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Welcome to Heaven's blog III page. This is the place to find & be directed to latest updates, sharings, on this, His starsite.
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Thanks for stopping by & it is hoped, all who browse this site will be  awesomely benefited.
Namaste.   )

May Is Mother Mary month...


Captured & shared here from FB.   There are no coincidences, there  are synchronicities.

Thank you CBS Evening News 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Thomas Coates, Steve Hartman, Secret Santa & CBS Evening News 4 this good story.

Speaking of synchronicities, we experience them practically every day on this site as He is in charge.  Let us share this with ya's
as we know there are no accidents, no 'coincidences'  Synchronicities confirm with a wink from All That Is that we are where we are
meant to be, from  the beginnin & it's ok.  All iis well and  in divine order.  How could it ever be otherwise.  We live in His infinitely perfect
custom made script for everyone.  No one is strange, no one is left out.  We are all One & One is All.  )

What is Synchronicity? - The Power of Flow
"A Wink from the Cosmos," by Meg Lundstrom.

p.s.  Want an example of synchronicity on this ~ His site?  click on he May is Mother Mary link above & see & hear some 'Synchronicity' music with The Police.  )


Another lesson story that should be shared, and so we use this/ His platform to share it, because that's what this/His site is here for.

Thank you Rick ellis for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rick Ellis for sharing this and thereby increasing awareness so that the many 
rather than the few can be educated on the consequences of irresponsible, drunk / getting high behavior.
You, your daughter and her mother, at least can take solace in that considerable gift to humanity.  If this helped 
to steer even one person from making bad choices it's a great blessing,  with coming up on 5 million views.  How many
courses of bad action were & are changed... something to think about..
Blessings to all involved & touched by this love in action sharing, indeed.



From The Official Facebook Edgar Cayce page for today...

From Edgar Cayce FB group.

"For each soul-entity enters a material experience not by chance but as a purposefulness, fulfilling that where-unto it has been promised that He hath not willed that any soul should perish, but that each should know and become aware of its relationships to Creative Forces. ‪#‎EdgarCayce‬ reading 1767-2 (http://bit.ly/1Nk7PN3)

Announcing the latest gazer's 'gaze' is up & ready to be shared along wiith some of the joy in song he left us with.  See & hear here:

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Happy Mothers Day!

This day to celebrate our Mother's comes around every year, so here's from 2 years ago & the message remains the  same.  )


Here is the latest channeling. Trusting you will enjoy.   (Ed note:  Indeed this is a very good channeling.)

(From 5/5/16)

I am very excited about compiling the Happy Human Day Video. I invite you to have some fun and be part of it.Thank you ..
Until next time
Sending so much
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
DONATIONS from your heart to my heart are INDEED gracefully & gratefully received. Thank you in advance!

Essential Federation of Light & Blossom Goodchild...

Thank You The Federation of Light & Blossom Goodchild.

Just sharing between good friends...

Greetings Dear Blossom Goodchild,
We just caught up with your channeling of May 5th tonight & found it to be most uplifting, indeed.  Therefore, we have shared it on the current blog for His site:  http://EarthPartyNow.com  At:  tinyurl.com/HeavensblogIII777

We trust you would have no objections sharing this 'good stuff' but should you have, kindly let us know, otherwise as more good stuff comes thru we may opt to share as we are led. Keep smiling   )

Richest blessings,
paul brown

Blossom <bloss@blossomgoodchild.com.au>
4:02 AM (8 hours ago)

to me 
Absolutely fine to do so .
Thank you Paul for spreading the word!
Love Light Laughter & Golden Ra
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Brought ovver from the main front page at Thanksgiving Day ~ every day.   )

Blossom, please tell us why we came here...  )

Thank You The One ~ ALL THAT IS, The Federation of Light, White Cloud & Blossom Goodchild & infinite blessings to all who experience

and live the truth of these words.  And  So It Is ,Now, Indeed.  IJN.

