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Greetings & Welcome All to an Aerosmith Appreciation page here  at His Earth Party Now celebration site.

At precisely 10:16 a.m. this wondrous, glorious & loving day of 1/4/16 we looked at the clock & thought, 'time for Aerosmith.'  (Finally)

A special "Shout Out" to the Lead Mouth Himself, Mr Steven Tyler.  Inviting You Guys right here, right now today to lunch, maybe whale watching, and 
if you want, Gillette*. If it be so, our peeps, please do the arrangements.  TY.  )

Update: Now 12/20/18  * has to be 'Upstairs,' or on the 'Good Ship Infinity;'  Too much traffic down here.  The rest still on the table, guys.  )
Notice 2 more 7's 4 Aerosmith.  Way to go, guys.  bringing 'the goods' 2 the people, worldwide.  Url to share this site is:   Thank  You Very Much, Indeed.  ) ) ) 

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The Man, The Mouth, The Future.  Dream & Rock on forever in the field of God  & Christ & spirit dear beloved  beloveds... )
And so it is now, IJN

12/21/18  If you would like to share this rejuvenated page, here's the new Url  TYVM.  )

Let's find out a little about our dear friends who collectively call themselves Aerosmith, shall we?  Yes.

Official starsite:

Thank you AerosmithVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Aerosmith  & Appreciative Audience, i.e.  All of us.,  Ty,  indeed.  ) ( This vid coming in at the exact  angel appointed time of 444.  Perfect.  )

The song that says it all, Indeed.  Carry on, all.   )

To be continued, God willing. )


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Mr Steven Tyler.

(Awesome gazing picture.)

Update:  Happy Birthday, Mr Steven Tyler.
paut has a date with Superman & Batman today, so he does not have the spare moments 2 fill this up.  The rich guy's been sooo busy doing His work.
Shout out 2 The Ruby  Rogers Center, Union Sq, Somerville for arranging this Batman & Superman event.
Good things come in 3.  Hmmm Batman, Superman,   Steven Tyler?   Who else can say  Bingo!!.  I can  God & Jesus.  Who are u?  They call  me the breeze
& I also go by THR.  Yes, The Human Race.  I showed  up, on time.  Played my part, & now, all I wanna  do is have some 'Fun."  What a concept.  Ok, more news as He develops it, cuz, dear ones 'All  that Is' ~ Is in His house, this  is His show, indeed. & we  are 'the actors.'  Smile, smile, smile.  There's nothing else  we can do. 'cept B Grateful.

Rec see Hiis blog you wayward sons &  daughters.  )

Later,   )

10:42 a.m.

Greetings all  on  another totally  awesome day in the ~ His~  neighborhood.  Did U know Rock & Roll is swallowing galaxies whole & not spitting them out? ~ just transforming them  and saying to each one:  Hey you, who are you?  Wanna play on our team?  We aren't the best at what we do, we're the only ones who do what we do.  We are Uncle John's Band from planet of the Father of All That Is, aka Saturn;  & we're about 2 go 2 Disneyland/world/galaxie there.  Ol' Walt has everything awesomely ready 4 us.  p's been there in a dream decades ago.  All minds will B blown, in a  good way. 

paul, will there B music there?  My dear friend, that's like  asking will there be air 2 breathe.  Actually, spirits, which is what we are, at our core, don't need oxygen, we live on love, which is Him, God, The Infinite ALL THAT IS.  aka The Ultimate divine, Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Divine Source, The One Ultimate Divine ~ Divine Ultimate, The Creator of ALL THAT IS & ALL THAT ISN'T.  The Ultimate Lover of ALL CREATION.  ~ INDEED.  And Ya's can take All That 2 The Little pup typing this, i.e. taking dictation, naked at hie Gateway computer.  He  will smile & say, who me?  Ha, ha he he he.  Hey wait, the music's stopped waaaagh waghhh.  Ok. music, 'the cavalry' on the  way now. on now.  Let's get this one on, it's 7' 16'' long & we want 2 Thank Carter Alan of  God's radio station, 100.7  WZLX  Boston's Cllassic  Rock, the best in the country ioho, 4 playing the official recorded masterpiece  of this song.  Here's live version & 'Out of the park' version 4 us,  so  'tuin it up.' 'toin it up'.  & 'Thank you.'

