God's Hope delivered. 'Yes.' IJN ~ 777 )

Yahoo images.

HisHer & Our signature pic. Now, always & forever. TYJ. )

Now, 6/24/19 If you would like 2 share this w Your universes, the new, now link is: www.tinyurl.com/GodsVictoryinthelightIIII5 TYVM )



Greetings fellow sons & daughters of infinity & welcome to the grand opening of His eternal jubilee.

We've just surrendered to God and asked Him to just Do this apparent transparent 'whistleblower' page on self. Look, humanity, weigh all the evidence. Think hard on things and look at yer own scripts. Does it dovetail with this/ His Earth Party now page? we hope so, cuz, we are one group, under God, i.e. The God of Abraham, The God of Jesus Christ & The God of Rock & roll.. The eternal moment to celebrate His Victory of light over darkness is 'Now.' TYJ & God esp. Meet ya's in Union Square, beautiful Somerville, Mass.

P pic.

Here George looks over The Ruby Rogers Center in Union Sq, Somerville, Ma where p once had a run of 'hugging gigs' p, a professional unpaid hugger.

Could you use a hug right now? Here ya's go... ( )

Hey, let's 'do' lunch, I'm buying. You in? and you, and you and, ok 'time out' (literally) Everyone everywhere on both sides of His even thinning veil Now invited, Indeed. )

Ruby Rogers Center A place for struggling peeps to get their act together...He says everyone deserves a 2nd 3rd or 'whatever it takes' chances to get yer shit together. Just giving it up to God may do the trick. Indeed.

P pic. Photo by Harry Agritha,. Ruby Rogers Staft


Meet Paul's ex, Nanci, the Director of Ruby Rogers, & P with nametag. )

Photo courtesy of WZLX.

P w nametag. )

If led, check out this interview p had with WZLX's Karlson & McKenzie.at Lucky Lou's in Holbrook, Ma on St Patty's Day, 2016.

Note, paul just turned on WZLX to accompany this sharing. The song that played immediately from the beginning at 5:58 p.m..

Check song logs, if led to check. Right now, it's moment 6:01 p,m, Oh, the song? Limelight by Rush. We do not seek it. Thanks God.


So, paul's partner in the perfect crime of love helps engineer this little sharing...

Now, 6/24/19 updated 'Thank you Marie Lucille. I and the whole team Love you & Alva,

not 2 mention George. and we're not 4 getting You Diane, Ms Popularity over there. ) <3 ) ) )

Later that same forever afternoon...

He says: It's Over, It's Over Folks. Celebrate, Celebrate. God Won. (thru all us humble instruments.)



As ZLX plays 'You Got Another Thing Coming' by Judas Priest,

He wants ya's to hear this that we were just experiencing on YT.

Indeed, this is His message to each & every one of us Now & forever...

Thank you Audioslave VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Audioslave for sharing His message to us. )

Ok, as one of paul's fellow contributors to Chuck Nowlin's segment of 'Perfect 10 songs' plays with Tom Petty's 'Runnin' Down The Dream' plays

we gotta go back to round out Dan Fogelberg's area here...as The Doors 'Light My Fire' plays. Doors? to God's love, dear ones? There are no doors. )


Thanks ZLX for your participation in HHis plan. (sic- he says to play in His game, we need 2 goalposts, us & them) Now, if ya's could just share what's going down here at His site, that would be a blessing to the world, Indeed.

Oh, you want to see paul's perfect 10 & more? hear ya go:


Reminds us He has a 'Us & them" page. Let's check it out, folks. Here's url...

coming soon )

Now delivered 6/14/16

God knows ~ some awesome stuff over there. )




Fun, anyone?

Thank You Dad & The Dharmas )

Thank you VideoguySAT for sharing on YT.

Thank you The Dharma's ~ Sandy & Buck.. This was good but maybe a little bit more cowbell? )

Thank you Scoob Tube for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

But seriously folks... )

Thank you r VideoguySAT for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

Ok, dear ones where to now. well, if you ask p, he says, mosey on over here,guys and meet a friend of ours, and, you know what, folks? No, what paul? Thank you for asking, Lucky..

