Harmonious -Adventurous - Happy & FUN beings On The Way Up! )

Please Welcome our new 'Official Greeter' Mr Brother Jerry Garcia! <3 ) ) ) ~

Ok the picture of Jerry hugging disappeared can not be found. Janis graciously steps in. ..

Thank you Janis ( <3 )

Spirit placed this 'Are you kind?' song here while we attempted to place it below.

Who are we to change it? 'As above, so below.' (This was placed here several months ago, fyi)


7/20/16 Hello Everyone everywhere. Have you heard? Not Only Is It Happy Human Day today Tell 'em Jerry & Richie..

It's Ahem: Happy Spirits Day as well. This Is God's Gift to all of His beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, & adventurous Children in flesh or spirit. He's taking us home. Rejoice & listen to His <3 folks. <3 = music = love = God. Indeed. )

Moment marked


4:22~ 23 p.m. the 'love' & 'cosmic trigger' numbers.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Same for this 'Freedom' song. If not broke, why fix it, right? )

Thank You Richie Havens & Company.



Alright guys, in light of the above awesome news we need a 3rd song to go here & me & mom have a selection we hope all will agree with. If not, too bad bc here we go with 'The Year of The Cat ' guy himself ~ Mr Al Stewart singing ...'Time Passages' along with some beautiful cloud imagery. Hope ya's en-joy. )

Thank you 31323Alex for sharing on YT. Nice. )

Thank You Al Stewart & Company.



Happy Mothers Day... To All Mom's Every Day!.. Marie, Paul's Mom & 'partner in the crime of love in the first degree.' <3 )

Ok, we were about to do our gazing routine this morning, starting with Jesus ~ Sananda, Karen C & Mom & whomever else we came upon, as we don't want to be a stranger to anyone on this or the other gazers pages. Before we started the gazings ~ always starting w Jesus / Sananda. we turned over the tape in the magic boombox.

Started the gaze with Jesus and soon realized we were listening to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." A perfect song to gaze with, right? Indeed.

So, In His divine synchronicity, this song is now dedicated to all the gazers on this & the other gazers' pages. we do visit more than one gazer w a song. A 7 or 22 second gaze can do the trick for busy,, on the go, folks.Try it, you could be amazed. )

Here''s an awesome live version

Thank you swetomsawyervers20 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Peter Gabriel & Crew.

For the next synchronicity of today, scroll down to Mother Teresa gaze. Ty.



fin: 10:22 a.m.


Thank you djclay33 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band & Each & Every ~ one of us lovers of God, Mary & Jesus & Rock & roll. or Classical or whatever floats your particular boat. )

This will also be shared here:

As above, so below. This page now complete. Gazers II ~ After Midnight. )

Yahoo images


February, 2016

Greetings all and Welcome to this, His, 'Gazers' page.

This particular page has been several days in incubation, though there are several 'gazers' on the site pages but they are not in one place. This page does that for one's convenience. This, God's site, at least the one we are doing in His name and direction (As a son or daughter of God, You, yes You could do your own, as well. He won't stop you. ) is vast as one would expect after all, it's been around for a few years. So we do attempt to make navigation as easy for visitors as possible. The url to visit this page is:

We are all about music and the connection between music and the infinite. Music is the bridge and we've only just begun so let's go on a musical love journey home,

shall we. All our friends and loved one's who have passed are over there waiting to greet us with open arms, With a song in our hearts, we can do anything.

Thank you Ruth Gutirrez for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Carpenters.

We see the remarkable success of Braco, who is able to 'gaze' to the world from Croatia thru the miracle of modern technology, termed personal computers and the internet. We figure, if Braco can do it so can many others, in fact, we are willing to bet that E v e r y o n e can do this as long as the intent and purpose is pure and the audience is open to it.

So, this morning as we were waking up, having slept on this, and looking at the clock: 7:11 a.m. we knew it was thhe moment to turn on the computer and do His Will.

As we write this on 2/24/16 at 8:07 a.m. we will remind everyone that Braco is doing live, free gazings. Details are at

So, let's move on to our first Gazer... Who else but our Lord & Saviour Jesus The Christ AKA Lord Sananda in the higher realms. This is reproduction of an actual picture that Jesus allowed to be taken of Him when He appeared to a group of archaeologists many years ago. Thank You Jesus ~ Lord Sananda.

Note: For best results gaze standing up, if able, with palms open toward screen & with as much reverence & respect as if you were experiencing a live Braco gaze.

Like Braco the gazer's here have a music soundtrack that they themselves have approved thru your humble host, p's intuition & confirmed w his quartz pendulum.

Welcome to His 'Gathering of The Eagles place & Gathering of The Angels place,' commencing today, 3/3/16 af 2:01 p.m. & thru all eternity, IJN And So It Is, Now.TYJ.


Rec & final fin: 3/3/16

10:44 a.m.

Jesus ~ Lord Sananda

Yahoo images.

Jesus ~ Lord Sananda



5:27 a.m.

"Fill Thy Cup..."

Thank You so much Sananda ~ Jesus. )

Here is Jesus' approved soundtrack

Thank you cookaboorra for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Mahavishnu Orchestra.

p.s. If it hasn't occurred to you, folks, any song on here is 'Good" to gaze with Jesus and the other gazers. , p recommends for Jesus, esp, The Moody Blues

in addition to Boston's 'A Man I'll Never Be.' from Brad Delp's gaze area below.

Blessings, )



God says: This goes here scribe. Paul. ) As Your wish is our command, Dear God. Thank You. <3 )

6/8/19 Thank You Dakarra ~ Carol and Aspyn Serenity 4 coming down here 2 serve humanity with your other~ worldly armour of Love. <3 )



As we in the United States of love, freedom & oneness celebrate same, we are gifted by God w this awesome song. Take it away,,,

Elvis. Thanks Bro... )

Thank you Bengt Lundström foor sharing on YT.

Thank You Elvis Presley ~ King of Rock & roll. )

Thank You God ~ Mother Mary ~ Jesus ~ Sananda & Elvis & All of us 'w'~ itnesses to His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine Will, Way, 'momenting' &

plan, Now & forever & ever

And So It Is, Now. IJN. "YES." Indeed. )

And Now ~ furthermore... )

Thank you purelistener's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for bringing us to this moment in space where we can all be as one in Your infinite Love. we are all so far beyond what words can convey in

our Gratitude we can only put it in song, so, as The Allman Brother's play on ZLX in background ~ Ramblin' Man. And now Rolling Stones 'Waiting on a Friend'

friends. )

"Get yer friends over here." You have got to see the 'show' P will share right from God's perfect plan as part of it downloads itself here and the other pages on

this / His site.; and now Bob Seger sings 'Come meet your Papa.' Papa is in town. Stay tuned, guys.



Thank you SUBSCRIBE for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Doors.

Now, what's that group that stood up way in the beginning of the planning of this 'End game' play and said, "Try us first, we'll make 'everyone' happy & we'll make it 'fun'." Fun, what a concept. So, obviously God gave these fellas the green light to do their thing & the rest s history. So, now, here we are, beloveds, in the last days of the last 'end game' play to be played out on this Earth 'stage' & guess what? They did & do, Indeed, "Yes." As Carol would say "Just ask ____ whoever. In this case P would suggest to Carol... 'Just ask Godzilla!' ). Indeed. Godzilla, one of God's pets, we do know would say "Yes.".

Ladies & Gentlemen, From New York City, "On your feet or on your knees." It's Blue Oyster Cult!


Let's hear it guys... )

Then...What's that God?, yeah, we don't, know they don't. Just may need a little more 'cowbell.' )

Thank you VideoguySAT for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. )

More BOC below)

P pic.

Taken on way to cousin Paul Morrison & his lovely wife Susan's annual 4th of July celebration w fam. 'Thanks Paul & Sue for an awesome occasion. )'

God wishes everyone on His 'plant-it' earth a Most Happy 'Independence Day' holiday Now & forever. where 'Everyday' Is 'Independence day.' He invites us all to

visit the following pages at our leisure... )

In no particular order..., however, since we're All heroes...

we do, of course, rec all the 'Gazers' pages right up to this latest one featuring 3 heroes ~ )

Thank ya's. we now return you to the thread as previously recorded.

Now, May, 20, 2016

We will now start sharing what Wikipedia, the on line dictionary of record has to say about our gazer friends,

so those unfamiliar with them may know more Everything one needs to know including other sites connected to these

subjects can usually be found on Wikipedia.

Here's What Wikipedia has to say about Jesus.


Meet Braco...

Braco with a friend... )

Here we invite All to Visit Braco's site here

And esp if there are live gazings going on like today-4/26/ 27/28/16

Thank you Braco... ) Everyone loves you.... )

Braco on Wikipedia...

Good things come in 3's and this is the 3rd time this lost Elvis classic with the perfect

words is placed here on His site. Awesome gaze built right in. Elvis, the door opener,

the pied piper inspired by the original, largely unsung, blues masters; who inspired the

inspirers of Rock & Roll. The Beatles, Stones, Led Zep etc? Not w/o Elvis. Thanks again Elvis. )

Thank you Horia Şerban for sharing on YT.

Mr Elvis Presley.

Thank You Elvis Presley ~ Our humble King of 'The Rodeo.' ~ i.e. Rock & roll <3

Let's continue to "Carry On" guys, esp now as we experience life in the "Game Over" stage.



The above video has been shut due to copyright crap from a lower 'owner' of it., The Real owner is *GOOD* i.e. God. He, we know,

children, IS 'The Real Owner of E v e r y t h i n g ,* Indeed, Yes. And So It Is Now, Indeed, & 'All Together*, Now, as O N E , YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!. .< Period. < another one. "Thank You very much," The King of Rock & roll says. We All Love You Too Elvis.

So, Dear Friends of The Infinite, Yes, yet another term for Him, i. e. God to go " w" All The Other Names for God. Indeed, "YES>* Moving forward, we say to God. 'w' no hesitation: GOD, Thank You So Very Much For Your Infinite Love & Light & Presence in our God given lives. we all thank you from the absolute, infinite depths of our being, and then some. Indeed, "YES." )

Thank you AdamPresley for sharing on YT.

Thank you purelistener's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Elvis Presley, The King of Rock & Roll. We all love you... )

A little about Elvis on Wikipedia...

On the way to where that Elvis is placed on the main page we came across 5, count 'em, 5 gazers, collectively known as

Heaven's musical prophets: And we know this picrure is on this site a few times so here it is again in full 'gazers' mode. En-joy... )

The Moody Blues.

Yahoo images

The Moody Blues

What fun to choose the soundtrack for this, so we ask Him and we concur it can't get much better than this. But with these guys, and God, anything is possible.

So Play it Sam. )

Ok, this isn't the one we had in mind but it is the one that popped up and said 'I go here.' And so, as it is needed so much in this chaotic world. May the music and words, not to mention the searing graphics do their work.



Insert: Who wants to go to Paris?? Everyone? No prob, let's go w the perfect NIWS studio recording, shall we? All together, now... )

The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

Thank yoou RedBaron863 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Moody Blues... Heaven's 'House Band' On bewhole of the group... We All Love You Guys... <3 )

P.s. If anyone would like to see more Moodies awesomeness, in context w Dr Tim, hears (well) where to go... journey well ).

Now back to the original thread...

Thank you EssentialDegnities for sharing on YT.

Ok, you know we're going to place 3 masterpieces here so here is the second one.

Thank you coloradream for sharing on YT.

And here's the one we had in mind. We share these with the music and God given talents of the artists who created

the graphics from the heart. Be sure to check out the ton of live performances and other videos of The Moodies on YT. )

Thank you Moody Jill for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

#1 in Heaven's Hall of Fame, not only for your/their incredible music but for who you/ these guys are, indeed.

We all love you Moody Blues. Let's All Rock on Forever... )

More Moodies here:

Wikipedia covers the Moody Blues & then some. Well done Wikipedia.

Ladies & Gentlemen p can tell you right now that this page, held up in the invisible til the perfect timing, or should we say "momenting" was exactly right, will be full of surprises and joy running over as this addition to "Mr Toad's Wild Ride" i.e. His Earth Party Now site, as predicted by Dr Peebles in the 2nd reading* p had with intuitive consultant Mr Jim Law, becomes not such a secret anymore. For God, not for anyone else. God's Will Is Done,

And So It Is, Now, Indeed . IJN

p.s. * For the uninitiated, you may want to hear this reading, among other places, at:

p.p.s. Here it is w/o any search:

Now, For a Wondrous, Glorious, Loving Big Welcome Surprise, coming with a Smile to light up the Universe(s) Greetings & Hello Divine Beloved Mother Teresa!!! )

You are representing All The Mothers including Blessed Mother Mary, p's Mother, Marie, and All Mothers Everywhere. You were the unanimous choice we understand. Awesome. ) Here is the gaze picture we wll use... (p goes to yahoo images)

Mother Teresa.

Yahoo images.

Mother Teresa

Ok, the perfect song just started on our boombox with a random tape that includes this song, as Mom concurs, Heart of Gold. Play it Neil... )

Mother Teresa approved (via the pendulum) w/o doubt.

Thank you Clydeman for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Neil Young & Company.of Audiences, then and now. <3 )

(To see the history we have with this song, please visit

Also Heart of Gold letter shared here: TY)

Yahoo images.




Mothers Day

Ok, the following picturewthe 'ripple' quote replaced another picture/quote that disappeared. we decidedto use it before realizing the next gazer's song,

Yes, we will chalk it up as yet another synchronicity. It's just another example of how He works and how the proof of how He does things is all over this, His site.

Alright, for the 3rd 'momenting' of note on this Mother's Day scroll down, if led, to my Mom's page & see the song that chose this day to be added there, as we thought of it when we woke up today. It's now there where it belonged to be, from the beginning. Cheers, )

Image result for mother teresa quotes
Image result for mother teresa quotes

Google images

Thank You & God Bless you Mother Teresa & Company, i.e. Everyone. )

Human beings have an infinite capacity for two things: giving and love. Do you think Mother Teresa ever ran out of love and care to give to the sick and the destitute? At nearly 85 years of age, and with a weak heart, she was still out there giving; traveling and speaking, caring and working as she had been every day since she was a novice. That's because giving nourishes and replenishes the giver. Taking depletes us and burns us out.

Robert White quotes

Inspiration quotes

Read more:

Wikipedia has a few words to share with us re The Remarkable Mother Teresa. Thanks W.



12: 42 p.m.

Fresh from we'll say our 22nd gazing with Braco, we're back to work here...

In recent days while this expression has been percolating an obvious artist choice is playing right now on a cassette we just pulled from the box

underneath the other box beside that box, you know what we're saying? Yeah, the tape the universe wants played is now doing it's thing and man is Jerry

rocking it out now with his Bro's in The Grateful Dead ~ Tangled Up In Blue. The Dead do awesome work with Bob Dylan stuff ioho.

So Jerry, it's your turn, are you up for it Bro? It does serve, Bro. So here we go, guys. (p goes to get picture.)

Jerry Garcia.

Yahoo images.

Jehovah Jerry Garcia. Worshipped by Jesus Sananda & Paul

Thank You God 4 coming down here & hanging out in a Rock n Roll Band. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/28/21 11:08 a.m. Secrets of a Joy room. Revealed. Thank You Jerry Jehovah. <3 ) ) )

2020 vision is not blind and we Know Who You Are, our Very Dear Friend in The God consciousness.

