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September 1, 2016

Greetings Fellow Far Flung Star Beings On The Way Home. Congratulations To Us All From God. We're all going to heaven according to His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine script for our collective ascension.

Let's start this sharing of 'Good Stuff' here w #9, himself... Beloved Master, John Lennon...

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John Lennon, an inspiration to millions while he was down here says "Hey" Team. Welcome to the other side of reality. Vibrations are on the rise at this place and you are all where you should be. We're in the 'eternal oneness,' if we allow it, from this day forward. Indeed. )

Later 4 now.

To Be Continued, His Will willing



Hey, Folks... Happy Spirits Day for this majestic, not to mention awesome day. And for the kids, it's supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. Indeed. )

Ok, looks like His will Is willing bc here we be. Who wants to see what , well, just watch, please, if led,and whatever you do, don't share this with anyone, all heaven on earth could break loose. )

Thank you DisneyMusicVEVO for sharing on Yt.

Thank you Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Walt Disney & All who helped create this marvel. )

So, who's ready for some romance? Here's a cosmic song of same...

Thank you Daniele Francani for sharing on Yt.

Thank you Neil Young & Appreciative Audience ~ All of 'us.' Indeed. )

P pic

Mom & Rev Fidelis Connolly, C.P. Thank U2 for all the 'working prayers' & infinite Love. )

P pic.

Oh look, it's Bonnie w Brody, 'Roadie' to her friends at Nantasket Beach, in beautiful Hull, Ma yesterday. )

P pic.

God's doing His part. 'Hey Tinker' in the middle, 'weir's' Jaws? )

Is this the state of humanity? It is if we want it to be. ~ Born Free & learning to fly. Indeed.

P pic

P pic.

Ferry service available at Nick Drake Dock. here: Scroll way down...


And then be sure to get fed w what we all need, Rock, New Orleans style w Lowell George & Little Feat. It'l do you right, the Rock & Roll Doctor's advice.

Wow, Paul, who's next? (Nod to The Who.) Some guy named David Bowie, you'll also see his visit to us disguised as a cloud. Can't fool us, we saw right through him and you know what? What God? He was 'Rockin' in Heaven doing what he does, created to make music, polished & precise & not heavy on the lipstick. (Nod to John Lennon)

So, 'Gise,' Hope y'all have Fun over there & say "Hey" to Sananda at/near the top. Thank you for visiting and we hope 'everyone' has a real good moments there & everywhere, now & forever.

So, fellow rockers of infinity, is this whole thing starting to scratch the surface of your awareness, guys? Trust us, like God, we have only/ can only scratch the surface of God's infinite~ Magestic Love. Indeed. Yes.

Rec & fin.


11:50 p.m.



1:30 a.m.

Welcome Everyone to this majestic day that God has created for His beloved children. Who wants to know the 3 words that will make this day the most successful day of our collective lives? Ok, you over there in the corner, what's your name? Charley Infinity, Sir. Awesome name ny dear friend., is that your given name, stage name or for real name?

It's the name that just popped out, out of nowhere, my goodness. Ok, spirit does that. It's nothing to be alarmed about. It happens all the time, esp to we creator beings - all of us. e.g., we will write something tapping it out on the keyboard, then we'll look up and, lo & behold, a whole different word will have shown up there. Musiciians have occurrences like this all the time. You'll be playing one thing & then another note pops in out of nowhere but it fits perfectly, right Carlos, Jimmy P, Jeff, Eric, Tony, Buck Etc ? Jimi H, in spirit, says his secret was he said "God, you're waaay better than me, Please You do it God, that way there, it's done right and to perfection. Indeed. And that's how we get better & better w every session. He also says, shhhh, don't tell anyone. Don't worry Jimi, everything here is all in the family. )

Ok, so Charley, what's your real name? Finegold, I am Charley Finegold. Awesome, got a middle name? Yes, Jerry. Whoa, Now that is a name, my dear friend. God must love you like He loved, say...Francis Albert Sinatra, or John Fitzgerald Kennedy, or Daniel Grayling Fogelberg who we're listening to at this moment ~ 'The Leader of The Band.' See, the name, the vibration, it's God, like everything, the name we walk around with - vibrates on it's own. It, brought to us by the Law of Attraction, lives & breathes as us as our name. It suits us or we wouldn't have that name. Just something to know. Whatever our name is- be proud of it, it's you, and it's awesome as we are. Indeed.

