"It's Over, It's Over, Havlicek Stole The Ball! It's Over" Celebrate! ) 777

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Johnny Havlicek "STEALS THE BALL"

W  Awesome call by Johnny Most.   )


Greetings Players  in The Game.  Hey, if you're down here with us, folks you're a player in the game called 'life'  in this supposed 3rd or 4th or 5 th dimension of materiality on its evolutionary journey.  Alright dear ones,  the jig is now up.  The race has been won, the scores totaled and  the moment is now & onward to a happy, healthy, holy & harmonious humanity w it's hope & prayers answered for all of us, in oneness to The One.  As 'Still the One'  by Orleans plays in the background on one of our  cassettes.

So, Here's a video recorded recently.  All  produced by God.  It's elsewhere shared on this / His  starsite but He & p know this is a landmark video and actually serves  a  s 'tipping point'  in human evolution, as 'Miracles'  by Jefferson Starship plays in background, (same tape.) 

Here we  go, fellow 'basket people'  check this out... )

Thank You God for producing this "Prove Me Now"  moment in the 'forever now.'

Here's the event that phrase, which is indelibly marked in New England Sports lore w Johnny Most's epic play calling.  Johnny, You're still '"The Most"  )

But first let this show what a tremendous athlete Johnny Havlicek was/ Is.  en-joy. )
Thank you Wilt Chamberalin Archive  for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Havlicek & All the tremendous athletes in this vid.  Salute.

Now, the  moment that joy was created by one man to lift a whole, entire region.  God asks "who else, besides paul, 'knows,' not merely 'believes,'. in 'Miracles?'"  As Neil Young's 'The Loner' comes on the boombox in perfect 'momenting.'

An Awesome Boston ~ John Havlicek moment w an Awesome call by Johnny Most. En-joy.   )

Thank you NBA for sharing on YT.

Thank You Johnny Havlicek, Johnny Most, all the players & All The Fans who appreciate awesome moments... )

Thank you NBA for sharing on YT.

Thank You Johnny Havlicek, Johnny Most & All the players on the court that historic night & esp 'the Fans' all of whom went crazy  at that particular moment.  YES.  )

Show em where you coming from, paul.  Yes Father of infinity who directed this video as well as the one that hopefully, will be up soon. we are not the techiest person on the plant - it, folks.

Thank You God who produced, directed & acted in this video and All ~ everything goes to Him., Indeed, Yes.  )

For what it's worth...

Mom & Paul read each other's mind 345 ~ 777

Thank You Mom & Mr Brown for Sharing the perfect love you  2 have for God, Family and country..
God bless Ya's and everyone who watches this vid and  extra points for all who  share it.  <3  )  )  )

All  Thank You's Glory  & Gratitude to God.