Love & Music ~ The Wind In our Sails II 777

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Greetings dear daughters & sons of His infinite light. Welcome to the 2nd page of 'His 'Wind In Our Sails' sharing.

The first page was an awesome success and we have every expectation that this will be as well. Remember sharing is caring so if you want to help us save the world, please, just do your part. we are here to uplift humanity. There is no limit to where His infinite love can take us and we let the music do the talking, for the most part.

So, let us start off with a legendary Band from Seattle, Washington... Ladies & Gentlemen ~ Heart.

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Here's a little bit about our featured artists...

Wikipediia on Heart...

Heart's Starsite...

The music is magic, so let's start it off Magic Man...

Thank you Fritz5151 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Heart.

Thank you {[(A-Quad)]} for sharing on YT.

Thank You Heart

Alright dear friends, are we all ready to experience one of the greatest moments in Rock history? Here we go...

Thank you Don Jack for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ann & Nancy Wilson, Heart & Jason Bonham. Shout out to Robert, Jimmy, John Paul & John in spirit. )

All invited to gaze with Ann & Nancy here, if led...

Ed note: Notifications were sent out to the Heart camp at moments this was first shared.

Ok, that's it for now, folks. Hope you all have enjoyed this.

Ciao for now... )

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The url for the first 'Sails' page is:

Ok, Folks, if you're looking for today's artist sharing, it will be later prob after 3 or when we get back. Off to work, see what we just finished here

ok, shall we begin, we're already late for the sky so no biggie. Here we begin...)



'Greetings Folks, welcome to His sharing of awesome stuff here, at His wind in our sails II page

The featured artist for today 7 forever is Mr Jackson Browne. Thank you Bro Jackson for being here & doing your job so awesomely well, our dear friend. )

p please share your memory of seeing Jackson in concert back when he was just emerging on the scene. Absolutely God, way 'back in the day' somehow someone in our house heard that Joni Mitchell was playing on campus at a college in Louisiana. It may have been Baton Rouge but we can't say for sure all these years later.

So, Nanci, a friend- Dan & yours truly get in the car and set out from Coral Gables, Fl to Louisiana for the show. Was that too long a drive to see Joni? You're kidding, right? It was so worth the drive ~ she was absolutely ethereal, no other word could describe her angelic voice. So, Joni's opening act was this young kid named Jackson Browne, and he was great - with a batch of fine songs already. So, it was a memorable night. That was the only time we got to see Jackson.

Nanci & i saw Joni many years later at The Orpheum Theatre in Boston. A wonderful concert as well. So, Jackson & Joni Thanks for the memories. )

So, are we ready for the Jackson Browne experience? Btw folks, just because an artist or any picture you have of a loved one, try gazing at it & allow spirit to do its thing. So if you feel led to gaze at these Jackson pictures, let spirit do its thing. Obviously, we would love to have Jackson as an official gazer, so this is like - as Ashtar would say, not literaly, 'killing 2 birds with one stone" ) we knew you'd like that, Ashtar...) However lest anyone think we are into allowing animal cruelty, we assure one & all that such is not the case. we have another, better one... 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' Includes the animal kingdom. Ok, let's get on w it. Ladies & gentlemen ~ Jackson Browne

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Mr Jackson Browne

Thank you TransatlanticMoments foor sharing on YT.

Thank You Jackson Browne & Company

Ok folks here's Jackson with some mutual friends to all of us.

Thank you Zarastro for sharing on YT.

Thanks Jackson & David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash. ~ 4 strong winds w a 'shout out' to Neil Young...)

These Days we're living in, Thank God we have a man like Jackson Browne to help us, thru Spirit's heart ~ the music.

Thank you fruggiero61's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Jackson Browne

This going out to all the people involved in the Orlando massacre; we share in mourning your loss & suffering.

God's love will pull us all through.

Trust His plan.

Thank you nutbrook for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Jackson Browne, Daviid Lindley & Co.

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Thank you sallybiter for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow & David Crosby. )

Just another little sharing...for what it's worth...



Greetings fellow 'ground crew' immortal spiritual beings. Remember, dear ones, it is up to us to create the life we want to live though sometimes

we find ourselves in the grip of a world full of hate & violence. It's up to us to say No. That's not what I want to see in my world. So let's find a way

and we'll call it love. With love which is God, we know we're on the right path. Looks like a lot of the world still need to be led out of the maya and into

the truth that we are all one - in the long run God has a plan and a destiny for all His children.

