May is Mother Mary Month IV

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Gentle reminder Dear Ones that every day at 7 pm your time we have a global prayer meeting. Thank you. See you there...



Greetings Beloved fellow infinite eternal immortal spirit ~ ual beings on the way up. This is The day

we've been waiting for... just like any other day that's ever been...

One thing our dear beloved company of Heaven would have us accomplish dear ones is to finally get over our fear

of passing on and, in fact, all fears. It's just no - way to live. We are meant to sing and dance and smile and have

great adventures here on this beautiful Terra ~ Earth. Yes, friiends, it is indeed time for that Now. And so it is. )

Let's enjoy a master class here with Anita M who has been there and done that, ok?

Anita Moorjani on The Near Death Experience and how to live without fear...

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Thank you Anita and Jannecke.

So much more online.

Here's a delightful conversation with Anita and Alan Steinfeld of New Realities. TY.

Don't miss this one The Power of Unconditional Love

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And Now The Song of The Day...*

* as second finished typing 'song of day' ~ Anita in the interview w Alan mentions "peace of mind."

We weren't absolutely sure what the song would be tho leaning toward this. Thanks for the

synchronistic confirmation Dear Mary. ) Bingo Here's the song...

Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls.

We share with you Peace of Mind

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Thank You Boston.

Godspeed Boston on your Heaven on Earth Tour 2014!

Image courtesy of Boston.



Welcome Dear Ones to the day we've been waiting untold eons for. It's here- rejoice and be glad in it.

Today Dr Wayne Dyer, mentor to mentors, shares some of his spiritual insight. So check this out and

if led search the vast Dr Wayne 'good stuff' online and off.

"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul."

Wayne Dyer

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Thank you Dr Wayne Dyer.

Now: The Song of The Day

Quick little story ~ Paul was driving today and started thinking about what the song of the day

would be for tomorrow- now today. Just then became aware of the song playing on the radio;

My Sweet Lord by George Harrison. perfect. Can you say Bingo? lol Thank You Blessed Mary. )

Give us Love , Give us Peace on Earth...My Sweet Lord - George Harrison.

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Thank You George and Company ).

Speaking of The Lord...

Accurate portrait of Jesus, validated in 'Heaven is for Real' movie.

Thank You Jesus

Painting of Jesus by Akiane Kamiake at age 8.

Encore with The Travelling Wilbury's...

End of The Line.

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Thank You George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty.

The Traveling Wilburys.



Welcome to the day we've been waiting so many eons for beloveds. Yes, 22 is the Love

number making this day even more welcome. Mother Mary is continuing our series of those

aligned with truth and compassion - some after a near death experience. But we don't have to

go to Heaven to prove God is real, do we, beloveds? Can't we just accept and joyfully celebrate

our eternal divinity at this point? Isn't it time?

Here is Crystal McVea's account of being in God's presence for 9 minutes when she died

We just finished her book 'Waking Up In Heaven' today and we highly recommend it. Also you're

invited to visit NDE page on this site for more info on the life transforming experience of near death.

NDE/ Waking Up In Heaven God Is Love...

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Thank You Crystal McVea and All who contributed to this story come to light, esp God.


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One thing Crystal made clear in the book is that God has a plan for our lives and it is perfect.

Though we may go through really crappy times and see our life as a mess; It serves HIS

perfect plan which is so right for us. We are the sons and daughters of perfection so

how could we be anything less than perfect for HIS ultimate plan for us. Live, laugh

and most of all ~ Love. And so it is, now, indeed.

Now Yes, It Is Time for The Song of The Day...

Can anyone believe how fast this month is flying by, or is it us? It's you Paul. )

So Bro how did this song of the day arrive? Just asked Mary, remember these are Her pages.

Knew it would be female artist group or whatever. Got answer immediately ~ Pat Benatar

And our favorite song of Pat's fits the bill for this love day ~ the 22nd of this Divine love month of May.

From Mother Mary and the Company of Heaven we invite you all to sing and dance and shout..

