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Keep Smiling dear Joan. Everyone Loves You... )

Welcome One and All to a Joan Baez Appreciation page.

Talk about a brave, courageous woman who not only is a Warrior Champion of all things that

need to be fixed in this world, she does it by example and using her considerable God given talents

as a singer and musician to inspire and spread love and light endlessly to the world. Thank You Beloved Joan!

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Don't Think Twice It's Alright Joan Baez and Indigo Girls Live Charlottesville Virginia June 11 2013

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Joan Baez - Fare Thee Well Abschiedstour - Live @ Pariser Olympia 13.6.2018 (COMPLETE HD CONCERT)

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The Story Behind A Musical Moment That Gives You The Shivers

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The Best Documentary To Understand The Hippies

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"This is why I`m here." J B

Joan Baez ~ AMAZING GRACE ~ Joan says: " In 1985, I gave a concert in Montpelier, Vermont and ended the show with "Amazing Grace". This occured during that not-so-happy- time in my career in the States when it became apparent to me that I would have to work to re-establish myself musically. It took me a long time to realize that the only person who could do anything about that was myself. for awhile I blamed the media, the record companies, and even the audience and during that time I didn`t get my act together. What happened was the audience started to sing with me, and they sounded so beautiful. Then something clicked, "This is why I`m here." When people sing like this and become a community, I`m doing what I was meant to be doing best. It was a turning point for me, a reminder that there were other things to remember besides my commercial career. It was proof that there was a greater meaning for people and myself about what I do on stage. The commercial considerations were there, of course, but it was a great joy because they sang so beautifully." I went to pieces; I don`t know how I got through it. One can`t cry and sing at the same time. It was a bit of an ethereal experience on stage."

--- And as we leave ya's here at 4: 23 p.m. Joy moment/time (Our phone is named Joy. ) we suggest a place to go, Nanci's place and, yes indeed

Nanci is also a big Joan fan, We saw you perform in Miami, way back in the day. Joan. Awesome concert. Thanks for the memories, everyone's dear friend

So, here's a place we invite all to visit if so led...Thank You Very Much. ).


P pic 2017. Union Sq. Somerville, Ma.



Congratulations Joan on your selection to be listed among one of the planet's most Excellent drivers. Can be seen at the above link.Cheers...)

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