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Here comes the sun....

July 2017

Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma.

Greeting Fellow Gods & Goddesses of The Infinite One.

Welcome to yet another Heaven's blog page on HisHer ~ Our Earth Party Forever celebration jubilee site. We are most grateful you have come.

We have no idea what material will fill this page, however like all that has led up to this moment in time & space we know (we are Noahs, not just ;believers.)

that Spirit will do what Spirit does and that is good enough for us. In fact, my dear friends, it's Way good enough for us and, dare we say, should be way good

for U2? For in the long run, humanity Must wake up and realize we are all One. Our motto for this planet should be 'One for all & all for one.' And on thiis platform And So It Is.

Note: If you came here from the previous blog, and we highly suggest you complete that sharing over there tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-12777

before diving into this one, and would maybe like to share this one the Url is:(go figure )

tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-13777 Hope ya's all have a real good time here, and if like - share w yer friends. They'll thank you later. )

The following brought over from the previous blog. The message remains the same, even more so.



So, The time has finally come to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and ceiling wax and cabbages and that wolf at the door. Sorry dear ones, however as Dad reminds me... He used to say as he'd turn off the lights to save electricity..." I may be Alva but I'm not Edison." Well, dear ones, Paul is Paul but he's not McCartney. In other words he doesn't have more money than God. If you have been uplifted by anything on this, His/Our starsite, maybe a spiritual sharing or the music or just the high vibrations of this place on the web. If you can afford something, anything, maybe it's time to send a little 'green energy' to the humble steward so he can pay some bills, keep his car, and keep this site going w/o him having to go out and find a j o b .

Just think, at this typing You may actually be the Very First person to make a contribution to this work; (after my brother.) despite what Dr Peebles said in that reading. tinyurl.com/MrToadsWildRide777 and who knows, the good Dr may have been talking about this astrological period we are moving deeper into. For those inclined to pitch in there is a Paypal button here. just scroll down. And trust, it is far from lost on this fella the irony of having to bring this up while championing 'the cashless society.' It's just the way it is til we wake up and follow God's divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan for us, His blessed, far flung (not thrown, sorry Jim) children tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777

Even with this situation, we know & trust that all is exactly as it should be in God's perfect plan. God is in complete charge and control and all is well & getting weller..

And So It Is.

Thank You God. )



So, we - Carol & Paul had a great time last night at the Boston concert featuring Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Both groups put on an absolutely Awesome show.

We Thank WZLX for bringing this into reality in Celebration of their amazing 32 year Anniversary of bringing the best in Classic Rock to their appreciative audience.

We had good seats not far from the stage.

P pics.

Here's a taste of the music...

BOSTON, TD Garden, Boston 7/13/17 #3

Thank you mc37820 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

And Joan Jett & The Blackhearts were a force to be reckoned with...

Joan Jett, TD Garden, Boston 7/13/17 #2

Thank you mc37820 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

You know what, folks...

People come into your life for a reason.

Thank you jeeprzkreeprz for sharing on YT.

Thank You La La Creations. It says 'Author Unknown.'. Well, isn't God the Author? Is it not

HeShe that created all the beings who, in turn, create(d) all the great novels, songs, poetry etc and

all the awesome art that is and is yet to be created? So God is the author, in truth. And So It Is.

Everything Happens For A Reason - MUST WATCH!

Thank you LifeMotivationSucces for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jumakha.

Oh, and by the way...

You Are Loved

Thank you sunsetguy614 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sunsetguy614.

For all the beautiful women

value of woman

Thank you John Meyer for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Meyer for this art & Sarah McLachlan for the angelic music. )

Jesus with a fresh as a daisy message...

What you see and identify as “yourself” is but a tiny fragment of the vastness that you truly are.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.

More good news...

Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, July 13th, 2017

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mother Mary and Ann Dahlberg.

So, since Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Source Creator ALL THAT IS I AM THAT I AM Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Infinite The Divine Nothingness and any other name one can come up with For God Has merged into Oneness and is setting humanity free from the shackles of poverty and subjugation with the new now currency which is love, and governments and other institutions of a now bygone era are moot. We, on behalf of The Group do hereby declare decree and invoke, once and forever, for One & for all... Freedom For All God's Children.

And So It Is.

As per once again...


Concurred w Jesus ~ Lord Sananda Himself...


What's on Your agenda, Loverboy? What are you guys trying to say? Ok, just sing it out - and don't be shy. )

There You go...

Loverboy - Turn Me Loose

Thank you LoverboyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Loverboy.

Does anyone else hear bells? Yeah, no stranger tro this site...Joan & Mary, please...

