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Winter scene at The Frog Pond, Boston Common, Boston, Ma.



Merry Christmas & a Joyful New Year from our team 2 Awl Your teams. No one can do it alone, correct Jesus? )

December, 2017

Greetings One and All to this sweet16-777 page of simply sharing 'good stuff' from the bounty of Source Creator All That Is.





Disregard that red sign, plz folks. On the other side it's perfect. We don't have the time down here to fix everything. TYVM )

that we can make better. )

We hope and trust you may find some soul nourishment here and elsewhere on this site. This page continues the thread from

tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-15777 If not been there yet, we do recommend it.

The url for this page is: http://www.tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-16777

Thank You Three Dog Night.



Greetings Family of Gods & Goddesses

What a marvelous day in the neighborhood. Must mention - first we woke up w having another Cosmic dream

that truly must be considered ultimate among our Cosmic dreams, so far. We sincerely hope there's a place in

the akashic records where our dreams can be viewed bc this one was a doozie.

This can only act as a reminder, since we can't remember the significant sequences leading up to the climax of the water glasses

aligning behind Jesus. Some had whiskey, one we added some whiskey to it. The sky opened up and it was beautiful.

The Victory was for the light and hands went up signaling 'Touchdown.'

Another dream takes it's place...(ref previous blog.)

P pic.

To bright and shiny new beginnings, family. of one. )

And who would have thought the day would come when the Cosmic band of all Cosmic bands, The Moody Blues, would Finally be inducted into the R&R HOF.

Congrats also to the other Inductees: Bon Jovi, Dire Straights, The Cars, Nina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Spirit's had them from eligibility one.


The Moody Blues

And of course we need a song here. Who's up for new horizons? Ok, who isn't up for new horizons? Awesome. )

Everyone needs, esp these days...

Thank you Colradream for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues. Hall of Famers in Heaven and (finally) Earth.

We enjoyed this dispatch from Steve and Barbara Rother, you may as well...)

Thank You Steve and Barbara and The Group.





1:40 a.m.

Like this one, Mom? )

Behind the Read: Mom Called Me Out | Long Island Medium

Thank you TLC for sharing on YT.

Thank You Theresa, The Sisters, The Mom and all Mom's everywhere. #synchronicities #no coincidences. )

Guess what guys... Yep, a beautiful angel named Karen comes by w a song to build our awesome future on.

We've Only Just Begun. Indeed.

Thank you ryanche33 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Carpenters.

Ed Note 5/26/19

The following sharings lost their pictures, however, the messages remain, so hope en-joy

and we may fill in some appropriate pics later, or soon. Ty. )



Thank You Creator for this sweet day and these timely messages from Saul & Jesus through John Smallman.

You are each exactly where you are meant to be in every moment.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul and John Smallman


As humans many of you think or assume that you were born without any input or choice in the matter.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.




Greetings All.

Braco is live streaming His gaze today, tomorrow the 20th and Thursday, the 21st free. Check it out, if led.


Thank You Braco.

More Braco:




Christmas Day

From us and a friend...

To All who Celebrate Have a Very Merry, Joyful & Grateful Christmas & New Year! Christmas

Thank You Santa Jerry!

May Be Continued As Spirit Moves...

We were gifted by Creator with this Cosmic 'must share' dream. Remember we all One, We each hold

down our extra special 'dot' in Creator's infinite tapestry. (Dream recorded at 11:11 a.m.

Thank You Source Creator God All That Is. IJN.

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As this epic year of 2017 draws to a close, if there's one thing we all should be realizing is that, to paraphrase

Vince Lombardi, 'Love Isn't Everything, It's The Only Thing.'

Everyone’s task is to be the Love that they are.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul and John Smallman.




Happy Sunday ~ last day of 2017 Gods and Goddesses. )

Check out the following Denny & Karl show and see if it resonates with you... )

Prayer Analysis with Karl Mollison 28Dec2017

Thank you WhyIsThisTrue? for sharing on YT.

Thank You Source Creator and Denny and Karl.

Denny's You Tube Channel:


Karl's website:




Google images.

This Is The Year! Indeed. )

P pic.