My dear friend is infinitely rich. Rich as God. In fact, he (lower case for modesty & humbleness) iis a direct conduit to God and God's plan for a free, cashless society that is on point Now in these days we're living in. So, if led, follow this link & follow his lead. Tell him paul sent ya and ask him for a ride in his, which iis also ~ God's, joy machine. Something that plays music by artists we love and let the music , like a magic carpet ride, take us where He would want to see His beloved children delivered. So, here we go, team, all as one, Indeed.


He says..." Let The Awesome Moments Rock, NOW & Forever. IJN ~ TYJ )

Thank you Kediacorporation for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr B. B King. & Company of Angels, So, what do we say to this, folks? As Groucho used to say...

"Say the magic word" and we all get to go on a permanent vacation. i.e. a cosmic cruise with Blue Oyster Cult, Now,

do we hear that magic word? Let us know...

Thank Ya's in advance... )

What's that Groucho" Lol )


So, how could 'tomorrow' everr follow today? ) oh, oh 'tomorrow's already here. )

Alright, folks, Btw, if you want to see who the artist of the moment that make up the new day over at:the wind in our sails II page


It will be shared at the perfect moments later today.

Yer humble servant need to go to the dream state & get his batteries charged, so to speak. Cheerio bye <3

Rec & fin.


3:11 a.m.



Hey paul,

What's your /\ Father's "take" on the presidential race?

To be honest, Lucky, it doesn't really matter, since that world, that paradigm is gone, down the cosmic poop shoot. The only things that matter in the New ~Now reality is Love & Music. That's it, nothing else matters, and you can take that to Metallica, they will show ya's in the way God would, Indeed. Here look & hear...)

Thank you NEA ZIXNH for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica & The People. With God on our side ~ "We Got This." Indeed. "YES>" Right God? )

So, Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls. Have you asked yerselves. If God & The Rock & Rroll* World is all that matters, since it is 'All That Is' Is there a leader of same? Whom we all can agree on, is simply the one, the best who we ,all of us, can rally round and gaze in wonder at His God given super- natural skills on his instrument?.. Someone to say about... Yeah, we have our "president." He's a simple, regular guy, and along w his 'awesome' wife, together they can be His representatives of the Rock & roll revolution. we are not appointing them. we are hereby 'asking' this amazing couple to be our leaders i.e. our reps to All That Is to be our beauteous, wondrous, glorious, & loving 'partners in crime' so to speak, as in this song...

The Story, will you 'guys' kindly tell us the story we all admit, we have sinned, but "He" says "it wasn't your fault, humanity." It's nobody's fault but mine. Yes.

Note: To see this notion in song> Go here


and scroll down to that song 'Nobody's fault but His.' ) In other words, folks "He's taking the blame."

Our team says: Now & Forever, Here 'Hear' God ~ You Take 'The Glory' All of It. You deserve "All Of Our Love $ Gratitude," God ~ For ever & ever IJN. And So It Is Now. Indeed Dear Father~Mother: "YES."

Namaste All )

Now, the rest of the story:

Thank you Aliceinkland for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Story.



Welcome everyone to a brand new awesome month on His planet earth. Not that big of a planet but certainly a super-star one, as this is the place that was chosen to be the final reckoning of the light vs dark. You know what folks? It wasn't even close. The dark had no chance of winning, ever, up against the Infinite love & light of God. Oh, yes the play was played out. A lot of unnecessary heartache & garbage esp on those who gave up on God. we can refer you to practically any page on this starsite that p has created. as his High self dictated & guides now & forever. Wait til we all get to see the computers & technology "upstairs" folks. Literally, we 'ain't seen nothing yet.'

Where are our friends at?

Thank you Don Henley ~Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Don Henley.


Click on any page this / His ~ Our site offers. Some fat has been trimmed from this page. Your editor of today is not the editor from 2016 or before, obviously.

Ok, back to original thread...

Here's one we recommend & the one right after that.



For what its worth....

Thank You God.

The Original Video...

Thank You God.

