May is Mother Mary Month V

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Gentle reminder Dear Ones that every day at 7 pm your time we have a global prayer meeting.  Thank you. See you there...


Greetings fellow beloved immortal spiritual beings on the way up..  How be you all on this Wondrous, Glorious Loving day we call Today?
Great.  Let's get right to the intro as Divine Blessed Mother Mary would have this show begin.  Yes, Indeed it is time to Celebrate.  Which 
brings to mind this classic by Styx...

Light Up...

Light Up got flagged, we give you The Grand Illusion...

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Thank You Styx

Can't quite put my finger on it but something about that Light up song has me thinking
about Bob Marley and this great song, so here ya go...

Three Little Birds...

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Thank You Bob Marley and The Whalers.

And Now  the song that's been swimming around in our head all day, with concurrence of Heaven...
Here, is The Song of The Day...

Just Remember I Love You...

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Years after this sharing, this song  became 'Our song'  Paul & Dakarra.  <3

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Thank You Styx, Bob Marley and  Firefall   



Hello fellow endless beings of light and love,
Today's message to the jubilee is simply a divine mandate to share what Heaven has to share 
for all of us.  Yep, endless love and joy.  It wouldn't be heaven on earth without it so let's sing it...

Joy To The World...

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Three Dog Night.

Now, it's time for The Song of The Day...

What A Wonderful World

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And So It Is, Indeed. Thank You God.   IJN   <3  )

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Thank You Louis Armstrong, one of The Greatest Generation's finest.

Now:  On this day after Memorial Day We Salute  'The Greatest Generation.'
Where would we be without you?...

Rep. them, with our Thanks, Love  and Gratitude...

Mr Frank Sinatra - "My Way" 

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Thank You Mr Frank Sinatra and Orchestra. and Appreciative Audience... All of us... <3  )

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Thank You The Greatest Generation

And Thank You Mr. Frank Sinatra.


Greetings and Welcome Divine beloved beings to this page that has been waiting eons for you.
Finally it is here and so are you and it's no accident since accidents do not exist, we know that.

Direct from Heaven and Divine Mother Mary comes a song Mary approved for your listening and sharing
pleasure, for heaven knows it is in sharing the best that we have to give comes the greatest reward.

Breath of Heaven   (Mary's Song)  - Amy Grant (featuring.Vince Gill)

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Just 3:33 of awesome art.
Thank You Amy Grant and Vince Gill & Company.

and another thing...

"Don't Try So Hard."

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And furthermore
w "Our Time Is Now."
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Thank You Amy Grant.

Now:  Time for The Song of The  Day

The Mummers Dance

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And you will Love this ~ guaranteed.   )

The Bonny Swans

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We've been in the company of angels this day beloveds.  Your vibrations are raised.
Keep a song in your heart and a smile on your face and see you in Heaven.  Oh, 
we're already here.   and so it is...   )

Carry on...   )


Hello Everyone and thank you for visiting Divine Mother Mary's pages of The Jubilee site.
Today, it's our pleasure to share music from two of our favourite groups to share good news
as well as a salute with the song of the day to Mother Mary.
Here's the deal of what we are on the threshold of.  Literally, we have, well , let's let
Blue Oyster Cult say it musically, ok?  Thank you.  )

Light Years of Love..

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Here's  one of our fave BOC songs you never hear on the radio

Shooting Shark [Live]

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From:  The Revolution by Night album...
The hypnotizing studio version
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Blue Oyster Cult.

Now, it's the moment  for the
Song of The Day...

The Rain Song.

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Thank You Jimmy Page and Robert Plant &  the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Now, shouldn't every day be celebration day?  Yep.  )


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Thank You Jimmy Page Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham [In spirit] & Jason Bonham. 

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  "I wonder how tomorrow could ever follow today"

   Led Zeppelin quote from 'Going to California.'

See Led Zeppelin's Hall of Fame page


Greetings Beloved Masters,
Welcome to the day we've been waiting these many eons for, dear ones.
Rejoice and be glad in this day Heaven has created for us.  

So let's get with the heavenly musical  mandate we have at this particular cosmic juncture.
Simply put as usual, folks, we just have to...