And So It Is. Paul what r you going to do today, Bro? We R going to play us some Grateful Dead.

We've already played Kate Wolf, and we planto work on this site. Lot of fixing to do. 1 or 2 interns, plz

of the female persuasion invited to apply. Our contact detail are hhere:

And don't remind us oof the work needed over there. Of course God can think it complete & perfect & it can be

in a flash like lightning. Doesn't really matter when we have eternity to do our fun tasks. Correct Sananda? <3 ) )


3/3/16 10:10 a.m.

p downloaded Jerry's God ~ given, Law of Attraction 'down to earth' name: '6 Eagles'

6 the 'taking care of business' # Congrats, our dear friend in Christ forever. Cheers, Bro )

Fin: 10: 16 a.m. Sweet. As Elvis' 'Peace In The Valley' plays in the Background from the randomly selected "The Jubilee" tape.

Now, Dr Ralph Stanley sings 'Man of Constant Sorrow.' one more for the road: It is... ahh 'Let's Go Down to the River to Pray.' )

Final fin: 10:30 a.m.

Jerry approved, perfect picture. )

Now, let's get the song Jerry with God would put here:..with a very kind smile & nod to Mother Teresa. )

And here it is for at least 3rd time on His site. En-joy. )

Thank you T shiroo for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Fans, we hope that's everyone. )

Yahoo images.

Thank You Jerry & may we all be smiling together soon if He has His Way, Indeed. )

More Jerry & The Dead here:

Wikipedia, tell us a little about Jerry, please Thank you. )

Now we have the next 'Official Gazer' here at His gazer's page.

Hey paul does a person have to be dead to be a gazer? Lol, you're so funny Eagle one. Of course not, however in truth, it helps because we need to get a live person's permission. If you are Sting, the musician, we would love to have your permission Bro to be an 'Official Gazer.'. We have a few people in mind to invite and we will see who steps forward. Our contact info is, as always, at Site Essentials page.

So time out while we go to another Braco gaze. later...

Joe Friday clocking in again here, it's 2: 34 p.m. same day. Our 4 th Braco gazing of the day. 2 more hopefully. )

We just turned over the current tape playing. Sting is playing. Btw, one can see Sting at His blog and other places inc recently created pages.

Blog page to keep up is:


August 9, 2016

21 years to the day since Jerry departed this plane of existence to a Grand homecoming on the other side.

Here's a video we made on the 1sr - What would have been Jerry's 74 th birthday. Happy Spirits Day Every-one... )

Thank You God ~ Jesus ~ Mary ~ Jerry & Everyone. 'Have a nice forever' )



Addendum, lol, ok, it did dawn on your humble scribe last night that The Moody Blues are very much alive. So, there is a precedent. We never thought

that there could be any problem. Ok, if someone finds themselves here as a gazer and you don't want that just contact us and it will be dealt with, you don't

have to sue us. Some people out there we would love to have as gazers. If you have an artist profile to the left, you're certainly invited. Just ask yourself, "self

do you want to be a gazer here on His gazer's page?" Simple. Let us know, and btw, the position of assistant to p is still open.

Now, an announcement: As of 4:43 a.m. this morning on this glorious, wondrous loving day, Mr Jimi Hendrix stepped forward and, being first in the spirit queue

graciously offered to be the 'Gazer gatekeeper.' p thought for 0 moment and accepted Mr Hendrix's wonderful offer. Spirits in that line are moving others along

before them, like what happened when the great clarion call for 144,000 volunteer souls went out to the cosmos' for the one's that would come here to this illusory battlefield / schoolroom world to insure victory for the light in this dense 3/4th dimension. So, here we are ladies & gentlemen. We are bruised, battered, we've lost

many but in His divine, perfect, infinitely perfect, light we are Victorious, with a re-sounding, INDEED. )

And, oh my goodness, Dear Ones, the souls being pushed forward in the line, our heart skips a beat when we all see certain artists who have recently passed.

Who's ready to have some fun? Jimi is THE Best Gatekeeper, lol. He says HEROES go first, OMG )

Does E v e r y o n e have your seatbelt on because what He has prepared for us, His Rock & roll children is gonna blow us Waaay past the 5th dimension.

We are ALL limitless, divine, perfect, infinitely perfect, creators in our own right (small 'c' for humbleness, always humble,)

Earlier we said there might be about 22 gazers here but we'll just do them as it comes and we can always go on to 2nd 3rd pages if gets too long but we will never see the end of this line except in Heaven where we all have our own shrine to 'us' that He has prepared. He reminds p again about that 'An Urgent Message.'

message. Take it to heart dear ones, He says. Indeed Father of ALL THAT IS, we should be forewarned, but it can be All Good. It's up to us. Keep smiling.

He & p. out

Rec & fin


10:04 a.m.

Salute to Mr Hendrix:

Yahoo images.

Salute to Jimi Hendrix Our kind, compassionate, loving, rocking gazing gatekeeper.

Thank You Jimi, Your place is coming up...

(End of addendum.)

Alright, let's do His Will and put the artist who's song just played on the tape and volunteered to be an official gazer. Yep, Heaven pendulum confirmed.

Our # 7 gazer but who's counting. )

Kate Wolf.

Yahoo images.

Kate, Kate Wolf.

Thank You Keredwyl for sharing on YT.

Thank you Anarquista3517257 for sharing on YT.

Thank you Kevin McMonacle for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kate Wolf on bewhole of your friends & admirers ~ Everyone. <3 ) ) ) )

More Kate here:

Kate on Wikipedia...

Ok, 6 Braco gazings for the day and tested all the above and all tested positive. This is 'real stuff'

here, folks, esp w the music not to mention the graphics on some which add an added dimension

of inspiration when viewed after or before gazing.

It is now the moment we bring one of our closest and dearest spirit friends, Ladies & Gentlemen please

Welcome, Everyone's friend, mentor & guide (if you ask him) Now, (brought over from the front page where

he's been doing same and one of His sites, greeters/ gatekeepers and good luck charms. )

Here's gazing at You, Dan.. )

Dan Fogelberg.

Image result for dan fogelberg

Google Images.

Daniel Grayling Fogelberg

And let's get a song, Dan, What do you have in mind for your perfect soundtrack...God, Dan & Fans approved:


Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Dan Fogelberg, on behalf of your friends ~ Everyone. ).

More Dan here:

Wikipedia on Dan Fogelberg...



Ladies & Gentlemen, our # 9 Gazer...

John Lennon.

Yahoo images.

John Lennon

Thank you Aviv Ben Israel for sharing on YT.

Thank You imaginers John & Yoko and all the imaginers, humanity as one.

More John here:

Wikipedia on John...

Alright, although there is a line that we can't see the end of from our perch here in the situation room.

We asked and he accepted this # 10 spot, The birthday boy himself. Give us your best gaze dear Bro George...

George Harrison.

Google images.

George Harrison

Thank you Marco Pulgar for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr George Harrison & Friends i.e. Everyone... )

Yahoo images.

Brothers Forever.

More George here:

Wikipedia on George...


Same day


9:16 p.m.

Ok, back from our nap, looked at the clock it was 9:11 p.m. We'd gone to bed contemplating who the #11 gazer should be, us even?

We will be on here soon as we were on the main page but this 11 spot is definitely a pivotal position as 11 is a doorway number. You get

past 11 you are in. Sorry, folks but we are into serious stuff here and there's no turning back.

So, we did have a flash the other day of these 2 guys, Jimi knows they go here and so here: Ladies & Gentlemen holding down the #11 gazers

spot is, none other than Jim Morrison & Ray Manzarek of Doors fame. p's gone to get their approved by them, via the pendulum, gaze pictures.

Mr Jim Morrison Mr Ray Manzarek

both Yahoo images.

Jim Morrison. Ray Manzarek.

Thank you Manu Ramone for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Doors.

Fin: 10: 11 p.m.

More Doors here:

Wikipedia on Jim Morrison...

Wikipedia on Ray Manzarek

Wikipedia on The Doors.



Commencing at:

12:42 a.m.

Joe Friday clocking in with the next gazing suspect. )

Yep, this guy, Erik is his name and he's pretty hot stuff, if he says so, and he does. ha ha.

He's got his own page at this, His starsite. Url will be shared below but for right now, let's get

down to business, cuz Erik says this shit on earth needs to change. The world needs love, and then

the world needs love and last but not least this world needs love. Thank God, he says, 'the lover of the world ' is on the case.

Here's Erik approved heavenly gaze. with the soundtrack Erik picked from deep in our cassette collection a few days ago when this was all a thought, but a very strong thought possibility. p declared, invoked with Erik that the perfect, infinitely perfect, music would be on the tape.for his soundtrack. Picked it, making sure it was one of our homemade productions.and not going to morph into a Neil Young tape, lol that story is at Erik's page to check out. Ok so here we go, Erik's gaze and his desired perfect soundtrack. Just now verified, again.


Yahoo images.


Thank You Erik on behalf of all you help, i.e. Everyone. You fill this #12 spot from Aries to Pisces soo well. Keep it up Bro. )

Thank you djclay33 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Jackson Browne & Company.

God bless you beloved master for being you and for sharing His songs.

Want to be an official gazer, Jackson? Just ask. Ty... )

Here's Erik's hangout place, everyone invited, right Erik? Shit Yeah!!! and fuck too! lol (there's no changing the boy, we tried, lol)

Channeling Erik website...


6:44 a.m.

Erik on gazing: "this shit works." )



We've only just begun, indeed, when we have eternity. It was over 3 years ago and this song, though another video, was our header for a couple of years when this 'Mr Toad's Wild Ride" started with one of this, His, site's most beloved angels and Her amazing group with Brother Richard & Company. Here's to beginnings, once again. 'Here's looking at you, sweetheart.' )

Note: 3/16/16 Karen's previous picture disappeared. Looks like she's gone 'Currier & Ives' on us. Good for you, sweetheart. Thank You Karen, meet you anywhere, anyplace & any moment. Cheers, )

Ms Karen Carpenter.

Yahoo images.

Ms Karen Carpenter



1:11 a.m.

Ahem, paul's new girlfriend, one of them. On his one knee she said "Yes" w the pendulum going 'crazy!'. Indeed. )

One of Heaven's brightest stars. Thanks for being here and doing what you came here to do, dear Karen. Everyone loves you. )

Thank you Chincorp HD : Entertainment for sharing on YT.

Thank You Carpenters We all appreciate You, love, humanity..

More Karen here:

Karen on Wikipedia...

The Carpenters on Wikipedia...




Thank you CarpentersVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Karen & Richard & The Carpenters. We All love You. )

Next up, as we insist & by popular demand, Mr James Marshall Hendrix, Jimi to his friends. ~ Everyone.

Now, with Jimi at the gazer's front gate and countless would be gazers in queue, it's Your turn, Bro.

Mr Jimi Hendrix

Yahoo images.

Mr Jimi Hendrix



Just announcing, on Jimi's request, what his earth/cosmic name is, now: God ~ given Law of Attraction name '25 Eagles'

Awesome Jimi. It's a Christ #. Adds up to 7. Jimi soars high but not for him (lower case for hs humbleness)

Jimi does it for others, everyone, blows minds for a living. e.g. Woodstock & Monterey. Soar ever higher, our dear friend and you're doing a marvelous job as 'gatekeeper' of the gazers. Jimi is thrilled that the next Eagle to be named is his 'tremendous,' (that's the only word that comes close,) friend, Mr Christopher Squire is next to get his name. Btw, folks, the more you gaze here with these cosmic superstars, the more cosmic energy will rain down on you.

One more thing. The spirits on the other side are all fully aware and have taken a number if they want to be gazers. There's a lot. Now, if you are still with us on this side of the ever thinning veil, and you want to be a gazer and help people as only You can, then contact p.or his assistant. btw, are You, p's assistant. Let p know. The man really does need help. The pay sucks (in fact there is no pay in a cashless society,) but the rewards of working for & with Him, are out of this world, indeed. Rec & fin.

10: 35 p.m.

Thank you JimiHendrixVEVO forsharng on YT.

Thank You Jimi Hendriix Experience.

You did what you came here to do, Jimi, We All Salute & Thank You, love, everyone. )

More Jimi here:

With a shout out to Dr Peebles....'The life & times of Jimi Hendrix,' on Wikipedia.



Welcome to this beauteous, wondrous, glorious loving day in the neighborhood fellow rockers in the free world. Jimi brings

one of his closest friends to the party, now and this lady says just get to the music, and so we shall.

Please welcome: Ms Janis Joplin

Thank you Margarita Q for sharing on YT.

Janis Rockin' Woodstock.1969 Loved by Everyone for her love & compassion & oh yes,

her amazing music. )

Ms Janis Joplin

Google images

Ms Janis Joplin

Why yes, we all do need a hug, don't we guys? Thank you Janis....( )

Google images.

Thank you Janis Joplin from your fans ~ Everyone. )

More Janis here:

Janis on Wikipedia...

Same day

10:18 a.m.

Fresh out of the shower a little while ago, no music playing we declared that the p e r f e c t music would play, picking the exact cassette to deliver this

behind the back picking it. Who's singing? Our next gazer singing as only he can 'A Man I'll Never Be.' which we dedicate to the man at the top of this page,

the humble carpenter from Nazareth who changed and changes: Ahem: E v e r y t h i n g. Can we fly, Jesus? Run w Jesus & God & we can do Anything... _-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ There's a song 4 Jesus just below, we can use that 2 Fly, Indeed. )

Ladies and Gentlemen, You are invited to gaze on everyone's dear friend and one of the nicest guys we all could ever meet, as p did back in the day when p & Nanci went to a friend's apartment on Commonwealth Av in Boston's Allston section for a little afternoon gathering.. Brad & a friend walked in. Nice, quiet time with joints going around, this b4 his 'Boston' fame. W/o further ado: w Brad's approved picture. Gotta love the Beatles in pic in background, nice penguin too. )

Mr Brad Delp

Yahoo immages..

Mr Brad Delp.

Thank you BostonVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Brad ~ Boston Everyone loves you guys... )

Thank you mintypeted for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beatlejuice

More Boston all over this, His, site. )

Jimi who's that guy next to you with that enormous cheshire cat smile on his face? Ha, yeah, we know, passed over not that long ago and a tremendous friend of yours, my dear friend. Everyone, Please, a re-sounding welcome and get ready to turn it up as we welcome to His 'gaze party'

Mr Christopher Squire

Yahoo images.

First image our eyes fell upon, told you folks, cheshire cat all the way. )

Mr Christopher Squire

We apologize for the bad editing here, we did get sidetracked. Chris's songs w YES are below. Sorry Chris, appreciate Your keeping smiling. )

While putting together Jimi Hendrix's new, earth/ cosmic name this guy was chomping at the bit and letting p know he wanted to be next, and p concurs. Best buddies should be next to their buddies, if at all possible. So Chris, as you already know, you're God ~ given Law of Attraction name is: 26 Bears. OOH boy, you know what peeps? This came out of our fingers while we were thinking Eagles. Omg, Chris, my dear friend, the universe just dubbed you 26 Bears. I'm not led to change it, for God knows, we k n o w how He works. Look at it this way. Elvis is 3 Bears forever. Yes, we are all Eagles but it would get boring if everyone just took a number and it was xyz # Eagle. You have broken the mold, my dear friend, you have 'broken all the rules' Ashtar laughs as does p. We have this out of this world sense of humor, don't we guys? Btw, have you ever experienced, humanity, that the way to really win another person over is to be able to make them laugh?