Thanks to Brother Bob and wife Glee for this colorful Christmas 'Dancing Bears.' shirt! Ready now for 2018. 😎

Yep, if Paul's time comes, this is what he'll want to be laid out in and then ashes flung to the 4 winds. Thank you very much. )

We're in no hurry. Paradise waits... )

Hey Uncle Jerry, You got a song, Bro? So we go to YT and find this awesome version of one of our favorite GD songs...

Grateful Dead - Loser 7-7-89 For Love. )

Thank you Indifference for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Speaking of a deal, Jerry's got a smoking' Deal for us, guys.....

Grateful Dead - Deal


Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World - 6-17-91 Giants Stadium. For Happiness. )

Thank you Barry Sandak for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

More Jerry and Friends here...

tinyurl.com/JerryGarcia777 and here...


We're not done yet...

Jerry Wept: A Compilation of Performances from the 1990's.

Thank you Jimi Zappa for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry and Company of Friends ~ Everyone.

Carlos Santana absolutely 'Nails it' at 50:50. )

Sigh, here we go again with yet another ridiculous, petty copyright claim thus depriving everyone of a viewing and

listening masterpiece that the artist obviously put his <3 and soul into. Let's boycott this mean claimant.WMG We say WTF

Send lawyers, guns and money, guys, and let's end this copyright folderol once and for al!. WMG Restore this No one owns

God's music except The Creator and it belongs to no one but Creator.

Jerry wept, indeed.

Who wants to hear Jerry speak? Good advice for all of us. Plus get a hug from Jesus, and more...

Scroll down to the pic of Jerry in the cloud. Thank You Dr Peebles.




Greetings All Hope you're staying warm. We wish everyone's friend, Ray, 'Godspeed' on his ascension to New Horizons.

The Moody Blues - Nice To Be Here (Ray Thomas Tribute)

Thank you Christian T. Davies for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ray Thomas and The Moody Blues.



Greetings One and All...

On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day we salute All who make the best possible choice.

Google images.

Thank You Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


Jesus and Saul, talk to us...

Truly, death is but a transition and should not be feared.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.

As humans you want to live forever for the good times.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saui and John Smallman.



Another insightful Denny & Karl interview/ hangout w everyone's friend, John. Hope en=joy. )

John Lennon Channeled by Karl Mollison 16Jan2018

THank you WhyIsThisTrue? for sharing on YT.

Thank You Source Creator, John Lennon, Denny and Karl




Greetings Folks,

The unreal is weakening in the Presence of Love, and it is dissolving.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino forsharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.


Mary Magdalene’s Message January 22, 2018 by Lea Chapin

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino forsharing on YT.

Thank You Mary Magdalene and Lea Chapin





Happy Super Sunday Sports Fans

Just want to say, friend, you're very appreciated for being here. )

Congrats Patriots on a great season and Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles

and the city of brotherly love. You are the Champs. Enjoy it.



Look who we got to hang out with today.. Aspyn Serenity. <3

Photo by Cheri Tangherlini.

Hey Patriots, we still love you. #HappyfortheEagles&Philly. )

So, we headed out this afternoon to beautiful Manchester, NH; where Aspyn lives with her mother, Cheri Rose,daughter of

Paul's special friend, Carol. And just about as we got on the road - this song came on the Sirius radio station The Bridge.

Father and Son by Cat Stevens see..we're not making this up... )

P pic.

Father and Son.

Thank you ladagamu for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens / Yusuf.

And Thank You Mom and ALL THAT IS. ~ Infinite Creator.

And how were your synchronicities today?

More to come...



The stoory continues ~ just a little further down the road at @2pm, same station - this love song comes on and we say

"Hey Dakarra" ) since it's our song and we dedicate it to all the twin flames everywhere whether you've met yet in spirit or body

Just Remember I Love You by Firefall (Lyrics)

Thank you Meredith Steele for sharing on YT.

Thank You Firefall.

Who is Dakarra ~ a few clues...


Yahoo images.

And here's some new news in one of our favorite songs spirit shared with us on our little journey now yesterday.

Paul Simon - The Only Living Boy In New York

Thank you PaulSimonVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Paul Simon and Company and Godspeed on your farewell tour. )

We do concur the weather report is really all the news we need sometimes. Sunny today, chance of rain tomorrow

and eternity looks pleasant and mild for all Creator's grateful children. It is written. And so it is, right John?