 Thank u  TurnItUp 4 sharing on YT.
Thank You  Aerosmith 4 'Hitting It Out of The Park' 4 All of Us.  Now, who wants 2 go to Disney ~ Saturn?  
Btw, this also goes out 2 Boston Bruins Coach Mr Claude Julien (winningest coach in Bruins history- just awarded tickets 2 Disneyworld.)  & The players  inc The 'Bruins Legends.'  
oh, oh, look what u started  here, p, now we gotta invite the Red Sox & The Celtics, The Patriots, not 2 mention The Revolution.
True, might as well invite everyone & their pets as well.  That's y o u gentle  reader.  )

Alright, can y'all see where this lucky ~ rocky mountain way is going?  Ok, so, from now on, it's a  Free Omniverse & we can 'jump' start it with a simple, 'Yes,' esp if you're a believer.  Say 'Yes" right now.  As 'uneasy rider' by Charlie Daniels just started on one of paul's tapes.  Who else  thinks God's children 'R'  in 4 Real 'good' moments   ~  going  4 ward in infinite, never ending, non nebulous,  as 'White Room' by Cream plays on another p tape )  living 4 ever young, say @ 30, ok?  

This is His, glorious, wondrous Loving gift offer 2 us, dear beloveds in Christ.  What say we?  Are we 'All~ IN'  as One?
 Awesome, 4  that Is the word 2 end all words re His goodness 4 us all.  Indeed,& So It Is written, Now, This glorious, wondrous, beauteous & loving day.
A day that 'History" was made.

 More around the next bend,   His Will willing, however first...

Thank yousueellen360 4 sharing onYT.

Thank You Aerosmith 4 teaching us how it's done.  From yer fans ~ Everyone.  Rock on Gods & Goddesses ~ ~  ~ each & every one of us.*   )
* lower case 4 our modesty, humbleness & equality of beingness.

One more 4 the  road...

Thank you Justin Duarte  4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Aerosmith 4 hot wind  in our sails,  Steven, Joe, Brad, Tom & Joey.  We'll  all see each others around.  Right everyone?  

Oh ok,  wait a sec

Thank you AerosmithVEVE 4 sharing onYT.

Thanks Again Aerosmith, p has some cosmic Far Flung Bus cards  4 ya's.  Have yer people call paul's people.  ha, ha p still doesn't have 'people'  Oh , well.  ).

Ciao 4 Now... )

Rec & fin

12:52 p.m.

Back 2 the party 4 a bit.

Thank you aerosmithVEVO 4 sharing on YT.

Think anything can stop this Rock & Roll Train?  we doubt it.  )

Off 2 work.  2:15 p.m. out.

12/20/18  Wow, 33 months later according to our calculations. From March 2016 = 9 months,  2017 = 12 months + here in 2018 in 12th month Add em up = 33.
The Christ # if someone doesn't know.  Awesomely amazing how God works.  And the reason we're here today my dear friends, is bc Paul had a dream this morning and it involved one Mr Joe Perry, lead guitarist for Aerosmith and a solo performer, as well as being The Pride of Hopedale, Ma where he was born.  )  

What was the dream like, Paul?  It was awesome Daisy and Lucky.  God had us each place our index fingers close and making a soul connection.  To us, i.e. the multi-dimensional being Paul, it was a ratifying dream that this is surely a major part of God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan, as anything less than the ultimate best will not cut the mustard, in the long run.  Here's evidence re this true, not made up, not a hoax or a scam.  Paul and Joe are Real deals, guys. 
Hey Joe, wanna go on a Real permanent vacation, say to 'wonderland?'  