Carry On...

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Thank You Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Woodstock at Madison Square Garden.  )

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Thank You Crosby, Stills & Nash.

 The Pretender

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Thank You Jackson Browne &  CSN & Band.

One more with that other guy  )

Yes, Indeed...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Long May You Run - 11/3/1991 - Golden Gate Park (Official)

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Thank  You CSNY.

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Thank You Stephen, David, Graham & Neil

Alright, Are we ready for the grand finale of Blessed Mother Mary's awesome month?

Blessed Mother we  are so grateful and may your infinite love ripple out to the omniverse
through us, Your beloved children.  We implore this In Jesus Name.  And so it is, now.  

Let's start with The Song of The Day... You may have guessed...Yep, It's The Grateful Dead...


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Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Studio version esp for kids.  w David Grisman on mandolin
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Essential Jerry
Black Peter (1977)
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Scarlet Begonias ~ Fire on The Mountain

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The  Grateful Dead wake up and find out that you are the

Eyes of The World...
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Live Pt 1

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Live Pt 2


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Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Brent, Bill and Mickey.

A Jerry Story.
Deadheads know that The Dead were formerly ''The Warlocks.'  When it was discovered that there were other Warlock groups out there, Jerry and company decided to  get another name for themselves.  Here's weir some synchronicity starts to kick in here.  Paul had decided that even though he could feel Bro Jerry saying, man you got us on here plenty, use someone else for this, Bro.  Got it Jerry but here's the thing; it's not  the group or even the singer so much as it's the song, and you my man have the song and  the group and  the sweetness that a sharing area of & for Divine Blessed Mother Mary, esp  to close out The Sacred Month of May, simply calls for.  It's that simple to a simple man.

So, the other night ~ 2 nights ago (perfect timing so we could get our research in)  we pull a cassette randomly out of one of our many boxes of cassettes and start listening to it.  We heard Jerry's voice.
OMG, chills and then hearing what he was saying at a certain point in the interview.  This was a recorded interview by legendary LA  DJ Jim Ladd. It was being used along with music  as a tribute to Jerry just after he passed in 1995.  It is one of a few tribute tapes we made 19 years ago.  It's been a long time since  we heard it.  But what Jerry was saying in the interview was the kicker- talking about being at Phil's house in Palo Alto trying to dream up a name.  So Jerry says he  picks up a dictionary to see if there  were any names he might find in there.  He opens it up and his eyes immediately  fall on the words THE GRATEFUL DEAD.  He says those words just seemed to jump out at him even blocking out any other words on the page. 
Jerry says this had a really weird affect on him.  He and Phil- who went nuts saying "that's It"  "that's it"  knew right away.  Bobby Weir and others- it took a while but the die was cast so to speak.

 Have you had a cosmic moment like that?  Well, friends,  that is how we felt the other night.  There are people out there that think Paul is doing an ego thing with this site.  or that he's a religious nut but we do tell anyone that cares to even ask- this site has nothing to do with religion.  Yes, it is spiritual.  You know we are immortal spiritual beings having  human  experiences in duality.  The Divine Ultimate informs us of this in 'An Urgent Message' in 'Good News Documents' section.  But we digress.

So, as 'Touch of Grey' from the 'In The Dark' album plays on that cassette we get back to what Jerry also saw on that page.  It talked of child ballads and one was The Grateful Dead Ballads and goes like this.  In the ballads a person dies leaving a promise [as a smokin'  'Deal' plays in the background] (No Theresa C. You can't make  this stuff up. lol)  unfulfilled and their spirit is then restless.  Then they make  an agreement with a living person that that person will fulfill their promise and once that promise is fulfilled then that dead person is the grateful dead.

The above is paraphrased from Westwood one's "Not fade Away" tribute to Jerry Garcia.  August, 1995. hosted by Jim Ladd

Now, we must share the following which describes more detail of the above mentioned synchronicity.

"Innocent as babes, they had connected with a motif that twined itself throughout human history.  The definition in the dictionary referred specifically 
to the nineteenth - century musicologist Francis Child's term for a type of ballad.  The grateful dead ballad of folktale concerns a hero who comes upon a corpse being refused a proper burial because it owes a debt.  The hero resolves the debt and thus the corpse's destiny without expectation of  reward, often with his last penny.

