Heaven's Hall of Fame ~ Beginnings ~ Led Zeppelin 777

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Hello Gods & Goddesses of The One True Divine Ultimate Infinite FatherMother.God Source Creator ALL THAT IS

Well, looks like a lot of the good stuff on this page has been rendered inoperative by the forces of darkness. this page

has had most of the amazing videos stolen in the guize of copyright crappola or the sound muted. This will be fixed, soon,

However, we are far too busy w more pressing matters. Quite frankly - we are tired of playing jack in the box with pictures

and videos.going awol to suit a ridiculous alien agenda, thus depriving the good people of 'plant-it' earth of our well earned 'goodies.'i

The alien agenda has, obviously, taken the heart and soul of the meanie beings that would support taking away these historical

performances for the small, petty, greed controlled corporations. We must stand up and tell them, teach them a better way, really,

the only way to live in peace, love, joy and harmony is in the light and love of God's i.e. Creator's divine wishes. If this resonates with

you - kind, gentle reader, we invite you to ' join the resistance.'. Our collective mission, dear ones is to unite the world, our consciousnesses

and make this beautiful place that some are hell bent on destroying. And for what? Profits? Someone tell someone so it gets eventually to

everyone that money, cash, gold, silver and Bitcoin have no future - where Love is the new and only currency. God's Will reigns on HERHIS

planet, here, dear ones. s the song says, Gome on people, let's get together, let's try to love one anothher and get our acts together. Deal?

So It Is for now.

Rec & fin


3:22 p..m.

October, 2015

Ok, Beloveds, It's time to reveal the 3rd inductee party into Heaven's Hall of Fame.

Drumroll Mr Bonham please?

Awesome, Sir. TY

[edit note] 11/20/15

There was a drumroll there. my dear friends. ) Indeed He works in mysterious ways and we don't

question it, in fact, this, His whole site is built in mysterious ways. Humble scribe, paul or simply p just puts his

fingers on the keyboard and brain to go with it and invites God ~ Source to do His thing and the magic happens,

sometimes more than others but we trust in His Divine perfect plan for all His children and no one is more special

than any other, Indeed.

We trust that drumroll is still there, though quiet, in spirit, spirit whispers; just like Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner

in 2nd reading w Intuitive Consultant Jim Law (ret) at Site Essentials page...


We do consider that as well as the first one as essential to "getting" this, His starsite hangout place.

So, as we say, if led, share this, His site, with your tribe(s) and see what happens, right Jim Morrison?

Indeed, and doors can not help but open to you and your friends. God ~ Source created this world where we all should

accept one another as He created us and our strangeness.

It is written as the chorus of p's family & friends inc Jesus, Jerry, John, Jimi, Dr Peebles and of course, Mom & fam ~ who were

on those readings and legions more are watching God's work right here now in the situation room, yep, the world's other situation room.

The one where the spirits of love, light, mercy & compassion and awesome music are welcome and come and meet in joy & celebration.

And So It Is.

Rec. 11/20/15

fin. 5:57 p.m.

Who else, Dear Ones but The HAMMER of The Gods Band~


Led Zep is (in order of the picture:)

John Paul Jones ~ John Bonham ~ Jimmy Page & Robert Plant.

Yes, indeed, folks It Is Really Time To Fly

If led, please share this awesome news and read on and listen to some incredible

music. Did we mention, Have Fun? Love on... p & co at your service.

Google images - all.

Greetings Gods and Goddesses on the way up. )

The time of His Children to come home has finally arrived..

Can you believe it? If seeing is believing then just look up as the ships

orbiting Terra ~ Planet Mother Earth will be more and more visible.

Consider yourselves in the 5th dimension, beloveds as humanity's collective vibration is in the end of times zone.

Congratulations Sons & Daughters of divine, infinite, eternal love & light.

So many of you have taken the hand of the world's Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ aka Lord Sananda in the higher realms. It is harvest time. God will be taking no prisoners. No one is left behind. The hard, very, very hard game board has run its course.

The dark volunteers have pushed the volunteers of the light Way over the finish line.

All of us have erred and he who is without sin step forward and cast the first stone. Exactly.

