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God gets right to the point. Also shared  below where this was intended to go.  )
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June 1, 2016

Greetings &  Welcome team, can we call ya's team?  Since we  are all one, all of us His children of light & love.  Here we are staring straight into a awesome new

month.  And wasn't this past 'Mary' month of May amazing....  How about a round of applause for it. indeed.  These few entries here were highlights.  Here's link if want to review...

So, here we are and the summer of infinite love is here, sweet.  Jesus, will You tell us, Please- once again, who we are & what the heck we're doing here.  TY.  )

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus & Channeler John Smallman.

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Thank You Alex Vandenberg.

We came across this while looking at this Blossom Goodchild invitation.  yes, we'll send in a video for "Happy Human Day."  Are you a happy human?  Join the fun!. 
Let's make Blossom's awesome idea a Huge Success for Everyone.  Here, Check out Blossom's  invite here, as the link is shared at the previous blog page..
(link above.)

Might as well share it here as synchronicities stack up.   )

Blossom:  I am very excited about compiling the Happy Human Day Video. I invite you to have some fun and be part of it.Thank you ..

Thank You Blossom Goodchild.

So, this afternoon while cutting my brother, Dick's lawn we couldn't help notice the blossoming of these blossoms, so, lookey here... 
A whole lotta blossoming going on... )

Addendum Insert: 6/2/17
Alright, so the original pics from a year ago disappeared, but guess what?  Yep, we were over there yesterday and here's this years blossoms saying...
'Hey, we <3 You!'  All the blossoms were out  everywhere we went, blooming magnificently.  Thank You Blossoms, Indeed.   )  

Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature                        Image may contain: 1 person, plant, flower, sunglasses, hat, tree and outdoor
 P pics.

Image may contain: 1 person                         Image may contain: 1 person, plant and stripes

He's back in pink, says He saw God,  Jesus & Mary and the  perfect plan for humanity.  Anyone want to interview him?

Original sharing continues...

Now, just a little sharing, ok, so yesterday afternoon we were sitting around not feeling particularly inspired - had no music on and didn't feel like getting on the computer, nothing good on tv, so - guess you could say we had the blah's.  One thing coming thru though were ideas.  Lots of ideas, downloading and figuring out that something missing was ~ wind in our sails.  we were like a sailboat out on the ocean but there was no wind so there we were.

We got  the idea that a new page would go up on this/ His site that would be a place to go where songs of Wind & adventure, Going on great journeys or going home,
things that the human spirit reacts to in a bold, fearless way.  Yeah, that's it, then we realized we i.e. He already had a page that is already on here with that good stuff started already.  If you would like to see that page with the name change and new content added as Spirit moves, then we invite you to go there.  

Thanks & hope ya's all en-joy visiting it.  Maybe even on a daily basis as in, we're reminded of Dr Peebles suggestion thru Jim Law in this life changing reading which
we hope all will listen to.  In fact if you want to 'get' this/His site it's mandatory. ~ w big time thanks to Dr Peebles & Jim Law.

This and other good  stuff is here:

Alright, so where do we go to get to this re-newed page.  Hold yer horses while p goes to tinyurl, we'll be riight back w a link...
Ok, and hear (sic) we go guys.  Hope ya's en-joy & come back often.  See where we're adventuring to today.  

Rec & fin.
12: !8 a.m.


Blossom & The Federation of Light make everything absolutely clear... )

Thank You Blossom Goodchild &The Federation of Light.


On this beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving day Dr Peebles has something to share with us about love.  Here we go...

And this page of helping to put 'wind in our sails' is just embarking.  All immortal spiritual beings are invited.  Hey, that's us isn't it?  )

Yahoo images.

Who can say no?

He says put this song here, so we put this song here.  With the quickness, Father.  )

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Thank You Led Zeppelin.

(Thanks to copyright  crappola, we  get the silent version - after 3 +  million views. (
Seriously, folks, there oughta be a law to outlaw this bs.  God owns all the songs, bc they came from Him thru the portal artist Gods & Goddesses. 

