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Welcome One & All!  Congratulations, you've all made it home on the wings of Love & Music, sweet music.  With these 2 ingredients Heaven on Earth has been 
created.  If you haven't experienced what real love & freedom is yet, just please be patient while the fingers of the channel flow out in a purple flood of love from the 
infinite.  We got  storiies to tell, songs to sing and all eternity to en-joy it.  Thought you were out of the game? dear ones?

Well, you may have been however you know no-one iis alone down on this earth where we learn how to play what was once termed "the game."  We, thanks to God, folks the game is no longer in existence.  The only thing we gotta do is sing & praise & thank God for it's from Him/Her that we all have our eternal  infinite blessings.

Here's 2 sites / pages where we invite ya's to go and hang out & maybe even watch as more "good stuff" is added.  Here ya's go.

And here...

And, now 7/18/16   here...

Rec & fin  channel 22777 is 'out the door.  Expect to see His best new awesome "Shiny Thing."  not 'soon' ~ 'later.'

Ed Note"  This  was placed at the gazers777 page.  link below.

HE knows we all need Big Moment Cosmic Relief Now, folks.  Have an absolutely above average day & we'll 'catch ya's llater.  bye for now.  )

Rec  & fin for this moment...
1:44 p.m.   )

p.s.  Here url for this page if you want to share. "W" ith Everyone Everywhere.  )


Greetings All
Hope ya's all had a good Independence day.  To see the latest stuff coming down, please go to 

tinyurl.com/Gazers777  This is the 'hot' page  among the hot pages.

And also the previous blog page has more new content added there.

And, of course, this page.

Announcing:  His Epic 'Gazers777'  page is now complete & ready to take all of us on the ride of our lives, dear ones.
You can see the link above.  If you haven't been there since 5:22 p.m. today, folks, you owe it to yerselves to go there & see what He has laid on the table for us.
we, ourself, p, the humble channel is in awe of what He is doing on this / His site.  It all comes thru thru Him, beloveds.

What day is it, Folks?  He says: "It's a Day to Rock."  Got a vehicle?  Why not hitch a ride w Boston.  They are inviting us... Can we say "Yes?" Indeed.  )

Thank You Boston

Later this same cosmic day...
10:33 p.m.

Alrighty, are we rockin' the house yet, folks?  Below we will share 3 songs that Mom arranged to be played & shared at this place,... however we just received it would be better shared at the latest "Wind In Our Sails' page.

Note: placed  here at 11:22  a.m. 7/13/16
Yeah, we forgot to place it here.  Guess this moment was the moment, He wanted it placed here.  )

Oh, do we love God's mysterious ways or what, folks?  Indeed.  "YES."   )

Ok, we now share w ya's the Awesome news is  that we  have just been able to retrieve this, the first reading we had w intuitive Consultant Jim Law  (ret)
Of course, we know God's momenting is all about everything blossoming at its perfect, infinitely perfect, absolutee ~ divinely appointed moments.
And so here , at this moment, is this audio document released.  Thank all for listening to it.

From September, 2012...

Might as well share the 2nd reading here as well... )

From July 2013

Miight as well share the 3rd life changing reading from 1993 w Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru Michael Ellegion.

 Happy Human Day ~ forever, human beings... ) 
Did you see the invitation from world renouned trance medium, Blossom Goodchild on the previous blog page?

Here's Blossom's Announcement:

20th July in Australia!
Here it is then!
THE HAPPY HUMAN DAY VIDEO.     https://youtu.be/5_DDBfwTX1g
Trusting it uplifts your soul ... Please spread it around so it can lift the Vibration of the entire Planet!
Blessings in abundance on this Happy Human Day! Hooray!
Blossom G.
DONATIONS from your heart to my heart are INDEED gracefully & gratefully received. Thank you!http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BGcontributions.html 
READINGS : Happy to announce that I am starting my readings again in June. http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/BGReadings.html 
http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/      mailto:bloss@blossomgoodchild.com.au

Thank You Blossom Goodchild & All who participated.  we wish everyone a Happy Human future in this video... )

Thank You God Who Produced, Directed & acted in this video.

Likewise... this one...

Greetings guys,
So, God wants to give all His Good children a raise, dear beloveds.  Can ya's dig it?  But,  paul, we're not worthy.  Shhhh Vern, don't tell God  that..
Now you let the cat out of the bag, but guess  what, guys?  He  Still loves us.  Go figure.  )

So, here's some 'good stuff' from the 'situation room.'  Hope ~  en~joy.   )

Thank You God for doing what You do.  we are so thankful God for Your ever present & 
unfailing presence in our lives.

Hey, everyone Brothers Jerry Garcia  & Mr Richie Havens have an Awesome Announcement over here. 

These guys are true blue, even more-so in spirit.  The infinite Cosmos' are Rockin, guys.  One beat, one mind, one infinite <3 of God.  Indeed, IJN.  "Yes."

