7 Days 7 Essential Songs 777. )

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1/24/21 Replacing another disappeared song.)

Thank you #WillieNelson for sharing on YT.

Thank You Willie Nelson & Company for starting us off w such a masterpiece, indeed. )

Ed note: Paul can't remember the original song that was here, but when we searched Willie on You Tube this was at the top. We had never heard this song or even knew it existed. Rec seeing other versions of it w stars & ranbows and, esp this interview w Bart Herbison & Paul Williams - Story behind the song. https://youtu.be/ka2DTKjrknc Thank You's to all of the above 4 playing your parts to wonderfulness. At this moment there are exactly 444 comments at that page 444 angels. So someone has to be thhe 445th angel 2 comment, so it might as well be us. Be right back, guys. Talk among yerselves, ok? ) <3 )

-- Couple of hours later. Well, we made a post, however it hasn't posted bc it just won't take and the count of comments is still at 444. Meanwhile we came across this one and we R led to share bc it's not everyday you get to celebrate 90 years on any planet, so 'Happy 90rtth Birthday Billie! <3 ))))))))))) etc' 2 90 )

Happy 90th Birthday Bobbie!

Thank you Willie Nelson for sharing on Yt. )

God bless Billie & Willie & Awl their friends ~ Everyone. <3 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ~ ~ ~

Official Willie site:




Greetings One & All & Welcome to this brand new sharing page which was inspired on this cosmic love day; we all know 22 is the love #, right?

Indeed, so this page is dedicated to the idea and proposition, that love, being All That Is, will have a great song to start, live in maybe even s h a r e,

as this, His Own starsite is meant to be shared. Pity that so few have done that as the site is 100% finished and few even know about it.

We know the news media won't report on anything about God or Spirit. It's the people who have the power to say, you know what -

My friend shared a thread of good stuff from what is termed Earth Party Now. com and it feels good to just go there & see whereSpirit leads me

on that site. So, now here's a fresh excuse to stop by every day, if led, and see what Spirit, thru p, the humble servant has to enrich our day,

awesome & simple at the same time. And so it is now.

Note: 1/24/16 The language in the above sharing has been successfully ameliorated by removing an adjective re news media. All is good, all is as it should be.

And so it is, now. )

Now , we are going to His blog page and share what we did all this wondrous, glorious loving day and this new page here being an outcome of same.


Here's a tinyurl for this page:


Rec & fin. 1/22/16

10:00 p.m.

p.s. See you after midnight with the 23'rds song. Hint: It's a no brainer. )



(Now. 1/24/20 Replacing another disappeared song.)

Fixing A Hole (Remastered 2009) The Beatles. The Band that 'turned on' the world. )

Thank you The Beatles for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles & All who have been touched by your love & music. I. e. Everyone. )

Ok, that's it for today, dear ones. Told you it was a no brainer. Hope you have a great day, and p guarantees, if you share this, His site, with even one person today you will be bountifully blessed into next Tuesday. Prove him wrong. )

Rec & fin. 1/23/16

12:44 a.m.

Official Beatles site:




We knew Spirit was not fooling around here and here's proof. His 3rd selection to share with His Eagles is the greatest song ever recorded ioho.

So let's hear it and take a musical journey to a far flung place in our minds. It's called Kashmir. If led, En-joy. )

Thank you heartoftherose for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

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Led Zeppelin.

More Led Zeppelin here:


Led Zep Official site:




There's no point in trying to describe music like the Moodies create; and with messages that mean something.

Thanks for listening, please take to heart that He made this musical carpet ride for us and may we all reap the

long term abundant blessings this sacred music can provide, en-joy. )

Thank you to the contributors who shared this music on YT. )

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Yahoo images.

The Moody Blues

As we were and will be forever, eternally youthful, from He who is not a singer in a rock & roll band, not that there's anything wrong with that, far from it. )

More Moody Blues here:


Official Moodies site:




Greetings dear friends in this new day of 'now' with 'forever' to follow. Our dollars say In God We Trust. Our music should say that; 'The Law' talking here, as

that will last a lot longer, for eternity to be exact. In fact, seriously people, the moment to let the cash go and we immortal spiritual beings live on in moments of love, light, fellowship and music is now..

Oh, indeed, minds will be blown, sorry, nothing Heaven can do about that. It goes with the territory whenever there is a major shift in planetary consciousness.

