Sting & The Police 777

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Months ago & now May, 2016  [Getting a fresh start]

Greetings All & Welcome to a Sting & The Police Appreciation page here at His Earth Party Now site.
We are glad you're here.  It would never have been the same without you here, so Thanks again.  )

We are just getting started here & busy w other tasks so plz be patient and H (sic, from now on,)  will create another masterpiece in perfect moment.  We are out of time, 
dear ones.  time, as we know it was left here: .
Thank you very much, indeed.
Love Ya's,
H & J & the dominoes.......  )

Meanwhile look here:

Thank you Kirtww for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company

Brought over from Front Page News...

Thank you EiDy Lukošius for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Police.

So much Sting & Police on this/ His site. like this: