Heaven & Earth ~ The Merger 777

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Announcing this God inspired page on this God inspired site to be officially released on August 1, 2017

This, of course, coincides with our deer friend Jerry Garcia's Birthday. Watch this space over the coming days, if led, for whatever spirit places here.

Ciao for now, rec the moment of this birth


1: 52 a.m.

It is a given that this page should be viewed by those who have experienced the 3 pages that make up HisHer Our Disclosure Press Release and have rec'd the gift of your 2 tickets to paradise and the seashell, red garnet w gold pin, your perfect pink quartz crystal of love and your Nebula stone, the 'Heaven on Earth' stone. We are one for all and all for one with our motto being 'Love in Action.' So, rejoice, rejoice, dear friends, we have no choice. God has taken control and all is well and getting weller w every moment that passes. And So It Is.

p.s. It should be known to one and all that this God inspired & directed site is just a site where one of HISHer Creator God's simply was and is, very strongly,

inspired to create a 'store' for his sharings of all the awesome, good, transcendental, even, 'good stuff' to be found on the inter-net and can be shared with the world w the click on the keypad. We, light sharers, who came to this world to shed light have it so easy in this modern age, we don't have to traverse oceans or be away from our loved ones, like Dr Peebles, to inform the world of the 'Good News' of Jesus Christ and the Redemption He offers to humankind.

We've got it made in the shade, of our own quiet bedrooms w these miracle devices. Here, if you haven't heard this lately, listen now and hear this 'new news' as if for the first time. Esp when Jesus comes thru... Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and John Lennon also have something to say. (We must say that at the end we were waiting for the right words to come out, they didn't. We are very grateful for this life changing reading and we 'Thank' Spirit, aka God, Jesus, Mom, Dr Peebles, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Mr Jim Law. (Addendums 8/3&4/17)



Akiane Kramarik portrait.

The Prince of Peace.

A link to share this history making page is...


In the meantime we invite ya's to get ready w a Gaze w our Risen Christ leader and Jerry and friends down

below with music by Jerry and the Grateful Dead right at the top. tinyurl.com/Gazers777



2:33 a.m.

Commencing: and it doesn't take a genius to know where this is going, indeed ~ rippling out to the Universe(s.)

Grateful Dead - Ripple

Thank you T shiroo for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Spirit moved...



The following is shared from our FB page. Read it and rejoice...)

Hey fellow immortal spiritual beings living very temporary lives as a human on the 'Plant it' Earth, AKA Gaia, Terra, Mother Earth, Mary's Place and yes, even the 'Sunset Grill.' God does have a sense of humor, guys, as the humble instrument pecks the keyboard. )

Here's a simply awesome 'memory message' from 3 years ago via Facebook from God. There can be no doubt - Now is the time when the masses may be more ready to embrace the reality that God Is Everything. God Is The Threshold, God Is ALL THAT IS. Indeed.

We are sharing this awesomeness at the blog: tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-14777 (More content is shared there.) and tinyurl.com/HisPressRelease777 and at what could be considered a 'threshold' page of HisHer ~ Our 'One for All - All for One' starsite. tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777 If this message resonates w you ~ share it and share http://EarthPartyForever.com

It's Your starsite stars. (lower case for our humbleness, humility and modesty.) However it is our time to shine, beloveds. We're as bright as the sun, sure to come over the horizon like it has since God created it in the beginning. And we've all been around since then, old souls.

Now, your support is kindly asked and more than appreciated. Just think, would the corporate controlled, existing only for profits newspapers share awesome stuff like this, or the TV? They think they don't cover God but we have news for you 'news' media, agencies, and whatnot...everything you cover - the good, the bad and the ugly Is God.There is nothing - no-thing that is not God. Our lives, the 'wellusion' - to use our new, improved term as to what our eyes see when we open them; our families, friends. jobs, responsibilities...It's All God, my dear friends, and it's time we all "Wake Up," smell the flowers, coffee or whatever opens up our senses. Does this make sense, dear friends?

So, as one team, team oneness, may we all take the hand of Jeshua, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour to free us from the maya* of the 'ill' usion and take us over the threshold so we may get on with living the way God created us to be in the beginning, i.e. companion Gods & Goddesses to Source HimHer The One God 'of and for' All the Creator Gods which we are, in eternal & infinite loving bliss forever. Indeed.

And So It Is.

Thank You Each & Every One, We <3 You & Cheers, )


* maya

[mah-yah, -yuh]

Spell Syllables

Examples Word Origin

noun, Hinduism.


the power, as of a god, to produce illusions.

Oh, and do you think God has a place prepared for us all who love HimHer? What do you think this site is all about, Sonny & Daisy?

Lookey here, guys, It's Celebration time for the Free World which is Our world. It's a free world from now on. Official 'Kickoff' is Jerry Garcia's Birthday 8/1/17. )

So, here's a 'celebration' page, all prepared for us by spirit... TYJ.


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Jesus is welcoming us, guys... )


8/1/19 This replaces a vid that disappeared.

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Greetings Gods & Goddesses on the 'Up escalator' to heaven Happy Sunday and Happy 'Whistleblower Day'

As divine synchronicity would have it, and it does, we are 'Blowing the whistle' on this site and the dude who stewards it.

Just like he wore an orange T shirt, the one day of the year that was 'National Orange Blossom Day' (As seen on the front page.)

We are 'blowing the whistle' in a good way in that we are sharing the infinite love of God throughout this site, mostly thru the music.

Alright, Jesus, Brother, may these selections begin to only scratch the surface of what Creator Source God has in store for us going forward to infinity's border.


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Who's ready for some magic, I mean real magic in their lives? It can start with a song...)

America - You Can Do Magic - HQ - HD - By Mrx

Thank you MrxTubeHD for sharing on YT.

Thank You America

Boston - Peace of Mind - Boston, MA 8/14/16

Thank you KTVBOSTON for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Boston Guys, this is Brad approved w a 10 '' pendulum arc, not kidding. )

Alright Beloveds, are we ready to launch this thing? (For lack of a better word at the moment.) We have an hour.

Rec & fin for now.


11:00 p.m.



Happy Birthday Jerry!! Welcome One & All to the beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, sweet & kind month of August. )

Let's get it started w some particularly cosmic ~ earthy music w great graphics...

Morning Dew, 5/8/77 ☮ Grateful Dead

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT. Very nice work.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

Get more Jerry here... tinyurl.com/JerryGarcia777 And Jerry's Friends as well...)


Yahoo images.

The Grateful Dead.& Jerry 0 ) Jerry pic replaces missing one. 8/1/19 Happy Spirit B'day Bro. <3 You 2. ) ) )

Hey Spirits ~ Happy Spirits Day ~ Everyday... )

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production ltd. ) ) )

Almost a year later, let's check in and see what's happening in the love room...)

Take a tour of the love ~ swoop room July 22, 2017

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production Ltd.

Fellow Star beings...Who wants to be Wild & Free forever? We can if we 'carpe diem.'

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production Ltd

''Painting The Impossible'' by Akiane Kramarik

Thank you Akiane Kramarik for sharing on YT.

Thank You & God bless Akiane Kramarik.

And God Bless each and every one of us with our best friend forever...

NEW JESUS PAINTING, by Akiane Kramarik 2017 @ art-soulworks.com


New Painting of Christ

by Akiane Kramarik


Dear friends, it's apparent that this page, making itself up as we go along is a companion page to this site's NDE page...


Image result for eternity

Google images.


Children, fresh from God, can tell us things. Here's to listening...

Both 4-year Boy Colton & 8-year Akiane Saw Lord Jesus Christ

Thank you Positron Channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Colton, Akiane and all who participated in this video.

The Veil is Thin Between This World and the Next

Thank you Afterlife Evidence - International Foundation for Survival Research for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Cheryl Deines.

Dianne Sherman "Clearsight: a Gift from my Near-Death Experience"

Thank you Afterlife Evidence - International Foundation for Survival Research for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Dianne Sherman.

Eben Alexander on the So-Called "Hellish" Near-Death Experience

Thank you Theosophical Society for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Eben Alexander and The Producers of this show.




Alright, Good Morning One and All of The One.

Did someone mention music? Well, when we woke up this a.m. at 4 a.m we heard some playing in our head, and then we heard the tell tale lyrics to it and we knew we had the first song of the day to share at this particular place. It's very fitting since we all could benefit from some 'Rainy Day Friends' to brighten up our lives. )

Then, a little later on 'Adventure in Christ momenting' it was time to get on the computer and do HisHer Our work for the team. See...?

P pic 8/2/17 5:33 a.m.