Mary Black and Joan Baez - Ring Them Bells

Thank you maryblacknet for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ms Mary Black and Ms Joan Baez

Rec & fin for this amazing day.

Thank you all for your support & kindness, not to mention love. )


11:22 p.m.



Greetings Fellow I AM THAT I AM Beings of Light & Love.

Thank You for being here and know it is no accident. There are No accidents.

We'll share this with you that henceforth our going forward to where spirit is leading us shall be termed...

"The Infinite Frontier"

This came to us as we woke from sleep this morning. We wrote the words down, almost as a song lyric.

We marked the moment 4:23 a.m. 4 is like 'for' as in for each other i.e. sharing and we know 23 is the cosmic

trigger # w all that that implies. We turned on the radio, we always have it on WZLX, Boston's classic rock, and

this is the song that came on. We won't deny this we are...

But first, we are led to share this video from a page that FB shared with us as a memory which, of course, we did share w the team.


Yahoo images.

Look Guys, In the middle of the omniverse sits this little pea size (In relative terms) planet known as Planet Earth, aka Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra, 'Plant it' Earth, not to mention 'Sunset Grill' and 'Mary's Place.' Can you dig it? Not literally, please. She's had enough of that stupid folderol. Thank You Very Much.

Love letter to Mother Earth ~ Gaia,

We'll say it now, on behalf of humanity: Dear Mother Earth ~ Gaia. Please accept our deepest regrets and sorrow at the way we humans have abused and mistreated You, our Dear Mother Earth, throughout the aeons that You have unselfishly, in accord with God's wishes, lent Your Self to our survival as a species.

We are now in the ascension phase, Thank God!, of our collective evolution w no turning back. This Is cosmic Good New News, not only for those of us in embodiment on You, beloved Gaia, but those inhabitants inside You and in the astral planes surrounding You and all the higher realms of God's infinite Kingdom.

We, the awakened ones, soon to be all, "Thank You" again, Dear Gaia, and we promise to clean up where and when we can in order to restore You to Your former pristine magnificence before we came here and messed You up. Again, our profound apologies, Mother Earth. Now watch as we make You proud and God knows You deserve a break and, as the song playing this moment on one of our spirit/Paul made tapes sings... 'You're Aging Well.' by Dar Williams and Joan Baez. from the awesome 'Ring Them Bells' album Indeed. )

And So It Is.

This is for You, Mother Gaia...

You're Aging Well (Live)

Thank you Joan Baez - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ms Dar Williams (who wrote the song for Joan,) and Ms Joan Baez.

More Joan here...


This was powerful in 2013 and only more amplified here in the cosmiic summer of 2017. En-joy. )

September 22 - Powerful Energy Arrives on Autumn Equinox 2013

Thank you Oribel Joy Divine for sharing on T.

Thank You Laarkmaa and Oribel Joy Divine

Alright, don't we all just love how spirit works. So, getting back to where we were going. You might term

this video,,, doing it the 'Palmer' method on WZLX. Here we go...

Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

Thank you RobertPalmerVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Robert Palmer & Crew.

And, before ZLX started playing commercials this song came on. Jimi Thank You again 4 showing up.

Don't worry, guys good things come in 3's and there is no doubt what the 3rd song will be, God Willing.

Hint: It;s at the above link. )

So, Jimi, lay it on us, Bro...

Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child and The Star Spangled Banner

Thank you dan auerbach for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi Hendrix & Experience.

Look Guys, this is going down, so God Wills this here & now 4 HisHer Kids ~ Rejoice, Be Glad & Tell Everyone!

Grateful Dead - Ripple

Thank you T shiroo for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Ok, Dear Ones, fellow Infinite, immortal beings of light, love & joy.

We simply must bring the following over from that page w the link above and shine the spotlight on this for

God knows, its time has come.

the date was, from all indications available...


And this is what came thru the humble instrument...

Thank You Jerry and The Grateful Dead and The Fans!

As Jerry says at the end of this song...:"Thanks a lot, we'll see you in a little while."

Thank YOU Jerry and Yes ~ we Will see You, And Your Friends i.e. Everyone on 'the other side,' in a little while. Amen. )

Note: We now say 'And So It Is.' marking it as already 'done' rather than 'So be it' as Amen translates to.)

The Story of "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead: http://youtu.be/PIyfMiA3Xe0 via @youtube


Later this same cosmic day...a note to all


Greetings Friends,

May I ask you a question?

Where, in heaven's name, are you getting your "news" from i.e. the TV, your paper and on the internet?

That's fine, we just ask you to consider adding God's site to your arsenal of information.

If it strikes a chord and if Led ~ share it with Your world of influence. You know you make a difference. You're a major part of the fabric of God's creation; you do know that, right? The bigger world and it's inhabitants will be very grateful to You, if you do. You can "prove it so" one way or the other.