This is even mentioned in one of the greatest songs in the history of Rock & roll: Suite Judy Blue Eyes , written by Stephen Stills for Judy Collins & recorded by Crosby, Stills & Nash. p has proven this himself, when he met Nanci, his ex, in Florida in '69. We hit it off with our shared sense of humor. Neil even wrote a song for p's situation then. And then he met the old laughing lady. p sheds tears when he listens to that song, while to this day Nanci says, 'oh he's so depressing.' lol

Someone posted somewhere the other day, he had the exact same thing going on with his girlfriend about Jackson Browne. p replied that some people just don't get 'deep.' Give us deep any day, as we are all going off the deep end. That's what Loverboy says in that amazing song 'Everyone's.working for the weekend.' Here, let us share it as a 2nd song to gaze with Chris. Any rocker has to love this song & video. Chris concurs w the pendulum swinging for the fences, so to speak. LLLLLLLLLLLLlOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. We're cryng, some of us we're laughing so hard. OMG. ) Ok. later mates. )



Announcing this song, masterfully performed by the master musicians that make up YES, termed 'Roundabout' is now, hereby

assigned as the "Official" song for the "Summer of Infinite, Divine, Perfect Love" Now & forever. And So It Is Now & forever, In Jesus Name.

as the album playing now in the background serves as is recognized for its service, now as the wind in our sails as we type this.

Indeed the offering is just below Roundabout& this perfect album is

Frontiers, by Journey. ~ Indeed, "we all need new frontiers;" NOW. Those words sung in perfect synchronicity, as we typed it, just for the record. As another thing to share. is ~ at the beginning of this paragraph, that word F'rontiers' placed itself there, as noted. see, it's so true this is His 'work' and we, p, just push the buttons, which is our joy & passion to do, as Rubicorn plays,.. Indeed "Opportunity is yours", $* "You are hilarious, God." lol ) all of us, fellow spirits. Forget the money rat race, it's over, folks..

So, shall we all follow God & His perfect, infinitely perfect plan for us ? or still go through the motions of day by day, same old, same old.

'sacrifcing our God given life for a paycheck. Our particular path is laid out with code, we read like a children's book, it's so easy, we, are the dream, as these words are playing now. p reads license plates as code, and ok His goodness, did we see a ton of awesome plates yesterday. One after the other, amazing, After so many we started writing some down, Here's a few:

VG1 ~ P75 ~ 844 ~ 133 ~ 77MM, and the last & greatest one ~ 227. Now this last one was noted just a moment before we were at a red light looking at the light and quickly grabbed the camera and as soon as we got the thing ready we snapped this just as the light turned green. This is much better than the rat we and Carol saw in the sky the other morning.

Seriously, it had a tail, a full rat body, eyes in the head. No, we did not take a picture, we don't like to capture rats, they belong in nature, like all the other creatures in God's free zoo. So, as 'Bluebird' (unknown blues artist) plays on the boombox on one of our cassettes, here, we share a God approved message for the whole human race. And p for His 'One for All, All for One tight knit, rockin' eternally as one, team ~ Now, The Sons & Daughters ~ Daughters & Sons of Infinity, as Led Zep just finished 'Ramble On' & now 'Carry On' by CSNY plays. Carry on~ "Love is coming to us all", in perfect synchronicity. we could never make this up, folks. God & only God could orchestrate all this.

As now Neil Young lays down 'Southern Man.' Btw, did you see where we were talking of Mom's hit parade ~ starting with Cat Stevens/ Yusuf? Real quick cuz, of course Mom is here and we just lay down the truth when & where we are, so here's Mom's list up to 12. Probably, just thinking after that She will just say Everyone, am i correct, mumsy wumsy? YES, paul, of course you are correct. We have the same dirty mind, indeed.. As now Pink Floyd comes on w 'Breathe." yes, we did pick this tape out of one of the masterpiece boxes. Yeah, at last the work is done.

What's playing on the magic boombox now paul? Well, 'For What Its Worth' by Buffalo Springfield just played and now Boston ~ 'Peace of Mind' is rocking

Yeah, don't anyone deprive yerself of Brad Delp's gaze on this page, guys.not to mention Mom's with the new 'gaze' picture taken from Mom's high school yearbook with the caption...

P pc..

"As unassuming as the day is short" * long" lol Mr. unassuming, "as unassuming as the day is short."

So Mom & Paul agree, the day is short, indeed. )

Journey tell us in song what we have here. Yes, indeed, w the Rubicon ~ opportunity 22, ours for the taking, right Jesus? YES> * as The Doobiie Brothers just gor penciled in as the # 30 artists to be listed for a celebratory spot.

Ok, where were we? Oh, yes, the picture we took is, as Bad Company's 'I Feel like Making Love' ~ 'Like Making Love' * is now & forever playing, Indeed. ) ( ) dirty, filthy smile, ) just between us, lovers) shhh, don't tell anyone our secrets. OH darn it, one of Mom's top 12 has let the 'cat' out of the bag. )

p, plz tell yesterday's top, which is really hard to do, synchronicity story, though we are told there were so many , right, paul? Yes, Indeed, Lucky, my dear friend. Ok, will do however let's finish Mom's top 12 so we know the score that way. Btw, for you scoring at home, and we hope you are, wiith* someone(s) you love. hhere * we's go...

Update edit here.

Mom's top 12 was finished at His # 7, and the rest is History, read on to see what came out however, first our story of yesterday's synchronicity of note. Ok, we arrive at Carol's work with a song playing on the radio. The song? Yes, indeed, the song... Ahem: Al Stewart's 'You're On My Mind Like The Song On The Radio." Ha Ha , game over, folks, this, like p has said, IT'S the way we communicate, Like Jim Croce sang / sings. we say it with a song for best results esp when words get in the way, right Aerosmith and others? Let the gentle breeze or Rocky Mountain way tell 'the story' about what's in our hearts. That the God that lives in each & every one of us is alive in our rock & roll hearts.

Insert: Now.


As we're going over this sharing, guess what song is playing in the background on one of our cassettes? You guessed it ~ Jim Croce. I love you in a song, yeah, that one, as Fleetwood Mac now sing 'Second hand blues.' then tape stops. However Our/His~Her music will go on forever

Btw, w this, be sure to check out Jim C's section below. 'Photographs & Memories' is one of the top most beautiful songs ever recorded and note how long it is. We don't need a 4 or 5 or a 11 minute song, guys do we, Beloved Masters? In fact just the opening notes of a song that we love can give us an eargasm, knowing what we're in for. Do you have an example of that, Mr Brown?

Sure, my dear friend, just go to the next song here. Do you like/love it? How does it make you feel? (Nod to Zorra.) Ok, so there you go, a song about flying channeled from God, like all songs, thru the Humans He created to be 'Creator Companion Gods' to Him. So, that's the story, in a nutshell, Daisy & Sonny.

What's that Sweetie? You wanna go on a date w us, for real? Yes. Ok, we see you are sincere, loving & kind. So, this can & will be arranged. In The eternal now, officially starting in September, 2016 we can do anything, ok? Indeed.

We'll go for a walk on some golden/ turquoise beach & sing songs to each other, and we'll fly away to ever ever land where God has a place waiting just for us.

If we have that soul mate energy between us. Of course Dakota, Dakarra's 'Nickname''- one of them, will be w us as She never leaves our side, oh and Jaws & Tinker, P's pets forever are always around, not to mention Your Twin Flame & your pets if want to come along. (they Always want to be w us.) Heck, Jaws & Tinker slept w us every night, remember Nanci? Yeah, along w Your pets. Yep. )

So, (Nod to Peter Gabriel) this is how it's gonna be, our dear friends w the God of Love, Adventure, Sex, i.e. Loving Sex, infinitely beautiful makeovers for all His Gods & Goddesses & oh Yes, Rock & Roll. Paul, you gotta give us a song here, you're killing us man. Ok, Lucky, however the song is hanging out here... So rather than post it here, we'll just give you guys a link & say 'there it is' i.e. the first or second or 3rd or whatever song that 'Floats your particular boat. So, here this humble instrument, Mr Brown, will put up the link & there you go. Nowever,* Y'all come back, now, hear? Awesome. We have a date to meet back here. )

Here's the link. Which one is it Mom, Dakota, God? This one, ~ here we go... )

Rec & fin


12:44 p.m.

Returning, now, to previous thread...

Alright, here's Mom's runway of stars to the stars... "w 8 <3 'Now' & 4 ever ~ 'IJN' YES. ) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

#1. Cat Stevens / Yusuf ~ shared w Jim Croce, since they were both mentioned by Dr Peebles in The Mr Toads Wild Ride reading #2 Al Stewart, forever the 'year of the cat' guy. ) #3 Elton John / Reginald Dwight is alright. #4 Jackson Browne ~ thanks for writing His songs, Bro. #5 Gordon Lightfoot, One of the prides & joys of the 'great white north. ~ Canada.' # 6 Neil Diamond ~ how, dear beloved masters / friends of God co ~ creators of ALL THAT IS, IJN, INDEED ~ YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS> do you get a name like Neil Diamond? Yes, indeed. Yes, Indeed. And now moving right along, who's this guy? Where the heaven did he come from?

Oh, oh, Yes, #7 Neil Young, the unforseen danger, keeper of the keys to the locks, he was writing about himself. if truth be told, and on this / His site we only speak the truth. It's so much more 'interesting' than making something up, don't you agree fellow 'keepers of the locks'? Yes, Indeed. ) Some say He came from the future, as we don't know "time ~~~, however what happened was he came upon a stranger one day and of all the possible outcomes of that 'chance' encounter he discovered that he wasn't the only only * one that had a set of keys to the big ol mansion in the sky. In fact, p discovered in a dream that this guy, from the great white north; had a mansion just down the 'street' from p. It was a perfect place ~ awesome, just perfect for Neil.

Then p moseyed along up to his place & omg, it was like, say, if and this is what was "FED" to us in the dream It's like if you get a bonus 'light' added to yer house, home, "Upstairs." ~ every time you do a 'Good Deed" So, it's like Neil's house was All Lit Up. It Was / Is truly magnificent, in fact dear ones, there was no other mansion that came close, otherwise, it would have shown up in this particular corner of heaven. So, paul sees 'His house" come into view and OMG, X 22 skidoo, p''s House. There's only one word, folks & it's awesome. Awe ~some more more. Omg, folks, He says,, in our ear, ~ turn on the radio, ~ better yet, son take from Your home made music that we made "together" and let's just "see" i.e. - more correctly "Hear" what the song is.

So, at this particular moment in our culmination moment of all the moments in our evolution, laid out linear, here, our dear friends, at this moment, it's 'Now" moment to get up from the computer, as here now we go & His Will willing we will pick out the perfect, infinitely perfect, beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving & kind song for this sharing / showing the God given "power" that we all have inside us to create our perfect life / existence, Yes, as we would we all LOVE to have

it manifest in our lives. And So It Is, Now. Indeed, In Jesus Name.... YES.

Ok, the simple, humble fella, who grew up in beautiful Milton, 'Match- ah -ahh- ahh Chew---setts!!!!!!! Whoa ) GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!! Thank You Dr Peebles, on Be whole & half of Every ~ one. Thank You Kind Sir. from the <3

Alright, now, back to business, no more dilly dallying. The clock says the 'moment is...9:22 a.m.* we will now proceed to the boxes of 'masterpice' cassettes & blindly pick one out and we will 'see' what happens. we are now 'saving' this dispatch and will return in a few secs with the song. Talk among yerselves til we get back, we also have to pee. ) Now saving. )

Alright, guys, we're back. Here's what happened. we, first, went to 2 masterpiece shoe-boxes of cassettes and, using our right hand we picked out the perfect cassette as we declared that it would be. Ok, we have the cassette in hand. Then, we figured it would be nice to light 2 incense sticks since we have 2 incense trays. So we lit 2 incense sticks, lit a lg pink candle for llovers* only. then we lit a small purple candle that we had to re- light as it went out.

Alright, guys,here's what's happening. Above ~ where it says 9:22 a.m. It should have said 9:22 p.m.. we completely lose track of 'time' as our sleep schedule is 'sleep when it comes' ) otherwise, we are doing His work as Spirit guides & directs.

--- the editing process continues, here, guys. ok, so we put the chosen ~ by Him, cassette in. the tape is a little more tha half way thru. So, we put it in w the side that had the most tape left. paul you're killing us, dude what's the song? ok, we hear ya, ) first, we must share the facts as they are, lucky & sonny & u2 Daisy & lily..daisy.oh, u2 as well, lily.

alright* the song is, dear ones. As we listen to Alice Cooper on ZLX playing awesome songs. Alice, a few minutes ago made an awesome statement re the heroin epidemic. hhe* said basically, that heroin is for people who don't want to stick around. Everyone ioho, should listen to the words of wisdom our dear experienced friend, Alice (though he & p have not physically met yet) Alice... lunch? ) Come to Boston, my dear friend. This town is where it's happening, folks.

'The hub' ~ it is termed. for good reason, dear friends ) Ok, your patience, all is duly noted and appreciated, as Dog eat dog is playing now. & now Pink Floyd, 'Run' ok - so without further delay we're off to 'You Tube' & we'll be right back with the song picked by God for this perfect, infinitely perfect, moment in our collective experience. Hold on..& 'thanks.'. )

Hello, hooray, this song says our tight knit team has won, can you believe it? So, how bitter is a creek when you "own" it. Indeed, folks He 'Owns" the planet the creek resides in, not to mention the galaxy that this 'plan-iit' 'plant i' planet resides in, and guess what? what paul? "thanks lucky," it goes on waaay past that. 'infinity' is the term. ) In our dreams He can take us anywhere we want to go. as Molly Hatchet plays 'Flirting w disaster' rocks in the background. )

Bro Glenn, Strike up that brooding 'Victory song,' we're talking about,ok Bro? Thanks, Bro. <3

Thank you Eagles ~ Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles. Fly On ~ ~ ~

Rec & fin


11: 47 p.m.

we now return ya's to previous edit. Carry on & Thank Ya's )

p.s. song on now at nights w Alice Cooper

stranglehold by Ted Nugent. God has no stranglehold on us, folks. This awesome song delivers good news. )

we will wait now to see what the next song coming in on 'the wind' is and then go about our business Thanks in advance.

Perfect, beloveds united as one, It's The Allman Brothers ~ 'One Way Out' )

Indeed, Rockers of Infinity ~ only God can 'make this stuff up' )

paul, can you just leave us with a link to go from here, at this moment? as Ozzy comes on w Black Sabbath singing 'Iron Man.' just asking, Bro. )

Sure, brother, no prob. Where would we send you but J Geils plays 'Give it to me' in background on ZLX.

Yeah Mom, here it is, ~ just the way you & He want it...

Mom's music portal...

#8 Everyone's Music inc yours, yeah, you reading this. we know you can sing, even if you don't have the ability to talk at this time, we can always sing in our hearts. Down below paul will share one of Graham Nash's masterpieces with the words to take flight with, dear ones. Indeed the great auditorium of the great central sun, if we can picture that in our minds, is starting to fill up with spirits who can't wait for our group to come marching in, as one, p holding out to be last, just after Jesus & Mary & Mom & Dad & Company. That's what the word on the street is buzzing about at this particular moment.