Now, let's maybe have an awesome day in the neighborhood & keep smiling  )  people will think we're up to something ~ & we are.  )  Right Dr Timothy Leary?  )))))))

Update >  insert In God's infinite mind there are no 'maybe's', spirits, so if the Spirit moves you, simply click the button below & get the 'scoop' on maybe.. Do it now or later but 'do it' asap & share, if led.  we are the 'Wayshowers & whistleblowers' of His Divine perfect, infinitely perfect plan, Stan.  Are you  strong enough to be their lover boy?  Prove it. Michael's of The Archangel of God's will esp ~ which Is His will.  You got to do it if you want to be invited to His table of 'doers.'  Woulda coulda shoulda's sorry for your loss. It's a pity.  What's that Leo Buscaglia?  Yeah, yousaiidit Bro...

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Thank You The Moody Blues.

Uncle Jerry & Bro's have a song about the 4 winds...  )

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Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Alright, who has some bells to ring?  Now & forever...

Thank you Mary Black for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joan Baez & Mary Black.  & a 'shout out' to Bobby Dylan who wrote it.  )


Greetings Star beings on both sides of the ever thinning veil.  Well, what a night we had watching spirit put together the awesome  Moody Blues sharing over at:

Hope ya's are led to see what 'wind' is on the menu for that day.  Of course, once it's on there, it's all part of the whole  sharing.  Music, we know is God's heart. Heart is God's love
It's like  the Cat Stevens song where p pointed out the lyric  "I let the music take me where my heart (love) wants to go."  Here's link to that video which is shared on previous blog page.
Indeed,  God Is  love, Love is God, God Is music music is love, music  is God's heart, Heart is God's love.  There is no separation is what we are trying to get across here, beloveds.

Ok, so here's a little sharing , of what happened this morning and while typing this we are re-listening to Erik's channeling here...ok, we'll pick it up below...

Thank you  Channeling Erik for sharing on YT.

Thank You Elisa Medhus & Kim Babcock & of course,  Erik  )

p.s.  Catch Erik's page here, if led...

Read how  Erik knocked it out of the park re a certain song to pick.
And Erik is an awesome gazer here w the awesomely magnificent music he  chose...)
we are prompted to mention that yours  truly here, is a gazer as well and the music we chose is no accident, since there are no accidents, really.

Alright, now, a little sharing here...so this morning on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving day, yours truly is minding his business, driving along Wollaston Beach, in beautiful Quincy, Ma on the way to  beautiful Chelsea, Ma to pick up his best (besides  Jesus, of course) friend Carol & take her to work.   All of a sudden, out of nowhere, p smells a fart.  It wasn't him and no one else was in the car.  p says ERIK Is That You??  we start laughing, like LOL  )

Then we also  realize we're listening to Cat Stevens on the Bridge - Sirius radio channel.  'Wild World.'  )  So, Mom & Erik and God knows how many other spirits having a laughing moment all the way to Boston. ) we know it was you Erik and every time we thought of it later & even now as we type this we have to laugh.  'They' say  laughter is the best medicine, so, as Kim just said on the video- 'shit happens'   )

It's been a while since we heard from Erik.  What we are hearing now reminds p that he's  glad he had a dog earlier in life & not now.  Course 'Jaws' is always around us.  Jaws can be seen at that gazers page at Mom's  gaze to boot, not to mention some Cat Stevens music.  If you don't 'get' the Cat Stevens reference w Mom, you haven't listened to this reading.

Insert 6/13/16
Another  Erik happening. yesterday, or the  day before, our 'time' lines are just one now moment these days sliding on by like that 'Slide' song by The Moody Blues  
So, paul is driving Carol home- almost to her place when p lets out a little gas, nothing big at all, shouldn't have a smell to it at all.  Then - paul realizes he is smelling a real 'stink bomb'- the unmistakeable 'calling card' of Erik.  It was just like  the other 2 farts he laid on us, just to let us know he was there, as we invite him to be, we love him so.

