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Quicksilver III Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma. 2017 )



Spring Equinox.

Greetings! And on behalf of the Group Team Oneness, we welcome You. )

We're called to work so let us leave you with a page to visit for starters. If you are a 'starter' you can mosey on over here and

get started with some "out of this world" music. Take it away Blue Oyster Cult... ) Thank you gentlemen. )




Alright Guys,

There are now 2 coda type songs at:the happily ever after page. If led, you will find them here at the bottom.


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To be continued... (His will always willing.)

So, is anyone else still feeling lucky if not completely re- committed to doing our particular part in God's perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan to take His children home to 5D + paradise. Here's what it feels like to this guy, your humble host, typing this. You know we've all been on such a very long strange trip however now we are truly on the threshold of a dream that has been aeons in the making. Let me share with ya's as a metaphor with Johnny Most, the late great playcaller for The Boston Celtics. Tell us Johnny, is it over, really O v e r? Yes, Star beings come to classroom Earth. It's over, done, we can go home on a starship or wings of song or however God orchestrates it. But it's time to stop the insanity and wake up on all fronts dear friends.

Thank You Johnny Havlicek, Boston Celtics, Johnny Most & People of Boston for creating a moment to go down in earth history.

Check out the page this was drawn from here, if led. )


Here's a song for the occasion...Have a nice forever Team <3

Green Day - Time of your life

Thank you miloradkurtovic's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Billie Joe Armstrong / Green Day

Alright, so on St Patrick's Day we showed up at The WZLX, Boston's Classic Rock station in order to ask my friends (everyone is Paul's friend

including every person / being on the planet & everywhere.) Indeed. BTW, everyone is beautiful as the Creator can not help leaving His loving stamp on everyone & everything and He~She IS Beautiful, want proof? Look in the mirror. Seriously, now look at the world & everything in it. In the beholders eyes all good is revealed. And So It Is. )

We have a cause we wanted to possibly share with their vast & caring audience.

So some of this is shared at the previous blog.


Be sure to see Kevin get his hug from God ~ thru the 'Clear' Paul aka Farili Triumphio. (self assigned cosmic name along w Farili Jagio as with Dr Janet Townsend reading. ( It translates to 'The Gifted One.) P made a video re this.

Ok, so like last year tinyurl.com/manonhismission777

Paul was asked by Kevin what God's top 3 songs are. So, following a little banter we received from the infinite that welling up and bobbing up to the #3 spot just has to be 'Roll Me Away' by Mr Bob Seger See why...

Bob Seger Roll Me Away Live

Thank you 1957SS for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.

Alright, so then... what is God's # 2 song for uplifting humanity, as what other purpose would it have? So, long have we thought how much joy this particular song

has brought to the world, indeed. Paul remembers the first time he heard this. In '69 we were attending The U of Miami and one day we were in the back yard of the house we were living in on Aviation Ave in beautiful Coconut Grove, Fl All of a sudden this totally different from anything else at the time came BBLASTING out of the neighbors windows (we'll leave that BB typo) I mean they were Crankin; it!. It was Pure Jasmine, to this guy and blending with the scent of the jasmine trees filling the air all around, Yes, this is one of those songs & albums most of us remember where we were and what we were doing when this came out. Talk about your mellow soundtrack to your life 'back in the day' and even now. It just delivers 'The Goods.'

We were hooked immediately, and still are to this moment. So without further ado ~ here we go God's dear friends ~ each & every one of us.

The perfect studio version that the guys slaved over to get it, not just right, but perfect, esp Stephen. Awesome work guys and w the classic cover as well. Anyone at that time that did not have this album? That's what we thought, just about everyone, and if you didn't have it - your buddy surely did. <3 )

Crosby, Stills, & Nash, CSN (1969 Complete 1st L.P./Classic Vinyl)

Thank you Dilzur Mehput akman for sharing on YT.

On behalf of Team Oneness, Thank You Sirs David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash & 'shout out' to Ms Judy Collins. God bless us All <3 )

'Congratulations' Guys, you have just won a free lunch w Paul & guest(s) at Grumpy White's Restaurant on Sea Street, beautiful

Quincy, The City of Presidents, Mass. Grumpy may have to change its name to 'happy' after we're done in there. ).

And don't forget to invite Ol' Neil along Guys, ok? As 'Sweet Home Alabama' plays now in the background on ZLX, 8:08 a.m. )

Only God can make this stuff up, guys. Keep smiling & rocking as Alice in Chains comes on now. 'Man In The Box'. P finds himself

typing to the beat, and what a beat. )

Next 'The Quest'... As Boston plays 'More Than A Feeling.' Indeed.

And now, Tom Petty 'The Waiting Is The Hardest Part' Tell us about it Bro... )

ZLX is on a roll, Now U2 with 'Where The Streets Have No Name' & Ozzy now: 'Shot In The Dark' Whoever is drawing these songs ~ you are 'Right On' _


10:10 a.m and the Karlson & McKenzie w Heather Ford show is over.

