May is Mother Mary Month lll

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Gentle reminder Dear Ones that every day at 7 pm your time we have a global prayer meeting. Thank you. See you there...



Greetings Beloved Ones. Here we are at the threshold of a dream. We welcome this wondrous, glorious loving day;

the day we've been waiting eons for. So let the celebration of this day Now begin, with love and gratitude always. TYJ.

Intro song, coming from Heaven who/ what are we? We are...


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Celine Dion and The Bee Gees Maurice, Barry and Robin.

Gotta see this...

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Now... The Song of The Day...

The Power of Love

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Céline Dion & Andrea Bocelli - The Prayer

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Have a fantastic day folks. )

A man who brought the world together through music.

Peter Yarrow remembers Pete Seeger on PBS

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Pete Seeger leads the Song of The Day... Dedicated to Divine Blessed Virgin Mother Mary ~ The Heavenly Queen of The Angels.

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Let the eternal celebration begin...

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The "Done deal" we have with God...Forever Young.

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Thank You Pete. Carry on Everyone in Oneness. )


p.s. Thanks to all who make and share these videos, these living, breathing "pods" that will live forever.

They are alive, like everything else in the Omniverse, let's totally respect that, shall we? Indeed, Yes. )



Here it is, yes. beloved fellow sons and daughters of light., even though we know all "time" is simultaneous and that it

really does not exist, it serves our schoolroom illusion and so we welcome this wondrous, glorious, loving day with open

arms ~ the day we've been waiting eons for. Thank God it's here and we get to live in it. Create a fabulous one. )

Mother Mary's Angel intros continue and so

Please welcome two amazing angels on earth doing what they came here to do,

Dr Wayne Dyer and the lovely Mira Kelley on healing and manifesting same....

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What about Soulmates?

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Now... The Song of The Day...

From a Beloved Master Now Celebrating 50 years on The Carefree Highway Tour ~ Gordon Lightfoot.

Too Late for Prayin'

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Rainy Day People...

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Meet Gordon,

Thx to all involved w this portrait of the man.

Gordon 1972 BBC Concert. Enjoy...

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Be sure to visit Gordon's Tribute page )



Welcome once again Dear Ones on the way up.

Continuing Divine Mother Mary's "Angels among us" series. Let's hear from well known

Angel experiencer/ educator and angel herself, Lorna Byrne...

Thank you Lorna Byrne.

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Now The Song of The Day,,,

From the Album 'Angel in The House' Amelia

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More from one of the most heavenly albums ever...

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Are you getting this down?

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A word from Archangel Michael

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Thank You Archangel Michael.

Channeled by Daniel Scranton. TY Daniel.



Greetings Dear Ones,

Thank goodness, it's here, the day we've been waiting eons for in this time/ space continuum illusion we share.

Divine Mother Mary with the Angels are showing us that Yes, we really do live in a spiritual sphere. Angels

are stepping forward everywhere. Maybe you encountered one in your travels today when someone did something kind for you.

Could have been someone just holding a door or just a simple smile.

For millions on Sunday night it's time to check in with The earth angel known as the Long Island Medium ~ Theresa Caputo

Along with her intrepid husband, Larry, another angel, they are the perfect angel couple to show the masses that Yes, spirit is

real and heaven and eternal life is real. It's all in store for us and you know what? You don't even have to believe.

Here's a sit down with Theresa with Carolyn Becker of Huffington Post. Theresa says this is one of her faves. Enjoy...

Don't miss #LongIslandMedium @Theresacaputo share her gift @HuffPostLive:

Theresa ~ Love in action...

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Thank You Theresa and a big salute to Larry and Victoria and Larry Jr.

And Louie and Petey in Heaven

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Theresa Caputo

And Now no need to stray from Long Island for The Song of the Day...

"Just the Way You Are"

Thank You Billy Joel and Band.

Billy Joel.

Next is May is Mother Mary Month IV, see you there. )