First, of course, you may have a word, Elvis. You're the King of Rock & roll 'for crying out loud'

Ashtar & Co love that one, hey, don't we all? lol... )

Thank you tianaKayton2405 for sharing on YT.

"Thank You Very Much" Mr Elvis Presley. 'Shout out' to brother Aaron in spirit. And a hearty

'Well done' from all of your friends i.e. Everyone, dear kind & humble Sir. )

Thank you SimonGarfunkelVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel & your friends, Everyone. )

Ok, we need a song here and we're not fooling around, folks. p saw a few clouds in the sky that looked like all kinds of things.

God, Please give us a group called Blue Oyster Cult born of a soft white underbelly and thinking man's songs like this one...

Thank you fendergibsonsounds for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. ~ Forever... ) ~ ~ ~

Rec & fin for now.


8:40 a.m.



Ok, we got a song to insert here right now...

Done: 9:15 p.m.

Thank you Darryl Hushaw for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Eagles. Let's Fly Eagles... ) ~




Indeed, Folks, Take it to <3 & Fly w God

As Flock of Seagulls ~ Music from the future plays in the background. Whisper out to Lisa & the Flock of Daisy's... <3 <3 <3...)

Yet another reason to go to... tinyurl.com/Gazers777

Yes, so, make no mistake, as if we could, Guys (we can't)


A fuller version... tinyurl.com/ItsAllGod

God has a Rockway to Heaven as well..




We recommend, for right now, to carry it on over to:


See ya's there & the pages after... )



Greetings & Happy Sunday Everyone,

Mom & paul invite Ya's to take a tour of His/Her Boston friendly matrix...


And the page that that leads to...

(You'll see it there, at bottom. )



Alright, dear friends, if you saw the video above when paul gave ya's the tour of 'His' 'situation room' p mentioned Ashtar and having dinner with him & Company.

So, last evening paul comes home w the ravioli he first mentioned and having invited Ashtar, Athena & guests it was a lovely affair, for the simple man & friends.

paul asked Ashtar to pick the perfect music, so paul did his magnetization exercise, simply waving his hands & saying aloud that the perfect music would manifest now, always with God's Will. and so it is. Btw. he just did this wiith the music playing right now in background. Yes, we're listening to an old cassette w Kingfish's 'Jump For Joy' playing. The tape is named... 'Music of Heaven & Paradise' dated 11/30/08

So, p was led to a bag that had a bunch of cd's in it. he felt inside and blindly picked one out, affirming that this is the perfect music. that God would have us listen to now. See below for the music... )

p pic.

July 18, 2016

p's kitchen shelf

Ok, folks, as this picture spills the beans on the music p picked out. Gee, alien music for Ashtar & Co.? Go figure... lol we really don't think of him as being 'alien' tho he is from much higher dimensional frequencies, he is human looking, and awesomely beautiful human appearing we add. esp his other half Athena & other beings of light at that level. Omg. )

Here's a taste of this other dimensional music thru Mr Joe Satriani, Joe take us away... )

Thank you MчstícRhчthmsLívє for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Joe Satriani & Band.

Ok, One more for you, America...

Thank you SimonGarfunkelVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank you Mr Paul Simon & Mr Art Garfunkel.

This page is now 'history' my dear friends, hope you en-joyed it & will come back as led. ; )

Page we recommend going to is... as above stated...


And the page that leads ya's to...

Latest updates, as we can keep up, here... Thank Ya's ; )


Rec & Fin.


11:00 p.m.



Hey everyone, "Welcome to The Love Day of the month & Happy Human ~ Spirit Day."

Thank you 3 bearsfor stepping up to be our cover, rep this/ His video...

Thank You God who produced, directed & acted in this presentation...



Thank You God who produced, directed & acted in this presentation...

Jerry Garcia says: "Hey Everyone, Come Celebrate at http://EarthPartyNow.com "Happy 'Jerry Garcia' Spirit's Day Forever!" No spirit is left out of Jerry's 'The Grateful Living' group.

What?? Not one kicker or screamer, Jerry? "Nope, not one my dear friend, paul." Wow, God You are So Awesome. Thank You God. Indeed. And So It Is Now. "YES."