At this point everyone needs a good hug. Scientists have discovered that hugs have positive health

benefits that can actually be measured. A good hug should last at least 20 - 22 seconds. 22 ~ the love number,

indeed. Here's a hug ( )



Addendum: Did we mention that a 23 second hug can be absolutely cosmic? 23 of course being the cosmic trigger #

Watch as Kevin & Paul embrace for 45 seconds. This is 4 you humanity. Kevin, by proxy, and against all odds, shares

Your hug, Sonny & Daisy. Here we go... )


The above also shared here...


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You can also visit the Site Essentials page on this site and listen to the first reading P had with Jim Law

where Paul got a hug from Jesus. That can be shared with each and every one of you, beloveds so

take advantage, if led, indeed. What, you want/need a hug with/from Jesus and you want it now? We hear you, ok here ya go w proxy Paul; En~joy )


Google imsges.

Those in a real hurry fast forward (though it may not be easy) to 42:07 So, if led to share the 'goods' we can all blossom and

let our love & light ripple (nod to Jerry ) out to infinity where all the awesomeness, in every way - which is our birthright, is just waiting for us all.

And So It Is.

This reading is shared in context here...


Oh, and when you get a chance you may want to check out a little treatise p wrote a few years ago on Rock & roll

that features these guys. It's on the mission statement page, our collective mission statement page.. Hope ya's enjoy. )


Oahu Beach Sunrise, Heaven on Earth

Yahoo images.

Ok, let's find out a little about our featured artists here. A little band from the UK called LED ZEPPELIN.

HAMMER of The Gods, Indeed. )

We say it again because they so live up to that description



Thank you OriGam! forsharing on YT.

Thanks to all involved with this documentary.

Thank you Treblle clef for sharing on YT.

Thanks to all involved with this documentary.

All google images.

Led Zeppelin music delivers.

Thank you Jimmy, Robert, John Paul & John. and a big shout out to Jason.

Thank You Bro's. )

More BS:

This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.

Another one who thinks he owns God's music. SMH.

More BS:

This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.

Now added 2/2/20

Led Zeppelin – No Quarter [1975/05/24 @ London, England]

Thank you Led Zeppelin Archives for sharing on Yt.



Thank You Robert Jimmy John Paul & John in spirit Led Zeppelin. Well deserving of all the acolades here.

Thank you 2 awl who participated. Special 'Shout out' 2 Jason & Heart et al <3 ) ) ) ) ) 4 the eternal adventure Now 2 4 ever... )

Thank You Led Zeppelin A true Golden God & The Emperor of Plant~it Earth, indeed.


Just another appreciative fan on the way up. p )

Thank you Led Zeppelin for delivering the 'goods' to us, for feeding us

nourishment from the Gods, Indeed. Thanks to all the sons & daughters,

all my brothers & sisters for being here for this unfolding grand adventure

Happy trails filled with divine, infinite perfect love. IJN.

And So It Is, Now, Indeed.

p & co.

Addendum 10/19/15

2:00 a.m.


p & co & humanity.

TYJ. & God. )

One more...

Thank You Led Zeppelin.



4:11 a.m.

A moment for the greatest song in the history of Rock & Roll.

Thank you Led Zeppelin for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin from All your fans, i.e. Everyone & Everything. )

And to all who upload these videos ~ Thank you!

Where to from here? He recommends this page were we can be all as one on it. )


Thank You All & God Bless. )

---And have a nice forever )

Namaste. )

And speaking of smiles )

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Both Google images Disguised as cats. we're not fooled, guys. lol

Thank You Led Zeppelin and All who love them. Paul, does that leave anyone out?

We doubt it my dear friend, in fact we hope not bc they don't know what they're missing. )

Thank You & have a nice forever Jimmy, Robert, John Paul and John ~ Led Zeppelin w a Giant "Shout out & Thanks" to Jason! )

And So It Is. )



Alright, this page was/is a trip but where do we go from here? There's got to be a place to go to really get a proper celebration on, right scribe P?

Indeed and Thank you for asking, Lucky. Here is a place we can recommend, dear ones, tell 'em Led Zeppelin sent you. Ok? En-joy )


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The Risen Christ

Namaste. )