God has one... on Saturn, you know - the ringed planet?.  We've been there in a dream and Ol' Walt and the Company of Heaven - can't wait for the cosmic cast and crew of the  'Good Ship Infinity,' holding the beautiful 'tiny blue pearl' named Urantia, and other names like Christa Gaia, Terra, Mother Earth and yes, 'Hey you.'  Seriously.  This is what we are heirs to immortal spiritual beings, Daughters and Sons )  of the most high. We are home now, at last. Thank God.  IJN.  <3 
So smile everyone, we've all made it.  So Praise and Thank God, Thank Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, and Thank the humble Rock stars that we all are w/o exception.  

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P pics.

Hey Joe, see that card right there?  That'a Yours, my dear friend, That, along with a Christmas card is yours for the accepting, preferably,  over lunch, soon.  Have your people contact my people and let's 'Go for it' getting  the 'real' - non illusionary show on the road. As synchronicity just had us hear those 'go for it' words in a reading we're listening to, at the moment.  

Here, anyone want to hear this?  First time sharing this as had trouble getting it up online.  Perfect timing is God, always.  Hope en-joy... )

Now, later this same day of 12/22/18  The love day of the month.  That reading does not want to come up yet, guys. Spirit tells scribe start with these 2 readings that will bring peeps 'up to speed'  That's one of Ashtar's favourites  )  So, even though these 2 have been shared many times throughout the sites, here they are again esp for this 'A' site page featuring a most Worthy group to follow the Deadheads and the merged with 'Parrotheads.'  now, in divine order as per Creator's perfect, infinitely perfect perfect plan, we  we have the Aerosmith Flock of Fam and Friends and Fans falling in fan-tastici processional fashion = thru the Gates of Heaven. It Is So Now declared, decreed and invoked... a 'Free For All' Heaven in Heaven as the Grande Expansion occurs enveloping the good earth and All the 
stuff' that makes up all of Infinite Father's Far Flung Creation. w Mother's .........(adjective) ) grace and approval.  Have we not told you guys of The One God's strange, mystifying ways, esp in song?  i.e. His surprises, (No pranks, not His style)  His meandering, sometimes 'funny' ways.  His humour, (sometimes 'picking' on peeps weir appropriate ) not to mention His Infinite divine perfect Love.  This alone makes Everything we, HisHer Star-lings have gone thru seem tiny, however not insignificant.  We have each earned our place in Heaven; whether it be next to His throne or at the farthest 'outhouse,' so to speak.  We're in, we made it, dear ones.  No body, person, entity or 'thing' has been left out or to 'chance.'  As the song* says, 'we never had a chance of losing at all.*  

*This give us an opening to share this song, which certainly belongs here on this front and center page that the others may follow, as living, breathing 'things' that they are. Indeed, so here, boys and girls, sons and daughters of the light, our favourite video.  En joy, guys. not 'hoping' anymore.  )

Pat Benatar - We Live For Love (Live)

Thank you PatBenatarVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You God,  Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo and Band and Fans ~ Everyone.  <3  )

In closing, remember, fellow immortal spiritual beings, on the way up...we are all, happily God's  'works in progress;'  )  None of us are 'done.'  not by a long sling shot of love.  This, need we say, Is a Very good thing.  In fact, we suspect God will NEVER  be 'done' with us,  We're too much FUN,  guys.  <3  )
Fun, The New and final frontier for All God's Chill- dren to explore.  What a divine, sweet, loving, perfect plan, Everyone.

 Everyone, even the trees and the leaves, not to mention the hairs on our heads have a name attached to it (Ref The Urantia Material)  by the Omni Loving, All Knowing Omniscient Creator God.  The ALL THAT IS AND ISN'T. ~  Supreme "I AM THAT I AM"  is HISHER Name HeShe goes by , just so You know, Humanity or humanity, (Our collective name.) 

Now, while you're here, hear this, weary travelers, if led.  If heard b4, hear it again for the first time, God says.    Thank You The Great 'telephone line'  Michael Ellegion for bringing this 'good news stuff thru.  )   With Large THank You's to, in order of appearance,. Great Intuitive Consultant James Law,  The Grand Spirit, Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jesus. A Big hug for all that hear this  ( 7 )   )  )  )

Coming soon, another one, from January, 2009.  stay tuned

Finally figured a way to get this reading up.  So check this one out, guys, if led. Thank you.    Thank You God and Leslee Jo Klinsky and the Akashic record keepers.  <3  )

Once again Thank You Aerosmith, the good bad boys of Boston.  You've done God and us all proud, guys.  We're looking forward to that Permanent Vacation.

