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There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.

Jim Morrison

July, 2014

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Now: From Los Angeles, California,,,

The Doors.

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The Doors Biography [Rolling Stone]


A little bit about Mr Morrison...



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The History of The Doors

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The Doors.

Roadhouse Blues

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Let's Meet The Other Doors...

Ray Manzarek


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Manzarekthe other Doors...


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Ray's Story of Riders on the Storm.


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For anyone who's had a bad day, week, or month, here's a video that will turn it all around. "You have to be open to the energy. If you can open your heart to the energy.. that great love energy of the creation of this entire universe.. good things will happen to you. But you've got to believe. You've got to believe in the goodness. You have to open your heart to the energy.You can't be afraid." - Ray Manzarek

Break it down...


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A friend remembers Ray...


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Robby Krieger




Robby & Band 2013


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John Densmore.




John interviewd on Studio Q...


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Thank You John Densmore & 'Right On Bro.'

John Densmore & Robby Krieger Live at LAMCAA 2013


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L.A. Woman...

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Light My Fire...

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Riders on the Storm...

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The End. Isle of Wight Festival 1970

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Break on Through

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Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore.

The Doors

Stripped bare, a raw elegance, burning some unknown star: Ray Manzarek

City streets, a jungle of calibrated collisions: John Densmore

Fevered melisma, tree of towers: Robby Krieger

Too far gone to save, crossing the River of Heaven: Jim Morrison

- Michael Robinson, October 2012, Los Angeles

© 2012 Michael Robinson All rights reserved

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Now, Higher power, This calls for a song...

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1:27 a.m.

See those doors above, friends?

Which one would/will You take?

If you picked right, we will see you in paradise.

If you want the one on the left, well, we'll pray for you.

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p.p.s. The music never stopped.

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Thank You The Doors.

p.p.p.s. Jim & Ray are 'gazers' here: Check out, if led...)