May is Mother Mary Month ll

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Blessed Mother Mary.                                                                                                    


& 5/8/16

Happy Mothers Day to all the wondrous, glorious loving Mothers out there!

Everything Here Dedicated to Divine Blessed Mother  Mary. 

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Here's me and my Mom's song.

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Thank you Cat Stevens, now known  as Yusuf

Mom and Jaws.  <3  )

See this & more  at :     (scroll way down 4 this.)

Thank you Mom, love you always...   (You too Jaws.)    

Heart of Gold.

Photo by Jim Law.
taken 5/10/14    Hanalei Bay, Kauia Hi  Jim named  it  "Heart of Gold'   ).
perfect picture, perfect name, perfect synchronicity.  Thank you Jim.

And now~ The song of the day...

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Thank you Jackie Evancho.   


Jackie Evancho & David Foster -Live O Mio Babbino Caro -.

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Thank you Jackie Evancho and David Foster.


Greetings Beloved  Masters,
Welcome to this day.  The day we've been waiting eons for.  And it is, indeed, a wondrous, glorious loving day!
These first songs  are like a bridge or intro to the song of the day.  Remember this is Mary's Place and we can 
not and will not share anything that does not vibrate with HER approval and Divine Infinite Ultimate.  
So, are you remembering that there is a worldwide prayer gathering at 7 pm (your time) all this month? 
We are all lending a hand to bring Heaven on  Earth.   And so it is Now, In Jesus Name. Amen.
Now, let's go cosmic and turn it up with Heaven's House Band ~ The Moody Blues...  )

Lovely to See You Again My Friend...

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Live version...

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Thank You The Moody Blues.

And Now:  The Song of the day...

The Voice
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Thank You The Moody Blues.

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The Moody Blues.  A heavenly band if there ever was one, cross the threshold to a dream come true.  And who's that behind you guys?
Oh, looks like Team Oneness.  Welcome home weary pilgrims, one and all.  


Greetings Friends,
Welcome to the day we've been waiting eons for.  )

This song is more than just a song; beloveds, it's a statement of a promise kept. There are a few
good versions of this online but we went with this for obviuos reasons, clues in the title plus it does
not have the annoying commercials in it. (Hint hint producers)

Yes, it is now time for music direct from Heaven via wings of sound and energy delivered joyously...

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Thank You YES.  

Now:  The Song of the day...Perfect studio version...

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Thank You Journey.


Greetings beloved immortal spiritual beings,
Welcome to this special day, the day we've been waiting eons for.
Certainly a day to get out the planetary drums and make heaven smile, for sure.  }

Today's selection comes by loving suggestion from a very powerful Archangel who visited your humble servant P last night, or actually this early morning
as he was trying (unsuccessfully) to go to sleep. We knew instantly who this awesome presence was and He didn't have to do any convincing with P, just
a reminder, basically.  And we Thank You so much Dear Metatron for Your perfect timing and grace.  Thank You Dear Metatron.

p.s.  Have you seen these pictures taken the other day in Florida?
        Angel in the  sky.  WPTK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Santana Live...

 Thank you BestMasterGuitarfor sharing on yt.

Thank You Carlos and Santana.

And Now:

The Song of The Day...

Europa ~ Earth's Cry ~ Heaven's Smile.   )

 Thank you Azahar Sevilla for sharing this beautiful work on yt.

Thank You Santana

One more thing;;;

One man's kindness and another  man's  graciousness.  Enjoy this.  )

Bless Carlos, Marcus and the kind reporter who brought them together, Stanley Roberts..

Whoosh, Wow beloveds.  What can follow this sharing today?  Answer... nothing and no-one at this point.
So, let's just move this thread on.  This time to start the middle and end of this sacred month dedicated to
The Divine Blessed  Mother Mary it will be at or near the top as spirit directs ~ easily found on the menu.  
So we  now close out this page with   All our Love,  Thanks and overwhelming Gratitude to God and All That Is. 
In Jesus Name.

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