Here's what we heard while doing 'stuff' on FB. High 5 to whoever made these selections. Put your seat belts on everyone. )

Ok, we may have missed one or two but here's what we caught and wrote down

We heard 'Heartbreaker' by The Rolling Stones

And as we compile this from what we wrote down we chose the Cat Stevens cd Now listening to Cat Stevens 'PeaceTrain' Thank You Mom. Your humble, grateful & loving son <3's you ( )

And everyone in Team Oneness loves you as we all <3 each other. Moonshadow follows on this cd. Hope Y'all have listened to this reading w Mr Jim Law (ret)

by now. tinyurl.com/MrToadsWildRide777

Now hearing our song, Mom ~ 'Morning Has Broken' the only thing breaking from Now on, Team. No one is 'broke' or broken. Love Is the God charged new currency as 'God's recreation of the new Day.' <3 who needs a tissue. I got one, I'm good as 'Father And Son' enters the sanctuary of this fella's ears. TYG.

So, where were we? Oh, yes. Next song we recorded as played on this landmark K & Mc W Heather show is...

'Foolin' by Def Leppard, followed by 'Somebody To Love' by Queen. Then 'Tom Sawyer by Rush.Then 'Legs' by ZZ Top followed by 'Authority Song' by John Mellencamp. Next up, 'Rock & Roll Fantasy' by Bad Company. Followinng Bad Co and bringing it all back home is, are you ready?

'for Those About to Rock' by a band from 'down under' AC ~ DC. Well done K & Mc w Heather show. Well done indeed.

Paul is told that the K & M team is still working on editing things they recorded last week, inc Paul's interview with Kevin re the fundraiser we are doing to aid and assist the very worthy Non Profit organization known as The Ruby Rogers Center so stay tuned, if led. This is the only reason why we showed up at the breakfast. Anyone interested can find out about it here... Thank You! If you can help out or spread the good word ~ it's so appreciated.


Alright guys, who's ready to hear the greatest recording in the history of Rock & Roll as Paul affirmed in the interview with Kevin?

First, let's get the lowdown on this with Mr Robert Plant himself...

Rock God - Robert Plant Full Interview...

Thank you TheChicaExperience95 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Robert Plant and 60 Minutes (will find out the interviewers name.)

Ok, we have a meeting to get to guys. will be back later. If like this page so far ~ Share, let's make this page & site go VIRAL.

It's Time.

Ciao for now... )

The best is yet to come... )

p.s. We see Robert is a natural born hugger. <3 ) Robert ~ Lunch at Happy White's? Bring Jimmy too & your friends. Oh oh we may need a bigger restaurant to hold Everyone. lol )

p.p.s. See Robert here: http://tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777

Not to mention here:


P later...

Rec & fin for now.


12:05 p/m.



12:11 a.m.

Greetings All & welcome to the cosmic trigger day of the merry month of March. In the year of our Lord & God & Mother Mary.

Alright, we want to know more about the Led Zeppelin saga, right folks? Here we go...

LED ZEPPELIN interview ( Charlie Rose CBS This Mourning 12/21/12 )

Thank you The1stGunner for sharing on YT.


Thank You Sir Robert Plant, Sir Jimmy Page & Sir John Paul Jones & Mr Charlie Rose & all who helped to produce this awesome interview. )

Alright, humanity, here's the song to take us to infinite realms. Robert Plant has said this song is about 'The Quest' and Mr Plant is 122% on the money.

So put your ears on 'Lucky' & 'Daisy' and allow God to transport us all to the land of no worries, no hurries and no Cash, no Crypto, no Bitcoin or barter. The kingdom of Heaven is on our plates now, Yes, Now. Love, infinite pure divine love is the one and only 'way, truth, light & love The new currency and the only currency we can 'spend' and get anything is love. Who wants to go? Ok, lets do it this way, who does not want to go? Anyone? Alright, spiritual beings, you have made it and been accepted, we've all just crossed over thThe Sun Raise zone. We, the guy tapping the keypad to the tones of the Rising, album produced by Sir Bruce Springsteen.beings of light and spirit, take your seat and listen to the music. Hear we go (sic)

As 'The Nothing Man' plays in the background....)

7:55 / 8:33

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin - Remastered

Thank you Brian Martens for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

And Live...

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live Video)

Thank you RHINO for sharing on YT.

Thank you Led Zeppelin.

Now, as 'Countin' On A Miracle' plays in the background, let's hold hands in a circle and proclaim that God's Will Is Done Now & forever in all things.

and He is in charge of All Things. When we make a decision know God in us is doing same. We are the eternal and infinite God living in us as us. Congratulations _______

(Your God given name.) welcome to Paradise, now & forever. Now The Song.playing is 'Baby, lets be friends.' )

Bruce Springsteen - Lonesome Day

Thank you BruceSpringsteenVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.