Action = results. No action = No results. Simple.

God is having a Party and The Omniverse Is Invited. The corporate controlled "news media" won't touch this. They are afraid of God and the real truth of HIS divine mercy and compassion and the miracles HE is performing in the lives of everyday people interfering with their profits. Doom and gloom and wars, that's what they report. And be sure to stay tuned for the next commercial with a special offer you don't want to miss. Puh-lease, Louise.

News Flash Earthlings: In the Eternal Now, money is a non factor.

The few families that control the world's wealth are paupers compared to Father's Infinite Wealth.

HE doesn't put a price tag on the sun's rays or the cooling of water or the light of the stars at night.

All HIS Gifts are Free and HE wants us, HIS beloved Children to wake up and smell the flowers

and coffee, and Yes, Listen to the M U S I C ~ THE Designated "Flyway" back to HIM and Our eternal

homes ~ prepared and waiting for each and every one of us in the higher realms.

It's up to us, people, to accept, not reject Father of All That Is' offer on the table. Deal?

Back to today 7/15/17

Deal. Done Many yesterdays ago. right Jerry? ) (smiles)

Indeed, which brings up a obvious song to share however first, we have John stepping forward again (and from that same cosmic page)

His message still rings true today as it did all those years ago. Hear (sic) take a listen, humanity, don't ya's wish we had a president like John Lennon"

He would have been right up there with Lincoln ioho. Tell us again John, like we're 5 years old, and Thank You for the caring even as Paul types this John is right here beside the humble clear.

John Lennon Famous Words Of Wisdom

Thank you iwillspyonyou for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Lennon and Yoko Ono and All who Gave & Give Peace a Chance.

More John here...


Next up - we got a deal, guys. And it's still smokin'...

Grateful Dead - Deal (SMOKIN HOT)

Thank you bigbeahner for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

This and more Grateful Dead here...


Not to mention, Jerry & Co here...




So, Mr Paul, we see you've initiated a fundraiser. Good luck with that, man. But you've been broke before, why take this action this time?

Glad you asked, Lucky. You see, we were lying in bed last night, or the other night now, minding our own business w our sad financial situation in mind when all of a sudden we got this flash. It came to us like this Grateful Dead image, almost exactly. It was 2:06 a.m. A few seconds later at 2:07 we gave ourselves the 'green light' to just do it.

Yahoo images P pic.

Do you see the same numbers over and over that just jump out at you? We sure do, like 33 the Christ number and of course, 44 the angel number or 444 or 333, not to mention the love # of 22 or 222 So a little while after the above we glance at the clock and caught the moment, we took it as sort of an A ok that the decision we made a little earlier was the right thingto do.

So, what do you cats think about all this? Our contact info is on the site essentials page if want to weigh in on anything. Oh, by the way, could your upcoming event use a professional hugger, Paul may be available. His services are free however love donations are welcome.

So its bedtime for bonzo here and we'll catch ya's later today, The Good One God willing. )

Peace, love & joy out...


2:33 a.m. (wow, signing off 24 hours after above 2:33 a.m. pictures taken.) What a 'coincidence.' )

Note bc we're all in the same close knit team. Paul completed the following 2 shares clocking out at 11:44 p.m.as you can see when you scroll down.

Looking up here at this spot, felt like it needed a picture, so we went to our Fb and what was there but this excellent portrait of Mom, our loving partner in what we are doing down here, which reminded us of when we got in the car earlier and the song playing on The Bridge Sirius XM station was Time Passages by one of our (me & Mom) favourite artists, Mr Al Stewart. We said to Mom, Yes, Mom this too shall pass. As we are going thru a very rough patch financially. We've been here before but it doesn't get any easier when you can't pay your bills. God knows we are not alone. Legions of us are struggling but it could all change if word of the cashless society gets 'out there.' We press on and know it's all God's perfect script for all of us, right Mom? Hang in there son, help is on the way..

Thank You Mom. <3

Mom is also one of the gazers, here, if led to experience the gazing phenomenon.




9:53 p.m. Joe Friday time.

So, turns out we have a little addition to the above sharing w Mom. We're heading home from Chelsea approaching the Zakim Bridge w the Sirius XM station Deep Tracks on. The song is 'In my time of dying.' by Led Zeppelin. We're almost at the end of it when we switch to The Bridge as we always do when coming to a bridge. It's a synchronistic thing we do w Mom. So what words do we hear at that precise instant but 'everybody needs a little help' from the Cat Stevens

(of all people) song 'Just Another Night.' Here, let's hear it again, together. Kumbaya...no silly come on, here we go...)