Today's featured artist is known for his God given writing & talented musicianship. He's no stranger to this/His site. Will we all welcome, please

Mr Dan


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Mr Dan Fogelberg

Thank you Lozleo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg

Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT.

Thanks Dan.

To be continued as sleep can't wait; later eagles zzzzzzzzzzzz )

Alright, the steward of our site. ('our' now stands for everyone as this is everyone's personal site as we are 'one' in the love of the great central sun, now come to earth to shine like ) as john lennon & The Beatles sing 'Revolution.' and now Don't Fear The Reaper by paul's buddies ~ Blue Oyster Cult. SOOO proud of Buck, Eric, Alan et al This part of 'Perfect 10 by Mike Buckley of Lakeville The tsunami of love & Rock & roll is surging forth - friends, as Joe Walsh sings 'Life's Been Good' paul doing the play by play wherever we're working at the moment as God sends the wind in our sails. Just think, folks, if we let it we have eternity to love the music which Is God and the infinite moments ahead of us to shine our own light & love to ALL THAT IS. There';s no more hiding, dear ones. He created us as shining stars, meant to shine. As 'Shooting Star' by Bad Company now plays in background.

Ok, Dan, what song do you & God want placed here. p goes to YT, be right back, folks...

Love the humble photo, the comments on this & the perfect recording Dan made sure was perfect - working w God. Indeed. En-joy )

Thank you nyjosher's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg.

If Dan's music were a vehicle, we dare say it would look something like this...

Hop in and as The Cars would sing 'Let's Go' right Ben Orr? See & gaze w Ben at

He's waiting fer ya's, if led. p recommends making Jesus/Sananda your first stop, though. See, He not only has the wheel,

He is the wheel; in case you didn't know. )

Here's a perfect example of what He has in His infinite mind for us, folks. we were expecting to put here p's /God's car 'quicksilver'

however this is what showed up. Can we dig it? In other words, folks, His plan for us vs our plan blows ours right out of the water. )


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Sons & Daughters of Infinity's ride. It's got all the latest 'Bells & Whistles' folks. we'll name it Quicksilver II

(As Ozzy Osbourne Rocks 'Crazy Train' on ZLX )

If you are not having any 'luck' on the road you're on, He invites ya's to try the road yer humble servant is on.

Btw he does pick up hitchhiking spirits with a smile. You smile, we smile, we all smile because God loves us & is Now opening the path 4 us home, in style..

So, dear graduates, What say you? Yes? Erik says 'don't blow it humanity, what the new boss is doing for all, on both sides of the veil is just - beyond belief.

p pic

"I got a driver & that's a start" )

from: 'Baby You Can Drive My Car'

--- The Beatles

Eric story for ya's might as well share it here. Coming up, p wants to get the perfect picture . Be right back...)

Ladies & gentlemen of infinity... Meet & congratulate w p God's designated superstar for 'getting in our shit.' )

Erik is not the 'Man in the box' as per Alice in Chains song. Erik is 'The Man' 'Out of the box' Indeed. )

Channeling Erik Pic

As Neil Young started playing on a Yt vid right now in background ~ Hear it 4 yerselves, diivine synchronicity

Thank you GatoFelix1300 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young & Company of Infinity 4 us all... )

Fyi, that Erik story is now shared over at Blog IV where it belongs. Ty. )

And as we were re directed to share this page here...

It's long, so good thing we have forever to digest it, if want. )



1:01 a.m. p reporting for duty while ZLX is playing BOC's 'Burnin' For You.

Here's a place to 'Do' Boc, if led. )

Alright team.

It's the 14th day of this awesome month of June and as the Beatles just this second came on ZLX with 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'

The universe has just given us the perfect song to start this section wiith, esp in light of the tragedy in Orlando...

Yahoo images.

The Beatles

Thank you E. Zerati for sharing on YT.

Thank You George, Ringo, Eric, Phil, Elton & Co w 'shout out' to Paul & John in spirit.

Thank you The Beatles for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles. John, Paul, George & Ringo. )

Thank you Amnestyviahuh's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles

Thank you Angel Carmona for sharing on YT.

