Gazers VI 777

Courtesy: Game of Thrones.


Greetings Awesome fellow  children of God.  How's it going in Your worlds today?  Good.  The Gazer we have now to start this thread had to be 
convinced that he was / is worthy to be here. He left some awesome stuff  behind when he passed and we are very happy indeed, that he accepted this offer to share his gifts from God here.  Like God, we don't believe he's the perfect soul to be here at this moment in God's perfect, infinitely perfect script; we know he is, indeed.  So w/o further ado, Please, Ladies & Gentlemen  Give it up for...

Mr Marvin Gaye.
                                     Yahoo images.

Mr Marvin Gaye.

Got a song for us Sir Marvin?

Hey Guys, "What's  Going On?"

Thank you SuperWhoopass for sharing on YT.

Thank You Marvin Gaye.  We're so glad you came our way & Thank You, Bro, for leading so many, showing us the way, in Christ.... 

Thank you MarvinGayeVevo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Marvin & Company for this healing video.  Much appreciated...  Yes.   )

Thank you DocRewdySoul's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell for sharing what only a song can say... )

Thank you Boblet233 for sharing on YT.

Thanks, once again, Marvin & we'll see you et al at the Grand Merger jubilee, here Now, as Spirit directs...  ~     ~       ~

Friends, The Commodores, say what we all want to say, in song... )

Thank you Commodores VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Commodores.

Wikipedia on Marvin...

There ya's go friends, hope ya's enjoyed & come back as spirit moves. If like this, Please share this page / site. Have a nice day & forever...  )  Yes. ~   ~     ~

To Be Continued...Good God willing... ) lol  High 5 God!!  o) (o    p  20~20 Vision 4 his tight knit team,
Sons & Daughters, Daughters & Sons of light. & now ~ ~ Infinity.

Guys, we always give credit where credit is due...

Thank  You God  Thank You Jesus & Mary  & All Saints & sinners & Rock & Roll.

Paul, who's the next gazer, anyone?  Not yet, Lucky.  No one stepping forward at this moment.
Ok, guys, keep smiling - people will * (at this moment a spirit stepped forward & he will be our next smiling gazer.

Hint, paul?  Yes, Indeed this awesome spirit when he was down here was once affiliated with Harvard University.)) 
This was 'pendulum verified' quite nicely.  )

*wonder what you're up to. )

Ok, we're out for now, here's Joe Friday w the moment, joe, what's the moment, our dear friend?

Rec & fin.
12:55 a.m.

Hello, dear infinite ones.  
Here we are, the moment is 11:50 a.m.
And Now we are hereby announcing that the next 'Gazer'  is one, Muhammad Ali.  

The channel, p, forgot that he had already shared that Mr Ali would be next in the queue.  So, here it is, the perfect 'momentng moments for this labor of love & satisfaction to proceed under His divine, perfect, infinitely perfect, script that we all are  now living in, dear beloveds.  So, lets watch how God fills out this Gaze & tribute  to this beloved spirit who floated like a butterfly  & stung like a bee & in the many years before he passed showed the world what it is to use one's celebrity to do Good in the world, inspiring the millions rather than the few.  Thank You & God bless Muhammad & Fans i.e. Everyone

Hail The Conquering Hero  Muhammad Ali. 

                Yahoo images

          Muhammad Ali

Alright Guys, since Muhammad was not a professional musician but born to fight, we are inviting all to the party  ongoing upstairs for the parade of "HeroeS'*  
marching in up there, these days, folks returning  home from this 'battlefield /schoolhouse' earth.  As David Bowie sings 'Young American' on WZLX in background.

Ok, since this group is also celebrated w wind in our sails as He 'Wills' it at another page within 48 hrs, we can (Are you ready, Ashtar?  lol  "Kill 2 birds w one song' * (sic) indeed.
So, w Bad Company now playing 'Silver, Blue & Gold' on 'The Wind'  100.7 WZLX,  'Boston's  Only Classic Rock'  Look out Everyone... Here Comes Boston..  As Rush  'Free will' just starts on ZLX.  Awesome soundtrack we got going 4 us today, guys.  )  Thank You ZLX ~ God's favourite Station.   )

Thank you BostonVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

Thank you Joy Laughter for sharing on YT.

Thank You Iron Butterfly.

Thank you StingVEVO  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company.

Of course, we acknowledge our co- pilot, Jesus (first name basis 4 all of God's children, He lives in us all as God Himself lives in us as 'us.'  W God & Jesus in us how could we ever, in the long run, fail. 'Congratulations'  are  in order, humanity.  Yes, Indeed, enough of us took the right way to our perfect,  destiny to tip the scales to a sure & perfect & as we say, no, it was not pretty, however, we all contributed to the "W" & that's  All That Matters, Right Metallica?  Indeed,  boss... Us  'w'  Jesus / God as ONE  we are invincible.  Yes.  )

A 'W' straight ahead...

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
p pic

Straight ~ Proven to get the "W."  )

Now, rep us all ~ One 4 All, All 4 One, Ladies & Gents ~ Metallica.  Take it away,  guys... )

Thank you NEA ZIXNH for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica.  Keep smiling ~ everyone... )


Where do we go from here.  Why not try the Ultimate Road?  Yeah, you know... Eternity Rd.  Got yer seatbelts on, folks?  )

Thank you Moody Jill for shariing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Where to from here but the next Gazers page...