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Greetings & Welcome All to an Aerosmith Appreciation page here  at His Earth Party Now celebration site.

At precisely 10:16 a.m. this wondrous, glorious & loving day of 1/4/16 we looked at the clock & thought, 'tiime for Aerosmith.'  (Finally)

A special "Shout Out" to the Lead Mouth Himself, Mr Steven Tyler.  Inviting You Guys right here, right now today to lunch, whale watching and 
if you want, Gillette. If it be so, our peeps, please do the arrangements.  TY.  )

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The Man, The Mouth, The Future.  Dream & Rock on forever in the field of God  & Christ & spirit dear beloved  beloveds... )
And so it is now, IJN

Let's find out a little about our dear friends who collectively call themselves Aerosmith, shall we?  Yes.

Official starsite:

Thank you AerosmithVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Aerosmith  & Appreciative Audience, i.e.  All of us.,  Ty,  indeed.  )

The song that says it all, Indeed.  Carry on, all.   )

To be continued, God willing. )


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Mr Steven Tyler.

(Awesome gazing picture.)

Update:  Happy Birthday, Mr Steven Tyler.
paut has a date with Superman & Batman today, so he does not have the spare moments 2 fill this up.  The rich guy's been sooo busy doing His work.
Shout out 2 The Ruby  Rogers Center, Union Sq, Somerville for arranging this Batman & Superman event.
Good things come in 3.  Hmmm Batman, Superman,   Steven Tyler?   Who else can say  Bingo!!.  I can  God & Jesus.  Who are u?  They call  me the breeze
& I also go by THR.  Yes, The Human Race.  I showed  up, on time.  Played my part, & now, all I wanna  do is have some 'Fun."  What a concept.  Ok, more news as He develops it, cuz, dear ones 'All  that Is' ~ Is in His house, this  is His show, indeed. & we  are 'the actors.'  Smile, smile, smile.  There's nothing else  we can do. 'cept B Grateful.

Rec see Hiis blog you wayward sons &  daughters.  )

Later,   )

10:42 a.m.

Greetings all  on  another totally  awesome day in the ~ His~  neighborhood.  Did U know Rock & Roll is swallowing galaxies whole & not spitting them out? ~ just transforming them  and saying to each one:  Hey you, who are you?  Wanna play on our team?  We aren't the best at what we do, we're the only ones who do what we do.  We are Uncle John's Band from planet of the Father of All That Is, aka Saturn;  & we're about 2 go 2 Disneyland/world/galaxie there.  Ol' Walt has everything awesomely ready 4 us.  p's been there in a dream from decades ago.  All minds will B blown, in a  good way. 

paul, will thereB music there?  My dear friiend, that's like  asking will there be air 2 breathe.  Actually, spirits, which is what we are, at our core, don't need oxygen,
we live on love, whhch is Him, God, The Infinite ALL THAT IS.  aka The Ultimate divine, Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Divine Prime Source, The One Ultimate DivineDivine Ultimate, The Creator of ALL THAT IS & ALL THAT ISN'T.  The Ultimate Lover of ALL CREATION.  ~ INDEED.  And Yaa's can takeAll That 2 The Little pup typing this, i.e. taking dictation , naked at hie Gateway computer.  He  will smile & say, who me?  Ha, ha he he he.  Hey wait, the music's stopped waaaagh waghhh.  Ok. music, 'the calvary' on the  way now. on now.  Let's get this one on, it's 7' 16'' long & we want 2 Thank Carter Alan of  God's radio station, 100.7  WZLX  Boston's Cllassic  Rock, the best in the country ioho, 4 playing the officialrecorded masterpiece  of this song.  Here's live version & 'Out ofthe park' version 4 us,  so  'tpin it up.' toin it up.  & Thanks.  "

 Thank u  TurnItUp 4 sharing on YT.
Thank You  Aerosmith 4 'Hitting It Out of The Park' 4 All of Us.  Now, who wants 2 go to Disney ~ Saturn?  
Btw, this also goes out 2 Boston Bruins Coach Mr Claude Julien (winningest coach in Bruins history- just awarded tickets 2 Disneyworld.)  & The players  inc The 'Bruins Legends.'  
oh, oh, look what u started  here, p, now we gotta invite the Red Sox & The Celtics, The Patriots, not 2 mention The Revolution.
True, might as well invite everyone & their pets as well.  That's y o u gentle  reader.  )

Alright, can y'all see where this lucky ~ rocky mountain way is going?  Ok, so, from now on, it's a  Free Omniverse & we can 'jump' start it with a simple, 'Yes,' esp if you're a believer.  Say 'Yes" right now.  As 'uneasy rider' by Charlie Daniels just started on one of paul's tapes.  Who else  thinks God's children 'R'  in 4 Real 'good' moments   ~  going  4 ward in infinite, never ending, non nebulous,  as 'White Room' by Cream plays on another p tape )  living 4 ever young, say @ 30, ok?  

This is His, glorious, wondrous Loving gift offer 2 us, dear beloveds in Christ.  What say we?  Are we 'All~ IN'  as One?
 Awesome, 4  that Is the word 2 end all words re His goodness 4 us all.  Indeed,& So It Is written, Now, This glorious, wondrous, beauteous & loving day.
A day that 'History" was made.

 More around the next bend,   His Will willing, however first...

Thank yousueellen360 4 sharing onYT.

Thank You Aerosmith 4 teaching us how it's done.  From yer fans ~ Everyone.  Rock on Gods & Goddesses ~ ~  ~ each & every one of us.*   )
* lower case 4 our modesty, humbleness & equality of beingness.

One more 4 the  road...

Thank you Justin Duarte  4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Aerosmith 4 hot wind  in our sails,  Steven, Joe, Brad, Tom & Joey.  We'll  all see each others around.  Right everyone?  

Oh ok,  wait a sec

Thank you AerosmithVEVE 4 sharing onYT.

Thanks Again Aerosmith, p has some cosmic Far Flung Bus cards  4 ya's.  Have yer people call paul's people.  ha, ha p still doesn't have 'people'  Oh , well.  ).

Ciao 4 Now... )

Rec & fin

12:52 p.m.

Back 2 the party 4 a bit.

Thank you aerosmithVEVO 4 sharing on YT.

Think anything can stop this Rock & Roll Train?  we doubt it.  )

Off 2 work.  2:15 p.m. out.