The thing is, folks, this just demonstrates how 'we are all one.'  That spirit, in the form of brother Erik, like God, knows the teeniest, tinyest things going down in our moments of our custom made, pre-birth designed life.  On either side of the veil, He knows what's going on. In other words, we are intimate, as intimate as we could possibly be with God.  Erik is His designated messenger to us to get this known.  God is *omniscient, ever present and always loving to us, His pride & joy creations that have the power to be loving companions to Him/Her.  

* Om - nis - cient
knowing everything.
"the story is told by an omniscient narrator"
synonyms: all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing
"he thought I was some kind of omniscient guru"

Now, we, dear ones, are invited thru Jesus Christ & yours truly to join Him in His/Her Cosmic Oneness.  All we have to say, dear brothers & sisters is... ready? 

MEET The New Boss, Same as  the Old Boss, Da, Da Da,  Dahhh Yeahhhhhh  ohhhh, myyyy omg,, omg, God You are good,  Goodness gracious, Thank you God almighty ))))))). All coming thru the emotional centers of the channel's body.   simply awesome, being a channel for God.  You are too fellow God's & Goddesses, you know?  Again, don't you know He lives and breathes and soars and goes to work & takes out the garbage as 'us.' Indeed, He has His being on Earth thru each of us acting as Him thru who we are, in our bodies, with our God given mind and spirit.  In other words ~ "we are He as He is we & we are all together."  hmmm, sounds like it would make a pretty good song.   ) 

So, no, he won't share a cigarette with ya, ioho - filthy, dirty habit not befitting spiritual beings.  just our 2 cents, not to mention, as things to lose on our collective way up - the tobacco companies and the GMO companies, the Monsantos- you're all part of the dissolving evil small & fading away 'empires' slip sliding away out of existence. bye, oh did we mention the incredibly dumb 'fracking' industry.  Good God almighty our free will combined with greed has brought us to the brink of 
total disaster; even threatening extinction.  Have we lost our minds, people?  If we let this crazy insanity continue, building weapons of mass destruction that could wipe us out - that could kill the planet, the living breathing entity Terra ~ Gaia  we are hitchhiking on, learning our lessons, graduating from the game & 'springboarding from, with help & guidance from above & from within. 

 As one, we will all ascend, with no-one left behind esp since we are all connected.  The human tapestry, once torn & tattered, is now in the process of being fully restored to its former glory, however, this time, it's for keeps.  we are now in the infinite  'moments'  of 'forever' and time has dissolved like yesterday's broken dreams.  All  the yesterdays, dear ones, esp the ones  that bring the most pain & suffering like  WWII & 9/11, the school shootings and right up to the other day in Orlando. They bring us heartbreak & suffering, however with that comes resolve, to fight, to not give in to darkness.  These things, have a way, a most affecting way of bringing us 'together- as one,' the HARD  way..  This is  the way, our evolution has gone, humanity.

The good news is that Now, all things can & will change.  Like a breaking news story coming out overnight. as the  moment we have all unknowingly been waiting for is nigh. Indeed, on this sweetest of days ~ the culmination of all days that have ever been.  Here we are.  We are the Volunteers who were accepted to come to this Schoolyard  Earth, Terra & Gaia to Her friends.  She offered Herself up to God to be used for  this heaviest of duties, Trusting God, that in the end, when there is no more 'time' upon us. when we have decided to be FREE, [as Lionel Richie sings... 'All Night Long' playing in the background from a cassette, we asked Mom to pick out.  Perfect, divine synchronization again, indeed,.]  Yes, indeed.  hearing the thoughts, wishes & prayers of the millions going about their business, trying to live a good, decent  honorable life.  Now, Eagles singing 'Bitter Creek.'  Go You tube it now guys, He says with a )

So, whoever has plans of mass destruction and planetary evil, it will not be allowed. The higher forces like Ashtar Command & Federations in alignment w God's Will would not ever allow that  to happen w their mandate to protect the earth at all costs, from humankinds blindness & ridiculousness but the fact that that scenario was even on the table for the dark, spiritually bereft things plotting things like this is just beyond belief.   