Just Another Night CAT STEVENS

Thank you sunryse111 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf.

It truly is amazing how spirit works. Fyi the song following this was 'Against The Wind' by Bob Seger followed by

'What a Wonderful World' by Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon & James Taylor. Good stuff, my dear friends, that you just can't make up, right Mom? )

Always with us, always smiling and happy. Paul's happy, who else is happy? I know, in the cashless society we'd all be very happy. It Will happen guys, just a matter of time. So, read on and weep about what's happening in Ill- inois under the present disfunctional, obsolete system we insist on punishing ourselves with. (End of 7/18/17 insert)

Alright, here we are much later this same cosmic day, and we'll share with you guys why it's so cosmic in a few minutes.

We trust you saw the 'Heaven on Earth' sharing on the front page? Good, ya can't miss it. So much good stuff coming down

from the heavens as spirit is fully in charge of this starsite.

So we got this email from Gerardo Del Real of The Outsider Club. We told him we would share it as an open letter bc this Is important stuff.

So, here's how it went down...

Outsider Club <ww-eletter@angelnexus.com> Unsubscribe

2:19 PM (8 hours ago)

to me

Gold & Debt: "Just End the Whole Dang Thing"

Gerardo Del Real Photo By Gerardo Del Real

Written Monday, July 17, 2017

Dissolve Illinois. Decommission the state, tear up the charter, whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo, just end the whole dang thing.

We just disappear. With no pain. That’s right. You heard me.

The best thing to do is to break Illinois into pieces right now. Just wipe us off the map.

Cut us out of America’s heartland and let neighboring states carve us up and take the best chunks for themselves.

The group that will scream the loudest is the state’s political class, who did this to us, and the big bond creditors.

That is the advice of John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, who penned an article explaining that Illinois has no way to pay its bills and that carving up the state is the best solution.

After 736 days, Illinois finally passed a constitutionally mandated budget on July 6 over the veto of Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

Governor Bruce Rauner and the Illinois State Legislature, which is Democratically controlled, hadn’t agreed on a state budget for the last two years.

In July 2017, Moody’s reported that Illinois faced over $15 billion in unpaid bills, $251 billion in unfunded liabilities, and an imminent downgrade to junk bond status.

Illinois currently has a Triple-B minus rating, which is one notch above junk status.

A downgrade would cause borrowing costs to rise.

Let’s be clear: The crisis is a direct result of decades of corruption. Four of the last nine Illinois governors have been convicted of corruption. These are just the ones that were convicted, with suspicions lingering about the rest.

The state has lost more people in the past three years than any other state.

In 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) branded Illinois with pensions security fraud. On March 12, 2013, a Wall Street Journal editorial noted, “It’s now official: The Land of Lincoln has the nation’s most reckless and dishonest state government when it comes to pension liabilities.” According to the WSJ, the state’s “accounting practices would get private market participants thrown in jail.”

There have been several attempts by Illinois politicians to raid the pensions of teachers and other public employees.

While these attempts have proven unsuccessful thus far, the response by the same politicians that created the mess has been predictable.

Both major parties have used the crisis to attempt to move forward party agendas while cutting basic services to the state’s most vulnerable.

So what does Illinois have to do with making money in the resource sector?

Well, what's happening in Illinois is an example of how bond markets are imploding after years of corruption and mismanagement.

This implosion is not unique to Illinois and is a precursor to a state and municipal debt bomb that will have a real and sustainable effect in the precious metals space.

For decades, states — and nations — have kicked the can down the road, and now it’s time to face real consequences. The many — in the case of Illinois, the average Illinois resident — will be the hardest hit.

A federal judge recently ordered the Comptroller to prioritize who gets paid.

The state, unlike the Fed, can’t print money, so its only option is to borrow and raise taxes.

This is leading to declining property values as the tax burden continues to increase.

A default on pensions will be the last course of action in Illinois because the politicians know it’s game over for them once that happens.

Approximately 33 states reported lower revenues than initially projected in the latest fiscal year, the highest number of states to come up short since the recession blew a giant hole in state budgets in 2010, according to the National Association of State Budget Officers.

Illinois, the debacle in Puerto Rico, bank runs in Greece, and the coming pension crises in Europe and Japan are all connected. Faith in government and investment in public debt will continue heading lower.

The sovereign debt implosion that’s in store will trigger a rush out of bonds and a rush into the dollar, the major U.S. stock indices, and the precious metals space.

What’s happening in Illinois is a real-time example of what’s in store.

Forget the talk about gold being a hedge against inflation or deflation; gold will serve as an important hedge against the political instability on the horizon.

2017 is the year to position yourself. The gains for those positioned correctly will be historic.