So, back to the 3 words, Here's what we say to the universe, the omniverse, we address it by name, and this is coming thru like the train coming down the track, w the tracks for it to run on just being laid down. Ok, guys. So we say to ALL THAT IS... "I LOVE YOU, JESUS."

So, correction ~ enhancement. 4 Words, Thus, giving the Infinite, friendly, Omniverse a Name, the sweetest name it could ever resonate with ~ Jesus. Yes, Indeed. Call everything, every grain of sand, every ounce of sweat coming out of your body as you play, every sub atomic particle that makes everything what it is, vibrate, as one & with a song to all move as one. Yeah, that's how God planned it, from the non- beginning. Indeed. )

So, this calls for a song, however , before that, here's a few more pictures from our little tour of this corner of paradise, yesterday & before...Hope En-joy. )

P pic.

How many faces can a picture hold? A whole lot, maybe. )

P pic.

Oh look, Is that Mr Blue Sky smiling at us w an angel? )

P pic.

That's not you up there, is it, Jaws? )

P pic.

Xfinity, you're in my way. )

Who's responsible for this? Ah, God? You are correct, Sir. )

P pic.

Jerry in the clouds w a wave. We Love You Jerry! <3 )

Thank you killerclam for sharing on YT.

Thank You Charlie Daniels. Hey Bro, if you come to Boston, I'll roll you a number, You smoke it, we'll all get high. Deal? )

So Guys, from our family to yours, Happy Spirits Day & Party, if want. Ok? )

P pic.

Bob, Glee, Jimmy, Maureen, Carole, Helen, Ned, Patty, John, & Dick

Photo by Dick Brown.

Yeah, Folks, we're partying w The Charlie Daniels Band... L

Thank you Pearl Jam for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Charlie Daniels Band,

P pic.

God, Come & bring the kids, ok? Awesome, splendid, and yes, we do have room in the back for the kids & the pets. )

The driver? Jesus, He's an excellent driver. We can trust Him to deliver us to where God wants us to be. Indeed.

P pic.

Ok, God's taking us to a beach town nearby. This won't take long. Oh, you'd rather take a taxi? God has us covered..

Thank you 'the lover of the world' for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joni Mitchell. Everyone <3's you, Dear. )

Here's a place for Joni lovers to hang out...


Some travelling music, Thank you bigmanio for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Soggy Bottom Boys. )

Thank you speedofsound for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Charlie Daniels Band. )

Welcome to beautiful Hull, Massachusetts, everyone. An exceptionally nice place to be. God has delivered us here for a day trip. Hope en-joy. )

P pic.

We love You, Hull. <3

We love You Paris. <3

Travel the world & the infinite cosmos' with a thought, let me take you there...

P pic.

Thank you Paul ~ Farili Jagio. Nice work, son.

Here's you & your group's reward Mr Paul.

From God... )

P pic.

OMG, for real~ God? Wow, just exactly what we wanted, all of us, Indeed. Praise You God ~ The Infinite God of Awesomeness, Love & Magesty beyond description. Thank You God So Very Much. Indeed.

Can Paul & the group get you anything, God? Yes, my dear son, you can bring my people to Mary's Place for a concert by the Boss. The Boss, God?

Oh, I think I know who you're talking about, God. The Boss who does almost 4 hour concerts some moments & I believe he's coming to Gillette on Sept 14th

So, that should be a fun event. God, the sandman is closing in, I can't fight him off another minute but here's a last picture stating where we're going, soon. TY. )

P pic.

See all you 'ice cream's' W 'Jimmies on the next page. (Coming soon,) Thank you. )

Rec & fin.


6:09 a.m.



"Hey" Folks, we're back. Our computer, a living, breathing thing, like our cars & washing machines that we create,- Mr Gateway, feeling a little cranky lately decided to take a short vacation but he's back now, thank goodness. ) Ok, so this page has done it's thing and we have a new page ready to share 'Good Stuff.' Here ya's go, if led... Thank You, Each & Every One. )