Why??? a lonely voice joined by others and the multitudes we hope..  WHY, we are asking?  Out of what?  Fear?  Why be afraid of some supposed enemy in some other country.  We have the technology and knowledge to share that killing someone else is like killing ourselves.  The politicians can't do it w their secretive agendas & ulteria motives.  Thank God, as so many have prayed to God for Him to somehow, someway come down here and once & for all 'Fix" this battle ground, the 'schoolhouse', the 'insane asylum of the universe' as Sylvia Browne called it. The one making all the noise and  the only one threatening the divine symphony of His perfect cosmos' 

It's His divine 'Moment' fellow immortal spiritual beings who don't need a religion tho it's fine whatever you're doing to get closer to God.  Just know, again, we are all God that we, as one or a few or the many start to 'Wake Up,'  Indeed.  we/He/Her invite all to this page for more understanding

This page will get the work it needs, however, all are invited to go there and see what's going down.  We simply ask that we all 'take it to heart'  that He ~ God, ALL THAT IS  Divine Ultimate ~ Ultimate Divine I AM THAT I AM  IJN Is only looking out for our best interests and that He is using this humble but dynamic  channel, p, to get My message across.  We are one, in  the sun of the great central one.

Indeed, Erik, a volunteer, as all of us on Earth are,  prior to his incarnation only said, you know what God, just let me serve  humanity in whatever way You, Dear God, would have me do that that would serve the greater good of my peers, as many as possible.  And so, along with Erik's 'partner in crime' his Mom, Elisa - same blood & DNA  are now doing that and turning the world upside down although mainstream 'news' continues to focus on bad shit & politics, following stuff other than Spirit - completely missing the 'Good stuff' that God is  bringing forth, mostly in form our hearts can understand.  It's termed 'music' dear ones.  It feeds the soul, it's that good ol' Rock & roll. Indeed their's way 'more to it than meets the eye'  as  Brother Neil sings.

So, Erik, we don't have  to say- 'keep up the good work'  that you & Mom, Elisa, are doing along with the awesome mediums.  we must say, it's parallel to what p is doing now w his heart mind & soul & DNA of his Mom & Dad - Marie & Alva.  paul turned his computer on one day, and there out of nowhere was a picture as his desktop of Dad cutting meat in the kitchen with paul's dog, Jaws, looking on.  It's obviously, God willing, there permanently.  )

[End of insert addendum. Thanks  for reading and more importantly Doing some 'love in action' on stuff revealed here.  Trust us, when we are home and see our life review, we don't want to see that we didn't do something for someone  when we easily, or hard, could have stepped forward and did something in our power
to do. The ripple affect goes to infinity dear ones.  we get to see, over there what the outcome would have been.  we are all our harshest critic when we see the shoudas, the wouldas, the couldas. Know, the only reason we were  chosen to come down here at all is that we made an assertion to God that we would make a difference and do what we bargained for to do here on Earth.  we all were  told don't make promises you can' keep.  Try not to bite off more than you could chew.  You will find yersellf in a team dedicated to do God' will and only God's will.  If you are reading this now Congratulations  You are on God's team.  The first wave, actually so double Congratulations.  we gotta put a song here, as we all know, in Rock, that's how we do it.  It's got to be Zeppelin, It's Got to be 'Stairway to Heaven. paul will be right back as all this will now be saved.  Thanks everyone.   )
Rec & fin for  now w addendums as we are running out the door, as usual
11:30 a.m.

Also announcing that the next group to play at the  wind in our sails page is.. 
See ya's later... <3

Thank you YeOldeRock  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin for the Hope & deliverance of the promise of Rock  )
This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.
Great, after 142 Million + views.  Who is this guy?  Can we stop the insanity w this copyright crap, folks?  God's songs can NOT be copyrighted!!