Thank You Angels Paul & Linda McCartney & Wings <3 )

Since we all know that Love is the answer to everything, shall we simply... Love on... Indeed, w God's Help humanity 'we got this.' )

Thank you for watching & even more Thank you for sharing, if led. )

Visit John & George's pages...

See them & gaze w them here:

See paul's invite to Paul & Ringo...

Thank You God for producing, directing & acting in this / Your video. Indeed, "Yes." )

Ciao 4 now... )

Rec & fin.


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& now 6/14/16

5:15 p.m.

Thanks Joe Friday )



Good morning Star beings ~ companions, Friends of The One Infinite God, Great I AM THAT I AM saying "hey" to all His I AM THAT I AM friends /companions.

As we are listening to Yes music on a cassette we picked out yesterday. This tape is amazing as YES's 'Roundabout' plays now, these moments. This song is everywhere these awesome days. Just like 'Uncle John's Band' & Another one is BOC's 'Don't Fear The Reaper.' Thank You Father for Your Awesomely amazing script for Your emergence. mr p aka 'mr unassuming' know that this My starsite will, by 'law of attraction' draw those who will find it at the perfect moments for them, Indeed. So, if you're reading this, it's no accident, besides, we know there are no accidents, right folks?

Yes. Indeed if you are here now= you are a lightworker. A lightworker is one who came down here to shed light & love to all who come around you & you, in your own quiet way, mostly by example, shine your light and other's eventually can't help but notice you for your peaceful loving & compassionate way you go about your business. we can all claim this site as our own, it's God's He runs it and is responsible for all content as paul, the humble instrument pushing the buttons, turned it all over to Me. humble he & Me, wWe are "One." He made us mirrors of His expression in the world as uUs.* brothers & sisters. That's why things like wars are so ridiculous, we are fighting ourselves when that crap happens

See, dear ones on the escalator to infinity which is where our destination lies, by simply sharing this site w others we all will gain a special status in the higher realms as one of the "Founders" & "whistleblowers" of His revelatory place that's been hiding in plain site; not to mention our *dead,* dedicated beyond belief servant, paul. Tears come to his eyes now as he types this sentence from Source. Indeed, Yes.

Indeed, he thinks, God, i am not worthy, however We know he is beyond the beyond, and with his brother, Jesus, as his ever present sidekick, Our /His cup runneth over w pride & infinite Joy.. as Boston's 'More Than A Feeling' plays in the background on the boombox. The moments of completion & mainstream recognition is NOW, folks. As he will tell you til ya's are blue in the face. "God's Got this" as 'It's Easy' by Boston is providing the soundtrack in perfect synchronicity, as usual. Yes.

Note: Dear ones, "Yes" is the"New" amen. God knows we know it's a hard one to change, and it's fine when it slips out, it will happen, oh yeah, it will but it's alright, we're good. we're covered for 'good' to come down the line. However we come from a fast food society. we want things yesterday, esp, our 'good stuff' So say "Yes" at the moment we finish a prayer or do an affirmation. Of course, if we want it to be "Really" powerful we always say at the end, "In Jesus Name." Yes!!!

The Romance of the spheres is "ON" dear infinite ones, however - don't rush, there's never a rush. Nature takes time for it's harvests to blossom. Know that things will happen, if they were meant to be, when thay do happen. If things don't work out for us, know that He, most likely has a bigger or better plan for us and it could be right around the bend, as p sees sparks, flying off the keyboard - white sparks. Lately it's been purple 'dust' we see. )

God only knows what's coming nest.* nnext* nnest* can't believe that 'typo' happened again, a message from the universe He intended to put there. Ok, one more time, this time, looking at the keybooard,* ha ha God ) so, maybe it will come out 'Right' Ok, here we go... 'next' could be most likely "AWESOME" There, your advocate & friend & lover, if we ahave* the spark. A story in the newspaper, someone re-tweeting one of our tweets or sharing this / His sit* on FB, could open the eyes of the world to the absolute beauty of the Now amazing future we have now~ esp w God in our midst, and mirroring His children as the Gods & Goddesses ~ "OMG" OMG He created.

