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Greetings fellow God & Goddess beings of 'The One.'

Due to the length that this site has grown it has become necessary to further divide it.  So here commencing is the 
second part of this sharing of 'Good Stuff.'  The url for this section is...

While the url for the first section that was let go remains...   and can be seen at the bottom of this thread.  

Our new site, officially - a "Fun' site, even termed 'A Course in Fun Forever' starts here...

Uncle Jerry is the Official Greeter Gatekeeper over there and he;s got a 'Wave' for Everyone.  Here Y'as go... )

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(Moved from down below.) 

(Moved from down below.) 

Welcome one & all to His 'Heaven On Earth Now' starsite.  Please make yerselves at home & we hope ya's come back - often.  )

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Jesus ~  Light of The World.

Thank You Jesus.

Who needs some wind in yer sails?  Who doesn't?  He knows what we need ~  Love & lots of it, that's the divine wind called music we need.
Catch the latest new news, if led, at His blog page here for June,  2016...

And see where that leads us to... who's ready for an adventure, anyone?  )
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Click here to see the 'Song (wind) of the day, if led. )

Memorial Day

A day set aside in the United States  to remember our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Let's not let their sacrifice be in vain.

Thank You Veterans for Your sacrifices & your service.

So, may we never forget those Volunteers in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice for the  cause of World peace & Freedom

Thank you lastingtributevideo for sharing on YT.

God bless All who made the ultimate sacrifice.
God bless all who served & are serving now in whatever country for the cause of World peace.
And So It Is, Now.  IJN.
Namaste each & every one of us.
In Oneness,   )

This is also shared here...


There is important, 'must see & hear' info going down  at this/ His  site's  'gatekeeper's'  page here

Indeed, we have moved the welcome section for Dr Peebles here  from down below so, along with Jesus  Dr Peebles Welcomes All to Spirit's ~ God's ~ ALL THAT IS'  simple starsite.

Now (as dated below where it first went & still there)

Hmm.  As you would have it on Your starsite Dear God, nothing else.  )

Greetings and God Bless Each and Every one of You Partners in The Light and Love 
of All Creation.  It is I, simply known as Dr Peebles, humbly at your service.

"p" the humble scribe/steward  of this, His site, was a little surprised and amused that I showed 
up at this particular spot in this, what I told him in a reading w intuitive consultant Jim Law,*
masterpiece of a site.  Indeed, fit to be placed before God and which was given to Him as
a labor of love and gratitude almost since its inception.  Indeed, our dear friend paul knows
if you want something done right- you ask God to do it.  Don't mind the ups  and downs, the 
bumps and bruises, that's all part of it. 

Now, since paul has just asked me to be the official "gatekeeper" of this site and I have said,
Indeed ~ Yes;  and an honor and a privilege it is my dear brother.  Thank you, IJN. 

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Thank You Dr Peebles for accepting that role.  God -  Prime Source is your boss
so whatever He /She says  goes;  here.  Godspeed our wonderful friend mentor & guide,
We all love you and if you want to take us home ~ let God's  divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan
manifest..  And so it is Now.  IJN. 


More Dr Peebles  & 'good stuff' here:

*Hear the 2nd reading paul had w Jim Law and among other distinguished guests,
Dr Peebles (as gatekeeper) here: 

Scroll on for 'good stuff' & if like, share. Thank you.  )

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A  Heavenly Gate.

God bless you ~ each and every one who passes thru these gates.  En-

joy His site, keep smiling, have fun and know God's love, indeed, goes on

forever.  It's all  we are, all we live in, all we must do, all we need and all that 

matters.  It's time for us all ~ the sons & daughters of His divine, infinite, perfect

light & love to turn our beloved planet to what it actually is now ~ Heaven on Earth.

And so it is now written and recorded forever with maximum gratitude in Jesus Name.


Dr Peebles, p & company of heaven, 

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Mary.

Thank You God.

Rec.  fin:  12/12/15
                 8:13 p.m.


Here is a launching pad of a page as far as we  are concerned.  Certainly Front page news to share.
We have Dr Maya Angelou, a strong love incarnate angel followed by one of the heroes of the Woodstock generation, uplifting humanity in their own unique way.

                      Google images.                                                                                                                                                    Yahoo images

Thank You Dr Maya & Mr Alvin Lee.


On 22 the love # of Mary's month  a look back

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As John Lennon  would say... here you say it John...

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--- and may we add that when all is planned & set and not quite done, He, 'the unforseen danger,' may have an even better scenario for us, His beloved children.
Truly, my dear friends we ain't seen nothing yet and what we can plan in our wildest dreams may not come close to what He has in store for us.  Stay tuned friends ~
we can call it A Simple Twist of Fate.

Thank You John.

So, with all  the spiritual groups and their scenarios including banks and dineros & gold & silver & dollars.etc some of us think...  People, excuse us, we are spirits.  Last time we checked, spirits don't need money.  When we shift up & out to our waiting light bodies we won't have  the necessity of going to the bank to get our money.  And timelines and "soons" Divine Ultimate Prime Source Creator looks down and thinks... 'Oh really'  as He spells it out here:

So, as we go on in our tired old dog eat dog money is everything paradigm, one thing is sure.  This situation can't go on forever like we, spirits in the material world will.  We immortal spiritual beings, who have been around since half past forever & only getting started with His eternal, infinite plan are the future, and here we are in it now as One.  It's a done deal, folks. No, we rockers have not been fooled again.  Wake up humanity that have not received any clues.  There's plenty on this/ His site to wake up Rip Van Winkle from his deep sleep.  So, as this site is going thru a little makeover and re-positioning good stuff, let this song that we found ourselves on after completing the Prince 'gazi'ng' area, tell  the story.  Call it:  'A Simple Twiist of Fate.':

Yahoo images

Prince, another mighty spirit gone home to God. Thanks for leaving a big part of you, the music, i.e. love, with us, kind Sir ~  Brother.Prince.

This was announced like all the hot new stuff coming down here at His Earth Party.which Btw, has no expiration in the eternal 'now.'   )

So, who's in the house w the perfect song chosen for this moment to share here with His children?  Thanks God.  And Thank You Jesus for being His site's awesome guide. and Thank you Jerry.for the music from God's heart.  <3

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From our home computer to yours...

Jesus & Jerry

Simple Twist of  Fate...

Thank you Grateful Dead on MV 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band.


We shared this on FB w this comment:  

We Need to become One World under God. Let's Lead the Way, America
This 'Done Deal' needs to get 'Out there'  ~ Celebrating His Infinite & eternal Victory: Cheers, )

Call it a  synchronicity,  because there are no coincidences.  Here's the truck with the Pledge of Allegiance written under the flag we were gazing at
in traffic today. (not driving at the moment for the record,)   

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag, Of The United States Of America.  And To The Republic For Which It Stands:  One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty
And Justice For All

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p pic.

Keep On Truckin' Believers...

A cosmic addendum comes to us:  we pledge allegiance to God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine will, way 'momenting' and plan to love,  honour & serve All of His
perfect, infinitely perfect divine children of light.  we are one for all ~ all for one.  
In  Oneness.

Namaste.   )


The documentary reveals some of the biggest new news going down on the planet these days.  What could be more relevant to  our
daily mundane lives than the knowledge & awakening to our true, divine, infinite, immortal spiritual nature? What we really are at our core.
we are vast, as He made us  Oh, are you more excited about ET's & 'Disclosure?'  Ok, all well & good, however what we all have inside blows 
the lid off the disclosure thing.  ioho.  More of this good news is here: Thank you.

Thank you Tistrya 4  sharing on YT.

Thank You Anthony Chene & All the participants of this awesome documentary.


Sharing where we are as the slow unfoldment of humanity's acceptance of our divine nature and the awesome company we attract.
Dr Greer also talks of his NDE in this enlightening groundbreaking documentary

Thank you Sirius Disclosure 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Steven Greer & All who had & will have anything to do with the disclosure movement. Cheers,  )


Must hear for all...

Thank you Sirius Disclosure for sharing on YT.

.Thank You Dr Steven Greer and Dr Carol Rosin.


Wait a minute, Dr Eben can't be the only one lost in that muck.  Do something humanity ~ send out a cosmic SOS.  Give it aeons if it takes that.
One fine morning we may come back, en masse, and see we're not alone.  How 'bout when @ 100 billion messagges in a bottle show up on God's shore, will we then be ready to surrender to Him?  One  day we'll all understand.  It's all part of His infinite, divine perfect plan where we will all rise as one and say 
YES,  God we have had enough.  We can't take it anymore, God.  Let's just lay our instruments of destruction, chaos  & ignorance down & pick up a better, instrument from God, one we can make sing or talk.  We will master our chosen instrument & we will share its shining light on all humanity, not to mention the beings of light anywhere & everywhere in infinite cosmos' where we will all know each other's name.  Sounds like a tall order there scribe, paul, but sounds like it can be done  with Good on our side.  With God we all know a n y t h i n g can be done.  Let's just call life Rock & Roll & let God call the tune.  we thinks this tune here will serve quite nicely.  Did someone call the cops?  Oh, the Police are on their way.  Here we go, as forever young we are.  IJN

Thank you EiDy Lukošius for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting, Andy & Stewart.  The Police


Yes, indeed, the masses are on the way up.  If you're breathing, you're breathing in music as the music of the spheres is finding its way here in the plane
of hghi interference & density re our true spiritual alignment which is in oneness with Prime Creator ~ Source ~ forever.  Those in the higher spiritual realms are
reaching back for us & praying and asking God...but what about my family back there in the maya, when Dear God do they get to come home.  To which we 
also ask & add our prayers that it be soon.  Like, what's that song, Sir Paul?  Yeah, Yesterday.  In other words, it's already happened however our 'now' hasn't 
quite caught up to it.  

Let's hope & pray in All God's infinite goodness & love for His children that we will be brought over that threshold 'soon.'  there's that 's' word again that we just 
can't seem to get away from.  So, meanwhile let's start the show:  It's Rock & Roll.  It's in our soul.  Can we nt 'allow' it to 'rescue' us dear ones?  Let's get this show on the road, shall we, beloved masters?  

And God gave us Music, The Great Communicator, Unifier & Lover of ALL THAT IS.
Thank You God.  IJN.

Let's accept this lively invitation from this cosmic group:   ELP

Thank you KarnEvil 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  for kicking off His jubilee with the divine, infinite portal  known as Music.


Humanity, He's Not fooling around.  It's moments these days for Heaven on Earth.  Look we have a boat named 'Music'  for you even...
Complete with fanfare for you,  humanity.  we are all where we are meant to be ~ from the beginning...

Keith, our newest 'gazer' concurs.

Thank You Brother Keith.  RIP  Rockin' In Paradise.

Yahoo images.

Mr. Keith Emerson



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Happy Mother'sDay to All the beauteous,wondrous, glorious loving Mothers out there!