Alright, like we did yesterday at Dick's place, a lot of pruning, the items on this page that have disappeared have left for a reason, like all things.  Some get restored but some best to let go and when there's so many it's clear we have already moved on.

Against All Odds this sharing by Kryon thru Lee Carroll just caught our eye and we are placing it here in faith that it is exactly where the ultimate creator of this site i.e. Source will have it.  And So It Is.  Let's all, for the first time...En-Joy.   )

Kryon 2017 June - When God throws something your way, catch it!

Thank you You never knew until now for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll.

End of addendum

All Glory to God ~  Now ~ Forever & Always.

Who's in & who's not on this plan?  Well,  dear ones, Rejoice, Rejoice, we have  no choice.  Love, indeed has come to us all.  So, shall we all just 'Carry ON?

Oh, we got a song, folks.  p please go to YT and bring back the perfect song, ok?  Thanks bro.  On our way.  'saving' this now.

'Moment marked now:

12:57 a.m.

2:27 a.m.

Alright dear friends, p didn't go to Yt  since  the song, the perfect song, is right here, scroll down & you'll see it there, however we do hope you'll take yer moments to enjoy what now leads up to it.  'Good stuff.'  Indeed.  Yes.  )

Thank you Mr Kleeg for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Fred Neil. for sharing your & His perfect direction home.  )
As Triumph plays on ZLX  'Magic Power.'

Thank you TriumphAlliedForces for sharing on YT.

Thank You Triumph.

Rec & fin for history
Joe Friday says it's Now
3:11 a.m.

See ya's when we see ya's.   )

Ok, back to previous blog stuff...we were saying... )
These days paul can't drive his car w/o hearing Cat's music.  Sometimes we turn the key and 'Morning Has Broken.' Starts playing and we always acknowledge - saying 'Hey Mom!!'  That makes it even more frequent we've noticed.  )

So when almost home we hear 'You made me so very happy' by Blood, Sweat & Tears.  What an awesome song we haven't heard in a mini eon.  Then when we're pulling into our parking lot WZLX starts playing 'Not My Cross to Bear'  by The Allman Brothers.  we listened to it for a couple of minutes then said to the universe:  Give me a sign and switched to The Grateful Dead channel on Sirius and heard Jerry Garcia w John Kahn singing 'When I Paint My Masterpiece.'

Speaking of WZLX, Boston's Classic Rock kudos on your new station ID  "The Wind ~ WZLX."  Indeed.  )  (we heard it once )

Here's that song from Him and when we say 'Him,' we acknowledge 'Her' but it just doesn't feel right so, know God is androgynous, right peeps?  we know that.  )

Thank you Drumcam for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blood, Sweat & Tears.


Earth Party Now Salutes 'The Champ!'

Welcome Home Muhammad Ali...  )

Thank you  Wall Street Journal for sharing on YT.

Thank You Muhammad Ali.

p.s. Check out Muhammad's appearance at the His wind in our sails page.  Scroll down  to 'The Commodores' section.
link is just below, you can't miss it.  we hope  )

Greetings All on this wondrous, beauteous glorious & loving day.  Braco is having free, live streaming gazings starting tomorrow;
July 7, 8 & 9th;  Here's link to the info...


Welcome to an awesome Tuesday in the forever afternoon, folks.  What a perfect moment to share this song with all His children, so p,
the volunteer pushing the buttons, lay it on us.  Here ya's go fellow infinite beings pf light & love.  Oh & BTW, there is another version of this song over here:

See what's going down over there.  we humbly think you'll be blown away as He does it all, oh and Mom & Co help too.  ) 
p is just practically, an innocent bystander.  )

Thank you Director for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

More Moodies here:


Hello fellow infinite beings of light & love, how's it going?  Super.
Wow, can't believe 3 days have slipped by since we shared something here.  Hope you've gone on most recent sharings  that 
His wind in our sails is the super hot page at the moment.   Link is above.  So much is going down at this / His site.  He, Spirit is looking for brave 'whistleblowers' who aren't afraid of what mockers may think of them for directing or recommending people visit this site.  The promise of the real deal is coming down here folks.