To Be Continued in the morning or when He calls. As 'Meet Me At Mary's Place' plays in background.

Rec & fin.


2:22 p.m.



Alright Guys, If you haven't heard, we lost one of our own the other day. Beloved brother Sib Hashian, original drummer of Boston went with Jesus to Heaven.

When it's our time it's our time. So let's take a few moments here to remember and be grateful for the time God let us have Sib, talent on loan from God - like we

all are, Indeed.

Boston - Peace of Mind

Thank you classicrockonly for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

Guess what beloveds, 'that day' is here, now. Love is the only thing that matters. It's the new currency for a 'Now'

age. We want and need it now, today. We say 'And So It Is' and what we need can manifest in a twinkling. Indeed..

We have retired the Amen with all due respect. It has served us well, but Amen translates to 'so be it' and that does not specify a specific moment for that to manifest. We need God's love Now, not some nebulous time in the future. Now, we are advised to say, silently or out loud 'And so it is.' add a 'In Jesus Name' and we're off to the races as to draw good to us.from the universe.NOW.

Try it you'll like it., we hope. )

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Live - Global Citizen - New York, NY - 2016)

Metallica taking 'Team Oneness' to Church in the Big City.

Thank you Metallica TV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica.

Metallica: Enter Sandman (Live - Global Citizen - New York, NY - 2016)

Thank you MetallicaTV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica.

Kryon "The Great Escape" 2017

Thank you KRYON - Channelling for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon & Lee Carrol.




Jerry,can Paul invite your friends to the flower show in Boston? We're going later today with a group from The Ruby Rogers Center

If you say "Ok" then Everyone in the infinite cosmos' can go, in spirit, Bro. What say you? ) Oh, Awesome, a ) is the green light ok, step this way E v e r y o n e,

if want to go. Oh, there's a guy here, and he's got a name and a guitar and 2 friends. You want to provide a soundtrack, son? Alright, 'Go 4 it' )

Jerry's friend (we're all Jerry's friend guys, even the 'devil', right Chuck? )

This music has been playing in our head since we woke up this morning. Perfect music to attend a flower show ioho )

Bloomfield, Kooper & Stills - Super Session (1968) [Full Album] Prog Blues/Jazz Fusion/Psych Soul..

Thank you Frank Cappa marineveteranm4 for sharing on FB.

Thank You Beloved Masters Mike Bloomfield, Stephen Stills & Al Kooper

Moment in time & space for God's Children to Bloom. Jerry got a smile for us?

Yahoo images.

Thank you Jerry for inspiring us and being the Very essence of 'flower power.' forever. )

Y'all invited to visit and hang out at the grand dovetailing page of this site here:


Yahoo images.

Sincerely, )

Now, back to previous thread...

The Beatles - Come Together

Thank you Nestalgia1 for sharing on YT..

Thank you John Lennon & Crew.


The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

Thank you TheBeatlesVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles.

Ok, who needs to catch up on the new news, some from 15 years ago.

Did you miss it? Catch it Now, if led. )

And why not share some good 'now' news.


Jesus, did the deal go down?


The above 2 links are from this page - tons of 'Good News' here...


And finally a page with good stuff considered essential.




Song of the moment...& forever onward...)

(For the record)

2:07 a.m.

Led Zeppelin - Achilles last stand

Thank you GEARSOFWAR2LOVER23 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.



Boston - Don't Look Back

Thank you BostonVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

Kryon Teaches in Depth How to be in Complete Synchronicity With God

Thank you Modern Galaxy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon & Lee Carroll.

Kryon Reveals Astonishing Truths About the Creation of our Universe and the Life it Contains

Thank you Modern Galaxy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon & Lee Carroll.

Hey Kryon fans, we have been led to start a new Kryon page. If led, here ya's go... )


Ciao for now, guys.

Check out the brand new page dedicated to the Ruby Rogers Center...


P pic.

See thru the color green & be lucky, lucky... )


Hey guys, if you've been here before, you may notice - we've trimmed the fat. The best survives so let's move forward with...

THE MOODY BLUES -- Every Good Boy Deserves Favour -- 1971.wmv

Thank you Esferadevidro for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues ~ Heaven's House Band. )

Remember Guys,

And while we're at it...


Did You get the memo?


Jesus, do You concur Beloved Master of Masters? )




Jesus April 3, 2017 by John Smallman

Being peaceful and relaxed in your daily lives is part of your reason for being human.

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus & John Smallman.