So, guys, Btw, 'sonny's yer new name is "LUCKY"" looks like God is a pretty cool "Cat" who wants to have fun, have a few peaches for breakfast, lunch & dinner not to mention late night snacks. ) So, here's the deal folks. Heaven knows men & women were made for each other, if that is your sexual preferennce. If you are born 'Gay", all God's children are created as sexual beings. Folks these days have a DEEP & ESSENTIAL NEED for sexual fulfillment. It's like God created us to be soaring Eagles but some of us are content to be pigeons or whatever because that's all we know, not even having a clue of our full potential.

Anywho, who wants to go for a little walk on the 'wild side' beach w a melancholy man? All future action iscompletely up to spirit as that's all we can do or say. at this moment. So, folks, how is 'your day going so far? Good. later & tonight and sometime well after midnight & maybe even in the morning @ 9 or 10 we'll have the artist sharing that God wants spotlighted for the 19th. Have you received some good news today. to share with anyone? All look over all the pages on this site. we know ~ it's vast. but that's God ~ VA,* VAST ~ there is no other word.

Free people of God;s world, God himself will see ya's and walk the beaches of the world w ya's at your invitation. no is not in His vocabulary when it comes to just having a good time. Invite Him to your baby's birthday party, your son's or daughter's games. He's there, anyway, as He Is everywhere & He is All things. considered or not. ) So, who's in?? Now that we don't have to struggle for the legal tender anymore, All In? A * * * * W E S O M E.

So, here's the plan, Stan. We take what's ours, which is "GOOD" We clean up the mess of the past, which dooesn't * mean anything anymore & we awake, like some of us have ~ "before Dawn" & we say to the universe I LOVE YOU ~ FOR REAL. WILL YOU LOVE ME For WHO I AM 4 REAL, AS WELL? YES!!!

The Universe will say And the rest is all to come. Let it come to us. It wants to come as bad as we want it to come. All the love & goodnness we could ever imagine is on theway to us all & all we gotta do is say the 'magic' word as it comes around on the 'gee ~ tar'

Are you ready boys and girls of all ages? It's coming, it's almost here. Hold on, duck, jump a little higher, move over rover, it's Jimi taking over. What U say Ray?

ok, like the songs say it's only rock & roll but we love. So, play me something off the jukebox, linda lou and God will deliver the song your heart needs to hear now ~ in 3 quarter tone to rule the world, until Bobby flagged a diesel doown.* and drove all night to New Orleans, gettinin' ready for the show. Oh, lord won't you drive me around downtown in your silver shadow that nobody can see. til we split the p's and the double D's and we lay down with the unknown future. It's what we make em 4 gals & guys but now we're all guys and we don't put upa* fight cuz the chammp* has gone & done it 4 us. He took the hits, we stung the bee & he took flight, stayed up all night til the sleep took control & now we R asking Humanity,

Hugh manity, do ya do ya, I can't hear ya,,do you, are you, Now ~ at this moment in Rocky Mountain no time it's gone, turn out the clocks & the locks 2 dayaayyy, to day is the day, like all dayys* ever been.

and as a coming out of a dream and hearing the 'new news' for the first time' Ans sleep is coming upon us fast like a locomotive to a

These are signs that it's the real thing.. however, it is for the better, as we move deeper into the 'Now" era. See, amen translates to 'so be it' which our subconcious minds pick up and make manifest in some nebulous moment in the future. we want our "GOOD" to "come" to us "NOW.", we don't mean to shout, ok? we are just sharing with ya's the power of words and what they can create. e.g. do you want a heluva day last week. there you go, hope it wasn't too bad. Starting to 'get it.'which is ya gotta makeit last, til the trees spill their beans of all they know and don't wanna know about these cats & dogs running arount the open field, an Oh God I need a rest, my brians at crest & I gotta say SLEEP, Come Now, I need You Here, So, off we go, the records getting slow and all I knoe*

noah is I am donr. Show over. Thanks forcoming. There will be no encore, cuz the singer went & joined another band but that's ok, cuz we found our own voice and if ya ever want to know how this all came to beya gotta listen to the music. It's all in there. Good Night. )

we now return you to an earlier blog, already in progress. Carry On... )

Ok, did we mention that tape which just ended is named , as 'That Smell' now plays on ZLX , Nanci's New Tape. we forgot we ever made it as it hasn't been played in eons. Date on it is 11/1/08 (pretty awesome #'s) You have 11- a gateway #. we have 1 for beginnings, & we have 08 = 2 #'s for infinity - eternity & God. As Bad Company's 'Ready For Love' plays on 'the wind' WZLX. been hearing an awful lot of Bad Company lately. This is a good thing.