More here:

April, 10, 2016

Greetings One & All,  Congratulations ~ You, Yes 'You'  have found His / God's 'Party site'  2 Celebrate His Infinite & eternal Victory of light & love
over the forces of darkness & imbalance.  We do everything w music, particularly the Rock & Roll variety,  so we will, as always, 'let  the music do the talking
with this selection 2 kick off this/ His 'Prove me now.' starsite..  This is our / His final stand.  This site, except 4 adding more 'good stuff.' like the upcoming & long awaited 'Gazers III'  page which will feature a 'Dancing In The Streets.' song & suggestion 4 humanity, is done, finished, complete.  It exists here because a loving, caring Father~Mother of  ALL THAT IS  can not sit around forever waiting 4 you humanity 2 get your 'stuff' 2 gether. 

Is this Divine Intervention p, the humble channel & unassuming steward of this, His starsite?  
Based  on all the evidence, inc, most importantly, the 'Good News Docs' page, ~ link below & many other places, we would say w 122% conviction that, Yes, this Is a clear case of Divine intervention; decidedly of the unforseen Rock & Roll infinite love awakening ~ flowering.  And to this day & hour, so many think they're 'just songs.'  Omg, the  cornucopia of Artists & songs; songs that are heavy, songs that deliver a message of love, of hope, unity, harmony, peace, justice, of release from the struggles that have shackled humanity, kept humanity down & broken our spirits 4 eons are our food, our nourishment & thiis is how we carry on, dear beloveds, Indeed.

After all, how can one remain 'down' when a Beatles song comes on the radio, or when our favourite artist comes on, playing our favourite song, just when we needed it.  It's no accident, my dear friends, you do know there are no accidents, right?  Good.  We all live in His (so you know, we use the male designation but know it also includes the female as He is androgynous)  divine perfect, infinitely perfect illusory hologram custom made 4 each of us.  Who we meet, what we  do, it's all by His grand design as playing out from His mighty decree from the beginning. It's all about soul growth & learning that  L o v  e  is all that is.& all  that matters.

There, how's that 4 cutting 2  the chase?  )  One more thing & then  the song, we promise.  Here's a cosmic mantra 4 His children 2 all be on the  same page & 2 shape our worlds with & according 2 His Divine best wishes 4 us.  Start using this & watch the blessings grow, and if we all embrace this perfect plan of His inc 'The Cashless Society' acc 2 His 'An Urgent Message'
we should all get along on our intertwined journey's swimmingly.  Ok, here we go"  Ahem:

"Not my will way, timing or plan, but Your perfect, infinitely perfect, divine will, way, momenting & plan Is  done now & forever.  IN Jesus Name."
And So It Is,  now, Indeed.

(we don't use 'amen' as it translates to 'so be it' which puts the 'moment' to some nebulous moment in the future.. we want, need our blessings yesterday, ( & we are letting our all powerful subconscious minds know that.)  if not sooner, so moments are the  new 'time' & we're off the clock in this new/ now paradigm where love & only love Is all & all that matters, ok?  Great, you're an awesome bunch, humanity.  )
Ok, here's  the song from Him... (As p goes 2 You tube, he has no idea what the song will be, tho he has a few choices.  It's His final choice of course, so we will save the above now  and come back with the song. Ty.   )

That song  coming however first, let's put on the song that started the whole conversation & along w God & Jesus features a kind co steward of this / His site.  So, Uncle Jerry, once again, Sir, you are called on, and where did you say we were gonna meet?  Ah, Yes.  Tell us again, Bro, we /He  want(s)  everyone in on the conversation, our & everyone's very dear friend, indeed.   )

Thank you TheAlucard2211  4 sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

So, what happened was that p went 2 his magic boombox & turned over the cassette & guess what?
What paul?  Thanks 4 asking Lucky, the perfect song for the situation started playing.  Yep, an angel for this/His site Ms Kate Wolf
singing this divinely appropriate song.  

'These times We're Living In.'  Take it away Kate, w Nina  Gerber...

Thank you kevanrbrownvideo  4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Kate Wolf  & Nina Gerber.

Be sure to see Kate  & Jerry at the Gazers page, link below.

Everyone needs to know about the Fire burn doctor since pain relief needs to be 'rushed.'  Ty.


Latest up to date blog sharings here on this brand new page:

From February.
Original Heavens blog page.

Previous blog page is filled here is new one, however it is recommended 2 read that  first one & then this (now completed) one.

Get All The Good News Re His plans 4 humanity, inc "The Cashless Society" Now & 4 ever as we, like His songs, are going 2 live 4 ever, 
Sorry, institutions like banks, govt agencies like  the IRS are doomed to oblivion  & the sooner the better.  according to "The Law."  Author of "An Urgent Message." 

We let the music do the talking & we/He have a list here that is a virtual rocket ship 2  the stars.  Who's ready 4 that journey?  
We're  only getting started & He says the moment 4 this kind of 'Good News' is Now.  Here's where 2 go... Thanks, see ya's there.  )

WZLX, Where's the rest of the interview?
And who doesn't want 2 see His 'perfect top 10 4 'waking up'  They are  the first 10 songs in the above Hi test page.  Here's 2 all of  us being on the same page... 

Update.:  Thanks Chuck & WZLX 4 sharing His 'Perfect 10' with your listenership 2 days ago.  You did a great job mixing the list, only leaving out 'Roundabout' by Yes, replaced with 'Statesboro Blues' to close it out. Nice. There's a lot of great songs on there so feel free  2 do another list with those or other pages of awesome music on this, His site.  )   We, of course, do 'know' they're not just songs, right folks?  These are absolute vehicles, bridges 4 our forward movement 2 'hitch a ride' with 2 the stars, indeed.

(end of update)

Peeps, we gotta 'fight 4 our rights.'  We want 'Full Disclosure,' Now. 
God's perfect, infinitely divine perfect script is playing out & His script  is The best, make no mistake, if we could make a mistake, which we can't.  
Catch 22?  Hey, the love catch.  It's 'got' us all.  )  )  )  as Jerry says.   )

Speaking of disclosure, He made this available yesterday after a few weeks 'out' & 23 years b4 that bc no  one was interested, maybe no one is still  interested, we'll  see. )  Here ya's go 2 get a clue or 2 of where yer humble cosmic servant & yer biggest 'fan' is  coming from, cosmically speaking, humanity.  He's  a  scorpio, so let's start the music here w Scorpions, ok?   Awesome,  and so they just happen to be, indeed...

However 1st the reading from 1993:  Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru the great channel ~ Michael el Legion  4  Paul F Brown

Hey paul, How's it going with yer & the other lightworkers ~  secret Spiritual espionage mission of Light & love.4 the upliftment of humanity?  Shhhh, this is supposed 2 be on the hush hush.  )  well. you can find out where we are  coming from here...if interested, in this reading from 1993;  Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru Michael el Legion 4 paul f brown.

Here's  another essential reading.  Notice how nothing other than music, practically, is mentioned in this reading w Intuitive Consultant (Ret) Jim Law
That's how central & important the music is 4 those of us taking that way home,  as it were.

So, again Welcome 2  His jubilee ~ Party site,  Hope y'all have many Real Good moments & ya tell yer friends now, hear?  Awesome, see  ya's around the campus
Terra ~ Gaia~ Earth & we rec along w saying "Thank You, Jesus."  say  "Thank You Mother Earth"  & maybe do something nice 4 Her,  like perhaps cleaning up some litter or getting rid of an eyesore, something small will add up to a nice clean, pristine planet again if we all pitch in. Just a suggestion, along w another suggestion... 

Is it The moment, humanity?

Thank you ScorpionsVEVO 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions.

2/25/16  & current
Happening always ~   Gazers in the house.

Highly recommend the Jesus train to forever in heaven
It's  very long however we will all get to where we're supposed 
to be in perfect moments. Jesus trust will get you there, in song. )

                                  Google images.

Yahoo images.

Thank You Dr  Wayne Dyer


Who wants 2 tickets to Paradise"  We got 'em Free.  )

Thank you  EddieMoneyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Eddie Money & Band & Audience  of Everyone.  Eddie, want to use these tickets?  They're available  for use, humanity, along with  a perfect pyramidal pink quarts crystal of love, a Nebula stone  aka 'the 'Heaven on Earth' stone, a red garnet w gold pin and a seashell.  All for  you Brothers & Sisters if want.  ) 

No automatic alt text available.
P pic.

Done,  finished, complete.  Dear God, here's that package  we promised you, apologize it took so long.

Package  accepted, everyone' in here, right paul,  Yes God.  Ok, paul, there's a hammock in Fort Lauderdale, Fl  w your name on it.
where 'the battle of armageddon' was fought & won by the light.  Akashic records perfect  & ready.  Who wants to go to the movies?

Ok, Jesus, you're first.  Who's next?

Rec & fin.


January, 2016.

Greetings Fellow, immortal spiritual beings of love & light!  How  be you all today, this beauteous, wondrous, glorious  and loving day?

Awesome, congratulations and welcome to Spirit's love divine & eternal celebration and revelatory starsite.

We must get right to the music since that's how we communicate "upstairs" and 'downstairs.'

It''s also how we travel to  the most far flung place in His infinite Cosmoses and come back.  A song can do that.  Try it on the music, God" #1 music group gift to humanity. Day

This music of Heaven by The Moody Blues is now the official gateway to this heavenly 'portal' site guaranteed to give anyone listening
to it a nice healthy raise in vibrations esp  nice with the awesome graphics provided by Hippie Chick, indeed.

Thank you Hippie Chick for sharing this masterwork on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.


January, 2016

Greetings & welcome to His & Your humble neighborhood dear fellow immortal spiritual beings of light & loveWow, Yes, indeed 

it has been a very long time, indeed, hasn't it?   Awesome to see you again.

So, a kind & loving greetings for all of us.  We're all His children and we've all found a way home with God, Jesus & the music. 

And so it is, Now.

Sorry, no smoking in the higher realms.  plenty of moments to get stuff like this out of our systems.  We did run out of time. 

To see details re that  you can go here:

Time as we know it has been replaced by 'moments.'  so  as you read above read we have plenty of moments, infinite moments, but time?  Forgettaabbouttittt.  It's ok, ok?. )

(End of pinned post.) (not  quite, see below.)


Just sharing that the  From here 2 eternity page is 'done' with a surprise or 2 thrown in from Source and  esp
related to the impact of  the passings of  both David Bowie & Glenn Frey. Two lives to be celebrated, indeed.

And at Site Essentials there are updates to see.

Note 1/31/16  Actually, our dear friends this page is, now,our official 'get acquainted' page and we  invite you visit it asap esp 
with  the Jim Law readings featuring Guests like Jesus, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, & Dr Peebles as 'gatekeeper'  in the 
2nd reading.  See the slide shows and other good stuff there as well.  This is All His work,  folks thru p, His & your kind & ever humble servant.  