To your wealth,


Gerardo Del Real

Editor, Resource Stock Digest Premium and Junior Mining Trader.

For the past decade, Gerardo Del Real has worked behind-the-scenes providing research, due diligence and advice to large institutional players, fund managers, newsletter writers and some of the most active high net worth investors in the resource space. Now, he is bringing his extensive experience to the public through Outsider Club, Resource Stock Digest Premium, and Junior Mining Trader. For more about Gerardo, check out his editor page.

*Follow Outsider Club on Facebook and Twitter.


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This email was sent to paulfb777@gmail.com .

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>

10:44 PM (4 minutes ago)

to Outsider

Greetings Gerardo Del Real.

Nice name you chose at birth or later. Very appropriate for what you do.

There Is a solution to Illinois (maybe they should change their name to 'Wellinois.' I'm serious.

Anyway, my name is Paul, I have been dubbed 'The lover of the world.' Not by me but by a well qualified sabian astrologer back in the mid 70's. The fact is, my friend, can I call you my friend? That God has the solution and He is not 'trying' to bring it thru He Is Is bringing it All thru His humble instrument, Paul & Associates - same Paul as 2,000. years ago, following in Jesus' footsteps again.

We steward a starsite here: http://EarthPartyForever.com If you follow what's going down there, esp with the latest blogs you will experience very high vibrations and enlightenment as the material comes more and more into bloom. When we go there ourselves we never know what's going to come down. However as spirit moves us it always leaves us truly amazed and grateful that we have this God given job which, of course, we did volunteer for. We're all volunteers down here in 3D.

In closing, keep up your good work, my dear friend and btw, if led you do have our permission to share this as an open letter as we are now getting the word to do same at our end. It's all good here. We are the transparent ones, we have nothing to hide and All Is Well and Getting Weller. IJN

And So It Is.

Kind regards,

Paul Brown

'The lover of the world.'

p.s. This is of prime urgency, the word 'Must' get out to the people. The struggle can be over. By us writing this to you Gerardo, tells us that You, Sir, are and can be, should you decide to accept this mission, a prime mover & shaker of bringing this awesome Good News to the masses. All you need to do, my friend, is step up to the plate. It's yours and a few others to 'hit it out of the park' Ashtar, who we had dinner with tonight, loves that one. ) (every time we open a can, like Chef Boyardee lasagna e.g. for dinner, we invite Ashtar, Fleet Commander of the Ashtar Command, Federation of Free Worlds. And He's here.

P.p.s We were going to just put the Url for the Urgent message but here it is with its other 5 friends making up the 6 pack.

This is at the page of one of our cosmic guides of the highest frequency, Dr Peebles. Dr Peebles please show Gerardo the 6 pack menu. You can't miss it, dear one, it's right near the top. God Bless You and God Bless Everyone reading this. Dr Peebles truly knows the Power of those 3 words. Indeed. So, here's the good Dr's Url at the God Is Love Forever starsite.


Moment of transmission marked...


10:44 p.m.

Alright, and as promised here's the other email we feel led to share bc this is one 'Heaven of a day' Still about a 1/2 hour left.


From Tania Gabrielle...

Dear Paul,

A rare 17:17:17 Portal activates today – something that will not repeat again in 100 years!

July is a 17 Universal Month this year.

Today is July 17.

We are in 2017.

17 is the Immortality number, infused with abundance, strength and lasting staying power.

The triple 17:17:17 portal is awakening to you to your soul’s eternal life, your infinite strength – filling your heart with courage.



You can handle anything right now.

Any new opportunities coming your way are to be looked at very, very closely – they will affect your life for a long time, IF you step up and act.

You may meet someone (remotely or in person) who changes your life.

No matter how the opportunity presents itself, you are gaining the strength and confidence to:







LEAD with your VISON


17:17:17 is a triple triad of God-like empowerment.

You can now rise over ANY challenges and gain tremendous strength and confidence as a result.

Whatever you implement will last – it will sustain you for the rest of your life.

This portal is a gift from the Universe. You are laying the foundation for something that will be immortalized.

17 reduces to the single digit number 8. 8 symbolizes wealth.

This is such a powerful moment for you to visualize your life of abundance!

SEE it happening, FEEL the visualization happening right now.

Get in touch with any objections or fears of financial success you might have – you can overcome them so much easily now.

Your personal abundance code clearly describes the natural ways in which you attract success and abundance – and the hidden shadow tendencies that are keeping you from stepping into a life of wealth and happiness.

Know these abundance secrets, and you have the tools to manifest a better, more prosperous life.

Get totally engaged your unique abundance gifts by discovering how to activate them.