Earth ~ Terra is in the midst of this now. Oh, woe is me, are you kidding me, man? Nope, it's a 'done deal' my dear friend. About as done and crispy as any of these deals have been done in recorded inter-galactic and inter-dimensional history since moments immemorial. The 'time' for our little sojourn on Terra has been used up, dear ones. We have 'graduated' to 'moments.' And So It Is, Now. IJN. (again, if you missed it, the term 'Amen' has been retired because it translates to 'So be it.' which keeps it always in the future. We Eagles of His divine, infinite & eternal bounty want & deserve our blessings NOW. period. Yep

bold, italics & Underlined &, what's that paul? Yeah "And then some." Note: "The Law " once again says here, if you have still not read "An Urgent Message" yet, then kindly go read it now or you fail this Eagles training, 'learn how to fly,' boot camp course, right now. It's at the Front page & Good News Docs page as well as at Brother Erik's page.

Just read 'fly' for drive. Can also teach some of you how to drive. or a swim. P is an excellent swimmer, after his NDE Story here: www.paulfb.com )

Spirit suggested pic 4 here Yahoo images replacing a photo:by paul f brown that disappeared. (May retrieve later)

p, the humble scribe, who picks out the letters amounting to words on the keyboard of his computer will tell you he had the 'right' artist and handful of songs to choose from for this morning's sharing; but he does 'Our' work, as volunteered and, indeed, born to do. No one does it better or could do it better and we are not blowing smoke, folks. Only Heaven knows the alpha & omega of his story and We are the Big guy he channels.

So a few hours ago @ 8 p.m. p wakes up

with Our input for this upcoming sharing, and feeling Our selection he concurred immediately whole-heartedly because it's The Right Choice at The Right

Moment, remember 'time' is done, all we have are infinite moments like the hot chocolate p just had with 'create a moment' on the packet. What Fun we can

have forever creating 'moments.' And it's all starting 'now,' these days we are living right now, beloveds. Pretty Awesome if we do say so, indeed. )

So here's the music and please take the words to heart as a song should have words that do mean something and ring true to one's heart as well as one's ears. )

Thank You "The Law" for the fantastic liner notes. )

a truly humbled p.

p.s. paul, we all know you work to music, what's playing now? Funny, not ha ha funny, but like the other night we were being 'Stung' by His activity at the From here 2 eternity page. tinyurl.com/Fromhere2eternity777 We randomly picked a home made cassette from our vast collection. We picked out one that had 'The Soul Cages' on it. We were listening to that while doing the uploadings. Tonight, we picked out 2 cd's randomly, bc 2 came together. One was Peter Frampton,

Extended Versions, we will listen to next. But right now we're listening to Sting, yep, the other cd picked blindly- 'Nothing like the Sun, a cd we've been looking for for a long time. )

So, Eagle one, how are Your synchronicities going? Hope you create a soundtrack for yourself. )

Thank you EJ - Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young for sharing on YT. The perfect song for now, slaved over by the guys to get it, what's that word, again? Yep. Perfect.

Thank You Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Yahoo images.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

FYI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crosby,_Stills,_Nash_%26_Young



Greetings One & All, May we all be richly & bountifully blessed way beyond what we could w any monetary system on this wondrous, glorious loving day, as the new cassette we just put in plays a song about eternity, indeed the topic of these now days (Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman)

We Congratulate the artist who provides today's song sharing on her recent 75th birthday as well as her new tour starting tonight in New York City.

Godspeed, our very dear friend to us all ~ Ms Joan Baez. )

Thank you cmac410 for sharing on YT.,

Thank You Joan Baez. & Appreciative Audience ~ All of Us. )

Yahoo images.

Ladies & Gentlemen ~ Joan Baez

More Joan here: joan Appreciation page



Official Joan site:




Driving into Boston this morning we knew what song Spirit had picked for this last remaining spot on this, His, thread, when this song came on the Sirius Classic channel, (not the GD channel.)

Last song, paul? Yes, my dear friend, after coming home this evening and falling asleep we woke with that knowledge and the term "Mr Toad's Wild Ride" clearly & firmly in our head. We did our little research and we simply come up with, yeah, this whole thing has been one wild ride. Many times when we boldly go forward with something we were charged to do, we find it's

simply a test. We 'go for it' as it's a great idea and all is fine, and next thing one knows, it's moment has passed.