Oh, did we mention there is now a  brand new page sharing one essential song or album every day.
Check the first 2 entries, and  He has chosen the one going up tonight after midnight, and He doesn't 
mess around, as you will see, His will willing, tonight.

Of course the blog page for site updates is always here:

Cheerio,   )


Ok, the above has so many helpful links we may as well make the above now 'pinned' sharings.  One thing you do want to check up on folks is how 
we all got "stung" by Him, in a good way,  We dare say in a "perfect" way as befits His Perfect Plan.  That is at the 'From here 2 eternity' page.

And then you do want to go to the new 1 day, 1 essential song or album 4 us.  We just put up the Seventh Sojourn masterpiece by these guys,
so everyone must check that out. (URL above.)
Google images.

The Moody Blues.

See Ya's around the bend...  )


New News Update:


As the Heaven On Earth page  (all pages on His site are Heaven On Earth pages.)

led us to this shared picture below, it IS front page news, and then some, ioho. indeed 'in our humble opinion,'  so here it is also shared on His front page.

And as the text at bottom says it is recommended to pick it up at His blog  page with 'now' music for our eternal journey to new frontiers.

As 'Further on up the road'  by Bruce & E Street Band plays in background, of course, from one of our magical tapes.
And as the tape runs out with 'Meet me at Mary's place,'  Yes, this site Is a 'Mary's Place.'  Here's a page Mary watches 
over. Sounds like a no brainer to visit this remarkable page.  One can get up to speed nicely here. esp w the Jim Law readings.

Finally, have you said "Yes" to His Eagle Party for All?
It does include "The Cashless Society" so all us God's children are on equal footing, rich in what really matters beyond what the 
human mind can conceive. The wealthiest among us now on earth are mere paupers relative to His wealth which He will share with us.
paul, When?  Now, Eagle one, what's wrong with Now?  It's up to Us.  This conduit can't get arrested, we need whistleblowers, dear ones.

People who can recognize something awesome & amazing & simply share it.  He will continue to work this site, as this is where  He lays it 
down thru His humble but dynamic servant.  All the groups out there with their talk of RV (revaluation) that depend on banks, dollar bills rupees, 
dinero whatever transferring vast amounts of money with hundreds, if not thousands of people involved, really need a reality within this false reality 
check.  ioho.  They, one would think, need to get their heads out and look up and see what He really wants done and Now on His planet Terra ~ Earth.

The Law here, obviously, again, what does an immortal spiritual being, which is  what we are want or need to do  with this stuff.
Think of it people.  We'll be in spirit before we know it and you're telling me you gotta go to the bank to do some business.  lol  but this is what some of 
these groups are saying  turning their backs on spirit which is dimensionless and  they are happy for their 5th dimensionness and  the RV and now they
can sail around the world in their yacht.  Ok, you got Him started there p,  ) It's just so crazy how people think in this illusion we call reality illusion sandwich.  ).

So moving on, are you in or out.  Are you an immortal spiritual being?  Or are you a consumer?  # XJY315TY5477698.  Is that you?  And you like working for 
bean counters for beans most of the precious days of your God given life

He has a better option for us.

And He says come by 'His situation room' where all this is going down...

We do recommend visiting both.   )

Ciao  for now...  )

As Vahevala, by Loggins & Messina,  a song about sailing away in the tropics & having fun plays in background.  
Fun, now there's a concept we could explore if we only allowed ourselves to be free.  Talk later humanity... )

He knows you need a song...

Thank you  saskatchawan for sharing on YT.

Thank You Loggins & Messina & Band & Great Audience of All of Us.  )

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Awesome, just in...

(Shared from another sharer)

 update, just in and rec & fin
@ 10:  38 p.m.

Rec'd loud & clear... Ahem:

"God is good
paul is magnificent."

Thanks God  )
(heart drawing) more. ~     ~       ~            ~

( Rec in p's journal.)

Rec & fin here:
11::18 p.m.

And so it is, Now.  IJN.

A song to shift the Mind, Heart & Spirit with as we go down the road,  (playing now on our magic bb (boombox)

Thank you wsj160 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead and esp Jerry, ever leading us on... Thanks Bro!   )

Rec & fin.
5: 23 a.m.

End of pinned sharings (for now.  )

fin.  9:55 p.m.

Ok, guess what folks?
This page is done, finished, complete and ready to be archived but not forgotten by any means.
There is simply enough here for most computers to handle.  Again, as shared on His blog page.  
We recommend Windows 10, Google Chrome w  zoom setting of  125.

The new url will be  shared here sometime after midnight of 2/1/16
We will, His Will willing, see you there.  )

2: 10 p.m.

His Will willing, didn't count on our ISP crashing.  New page is now shared, w His perfect timing at:

See Ya's over there... )


Ok, In case you've missed what's been going on folks.  Please accept my apologies.  
This, His starsite,  is now,  a complete done deal.  Here's where  to go to see how it's gone down.

You want to go to the blog page

And you want to visit Heaven On Earth page:

Which, in the end, suggests you visit here:for all 
good stuff but esp the 'Jerry' story at the bottom.

We're Celebrating all facets but here's an especially celebratory page:

If you have not yet listened to this reading, you  don't know about Mr Toad's Wild Ride.
from July, 2013

And we do hope you journey on to the other pages like:

not to mention:                                                                                                                                                     

And so on...  Guess one could call this "Abundance of Spirit."
All His work my dear friends, All  His doing.  p is just pushing the buttons, 
and what an honor & privilege it is.

So as we all wind on down the road.  Why not be kind and giving to one another.  Take the fruits
of what He has shared here, and take it to heart.  Love is all that matters, we know that by now, right?  Dear Ones.
Ok. This is a wrap for now.  Have a great 'Now' and a nice forever.   )

Rec & fin.  2/11/16
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Happy Valentines Day Mother Earth & All Who Inhabit Her

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We are here on this planet of .. you got it - Love.  Our assignment?  Love. Indeed.

Please see & hear the song that accompanies this message at:

And/ or at:

Peace be with us all, now.  Indeed.
And So It Is.



Wait a second, don't I know you?
Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

-Graham Nash
From 'Cold Rain'

OMG, OMG, LOOK  OUT Humanity!!!  

It's "The Hug Guy."

AKA as  "The Heaven on Earth Guy."

AKA  "The lover of The World."

(none self dubbed)

What are we going to dooo??  I know...RUN FOR Your Lives Everyone,  He wants to take us to Paradise of All Places?!!!

How can that ever happen when I have a j o b and bills to pay,  Oh, guess we'll have to leave you behind, sorry.  Oh, wait a minute, you mean that big empty building over there where you got a paycheck for your valuable 'moments' of your precious life?  Where they treated you like just another cog in their profits rule, nothing else
machine.  Dude, they left like the house of  cards built on quicksand thing they were.  It was ok for some at times or whatever but now look around us, fellow, infinite cosmic beings of love and light.  We have a better way, and no, no RV is gonna work, please.  The enlightened ones,  so called, mostly by themselves, need to wake up and smell the roses, not to mention the coffee. most likely for the first time in this, His, Glorious (And He gets All The Glory as  Deserved) Wondrous, infinitely loving future of 'Now' we are crossing over to.

Image may contain: 1 person
Photo by Ned Byrne

P in Harvard Sq, Cambridge,  Ma. USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe, Divine Infinite Perfect Love 777-55555 4U,  Cosmos'  ALL THAT IS/ISN'T as 

ONE  in His Infinite Body of Christ ~ God aka Spirit. IJN.
 And So It Is.

-- His Infinite Perfect & Eternal Love Brigade.

Transportation provided by:  

Cosmic Mind Mercy, Compassion & Love Divine 4 All, Unconditionally, Inc.

Yahoo images

Ok, this song just finished playing on our magic boombox sounds just perfect to place here.  Be right back

Thank you #SteelyDan for sharing on YT.

Thank You Steely Dan.

Spirit leads to share this following song on that magic tape.  Here we go, guys

Thank you #DonHenley for sharing on YT.
Thank You  Mr Don Henley  &  Company.

Great things  come in 3's so here comes this gem...

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Thank You The Cars.

4:34 p.m.

This amazing masterwork by  the Moody Blues is what spirit had us listening to after our 
much needed nap on this glorious, wondrous loving Sunday afternoon.

If one ever listened to lyrics spirit asks please listen to the lyrics in these songs.  Take them to heart where they will live forever, and we can 
let the music be the stairs under our feet, the wind in our sails and the nourishment any heart needs.  And so it is, now & forever, IJN. Indeed.

Thank  you #he MoodyBlues for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

And furthermore...

Wait a minute Mr Brown, how the devil do you think you, one guy, can turn this whole cotton-pickin' world around
by yourself and a few songs?  

Glad you asked my dear friend.  First of all, we are not alone, infinitely  far from it. & not by a long shot to boot. in infinite heaven.  You can not 
put a number on the support teams we have.  They cheer us and all the brave volunteers who came down to this battlefield of a planet.  This is the
place & moment of the final showdown, dear ones, the last cosmic 'shootout at the ok corral', so to speak.  But, you know what?  It's not our fight, beloveds.

So why would we even show up?  They will do their business and what will be will be.  Our team would rather go for a walk in the park or a drive to the lake or make love on some far flung cosmic beach.  We are limitless, infinite, cosmic beings on our block.  We live for love, light, liberty, (another term for freedom) and we have no enemies, so what's the fight all about?  You know what people?  If all the world's leaders came to Boston for a World Summit on a whale watch cruise, all the world's problems could & would be solved as sure as His tsunami of love, wisdom & knowledge of the infinite comes thru this humble channel at this moment.  Indeed, one moment for all moments.

We have peace, let us share our peace wiith all of you, why not, as a  last resort, peeps, give peace, of all things, a chance?  How will we survive in a cashless society?  A lot easier than we  are with the current mess  of a system.  Equality is the name of the incoming
Heaven On Earth  plan.  Right here in beautiful Quincy/ Braintree/Weymouth tri city area of Ma, USA,  there are literally acres & acres of cars just sitting with no owners in sight in a really hard economy.   Brothers & Sisters, why are we doing this to ourselves, esp at these late moments in our earthly journey?

Merchants, it's time to say yea or nay for you to be part of The Heaven On Earth Giveaway and clearance movement or abide by the current system of chaos
and uncaringness and, me first, screw those people, those nations.  Some even had/have plans for mass culling as whoo boy "The Law" comes on here and he says it again.  Pounding the keys.  People, IT'S ALL IN "AN URGENT MESSAGE."  See below.  The Moment iis NOW.  Time has gone the way of the buffalo.