God know, HeShe is ready when we are human beings, born music lovers of all genres.  We rockers can't wait.  God take us Up Yesterday, Please God.  <3  )

Thank you Bro Paul for what you've done with the place.  My pleasure, guys.  All in a daze work.  ) 
Where we supposed to go to next, boss?
Nobody is any one else's boss, Ross.  You are da boss.  Where you go and what you do is your own divine prerogative.  We suggest just letting spirit take you on a tour.  This site pages or over at 

Yahoo images.

or some other site.  God knows there's tons of good stuff on   esp since all commercials, hope-fully, will be turned off sooner or later. We do hope that if you're a 'gamer' you might find better ways to spend your time.  One other thing, Smokers out there.  The Earth is many things to us all.  One thing She Is Not and will Never be... is Your ashtray.  Clean up after yerselves Please if you absolutely must smoke.  We're talking about the tobacco entity here, folks and Not Mary wanna. Lord knows there's no filter left with Mother naure. Thank you very much.

End of 12/22/18 transmission.  Moment marked at 4:35 p.m.  Cheers.  )


Ok, guys, Greetings one and all from the Heart of the light.  Spirit is inviting us all to a place all prepared and waiting for its flock of  Far Flung guests.  The Friends, lovers, and seekers of God.  Every one of us a 'work in progress'  None of us are 'done.'  Like the Vikings who discovered the 'new world' we're only just beginning to try to scratch the surface of God's Total Awesomeness. We reckon that will take forever, my dear friends, so why fight it or fuss over who's path is better?  Our all connected to each other, intertwined path is the 'team oneness' path and we're All on it, like it or not. 

If this makes sense to any of you, kindly raise your voice, if you're lucky enough to have vocal chords that work, and shout.  "And So It Is'  This brings the expression to God's table~ throne 'Now.'  The old Amen was fine and had it's time, dear ones, however in Hebrew it does translate to 'So Be It."  Ok, so is that now, or next Tuesday or next year?  We must be precise, positive and humble with our requests, my dear friends, and say to God... God, I need this blessing Now, if not last month, when my rent was due, or asap, if it Be Your Will, Dear God, Let it Be So.  'In Jesus Name.'  (for The Great Power, like wind to deliver it,)

Remember also, class that someone is listening when you have doubts or speak bad of others or are just not being a good soldier, our all powerful subconscious mind, our 'Innate' is listening, ready to do it's part, like if we say , esp out loud,  ahh, another lousy day at work, God I H*** this job. (we choose to not have that word in our vocabulary)  Instead try saying something like... You know what.  This job has been great for me.  I've met some amazing people and it's allowed me pay my bills, and Now, Thank God, I'm ready to move on.  I will let God, in His or HISHer  (God, of course is androgynous, & His is ok for grammatical economy.  Correct God?  ) guide me. 

I will look for the signs and synchronicities that may give me clues re the best way to go, knowing and whole heartedly accepting that God loves me and only wants the best for HisHer beloved children, of which I Am One. This is something worth celebrating and not keeping to myself, esp out of fear what other's may think of me.  I resolve to be a 'warrior of the light of truth' for that is what I see in the mirroe when I look.  I see magnificent perfection regardless of any battle scars or seeming 'imperfections. ' I Am That I Am' and That's good enough for God, who cares what anyone else thinks.  That's their problem if they have a problem.. I stand in the light and promise of God, in alliance with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. And So It Is. 

So, in going to the site page prepared... You may think of it as a boom- erang effect.  If curious, it won't kill you, we promise;  and our promises are good, ask my Mom, right Mom?  'Don't hesitate,'  Mom says.  TY Mom.  <3  )

So, cats and dogs and people of all stripes and colours, click on and find yerselves here  www.HeavenonEarthLaunch777  
'Celebrate,' Humanity -  It's Heaven on Earth time. We had the official moment this morning at 11:22 a.m.  but w the necessary housekeeping we're rolling it out now.  Hope Ya's all en-joy the eternal ride and don't forget to 'tip the driver' who got you here. God says. 