Who can think of a fitting group to have placed here next?  Anyone?  lol  )

Dr Music recommends just 'drinking in' this whole phenomenal album.  En-joy... )

Thank you The ClassicRewind for sharing on YT.

Thank You YES.  From one on behalf of all ~  all on behalf of one.  Cheers team 777  )


Hey Folks, As The Front Page  News was Announced earlier It's Happy Spirits Forever Day in His infinite neighborhood.  Indeed, we are spirits in the material world, right?  Catch the song over there as  that's how spirits, like us, communicate, right?  Yes, Hello...  )

Greeting Folks on this loving 22 nd day of the cosmic 7th month of the sweetest year to ever be.  After all, when have we ever been this far down the road of human evolution?  Never, obviously, as we collectively skate on down the river  of linear moments that we each share & entwine ourselves in ~ writing the book of His Awesome creation and the 'Superstar' souls who went forth from His Source to go wherever His Infinite Mind would lead them to go and to do whatever it would for the most good and carry as much light & love as any one could.  What we can do or not do was carefully measured out.

The volunteers who felt they could make a difference signed up and only the few out of the countless volunteers could be outfitted  with a life as decreed, declared, invoked and  Flung Out To The Infinite Infinity of Creator's Divine Creative Field of Love.  There is no other field out there, dear beloveds.  The Field of Love is the field in which any other 'field' for us may spring from; however the base,  the core, the source, if you will, I Love.*  p typed Is Love.  HE had "I Love." show up.  As stated before on this site * will serve  as saying yes, we may have been typing something else, however this  iis what showed up and in our discernment, we leave it alone as we go with our 'gut' and go with the first edition as presented.  Thank You Very  Much for understanding.   ) & Thank You God  for the 'Right"  version.

Alright, team.  paul heard many great songs on the radio today esp on  the channel closest to heaven ~ Sirius XM's 'The Bridge"  # 32 on their dial.
Here's a standout they played this morning that fits where we are right now.  See & hear if you agree...

Thank youThompson Travel Deals for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Donald Fagan.  Nice vision.  One we can all get on-board with, right guys?  Awesome.
Let's 'Make It So.' humanity.  W God ~ "we got this."  Indeed,  "YES."   )

Here's another song from today, sort of like  the universe saying- 'don't forget this one.'  Indeed, here it is...

Thank you Megan Smith for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Van Morrison

Yes,  who else hears that foghorn blowing at this moment in our life scripts?

Rec & fin for now.
11:30 p.m.


Image may contain: screen and indoor
P pic.

God~ Jesus' Place hanging out on the 'window to the world' miracle device; the personal computer brought to us by the blessings of  heavenly technology. 

Thank You God.  )

Ok, Greetings Everyone led to this place at this moment in our life scripts.  It's a good one you know because He created it and we all volunteered to be actors, as Him~Her to be who we are which Is Him/Her in incarnation as us.  Got it?   Good.  

So, hope everyone saw the sharing at the main front page and we welcome you here and this will be the place to come and be directed, if led, to the places where 'Good stuff' is happening as already shared above on this  thread.  Yeah, go to those pages- places and hope ya's enjoy the 'Good stuff' shared there.
Remember, this Is HIS  (The feminine aspect of God is understood & not specified due to editing concerns.) site, dear ones, and nothing goes down here w/o His auspices.  

Ok, so who's taking the tour of  Boston & beyond?


Thank you Living For Christ for sharing on YT.

Thank You Chris DuPre',  Sid Roth & Audience   Powerful  Stuff, Indeed.  Yes.

Thank you Living For Christ for sharing on YT.
Thank You Richard Cole & All who helped make this video available to the world.

Thank you michael prince for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ron & Glenda Pettey & Sid Roth & Audience for spreading the truth of God's Goodness.

More Good NDE Stuff here...

Ok, did you try that link folks?  And find that it took you here?

Obviously, when we did this we got the url crossed. however is it a mistake to fix and move right on?  Not with the Good God we, only tiny 'scratching the surface' of, know, folks.  This is His  way of saying, "not so fast, mr brown, have 'em stop by this masterpiece of a page and let them swim in this pond for a bit.
God wanted us tourists to be directed to that page for reasons of, we feel, fully getting the most bang for your buck so to speak here  at His starsite.  There's so much on that page. Take what you like, leave the rest. It's All His work,  folks.  He created that page & everything on this site and we'll  say it til we can't even talk anymore.  It's Not paul ~ It's Him, dear ones.  Indeed. "YES."
Thank you.  )

Indeed, here is a link that will get you to the NDE (Near Death Experience) page.  Thank Ya's...

It's late (or early)
G' nite  )
Rec & fin.
3:00 a.m.