Stepping forward, we have some volunteers who got together from the farthest flung places in the omniverse to come together and be a perfect group to help in His, divine, infinite perfect cosmic play.  Let's ask these guys... Is the moment(s) to "go" now, or put it off til later or after another mundane election, or after we get a raise at work or after the next episode of our favorite show or, or. Good New News Now Peeps  This particular, powerful Team say, in unison, from both sides of the ever dissolving vei,  No.
They Say:  Let's Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AND THEN SOME!!!

Thank you benny11  letters for sharing onYT.

Bravo & Thank You The Cars.   )

Rec & fin.  1 /17/16
                  7:00 p.m.  


Wow, guys, are you looking where His action is really flowing & rockin' the house, get on over to 

This is His newly created stairway,  runway, stairway to infinity.  Where and how far can music take us?  Let's see.
Yesterday's  just wrapped a while ago.  Check it out, if led.   )


Humanity, you may think you didn't ask for this,  but in pre-birth planning for this,  all your final  physical lives,  You agreed tp participate, otherwise, you would not be in position to read these words 
from Source channeled thru the  instrument typing this down thru the miracle of  his gateway computer.  Here is the ultimate secret ,  shh, don't tell anyone,  esp Connie Chung.  )

" Not my will, way, timing or  plan, but Your Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Divine Will, Way ,Timing & Plan IS Done Now & Forever;  Dear Heavenly, Infinite 
Father ~ Mother,  Infinite Prime Creator Source ~ God ~ ALL THAT IS & ALL THAT ISN'T,  etc, etc.


But here is all that's needed dear ones in Christ.  Simply, all of us on one page, say:  "Not my will way momenting or plan, but Your Perfect,
Infinitely Perfect, Divine Will, Way, momenting & Plan Is Done Now & Forever, Dear God. In Jesus Name.  Thank You God.
And So It Is.
(updated 5/27/17)


Forever has started, my Dear Friends,

Please, if led, let everyone know about this, His  'Front Page'  News site.  And if you are looking for this on your TV or Newspaper, you are definitely
looking in the w r o n g. place.  Tell them what they're missing out on.  Here's the place for Now New News of Paradise.  
AKA   Heaven On Earth 

Now shared (the above card)
5: 43 a.m.
p & co  out.  )

"Thank you All Very Much, Indeed." *
In Jesus Name.
And so it is. now.

* Joe Cocker at Woodstock.  1969

Rec & fin.    1/10/16
                    11:35 p.m. 
                    (in p's journal)

Joe, what have you got to say to us right now, Bro?  (Woodstock Performance is below.

 Thanks paul & company.  The message remains the same.   See you all soon in Rock & Roll Heaven Dear Brothers & Sisters!   )

Thank you HDPinkFloyd for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Master Joe Cocker, The Grease Band  & The Audience  ~  All of Us.
Indeed, Love & Rock On.  

Insert:  Joe welcomes all his friends to his 'gazer' appearance here:

Wait a minute, what's that Joe?:

Thank you sveeta14 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joe Cocker, Brian May & Queen & Us ~ The Grateful Audience.  )

Announcing:  To Celebrate His Victory and Heaven On Earth,,  We have a trifecta of 

'Let the Good times Roll'  Music...

Phoebe Snow, would you please bless  us with your presence & musical gifts? .  ) 

Thank you vSpirit2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Phoebe Snow  &  Band & smokey  audience.  )

Thank you  Andranik Azizbekyan for sharing on YT.

Thank You  B.B. King & Company & Grateful Audience, i.e.  Everyone.  )

Thank you Lou2701Lou for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Cars  &  Grateful,  Appreciative Audience. 

Who else thinks it's moments like this to  "Let the Good Times Roll Forever?"

So, let's do it., Now, while we're young.

And so it is, now.

Rec & fin.  1/11/16
                  9: 00 a.m.

12:20  a.m.

Love is everywhere, just ask the Allman Brothers Band.

Thank you djclay33 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band  &  Audience  ~  All of us.   )

2:49:  a.m.

p woke up at 1 :55 a.m. with practically the  most intense pain of his life, lasting @ 20+  seconds.
It required crying out to Jesus most  fervently for the agony to stop  This happened at left wrist where 
arm meets hand   At 2:16 a.m. there was a shorter
burst about half the pain of the previous but still a good jolt.  This came with  urgent visions of certain pages of
our/His mission dossier, some of which is now  moved here as a result.  His will is always done here at His starsite, 

This download is to be shared for the benefit of all.  Details to be shared there. as they are but the just now added
An  Urgent Message is going in, above, as the vision shared with p  the vessel at the keyboard, kindly & magnificently 
doing the work he was born to do and the one designated for this particular beach of Heaven on Earth.
My dear friends, Heaven means business re this out- sharing at this, His/ Spirit site.

Some see this place as a joke.  
If you are one of them, We wish you the best  when the
cosmic levee breaks.  p is typing this not really knowing where it's going, but it is time to resume 
this over at the good news site page.
p.s.  Not for nothing.  but when we  came  on and started this, Robert Plant's  'I'm in The Mood' was playing. 
Elton John's  Levon, playing now.  This on 'the competition'  WZLX  100.7 Boston's Classic Rock.  )  Ok, here we go...
More editing, adding and U2 is playing, 'Not fadeaway...'

Btw,  on waking up yesterday He gave a kind of report card on how this out sharing is going so far.  If you want to hear the 
results, H  (sic)  The last time  we will use (sic)  He uses it now like we  use p or J for Jesus,  H says just go ahead.  And so it is, Ahem.  
The car dealers flunked, just flunked.  Others who have been here and, well,  we guess they weren't impressed because they shared it with 
no-one.That's ok if you're not led, you're not led.   Don't worry  about it.  In 7th Heaven's cosmic state of the art life review we get to see how 
our actions impacted others, what happened and what could have happened had one taken  another course.   Remember, we can not make a 
mistake but we have our free will. and our God given sovereignty contract to be respected  in all scenarios. We are the navigators of our own ship  

Rec & fin.   1/9/16
                    7: 37 a.m.


Spirit moved the next sharing to here  rather than the blog page we intended it to go.  Does  it fit there better?  Perfectly.

Fyi it is The Principle of Moments full album by Robert Plant.


Greetings Divine, infinite Sons & Daughters on The One. This is The aeons in the making day, dear friends.  The day to call up Rudy and ask what's new, and tell him about what God, Infinite Spirit Divine is doing with His Divine Creation.  Now, today, this very moment because, dear beloveds, that's all that exists.  Right now.

Time marked at:  1: 55 a.m.  and we continue on into the future...with God/ Spirit as our guide, In Jesus Name.  Amen.

First, let's meet again, shall we?
We have a place, here at the jubilee He has provided.  It's finished, done and complete for all of us, His children of creation,
here is your destiny humanity.  The game is over, cash in your chips, grab a new motor vehicle if you deserve one, or groceries
from the store.  Do something nice today and every day just for you.  Mother Teresa that's an order.  )

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
Mother Teresa

Read more at 

Thank You & God bless each & every One of Us.  IJN.
And so it is, now.

Rec & fin. 1/7/16
                  5:25 a.m.

Thank you Moodies Fan for sharing this, words fail,  on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues & Company


We are all about music around here so this is how Spirit wants to greet you here.

Thank you Ewr Lord for sharing this on YT.

Thank You Journey.  &  Audience.  i,e.  All of Us.   )   IJN.


Today, 6th of January is a taking care of business day.  6 being the 'business' number, for us anyway.  # 1 order of business is getting the word out to the masses that
you know what?  There is a much better way for humanity to live.  We let the music do the talking upstairs and now downstairs.  We are going upstairs, fellow Immortals.

That is the perfect direction for  us  to go, so why not throw away the crap that is not working for  the vast majority of people on  the planet and start en masse the new Now
paradigm of Love on Earth aka Heaven on Earth.  Who's in?  Call or write your local  and international media and tell them it's time to Wake up.

Here's a place to go for that...

This time we get it right.  You coming humanity?  

Here's a song to start with, also just shared at BOC's star page

Thank you LuFFySIRuM  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult

1:20 pm
Important update at 

Follow me over there, if led.  )


Who wants to start  this 'sweet' new year w a whole new paradigm of complete & total  freedom?  Well, guess what - fellow 

Immortal spiritual beings;  the rights & freedoms that God,  Himself, would put in play if He came down here & started running  the 

show; wouldn't that be sweet?  Indeed, and why on  earth would God not come  along with Jesus and all the other compassionate 

beings inc the select 144,000  beings chosen from all over the infinite universes, the volunteers come to earth to insure,  finally, the 

'fix' this world needs and is crying out for.  The cavalry has arrived from Rock & Roll Heaven aka 7th Heaven.  p had  the revelation 

the other day that music is prayer God can hear & we humbly added & 'feel,'  indeed. 

So, today is a day of  great celebration on the 'plant it.'  It's essential we, all beings everywhere be on 

the same page.  There  is no more 'keeping up with the Jones' In  this,  His new ~ Now paradigm of light & love.  There is nothing else.  

Here is the official music to this paradigm moving forward.  Thank you beloved master brother John Prine, a simple man like the 

simple man channeling this transmission and doing the  typing.  p, His & your eternal humble servant. We let the music do the  talking 

on this, His site.   So, With a   Monster John Bonham  & w John's beloved son, Jason.  Drumroll Please guys...

Wow, That was awesome.  Yeah, the figures on the keypad could never do it justice, so we have seeming empty space but there is 

energy there.  Know that.  Ty  )   Now,  Mr. Prine...

Thank you Kenneth Brown for  sharing this masterpiece on YT.

Thank You Mr John Prine & Company.

1/1/16  The year of the eternal smile.   )

"When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully 
upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."

- Alexander Graham Bell


Greetings Dear Sons & Daughters of Light,

This is p aka paul typing down exactly what Creator has us typing now.  p had* a premonition that Jesus & Mother Mary are about to come and extend their divine infinitely loving hands to us, me and Carol, one won't go  without the other, indeed. As p's work down here is done.  It's a package deal.  p won't go without Carol  and Carol has struggled in unbelievable pain in the 14 years we  have known her, since the day after 9/11. It's time, it's time dear beloveds.  We will all be together soon, one way or another.  As  Miracles by Jefferson Airplane plays in the background.