And Now, ladies & gentlemen, the green light from God & He says "Welcome to eternity, not to mention ~ Infinity. ) ( ) A smile, a hug & a song. A song You want from all of us Father? One song that says it all? Oh, gosh, alright Father of the 4 winds, we will give it right back to You, live & with feeling, just a moment while we 'show ya's this cloud that we never ever have to get off. we will always have the green light to do whatever it is we want, and all we have to do, dear friends of the infinite, just be G R A T E F U L, NNow* & Forever, Indeed. And So It Is, Now, IJN. "YES" )




Ok, gals & guys, as promised, w the green light from God, in front of us, hear* now, as promised... Please, 'give it up' for Graham Nash,; who's cosmic, ''house" ~ word is ~ looks like a Christmas Tree, or is it really just a tree and we can't even see the mansion behind the 'lit up' 'shrubbery' for all the lights in the mere landscape. Indeed, your neighborhood, Graham Nash is simply 'You." perfect. )

one of the brightest one could find. Yes, Indeed. Bro. So what song you gonna sing for us Brother Graham? 'I Used To Be A King'. Awesome, this is one of our & His favourites... Take us away ~ ~ ~ dear brother... )

Thank you jibizi for sharing on YT.

Graham Nash. Thank You Mr Graham Nash.



A few words from Journey. Separate Ways, it's ok. )

Thank you JourneyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey. Nice Rock & Roll 'Gaze,' Guys. )

Turn this up, folks...

Thank you yesofficial for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yes, Yes, Everyone loves you guys. )

Yes, He IS here with us, folks, this song doesn't lie. )

Ok, from above conversation, let's keep it turned up for Chris' gaze with this awesomeness.

Thank you Loverboy VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Loverboy ~ Rockin' us off the 'deep end' to the 22nd dimension. Hope everyone

has a boat or knows how to swim..or better yet has a friend who has a starship in his back yard.. )

Rec & fin.


11:38 p.m.

Note: p got so engrossed in the beginning of this, forgot all about Chris. lol To use as gaze the music starts at 2:24

How much do these guys love each other? OMG Rock on forever Loverboy, Everyone Loves you guys...) "YES" "Indeed."



9: 11 a.m.

Thank you Theo Chron for sharing on YT.

Who wants to Say "YES" to Heaven on Earth? Thank You Yes, oh Yes, Yes, Yes

ok who says 'no,' anyone? nope. Alright the Yes' have it everyone put on Lionel Ritchies All Night Long. Here, p will go get it for ya's. Be right back _ His Will

willing w the naughty version... )

Thank you mmeddia PG for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Lionel Richie & Company of One. Yep, we're all in Company one. On second thought,

make that 7 Company 7, God's got our number, folks, you guys feeling lucky? Who wants a girlfriend

or a boyfriend? Like he has a home and pets & infinite love for His kids, he wants us to be satisfied.

So, He asks, what would satisfy you, for instance, yeah you, the dude or dudette reading this. Meditate

on it and decide. We can have it all or very little. If you're living in a box and it suits you fine, then, good 4 u.

Hey Lionel Richie, since,you're here, Bro, you wanna be a 'gazer?'

Our pendulum lost it's chain, we gonna get a silver one, so used a lapus lazuli crystal with siilver chain and there was

a 3 inch arc in the positive. God wouldn't take 'no' for an answer anyway Bro, so you're 'Good.' ) Here's gaze pic He picked.

p now goes to Yahoo images....

Any non believers out there think p is faking it about going to Yahoo, well look here. Pictures don't lie. )

Ok here's a perfect Lionel picture to 'gaze' to. Welcome to Lionel's world. And we Must say what a beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving world it is.

However, dear ones, our great friend "L" is not alone. All these 'gazers' on this page and pages to come and all of us have the same God given home w this same description, right Zorra? Indeed. ~ Exactly ~ Indeed.. ) P had a wondrous 'gaze' this morning when he looked in the bathroom mirror for over 22 seconds. It doesn't take long to get zapped as, remember, p got 'it' after @ 7 seconds w Ms Ann Albers. We just can't 'resist' ( talk about an interesting word, as in the 'resistance') calling her "Queen of the angels." (our capital Q for Ann, lower case for the angels, they are forever modest, humble & not looking for any accolades or attention. They are the definition of 'Magnificence." Indeed. they know it, God knows it & we doves, ...

Hey beloveds, guess what? We've All been given a raise! Can you believe it?!!!. dove breaths! Hey, mr p, messenger of Him, I'll believe it when there's a group out there that will have the unmitigated audacity to call themselves, no, not 'garbage,' no, not 'the maggot squirrels' or, nod to 'The Cowboy Junkies,' or "The Fucking Assholes", but 'Worm Oroboros.' really guys? Wow, ok, if you say so. ) They are really quite good..

Note: Ok, proofreading and just about ready to hit 'save' and get this in front of The cosmos' as spirit's are, or should be, interested in what He has to share with His world. Yeah, He comes thru the humble instrument, simply unknown as p. However, when a few people start sharing this & it finally gets 'out there' the world could be a Currier & Ives place. That's His plan 'A' my dear friends. p wants to retire and live in Currier & Ives heaven. As makes the changeover..

One other thing, the 'Fucking Assholes, obviously was a made up group, meant to be a joke. Now, real fucking assholes are flocking and begging Him to be in that group. Finally, a place they belong & can fit right in. No, not being in His vocabulary except like, no, don't jump off that cliff, not a good idea. Hey, Graham, we understand you may have a candidate - nominee for that group? Actually p himself allows that he could at times in the rocky road past, he too could be in that group as a tambourine player, since p does not play an instrument. And now he's getting that just about everyone on this planet, at one time or another played a role in that group. Yeah, when we weren't kind to someone, or could have befriended someone who was being bullied in school, or screwed someone over for our own selfish reasons, or turned someone down for something that would have made their day. So, yes, maybe Mother Teresa was never in that group but most, if not all, of the rest of us have. It's like that 'he who has not sinned, cast the first stone.' thing., Indeed.

Hmm, that would make an interesting song if someone wrote it one day. All moments collapse into one moment, they say and if that is true, can't one look at our future and come back w certain information? Why, of course my dear friends, it's simple. Who wants to go on a journey to nowhere and find out something germain to us, find out or see how it all worked out & come back and then work toward that goal? This, it is being revealed to you, dear friends, is exactly how all this Earth Party Now stuff is all coming down and manifesting as HE, The Big Guy Upstairs imagined it. We are indeed, He says fortunate that there is a humble servant, that has the vision bestowed on him with the responsibility, the kindness, the love and yes, the balls to carry it out to whatever specification that comes down at any given moment. p loves his God given job & Thank You Father 4 trusting this, humble, little smiling 'pup' w it. Of, course we don't work alone, far from it. p makes it known he works w every person who comes into his life, as do we all. It's just how the good ship is made to sail. Indeed.

And as we wind on down the road of this particular trans-mission, all we will re-iterate is that, as the bible says somewhere. we are not chapter & verse,,, Know ye not, ye are as Gods'. Indeed, that's how He created us, folks. All Star beings, created to be companions to Him, The One. That will do it for now, beloveds. Go in the peace & love of the Ultimate humble master. i.e. Jesus. Follow Him but don't worship Him. p & Jesus we Worship & Thank God ~ All That Is & All That Isn't. We lead by example, follow us and we'll take you there. As paul turns the cassette created on 7/28/02 over and The Who play WWon't (sic too right to edit) Get Fooled Again"

The cassette is named Ahem, AHEm "With God on Our Side." You just can't make this stuff up, right, Theresa?

The 'Long Isand Medium,' herself. p's favourite show. ) Whisper out 2 U dear & your lovely & talented fam. ) If there's a guy who looks like an angel, Larry it's U, Sir. p doesn't want to embarass you. Oh, and look forward 2 a joyous reunion w Petey p looks 4~ ward to the same w Jaws & Tinker. ) See Theresa here at Mary's place:

Yahoo images.

Theresa Caputo.

'You can't make this stuff up, folks.' )

Theresa, of course U R welcome 2 b an official 'gazer' Right now there's 11 in the queue. Ok, guys, got things to do, people to see, like the baby etc. Y'all have a nice day and ya's can take all this to "The Emperor" as Mr Neil Young Plays 'Emperor of Wyoming' in the background and now 'the Loner.'

Neil, obviously, Dude, we'd love to have you be a 'gazer' contact us . It's more fun if we connect, personnaly before just adding you but it depends on circumstances. God, Himself is directing this ship as right now, who comes on but SCORPIONS, singing 'Still Loving You. } Carry on guys. Love ya's p for HE. )

*** proofreading/editing to next song "Rock u like a hurricane. Love to invite you guys, SCORPIONS to Gillette but that dream went nowhere. (Just moved upstairs where there's no traffic.) Next song: 'Light Years of Love' by a little group from New York City that p has experienced @ 5 times. 3 in So Florida and twice in Plymouth, Ma w Carol. She loves them too.btw. who doesn't, anyone God? ) no boss. ) awww, red face p. lol. OOH, OOH and now BOC's 'Take Me Away."

Guys, some of these songs are on this site but we rec going to youtube,com and feedng yerself some of that good ol' Rock & rolll, feed your soul and thank God He brought us Jesus & rock and roll. Now, what's next? 'The Guess Who'... 'No Time' Indeed. This tape ,obviously, will go into one of our boxes, termed 'masterpieces' all made by Him, Father/Mother God of our being. IJN. And So It Is, Now, Indeed.


We'll let you know what ends this as it's getting close. And here my dear friends for your musical pleasure, are 'The Moody Blues' ~ 'Gemini Dream,' and taking us home 'Blue World' Hope this musical voyage puts some wind in your sails, folks. See you after midnight, if not B4. )

Mark the time p, since we forgot before about 15 minutes ago. The below was all done B4 the above. He says, hey guys, here's your 15 minutes of time out. )

Rec & fin. 3/10/16

Now, this moment

2:15 p.m.

Alright, w/o further transmissions, here's

Mr Lionel Richie

Yahoo images.

Mr Lionel Richie.

Thank you Dj Gerry - 100 plus SPECIAL Videos for shharing on YT.

Thank You Lionel Richie & Company. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

hank you bofbit for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Commodores. Hey guys, can we all sail away on your music of freedom & love, not to mention glory to Him? Awesome, Thank You, Bro's ) ) ~ ~ ~



Yes, indeed, ladies & gents Jimi & p are dead serious, not fooling around at all to rock this planet to its core. Recognized by most rock aficionados

as one of the most powerful drummers in all Rock. Obviously, we concur. So let's gaze while we listen to some of his best work, please let's hear it for

Mr John Bonham.

Yahoo images.

Mr John Bonham. "Bonzo" to his friends i.e. Everyone. )

Thank you tokairock for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin

Our next gazers are going up now because they know how to rock and, indeed they are of the female persuasion.

Some refer to them as the female Led Zeppelin. We know they love Zeppelin so we would concur.

Ms Ann & Nancy Wilson.

Yahoo images.

Ms Ann & Nancy Wilson.

Thank you Classic Hits for sharing on YT.

Thank You Heart.



Good morning all & what a morning it's been already. To see what's happened and what is

about to go down here you may want to take a quick trip to His blog page and entry for today, so far:

Ok folks, thanks so much for being here at this moment, your perfect moment for being here. since time (rip time) immemorial, You've had an appointment here, since His plan, His infinitely perfect divinely decreed plan is playing out in the illusion He created. We have a world renowned hero gazer 2nd in the wings. We all know or can take a wild guess who it is, but first we are now introducing all, each & every one of us spirits in and out of the material world to our 'riverman to the other side.' (lower case 'r' for his humility) as he has volunteered his services Free! That's a joke, friends. lol

We, for our collective 'one' can't wait to fall under his spell. Be ready to travel a long, a v e r y long way with this gaze, beloved master all. You could not be in better hands at this juncture.

As the great Commander, Jesus said: "What I can do ~ you can do." Let this now be proven beyond any doubt whatsoever, we now bring on our beloved brother who shares his 'musical boat' gifts with us. If you don't feel this in your soul then you definitely need a rock & roll Dr, and just think it He provides. And so it is, now.

Mr Nick Drake.

Yahoo images.

Mr Nick Drake

Thank you 5CinqSaisons for shariing on YT.

Thank You Nick Drake

Alright, everything is not for everyone but there is no heart created by God that can resist a beat. Hearts beat, right, dear ones?

Indeed, so if your mojo is stuck or needs a tune-up He now brings us The Official Rock & roll doctor forever, who s also a strong

influence on a, we hope, future gazer, we're asking right now...Mr Robert Plant A smile will give us your answer, sir. )

Mr Lowell George

Yahoo images.

Mr Lowell George.

Thank you WestLaGuy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Lowell George & Little Feat.


Same day


8:35 p.m.

Dear friends, joining our gathering of Eagle Commanders here. Let us all welcome, fresh from 'plant -it' Earth is our very dear friend in Christ. wiith

no fuss, no muss. & here is his; Here is his gaze: wait, Bonzo's got a drumroll: Awesome, Sir, Thank you. )

Mr David Bowie.

Yahoo images.

Mr David Bowie.

Does anyone else see a whole lotta David Bowie checking in in this 'cloud?'

P pic.

David makes music. Which side of the veil? Doesn't matter. Carry on David. )

Thank you GlastonburyOfficial for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr David Bowie & Band & Audience of Everyone, in appreciation... )

Here is link for another must see performance. Thanks to Hans Heim for sharing on YT and Awesome audience ~ All of us. )

Thank you, my dear friends, for watching and, if led, for sharing this, His, 'love in action' page, so far.



Yahoo images.

Erik ~ The Eternal Graduate...)

Just sharing: Hey guys, Have you seen our boy hero, Erik, at His gazers section? And heroes are piling up here: We're gonna be flyin' high with Eagles here tomorrow, His Will willing. Shout out to Elisa, You brought a Monster into this world, dear. A monster of l i g h t & love.

We spirits do everything with music and p just said to Erik; Dude, I'm turning the cassette over and the song playing will be for and about you & everyone. Here's the song & it's by these guys. Natural gazers Btw, they are, indeed. Yes.

Blue Oyster Cult.

Yahoo images.

Blue Oyster Cult



Insert Update:

Greetings Folks & welcome to history being made this Sturgeon Full moon night. Indeed, the following song is now, by popular demand, declared...

the 'Official' song for all us happy spirits on either side of the veil, represented on this ~His/our Earth Party Now site.. Cheers. )

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

More BOC here:

You can't make this stuff up folks. ) Btw the cassette is marked: 'Tip of iceberg music.. (made in 2008.)

(This sharing was done in the wee small hours this morning.) 2/26/16



7:22 a.m.

Happy Leap Day, And Good Morning fellow Eagles in the house on this wondrous, glorious & loving 'Brand New Day' for us all to have an amazingly awesome leAP iN Consciousness. Who among us is willing to let bygones be bygones and extend an olive branch to those we've had difficulties with, to make that call? This is the moment-ous day to do just that, dear ones.

The gazer to start the day is our dear, beloved friend Mr Glenn Frey of Eagles & solo career fame, not to mention his awesome work in Miami Vice. )

Our friend has a little business he wants sincerely to cleanup.