This just in.  Mom & Dr Peebles, along with Jesus, a gatekeeper for this / His site invites everyone to Dr Peebles page w a suggestion in song for all of us.

What else is happening paul?
Well, Jimi Hendrix & Bob Dylan are the latest doing their thing here: Mr Dylan blowing that ol'  Duquesne Whistle. Jimi Thanks for all you do participating at His site here in so many ways, our Dear Friend, Indeed.   )


Ahem:  Guess what guys?  You know if you've visited this site even for a little bit how, the humble scribe/ channel - paul has always taken pains  to  get across that this is HIS site, NOT paul's.  p gave it over to Him to do His work for the upliftment of humanity with paul pushing the buttons right from the beginniing, even on our previous site which was a ning site for business.  Before long we changed it to 7thHeavenonEarth w a tinyurl.  That site is long gone however, here we are at il still, after @ 4 years, always referring to this as His site, because that's what it's been.

Until Now.  As as it happened in the last 36 hours or so it has been impressed on p's brain that this site is Now Everyone's site.  That's right boys & girls, Ladies & gentlemen, God says it's Everyone's ~ Not just His.  What does this mean, paul?

Thanks for asking, Lucky.  It simply means, my dear friend, that everyone "Owns" this site as their own.  God is sharing Everything here wiith each & every one of us.  Doesn't matter if  you've never even heard of this site, which you probably haven't since the media do not concern themselves with God.  So, p can tweet to the media all day every day and  get no response, because they can see , oh it's about God ~ move on.  

They will find out, in the long run, dear ones, that God & His Divine perfect, infinitely perfect - absolute divine plan for His beloved children will not be denied.  We're not talking religion here, folks, in any way shape or form.  Spirit-uality iis  the name  of the game and spirit iis everywhere in all facets of what's going down here on the planet, folks.

Everyday, we see it and hear it & experience it.  The Great  Merger Is "on."  just ask yourself, what the heck is going on in Your life?  You must be getting synchronicities, turning on the radio & hearing a departed loved one's favorite song.  You take a different route home and you see something, a sign, or see a friend you were meant to see again after a long time or you simply have come to the place in your life where you finally say, ok God, let's try Your way, it's Got  to be better than my way.

Legions of guides, angels, loved ones, Jesus, Mary & God Himself are cheering us on.  They know e have "made it" but we don't know we have because, it's not on our TV or newspapers.
Guys, you want a clue what's going on Mr Jones?  Why not check out YOUR Sttarsite?  Right here ~ Your Earth Party Now . com site.  That is what HE is inviting us all to do at this moment, Dear Ones, Indeed.  "YES."

So, paul, driving Ms Carol to work this morning shared this info w  her and asked her if she could  think of  a song to accompany this new information, as we 'let the music do the talking.' whenever possible.  She said 'no.'  paul was thinking 'Summer Breeze' by  Seals & Crofts since that's how these things these thought forms, enter his cranium, i.e. like a  soft summer breeze.  we decided, pretty much that that would be the song to accompany this sharing.
paul was on his way home to Quincy a short while later when this song came on the radio, on our favourite Sirius XM channel:  The Bridge (No commercials, ever)  this is like Heaven's channel playing the best mellow rock of the 70's.  So what song came on, paul?  This my dear friend.  Go figure. )

Thank you Carl's Old Record Club for sharing on YYT.

Thank You Seals & Crofts.

Greetings Folks, Hope ya's having a above average Saturday in Your neighborhood.
Please check the front page, if haven't already for some exciting news.  Indeed, it's sweet.   )

August 1, 2016.

It's Official, On this Day, Jerry Garcia's Birthday,  Now & forever it's, according to His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine, will, way momenting & plan...
'Happy Spirit's Day,' beloved masters, His Masterpiece Creations, the Humans into Spirits, like the caterpillar into butterflies.  Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice because that's what we are and this is our destiny that we will, each & every one of us humans, will be spirits, and in the continuum of space & moments we will be in spirit before we know it to live in eternal joy & happiness forever with God.  Indeed, Yes.   )

So, hope you've been on the front page & seen the official announcement w music there and remember, 'We've only just begun...'   )

Btw, did you folks know this site has a "lost & found" page?  yep, it's this  ever so popular page here, specifically at Jesus ~ Lord Sananda section  where if you are lost, if anyone can find you and lead you to where you're supposed to be, i.e. in the loving embrace of God, not just believing that God IS but knowing God IS.  Here's that link again...


Greetings Everyone,  ok, we are a busy guy & do our best to keep the customers satisfied.  The latest 'Good stuff' going down is right at the front page, if you haven't come here thru that.  See & hear what spirit (lower  case as a whisper) has & is directing things over there. (not to mention, here.)
Looks & feels like Rock & roll has it's own agenda, folks.  we say "Yes."  Let Rock rule.  It's apparent, ours is a Rock & roll paradise, beloved masters.  To surrender to His ~ best for  us master plan is no 'Cheap Trick.'  w all due respect for that hall of fame group.