Ok, the song 'Do It Again' by Steely Dan is now playing on ZLX. he thinks 'no thank you,' )

* It came out dead, however p meant to type 'dear' ~ edit or 'fix' that, you're kidding us, right? we know how He works, dear ones. It's up to us to discern what He would have there. Can you imagine, like how many notes came out of Jimmy Page's guitar, as an example, that he had no idea was going to show up there but was perfect for the song? Indeed. ) It's Him, guys, again, for the seriously thick, It's Him. Thank ya's all very much.

Now, on with today's beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving group to fit this day... Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome...

As Neil Young starts singing 'my my hey hey' on 'the wind' folks, as Long Island Medium, Theresa C would say... "you can't make this stuff up."

So, Neil Bro "Hey" right back to you.. Now, lets all, as one, say "Hey" Peter Frampton sings 'Show Me The Way' Indeed Peter, here's the way... )

Omg, we can hardly take it ZLX, 'Statesboro Blues,' by Allman Bro's God have mercy! )

Yahoo images.

HHey guys*

*Announcing, now ~ that when a typo appears that serves a bigger purpose than just being a 'typo' from now on we are going to just put * there rather than explain it or use (sic) ok?

Yeah, 2 H's showed up and like it contains a laugh there, and like the game of football; ya need 2 goalposts, right? so that's how it appeared & He says, it's alright. And So It Is,

Yes, Indeed. )

Ok, goodness gracious, ok, we've made it to You tube & we're about to pick out some tasty stuff as Karen, one of our beloved, infinite superstar angels, who we know can be found any moment at gazers777 page will help us share what she approves, right? everyone's dear beloved superstar angel of infinite love. <3 we love you more, sweetheart...)

Alright, let's go...

Karen says..we let the music do the talking, of course, so... )

Thank you Johnny Kuan for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Carpenters.

Thank you XcmNear for sharing on YT.

Thank You Karen & Richard Carpenter.

Thank you Ryanche33 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Carpenters

Alright, we simply must share with ya's the synchronicity of the day, though we've had many today, like we have everyday.

This morning after the first video went up at thiis page honoring Karen, we got a call to take Carol to work. p is like an Uber driver w Carol as his only customer

So he's out the door in a few minutes, leaving a note here that he'd be back in a few hours.

Ok, so paul is a few blocks away and takes a right to take a shortcut over to Wollaston Beach Blvd. we didn't even take note of what was on the radio as we set out. So, all of a sudden, we hear the new song come on the Sirius Radio 'The Bridge' station, and guess who it is? You got it, it's Cat Stevens singing 'Moonshadow'

Every day, it seems, like within a few minutes when we get in the car, a station will play a selection from Cat. Ok, so we're running down Mom's hit parade of artists we could here and take as 'calling cards' that Mom is checking in and saying hello. ) Yesterday, we turned the key & it was 'Time Passages' by Al Stewart

Alright, so here they are as of this day. Cat Stevens, obviously #1, then we have Al Stewart, the 'Year of the cat' guy, # 3 is Elton John, see our/ His mission statement here... # 4 is Jackson Browne, then blank, we couldn't think of the name for # 5, we thought of Graham Nash but knew he wasn't tabbed in in the top 5. Then, guess what happened. The very next song played 'If You Could Read My Mind' By, yes, the #5 of Mom's hit parade artists none other than Mr Gordon Lightfoot.

So, folks, tell me that's not a pretty cool synchronicity. And as p just finished typing that, another artist comes to mind who has to be # 6 & that is Neil Diamond. we don't have to use a pendulum to confirm w Mom, we just heard her say loud & clear Yes, and she said how proud she is of me, her wayward son. p remembers how me & my siblings kept Mom listening to great music. One day we went over there w a Gordon Lightfoot cd and we told Mom, if God could sing (& of course, he can ) He'd sound like Gordon Lightfoot. ) Indeed, Yes.

Ok, another working day has ended. The artist or group to show up here next will be some moments in the morning as we, 'the help' ) are too tired to do it justice, so see ya's tomorrow. we're getting on the sleep train, now.

So, God bless you Karen Carpenter & hopefully we will all catch up w you in the sweet hello & Hello ~ ~ )

Now, here's a place to see more Carpenters & good stuff.