Before we get to that the channel p has something to interject at this juncture...

Indeed, folks, we are at high water mark in consciousness for the human race on thiis invented leap day so "Time" could be where it's supposed to be. Well, as Ashtar here agrees, time has (Ashtar LOVES This One!!) "Flown The Coop!" Is their anyone out there not smiling now? If not smiling go see the Rock & roll Dr immediately, seriously. )

Here's the deal, folks, everyone needs to get a clue where p is coming from. It is hereby Mandatory that to proceed in our collective ascension that (as El -ton John sings "Madman Across The Water" in background on a tape we just turned over and now Neil Young singing "The damage done," Speaking of 'damage' any damage can be fixed, esp at this moment and the moments to follow to infinity, and you can take that to the emperor. Funny, p thinks of Neil Young when he uses that expression. Ashtar just fell over. LOL So, as brother Neil sings of cchanges, (We'll leave that typo in in honor of David Bowie lets get on with this.

Here's p's 1993 reading with Ashtar thru the great channel Michael El Legion. All Eagles need to get "hep," as Ashtar says to this, indeed..

You wll also want to listen to other revelatory info at:

Ok, Glenn says: "I'm sorry, I was a fucking Asshole of the first degree to Mr Don Felder, (coming thru with great force) And to other people I fucked over I'm sorry sorry, guys (He's Very hard on himself, guys.) Glenn, guess what Bro, your feelings are so common it's not even funny my dear friend. In fact, you can move on to a higher place in heaven than where you are now any time you choose. Life reviews can be hard and some tend to dwell on would have, should haves but everyone has those to some degree, right Erik? "You said it, Boss." Thx erik.

Don Felder & others hurt by Glenn, and let's extend this to all beings hurt by other beings, and you know what, dear friends? In the Long Run, It is He, Almighty God Himself (using the male moniker but God is androgynous.) who ultimately takes full & complete responsibility for our 'assholeness' after all He gave one to everybody. Insert song here, not literally but think..."Nobody's fault but mine" by Led Zeppelin.

So, from God & on behalf of Glenn and everyone, and no one is left out, indeed. Here's the symbol of forgiveness, and far more than an olive branch, here a whole tree from His infinite orchard of forgiveness. (as 'When the levee breaks' plays (loudly) in the background. We will share this here for sure. )

Ok, Everyone's Olive tree of forgiveness & forgetness. It's ok, really it is, just let it go, there's so much more ahead and like the song, sung by one of our lovely angels, Karen, we've only just begun, literally. So, let's take that to heart, ok dear brothers & sisters? Awesome )

Yahoo images.

(Does anyone else see a/the heart of light coming thru the branches? Indeed. )

Thank you MrCitizen44 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

News Flash: WAR IS OVER. < Period.< Another Period.< Still Another.<<<<<<<777

Who will 2nd this?

Yahoo images.

Thank You John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Let's Please take this to heart, humanity. Deal?

This is a 'must see' version of this awesome song w a 'new guy' in Led Zeppelin. )

Thank you Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin, Neil Young & Company

Next up, some moment after 11 a.m. est, our next gazer, look up folks. )


11:22 a.m.

Ladies & Gentlemen, our beloved Eagle from infinite dimensions and helping guide us home, please welcome...

Mr Glenn Frey.

Yahoo images.

Glenn Frey. Man of the people...

Now.3/3/16 Update:

Glenn, our dear captain, aka now known in infinite dimensions as his God ~ given, down to earth, Law of Attraction name: '5 Eagles'

Congrats Glenn. Everyone loves you esp Don, yeah Don Felder. Glenn & Don F Best buddies / brothers forever. For real, folks. )

In fact, lets all have a beer at Cheers soon, ok? All The Eagles invited.

Excuse me p, ahh, isn't that e v e r y o n e? Indeed you are correct Eagle 1,

Alright,, we already know you as Eagle 1 however you were born to be. Mr Joe Walsh. aka as one of the funniest, and there's a ton of funny people in rock & roll, but you, sir, are right up there. e.g. Joe walks into a room and the smiles come out, right Mr Felder? Indeed, indeed ) ) . This

eagle 1 is also one of the most generous, kindest, loving peeps with a sense of humor that's out of this world. The word 'no' is not in his vocabulary & to top it all off,

this 'gunslinger' plays a pretty mean guitar. We believe the word is... Ferocious. )

Ok, so while we're hanging out here at Glenn's place, people want to know the other Eagles, names of the earth & cosmic variety. Who's next?

Taking the & 4 position is, ahem, from the lone star state who other than... Mr Don Henley '4 Eagles'

Congrats sir Don. 4 is a good # that easily transisions to fit any given situation. Indeed we are all '4' each other. )

Coming in at the #3 spot is one of the nicest people in life in general, forget about rock & roll. Mr Don Felder '3 Eagles'

Congrats sir Don. 3 being the trinity #. A 'knock it out of the park' # (You love that one, Ashtar & everyone ha ha ) as Don does to this day when he plays. )

Moving right along is there an Eagle2 paul? No my dear friend there is no 2 spot because as great as the #2 is, after all it is a love #, there's just something about

it, can't quite put our finger on it but, would you want to be #2 ? )

The good news is there is a #22 (the love #) Eagles position & it is now filled by Mr Timothy B Schmit ~ 22 Eagles

'I can't tell you why' my dear friend but what an honour to have you fill that God ~ given Law of Attraction name.

So, Randy Meisner, what is his name, paul. Randy is just dandy to have at the #23 'cosmic trigger' #, my dear friend.

From one sensitive soul to another, Randy, Congrats sir. '23 Eagles'

Now, last but not least, we announce & share that Mr Bernie Leadon, one of the original Eagles (the band)

is now the owner of his God `given Law of Attraction name: '24 Eagles'

24 hours in a day, as it were, on earth a rock solid steady #

So, guys, it's been awesome hanging out with you, here at Glenn's place. We must do this again, ok?. Have your people call my people and let's get it set up.

No, p is not going to L.A. or New York, y'all gotta come to Boston, the hub of the universe. The final destination of the Great Central Sun to bring His custom made

illusion for each and everyone of us home. Hear,(sic) we got a couple of songs here to invite you (scroll almost to bottom), as we communicate in song, Oh, and

Jesus 'owns' that page, so take to heart He invites ya's all there. Cheers. )

Namaste. )

Rec & fin on this extra sweet day... 3/3/16

1:01 p.m. ( As we excitedly anticipate the Angels of Infinity arriving en masse exactly at 2:01 p.m)

Est moment for it to be uploaded for all the world to see.. 2:22 p.m.

Richest blessings to all,

Your humble servant & biggest fan.

p. In perpetual service to 'The One.' )

Thank you sanidel rey for sharing this on YT.

Thank You Eagles of Infinity ~ All of Us )

Did you get your invitation? Here,

Thank you Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles

Thanks guys for creating soundtracks all us Eagles can fly high, as friend, Jackson Browne, sings 'Before The Deluge' playing in background on our/His

'To be continued VII' tape. & just now Journey's playing 'After the fall' Thank You Father for all the amazing moments that lie ahead for us. We ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

On behalf of ALL THAT IS,


p ~ His & Everyone's humble servant signing off for this incredible, amazing, beauteous wondrous, glorious, & loving day in His neighborhood as Faithfully by Journey now plays in background.

To be continued but not til after midnight. En-joy your day everyone

In His Love & Light,

p )

p.s. p, before you go, what's playing right now, this second? Led Zeppelin. 'Babe, I'm gonna leave you.'

p.p.s p has decided that he would like to share some of these incredible tapes but may have to figure out the technology first. )

p.p.p.s. Turning off the computer & heading for the shower with this song playing (while previous song is still playing. Indeed, we

will walk in the park every day my dear friends on whatever cosmic shore/ park you choose. It is written.

ok, next song just starting and lo & behold who is it but a future, we hope, gazer, we need to connect first, Ms Joan Baez singing with The Indigo Girls.

Here it is. Don't think twice, it's alright. Indeed. )

Thank you Caronte de la Estigia for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ms Joan Baez & Indigo Girls & Audience of All of us as One. Cheers. )

Jimi, will you confirm who today's gazer is, please Bro...

Jimi Hendrix: Today's gazer iis a fella named paul f brown, he's been spotted downtown on many occasions so he's earned the nickname

'Downtown' paul brown he's also been called 'the lover of the world' by a sabian astrologer who's name is long forgotten as that occurred in the seventies.

He 's the founder & chief bottle washer of Far Flung Productions Ltd founded in 1978 in 'Miracle City' Coral Gables, Fl and same as founder of

Sons & Daughters of Light Inc. 1990 in State of Florida, Mr p just yesterday authorized a subsidiary of Sons & Daughters of Light called

Spirits In Body & Spirit United.

Honorary Co Presidents of this organization are John Lennon & Yoko Ono. and this can be seen here:

We say all this because Mr p is totally unknown. He can't get arrested and has only been on TV once, when he was 7 rears old and was on the

Big Brother Bob Emery Show. p was chosen to pass out the cookies. We are here to again do that with cookies of information and good stuff that can

feed humanity, mostly in song. So, 'nuff said, here's just another puppy out on the sidewalks of life, just like all of us. Please accept his loving, kind, perfect,

infinitely perfect gaze and if we have a clue what He has in mind we will all find ourselves in a much higher, free dimension of pure light & love forever and thru all

infinity and this is 2nd ed by another simple man, another puppy (actually kind of a big dog, we trust.) So, now, sit back, stand or stretch out ~ relax and let this,

His gaze do it's thing for you, humanity. Thank you, each & every one, IJN. And So Let It Be, Now. TYJ. "YESSS" AND So It IS, NOW,IN JESUS NAME YES TYG. ~ ~ ~

Ok, All is well and can & will get only 'weller.' Y'all come back now, hear? Awesome. As 'Come Sail Away' by Styx plays in background on the BB. Be blessed. )


P pic


Is that a "W" on paul's shoulder? No, folks, that's Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, Justifyingly Celebrating Led Zep's takeover of the world. How do you get a name like Robert Plant? How do you get a name like yours? It's all God given, of course. like everything else. Can we all get on the same page re this? Awesome. )

Yahoo images.

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page.

Big "Shout out" to John Paul Jones & John Bonham & Jason Bonham. Led Zeppelin. Indeed. "YES>" )


No, Dear Ones, It was not pretty however 'we' as 'One' "Got The 'W'"

Cheers everyone (lower case for our humbleness, modesty, familiarity & oneness.) ALL Praise, Glory & Thanks-giving To GOD. HE~ SHE Did & Does It

ALL Indeed. "YES." )

P pic.

Some guy w Team Oneness' W behind him... )

If led, check this video that can go along w this...

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on Yt.

Thank You God who is completely responsible for this video creation. )

One Dream, One team, one w, everyone's 'w' pitches in for the one Big "W" for all of us. TY everyone. as Guns & Roses' ' Won't you please take me home' plays on ZLX in background

Addendum Independence Day ~ 7/4/16



2nd addendum as Alvin Lee's '10 Years After' plays 'Id Love to Change the World.' plays n background on 'the wind' ZLX.

('Big "W" 'for' all of us, from 'of' all of us.

we are one 'for' all, all 'for' one. Indeed. "Yes." )

Thank you sbritt for sharing on YT.

Thank You Circus Maximus.

Thank you Styx VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Styx & All The Blue Collar Workers of Higher Consciousness.



Insert: we were at this space today, when this song just came on 'the wind', we knew the universe was saying... me, me, place me here. Done & Thank You God. ) The Source of All action, esp 'love in action.' "Yes." )

Thank youTheBeatles VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles

we now return ya's to the previous thread... Ty. )

Thank You God for the songs, wind for our souls into infinity.

And So It Is, Now & Forever. IJN.

Let's enjoy our Heaven on Earth, shall we? Yep... )



By Heavens mandate They say put the song playing right now, this perfect moment on the BB in & record here.

Here is song (going to YT at 1:11 pm.)

Thank you Matty Matt for sharing on YT.

Thank You & God bless Led Zeppelin for Every~one, Indeed, IJN And So It Is, Now.

Namaste. )

The above rec & fin:

1: 20 p.m.



Greetings Dear Sisters & Brothers ~ Brothers & Sisters, Sons & Daughters, Daughters and Sons of The Great I AM THAT I AM...

Welcome to this, His humble 'gazers' page here at His Earth Party Now starsite.

Awesome things are going to be coming down thru this, His site, dear friends, like the just completed: page. A definite 'must see,' not to mention 'hear' page. Shout out to Mom

for being the inspiration that kicked off that page.

So, let's get to our gazer for this moment that will be recorded for all moments to come. Everyone, please a warm welcome for, from 'The Cars' fame

Mr Benjamin Orr.

Yahoo images.

Mr Benjamin Orr

Thank you Shane Combs for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Cars

Btw Folk, everyone has a free car waiting for you if the car dealers would wake up and get with His program.

Ben and any spirit that wants rides shotgun wth p when he drives. No backseat drivers allowed, sorry. lol

See more here if haven't seen already...

Rec & fin

2:22 a.m.



9:33 a.m.


As ZZ Top plays 'Give me all your lovin' in background on WZLX, Boston's Classic Rock station let's take in this masterful video featuring the beautiful

Paulina Porizkova, Ric's wife for 26 years You're a lucky man, Ric. )


12:42 p.m. Shout Out & Thanks to Boston's Classic Rock, 100.7 WZLX for playing the above song earlier on Carter's show at p's FB request or by Spirit.

The song was played and He smiles. Thanks ) Carry on... )

Thank you RHINO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Cars Shout out to Paulina Porizkova who 'makes' this video. )



Beginning: 2:24 p.m

Greetings All & welcome to His next - chosen by Him & the gazer. No one is a gazer who doesn't want to be as p thinks he mentioned already

Obviously, that wouldn't work too well, would it? Uh uh so, as Jackson Browne's 'The Pretender' plays on a tape named 'The Jubilee' in the back-

ground Let's get on with the show and may we all now please give a very warm welcome to... Jim Croce & Maury Muehleisen

Yahoo images.

Jim w wife Ingrid & baby son A.J.

Jim Croce & Maury Muehleisen

Thank you Mike for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jim Croce & Maury Muehleisen for the memories dear Bros. )

Rec & fin.


3:33 p.m.

Yep, we're on Christ time dear friends. )


Thank you Max Stratos for sharing on YT.

Thank you Jim Croce & Maury Muehleisen.

More Jim here:

Addendums completed


1:33 p.m.



Memories were made this past Sunday with the birthday celebration of p's brother, Dick,

best brother in the world.

P pic.

Brother Dick and Sister Maureen Peace be with you always brother and sister. )

To Be Continued Our Next Gazer: Hint: Whole lotta angels

His will willing, sometime after 2 p.m tomorrow thur 3/3/16 sweet .

Note at 3:44.p..m. 44 is an angel # folks, some are here already ! lol

Update 215 p.m We will not have this up, technicaldifficulties and there will be a rock & roll song to go along. So let us det everything exactly perfec. Hang loose and we'll be back at exact, perfect time. with a nod & smile to Bob Weir )

Really, did anyone think their be no interference, here? But the Angels are hear and havng a great time. We got the Grateful Dead playing, now ~ Eyes of the world

Indeed, hey gives us time to tell the world, right. Ok, back in the trenches. back when back.. )

The above will remain unedited. )



Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment of our lives has finally arrived for each and every one of us to stand up and pay tribute to the unsung Heroes that

have stood by us, through thick and thin, through trials & tribulations, no matter what; our God assigned .angels, we Salute & Thank You Now, Indeed.