Thank You God with the new, now love currency, may we just return the planet to common sense, living, learning, loving and laughing under one Awesome God. Humanity, let's not fight about it, it's not worth the energy of a debate.It's time we be One grateful world and recognize One Christ like leader who is Jesus Christ.  The Utimate 'One for All and All for One leader, chosen by God for the job. God, in HIs infinite wisdom, sent His only begotten Son down here to this troubled world to do His work.  He sent Jesus so that all may have and thrive in eternal love, harmony, happiness, joy and Gratitude forever.  Any questions?

 Good.  We gotta go out for a walk guys.  It's raining, that means its a beautiful day for the flowers and the trees and all of us to bloom.  Ciao for now. and share what we have with our friends, neighbors w/o borders,and our friends upstairs, who make no mistake, as if we could, are 'works in progress' too, right Ashtar?  Absolutely Paul, Lord Triumphio Farili Jagio.  Wow, You slipped that in here, my dear friend.   <3  Please Ashtar and Athena and Crew, join us for dinner, later.  We got a can of spaghetti to open (Paul is an excellent cook.) and we'll have some Far flung music - just 4 All Team Oneness. Here we'll put a song here now 
4 Ya's, One and All.  Hope en-joy  Oh, and Turn it Up!  <3  )

Aerosmith - Walk This Way (from You Gotta Move)

Thank you Aerosmith for sharing on YT.

Thank You God and Thank You Aerosmith.  OMG  Can you guys believe this is the first time, Paul has seen this?
12/23/18 Ed Note: We somehow missed that this was placed above in 2016.  We really didn't remember this but this does demonstrate the humanness of Mr Paul and also God messing with him a bit.  Just sharing.  Now back to the thread... ) 
True.  God has tons of surprises in store for us, folks.  Prepare to be 'bedazzled'  forever.  Live, love, laugh and pray once in a while.  Not just when the creek rises, dearGrateful Dead - U.S. Blues - 10/29/80 - Radio City Music Hall (OFFICIAL) ones, is our sage advice for the day and every day.  Hey, we're in one now... what are you doing with yours?  Hope you're having a wonderful one and en-joying fruits of your labor, we sure are.  We get paid in love, overflowing infinite love.  Good thing we learned to swim, not to mention duck, right Uncle Jerry w a song for the celebration.   )

  Grateful Dead - U.S. Blues - 10/29/80 - Radio City Music Hall (OFFICIAL)

Thank you Music Vault for sharing on YT.

Thank You God and The Grateful Dead  <3  )

Alright Guys, who wants to make our own synchronicity? It's easy.  Let's see, it's raining and we want to walk down to the neighborhood grocery store on th ecorner heading towards the Neck and Germantown.  So we shared this on FB the other day, and wouldn't it fit in here pefectlly esp after doing some yeomen's work for God.  So sit back, relax, everything is well and only gonna get weller..  Maybe raise a glass, in Gratitude, and 'Thank You God 4 Giving' so abundantly and generously, not asking for anything in return but our love. So, peeps, are we alone, or do U2 have some Big love to Give back to God, Creator of Heaven and Earth and All the Other Blessings we All have yet to discover in Our Closer Walk w Thee, who Is us living in us as us.  And So It Is.

Here' the 3 rd song sung and played by the Awesome Gene Kelly.  En - Joy... )

Singing In The Rain - Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly) [HD Widescreen]

Thank you lbarnard86 for sharing on YT.

Thank You God and Gene Kelly and Everyone who contributed to this Wonder full ness... <3  )
Insert over...Now back to the previous thread 
 If no other place comes to mind then go to our rec Happily Ever After' page here and say 'Hey' to Nanci.  

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Or Ya's can go here and experience some Heaven on Earth forever.

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Nantasket, Hull, Ma  USA

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Namaste.   )