Soon he meets a traveling companion who aids him in some impossible task, who, of course, turns out to be the spirit of the corpse he aided.
This motif is found in almost every culture since the ancient Egyptians.  Unknowingly, the Warlocks had plunked themselves into a universal cultural thread woven into the matrix of all human experience.  The term "grateful dead" is about karma, and asserts that acting from soul and the heart guarantees that righteousness will result.  It is about honor, compassion, and keeping promises.

It precedes and suggests "Cast the thread upon the waters," and "No man is an island." and "What goes around comes around."  The very fact of a
good-time rock band selecting a name that involved death created a gap that automatically separated the sheep from the goats.  You had to be at least a little bent just to appreciate it.  It confused some and appalled  others -  and what  could be better for a rock band?  It implied layers and layers of depth, unique among all rock band names  in that era, and suggested that something very powerful indeed happened on High Street that day.

In the end, they did not choose their name.  It chose them."

From:                  Long Strange Trip
            The Inside History of The Grateful Dead
    By:  Dennis McNally

(pg 100-101)

p.s.  If anyone would like to hear Jerry come thru to Paul in a reading, actually two readings we had with Intuitive Consultant Jim Law  not to mention 
       Jesus aka Lord Sananda, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon   just go to Site Essentials page and  check it out.  There's other good 'stuff' there as well.

In closing, we wish to say to say a simple "Thank You Dear Divine Blessed Mother Mary"  for using us during this, Your sacred month of May.  We did the best we could, 
Just now we  asked for a confirmation of that.  We blindly picked out a CD,  it's playing as we type this... 'Sacred Music' by Sting.  Does that qualify as a confirmation from Mary?
I think so.  One of the prime things we hoped to do was to open peeps eyes and hearts to the  unquestionable reality that You, Divine Mother are Real, that God and Heaven Is Real
and  Jesus is the  Best Way to  find it.  We can create Heaven right here on earth.  Is this an impossible task?  With God and faith nothing is impossible.
And So It Is Now, Indeed.  IJN.

p.p.s.  Speaking of 'likes'  ~ Everyone is invited to our FB Earth Party page and "like" if you do like it - while we try to figure out the best way to use it.  )

p.p.p.s.  There may be a few additions to these May pages for instance, all the days except the 2nd have music on them.  Nature abhors a vacuum so look for some music there,  Imagine what it would or could be.  And the first day of the month, Sting.  hmm would  a little synchronicity with a couple of his buddies be in order?  We'll see what Divine Mother thinks.  )
ok, bed time, this is a wrap.
fin:  5/31/14
7:28 am

3:21 pm

Richest blessings,

We woke up this morning  5 a.m. to a party.  Wherever Jerry goes, there's a party.  )
We had cosmic hugs and High 5's and tho we didn't have any music playing you know 
'they' did on the other side.  Guess what, this just in.  This recording of our favorite song,
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed popped up a little while ago.  We were thinking where to put it
as it begged to be shared.  You know what?  It just found it's prime home here  and will also
fit nicely at His blog.   As we salute His Rockers & Rockettes who 
responded to p's invitation to the 2nd reading and always turn up in moments of celebration.  Cheers Guys.
Thank You God, The Ultimate Rocker.  )

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Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.

May, 2014

We Salute A Champion off The Human Spirit.

Thank You Maya Angelou.

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Thank You Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey.


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Thank You Oprah Winfrey and all family members and celebrants of Maya's life.  Hope it's all of us.  <3

Congrats & Thanks to  Dr Maya Angelou, His newest gazer, here:

And so ends the Wondrous Glorious Loving month of May  in this most pivotal year 2014.
Thank You Divine, Blessed Mother Mary as The Blessings endlessly flow with Creator's
Infinite Love and light.   And So It Is, Now & forever...

Namaste.  )


“And then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will yes.” 
― James Joyce

Where to from here is asked.  Why not try a place prepared for the occasion, and your - our vehicle is waiting.. En-joy . )

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Nanci posing with Your proxy car.

Namaste.   )