Now, to share deep love & soul nurturing angel lovingness, may we 'gaze' with our dear beloved friend to all...

Ms Ann Albers ~ Queen of The Angels

Photo provided by Ann Albers

Ms Ann Albers ~ Queen of The Angels



Who wants to get up to speed with Goddess Ann B4 we 'March' forward into a new time zone. ;~ )



Thank you beloved Ann, Representing All of God's loving, caring, kind, compassionate and exquisitely beautiful angels of light & love,

at this moment & thru all eternity into infinity & beyond.

Thank you Robin Miller for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Robin Miller & your Company of Angels... )

Carlos Santana & Sarah Mclachlan - Angel (live)

Thank you solidk for sharing on YT.

Thank You Angels Sarah McLachlan, Carlos Santana & your Company of Angels inc Audience ~ All of us.. )

Thank you Rock til U drop...;) Cheers! for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Styx for carrying us over and when you need a hug, you need a hug. )

Here's one for everyone ( ) Cheers and applause for You , Humanity. Welcome Home. )

Rec & fin

3:33 p.m

final fin

3:45 p.m.

Ok, we're still hanging out here in His 'situation' room and having a amazing time with the angels. Not a single one stayed home. Of course, angels are multi-inter-dimensional beings, so they can just send one of their selves if they have to be somewhere. This is something we will all learn as well in the 22nd dimension, dear ones. So, we've listened to The Dead and Eagles. p told the visitors he'd put in a tape or cd in the machine just for them. P magnetizes his hands with the thought of that and waves his arms and is led to a cd box, with eyes closed, grabs one and goes to put it in the cd. It drops out of the cd box and we see it before going in. Flock of Seagulls. Not bad. We love this music from the future, So, hope you enjoy our sharing it here. After all, we want everyone to be part of the party.

That's why He named this starsite: Earth Party Now, not next week or next Tuesday, no, the moments are N o w, dear friends. Together, as one, we 'got' this thing nailed. So, p, going back to the party. So, what's happening at Your house? Have fun, )

Joe Friday moment:

5:00 p.m

A Flock of Seagulls - DNA (Live)

Thank you AFlockOfSeagullsVEVO. for sharing on YT.

Thank You Flock of Seagulls ~ Your name is: perfect. Thank Ya's for making this awesome 'music of the future.' Congrats Bro's. )

p sending this out to Lisa D & The Daisy's of infinity. )


6:10 p.m. Wow, what a party. 4 solid hours of love & good moments with the angels. Finishing up listening to Jackson Browne's randomly picked 'Late For The Sky' cd Talk about a wonderful jubilee. We'll have to do it again soon, guys. p will soon do a gaze as he always does with Ann's gaze and himself as well as he thinks he should do one w him everyday. Spirit concurs, no limit to feeding one's soul w divine source energy, indeed.

So we leave you Eagles with the following which we all enjoyed with the Angels. We are sure gazing w Ann will bring in The Angels as well as Source. We'd say to everyone put on your seat belts but we don't need them in the ship we're aready on now, See , hear Jesus gaze and His soundtrack, indeed.

Who wants to know a great mantra to use, guaranteed to raise vibrations. Try this:

"Not my will, way timing or plan, but "YOUR" ~ "YOUR" Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Divine, Will Way, "MOMENTING"

& Plan Is Done Now Dear God And So It Is, Now, In Jesus Name. Indeed. "YES."

Namaste. "Have a Nice Day ~ Children of God & a Better Forever... )"

(If wondering what happened to ''Amen' that word translates to 'So be it' which translates to some time, not now, i.e. sometime in the future. We are in Now time, we want everything now, if not yesterday, so that's why we have retired it but it still comes out a lot but that's Ok We're covered with the now & future. We're 'good' as the saying goes, right Ashtar? Indeed, Bro. "good" short & sweet like "Life: Good." ) Indeed my dear friend. )

Ok, another working day has ended, think we'll go out for a walk or something... 7 Eagles signing off for now, Take care all. )

Just another sharing, Eagles feeding Eagles, so to speak. Love & 'fly' on on the wings of music to infinity...Whenever yer ready... "Yes." )

Thank you Salvatore Bellamo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles, On stage, in Audience & Everywhere. Carry on... )

To Be Continued 3/4/16 Sometime after 2: pm Hint of gazer: p's inspiration. ) Not to be missed, but this will be here

and in akashic records forever, so no worries. )



Greetings all fellow perfect, infinitely perfect, divine, loving creators in the neighborhood of infinity. Lovely to see you again my friends, walk along with me to the next bend. At least, Indeed, dear ones, we are all Prime Creative Creators, in Our~selves, All Now occupying the 22nd dimension, a dimension of 3 things. #1: Love #2: Love & last but not least, you guessed it #3 ~ Love. Love is all that matters, dear beloveds IN Christ.

Divine Ultimate comes thru channel p here at this moment in space. If you're looking for 'time' He ran out, had enough & left. Took all the poop & bullcrap wiith him, including political leadership slime. ( not you Mr Obama- that office has to be respected and we do, indeed, in fact p's invite to come to Boston still stands.

So, dear ones the moment is now perfect for the gaze of the most important, inspirational & loving person in our life, who brought us, i.e. the 'infinite complex'

simply known as p, into this crazy world. Yep, crazy is the term we must use, as this planet earth, aka as the 'lunatic asylum of the universe.' in some circles.

Needed help desperately. p, being one of the one's who along with 144.000 of us, came down here at each one's perfect moment, tho, we've lost many

we have, indeed, In Jesus Name, 'conquered the wayward breezes and triumphed with the power of 10 billion butterfly sneezes. It is written. (and recorded by The Moody Blues, ~ friends p came down here with. among countless others.) See, in the higher, or as termed 'Inner planes.' we are all friends.

There's nothing over there to scare us, dear beloveds. We are each of us 'large & in charge.' Ashtar smiles as do his friends. Think of Ashtar as the tippy top of the iceberg of friends we All have over there my dear friends. So as we joke w Ashtar we joke w everyone as we all 'are in on it.' But don't tell anyone, Ok it's a secret. Shhh. Good, you're starting to 'get' it, humanity. More wake up 'stuff' Are you paying attention Erik? (Erik, p's prime apprentice in training, and doing an amazing job btw~ don't miss his 'gaze' above, would have used a barnyard epithet for that which grosses some people out. And even if it does not gross one out, check and see if your eyebrows are raised. This is not how p raises his kids as "The Law" adds some serious stomp to the keyboard. 'nuff said.

We are always teaching, we may have called out EriK and we know he'll keep doing it, being EriK (yeah the k got a raise for the k's of a different generation just have to kick it we can't help it. Even in little thing but they can take on a life of their own if left unchecked.

Grand News just in this moment p's best friend Carol called and Carol's daughter, Cheri, is having a baby as we type this. we're picking up Carol and going to the hospital in an hour. And, who's the baby's proud Godfather? Yep, yours truly. ) So here's Mom's gaze, my dear friends, and our beloved dog 'Jaws' in the photo to boot.

Everyone should listen to this:

And this:

And this: P's voice, like Braco's is a nice ingredient and btw, 'The old laughing lady' herself, Nanci, has the same voice as P..

Photo by Harry A, Ruby Rogers staff.

Yeah, still crazy, but good crazy. lol

P pic.

Mom & Jaws Dad w Jaws & Buffy ) ) )

Now. 5/8/16

"Happy Mothers Day!" To my Mom & all the Mom's out there. For all you've done & are doing for your beloved children. May God's infinite blessings

be with you in abundance, now & forever. And So It Is, Now, 'YES' Indeed.

It's funny, this being the song me & Mom consider "our song' that it never occurred to paul until today, Mother's Day, that this song belongs here. Talk about your eclipses of logic. However, of course, if it was meant to be earlier than this blessed day, it would have been here. All in His divine, perfect 'momenting.'

See this song, among others - here:

This 'cat' stuff may have more significance if one has listened to this:

Mr Toad's Wild Ride:

P pic

A sign of Mom's love from above, with plenty of company.

Mom. <3 )



P pics.

Diane says "Hey Guys, you'll Love it over here & want for no-thing. <3 Ya's! Indeed, Yes." )

Alva W Brown "A soldier's soldier ~ For God, Country & Family.' Thank You Dad, Indeed. Yes."

Alva, Paul's Dad & Hero ~ Survivor of the Battle of The Bulge. Salute To "The Greatest Generation." Indeed. YES.

Dad & Mom 'forever young' like all of us forever... IJN Thank You God. <3 ) Mom & Dad ~ forever together ~ In The Light <3 ) )

Some songs for Mom & the Fam...

'Our Song' Mom. )

Thank you Rachel Reyes 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens, now Yusuf.

Thank you Jan Hammer for sharing on YT.

Thank You Robbie O'Connell & Finbar Clancy

Here's an awesome video of this song (have tissues handy, guys.)

Thank you Dylan Sheller for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Neil Diamond & Audience of fans ~ Everyone... )

For you, Mom, & all Mom's...

Thank you CLANEY7 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot. You're beautiful Bro, as are your fans ~ Everyone. )

Rec & fin:


3: 27 p.m.




Ok, don't mind if we do esp since a question was asked & we know nature abhors a vacuum, so here's the song p heard in the car the other day

that should be more in his personal pantheon of Dead Classics. En~ joy... )

Thank you wsj160 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead. ~ Now ~ Living, Indeed, "Yes" forever. TYJ. )

[End of 7/17/16 insert]

A Toast to the human race. The humans won, in the end. The creepy crawly things have their place in nature, where they belong.

They are our friends, friends..All is well & getting 'weller." )

Thank You Bro's Ed & Johnny. )

More here...He says, however go here first. You Got It Father...)

"well done, son, now send 'em over here if they want to have more 'Fun' w Ed & Johnny. )

Your wish is my command, Mother & Father of "The Infinite." )

Next gazer is up tonight, after midnight. Hint his initials are KC, not KC & the sunshine band lol



Situation & beginning result of action taken. With amazing grace and compassionate understanding of the situation Mr Kurt Cobain found himself in,

we, his brothers & sisters in arms, send our emissary of light on to his perfect destiny in the higher realms where God's angels of mercy and compassion

have assisted his transition to where he's supposed to be. Nothing that happens in life is out of His control. If something happens, it happens with His full

comprehension and control of the situation. However cloudy the situation of our deaths, if it goes down, it was an exit point that was taken. Carry on in the

higher dimension and do what you do, Brother Kurt, make awesome music and provide a soundtrack to feed & nourish our souls. And So It Is, Now.Indeed. "YES>"


Fly high Bro & Company, you are Free. ~ ~ ~

Kurt Cobain

Yahoo images.

Kurt Cobain.

Thank you Nirvana VEVO for sharing on YT

Thank you Jean Michel Schuster for sharing on Yt.

Thank you Nirvana VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Kurt Cobain & Nirvana. Flying a whole generation home, indeed. )

Rec & fin.


2: 50 a.m.

To Be Continued... Next Gazing sharing To be announced. Hint: Sings about a dove. )



@ 1:22 a.m.

As The Rain Song, started just this second on ZLX we get to 'gaze' with Mr Fred Neil. The moment is magic. Gazing to The Rain Song. OMG.

Indeed, how many ways can He & Jesus tell us we are one. Infinite is the answer my dear friends. We'll be back in a few w Neil's music (after Rain song)

ZLX follows that with 'Bye Bye Love' of 'The Cars' w Ben Orr on lead vocals. We know those folks over there are 'hep' to p cuz wzlx is in most of his tweets + they have business cards over there and p has called in a request giving the url of this. Still though, they haven't come out and said anything to promote the site. In other words, they know about this site, as does the white house, of administrations starting with Mr Clinton.

So why the f iis p so unknown, God knows, he's been trying to lo look out Ashtar ) 'Blow the whistle on himself since 1978, 'for crying out loud - literall sometimes. We'll all see p's movie in the Akashic records and it includes, the results that would have happened, could have happened, should have happened, but in the end, we're talkinthe r e a l end of time, as we knew it. All is being revealed as this starsite of God's, Yes God's site. He, God did and does It all, along with Jesus, God's right hand Man & spirit. It's simple, it wasn't the exact perfect time for p's stuff to get out there. But that is changing as p types this, or more accurately, as He types this with his 2 first finger fingertips. Left fingertip is Good, right fingertip is Jesus. there's more He lets the cat more out of the bag, p's right side is Jesus & the left side is Good. There, You said it God, what can p do but tell the truth. Ok, while ZLX is playing commercials we are going to bring on a few of Mr Neil's masterpieces. here we go. Let's let dear brother Fred, p's Coconut Grove buddy, (We both lived there, back in the day but didn't know each other, however ~ everyone is paul's buddy... Here's Mr Neil, singing about a dove... ) Thanks Fred, Big Moment. ) See below...

Mr Fred Neil.

Yahoo images.

Mr Fred Neil

Thank you aprimitivemind for sharing on YT.

Thank you Super Curtis for sharing on YT.

Thank you Mr Kleeg for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil for sharing God's voice with us, one of them, Everyone Loves You. )

Ok, guys, tomorrow's going to be another amazing day in His neighborhood, His Will willing.

New News will, hopefully, be shared at His blog. It may show the difference between slime news

& good, real news that will uplift humanity so check blog page sometime tomorrow.- which is really later today, the 7th.

Next 'gazer' will be shared sometime tomorrow. Can't predict the time because of mitigating factors however will not be before 11 a.m est.

Hint for next gazer... Fresh From Heaven, indeed. )

Rec & fin.


2:37 a.m.

Same day 3:55 p.m.

Update the bundle of joy, next gazer, being a rocker, will not grace this page, til after midnight, guys, Just letting y'all know. Later...

Have you seen His latest blog?



After midnight...

Ladies & Gentlemen, Fresh from God's lap to help humanity kick out the jams, we humbly and proudly share with you the most precious gift He could ever share with us, His humble, happy children of the sun. Here's His heart ~ Aspyn Serenity. Please say hello and have a nice gaze with her favorite group. )

Here's Joy to The World, Compliments of God. Good Thank You, words fail, we Thank & Love You Sooo Much!!! (meant it to say God, Good showed up. no edit, God Is Good, not to mention Awesome. We have an Awesome God & He lives in each of us as us, that's why we are all so awesome. And so it just is. Indeed. Of course, each & every one of us is an immense, infinite, essential part of God & we're all equal in His eyes. All babies are perfect, unique infinite superstars already. Indeed, right Aspyn? )

P pics.

Carol w Aspyn Serenity. Awww



We asked Carol if she wanted a soundtrack to her gaze picture. She said... this- by The Moody Blues...

Thank you TheMoodyBluesVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues ~ here Now forever young, on behalf of Everyone. P ~ (who is not a singer in a rock & roll band. )



Listening to this song while gazing w Aspyn Serenity, it has to go here...)

Thank you CarpenterVEVO

Thank You Karen Carpenter & The Carpenters.