You see these 2 Elvis sharings here. paul did not place these here.  p placed them below where you will see them, God willing,  as Neil Young plays in the background... 'Here we are in the years.'  So,if and when p is no longer here  to add more 'good stuff'  know he did not leave anything undone, unsaid.
In event of p's demise, let it be known that we want to turn it over to Mr Young as he will know what to do. i,e. A S K  God. This labor of love is officially turned over to our & everyone's buddy in  Christ, Neil Young.  Get this, dear beloveds. The tape ran  out with the Neil song The Emperor of Wyoming stopped in the middle or somewhere on the tape.  We got up and turned it over and pressed 'play'  and  what came out was a fresh Emperor of Wyoming
Just another awesome reveal  that He, not us, is  the one creating our lives as we allow of God's divine, infinitely precise divine  plan  will play out as God 'owns' it dear ones. as Neil's 'The Loner' plays in the background.
Let  us share one other thing as 'The old laughing lady' is playing now, our all time favorite Neil song.  Reminds us of someone  we love to the end of time, which could be anytime now.
But, we digress,   we may be gone soon, so let p share the NDE we had last night.  You peeps who  spend endless hours online, turning into brain dead zombies can relate to this.  We really need to take care of our brains and bodies, dear ones.  So p was  in this can't think anymore but still ih a state when he realized he had passed into a danger zone and moving toward a certain destination not easily returned from.  p started asking for prayers, getting  an instant and amazing response, asked for more prayers.   esp getting a strong response from his lovers on the other side as Heart of Gold just ended and now 'Are you ready for the country' plays. 

Interesting story paul, thanks  for sharing.  How many lovers do you have on  the other side, paul?  You can have anything you want over there,  just a s k.  If you are happy having none or one lover or infinite which p has over there.  Those coming home from Earth get a divine makeover.  You will be your God created Real self, the blindingly beautiful God or Goddess we all are.  We are not the only one, just ask Robert Plant.  The perfect man for the nasty bunch.  Hope you don't mind p blowing the whistle on you Bro.)  We do respect each others boundaries of  course.  What happens behind any other spirit's door is no other spirit's interest.  
Jealousy is an unknown concept there.  You won't see any frowns.  No one has to do a job they don't want to do.  No one is 'pissed off,'  over there, Indeed. )

So, we come now to the crossroads, there is a tremendous offer on the table for the world.  p,  PERSONALLY DELIVERED* enough lighthouse business cards to, if anyone shared these at all should have gone viral and there would be a buzz going on about this event called:  Diamondstock777  place where any and all bands that want to play Gillette, can, pending the co-operation of the Kraft family. The invitation to the Kraft  family has been done.  What's that God,  yeah, Bon Jovi you want to come play Gillette?  Maybe you know someone who can grease this puppy going forth, just saying...)

Now back  to our lovers over there,  They are totally devoted to you,  each custom made for you by God; e.g. paul has infinite beautiful beyond belief, auburn haired blondes, brunettes, whatever, and their is not a bodacious one in the bunch, not that their's anything wrong with bodacious.  We just prefer our women to be, obviously, our type. All possess infinite intelligence and they are wild in a good way.  That song by Heart comes to mind  'Crazy on you'  It's like that heart song and  a few  songs by Led Zep & The Doors and many others.  They come  under the termed: "nasty" tab.  Nasty  in this case  is awesome  An infinite multi dimensional God is,  as you can try to imagine light years from just being limited to the 5th dimension by contract.  P blew the doors  and windows off that because he knows his contract of sovereignty document seen here:
* Caps are His. Looked, saw they were there.  Change them?  No way, we know how God works, dear ones.
* edited from 'has'

We're not saying, we know  everything but do yourselves a favor and click on this link scroll down
 to An Urgent Message and read what our future self dictated.  That was for you, humanity.  Did anyone 
read it?  Not hardly anyone.  Pity, human  race.  Pity so we are just about done here.  If you want to continue
 to be wage slaves when God himself,  thru p, the  humble offering you complete and  total FREEDOM
 and you're still going to you're jobs, it just frustrates God to the  core, Indeed  too. BANKS ARE DONE  There''s
 NO  RV gonna happen.  One.  one last thing - p tell them  the Apple Orchard Story.  Gladly God.  Let me just put in one of 
our home made tapes as a soundtrack and we  affirm this will be the perfect music to relay this simple story, ok?  

Tape in and first words are "Which side are you on?"   As Bob Dylan's Desolation Row by  The Grateful Dead plays, and as 
'the mighty Quinn' now plays.

The Apple Orchard Story.  A simple story

Once upon a time in a world called  simplicity there was a simple farmer who had an apple orchard that
he loved very much.  He had the best apples and people came  from miles around because they could feel
the love energy the farmer put in the apples that would feed his little community.  So what he did was set up 
stand at the orchard gate. He made a sign that said "Free Apples"  And you know what?  Yep, people who 
wanted apples, they stopped their vehicles and said with a smile, Hey my friend can I have a bag of your free
apples. And the farmer gave those that asked the free  apples.  And the Grateful people who got, in some cases, 
life saving free apples, said from the heart, Thank You, you're a life saver!  God Bless You, Indeed..  

That, my dear friends is  how simple The Cashless Society is, esp now as we are about to merge with the infinite 
abundance of the Infinite cosmic Cosmos' Universe of ALL THAT IS & ALL THAT ISN'T  which God and  God alone
controls like the infinite swiss watch that it is.  The Rv, i..e.  the revaluation so many in so thought enlightened groups.
Sorry, we don't know what you're thinking. Ok, We're going to deal with dinaros, dollar bills, banks.  Wow,  excuse me but
you're kidding, Right?   Really, when we're living as spirits in limitless, boundless, infinite field of God' limitless love divine, we're
gonna say, time out, I gotta run to the bank, they close at 5.  Do that now as the cashless "Done Deal"  Is ON. and you'll find an
empty building that will never re-open     You're  still stuck in the money is everything stinking paradigm  And Yes, we do say
it stinks because our dear friends, it does.

Now, there are some who say that the new paradigm of love and only love stinks.  Ah, my dear friend, we  do believe that was a joke from one of the first groups 
God is inviting.  i.e.  The Mighty J Geils Band..  Guys, you got the gig, if you want,  ok?  Please,  all powers that be.  Let's work to make Diamondstock777  work.   Our new & Improved Paradigm is a cosmic paradigm.  We will, in the blink of an eye or dissolving or merging, whatever God's plan is, we  will go with it joyfullly.  (sic)  That NDE p had last night or the night before (we lose track of time working with God.) was just as ez & simple as moving down a corridor.  If we had not asked for the prayers,  we  would have just gone to the arms of Jesus. Prayers and the response from everyone kept us here to continue our work, labor of love divine, Indeed.


Ed Note.  Time to share this 'New News here.  )


Fantastic Breaking/Healing News for us all to find ourselves 'On the other side.'  
How seamless did God make the transision?  Take a deep breath, ask Jesus to be
your companion on this, His starsite.  Here's where you want to go;  this page being the 
last thread of sharings to , on wings of sound, carry us home.
 (By the last song (at this sharing date).  So, if led, take a look.  Here ya go, hope you catch the wave:

Yep, Dear Ones, Indeed, we have arrived, collectively, on Rock & not to roll (unless we want)  runway 777.  Each & Every One of us seamlessly delivered on  'The Other Side  And so it is done, sometime in December, 2015 Now  we 'feel' an official invitation is warranted over there, so this will now end this 'breaking news' update. Thank you for sharing 'good news' w your world(s).  Let us take you there.  Trust God & Trust His d e s i g n a t e d driver.  Thank Ya's In  Christ. 
 And  so it is, now.

p.s.  What's your favorite 'road' music?  Cool, thanks for sharing.  )

Rec. & fin. 12/31//15
                   2:37 A.M.

(now resuming original sharing)

Now We, The United in Christ Rock World invite you to throw away your papers, (which  also frees the wage workers their jobs which p can tell you first hand can be sheer drudgery.]  Leave your tv in the 'off' mode, Note:  Don't you dare symbolically or otherwise throw it out a hotel or any other building.  The jackass days are over.  Thanks for growing up. and go find Jesus.He lives in everyone's heart & He would love to guide you thru this, His holy site.  He lives in the pages of this, His  perfect Starsite. This place can be  your guide to His Heart.  He says... use this place as a resource. Ok, now, the time has come  to share a little revelation p received, now -yesterday  12//27/15  God, simply told paul that music is a prayer you can hear, not to mention (and He didn't) 'feel' It, Indeed. 

Back to the previous topic, as this is an edited sharing.  Ok, so unfortunately many who stopped  at 2nd base.  We, Infinite Immortal spiritual beings are not  going to be standing in line at the bank.  Instead we can meet  at a cosmic family meeting place where the spirits can swoop in and hear the music..  
Banks aren't necessary as love is the only currency now.  Everything is F R E E. Free trumps all the other folderol, as simple twist of fate plays in background.
There  is no reason to complicate this.  Smile, ask, Thank you.  That's it.  We are in Infinite dimensions now  As Van Haggar plays
 in  the background of this editing re-share.  ).

As the Police just finished Synchronicity II just finished.the real God does not need money in a compassionate, gentle and loving society  as we are rising into does not need pieces of paper to buy it.  Gold?  Can you eat it?  What value does it have in a cashless society?  0 aka zero.  Again everyone see that docs page and the 
2 Star Trek vids that God just placed so seamlessly exactly the perfect thing at the right time, as He does the  work thru p the perfectionist
 humble servant as  'Aint gonna  work on Maggies Farm no more plays on the air.  So what we and our Mother Earth need is music and love. 
That will do it. We trust that The Kraft family will say "YES" to God's awesome divine plan for each and every one of us.

Now,to wrap up as we are not going to get in trouble fighting off  sleep, thank God we are just about done.
We, p, do feel stronger than when  we started this, never thinking it would end up this long, as It's all over now baby blue by Bob Dylan and performed
here by The Grateful Dead plays on the air in this, His 'situation' love room..

So as we are now listening to Tom Rush,  Tin Angel 
 written by Joni Mitchell

We are now giving the Earth what she so desperately needs
Erik  & p concurred on this to be the perfect song to place here.  p apologizes for the
bad job of editing he did  with this last sharing but we got to go to sleep, noow. (sic)
Thx & bye
p  )

Thank you Gary Ford  for sharing this on YT.
Thank You Mr John Pine.

And so it is,now.
Rec. & fin,  12/27/15
                   2:02 a. m.

Noow. (sic)  lol  God.  )
12/28/15/  10: 07 p.m.

Here's another version of this amazingness.
Thank you  ♥ ℓoνє ιѕ thє bєαυtу oƒ thє ѕoυℓ ♥  for sharing  this masterpiece in art & music on YT.

Thank You Santana.


From Out of Left Field...

Google images

Yahoo images.

Jesus ~ Light of the World

Thank You Jesus.

December, 2015

 A Song for You Jesus...

Thank you forhusshillivideo's channel for sharing this masterpiece on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues & Orchestra.


A song for You Dear God.

Thank you ledzeppelin for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin  & Audience.

Yahoo images

Thank You God & Led Zeppelin  for the 2nd greatest song  in Rock history.   


Officially launching  the future  with a song.
On this cosmic trigger day in God's neighborhood.  Jesus welcomes God's 
children to the higher vibrations of the infinite dimensions now with the perfect song.  TYJ.   )

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing God's masterpiece  on YT.