Gordon Lightfoot - Rainy Day People

This is used bc it's an excellent 'gazing' picture of God Gordon. "Mom, if God could sing (and of course HESHE Can)

He'd sound like Gordon Lightfoot." (Words we said to Mom as we gave her a Gordon Lightfoot CD and put it in the CD player. ) Mom smiled...)

Did we mention, we had a wild dream a while back where we were hanging on to a superman like cape and Gordon Lightfoot was taking us for a ride through the universe. (Ultra vivid - True. rec in our (wild) dream journal. )

Gordon Lightfoot - Rainy Day People

Thank you Stevve Bobo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot. And 'Thank You for the ride...)'

More Gordon, if led...


Yahoo images.

Alright, and there's 2 other songs to start this wild & free day, We know the 3rd one but we didn't write these down so the 2 nd is right here however not quite stepping forward in our fleeting memory, Got it, just came back again. Ok, guys hold on to your drawers bc here comes Heaven's House Band The Moody Blues w some 'Awe' some music for us all. ) And Thank You God for the refresh...)

The Moody Blues: The Word | OM

Thank you EssentialDegnities for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues

Awesome concert in Boston a few weeks ago Moodies. Keep Rockin' ! )


Ok, and who can take a wild and free guess as to the 3 rd song to complete this 2nd day of this 'up escalator' of a page to higher dimensions?

What Mom? We will all have an 'awe some' day, each and every one. Thank You Mom & see you and 'the above ground crew' soon. )

Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens - with Lyrics

Thank you TheCatLadyJ for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf.

And, look what the next song in the queue is. What could be more perfect? )

What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong - with Lyrics

Thank you TheCatLadyJ for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Louis Armstrong.

Ok, Guys, back to bed, Do have an awesome one... )

Rec & fin for the record


9:33 a.m.

Alright, we're back, right on love time, guys. Don't believe me/// look. Woke up at @12:18 p.m. We shoot the shot at thelove # moment 12:22 p.m.

Then we log on to the computer, get up to Joe Friday record the moment, yep perfect momenting. The 3 songs falling into place like butter on a bisquit. )

P pics.

Without further ado and bc it's a beautiful day out there, here's the first song...Yes, God, speaking for the team... )...

Eric Carmen - All By Myself (1976)

Thank you retroj25 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Eric Carmen.

Ok, the Allman Brothers Band...

The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues (Live)

Thank you AllmanBrosBandVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.

Nobody's lonely now... )

And the 3rd song to complete this particular trilogy can best be described, simply, as 'God's Song' by a group

no stranger to this site. As the saying goes...'I don't know much but one thing I do know is that these cats can play... )

Related image

Google images.

Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live Video)

Thank you ledzeppelin for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

And this brings us right up to yet another perfect moment to get out and get some sun. Catch ya's later...)

Rec & fin for now


1:33 p.m.

More zep, if led...)


Google images.


same day 2:44 the angels won't let me go, guys Time to get this puppy out on social media. Can You help?

That would be awesome. Thank You for sharing 'Good stuff.' )

Man, is Spirit moving us today, guys. The Deal went down, immortal spiritual beings. God knows we play favourites around here

so here goes 3 more of our very favourite vids

Awesome cosmic news guys, not only did the jubilee come 'round' but The Deal did as well. Jerry fire that vid up...)

Grateful Dead - Deal (SMOKIN HOT)

Thank you bigbeahner for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead..

2 more awesome vids to come. Can you guess which ones?

Hint: One is what we live for and the other is what's ahead for us 'clears.' ? There, now Paul has given it all away. )

Get ready guys, the next 3' 44'' of your life are going to be absolutely perfect, not that any of the other minutes 7 seconds are any less perfect... )

Pat Benatar - We Live For Love (Live)

Thank you PatBenatarVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band.

Jeff Lynne's ELO - Mr. Blue Sky at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park 2014

Thank you BBC Radio 2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra.

Alright, dear friends forever. We just got the nod to sign off and take a break. Angels orders. It's raining out now,

a while ago there was a tremendous "Clap" and then the rain came down in buckets. What a day to be alive. TYG. IJN. )

P pic.

The Angels say it's All Good but also good to get out in the now soft rain and breathe the air. We concur.