Thank you Voodoonola2 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Audience ~ All of us ~ Everyone loves everyone. Indeed. )

Thank you Simon Delorme for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sir Paul McCartney & Audience, That's all of us. We all love you guys. See you all at His jubilee. Oh, we're already here. Cheers, )

Thank you cookaboorra for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Everyone loves you & this magnificent music, straight from Source of Source. )

See Ya's around the neighborhood, guys. God bless everyone & everything in all His infinite creation and if we leave you with one thing, it's don't worry ~ Be Happy.)

And So It Is, Now. IJN

Namaste. )

Rec & fin


2: 05 a.m.

See Aspyn Serenity's page for a little more... Ty. )

To Be Continued... Hint for next gazer...He 'longs to see the old Folks,' as do we. )

After Midnight guys, )



Hello dear friends, Indeed, it is after midnight and the moments have arrived to share the awesome love & musical talents of One 'Spring Chicken.'

(Aunt Mary calls the previous gazer, sweet, loving, kind & beautiful, Aspyn Serenity, "chicken" ) Now, our 'now' gazer for all eternity into infinity ~ where we all are now, indeed, Dr Ralph you do look like a 'spring chicken' to p. Y'all out there concur? Awesome. See ya's in your 'Currier & Ives' movie. God bless each & every one, and now, ladies & gentlemen, let''s 'Get.' one of the founders of bluegrass music, along with God...

Dr Ralph Stanley.

Yahoo images.

Dr Ralph Stanley. RIP

A little about our dear friend, Dr Ralph...

Thank You The Marty Stuart Show for sharing on YT

Thank You Dr Ralph & The Clinch Mountain Boys.

Thank you thewolf914 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Dr Ralph Stanley & Company

Thank you Justin Johnson for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Stanley Brothers. Dr Ralph & Carter & Company Thank You for authentic nourishment for the soul, Indeed.

See you on that golden shore , indeed. )

Next gazer, Hint: She's a San Francsisco legend. After midnight, folks.

Btw, if You thinkYou deserve to be a gazer, here, let us hear from you. Robert Plant, we're waiting to hear from you, Bro. Not to mention, Jimmy & John Paul,

Sting, too. Robert does have an appearance here:

And Sting here and other places inc their own pages. (See menu at left.)

Also, in lieu of paul handing out seger's oops, cigars, please , if led & want, one of paul's business cards, supercharged w divine energy, just send a self addressed stamped envelope: Our contact details are at that site essentials page. You could include a token, souvenir $5 bill as , humanity has not yet seen His memo re The Cashless Society, much less acted on it. "When they're gone, they're gone" Ashtar smiles, Sananda too, everyone loves these earth sayings, now and for a long moment...used 'upstairs' as well. ) We have fun folks. Fun, now & forever. What a concept. sigh... Of course there is a paypal button there if led to support p's mission of mercy to uplift humankind and take us to the 22nd dimension of love.

Note: We forgot to mention, please send a picture of you and any loved ones that may want to be blessed. Will be placed on His love altar for 'action takers.'

A while ago it dawned on us that the spirits who did not take any action when the great clarion call went out, their all kicking their butts up and down 'jump street' To the 'Victor's" go the spoils it is said, my dear friends. Next planet to go and straighten out? None, Earth was the last and craziest challenge in all cosmos' to "fix." Take a bow, humanity, if you're here, you took a chance, you may be institutionalized or whatever, but you know what? You're part of the home town team. We got the W, again, it wasn't pretty, however, in the end... God Won i.e. we won. This calls for one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite people, actually 2 in 1 along w her rockin' husband. Folks, at this moment, please, give it up for Ms Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo & Band Thanks! )

Thank you emimusic for sharing on YT

Thank You Ms Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo & Band & Fans ~ Everyone. )

Also shared here

Guess what, humanity, the onion has been peeled, the illusion looks the same, however the particles making up His illusion have been, re-planted with infinite divine, perfect love & then sprinkled with stardust ~ each of us spirits in the material world, and then sugar, or molasses, or honey coated with heavenly music.

We love all music, p talking w Victor, Aspyn Serenity's father, the other night about music, he asked what I thought about Rap. It's poetry with a beat. Some of the words, of course, may be rough but moved along with a beat, and all our hearts have a beat & a rhythm, no one can escape not loving music. plain & simple, we are music, in our hearts & in our souls. Hi music, how you doing today? Oh, awesome, man, just stumbled on a Bob Marley record. Ever hear of Reggae? Oh man, it's sooo cool & sexy.. And so it goes, my dear friends, indeed. Ok, gotta move on, see you after midnight. What's that J.J. Cale, Bro? Yeah sure we need that song here, so, ready Ashtar & Company? 'Go for it' ha ha. ), Let's go cars, oops, humans. Let's listen to God sing After Midnight. Hear we go... Later smiling dolphins of delight who are 'in on this.' & humans who can smile, i.e. everyone. )

(. ) W a hug, custom made by Him, for u.777

Thank you Ant Varadonis for sharing on YT.

Thank you God, Thank You Mr J.J. Cale & Mr Eric Clapton & Band & Fans ~ Everyone. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ok, it's a date, After midnight tonight, Smile if you love Jesus & rock & roll. Which is better?? Rock & roll. SOOO Wrong. However, we knew that, of course,

just a little test., guys, Carry on... )

Rec & fin.


11:55 a.m.

Final fin

12:38 p.m.



Greetings Folks, how 'bout that awesome Dr Ralph.God''s love just shines riight thru this beautiful man. The guy invented his own music. What a wonderful human

being. Dr Ralpph, p is hereby inviting you and

your friends to come up to Boston. There's a recreation area not far from a great beach here in beautiful Hull, Ma, called Nantasket Beach. We could walk that

awesome beach & then p would take you, you riding shotgun to World's End. A simply awesome place to walk around in beautiful Hingham, Ma, right next to Hull.

Have your people call my people, ok, Sir, and Of course, You betcha, p is serious. No rush, if you can pick the perfect moments for you.Dr, Deal?

Btw, have you folks noticed that p does not, if he can help it, use the term 'time' anymore? Yep, moments are so much more accurate when there's no place you

have to be.

Ok, friends it's now officially after midnight and Who better to follow Dr Ralph than a wonderful singer from the bay area, yeah the one out on the left coast, San

Francisco to be exact. So, here's Ms Phoebe Snow's lovely gaze and some great music to 'gaze' to....

Ms Phoebe Snow.

Yahoo Images

Ms Phoebe Snow.

A little about everyone's friend, Phoebe.

Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man

Thank you jassblue for sharing on YT.

Thank you FreethinkingSecularist for sharing on YT.

Thank you 8YASO さんのチャンネル for sharing on YT.

Thank You Phoebe Snow. May we all do same W You, Indeed, Cheers, Folks. Can we get a _____?

"YES." Thank Ya's. )

Thank You Ms Phoebe Snow & Bands & Audiences. Everyone loves you Phoebe, but You know that. Cheers, )

See you soon as the great mergerbrings us all together as one and Yes, indeed the good times will roll, IJN.

And So It Is, Now

Namaste. )

Rec & fin.


1: 01 a.m.

Ok, a moment here to announce our awesome gazer for tomorrow night, after midnight.

Hint: Also, strongly associated with the bay area of the left coast and a hero of Woodstock. Ah, Mr Brown

why don't you just say his name, you've practically given it away, dude. Well, Erik we won't say his name now, here, however what he sang about is self assigned. It's up to each of us to go about our business as free sovereign beings. And protect our wildlife as well. So let's meet tomorrow, same dove moment, same dove place. ) Btw, Erik, please stop 'pranking' people that are trying to get on your page. They want to see the good 'stuff' there, ok? Thanks for at least trying to be a good boy. By the way have Jamie and your mom asked Attila the hun for an interview yet? That would be an nteresting one. )

Btw we just turned over a cassette saying to Erik this song is about you... Neil Young's 'Requiem for the rockets' just the last minute or so, starting at 4:44 followed by Joni Mitchell's 'Coyote.' A song we think was written with Neil in mind

Ok, now as Leonard Cohen sings 'Dance me to the end of love now followed by 'Every grain of sand'. by Emmylou Harris we sign off,

Blessings to all, IJN


p.s. Keep smiling humanity. as 'water from a deeper well' plays in background.

p.p.s. Looking at songs for this cassette on insert thing, next we have Ozzy Osbourne 'You can't kill Rock & roll. Then,Grateful Dead- Not fade away.going into 'Goin down the road...Then, Melanie: 'Lay Down.' Then Leon Rissell, 'Song 4 you.' Not a bad tape. Good night. )



Mr Richie Havens

Yahoo images.

Mr Richie Havens

Let's find out a little about Richie, shall we?

Thank you TheDTMCB for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Richie Havens, Everyone loves this song & you 4 sure. 'YES.'

Guys, please let this 2 minutes & 33 seconds of musical bliss hold you over. p needs sleep immediately if not sooner

To be continued w 2 more songs in a.m. Thanks. )

Greetings AllGod's childrento yet another, beauteou wondrous, loving & gloriou day in His neighborhood. p got his much needed sleep, woke up w fresh ideas,downloaded and ralayed w spoken word lots of 'good stuff.' on therecord, yeah, the akashic records Tell you what, folks, if you are not "SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS what HE IS Doing and Not telling Everyone, I'm sorry but You ARE Failing. There's still, to use an outmoded term- "time"

to be the first on your block to share this, His starsite with Your world, as this is now, unquestionably The moments for this revealing to be shared wiith the entity we refer to as 'humanity.' Indeed my dear friends, oneness with the Divine Ultimate ~ Ultimate Divine. Come on Prime Creators that You, yes, You are, indeed., Zorra, our dear beloved friend, do you concur, sir? Indeed beloved Master. It is written on the wind, and it's name is Love, infinite divine perfect love which shines love and more love .

Alright, dear ones, have we made our point? Great. Mr Havens will you kindly bless us all with a song for the occasion, beloved master. (lower case for our humbleness, humility and 'God, I Am not worthiness) However, no if's and's or but's about it, He says we're 'worthy.' So let's move on ,with a smile and say, You know what? ( paul here says we need music. He does his magnetizing thing, digs deep for the perfect tape that will have the perfect music. puts in the magic boombox, pushes 'play' and here's the music He is delivering as p types this. Song? AHEM, as Eagles gather... Sunset Grill by Mr Don Henley. A perfect Beast, indeed. Well done, Sir, Mr Don , Pride of The Lone Star State, Hero of Walden Woods here in beautiful Concord, Mass 'a chew' setts

'God bless you.' Thanks.) p relays that a sneeze is like a reboot to clear the airways of the sinus system. Silver is an awesome solution for folks who suffer from sinus problems. p has a place where one can learn about & order the best nano silver. It will be added at Site Essentials page. When everyone gets the memo that we are in a cashless society we will ask the company to ship it free. In fact, right now, at this moment, p is asking, on be-whole of Divine Ultimate that the company, Magic 10, 'just do it,' be the leader of 'The Cashless Society'. His & our heartfelt "ThankYou ~ Magic 10" In advance. For now, dear friends,you can buy this miracle product thru paul. p's URL for this will be added to Site Essentials page after this page is finished.

Note: The last thing in the world this site is is a 'commercial' site. We only include this as a potential 'healing vehicle' w/o making claims Please get that straight. Thank you very much.

Now, to return to where we were... He says I'm worthy, so I must be 'born worthy.' How cool is that? This sinner is worthy to hang out with ALL THAT IS & I know why. It's because Jesus Christ made the Ultimate Sacrifice for each & every one of us & the planet, as well. He stood up and cried for this wormhole. He said: God Damn, WTF. No God, 'F' You, You're not doing this, I will die first before You give up on this black hole. I'll Fight, I'll take the responsibility. Over my dead body, God will You not take heed to my words and feel my passion, and God, you will forever kick your ass when you learn what could have been. How, say you that my son? Because, Father, you made me a God too. Remember? These worms & creepy crawley things have potential. Moles can be burrowing their way to the sunlight, life upon life to something awesome ~ in the long run., like a flying bird in evolution, or a butterfly leaving the larvae stage.

God pondered for a split second, not even, and granted the request of this M/master who's cosmic name is Sananda. As Bill Graham introduces 'The Grateful Dead:' on another masterpiece tape, Song? Paradise Waits.

Alright, the song is ready now to be played and you folks will hear it was worth the wait, just like our evolution has been worth the wait.

Here we go...

Thank you corporalhenshaw forsharing on YT.

Thank You Sir Mr Richie Havens & Company. Who Loves You? Everyone. )

Thank you ShuffleBassT for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sir Richie Havens & Company. We love & appreciate you & your team.~ everyone & all of us, in His Oneness. Indeed.

And So It Is, Now. IJN. Cheers )

Namaste. )

Next gazer(s) Hint: They are like bookends, and long live Southern Rock.

Yahoo images.

Thank You God ~ Divine Ultimate ~ Prime Creators (that's us dudes & dudettes) Jesus / Lord Sananda & ANGELS, Take a bow Angels!

(actually, we're all angels to each other too, in case you didn't know, esp,when we pass.)

We spirits in and beyond the material world at this moment in eternity ~ infinity. Carry on however ~ rest. Rest: Good. )

We are, indeed AGGHHH Agh AAGGG HHH Em Ahem, ok ggot it proceed captain. Yes. Ahem. the Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Lovers (replacing Roadies) Outlaws & Gangsters of Rock & roll..

(as 'The Wind' by Circus Maximus plays on His 'To Be Continued VII' tape in background.

Coming Attractions 'Gazers II 777' After Midnight, guys, keep smiling, stay grateful and Thank Jesus, always. Take care.

DU [Divine Ultimate] thru p, the humble servant, always... As Fixing a hole by The Beatles plays in background. So, Joe & Mary humanity, how's Your soundtrack? Wow, Awesome. )

Now playing, Band on the run by Paul McCartney & Wings. See ya's on the road, the highway or in Heaven. Ah we're in Heaven, now dear friends )

As 'Thank You' by Led Zeppelin closes out this tape and this page. Thanks again team. ( ) ) hug & smile, take what u will. )

peace out 4 now...)

p.s. Can ya's tell we're finally happy & at peace? Indeed, and now we have no place to be, no place to go, nothing on our plate, except to 'share' His infinite goodness..

btw, Mr Jim Law, for the record, folks, when he asked p in that 2 nd reading if we 'got' something out of that reading. OMG we did, p waited for something to pop out of his mouth, however, all that came out was silence. lol, And we want to say now a huge 'Thank You' to The Spirits who came thru. Jesus, Mom,

Dr Peebles, Jerry, Jimi, John Lennon and of, course the great channel Mr Jim Law. (ret) p was not at his best that evening due to lack of sleep having attended the Robert Plant & Sensational Space Shifters concert in Boston. ~ They were awesome ~ the night before & then not getting enough sleep, & having to work all day at his courier job, picking up donations for police & fire municipalities (Shout out to Peter, Kevin & Sue & everyone at Eastern Advertising in beautiful Newton, Ma. )

And now, finally to wrap up, look for a new page name , well that hasn't come down yet but it will have the name : Aspyn Serenity, a gift of joy for all us on the planet from God. You see her gaze above, right? Folks compared to what's ahead~ None of us have seen 'nuttiin' yet, honey's.' Laugh, cry, pee your pants

It's called 'life,' peeps. Life: Good. )


We cross that line, just to say, as we do in song letting it do the talking. Here ya go... )

Thank you over the hills and far away for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones & John 'Bonzo' to his friends ~ Everyone ~ Bonham.

