His~Our Earth Party ~ It's All God, w The Moody Blues 'Lovely To See You Again My Friend' 777

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The Creation Of  Adam ~ Michaelangelo.


What great  'moments'  to be on the planet, Now, Indeed, "Yes."   )

(edited 7/14/16)

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Summer Solstice at Stonenge

Life is about living it.

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on yt.

At the Forefront of God's Will | Heavenletters   Thank you Gloria Wendroff.


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God is Love, Love is Music, Music is God

What say You ~ The Moody Blues...

Thank you Moody Blues

Dawning is the day to Moody Blues music.  We must be in Heaven, man.
True, Father's gift to us is Heaven on Earth.  Now.  Have you heard?

Thank you Heaven's house band.  The Moody Blues.  )

Thank you to the awesome graphic artists who create these videos.

The Moody Blues.  Yes, it is lovely to see you again!  )
It's All God.  Indeed It Is...
To be continued...
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