Commit to a new abundance journey at this important 17:17:17 portal opening.

Remember, you are an eternal, immortal Light Being!

You can conceive and achieve anything!

Abundant Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western world, unlocking the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being.

She nurtures spiritual entrepreneurs and lightworkers who want to manifest their divine mission by unlocking the abundance secrets in their star code map.

Tania is the creator of Numerology Academy – the first online certification course integrating two spiritual modalities, Astrology and Numerology.


Alright, let's mark the moment as the angels gather round here in the love room of this infinte, intimate place of love, divine and eternal.

Rec & fin 4 now,


11: 44 p.m.



Guys good things come in 3's it's been said. Well, here's another email we feel led to share. Check out the good info here. We're running out now but will fix it up later. w clickable url's etc. Later )

Special message from Fred and a gift

Fred Greaves

Attachments July 16 (2 days ago)

to bcc: me

I would like to invite all to a special call, being held this Sunday a week from today on 7/23/17. As you probably know I have stepped behind the scenes of The Love Connection radio show to complete a website, and to work with Juli Joy (the former host of TLC) on another. So we will offer updates as to our progress on this special show.

The new website I have been designing is ready (more or less), its address is www.cometothelight.love . There are some important “Tools for Ascension” on that site. There are just too many out there as well as a lot of information, and that can be very confusing. Yet, after being trained in the 5th dimensional ways by my Divine Twin on the other side these last few years, I have been able to “whittle” them down to just a few.

I also have had another mentor (a fairy guide) for over a year now. Besides the incredible knowledge I have received from her, their energy is unmistakable. There are many stories about her and her friends in the book I just wrote, as I bring them all over with me now, because of their positive energy. I also now have the capability of sending you your own fairy now, so if interested in these wonderful beings, see the “project” site for details. They are not a fantasy, as we have been led to believe. They are very real, and here to help with Ascension.

The site I’m working on with Juli is called younglightworkers.com , and is truly her idea. She recognized the fact that these amazing children, need our guidance and encouragement, as opposed to the conformity, we all went thru. So we will discuss that also. That site is also up and running, yet still in its “infancy” stage.

One last thing:

Many of you may have heard, I was writing a book about the Twin flame project and its origin. Yet more importantly the information it contains is critical, as it shows how the reader can benefit also and “glide” thru these changes (Ascension symptoms).

It is done and I planned on submitting it to a division of Hay House publishing. Yet after speaking with them they told me with editing and all, they are looking for a late fall release, for Christmas gifts. I honestly think this information needs to be out there, before that time though. There are major changes happening to not only us, although the planet at this time. Many of which will be fully implemented or at least in “full swing” by Christmas time.

We are in a new paradigm now, so rather than jump thru the hoops Hay House wanted (way too 3d), I have decided to send it for free to the entire project. I want all to have this info, well before then. If you decide there is worthwhile information in it, you can go here to donate. www.thetwinflameproject.com.. Just scroll down to the 5th window on the home page and you will see the small donate button on your left. I planned on charging 29.99, yet if the publishing houses were to get their hands on it, edit it and print it, they may increase that price.

Like I said that is so 3d, and not where we are headed. Either way, it is attached. Whether you would like to pay for it or not, is entirely up to you. There may be grammar mistakes that an editor would have picked up, yet I feel it pertinent to get this information out there, regardless. I know you realize I think of you as family, so I feel this is better as opposed to waiting. Like I said, donate if you feel it appropriate.

If you find places where the story doesn’t flow properly, please let me know. You guys can be my editor! Maybe I'll self-publish thru Amazon at a later date...who knows. Email me at support@thetwinflameproject.com. Also positive feedback is welcomed too!

Much love and light,


Show information

Call in number for Sunday 7/23/17 is (914)205-5468. The show is scheduled for 12pm EST. Information can be found on www.thelove-connection.com. Look under “blogtalk radio shows” in the menu bar. Please press the number 1, if you have a question for Juli or myself.

See you on the show!

Ok, good stuff. Thank you Fred and Lucina...)

if anyone would like to see our past history you can just mosey on over here...


Yahoo images.



Greetings team, welcome to another day in paradise. Not kidding, it really is, someone tell the politicians, Please. TY.

Ok, we have something of maximum interest to share with ya's.

We are making this an 'Open Letter' after sending this.

Hi (a prominent lightworker)

I appreciate your work in bringing Heaven on Earth awareness to the people. So, if you haven't seen the site that we steward, http://EarthPartyForever.com and the latest blog is tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-13777 where the newest good stuff that washes up on our shore is shared. I'm inviting you now to check this site out.