If you're here on the 'plant it' earth at this moment & you've got the radio on, you're hearing what the universe that sings wants you to hear.  If all you listen to is 'talk' most of it empty on the radio waves, we thinks  you're depriving yerselves.  Put on that Rock & roll & fire up those engines inside you that respond to theenergies in that music ~ created  by God, as the musicians, people like us ~ All created by God  bring it forth out of their indiividual & group DNA.  All as it was & is planned, moment by moment as per His best wishes for us, His beloved children.  And So It Is Now, Indeed, "Yes."

Even better is music we may have created ourselves if we make music ourselves or, as paul, has scooping music off the radio and on to tapes.  We have hundreds, so just now, we declared to the universe, God, that we pick out, always blindly, thhe perfect tape or CD to listen to.  So paul what tape did you just pick out?

Lucky, it was 'Uncle John's Band'  by The Grateful Dead.  Funny thing after a minute or so- the tape went silent and Gordon Lightfoot came on singing one of our favourite songs... '7 Island Suite.'  That song is featured over at 'Site Essentials' page.  If like  to hear & see this here's a quick link...

After the 'Uncle John's Band' introThe rest of this tape is all Gordon Lightfoot.  The tape is named 'Essential Gordon Lightfoot.'  we remember bringing a Gordon cd over to my brother Dick's house where Mom lived her last years and telling her that if God sang- He'd sound like Gordon Lightfoot.  Indeed.
Don't ya's dare miss out on Gordon's page...
Carefree Highways await us, indeed... )

--Oh, and as it pops into our head right now.  A few days ago we clicked on the Gazers777 link and, as spirit woulld have it... it went to this page.  As this is being shared now, that occurrence is not lost.  Everything has its perfect moment & place so, here's an awesome page to visit, if led.  Thank Ya's very much.

Alright, we finally have our latest sharing for YT & will we all please welcome Mr Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead as we will hear in the background of this video where Jerry invites His very much alive & kicking flock to celebrate, w everyone... 'Happy Spirit's Day!"  or to be more precise, as it came down in the video   "Happy 'Jerry Garcia' Spirit's Day"  Congrats Humans ~ we, in His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine,  absolute perfect plan ~ all make it to spirit.  No one is lost.  No one  is left behind.  Our God has outriders to insure no one  get's lost or left behind.  Indeed, "Yes."

So, Jerry, lead us on, Bro, 

Thank You Uncle Jerry & Company of Rock & Roll Heaven &  on behalf of  'The Rock & Roll Cavalry' here on earth we say  as one...
Thank You God, Jesus & Mary & All The Company of Heaven "Thank You For A Real Good Time."  
Namaste.  )

ah, paul, you gonna put a signature there, bro?
already did, my 'lucky' dear friend, already did.   )

This concludes this particularblog page, my dear friends.  Hope you've en-joyed it and benefited in some way.

The next blog is already started & will, it is hoped, kind of funnel things so one can "get" this site with the quickness.  We know everyone has a lot going on and as much as possible we will make it as easy as we can for  ya's to move thru here - gaining the most while spending the least moments of your precious life here. Remember though,  as much as this Is God's site He made  it Our site.  So, Congrats on Your awesome site Lucky & Daisy & if led, tell everyone about Your new site.  Be proud, you're a winner in the game of life that He designed for us.  

So going forward this calls for a song, the perfect song to go out with ioho.  And that song is??? paul?  Hold on, be right back from YT.  For the record, paul has no idea what that song will be.  we 'save' this now and will be back soon w the song that God wants here, as we  declare, decree & invoke this. His Will Is Done Now IJN.  And So It Is, Now, Indeed.  "Yes."  Ok, guys be back in a few...)

Ok, not 20 minutes later, we're back.  Here's what went down.  YouTube didn't do it for us. we  know that spirit/ paul made all the tapes in our / His collection so we did our waving of the hands technique, dug for a cassette blindly pulled out the tape that our right hand took - (p is a righty) put it in the BB and this is the songthat played; the perfect song we may ad, as expected, as per above decree. & so it is, indeed the perfect song for this now moment in eternity.
Ladies & Gentlemen God gives us this song ~ 'Synchronicity II' by The Police.

Our tape was the  recorded version.  we share with ya's this live version.  En-joy... )

Thank you EiDy Lukošius for sharing on YT

Thank You The Police & Appreciative Audience ~ All of us fellow 'spirits in the material world' & All the spirits on the other side as  well... )
That's a  whole lotta spirits & love, folks.  'Oh my goodness gracious,' can we get a "Yes" from someone?  Oh thank you Lucky, & you too Daisy... )

To Be Continued at the new blog here...

No automatic alt text available.

See ya's there... 

Namaste.   )