We Live for Love...

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Thank You Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo and Band

And you gotta love this... )

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Meet Pat...

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Cheers and Thanks to Pat, Neil, Band and Audience. )



Greetings fellow immortals, how is everyone doing on this 23rd day of Divine Mary Month of May? Good.

A week ago we were all set to celebrate the season with Aerosmith ~ when we saw the news about the

mining disaster in Soma. Turkey where the guys were scheduled to play.

Out of compassion for the loss of so many loved ones, Aerosmith cancelled their show. Pete Seeger

stepped in here and fit the bill wonderfully and we thank you Pete.

Aerosmith is back so here we go rockers in the free world. It's All free, so let's claim it shall we?

We know there is nothing to be afraid of. If we can dream it we can have it, right Aerosmith...

Aerosmith ~ Dream On At Boston Strong Concert

Yes it is our... Song of the Day...

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Here's the Aerosmith segment of this concert which closes it out. Enjoy...

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Thank you Aerosmith and The strong people of Boston, New England & Yes The World

We Are One, beloveds, Indeed.

.Google images.

Thank you Men. )



Greetings All, Ok how many thought, just maybe - a Bob Dylan song would be The Song of the Day today?

You are correct. Happy Birthday Sir Bob Dylan. and many more! )

Here's a Heaven Approved Intro...

Tracy Chapman - The Times They Are A Changin' Now 5/24/19 (Replacing one that disappeared.)

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Tracy Chapman - "Talkin' About A Revolution" Now. (Added 5/24/19)

Thank you Tracy Chapman for sharing on Yt..

Thank You Tracy Chapman. and Audiences ~ All of us. <3 )

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Now The Song of The Day...

Knock Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door...

Thank you Bob Dylan VEVO for sharing on yt.

Thank you Bob Dylan and Band and Audience.

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Thank You Sir Bob Dylan.



Greetings, How is everyone on this "One" drous Glorious Loving Day? Great.

It's time we got some southern rock on here and who better to Intro this segment than

The Allman Brothers Band.


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Thank You The Allman Brothers Band

We must remember the 'beginnings' days...

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The Allman Brothers Band.

Now Another Beloved Southern Group

With The Song of The Day:

Simple Man...

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Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Freebird... For All our departed loved ones; ~ All free and flying ~

Thank you Paul fromMN for sharing on yt.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Special 'Thanks' to all the awesome audiences!

Sweet Home Alabama ~ The Southern Rock Saga

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Lynyrd Skynyrd The Allman Brothers Band



Memorial Day.

Greetings Dear Beloved Ones,

Today is a special day. It is the day we set aside to honour the brave men and women who have fallen to protect the freedoms that we,cherish.

While we go about our business today, please let's do our part in honouring them and remembering their ultimate sacrifice and send up our thoughts

and prayers for them to Heaven. Amen.

Please visit the 'Heroes' page on this site to see our tribute to The Veterans and Troops. Thank you.

In Honour of Blessed Mother Mary's wish for Humanity to All come together in the joyous Victory of eternal life thru the intercession of Her Divine Son

Jesus Christ ~ we share with you this magnificent version of The Lord's Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Enjoy... )

Andrea Bocelli - The Lord's Prayer.

Thank you marcelo ferrari de almeida camargo for sharing on yt.

Thank You Andrea Bocelli andThe Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

We give you now The Song of The Schubert

Andrea Bocelli - Ave Maria

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Thank You Andrea Bocelli and David Foster. <3 )

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Thank You Divine Universal Blessed Mother Mary. <3 )

p.s. This month of Mother Mary is flying by, isn't it? This 7th sharing on this IV page is now concluded

and will, of course, be followed by May is Mother Mary Month V . These next 5 sharings will be quite interesting.

We'll see how Divine Mother Mary shapes it. We have some clues but it all comes down to these are

Mary's pages.

It will be sweet, this we know; so stay tuned and if you like what you've seen here why not share this site with a friend...