Rec & fin


1:08 a.m.



Greetings all on this most sweet day.

We are running late, however in His moments of Now, it is perfect moments of an infinite future we have of moments, so it's alright, this train is always on point.

So, what a day we had in the neighborhood we are in. we started the day w listening to Dan Fogelberg & shared some latest stuff at the blog page here.

we have some new stuff to add there when that perfect moments arrive to share. Here's link to same:

So on this extra sweet day in this extra sweet year, let's all welcome the # 16 addition to this / His awesome 'Wind in our sails II 777 ' page. Will You welcome, please...Ladies & Gentlemen

The Grateful Dead... )

Yahoo images

The Grateful Dead.

Thank you Music Vault for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

Thank you Music Vault for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Thank you Music Vault for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Jerry, Deal went down, Love & Music 4 All, Infinite love , right Bro? "YES" ) Indeed. )

Thank you Lola Yodel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

More Dead here:

More Jerry here...

Gaze with Jerry

Gaze with the 4 horsemen of the keyboard seat...

Alright fellow children of God, are we having 'Fun' yet? Jerry?

YES Fun~ Good ~ Good ~ God smile everyone who wants to go home. Bobby Dylan, we see you smiling

and you're not even at the breakfast table, Dude. )

Picture taken from our wall tribute shrine to Jerry. Jerry w happy humans.

He wants us to have fun, you know, He says thru His cosmic messenger, p

Like, "HHave * A Nice Forever." ) *

Are ya's raedy for the 'Romance of the Sphere's'? It's 'On.' )

Thank You God for producing, directing & acting in this video. God bless You God.. Indeed, "Yes." )

Thank You Jerry & Co for being a large part of being the 'Wind In Our Sails."

Thank You Jerry & Co for being a whole lotta wind in our sails, Bro. * _ * ) ) )

Yahoo images.

Ladies & Gentlemen... Mr Jerry Garcia. All our love & gratitude Mr Garcia. )

Sons & Daughters of Infinity... Got yer ticket? Here the new guy in town

has one for all. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. God knows that, right God? Yes. )

P pic.

So, what we have * here is a hand from yours truly with the 'Nebula Stone' aka the 'Heaven on earth' stone. plus

a perfect love pink quarts in shape of a pyramid. Oh, and there's a card for everyone. See ya's on the other side. )

Rec & fin


12:35 a.m.



Greetings all saints & sinners to the 18th entry in this / His "Wind In Our Sails II" part of this ~ His jubilee . Can you believe, beloveds, how fast this month is flying by? Holy mackeral ~ it's fast.

Ok, so, here we are, guys, and we must say that it's been a real good time w The Grateful Dead & Uncle Jerry, being one of the infinite Celestial Cosmic Super stars of God's divine infinite 'Field of Dreams.' Not even mentioning the Artists previously en- joyed hear* So, let us travel on and open the door, or better term ~lift the veil some more and welcome to our living, breathing 'cosmic party' that He is creating out of thin air. 3 awesome, limitless superstars ~ each in their own right, like all the rest of us ~ beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, Rocking beings of infinite light & love. created by God to be equal partners in Creation w the Creator'

These Gods, not that they are any more 'special' or more powerful than anyone else inc the littlest waifs on the planet. We are all Gods & Goddesses ,gifted by God w our own worlds & cosmos' in our own right. Indeed, we are all, each & every one God's of our own infinite domain. Wow, God You're not kidding us, are you?

God doesn't 'kid;' Lucky. )

And, Now, finally, at this perfect moment in infinite moments of moments, please, sons & daughters, daughters & sons of Infinity, please welcome our dear friends, in alphabetical order... Mr's Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart. Collectively called RUSH. Guys, please let us hear what you've cooked up for your peers ~ us all for this moment in our experience of Now. & Thank Ya's Very Much. Alright, who among us is ready to 'Fly.' Can musiic do that, God? "YES." "Show 'em Rush." )

Yahoo images.


Rush on MV.

RUSH, Thank You Very Much, RUSH, 4 the wind in our sails w this! ))))))))))))))))))))) ~ ~ ~

Thank you RollTheFemurs for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rush.

Thank you RollTheFemurs for sharing on YT.

Thank You The God's That Are ~ Rush ~ Neil, Alex & & Geddy.