Amazing things are coming down at this site if we do say so ourselves. We do need all the help we can get in getting the word 'out there.' Figure that. )

We don't, obviously, get paid for doing this so we have been led to do a fundraiser but the rewards we feel for doing this is out of this world. If you feel led to share this with others that would be awesome. We are champions of the 'cashless society.' not to mention the activation of the Lord's prayer,

tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2Bfree777 and in most sharings, we let the music do the talking. Keep up your good work & take care.


Paul Brown

'The lover of the world.'

P.s. One of our prime spirit guides Dr Peebles says "GOD BLESS YOU WHO READ THIS & Do Something!!! We can't hold the Good Dr back. Like shared at the front page All are invited to take the 6 pack tour - here: tinyurl.com/DrPeebles777

TY Dr Peebles, We all love you ~ GOD BLESS YOU!!!


Cell: 781-267-4282



Alright guys, I don't know about you but Paul here is ready for some awesome music.

So as Bill Graham says... "On behalf of the group ~ Would You Welcome Please The Grateful Dead." Yay!! )

The Grateful Dead @ The Great American Music Hall (August 13, 1975)

This concert starts with, not 'paradise waits.'. It's title is 'Help on The Way.' Thank You Mom. )

Check these awesome lyrics, guys...

"Help On The Way"

Paradise waits, on the crest of a wave, her angels in flames.

She has no pain, like a child she is pure, she is not to blame.

Poised for flight, wings spread bright, spring from night into the sun.

Don't stop to run, she can fly like a lie, she can't be outdone.

Tell me the cost; I can pay, let me go, tell me love is not lost.

Sell everything; without love day to day insanity's king.

I will pay day by day, anyway, lock, bolt and key.

Crippled but free, I was blind all the time I was learning to see.

Help on the way, well, I know only this, I've got you today.

Don't fly away, cause I love what I love and I want it that way.

I will stay one more day, like I say, honey it's you.

Making it too, without love in a dream it will never come true.

Writer(s): Jerome J. Garcia, Robert C. Hunter

Thank you JerrysKids for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Mom & Paul read each other's mind 345 ~ 777

Thank You again, Mom <3 ) And God, Jesus and Universal Mother Mary. ) <3



1: 00 p.m.,

Alright 'Hey guys', checking in, we really must give it up to Facebook for doing the memories feature.

They shared on our timeline this sharing from 2013. What a great year that was, and this posting could

not be more on time. Here's what we shared just a few moments ago...

This message could not be more appropriate given what went down on God's site in the last 48 hours alone

http://EarthPartyForever.com esp at the latest blog... tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-13777

« What purpose could be more important than to experience once more the utter joy of being your true selves. Failure is neither an option nor a possibility »

The curtain is about to rise on the next act

July 19, 2013 by John Smallman


Spirit moves... Who wants to hear some 'Grandfather Rock' that suits this occasion. After all,

my dear friends, just think, never in our evolution have we been this far down the road. Indeed.

Cream - Badge (Royal Albert Hall 2005) (7 of 22)

Thank you theeshrimpking for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cream.

Later still

9:00 p.m

Alright we had a good sleep which probably means we'll be up again til the wee hours, not necessarily online.

So, we opened a can of Chef Boyardee inviting Ashtar & Company and they were instantly here. We asked Dakarra

to pick out the music which we did and we'd like to share it with ya's since it is one of our favourites and the first song

sort of tells where we're at. So, let Paul go to You Tube and we'll be right back, ok? Thank ya's. )

Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears full album

Thank you Ozzy Osbourne - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ozzy Osbourne & Crew.

And, we got this email from Lorna Byrne who communicates directly with angels, that is definitely worth sharing.

Never Give Up

Dear Paul

Today I spent a lot of my day speaking with Archangel Michael. I saw him standing next to the old gate which had just been painted a little over a week ago. I asked him: “are you here to give the gate a second coat of paint?” to which he simply responded: “No Lorna, Angels do not do any type of physical work like that.” Then as I was hanging out the washing, I said to him: “oh please don't make it rain, I really need to get some of this washing dry.” He never answered me, he just smiled. I told him that I had a newsletter that I needed to write but I found myself unable to think of anything to write about. My mind had gone blank. He then said to me: “Lorna, what has been coming up on the prayer scroll over the past few weeks?” His question caught my attention and got me thinking. He reached out to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. Just then at that moment, I thought about all of the requests from families and friends asking for prayers for those who have just lost a child.

Lately, there have been so many requests. In some, the mother has miscarried or has been pregnant with her first child and sadly the baby was still born. There were also some who have lost their baby after a few days or a few weeks after the baby was born as they were premature and were not strong enough. These requests regularly come in from all over the world and I am always keeping these families in my prayers. My heart goes out to these families. I am always asking God to bless these families with another healthy baby who can grow strong.