As 'Against The Wind' by Bob Seger plays in the background on a paul cassette.

Reminds us we should check in on'The Wind' series...


Rec & fin for the record.


9:18 p.m.

Who else concurs that this is our 'official song' fellow Sons & Daughters, Daughters & Sons of The Eternal Now. we don't hope you like it ~ we 'know' you like it. )

And Jesus/ Sananda is there to draw us home. Here we are God, right on point.

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult



Happy whatever day this is, everyone. ) We have to think about it since every day feels like Satur(n)day for us, the humble clear typing this. Oh, btw, we, as of this sharing, will no longer use the term 'channel.' It is a term that has served all of us well. Indeed. However, Now, Dear Brothers & Sisters, He says we should consider us all 'Clears' since we are Him, acting as Us, our individual "I Am's' And we are completely & totally awesome immortal spiritual beings of light & Love.

So, the moment has come, the walrus said to share this magnificent album that Neil Young would be proud of. Indeed, have you read, in one of the 'Neil' books the story of when Neil's father heard 'Horse w No Name' and called him to congratulate him on another 'Hit.' lol )

So, if led, & it feels good, please, share this awesome America album, (For the whole world) that we listened to this morning during our morning inner sanctuary moments. Remember how amazing this was when it came out 'back in the day?' i.e. If you were around then. Btw, no one should feel 'cheated' because you arrived down here 'late' and missed those halcyon days of yore. Ya's had a ringside seat 'upstairs' like the 'jillions' (to use a modest number of beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, harmonious, adventurous & kind spirits watching & cheering us all on, now, as the humble 'clear' types, gently, calmly, peacefully and sooo Gratefully on the keyboard.. Indeed. ) So, as the song says, 'Hello, Hooray the show of the eternal, infinite, spiritual, (not religious - take a giant leap, religious people & open to what we are, immortal spiritual beings. Write that down & put it on your mirror if that would help ya's realize this eternal truth.)

Btw, sorry, but if you are following anyone other than Jesus Christ, you are missing the boat. We rec going to You tube & searching NDE's. Jesus is the only way to God The Infinite. This 'clear' would not lead anyone astray & he's proven it in this life. He would fight you, yes, even physically, (it happened) if he saw you going down a dead end path, as the blood rises, guys. Indeed like scientology. Leave that shit immedialely, as the heart pumps & the fingers are shaking w the infinite emotion coming thru. Deep breaths, now & we have done our job and relax in the oneness & knowingness that all is well, all is good & we will all make it because God, Jesus & rock & roll take no prisoners, Guys. Indeed.

We love you all, now, as Alvin Lee says in our open ear. Rock us like a Hurricane, God. Oh, He will my dear friend. Folks, have you heard a certain song by 'The World's Group' from Germany? It's around here somewhere lol. Ok, catch ya's later, in divine, infinite peace, love, harmony & all that jazz. Lol.

P out. )

So, here's the album, guys. Turn it up & hear the words on this, if led. TY. )

Thank you TrixxyKatt for sharing on YT.

Thank You America. )

Will there be more?

Only God knows... )



11: 07


God says this page is done, son. We thinks this page here would be good to go, He says but, don't worry, there's no hurry, there may be Rush, Jackson B & The Grateful Dead are there so - we do rec checking it out, if led. But don't take our word for it. Use yer own gut instincts to decide if this is something you, sir, want to gamble on. You don't want to waste approximately 7 seconds of your precious, majestic life risking this.

Btw, self, ask yerself, self... 'Do U trust the entity giving you the directions, like say, if you're driving in Maine, and you ask a local farmer, "Hey, excuse me Buddy... and he says "How in 'Heaven on earth.com, (we give ourselves a plug.) my dear friend, did you know my name is "Buddy" I'm not a dog, you see. Oh, sorry, Dude, where I come from we call all the dogs 'skippy' and the human friends we just haven't met yet - 'Buddy.' )

Can you tell me please, Buddy, which way to the farmers market? So, Buddy may ask, which one, the one here in town or the one in Mexico. You, thinking he's joking say 'the one in Mexico.' Ok, and the innocent farmer proceeds to give directions to that specific farmers market in Mexico. You say 'Thanks Bro, & the next thing you know, you're in Mexico. It can happen that fast bc your vehicle is your own personal merkebah, or 'light ship.' & it travels at the speed of thought.