"Shout Out" to the 5th member of Led Zeppelin ~ Jason Bonham 'chip off the old block' if there ever was one. )

God says: This has been a Far Flung Production Ltd

Inc, in City of Miracles, Coral Gables, Florida.

In His service professionally since 1978

Really Good? ((sic) God ) One more time? Play it baby. Yes, Dear God, let me go get it, be right back,folks, talk among yerselves... )

Thank you ElizabethTravis for sharing on Yt.

Thank You 'Jehovah's favourite band' The Grateful Dead. Loved by E v e r y o n e Indeed.

Thanks all for showing up at His jubilee. We're just getting started. 'Have a nice forever' )

Rec & fin.


2: 56 p.m.



Like the good traffic cops we are,we are hereby 'suggest' ya's go here to continue, unless really want to miss out on the infinitely awesome future He has in mind for us all to experience. )

Congratulations humanity you have just crossed over from 'The Twilight Zone' to His perfect, beauteous, wondrous, glorious, kind harmonious & loving

Currier & Ives zone forever where everyone you see worldwide is just a friend we haven't met yet. p has his nametag. Are you on the cosmic bus, or the cosmic train, how 'bout, riding 'shotgun' w p in 'quicksilver' p's name for his car. More 'good stuff' at gazers 2 page so rec 'skeedaddle' over there & get caught up on the latest 'revolution' news.. See ya's there. Cheers, )

Well have the light on 4 ya's, ok?

Don't worry, I'll drive, I got a license & a fast car, see...?

Photo by Cheri Tangherlini.

Paul, everyone's humble servant esp God's, not to mention ~ Jesus. with 'quicksilver' Hey Mr Don Henley meet you and yer friends down at 'the sunset grill.' Yeah, don''t worry Bro, we have our own basket. In fact, we have all the ingredients for a very nice lunch here. See ya's on the other side. URL just below. The heaven on earth Currier & Ives world He wants for His children, is now only a 'click' away. He's even got great friends to greet us. History is being made here, friends. If led, why not share this? Heavenly rewards sure to follow. 'Yes.' )




Attn: 'Basket people' Meet ya's at Mary's Place ~ Planet Earth. Year of 'The Cat. Everyone needs a 'basket' for their 'stuff.' It's F R E E .

Now, according to "HIS ~ & HER's infinitely perfect divine plan, now unfolding right in front of our noses. Look, paul's getting his basket, come & get yours, humanity. Smile, ask politely, say 'Thank You.' As per...

The Big Boss. The One we will all answer to. Seriously, folks.


Insert now 7/6/16

One 'basket' 4 All His Sons & daughters of Infinity. Congratulations Humanity. You triumphed over the adversity. You overcame the dross, the folderol of

'the game' set up for you. As a whole you kicked the violence, the stupidity, the fear - to the curb by over the required 51%. Some of you going Waaay over that ~ carrying your friends with you. OMG, do we have some cosmic superstars on the 'Plant - it" people. God invites all who are 'led' to come to ' jubilee central' ~ Boston, Ma. USA. where we can party all night long & everyday. Awesome? Yep, that's the word of the day, dear ones. Awesome is as awesome does. God created us awesome, and awesome we are and always will be.

God provides the soundtrack for us, He's given us the best driver in the tri - cosmos area and He gives everyone their own 'land merkebah' if we want it..

If you ask participating merchants (for anything) in God's perfect plan, e.g. you could have a vehicle like this, as long as you're a responsible person w a valid drivers license, of course. )

P pic

Working man P's land merkabah on Green St, Cambridge, Ma.



Oh look Guys, it's Paul's God given car ~Quicksilver III. Word from beyond the pearly gates is He has one for ypu too. Indeed.

Mr Quirk, Ernie Bock Jr. The Daher family ~ You Guys can be "Wayshowers" in His 'car giveaway shareabracion.'

'Quiksilver III' in Revere, Ma. 7/4/16

He says ~ "Ride the music to wherever it takes us & let a smile be our umbrella, all of the days of our lives. )" As Dan Fogelberg's 'Part of The Plan' plays as our soundtrack this moment on our cd player. we love to share so, wrap yerselves around some Dan awesomess music from God ~ thru Dan. Here we go... )

Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT. (watch & listen on YT for following songs.

Thank You Brother Dan Fogelberg.

Ok, now...moment marked at:


7:44 a.m.

We, the 'basket people' are hereby Uniting, Now. ) (rec. watch on YT for following videos.)

Thank You ALL THAT IS.

Produced, Directed, Arranged & acted by God., Indeed, Yes. )

He does everything. Btw Have you seen this, yet?

The human Eagles & Doves gather here. Meet ya's there, we hope...

And this is how we get there. we ride the sounds., ~ ~ ~

As always, His Message remains the same, humanity.

Right Jesus?


Want to take a tour of paul's/ His 'situation room...? paul still looking for a maid, as Neil says "A man needs a maid." also looking for a volunteer assistant. )

Thank You God who Produced, Directed, Arranged & acted in this vdeo. Indeed, "Yes." )

So, friend,what's going on in Your perfect "script" today? Whatever it is, we recommend Music.

Have a soundtrack, & watch 'magic' happen. Guaranteed, Folks. )

p.s. It is shared now that the above video represents the officilal 'kicking off' of the beginning of the eternal & infinite 'Romance of the Sphere's.'

FYI: Ashtar mentions this in this reading p had with Ashtar thru Michael El Legion in 1993.

After all, dear ones, what are we gonna do 'all day' upstairs w the work all done, everyone home & Ok & in a state of perfect divine extasy all the time. Well, we gonna hang out with our loved ones & party like it's 2016.

p was looking for a song to put here: this one placed itself to be placed here. And so it is, now. TY God.

Thank you Redbaron863 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



Update< New 'gazer' going live soon...

Fly on by ~ ~ ~




p has just been gently directed by 'the infinite' 2 attempt 2 keep visiting this & other 'gazers' pages, i.e. participating entities. e.g. Jesus ~ Sananda & Karen Carpenter & Mom on a daily basis, (not 2 mention yerself, look in your own mirror & 'gaze' yerself. He's in there, you know? Oh, yes, you are Him, He living as 'you') 7 or 22 seconds, at least per entity visit is nothing but more goodness shared to the infinite exponentially, in our 1 4 all, all 4 1 paradigm This is 'good.'

like God. Good. )



Alright guys just to let you know, we don't really expect more to go on this page. however if we do, as He directs, we will most likely share that on a blog page, like this latest one. God only knows what's coming down the pike, right? Indeed, 'Yes.' )

So, we leave you with this song

Thank you Walter Katekaru for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beach Boys.

Hey, humanity ~ Surf's Up... )


7/8 & 9/16

Good Vibrations are Everywhere... )

Thank you PhilGoodFactor1 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beach Boys.

Thank you BTAN Oneline for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beach Boys.

Indeed. One & All ~ Star Beings of Infinity Thanks to His Love & The Music, All Is, Indeed ~ Alright. And So It Is, Now. IJN. "YES." )

Yahoo images.

The Beach Boys.

Hey Neil, It's Ok Bro, P's 'got' The Beach Boys and we say "It's Alright."

p pic.

All Together Gang, And the ladies too... ) What's Your Story?

Thank you Aliceinkland for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Story i.e. Jonatha Brooke & Jennifer Kimball Hey everyone, God wants to hear Your story.

Got a song to put it in? When we're sitting around a campfire someday or roaming the constellations w no particular

destination, we'd all like to hear it. indeed, "Yes." )

Rec & fin for now


11:15 a.m.

Cheers... )



Thank you Alicinkland for sharing onYT.

Thank You The Story.

Thank you Alicekland for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Story.

One last thing for this page, guys. we think. )

Can you gaze w cats? Try it you may like it. )

P pics.

What's Heaven on Earth w/o our furry little friends that we live with ~ forever. 'Gizmo,' ~ "Gizzy" to her friends & 'Holly' say 'Hey.' Indeed, Yes. )

So, as we go forward deeper into the eternal "Forever" dear one's, here's to a world in balance where we all simply continue doing what we came here to do, realizing the race has been run, the so called 'game' is over. The good guys won, dear beloveds. God's in His Heaven ~ living inside each & every one of us, His beloved children. When we bleed- He bleeds red. All our breaths are His breaths. There is nothing about us He does not know. He Is, indeed, the 'true blue' in all of us at our core.

He Is the white milk bottle we started out as and He is the 'Clean Slate' deliverer for our going forward. as one, with no guilt. As His messengers- Led Zeppelin, deliver in song. 'Nobody's fault but Mine.' So, we're all Ok, friends. It Is Written here on His stage, on this page as it is in His divine, perfect, infinitely perfect script, from the beginning.. And So It Is, Indeed. "YES."



Yahoo images.

Indeed. )

Alright, How 'bout we wrap up this page w Heaven's 'house band' with 'Question' and we echo, John Lodge's intro ~ "Keep smiling" everyone. )

Thank you Pastor John for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

In our one for all ~ all for one group, may one man say it for us all. we are all the prodigal ones. Thank You God for Your infinite, Kind & loving mercy for us.

we love You Now & forever & ever and we all humbly ask You Father, for another chance to not only 'get it right' but to get it p e r f e c t, as You are, Dear God.

we stand before You, Dear God, as one motley crew of humanity, and we may never be worthy, God, however we know You love us beyond beyondness, so w this being said God and w this song and the song following expressing our resolve, we as one, ask You Dear God, ~ will You Please allow us Eentrance* to Your Heavenly Kingdom where, we trust God, You have a place already prepared for each & every one of us.

Thank You God and if this be Your Will ~ may it manifest according to Your perfect, infinitely perfect, 'momenting' as we await the perfect out-playing of Your perfect, divine script in our 'You given' scripts for our lives. as worked out pre-birth for each of us to give the maximum benefit to God & our fellow brethren spirits in the material world. we will continue God "IJN" to live our lives as "You" "The Living God" would have us live them, Praising You for our gifts from Source, as we love and help each other navigate the maya and move, as one, to Your loving place for us in the now "Now" moments of our eternal existence. Thank You again Dear God Now & forever. IJN Indeed, "YES."

Any questions dear friends? Awesome. Now Let's Rock.& Celebrate, shall we?

Here's a Rockin' place we can go brothers & sisters...If led...

Thank you TrixxyKat for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Neil Young. Signed, 'allofus' )

Neil w a word: Birds...

Thank yoou MisguidedAngel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil

One more for dreams...

Thank you Misguided Angel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bro Neil Young, always the 'real deal.' As we 'carry on...'

(So folks, obviously, this is not edited linearly.)

Goodness Gracious, He says one more ~ with the quickness...

Ok, Now ~ Everyone turn it Up... )

Thank you Screamream3000 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston

That's it for this Epic page, folks. Hope you've en-joyed it.

Next Gazers page is here: Here's to a wondrous, glorious, loving, beauteous & adventurous, kind & Grateful 'Currier & Ives' future for us all starting there & doubling back so the circle is always unbroken and we live in God's eternal & infinite embrace. And So It Is, Now, Indeed. "YES."

Site's current latest blog page is here...

Yahoo images.

Ah, Yes, folks. So, which of the above are you? He he he ha ha ha John Lennon chimes in. John says he's all 3. Good observation John since, really, only God can be #1 all the moments. Let's all be EZ on ourselves, folks. After all, we're all in way over our heads w God. Good thing we can learn how to swim. In paul's case he learned after a near death experience when he was 6 or 7 yrs old in Cunningham Park pool in Milton, Ma. He was in over his head & going in the fetal position when two 11 or 12 year old 'angels' picked him up by the elbows, one on each side & carried him to shore. Thank You God & Your Angels, God, for saving this guys life that day. So Appreciative & Grateful every day lived after that. After all, friends, this fella had a little work to do down here, still does, & God knows that. lol )

So, grab a cup, listen to Awesome music, Love God & love one another & just, simply be Grateful to God, IJN and we'll all see each other in paradise. We're already here. )

God says... Here "Have paul's 'experienced' card ~ everyone. ~ May you take it w you in peace, love, happiness, harmony, joy, health & most of all Gratitude, IJN. Indeed, YES." <3 God. )

P pic

Thank You So Much, God. To Infinity & Beyond

Your Sons & Daughters ~ Daughters & Sons of Infinity as One, in eternal Oneness. <3

God is mystery, life itself is mystery. God works in mysterious ways dear beloveds, the one thing we do know about God.

Here's a starting place if one has a serious notion to start to scratch the surface of All That Is.

Thank You God. we Praise You God. we Love You God w All our <3's And we Thank our Dear Brother Jesus for showing us 'The Way, The Truth, The Resolution The Way God, Himself wants it done. With Passion, Conviction, absolute Certainty w Love & only Love as the way to Him & the Beauty love & freedom that is our collective future Here & Now. And So It Is, Now, Indeed, IJN. "Yes." )


Also, watch this, if led...

& essential...

W Jesus 2nding...

And finally, the final frontier page, or at least for now. There is no limiting God, we all know that by now, right guys? Indeed. )

If led, come on by...)

Thank You All & to all that have taken this journey, God bless you & peace be with you, IJN. Now & always. )

Rec & fin.


5:22 p.m.

Sending us off w a song, as usual...

Thank you journeyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey & All Who have taken the journey back to Him here is how HE/She Greets Us, Now...

Thank you journeyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.

One for the road ahead...)

Thank you daspudster01 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.

Shall we all en ~ joy the journey that goes on forever? Indeed, we say, as one. "Yes." ) Thank You God. )

You know what God? There oughta be a Rock group named "YES" w awesome players like Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, Alan White, Bill Bruford, Trovor Rabin, Tony Kaye and, oh yes, a guitarist named Steve Howe. How does he do it, folks, only God can play like that. Thus the names we all get by law of attraction that best suits our God given path that will best serve. e.g. Beck, Clapton, Page, Plant, Thorogood, Schon, Scholz, Rosier to Dharma & Young, not to mention Ahem: Brown. Just contemplating, p has contemplated what his group, if he formed one in Heaven would be. Right now, it's 'paul & the innocent bystanders' as God, He does everything. All paul does is push the buttons, friends. He does all the arranging, producing, editing, though p does 'own' the typos. )

Thank you Imagine1969 for sharing on YT.

Thank You YES.

So, Dear Sons & Daughters of Absolute infinite infinity W no boundaries or limits of any kind whatsoever in c the terrible economic system we have strangle-holding us, officially w this music, this page is now 'history' and forever 'as is.' Hope y'all enjoy it and visit as led.

Now, final 'out.' w Yes musical addendum.


9: 51 p.m. )




So, Dear Sons & Daughters of Absolute infinite infinity W no boundaries or limits of any kind whatsoever inc the terrible economic system we have strangle-holding us, ~ officially w this music, this page is now 'history' and forever 'as is.' Thank ya's for being here & maybe catch ya's just around the next bend.

A far flung place to go... )

Google images.

So Folks, Gazers II page is waiting for ya's here: Jesus' message remains the same as relayed by The Commodores in a nice change of scenery.. En-joy...)

Yahoo images.

Here's to Keeping Calm, New Beginnings, New Adventures, Re-uniting w old friends and smiling in eternal GRATITUDE To God. Thank You God, IJN. Indeed. Yes. )

P pic

March 2018

Smile, Trust, Lead & be led, Begin anew, catch up w old friends, Smile, rinse ~ repeat...)