Heaven's Hall of Fame ~ Women's Perfect ~ God Voices 777

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Thank You to All The Lovely Ladies and your Perfect, Awesome, God given lovely Voices
gracing us all with your divine gifts from above.  And this tiny group helping to represent All 
of the ladies in Heaven's Hall of Fame. No one is left out, you know.  )

God bless you all ~ everywhere, IJN.
And So It Is, Now. Indeed.

Namaste.   )

Thank you Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo and Band.

Thank You Heart.


Thank You Janis Joplin & Band.

Thank You TinaTurner & Company.

Thank You Patty Smyth & Band.

Thank You Til Tuesday featuring Aimee Mann.

Thank You Joan Armatrading

Thank You  Bonnie Raitt.

Thank you  Tracy Chapman.

Thank you The Story.

Thank you Phoebe Snow.
Thank you Kate Bush.
 Thank you Loreena McKennitt.

Thank  you Roberta Flack.

 Thank you Sandy Denny.
Thank you Kate Wolf.
 Thank you Mary Black and Joan Baez.
Thank you Nanci Griffith.
 Thank you Dar Williams.
Thank you Aretha Franklin.

Thank you Donna Summer.

Thank you Emmylou Harris.
Thank you Judy Collins.
Thank you Ferron.
Thank you Joni Mitchell.

Thank you Carol King and James Taylor.

Thank you Celine Dion.

Thank you Tracy Chapman.     )

Thank you Zeparella  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Zepparella.

Special thanks to all who shared these videos.

Thank you Friends for watching/ listening.  We could go on and on but for now
please let these  selections give you the loving nourishment that love and song can bring.
Thank  you Father ~ Mother God Creator for doing this for Your children.  Amen.
Thru Paul,  "P"
Your humble, grateful and kind servant for God's Divine, Perfect, Infinite and Eternal Plan
Now manifesting on Plan~ it Earth.  Thank You Jesus.  Amen.
p.s.  Words can't express how Paul feels right now but, I gotta tell you.  It can't get much better.
        Only a song can express it so here's an encore and we'll see what God wants it to be.  
        So be right back...
That was quick, Yes Friends, Let's let the party on planet earth and the omniverses start!  Shall we?
 Thank You Boston!
The Group and The City!!

Does God like a party?   
Ans:   )

Excuse me,  Encore!

 Thank you Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris.

More! !

Thank you gals!  On behalf of Everyone in the Good Ship Boston Infinity!  "P"

What's that again, God?  Here's the deal beloveds...
God said:
"You study the finite world. You try to figure it out. All the while, you could be riding in Infinity.
 The fact is that you do ride in Infinity. All the time that you are fussing with the finite world
 and perceived problems, you are sailing on the Good Ship Infinity."
The Good Ship Infinity | Heaven letters: http://tinyurl.com/InfinityNow4All

Let the good times and celebration last for eternity and a day...

To be continued...

Thank you Joan Baez.

Too late to stop, we journey on riding the Love tsunami... )

Thank you megchristianfan for sharing on YT.

Thank You Meg Christian & Company.

Meg Christian - Turning It Over

Thank you megchristianfan for sharing on YT..
Thank You Meg Christian.

Thank you Jim Carrol for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Roches  & Company.

Thank You Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band.

And So  We All Do Carry On as What Else is there?  An Infinity of Love & Ahh  Rock & Roll.  Awesome answer, God.  )

Hey, everyone is invited to see Pat Benatar and other friends over here...

See Ya's there... <3  )

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