I would often meet women that would say to me Lorna, please pray that God will send me a little baby I’m having great difficulty becoming pregnant, we have been trying for four years and it hasn’t happened. Sometimes pregnancy doesn’t happen naturally and I would ask them did they try anything else. Did they go to the doctor to find out is there anything that would help them to become pregnant?

I always remind people if God is going to send you a baby sometimes it doesn’t just happen by natural means. Sometimes it happens through medical intervention and I know many times that doesn’t work, but I know it has worked millions and millions of times. God has so many children out there in the world, and I know a woman always longs to have their own baby to carry it in their tummy, my heart goes out to every woman who cannot have a child of their own. I give out to God all of the time, sometimes a couple would tell me they have been trying for so long, and it hasn’t happened yet, and would I bless them and ask God to send them baby.

I know many couples who have no children because they were not able to have a child of their own for one reason or another but they have become a parent to all their nieces and nephews and sometimes even to the child of a friend. Every woman and man in the world, whether they have children or not is a mother and a father. This is most important job in the world. Whether you have a child or not you still need to play your part to every child you know and even to the children you don’t.

On some occasions, I have met with parents of a baby who couldn't stay. They may have had another child since they had previously lost their baby. However, even though they mourn for their loss, they say that they are so blessed to have their son or daughter. Some say that if their baby didn't pass, they would not have had their other children. I met a mother recently, who told me that she always thanks her babies that she has lost for her other children. She also always calls them by their names. It is always good to name your child especially if it is a miscarriage. Every mother knows deep down whether it is a boy or a girl. She talked about Angels in my Hair and the part where I saw my mother holding her baby boy who had died. She said that sometimes she felt her babies around her, especially when she was lying in bed at night. She asked me did I think that it was her babies that were lying with her. At that very same moment, her Guardian Angel told me “yes, those are her babies”. I then could see her husband holding their baby boy with one arm and hugging his wife with his other arm. Next to them was a little boy and a little girl. I knew then that they had two miscarriages before.

Although losing a child is one of the most difficult things for any parent to go through, always remember that your baby loves you unconditionally. Your baby has chosen you as his/her mother and father. You and your baby have given each other so much love from the moment of conception to every minute that you carried that beautiful soul in your tummy. Although it is very difficult to accept, your baby only had to stay for a short time.

I sincerely hope that you are enjoying my newest book, Angels at my Fingertips and that you are becoming more aware of your Guardian Angel's presence. Always remember that you are never alone and your Guardian Angel is always right there with you. No matter what is going on in your life, your Guardian Angel is always helping you through it, telling you that it will all be ok and that you are loved. Your Guardian Angel wants you to always be yourself and stay true to who you are. Your Guardian Angel wants the very best for you and never gives up on you. Many times, a Guardian Angel will say to me: “aren't they wonderful?” They are always pouring so much love into you. Allow yourself to feel that love. Allow yourself to smile and to feel good. Allow yourself to cry. Feel how you want to feel. Remember that your Guardian Angel is right there with you and is wiping away your tears.

Blessings to you, your family and loved ones,



Alright, guys, as this historic blog page is starting to get a bit long we will be bringing the curtain down on it, but

first 2 songs that were swimming in our brain earlier today. We knew they had to go on here. And So It Is.

Eagles - OL' '55 (HQ)

Thank you Clay Culver for sharing on YT.

Thank you Eagles.

And this one too, also from the 'On The Border' album. Appropriate since that's exactly where we are, folks,

on the border of the higher dimensions. And Glenn is with us 'All the way' After all, He is the president of team oneness.

tinyurl.com/HeavenxblogVII-8777 A true friend to all and one heck of a 'gazer'


Best of my love, Eagles

Thank you JM DM for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.

Thank you UMPG for blocking this in our country bc of your ridiculous 'copyright crappola'. Don't you realize you have NO right to withhold this from a whole country bc copyright crap can not hold up in a court of Law bc it's GOD's Music Created by God's musicians. You are Breaking God's Law by withholding this. We Suggest Restore it back Immediately and go walk the floor with yourself for you are on the wrong side. It Is Written.

Ok, gotta leave ya's with one more, probably the ultimate Eagles video. En-joy...)

Eagles - Hotel California - Live Capital Center 1977

Thank you -KM31- for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.

Alright, my dear friends, this Heavens blog page is a wrap. Sure to be another one starting soon so, hang loose.

Namaste.. )

Rec & fin


11:11 p.m

Alright, how was this for our 'soon.'

A new blog page has just started here...


P pic.

Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma. July 2017

See Ya's there... )