We will, at His direction, let this page and its 7 entries speak for itself for eternity as for its veracity. It's His work, He did it. He knew it all along. All p can do is smmile and say:

"There You Go Again, God." )

Play it Sam:

Thannk You Elizabeth Travis for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Yahoo images.

With a 'shout out' to Bill Graham.

Ladies & Gentlemen ~ The Grateful Dead

More Dead here:


And Jerry:


Official site:


And His Will willing we will see each other now & further on down the road. Keep smiling, we are forever grateful and last but not least by any means: TYJ.

And So It Is, Now. Indeed, in oneness forever.


Our one signature: )

Rec & fin. w a song


2: 05 a.m.

Thank you T shiroo for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Appreciative Audience ~ All of Us. )

Carry On... Fun lovers. )

photo courtesy of The Grateful Dead

What's next for you Bro?

All that Heaven allows, my dear friend, and then some.

The Law, what say you, Lord God of Our Being?

Pick out a cassette, put it in and tell us what it is for your instructions moving forward...

Done, Now listening to Bill Graham introducing The Grateful Dead. as the band now goes into Paradise waits aka 'Help Is On The Way.'

This is a cassette we've been looking 4 4 for for eons. Thank you angels...4 ever <3 ) ) ) ) This line updated Now 2/4/20. )

Rec 1/28/16

3:30 a. m.

p.s. Can you make this stuff up? Tell them, Theresa Caputo, please.

Nope. )

p.p.s. Although we looked on YT for this before, this time we did find the recording. Here ya go if want to hear it, Jerry's on fire here. )

Thank you Jerrr'sKids for sharing on YT.


We leave you with a 'shout out' to Janis with music by The Grateful Dead to fly by ~ Bird Song.

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

Get some Janis here:


Please, if lled, visit Women's Voices here: Ty.


Official Janis site:




Let's bring it home or to the front door, as it were, with these friends and a great song by Bob Dylan.

Thank you splaif for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joan Baez, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir & John Kahn. & great audience of all of us.

there & then & now & forever, indeed. And so it is, now. TYJ. )

Unless He comes forth with new stuff, we expect this to be a wrap, folks. So, smile, rock & love on

and as we sign off we say, as always... "Have a nice forever."

We sign off with Led Zeppelin's 'Moby Dick' playing in background with a nod 'Well done" to The Great Fisher of Men

Jesus of Nazareth, without whom, none of this would have happened. TYJ.

Moment marked: Rec & fin. 1/29/16

2: 03 a.m.

Google images.

Human race is one big "Moby Dick" of a catch, Jesus who gives it up to God, as do His humble servant p and all music (His perfect 'net') lovers everywhere.

Recommend going to

tinyurl.com/Heavensblog777 where the musical journey continues & will, His Will willing, forever. Let's all 'carry on' shall we? )


1/25/21 8:44 a.m.

Bonus 4 us awl..

Dan Fogelberg Part of the Plan Video 1975

Thank you Fifties, Sixties & Seventies rare music clips for sharing on Yt. )

Thank You Dan, everyone's Man. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Encore: we chose this one out of many bc it shows what a true, hard working road musiciian Dan was and underrated guitarist he was. Also, do yourself a favor guys and check the oother vids of this song and others and esp read the comments. Dan touched so many lives while he was down here, and Now, above' RIP Brother. Rockin' In Paradise. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Dan Fogelberg - Missing You (from Live: Greetings from the West)

Thank you DanFogelbergVEVo for sharing on Yt. )

Thank You Dan 4 Your music helping us take The Highest Path beyond any astral way stations. Thank You God. Indeed. And So It Is. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ~ ~

P pic taken from Dan video Nether Lands. Who wants to go on an adventure to the High Plains w an Xcellent driver?

Dan Official site:



1/26/21 3:44 a.m.

Thank You God 4 rainy days & rainy day people. like Dan Fogelberg. <3 )



If anyone needs a ride to 7th Heaven, Nanci is holding the open door 4 us awl. See? Proof. This link will get us awl there, in God time.

i.e. 'A blink of an eye'. everything can change.. Good God willing...

www.tinyurl.com/Nancisplace8881111 Do bring your own wonderful smile, mona & friends, ok? Awesome <3 ) ) )

P pic Nanci holds the passenger door. 2017 Union Sq. Somerville, Ma USA, Plant it Earth Cosmos Gratitude. Heaven on Gaia & other Titles like Love Joy. <3 )