      And another perfect song

                                                                                                  Thank you metalnrocknroll4eva2 for sharing on YT.
                                                                   Thank You  Blue Oyster Cult.

Wait, there's More.  God loves You MORE!!!!!!!  Pass it on.......

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing more awesome work on YT,

Thank You Gary Moore

And further Moore of His love...

Thank you Versus54gr2 for sharing this amazingness on YT  

Thank You Gary Moore & Company.

Introducing the #2 patron Saint of this, His starsite, Mr Jerry Garcia.  Thank You Bro.  (  )  0)

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

4:44  p.m.  The Angel number

Announcing a New official Greeter and 'gazer', Mr  Elvis Presley to His new 'digg's , as the #6 official 'gazer.'  We are so glad Dear Brother 
that You are here at this  time & for all eternity, as It's now or never plays in the background.  Yes  )

 We  are just rolling along and you know what fellow peeps?  If these 6 official gazers are good enough to be official 'gazers' and, yes. 'greeters,'
then,  gosh darn it God, let's let Everyone that tells others about this, His site be an official Greeter, and since He lives in all of us there is no one  
who can not gaze.  We do it all the  time, anyway when we look into our lover's eyes.  
We  are All God's and Goddesses, in Oneness with The Divine Ultimate. Indeed.

Sounds good bro, let's do this and  have fun  and  get to know one another.  And as we know who you are, would  you like  to state your name for the record?
Indeed, Dear God, we are simply... The Firm.
The above  insisted on coming thru w italics.  Obviously, not the last  2 words.   )  So we move forward w life, love, harmony, liberty & freedom for All, indeed.
And so it is, now.
Rec & fin.        12/31/15
                       10: 52 p.m.
w addendum: 11:07 p.m.

Thank you  tianaKayton2405 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Elvis Presley, The King of Rock &  Roll & Company.   )

God's Elvis perfect gaze & soundtrack forever, indeed.  )
Thank you Horia Serban for sharing on YT.

Thank You beloved Elvis & Fans  i.e.  Everyone.  )))))))
8:16 a.m.

Excuse me,   Strange News from Another Star    Announcement  ~  Major Announcement ~ Major Announcement  ~ Indeed.   )

Greetings beloved children of God,  "The time has  come the walrus said to talk of many things.  Of shoes & ships and  ceiling
wax and cabbages and kings."

Lewis Carroll
from:  Alice  in Wonderland

Image result for lewis carroll quotes impossible things

Indeed,  and as Van Morrison plays in the background, in a Boston minute, music to nourish the soul forever.  to be continued...


Ok, here's the major announcement, folks, mosey on over here and read the top sharing, and then the 2nd sharing and that is it. Indeed
Take it to heart because it comes from the heart of the great central sun.  The seat of creation.

And  we will be back with a song to go home with, ok?   Led Zeppelin is not eligible  for this presentation, it's not a competition. So, go and  
experience that and when you come back here there will be a song to take us home, deal?     
Marking His perfect moment in His perfect timing...

1:33 a.m.

Thank you Blue Oyster Cultist for sharing this masterpiece on YT,

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

There are 5 official gazing opportunities on His site.  One, Jesus ~ Lord Sananda is at that Good News docs page.

The 2nd is Meet Braco 

The 3rd is Mr Dan Fogelberg.  See below

The 4th  is brother Erik, w his page now complete, and he welcomes you to visit His shack where 
some of his cosmic friends will feed awesome music where he promises He can outstare you.  )  lol 

The last is simply a simple man who chooses to love everyone unconditionally
Your humble servant and your biggest fan.  p  )
He's  got an idea, one day soon,  we'll do lunch, how's that?  awesome.  )

Mr Kraft & Son(s).  Can we do lunch, please?  paul has a proposal for you.  Anyone who can see where this is going, your support would be appreciated.  Thx

Update note:  1/16/16
Diamondstock V has been moved "upstairs" due to traffic & the physical hassles.  He has a perfect place for all our perfect activities upstairs.  How to get there?
Simple, ask Robert Plant, you know, that Led Zeppelin guy?  We come from the same close neighborhood, so we know how to go but Jesus is our REAL  driver
so we just ask Him to take us there, and Please, Jesus.  Step on it Ok, Bro?  We love Our God & our Lord & our Music & Our kids.  Ok, kids before music w a nod to W.C. Fields.  ).  Oh, can't forget our dogs & our cats.  We'll all meet  at that cosmic star wars bar just around the bend.

Oh, you gotta  work?  Sorry to hear that.  So, instead of all this going on here at the end of time- which Is gone, now, I mean, you know  that right?  Oh, Oh, we feel the  rise of that "An Urgent Message"  energy in our field here.  He's AKA  "The Law"  we decided today as we were out, thinking He needed a nickname.
Sitting in the car listening to Ozzy's Boneyard, they're playing a song with 'the Law'  in the title. right there on the screen, Perfect.  The Law. did we mention Perfect. This is how He works, folks, if you haven't noticed in your own life.  

Need a clue in your life, a hand maybe?  First look & hear  in your own immediate surroundings.  You should find a few clues to move you/ us on our journey's. Remember we're  all in this forever together (He put 'forever' there, not the scribe).  Btw, the p who is not The Law got his nickname at the same moment (we almost used the 'T' word. Moment, moment moments.  We live now in 'moments,' dear ones.  We're teaching ourselves, our multi-dimensional selves as well  as Your multidimensional selves, which,  Yes, indeed, are part of the oneness of HIS, Yes Spirit's, look out WE have to say the G word here... Part, a Very LARGE PART OF GOD'S INFINITElY  FAR FLUNG Creation Of ALL THAT IS -ness and by default, covers All That Isn't.  It's  All HIM, Every Part & parcel, dear beloveds. 

You are so Infinite... 'The Law'  talking, as to defy any description of what Reality Really Is.  The Scope of what's going down On His cosmic gameboards, so to speak.  Look, peeps, just open your eyes if you have eyes to see and if you're lucky enough to have ears that work, use your gifts and just open your heart to what He wants to give you, which you can not refuse.  Seriously,  you can not refuse Him because He Knows & you don't.  Oh, you think you're gonna lose your wealth?  Please, God's  i.e.  Spirits wealth, of all the things mentioned  in that God (sic) ' Good News Announcement'  from 2002 absolutely dwarfs the small change wealth of all the wealthiest billionaires/ trillionaires whatever combined  on earth.  

You can 'Take that to The Emperor,' folks.  And while  there ask Him for a  song , oh, never mind, he did that one, and that one and, oh, that one.  Oh heck just ask Ol' Neil to come meet p and go for a  ride.  You or me ride shotgun, Neil, hardly matters. ) We digressed here.  ok.  )

To wrap up:  Let's get real folks.  So, listen, you simply have to get over the greed, the killing, the vapidness of a hum drum, 'nother day, 'nother dollar, soulless, mundane.  crazy & ridiculous folderol of present society- worldwide for the most part. You  were not created for this kind of existence, which sucks Big time, don't you agree?   We rec turning off the tv, the controller of the masses. You could call them and  ask why the heck they are not covering the biggest story of the millennium.  Give them this url  and ask why this is not "news" ??   And we are in a God decreed "Cashless Society," so call or go to your favorite car dealer or Furniture place or your local Mom & Pop.  If they are not giving their inventory away now, tell  them  about what God's "Heaven on Earth"  Plan is. 

"Now" Is The Moment. if you are open to it.. You are sovereign beings.  Your contract has you covered what you want to do but if it includes destruction. That, hereby, wipes out your contract as it has been re-written to protect the innocent.  You will be  cast with the sad 'eternal oblivions.'  No, grasshopper, divine energy can never be obliterated.  Just kind of put in storage for aeons if that's what the eo's choose.  Fine, that's what they want, He provides. 

 So, p's nickname, one of them, is simply...'order.'  Doesn't sound too exciting but earlier this  evening when this all locked iin, it was a real good time.
to put up a song about Freedom.  Then who knows?  Bed may be an option since we mark the  time  here & Now
Maybe see you over there.   )

Rec. Fin  1/16/16
                3: 16 a.m.


Image may contain: 1 person
Photo by Carol Tangherlini.

Paul's gaze comes with a soundtrack, ok?  This is, among all music,  what you'll hear in our neighborhood which is ...e v e r y w h e r e.   )

Thank you HardcoreRadioStation for sharing this amazingness on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

Note:  For full album, watch on YT.  )

All gazing opps will add immeasurable blessings to your life. Of course, any picture of place or person anywhere that you gaze at can
take you wherever  we allow it to take us. Indeed.
Welcome brothers & sisters to your new, improved neighborhood!  If you need anything, simply a s k.  Ok?

God and His angels and volunteer spirit guides will be around to check on you.  Know one  thing, you are His child and He loves you beyond
what you can imagine with your earthly equipment.

Ok, looks like this is a wrap.
One more  thing, if you see p on the street, don't say "thanks to him.  Everything on this , His site, WAS & IS  Done by Him.
You can even say paul was an innocent bystander, wiith God doing the work.  lol.  God bless each and every one of us, dear beloveds,
smile, listen to the music but remember, silence is golden.

In Praise & Thanksgiving, THANK YOU  God, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Mother Mary.  We Thank our loving Mom's & Dad's and
our fellow brothers and sisters & boys & girls and our family pets.  

Thank you Mother Earth for your complete and total devotion to God's miraculous, divine plan and for your undying Trust in Him.  
Let's all work now folks to getting Terra, or Gaia cleaned up  and back to Her pristine state before we came here and messed Her up.

P, you must have a  song for Mother Earth,  right?  Of course, grasshopper.
Here you go...

Thank you splaif

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

4:27 a.m.

Alright,  Dear Beloveds on behalf of God ~ Infinite Source,  Prime Source, Prime Creator, Divine Ultimate, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator, 
ALL THAT IS  & ALL THAT ISN'T  And with a humungous Shout Out to Zorra, we humbly bid you Good night and if we've passed the
 audition, please continue on with the show.  Thank You.
Be blessed, In Jesus Name.
Namaste, Espavo, Happy Trails  and go pick out a car* or skateboard or a box of cigars.   And God wishes each and every one of us 
a truly blessed, happy, amazing Christmas and a sweet 2016.  And so it is Now, In Jesus Name.  Thanks for keeping the flame of light
& love burning
* Cars are only to be given to responsible  people who have a valid drivers license. Ty.

Carol, you can smoke in paul's new car,  if you must. after all we will be inviting  Led Zep's  manager, Peter Grant, to go for a  ride & we want
him to smoke cigars.  Don't tell anyone though, it's going to be a surprise, ok?  Good.   ) 

Everyone, please celebrate but in a responsible, calm manner and simply  be grateful to God.  Now we'll go to bed but here's the song 
we need to hear now and  p will let Dr. Peebles, everyone's friend, mentor and guide, if you ask him, have the last words.
Ty beloved master paul.  We are all eternally grateful for your part in this joyous occasion aeons in the making.  Well done soldier, well done.
Thank You Dr P.  Let's  get the music going with Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Just to be a simple man, Indeed.   )

Thank you Classic Song 3 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Rec.  fin.
5:16 a.m.