Namaste.  )

p.s.  we are led to offer ya's to visit here:


Thank you Mario Gattoaladino 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus & Channeler John Smallman.

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul & Channeler John Smallman.

As announced here:

Braco Free Live gazings
May 10, 11th & 12th.

Don't miss thiis/His sites gazer's here, when you get a chance... )


Speaking of gazer's.  The latest gazer is now up at:

He brings a awesome smile & some 'Fanfare For The Human Race.'  Congrats, Humanity.  This 'Done Deal' is coming round to the Winner's Circle.
And all in His perfect 'momenting.'   Why, 'Yes' dear friend Keith, we all would love to have some tea w you & your 2 friends.  Thanks Bro.   )

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Keith Emerson, Greg Lake & Carl Palmer. aka  ELP

Also, we are sharing that a NDE documentary called 'Beyond Our Site.'  is now right near the top of the main page & there is fresh activity 
at this/ His sites Near Death Experience page,  tinyurl.com/HisNDEpage777

Indeed, what could be more exciting than the fact that we are immortal, spiritual beings having an earthly schoolroom experience and the 'done deal' is that we, as a collective have passed our tests & we are awakening.  We are in the process of going home where everything is exactly perfect.  So, let's all work on making ourselves exactly perfect as best we can so we are more worthy of that privilege, shall we?  

Awesome,  let's carry on... & don't forget to  ).


Wow, there is just so much coming down & landing on the main front page.
Y'all know where to go for that, so see ya's over there and we're sure something will show up here soon.
Off to bed, see ya's
'peace out.'  5: 33  a.m.

Keep on truckin' America...

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Thank You Dr Peebles for your latest sharing w Summer Bacon at Fb page:

And further shared here:

It is recommended over there that everyone should listen to the Mr Toad's Wild Ride.  The link is over there on Dt Peebles' page.  Ty.  )


Alright, we are happy to announce that the eagerly awaited gazing place for Prince is now available here: Hope ya's enjoy as much as we did
watching Spirit create it.  Here ya's go,,,

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Prince says, Guys, Maya Angelou is over here,  what are ya's still doing here?   )

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Here we go...


The love # day of Mother Mary's month.  A look back.  It all seems so familiar...

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Who wants to celebrate another completed but open ended page here at His jubilee site of infinite love?  Here ya's go...

Can we go with you, Alvin?  As 'I'm Going Home' from concert video at that page plays, now.

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Newest 'gazer.'  Alvin Lee

p inducts #AlvinLee of #TenYearsAfter 2 Gazers pg https://youtu.be/NQSh9FO7VjE  http://tinyurl.com/GazersV777  #ABC #CBS #NBC  #NYDailyNews #Boston #WZLX

If led, please pass this on for All the gazers.  God knows the world needs all the love it can get, so if you can share some light & love, join His love brigade.  ) TY.


Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mary Magdalene & Channeler Lea Chapin.


It's All About Love...

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thanks God & Channeler Gloria Wendroff/


Thank You God who makes all things possible

we are so happy & humbled to be in His service.  It's All Him..  Have ya's seen this?

This & other good stuff here:

Memorial Day

May we all remember  the reason for this day.

Thank you lastingtributevideo for sharing on YT.

God Bless and Thank You To All Our Fallen Heroes & Salute to All Who Served & Are Serving the cause of World peace & Freedom for All, Now. 

And  so we end this Mary  month of May, with much gratitude for all it was.in the certainty that whatever occurred, it served His infinite, divine perfect plan.
And, now, we move on to June, 2016 with all its hope & promise.  See ya's there...

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"If you are a lighthouse, you cannot hide yourself;  if you hide yourself, you cannot be a lighthouse!"

--- Mehmet Murat Ildan

p.s. Anyone else seen any lighthouses around here to help us find our way out of this/His grand illusion?  one lonely voice in the wilderness says... try over there >

p.p.s.  Meet  ya's over here for some 'sailing lessons.'  First thing we need is 'wind.'  we all got that, if we want/ accept.  )

Namaste.   )