Mexico, is fine & dandy however that was not your intended place to be. This is the work of your infinitely powerful subconcious mind, my dear friends. We have this power within, but if you don't know how to use it- disaster could result.

You know, in the awesome James Bond movies, Bond gets a full debriefing from 'Q' re how the latest machine works & w it's special features that only he, Bond, is supposed to know. Of course God knows bc God is infinite omniscient intelligence. God knows what you had for breakfast on a rainy tuesday in 1978 if you really want to know. He knows, He just does.

So, it's up 2U to decide whatever, whenever. Do it now or later or forever hold your peace about what woulda, coulda, shoulda happened here, there & everywhere. Have you ever wondered what the outcome would have been if you had gone the, so called, 'xtra mile' when you had the chance? Or what would have resulted if you had sent that girl you fell in love w instantly when you laid eyes on her, some kind of communication, knowing that the moment for whatever would come, would be way down the road. Indeed.

Would you let her know she has a perfect lover, if, when & how it could ever come down, in God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine cosmic plan? Would you love, just love to know what would have happened had you taken the road more traveled than the less traveled road that you took? Infinite intelligence can make a movie for that in an instant. There's already a movie in minute detail about our lives down here, folks. Want to know how many blinks of your eyes you took last tuesday? God knows.

There are savants that have taken the volunteer job of being a savant to prove stuff like this to people just to show the capability of an omniscient mind. Ask them what they had for breakfast 5 years ago this day, and they can tell you.

Ok, so, where were we? Oh yes, God says... if want, if trust yer brother, P, living large these days, then mosey on over to a 'Wind in yer Sails,' page, not 'sales' page. been there done that. Here's the link to go further in this adventure. And we rec when moment to check previous pages in this 'wind' series comes, check them out too. Please don't think there is some set way to go @ here. Where you land & 'weir' you are is exactly where you are meant to be, from the beginning. Cheers, )


As Neil Young, 'The Old Laughing Lady' plays in the background. A must share w a whisper out to Beloved Master, Nanci. )

However, first...

(Click on iit, it's good.)

Thank you Josie S. for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Master Neil Young, on behalf of your fans ~ Every~one. )

Thank you i'm a cork on the ocean for sharing on YT.

Thank You God, Neil, Nanci & Paul for co - creating a /mountain. of a foundation of God's perfect, infinitely perfect divine script.

as 'Down By The River' plays in background....

Thank you DrSotosOctopus for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

On that note, dear beloved modest masters, we are on our way, as 'Coegirl In The Sand' comes on like a hurricane....yeah, hear* we go again

Thank you https://youtu.be/3fAXl97-RFg for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young & Crazy Horse & God for doing E v e r y t h i n g required & necessary to make Your Fabulous, Fine,

Far Flung Fantasy of a script become a reality, in moments & space, Dear God. We All Love You, God. Indeed, Each & Every ~

One of Us. IJN. And So It Is, Now. done, finished, complete, and now offered up to you God for Your hoped for blessing that we have done the gosh darn best we can, God. As 'Harvest Moon' now plays in the background. )

Thank you neilyoungchannel for sharing on YT.

In divine Gratitude our dear brother in arms, thank You once again, Sir Neil Young & Co. )

Where to now, Mr Brown?

Well, dear friends, the latest blog is always a good place to go to see or be directed to the next latest sharing, so here ya's can go, if led.


Sports fans, here's a place to go, and watch for another local hero to be landed there soon. )


Ok, Guys, if you love God, Jesus, Jerry, Your Fams & Rock & roll, we invite ya''s to 'Hop to it.' and Love on... )

Yahoo images.

Thank you emimusic for sharing on Yt

Thank You Beloved Masters Huey Lewis & The News for helping to spread the 'Good News' of Rock bringing us all to Heaven's door Keep it up! )

Rec & fiin


3: 44 a.m.

