Larry Bird: Success. What's Work Got To Do W It. 777. )

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September 16, 2016 & forever...

A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.

---Larry Bird.

'Hey ' Sports Fans, and who isn't? No one, really. After all, aren't our kids athletes? Oh yeah, )

So, looks like the 'good guys' have won the 'Golden ~ Turqoise 'W' for the team of The Good God. The Good ~ Living God of Abraham, Jesus Christ &

Rock & Roll, just to list the top of 3 categories.

Let's Celebrate, shall we? We in greater Boston have been so blessed w our athletes, either home grown or imported from like, Indiana for crying out loud. So let's raise a glass to Larry Legend in addition to the other world class champions that have already been featured at this, His~Our starsite. Ok? Good.

Who is God, (Remember, Gise, we're All Gods & Goddesses) Larry Bird?

Thank You to All Who Contributed to This Documentary. Nice Work. )

Disney blocks this on Copyright crappola. Someone get me a lawyer. Gonna sue Disney into the last dimension. God. (

Can you talk the talk & walk the walk? Larry did. lol

What makes perfect? Ah, practice? For one. Indeed.

Top 10 plays of Larry's career ~ allegedly. )

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Thank You Larry Bird, All The players & Fans. Who does that leave out? Ah, no one? God? Indeed. )

Nobody does it alone. Gotta hand it to the competition. Salute Magic Johnson & all the other players. Well done, now forever young volunteers. )

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So, Hope ya's enjoy this and as we ramble on down the road, we'll say 'catch ya's later' and don't forget to keep smiling and, yes, it is now legal to laugh on a cloudy day, ok? Good. )

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Larry Bird (The Baddest Man Ever to Shoot a Basketball) Re-Edit

Thank you Face PC Gaming 4 sharing on Yt.

Thank You Larry Legend. we can't think of anything to say. w our mouths like this... )

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Larry, everyone is still talking about you. Lol ) Thank You, Bro 4 the joy. On bewhole of the team. )

Larry Bird (The Baddest Man Ever to Shoot a Basketball) NBA Legends

Thank you Face PC Gaming for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Larry Legend... Much more than a Pro Basketball Player. You're a Wizard, Bro? Love 2 catch a beer w Ya, man. On bewhole of the team. ).

Namaste. )