One more for the road... ~ ~ ~

However first...

Thank you RareRushReview for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rush

Now, witness Alex Lifeson delivering the most amazing speech ever at the rock & roll

hall of fame, perfectly appropriate since The Moody Blues are not in there. In case you're

wondering - p would have had them in the top 2. Moodies, then Zeppelin. The more you know... ~ )

Thank you LIV&LETLIV for sharing on YT.

Thank you Neil & Geddy & Alex for fine speeches. Everyone loves you guys. )

Ok, hear we go humanity...

Thank you RollTheFemurs for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rush. Btw, if you guys want to mosey over here to Boston, we'd, i.e. every~one,

would love to see ya's play, at least ~ one more time, if possible knowing, with Ggod * ~ All Things Are Possible

Alright brothers & sisters, sisters & brothers, boys & girls, girls & boys, cats & dogs, dogs & cats ~ hey, they are part

of the family of one, right? Indeed, sir, indeed. )

Ok, so by the way, if you can help spread the good word of what the heaven on earth God is doing here at His site ~ through paul, the humble instrument, then please, do your part in telling others, 'blowing the cosmic whistle,' so to speak or just sharing this 'good stuff' coming down at this unique starsite. He Will find a way to reward you. You can count on it. Also, p is still looking for a much needed assistant volunteer, preferably, no offense guys ) of the female persuasion. oh, and a maid. we heard someone say in our ancient memory 'a man needs a maid.' And so it is now, IJN. Yes.

So, drawing to a close here and much needed sleep, we say "Thanks for the memories,' p is a man & he needs a maid & a whole lotta love so he can further pass it on to a loving, glorious, wondrous & beauteous world, desperately in need of same.. Contact info is here:

One last thing as we are putting up a fast moving battle w sleep and we do not fight it- for we know we can not win. however we are almost at the finish line.

so we ask God for a few more minutes before we leave the body and go visit Him. As He allows, we leave you with this at this moment to ponder...

The message remains the same...

at this page which is under maintenance soon.

Ok, done Thanks guys, see ya's later...zzzzzzzzzz

Rec & fin.


10:35 a.m.


1/23/20 Cosmic Trigger Day in the neighborhood.

Alright, we do like to keep things in their original context as we share these vintage pages from way back when. E.g. the above first paragraph re Rush. playing again in Boston. We just found our ticket stubs from that 2012 'Clockwork Angels' tour. No doubt they will play again, on the other side. So, we are led to share this from the comments of the Grateful Dead 'Deal' video.

Check this out. Paul was just having a little fun replying to this innocent 'Forrest Gump' type post. Read on... )

Lee Ross

4 months ago

I like when that Jerry Garcia guy plays guitar..

TY Lee Ross. )

Paul F Brown

22 hours ago (edited)

That Jerry Garcia.. He still Be Good playin' In Heaven. His Band The Grateful Living just added a new drummer. Some dude from down here, named Neil. Played in a Band called Rush. getting a Rush as type this. 4 Real, guys. LOL Really Thank You Guys over there, or 'Upstairs' Hope 2 see Ya's soon. OMG Hey Alex & Geddy, we got a story 4 Ya's.... ) Next day update 1/23/20 Last time we had a head rush like this was @ 8 years ago, crossing a little bridge over the Xpressway from Milton 2 Quincy. Rush was on the radio and that was our last real rush since the old pot haze days - until this synchro yesterday.. The song back then? Can't remember but Fly by night or Working man are possibilities. RIP Neil Rockin' In Paradise. )

Neil does his own thing over there but fits in nicely w the Band of Angels when he does, correct Jerry? ) ) ) (w pendulum assisted assist - arc of @ 10 inches. No exaggeration. ) Thank You Lee Ross. This is now shared here as 'The share page of the day' to benefit starving children in W Africa. More details here: Thank you everyone reading this. esp those who decide to make a difference. Prayers welcome as well, of course. Keep smiling, right Jerry? ) ) ) Jerry speaks. He says, put this here, Bro. Done my cosmic Brother., w other surprises 4 newbies to our world. ) We ain't seen nothin' yet, guys.. )



Hey guys. Ok, this thread is done & now continued here:

Rec skeedaddling over there to see / hear an old ~ now forever young ~ friend belting out the tunes.

See ya's over there... )