'Downtown' situation room.

Thank you Joe Friday. )



Greetings, fellow Gods, How you be this God day?

No adjectives are needed. Who wants to spend some qualty momenta w Jerry & Company?

Here we go... Hope En-joy...)

Thank you Whoaduderighteousfor sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band.


Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile ~ forever. )

Image result for Jerry Garcia

Rec & fin.


1:22 a.m.

(Pic added 11/19/16)



Thank You Beloved Master MrJerry Garcia for delivering what you came here to do. You were and are a true inspiration

All invited tp 'gaze' with Jerry here:


This page has ioho delivered what it was created for, and of course, He does it all. thru a humble instrument.

Thank You God Who conceived, produced, directed & acted in this humble production. Indeed.



Alright Fellow Immortal Spiritual Beings on the way up in consciousness. This is the page recommended to move on to from here & from there,

the Infinite is ours if we allow. Join us and have Fun...)


Rec & fin


1:22 a.m.

P pic.

Quicksilver III in Hull aka Heaven, Ma. USA September 2016.

Who's taking the wheel? Oh, You - Everyperson? Go for it, & Godspeed. )

Alright, Guys, in God appointed "YES. Mom enting" this marks our transition to the unlimited, the boundless, the infinite no borders life that God wants to share with us graduates of this hard place. How hard is this place to graduate? We need to talk. But basically we just let the music do that.. How's your soundtrack? Does it feed you, nourish you? Ours does, for sure. So as 'Start Me Up' by The Stones plays on ZLX. we invite Jerry in here. Jerry, dear Bro & Company - Take it away...At the perfect moment which is a given from God ~ the eternal & Infinite. It just is.. YES. Indeed.

P pic.

Jesus and Jerry Thank You. On behalf of the group, may paradise start when it's supposed to begin according to the divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan

of Source God I AM THAT I AM. Indeed. (addendum to this replacement picture of one that disappeared. in complete transparency, we are.

And So It Is. 6/5/17 1:44 a.m. )

Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat 7-7-89

Thank you Indifference for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry & The Heartbeats aka The Grateful Living forever... )

Who could use some ultra classic music to sail away with?

Crosby, Stills & Nash - CSN (1977) [Full Album]

Thank you BoxBattle for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sirs David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash CSN )



Alright dear ones, we have come to the final sharing on this thread.* So, we send you off with a gentle story, (as our sandman is waiting in the wings)

about an event that happened a long time ago in a country far away. This country, not accustomed to such things as Rock & Roll live and up close like this was fed with an energy that most didn't realize they were missing - until it was fed to them from the Pro's that make up Metallica.. So, the moment has finally come for this event to be relived in part with this God produced in all aspects video. Oh, Yes, my dear friends, the multitudes were fed that day. And So It Was and So It Will Always Be. YES. Indeed.

* Not chiseled in stone. Always up to spirit.

Metallica - Enter Sandman Live Moscow 1991 HD

Thank you Met4life1995 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica.

Alright guys this, like all the 'Done' pages are emptying into the Happily ever after file. You can fly or walk or travel somehow over there, if led.

Happy Trails... )


Namaste, )

Rec & fin


4:12 a.m.



A p.s. from Spirit.

A Few words from Kryon..

Kryon 2017 May - Imaginary army

Thank you You never knew until now for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll.



And Finally...


Metallica -/ Nothing Else Matters [Live Nimes 2009]

Thank you fabcor95 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica.

And good night everybody!

Meet ya's at school, maybe...


There's no limit to what we can learn, and we've only just begun. Who wants to start over?

Ok, besides you John. ) Ok, a few, alright lets try it for some here...oh, more joining in. Hey, if it feels good... Yep, 'do it.'


A sampling...

Thank You Dr Wayne Dyer. )

Spanky and Our Gang Like To Get To Know You

Thank you Moon doggy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Spanky & Our Gang. )

Ok, guys, let's all 'carry on.' Sound like a plan? Awesome. )

Namaste. )