It's a whole new revolution and 'the rockers' are bringing the curtain up, indeed.  Be sure to mosey on over there and get Yer custom made 'wind' in your sails.
that page ended up with Neil Young showing us  the power of Rock & its worldwide affect on humans aka spirits  in the material world.  That's  what we are, folks.
We'llsay it again and  again til the  cows come  home.  With us having that status, you'd think we could collectively figure out a better wayto execute, or engineer our daily  affairs now and going forth to the future.

Some cry out to God to please, In  Jesus Name, send us someone to help us, to show us the way.  God says, excuse Me, haven't you  heard the messages I've been sending  you since your arriival here on the planet Rock?  Planet Rock, God?  I thought it was planet Earth.  God  says:  it is dear ones however we have this not so new, now tool called Rock & roll and in case you haven't noticed, it's taken over the planet by storm. 

Indeed, good ol' Rock & roll  has lifted our souls & is His instrument for taking us, His rockin' children home.  If you think they're just songs, let us play this song 4 ya's.Hold on because, God is a rocker and if  after hearing this you're still  a 'mocker'  fine.  There's a sphere all set for you on the other side.  Rockers on the other hand have infinity as our neighborhood when we cross over.and you won't believe what we all can do over there with just a thought.  Ok, we'll be right back as we  go to You tube and get the song.  Talk among yerselves a bit. Thank ya's  )  Btw, we have another Erik story for you that we experienced today & just a while ago as we were driving home.  )

Here we go Rockers to Infinity...

Thank you JudasPriestVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Judas Priest & Fans ~ Rockers United 4 A Free World.  Join us folks, if led.  
A new subsidiiary of Sons & Daughters of Infinity.  All you gotta say is YES.  )

EriK story coming up...  )

Alright brothers & sisters of His infinite love on both sides of the ever ever thinning veil.
Ok, so this afternoon your humble servant and biggest fan, p, was driving on Southern Artery in beautiful Quincy, Ma, the City of Presidents; minding his own business, when out of nowhere- he smells a  human fart.  It was not us. lol  Immediately we said ERIK  Hey LOL, LOL  We knew it was our dear merry prankster on the other side checking in.  As the smell faded the love remained.  So that made our day and we would have mentioned it here on His blog.  But wait it gets better. )

So it's after 9:30 p.m. and p is driving home after hanging out with Carol & her significant other,Cliff, for a few hours.  p is like  Carol's personal Uber driver:so, other than working full time for God, that's what p does  and paul is aware that this is what He wants him  to do.  Alright, anyway, we're now getting off the expressway at Neponset with the radio on and our mind drifts back to thinking of Erik and the visit we had with him earlier, bringing a smile.  All of a sudden paul realizes the song he has CRANKING, after hearing Mountain's 'Mississippi Queen' ~ an Awesome song,  is  "That Smell"  by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  OMG Folks, you can't make  this stuff up. lol  Thank You Erik for your awesome  good works you do for humanity on the other side. 

Erik's Mom, Elisa, if you see this will you please verify by asking Erik if he, not only likes Neil Young,  but that he WORSHIPS Neil Young.  
And everyone is invited to visit Erik's place on here and gazers place.  Links are above.  So, Thanks again Erik, keep those farts coming lol.  So Erik, got a song to lay on us here?  The answer is Yes, so let p go to YT & we'll see where Erik (we're asking him to lead us to the awesome song to put here)  Since Erik is in 'cahoots' w God,  we know where to go w the quickness.  )

Thank you yesofficial for sharing on YT.

Thank You YES.  God bless Ya's & all your friends & fans.  Does that leave anyone out?  we doubt it.  lol  )

Ok, that's it for this moment.  p is off to His wind in sails page to work on a new 'Wind" page star.  Who is the featured artis, paul?
We'll see when He says 'done.'  Fyi the queue is at #11 now w this morning's sharing. It goes to #21 at this moment.  See ya's later.  Rock on... )

Rec & fin
1:07 a.m.


