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July 6, 2015

Greetings everyone, all you music lovers out there, and Welcome to the  brand spanking new Album of the Week page.
The plan is to feature a album sometime every Monday that says something for the  times, the  moment, the inspiration
for all of us -  God's children.  HE is drawing us closer to Him every day.  You know music is love and God is love...

So, today, to get up to speed w where we are at, humanity, may I give you what we agree is The album to launch
us further to the higher realms which is our destiny.
Here now is The Album of the Week and we'll see  you next time.  Hope you enjoy!.   )
p & Co.

Tha Grateful Dead ~ Terrapin Station.  (this is not the full album- not to be found on YT)

Thank you Genesis P for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Thank you Grateful Dead for sharing on YT.

THank You The Grateful Dead.


Ok, we've  been so busy with The Welcoming page we forgot  this.
Anyway, in perfect time, {We can't make a mistake, remember?]

Ladies and gentlemen:  

The Story  ~  Grace  and  Gravity

Thank you #The Story for  sharing on YT.

Thank You The Story. ~ Jonatha Brooke & Jennifer Kimball.


Ok, so every Monday or Tuesday we hope to remember to add the album of the week.  )
               Hope you enjoy this timeless selection.

The Moody Blues  ~  In Search of The Lost Chord

Thank you Esteradevidro for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.


This week's album is linked to the song-New Horizons on the just completed 'The Welcoming' page.  Enjoy...  )

The Moody Blues  ~  Seventh Sojouurn

Thank you Esteradevidro for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

August, 2015

Aerosmith  ~  Permanent Vacation

Thank you  Frodo Todo  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Aerosmith.

Looks like this is the album chosen to go out with, friends, for this page; short & sweet for sure.  )
We see a doorway to take at this time and we opt to take it.  This may officially retire this site.
Whatever is down the road may we all be blessed.
In light and love,
p & Co.

Yahoo images

Bridge to Heaven.

Wait a sec, guys,  p has a song to put  here for the ladies, here's hoping we all find that special someone, indeed. Yes.  )

Thank you#Tom Rush for sharing this on YT.

Thank you Tom Rush..

10:22  a.m.

The grande dovetailing page is here if want for fitting ending and beginning destination.
And All Your Friends are here...

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Here's a friend over there to start with, Nanci Baren.  )

Namaste.   )