Gazers V 777

May 20, 2016

Greetings All &  Welcome to Gazer's V page where the awesome opportunity to 'gaze' into the window's of the soul ~ the eyes, are shared with
the volunteers who, starting with Jesus / Sananda and continuing to this page are sharing God's light & love.  What is the message?  Simple, dear friends...
From Jesus ~ Sananda, right to where we are here, now ~ at Love''s portal, rep by Maya Angelou.  A modern day saint for sure.
The Gazers~ One & all say:  "I Love You."  Each & collectively, now & forever.

A  large salute & 'shout out'  to Prince, our last gazer here:  for spurring us on with alacrity & passing the 'gazing stick' from 'Music' to 'Love' as, of course both are God, rep by Prince & Maya.

We start this fifth page off with a remarkable women  who had one of those 'epic' lives.  We present here a sort of  tip of the iceberg appreciation of a women of Faith, Kindness & Compassion who inspired & continues to inspire  countless admirers simply by living a life fully lived and sharing the wisdom gleaned from  this life lived to its highest potential & purpose. For this we Thank You God and you, humble , proud, radiant lady.  Ladies & Gentlemen, the one, the only...

Dr  Maya Angelou

                        Google images.

               Dr Maya Angelou

Thank you Lencha Sanchez for sharing on YT.

Thank You God & Maya Angelou who are love.

Thank you Lencha Sanchez for sharing on YT.

Thank You 'Child of God,'  Maya Angelou for sharing your learned  truths to a world which needs this knowledge, now.  TY.

Thank you mohitbahi for sharing on YT.

Thank You Maya Angelou.  If one rises, we all rise, right folks?  Yes.   )

Thank you OWN for sharing on YT.

Thank You Maya Angelou & Oprah Winfrey.

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Thank You Dr Maya Angelou.

There is more Maya Angelou here:...(Scroll all the way down.)

Wikipedia on Maya Angelou

Hint for our next and last gazer at this moment in the queue...

He killed everyone at Woodstock and went home by helicopter  toting a watermelon.  )


Hey, Y'all I'm Alvin Lee, & I can't wait to get on here & 'gaze' at ya's.  Catch ya's later.

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Mr Alvin Lee


Here's  a little introduction to this last, for now, gazing session 

Apologize sound iis so low.

p is on record as being homesick & wanting to go home.  This recording is essential to "getting"
this / His site.  multiple listens is recommended, esp when Jesus comes thru...

"Back in those days we thought we could change the world.”
-- Alvin Lee

we did change the world, Bro. just takes an eon or two.  )

hank you  Muleque Tunador for sharing on YT.

Thank You Alvin Lee & Ten Years After.

Thank you Iggy Males for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ten Years After.

Thank you Ten Years After on MV

Thank You Ten Years After  ~ 
Alvin Lee - lead vocals, guitar
Chick Churchill - organ
Leo Lyons - bass
Ric Lee - drums

Alvin Lee on Wikipedia...

Ten Years After on Wikipedia...

So, what do we do now, Spirit?

Oh and He means it, folks...  )

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Thank you The Rolling Stones - Topic for sharing on YT.

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Thank You The Rolling Stones.

A place to go to see what's up...

This sure is feeling more & more like a launching place  to wherever as  He  brings this video back on YT.

Going out to Mom ~ The Wind in our sails...  )

Thank you 2minstral for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens / Yusuf  &  Mom...  <3

12:07 pm

Alright, God at the marked moment above we turn it over to You to do what You will for this/Your beloved 'GazersV' page of all Your beloved pages.

We know You don't dilly dally and have no use for any nonsense or folderol.  'All That Is' is in perfect accord with Your divine wishes,  so, once  again let us share
this/ His  'An Urgent Message'  as brought over from this page:

To be more precise:

Jesus, Deal?

What?  you haven't listened  to Mr Toads Wild Ride yet?  Here ya go...

Heaven Letter # 5663
Published May 27, 2016 

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing this & so much more on YT.  'Salute.'

Thank You God & Channeler: Gloria Wendroff.

And, Now, last  but not least "The Song."  The song that started this 'Gazers.' series here:

Thank you ElizabethTravis for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Grateful Dead 

Now, let's see if we can get a kind confirmation from the universe that this action of love sharing is what He intends for thiis/ His 'gazersV'  page.

Thank You God for Your beautiful guidance in allowing us and trusting us to do a good job serving You & Your best, perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan for Your children. We all, humbly  Thank & Praise You, God, for we know that only Your kind, Wondrous, Glorious & Loving intervention has the real 'stuff' to bring us all home together as O N E. 

And So It Is, Now.  IJN.

Namaste,  )

For Now...
Why not reach out & grab life...

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However we know, it's only the beginning, right folks?  Indeed.  Let's all keep smiling, right Jerry & Company?

We can't leave ya's without a  song, so here's an obvious choice, celebrating that 'the deal' did, indeed, go down.  )  )  )

Thank yoou Jalolly's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

Rec & fin...
5: 47 pm

To Be Continued  when or if another gazer steps forward.  It would begin again on a new 'Gazers' page.

This just in.  Yes, there will be another Gazers page starting within 48 hours.  Link will appear here.  This gazer has been very patient as paul, 
has been very busy w other 'Good Stuff' of God coming down.

Here's copy of FB sharing we did yesterday.  Share if led.  )

6/23/16  The 'Cosmic Trigger' Day.
22 hrs · 
What's happening Mr Fox? Simple way to get to Heaven. Follow the Cats. (copy & paste url's)  See Janis Rock:

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Ok, guys, we  have a Gazers VI page so to continue, here's the link...)