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Greetings All and Welcome to a Gordon Lightfoot Appreciation page.

For decades untold Mr Lightfoot has been making great music out of thin air. This space is just a humble

place for us all who have been loving the man and his music forever ) to say Thanks Bro. We Love ya man.

Let's find out a little about Gordon, shall we?


Gordon Lightfoot on Facebook


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Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot.

Could this be the end of traffic? Just saying. )

Folk Hero: Story of Gordon Lightfoot

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Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot and Producers of this documentary.

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Thanks Gordon, This can also be viewed at the Site Essentials page here:


Check out Gordon's appearance at May is Mother Mary month III page.


Our family always made sure Mom had good music to listen to in her last years.

I told her if God could sing, He'd sound like Gordon Lightfoot. )

It's true, indeed. Gordon and each of You God's and Goddesses can sing and He loves it!.

God bless Gordon and all his fans. You are all now richly and abundantly blessed, indeed.

Who does that leave out hp?

Absolutely no one my dear friend. )

Namaste, Espavo, Happy Trails and See you soon.


hp & co.

p.s. This is for You Dear divine Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and for You Mom, Marie Lucile Brown

paul's eternal inspiration. )

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Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot.

God bless You Gordon & All us Gordon Fans. )


Cheers, )

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Gordon Lightfoot Sunday Cconcert...

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Thank You Gordon Lightfoot & Company.



Gordon is still a crowd pleaser... )

Compliments Gordon Lightfoot Mgt.

Mr Gordon Lightfoot.

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Welcome to 'The Infinite' Dear Ones...


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Thank You God ~ Gordon Lightfoot, on Bewhole of All Us other Gods & Goddesses. <3 )



Where to now, Gordon fans ~ Everyone. Well, anywhere we want as long as we, at some point, end up here, The starting place where it all begins again.

Know, dear ones, God always has a wonderful place prepared for His children that love HimHer. And So It Is. If led, Check this place out... <3 ) Bring yer ) 's please. TY. )