If you haven't noticed that many of us are walking around with shakey hands, rapid heartbeat and lots of headaches almost
like when paul was writing down the "Heart of Gold" tribute to Mom.  It doesn't mean we're nervous.  It says, man, we have a  lot of  energy.  And  it seems
to be  exacerbated if we find ourselves in the spotlight.  But when we are in the center of our individual vortex, we are calm and relaxed
 and  the energies are just like a gentle wave, Indeed.. 

paul, do you have a nickname?  For example, Neil Young calls himself "Shakey."  Indeed, my dear friend we do, now,  as of just a few minutes ago.
It's  funny you mention "Shakey" because that could have been one for p to use, but Neil Young grabbed it first. )
So, dude, what is your  nickname?  Here's what I'll do my dear friend, just for you and if  you like you can share it with all your downline of friends.  BTW, p's downline is everyone on plant it earth.  Can you dig it?  Yeah, makes sense to me, thanks God. You are very welcome my dear & beloved son.

Ok here's the picture and take a wild guess what the nickname is, ok?

Yep, SMILEY, ha ha  )

Image may contain: 1 person
P pic.

Now, Come on people, go listen to that John Prine song: here:
Grab  a laugh from "Lucky" our cosmic mascot. 
Get some  rhythm w Lowell George &  Little Feat.

Go on permanent vacation w Aerosmith
Kind ladies, meet p in a bleeker street cafe, if you want.

Erik's inviting us all to his "shack"  but all must read that "An Urgent Message"  dictated
by the present p thru the Channel back in 1995.  We know, pretty wild stuff but true.  Nobody 
needs a paycheck any more to gat by.  You, as an immortal spiritual being hold the trump cards.

So, here's  the final thing we should do, dear beloveds.  Simply Go With God.  You are all blessed beyond any  
measuring device on Earth could measure, indeed.

Here comes the song we need to wake up to and accept the gifts of the Father.  
So, let's Rock,  shall we?

But first, we invite you to Check this out...

Thank you Михаил Валеткин for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band

Ed note:  Welcome to this sharing place of  "good stuff"  my dear friends.  Before  we go on it must be stated that
                this place is not the work of the guy sitting at the keyboard here.  This work, labor of love, has strictly been
                created with Heavenly Father's guidance and every word, picture,  comma or song is here by His grace and 
                approval.  This is a spiritual place, it is not about religion or a cult or dogma or any other thing w all due respect.
Love and only love is spoken and sung here. The music, which is love, is how we communicate, not only here but when we 
get to the higher realms, well, we will  all see. Here's where we rec  putting on your favorite or just some good music.  )

paul, the humble servant , sitting here doing the typing is available for any media inquiries.even if you're a cub reporter for your school.  )
Contact details are at   There's also a donation button there if you'd like to support this site.  $3 is all asked for. 
You will be blessed with amazing abundance of love, the new exchange now  that we are all, every last one of us, in the 5th dimension. 
The dimension of love and adventure.  It is written. TYJ.
 j & p & the Firm and All That Is.

Rec & fin   12/20/15
                  7:43 p.m.
p, will be right back  w a song, talk among yourselves...  )

[Ed. note:  Since "The Cashless Society"  is now On,  it is now useless to send a donation, thanks anyway.  We would say 'thank you'  to the people
who  did donate but there weren't any.  Too bad, lots of blessings lost, actually sad, indeed, 

 friends, going up at exactly  8:20 p.m. this day in rock history, God gives us The Firm and  for all music &  radio lovers and dj's out there. 
Thank you from the heart.  God bless us each and every one and we say to you all for the first time...
Welcome To The 5th Dimension on Beautiful, Wondrous, Glorious Loving   Mother/ Plant It Earth., Indeed.
God bless us all.  Now,  'toin it up.'  )

Thank you PlageBonaRien for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Firm.

Wait there's more, lest anyone think God had anything less to do with what's going down
here, take a ride through His smilebox presentation here, brought over from Site Essentials page 
when you have the  time. He's just given us eternity but some may need a buffer time, we understand
overwhelmingness, so chill, have some wine, sit back & relax and , hopefully, enjoy this love in actionness.
Got your music on?   Hear you go...

1:20 a.m.

Alright my dear friends.  this begged to be added here as well from that same Site Essentials page.
and we recommend  the music we started the day with and we'll put it on here.  Awesome music to listen
to while we invite you to view this creation of spirit  w paul...

Thank you #Dan Fogelberg for sharing on YT.

Thank You beloved spirit buddy Dan Fogelberg for your presence and love not to 
mention your music.

Hey folks, maybe you've done Braco's gaze, which is awesome,  try  Dan's esp anyone that needs to fall in love, indeed.
This pic is not from google or yahoo, not there, but from the back picture of Essential Dan Fogelberg cd
Thanks my ever present friend.  Everyone loves you, just like p told his mother. It doesn't get better, only deeper.


The following trxt talks about Da F  being given the Title of Official Greeter of this, His starsite.  Well, when a modest, humle youg man showed up itwasthe natural thhing to think of him as the official Greete, esp where  he landed on this thread.  But who cares about 'titles', we canhave  infiniite greeters here and so it is, esp if you invite others here.   You, yes you, are  their 'Official Greeter, so go ahead, self  assignyourself that tilte as your sovereign rightto do that.  just do iit & Thank You.  Our motto, 'The More The Merrier.' Indeed.

So, it's New Year's eve.  It's an amazing  time onthe plan-it earth, dear ones.  It's theend of  the old & the beginning of the new.
So to celebrate, here's Dan's  watershed song that made people stand up & take notice.  Dan, btw, if you didn't know is the # 2 inductee into Heaven's Hall of Fame

TThank you JMEagle1001 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr. Dan Fogelberg  &  Company.

We have a feeling it's going to  be one 'sweet'  new year.  )

Yahoo images.

Mr Dan Fogelberg.

Dan,  we are asking you right now, dear brother, will you, beloved master, will you please be the official Greeter of this, His site?  What say you dear beloved brother?  This is an eternal position so think hard and think well before you answer.  Your loving gaze will welcome  e v e r y o n e  to Heaven's love jubilee.
Dan and company of Heaven, Please stop laughing and  give us an answer, and just so you know, we won't take no for an answer (more laughter)
So what say you, Bro?

Now we're crying, indeed,  Dan says, "of course, of course we say yes.  [Multi dimensional beings can not use the first person, "I" and do justice to the totality
of their being.]   Dan, THANK YOU SO So So much my friend in Christ. Thank you so much.  This 'makes our day' not to mention our 'forever.' )  and makes this, His site, complete, 100%. Indeed, dear ones,  It is truly "done" though there  will be continued sharings for sure, it's all just gravy now. p is virtually bowing at Dan's feet.  Ok, we have to put a song up here.
give us some time.  it is now  2:55 a.m.

3:10 a.m. we're back.  You can't make this stuff up.  We give that line to our beloved friend, Theresa C
but how God works is simply amazing with His synchronicities.  We hadn't even thought about the next song 
or who it would be.  Then all of a sudden, this song started playing on the open You Tube channel.  Beyond perfect,
wouldn't you agree, dear friends?  Lots of spirit High 5's  going on.  Brad gives a Shout out to his beloved family and 
everyone who loves  him on this side of the veil. we do believe that is everyone, indeed.  Pretty soon, if we have any insight
into His perfect plan we'll be saying .what veil?  People have been on the bus or the train to heaven.  We feel God has a marvelous
 2016 silver Malibu RT showing up at paul's dealership, Quirk Chevrolet on Quincy ave in beautiful Quincy, Ma. and We'll tell you right 
now Carol No Smoking, ok?  Good.  We're praying for you to get better.  Refer to yesterday's blog sharing at the blog page folks.  We had 
a blast last night didn't we Dan?  Ha Ha  Ha, indeed..  Yep, when your humble servant gets his new car, he'll invite  e v e r y o n e  to ride shotgun 
w him.& go for a ride.  Timothy Leary just put in his reservation, LOL .  No backseat drivers, Carol )  Ok, so let's let p get back to work  and finish for the
time being.  We'll say  Peace and love, good times & let God and his music flavored air make y'all have a beautious Heavenly, wondrous, glorious & loving day.  

God, J & p & the Firm

Thank you Various Artists - Topic for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Boston.

The above rec & fin. 12/21/15
                                  4:03 a.m.

To get up to the minute info on what is coming down in our world and in our lives and to get the whole story you must go to the blog page,  Ty.

In Other News;  Did  you know that science has recently discovered, and you can google this: 'hug research.'  that a good hug lasting at least 
20 seconds has wonderful healing benefits?  The main thing is that a good hug releases a hormone called Oxytocin which is also called 'the  love 
hormone' and 'the trust hormone'  and 'the happy hormone'   So, who wants a warm  friendly hug with unconditional love with "the lover of the world"?  
(not self dubbed but from a sabian astrologer back in the 70's)  this story is, as we mentioned  on the blog corner site can be seen (3rd one down) at:  

Check this  happy place to find out more about the happy hugs we would be sharing.  paul does not and will not accept a label of "therapist" That's
not his job, his job is to shed light  & love.

Go here and smile...  )
And here
 So, Contact details and other good stuff is at  the Site Essentials page.  

No automatic alt text available.                  No automatic alt text available.
 P photo of our sign.                                                                                                                                                                Ned  Byrne photo.
                                                                                                                               p in Harvard Sq, Cambriidge, Ma
P  ~  Veteran hugger.   )

If p is appearing somewhere to share hugs and who knows what else, as we gaze into the future, all things are possible.   Despite what the 
outside world looks like and is going thru, in the long run it was and is, indeed, all worth it.  Don't worry, be happy. Love God & love one another.     
                Paul, how much are your hugs?   The hugs are free, of course, silly. )  One's support, esp, at this time is most welcome & appreciated.  
                May all who pass thru  these gates be blessed and  filled with the holy spirit now & for all eternity, IJN.
                We need an Amen and a song dear beloveds, don't we?  Oh, and btw 2 more pages are going to be started 'soon,'  God willing, 
                Our prime time & when we are usually wide awake and the spirits are marching in for some tea and celebration seems to be the 
               wee small hours of the morning.  

                Ok, this is a wrap and, again, it's so nice to meet you all, here's a  hug of welcoming  (  )  Hope it was as good for you as it was for us. 
               Yep, as the multi dimensional beings that we are.  We're onto something Big here, let's open our hearts to joy and laughter, let's  give 
                ourselves to love.  (as Kate Wolf just finished  singing on one of paul's cassettes followed by a song about music building bridges by,
                we think, Eric Bogle.) 