Yet another fantastic song we heard today in the car. By the way folks, have you checked out the above John Lennon interview

with Denny Hunt and Karl Mollison where Mr Lennon basically blows the whistle on Creator's divine, infinite, all or nothing

Rock & Roll intervention plan? The fab 4 and all the other groups, the early music and blues pioneers all came here on a mission to

simply follow their hearts and souls with their art that unites and inspires the people here on their own pre-planned journeys.

Nothing is an accident, we know this, right? .So here we are ~ way down the road and learning to fly. My oh my, these are exciting days we're living in my dear friends, aren't they? Indeed. Just imagine what Creator has in store for us.once we wake up and stop killing and hurting each other and start being kind to one another and learning and practicing compassion and just cut out all the other crazy folderol we humans are susceptible to. We can do it, the scales have tipped in the favor of the light. In Jesus we can abide in the One Infinite Source Creator God ALL THAT IS. In Jesus Name. And So It Is.

And now... the song.

John Lennon - Imagine

Thank you Emi Records Italy for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Thank You John, a bright light we all can follow out of darkness and into the light.

In 'love in action' in service to the Victory of the infinite light. IJN. And so it is.

3:33 a.m.

Is that you Dr Peebles tapping P on the shoulder and suggesting it to be a fab idea to place this life changing reading P had with Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Jim Law in 2013. in which Dr Peebles is the gatekeeper. Indeed. We will have Mom stepping forward and revealing the Cat Stevens connection. We'll 'hear' Jimi Hendrix play, Jerry Garcia rap and John Lennon tell us a story or two. And did we mention Jesus also makes an appearance? Indeed, may the peace of the infinite Christ be with us all. And so it is..~ All in the spirit of spirit disclosing spirit.


And the fun visit begins...

Cheri and Aspyn Serenity <3 Paul and Aspyn Serenity ~ Wearing her brand new valentines day minnie mouse outfit from her valentine. <3 )

Aspyn Serenity 'grinding' on the computer. lol

Thank you Cheri, Aspyn Serenity, Auntie Gloria and Cousin John for a real good time. )

Same day 6:09 p.m

For eons Love was practically unknown among humans.

02/05/2018 by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul and John Smallman.


Same day 2/7/18

8:00 p.m.

Alright, we are hereby announcing our new site where we share good stuff that can set us free from financial

struggle. Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and check this site out. Here's the link...


Thank You 'The World's Most Interesting Man.' We <3 you. )

And with this sharing this blog VII-16777 is now in the books. Spirit may of may not begin a VII-17777

If so, it will be announced here among other places like our Twitter www.twitter.com/paulfb

and FB www.Facebook.com/paulfb88

BTW, we (the audience) were asked in one of the Facebook Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead groups today...

"What is something you learned as a result of Jerry Garcia's existence? We replied (with a nod to Vince Lombardi)

"Love isn't everything, it's the only thing." To which we got a nice response. It's true, folks, accept no substitutes for the real thing.

like fame, adulation, gaudy wealth etc. In the long run. Love, real, unconditional no strings love wins the day and 'the infinite.'

So we'll sign off and send ya's on yer way with a song. What will it be? Stay tuned, we'll be right back...

Alright, the judges are back, just only having to decide which version of this awesome song to go with. We chose this bc it's amazing and

one can see the whole concert with a click.

Van Halen - When it's Love live (92)

Thank you szerelemgyerek for sharing on YT.

Thank You Van Halen. <3 )



New News re this blog series. Here's the deal, folks. This Google site is now officially 'In the books.'

One situation we have here is that pictures constantly disappear and frankly we're tired of it. We can't keep up w it.

As above so below so we do know that there exists a perfect site that is there exactly the way Creator would have it.

We will continue providing maintenance on this site. Btw, if you feel like you'd like to help us out with that job, feel free

to contact us and we could talk it over. So, where to from here with the blogs, Paul? Thank you for asking, my dear friend.

They will continue here.- on this main site...


w blogs starting here...


This will also get you there...


Thank ya's all for being here, your support is appreciated,

Richest blessings, Take care

Namaste ~ Espavo and Rock on forever Folks <3 )

p.s. The traveling song is already there to take us home w a new generation of Fun seekers.En- Joy. )

Here, have our card. Feel free, if led, to copy and distribute so All can get some Good News. Thank you Very Much. )