So Ciao for now, guys. Keep smiling... )

Ok, went out for wine as the atmosphere is unsettled and thunderclaps persist, came back turned on the computer. It was exactly 7:44 p.m. Perfect

God Angel moment. We grab a pen and as we're writing 'Thunderclap' a thunderclap claps. True. ) Thus, upcoming song. ).

So how are Your synchronicities going today, dear friends? You know we're always where we're meant to

be doing exactly what we are meant to be doing, (esp if we declare, decree and invoke 'Not my will is done, but Thy Will Is done, Dear God. IJN for that Xtra Power Force, right John Lennon? )

THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN - Something in the air 1969

Thank you uraass2utube for sharing on YT.

Thank You Thunderclap Newman & Woodstock Nation. Still out there & Strong in Spirit which can not & never will fade away. )

God gave it to us All, You, me, we're all walking around w the Magic in us. Isn't it time we Wake Up and start Celebrating this, dear ones?

Magic Power - Triumph (w/lyrics) hd

Thank you IMTheMagicRat for sharing on YT.

Thank You Triumph.

So, who's ready to fly? Let's hear what that other Power Trio from The Great White North has to say...

Rush - Fly By Night

Thank you RushVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rush.

Alright, guys, it's11:44 as we type this There's 15 minutes left in this magical day. God we're asking you God, give us 15 minutes to prove us now and forever, in song, that we are 'The One's' who are good enough, strong enough, and gosh darn it - wise enough to put away our childish mucky pucky and be as One w You Dear God. We'll go find a song and be right back as spirits are waiting to usher us to the perfect song. Be right back, Your Good Will Willing God, of course....

YesSongs #7: YES - Roundabout

Thank you yesofficial for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yes.

Ok, God another working day has ended. Thank You God for all Your love, guidance and more love.

Hope, on behalf of the team, we passed the audition. )

Rec & fin


11 55 p.m.

Documented, just for the heck of it.

P pic.

God are we good? ) A smile is the answer, we're looking for and we got a smile on screen and on our face,

not to mention in our <3. Congratulations Team Oneness High 5's ~ we Did it, right Pres Glenn? Ok, we got a

medium 5, we'll take it. Carry on Glenn, our cosmic president forever. And So It Is. )

Yahoo images.

Mr Glenn Frey. President of Team Oneness.

And as we wind on down the road, we hear the words to the song 'Going to California' as in 'How could tomorrow,

ever follow today? So, looking over this page, what more needs to be said? We're feeling closure on this page my dear

friends. God is saying to our heart right now, dear ones, that this page Is Done, it's said what needed to be said. We've

crossed the t's and dotted the i's. Heaven and Earth, at least in our local neighborhood, see picture on the front page, are

like smiling bookends.

The only thing left to do is sign off with a song or 3, since we've been doing 3's all day. So, for all us Eagles. Glenn, 'Buddy,' lead

Paul to the first song, and some good advice to handle all the loving we have coming to us, dear beloveds.

Thank You Glenn, )

The Eagles - Take It Easy (1977) Live

Thank you Margin Walker for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.

Here's a song for going home...

The Grateful Dead - Brokedown Palace w/ Clarence Clemons - 06-21-1989

Thank you SnookyFlowers1 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead and Clarence Clemons & Grateful Audience ~ All of us. )

Tell us a story in song, old souls...

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains/The Rain Song - July 1973

Thank you edzepfilm for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin

Alright, so who's ready for adventure on the Infinite frontier? Is there a group to take us higher than we could ever imagine, is there a song, is there any limit to God's infinite goodness? No, my dear friends, there could never be any limits, so why don't we just put on this selection by The Moody Blues and Thank God for all our rich blessings and call this page a wrap. Thank Ya's for being here and we'll see y'all around. Love and richest blessings. Take care. )

Moody Blues - Dawning Is The Day

Thank you Moody Jill for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Record & fin


3:33 a.m.



On a beautiful 'in between' day....

Just something to leave Ya's with, and Hi 5's Jerry... )


Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production



Let's see, ok, this goes here, like so... )

P pic.

Someone is now happily retired. )



Hey Guys,

Guess what? Spirit has started a brand New page. Did you guess what it would be? If you guessed...The Infinite Frontier

You are correct. And a big nod to Jerry...) Congrats. Here's a url to get you there w the quickness, or go at your own pace...)


P pic.

Heavenly light on the beach and all of us...)

Namaste. )