As WZLX w guest DJ Alice Cooper play Don't  Fear The Reaper" we announce & invite Everyone to come & experience His 'ultimate 'prove it' page.So try this on for size, dear beloveds and 'keep on rockin'.  )

Ok, as we just placed that url, Alice Cooper plays the  p e r f e c t  song in precise, exact synchronicity.  'Roundabout' by YES.  What else can we expect from a beautiful, infinitely perfect divine loving Father of All That Is. Thank You  again, God, we,  the  humble ones, Your children do, indeed Worship You.  IJN  )

Now, Cream comes on with White Room.  paul is going to YT.  Be right back
Rec & intermission.  )
8:52 p.m.

Here we go, guys, food for our souls

Thank you theeshrimpking for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker ~ Cream   )

Who's playing now?  Jimi Hendrix  All Along The Watchtower.'  The 'situation room is Rockin; tonight,  friends.
Here's a place to hang with Jimi, w a 'shout out' to Dr Peebles.  )  He says:  GOD BLESS ALL OF YA'S!!!

Ok, as Joe Walsh Rocks  'Rocky Mountain Way' He says... we gotcha God.  hear we go Rockers (better than rollers)  )

Ok, folks, it's a couple hours later & Brad Delp is belting out Part by Boston, and we just finished beginnimg  stages of the page that, we hope, gives it all away.  It's not an easy thing, having to figure out how to 'blow the whistle' on  one's self.  So, we did the only thing we could & that is to put it all in His, God's mighty hands. So, if led,friends, you're all invited to mosey on over here and soak it in.  This is His work, my dear friiends.  So here's the link...As KISS sings I Want to R & R All Night & Party Every Day.  Sounds like a plan for us.  If  you concur, say YES.

And, all invited to see who the next artist is putting Hs wind in our sails here:
And hope you've experiennced this original Wind page...

Done:  11::22 p.m.

p.s.  Emailing Alice Cooper to say, Hey~ Awesome show! 

Hey guys, if you want to share His/Spirit's awesome news of complete & total freedom etc etc
here's an Open letter to Alice Cooper to send to all your friends & lists.  Let's 'Do' this., ok?  Awesome... )

New News ~ Please Share, if led...

An Open Letter To Alice Cooper

Greetings dear Alice.

Please visit 

All starts here:

If led, please help this good news get out to the world, my dear friends

Thank you Sir,
paul brown
contact info here:

10:50 p.m.

Alright dear ones, we want to address the latest horrendous incident of gun violence.
Folks, we can do way better than to allow this stuff to happen.  If it takes being vigilantes to stop it then that's what it takes.  If you
know of a ticking time bomb person in your life please do the right thing, have the courage to notify the authorities  that you have a 
feelling this person needs help.  Don't wait, just do it for their sake and the people who's life path you could save from this scenario.

Please go here and, if encouraged by what's on that page to also make it your mission in life, i.e.  to make the decision to love everything 
& everybody unconditionally - including Mother Earth Terra / Gaia .  Together - we can all bring in the golden age of peace, love & harmony for 
all in His divine oneness.  No doubt  Eric  with his mother, Elisa and one of the gifted channels over there will have a session w this lost soul soon 
and we'll understand more.  Meanwhile, however you may be  affected by what went down in Florida,  know God, in His infinite mercy  and compassion
knows exactly what you and all of us are feeling around this unfortunate incident.

Please visit:

Thank you ~ in peace, love & understanding
p.s.  we are working on the wind in our sails II page and invite all to come over & experience Jackson Browne music goin up now, and sometime later afer midnight another wondrous artist's gifts will be shared.  Thanks everyone.


Greetings fellow star beings on the way up with God as our heart & mind.  Some things toknow & ponder on thiis beautteous, wondrous, glorious & loving day

Here's 13:33 minutes of perfect wisdom God wants His children to know.

Kara Schallock ~ Surrendering and Flowing to What Is

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank you God & Kara Schallock for sharing good news from the infinite.  