Indeed, ever since Chuck duckwalked 'upstairs' it's been one crescendo after another up there as infinite cosmos' cry out in unbelievable joy, celebration & laughter. All we on the ground here can do is wait until we're beamed up. Heavenly Father says we, Einstein's down here should try to find a trustworthy leader, who can bend and hold moments like nobody's business. We thinks ya need a camera to do that. See, that way there we can offer proof to any 'authorities' that may try to 'rain on our parade' so to speak.

So, who's got the perfect 'time' at perfect Christ temperature? Ok, let's look thru our files. Alright, right on top, we got this Paul fella. He had business at Harvard Medical School to watch some movies but couldn't find the right place, turns out the party he was to meet up with didn't show up anyway bc of the weather. Perfect, P is in right place & moment to turn lost time to prime time w these shots he otherwise would have never captured. Look, here's a couple...)

And we caught the perfect (for that moment) temperature...

Listening to Kryon, He just mentioned 'lamps' as we were just now going And soon we were on our way...

to share, we need a lamp. The aligned life is like 'Living in stereo.' )

Alright, so as the sandman is here, let's just remind ourselves, shall we friends what made us want to come down here and how far along are we

Paul, you're D O N E. Take your base. Ah, excuse me God, I didn't come down here to play baseball. That's not my job. Here's my job, God & You know it.

Our job is to love everyone & everything endlessly.

Time out at 1: 58 p.m. sleep has won... zzzzz


His Will is willing at this moment. It is precisely & exactly 2:11 p.m.

2- the love # 11 The God #

It is April 6 th. and we have another moment to share with you dear ones. here ya go...

P pic.

Yep, we were going for the love # capture, however with having to get rid of the apps, popups that get in the way of capturing the moment-

we got the 'cosmic trigger' # instead. Guess (no we don't guess, we know) God wanted this # for this moment. Indeed. YES.

So a word to all you people out there 'grinding' out an income, God asks WTF are you peeps thinking? Still? At this very late moment in the game of life down here. If you have eyes to read, ears to hear, then why are you not taking action to celebrate the emergence of MY Perfect, Infinitely Perfect. Divine Plan for you? Ther's a new leader in town, same as the old leader.

His self named cosmic name is Farili Triumphio. He came down here as Farili Jagio, according to the records on this site.

The 'gifted one' is here to serve you dear beloveds, so look up from your devices for a moment or 2 and smell some flowers.

That 'money' game? It's over, it's over. Like Flutie, here


Political leadership? You're kidding us, right? Dear Ones we are All Gods every last one of us on plant it earth. No one is more special or carries more weight than any one else. Granted, we have different roles to fill and play. Your instrument, here who goes by Paul, in this lifetime has been here before, rest assured.

It's time to do some homework - visitors to this site. It's Not Paul's work on here, guys, it All Of Us since we are all one. He embodies the 'oneness' consciousness that we are all experiencing when we laugh, when we hurt, when we say 'Not my will is done, Dear God, but Your Will Is done. Yes. Indeed.'

And So It Is . Indeed ~ Forever ~ for we are living in 'forever' moments as this is typed from Source energies, dearones.* (typo stands)

So, Dear Kryon, do you have a specific lecture that would serve this particular discussion, at this moment? We will go and bring one back but they're All amazing, like us, fellow immortal, spiritual being disguised as a regular person walking around down here in Heaven's illusion?

See above for link to The Kryon material shared on this site so far. So much more to come. Be right back...

Here we go...

Kryon Completely Empowers Lightworkers in Their Mission in One of The Most Moving Messages Ever

Thank you ModernGalaxy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon & Lee Carroll.

Hope en-joy. We did. )

Gotta go to work, guys.

Just a song before we go...

P pic

Bob Seger ~ Still The Same.

We don't have to change, Guys, we're all just the way God made us, so we're perfect. Indeed. )

Alright, we're out the door...

Catch ya's later..

Rec & fin for now.

Same day...

3:26 p.m.

p.s. Friends the # 6 has always been a 'business' # for us however that has changed very recently & for us it means 'ever' as in for ever & ever & ever. The business down here is done. Someone please inform the titans of industry & the banksters & all the peeps slaving away to make a buck. There's a new buck in town and he can be seen here:


This is replica of what all our lighthouses look like. guys.

Ok, Thank Ya's for yer attention, if given. on the fly ~ ~ ~



Hey guys, Happy National Beer Day. Who wants to go have a beer?

P pic

Guys God sent this guy to pick ya's up & take you home. He says you've had enough down here.

Meet P your designated driver to infinity, just doing his God appointed job. Hey we can stop for a beer, if want, ok?

We're a little partched, ourselves.


Remember again, Guys...for the road...


Rec & fin

Same day:

4:13 p.m.

Off to work...

Guys, we're never too busy if someone needs a hug. Here ya go...( )


Guess what, guys.

This page is done and we have a new page started over here. Feel free to come & check it out.


Yahoo images.

Rec & fin.


2:50 a.m.

Namaste... )