               See what we mean about 'good stuff' and love & music, the soundtrack of our lives?
               And, just think, beloved  dear ones, we have all eternity to share the gifts and love of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary
               and the Company of Heaven.  We are, indeed, all Gods & Goddesses and gifts to each other. Imagine Heaven's open heart and outstretched
               hand are here and asking, come, who wants to sail away?  We should say,  Yes.  )

The last sharing at the last page of the grand tour of this, Source Father's site is ready to sail, complete with an awesome hug at:
For anyone who wants to witness  it now.  Y'all come back now, hear?

Ok, my dear friends, another working day has  ended.  The power of Rock & roll and synchronicities that go with it hand in hand, 
confirm that if we listen to music while we breathe, the universe around us will be smiling as well, as we all prove it so, indeed.
Keep smiling, it's a wrap for the day.

Rec & fin.  12/19/15
                  3: 13 a.m.:

   Ok, guys, Cheeves has already delivered the song we were talking about and that's all set to go, the universe says, hold on there sonny, this goes 
   here, so hear we go dear friends,  En~joy

Thank you Linda2048 forsharing on YT.

Thank You Kate Wolf      Thanks for stopping by Kate, my dear friend, love you more... )

More Kate:


Your song delivered dear master,  Oh, Thank you my dear friend Cheeves.  )
Are we having fun yet?  Oh, you people haven't see nuttin' yet, indeed.  Here's the song by , might as well let the cat out of  the bag, one of the new 
page groups   Welcome the only cult you'll find around here, folks.  Blue Oyster Cult, obviously, a Heaven's Hall of Fame group.  ) 
And since one cat is out of the  bag, let's let the other cat out too, ok?  Good, this cat is named Erik and he's one hilarious dude as you'll all find out, esp
when you start talking to him,  like a brother and a friend which he is, to everyone.  You can start your Erik journey by moseying over here, ok His NDE page

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult


"Get to know YOU. It's an awful lot of fun, and you will realize that to love yourself is to love and appreciate God."

Dr. James Martin Peebles
December 22, 2014 · 
Through Summer Bacon

The united Rock world says Indeed, Please take us home beloved Brother.  
And we have a bridge to bring our fellow travelers i.e. everyone, home.  It's simply called  m u s i c.
And, yes, indeed, it is divine, like we are.  So, dear mr p,  you got a song to put here, bro?

You're really putting this guy on the spot.  This does beg for a song here.  Let's ask God what He
recommends and He says, no, it's your call humanity.  Thanks God, that's all we need.
Hear you go  my dear friends;  If you thought you had no soul, you'll know you do once you really 'hear' this song.

Sung with the feeling a Father can only feel for the love of his child.

Thank you aprimitivemind for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil &  Company.

Words  fail, is there a dry eye in heaven and  earth, now, after that?  We doubt it.
Ok,  4:31 a.m. and time for Joe Friday to hit the sack.  Tomorrow's another day, 
already here.  It's  a beautiful, wondrous, glorious  loving day in heaven and earth.
The merger is on my dear friends.   Congratulations on being here.  You have made  it.

Remember, dear ones, every day is World Freedom Day.  So enjoy your freedoms
every moment of every day, indeed.  It is written.


Hmm.  As you would have it on Your starsite Dear God, nothing else.  )

Greetings and God Bless Each and Every one of You Partners in The Light and Love 
of All Creation.  It is I, simply known as Dr Peebles, humbly at your service.

"p" the humble scribe/steward  of this, His site, was a little surprised and amused that I showed 
up at this particular spot in this, what I told him in a reading w intuitive consultant Jim Law,*
masterpiece of a site.  Indeed, fit to be placed before God and which was given to Him as
a labor of love and gratitude almost since its inception.  Indeed, our dear friend paul knows
if you want something done right- you ask God to do it.  Don't mind the ups  and downs, the 
bumps and bruises, that's all part of it. 

Now, since paul has just asked me to be the official "gatekeeper" of this site and I have said,
Indeed ~ Yes;  and an honor and a privilege it is my dear brother.  Thank you, IJN.  Amen.

Google images

Thank You Dr Peebles for accepting that role.  God -  Prime Source is your boss
so whatever He /She says  goes here.  Godspeed our wonderful friend mentor & guide,
We all love you and if you want to take us home let God's  divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan
manifest..  And so it is Now.  IJN. 

More Dr Peebles here:

*Hear the 2nd reading paul had w Jim Law and among other distinguished guests,
Dr Peebles (as gatekeeper) here: 

Scroll on for 'good stuff' & if like, share. Thank you.  )

Google images.

God bless you ~ each and every one who passes thru these gates.  En-

joy His site, keep smiling, have fun and know God's love, indeed, goes on

forever.  It's all  we are, all we live in, all we must do, all we need and all that 

matters.  It's time for us all ~ the sons & daughters of His divine, infinite, perfect

light & love to turn our beloved planet to what it actually is now ~ Heaven on Earth.

And so it is now written and recorded forever with maximum gratitude in Jesus Name.



Dr Peebles, p & company of heaven, 

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Mary.

Thank You God.

Rec.  fin:  12/12/15
                 8:13 p.m.




What do we need with the quickness?   Music, my dear friends, music will do what

needs to be done.  Quite frankly and simply the world needs to be united as ONE.

God, what's the perfect song to put  here, and we mean the infinitely perfect song

for this particular space.


My Sisters & My Brothers  ~  Jerry Garcia Band

Thank you Hiker Trash for sharing on YT.

Thank You  Jerry Garcia Band.

Perfect, indeed.  And so the stage is set with divine inspiration from above with two of 

p's  most beloved of all p's most beloved spirit friends and  guides.

When we woke up at 4:37 a.m. we knew a song needed to go here.  Turned the cassette

over in our boombox  (yeah, we say "bring back the 80's!"  lol)  The first song was Twist of Fate

by Bob Dylan.  Perfect.

Well, as these things go ~ God has the final say and the above is what ended up here ~ fitting 

like  a glove.  The twist of fate video that almost went there is now added at the Jerry Garcia page.   And while you're over there you could also visit Jerry's friends here:

A place everyone is invited to visit as well as all the other pages.  Equality and infinite respect for all

is spoken here.

So, a Big welcome to His site, hope y'all enjoy it and, if led, share it,..Y'all come back now, hear?


p & co.

Ciao for now...

Rec.  fin:  12/13/15

                 7:05 a.m..

The message remains the same

Google images.

11/21/15   (Pinned posting.)

Greetings fellow son ~ daughter of His divine, infinite love & light.

Welcome to His,  i.e. God's ~ Source's home place where humanity222* can come and

hang out and en-joy what spirit offers you here.  It's no accident you are here now even 

if  accident's existed which they don't.

Here, fyi, is the place to go for new, up to the minute, new sharings at this, His site.  Ty.

* Humanity222 is for us graduates of this, His Schoolroom aka Terra, Mother Earth, Planet Earth
   Plan- it Earth and Plant- it Earth



Sharing a new twist to a page at this, His Earth Party,  and acting as a fast track to learn more

about how this all came about and how it continues in God's own mysterious ways... 

Check out  Heaven's Hall of Fame ~ Beginnings ~ Led Zeppelin page.  Ty.

End of pinned posting.



Greetings fellow pilgrims on the way up.  We are hereby announcing that this, His, starsite

is now ~ complete and finished.  One can peruse this place to your heart's content.  As stated 

in the blog corner page and the last love Tsunami page we will still be doing stuff but generally

the work is done.  

There are several runways to fly down if you  wish and we hope you do.

Maybe see you further on down the road a bit.  

After maybe some of this page, we do rec this page.  Happy Trails...

The grand tour ends up here:

Cheers & Peace & Love,

p & co.


11/26/15     Happy Thanksgiving

Here's something to be  thankful for...

We are all  love warriors in the end,  the game changers, indeed, He counts no one  out.

There's more than plenty of God's love for  everyone.  We are all in His divine infinite  love field -

which is everywhere and everything,  So Rejoice Dear Ones.  Start by loving yourself and watch

your world turn into a kinder, gentler place.  And so it is now, indeed.   )

Thank you Blossom Goodchild  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blossom Goodchild, White Cloud & The Federation of Light.

More Blossom at Blog Corner page.

Thank you cspheeris's Channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Chris Spheeris & Company.

Thank you vortex rainbow for sharing on YT.

Thank You Abraham ~ Esther Hicks and Audience (that's you too folks.)     )

Please check out the posting of November 3rd at the tsunami of love page, if led.  TY.

It's all coming down and flowing now like Jerry Garcia playing guitar, friends, i.e.
like the falling rain.  The above link will take you to Source's runway to where HE
wants to take you.  This will be complete the last day of November.2015, the year 
of the cosmic cat. We bet you can guess what the last song will be, can't you?  Indeed, 
HE will never, ever let you down.

So, everyone of you ~ His children, here's your starsite to explore, en-joy and tell everyone 
in your universe about.  You have landed here at His mothership of love, light, fun, music
and fellowship.  You will find all yer friends are here for this is where the spirits go.

Oh, and we invite all spirits to swoop into the "situation" room with this 'open house' link  and 
see what God Himself ~ Source wants You, Yes, You to take away with you.  You might call 
this a miracle.  You know, together we can 'do' this miracle.  With all hands on deck and God/ Source 
on our side, humanity222. we can do anything;  In Jesus Name.

And So It Is, Now, Indeed.

Jerry's right here w a song...
All  right, we're  back with the perfect one...
Knockin' on Heaven's Door , Jerry w some friends...

Rec & fin:  11/7/15
                   6:57 p.m.

Namaste.   )

Thank you LoloYodel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joan Baez, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir & John Khan & Audience ~ All of us.  )

Hey Tom & Co. can we borrow your spaceship?  You guys play our kind of musiic.   )

Photo courtesy of Boston.

Thank you  classicrockonly for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston.

Thank you ScreamDream3000 for sharing on YT

Thank You Boston.

More Boston here:  

Information in a song that He wants His children to know right  now.   Please listen.  
Thank you.
3:14 a.m.

Thank you LongStrangeTrip for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Hey paul, what happened to the rest of this thread, bro?
It, obviously, was too long my friend  & loading  & keeping the site up was becoming a problem,  so we basically cut it in half at the
place that for the first couple of years or so of this site was the header. The Carpenter's 'We've  Only Just Begun' & so we still are~ 
only beginning, however we, the collective known as 'humanity' has never been at a more united, vibrant & loving place than where 
we all  are now, dear ones.  

So, that song by The Carpenter's would be a fantastic place to start if you'd like to continue this journey from this point back to where we
are coming from.  Here ya's go...

Thank You God, IJN for All The Blessings You love to bestow on Yer grateful children.  Your children Dear God,  Really appreciated..  )