He has songs to share for this sharing.  Just click on this link & have an amazing, 
awesome synchronistic day ~ a gift from God.  Btw, folks what's the best way to go anywhere
inc heaven.  Simple, let & allow God to be your driver, so to speak.  Put Him in charge of yer life 
like paul, for one example, has.
Here's yet another place on this ~ *MY starsite to get the music in your souls, beloveds.  See ya's there.
*friends, this is the first time this term has come down.  The humble scribe cannot change it.  Thanks for under-
standing fellow I AM THAT I AM brothers & sisters on the way up.  Know, we're never alone.  He has an infinite plan of ddivine love & glory for us.  

we  are led to share this song paul was listening to just a while  ago while surfing some of the gazers, here we go, w  Fred Neil...

Thanks Fred, can you tell us which way to go, our dear friend?

Indeed, Spirits are living large in our lives these days, folks.  If only God could send us a driver like Noah, waaay back in the day, if only...

Wait a second, I got a secret to spill some beans on...
MY Designated Driver 4 Ya's humanity. He WANTED The Job.  HE fought  Jesus for the job.  HE WAS ON THAT F&%##@ cross W Jesus.
Holy Moses, did anyone else feel that Hurricane pass thru here?.  Omg, folks, paul here.  ok, Father of the Infinite winds, as Alice Cooper's song 'School's Out' just played  during editing process with now  this song just played, here, if you missed it...)

Thank you AliceInChainsVEVO

Thank You Alice In Chains

--As above, so below...)

A merging for & 4 real is happening, folks. Let our agent from heaven tell us about it the way we do it ~ in song...

Thanks Fred ~ cosmic superstar   (Ed 8/23/16) Ok, we do see this song already above, guess it's not such a secret, after all.  )
Folks, Fred's gaze is NOT to be missed under any circumstances, & the dolphins agree.  )

now, at 11:51 as the wind station ~ WZLX rocks us out w  'Rock You Like A Hurricane'  by  the Scorpions
paul will share the moment the sex machine of infinity (He is typing this folks, not p )  turned on the radio to
hear these words from a Peter Wolf song "Come lay down here beside me..."  Now playing The Cars  "Lets Go"
P's request to ZLX   Mississippi Queen by MMMountain (sic) ~ Any time any place anywhere

Hey doves  in human form ~ we are all doves ~  in His eyes & look at 'The Ride' He provides 4 us, folks.  Not bad if we do say so ourselves.  )
For ya's info - paul came across this little bumpy road when he pulled on to Seminole Rd to do a quick video in perfect synchronicity when Cat Stevens
song  'Until I Got hurt' came on.  Here is that video...  just below )  Everyone is invited to 'ride shotgun' w paul & Jesus at the wheel, as we are one ~ In  God.
Y'all invited to get in, in spirit,  there's  p l e n t y  of room.  Oh, and once again He wants all hHis 9 (typo perfect as He wants not 'fixed' & #9 is  john lennon smiling in as typo was being fiixed (sic) ) Oh my goodness.  )  Also see John & George at gazer's page.  Invite is out to Paul & Ringo.  Fyi too.  )

Who wants to go for a ride with God, YOUR Biggest Fan, Indeed.   )

Thanks ZLX  for playing Heart's 'Magic Man'  Now.  Did we mention this is always on here?  Guess what, beloveds p entered this for here, however it showed up at the very top of  this page, as you saw it coming on to His site.  Just another way how God works. Perfect... )

Now 'Toys in the Attic'  by Aerosmith  which is exactly what's happening now, minute by minute, day by day...in infinity. our team 'the sons & daughters of infinity' TRUST You God & we THANK You Father of  ALL THAT IS for YOUR Trust in us, Indeed.   )

Meet Yer's Magic Man of Infinity  ~ In all humbleness & modesty,  for real.   )

As 'Under my thumb' by The Rolling Stones on ZLX.  Not for me, ladies, you's are 'The Boss.'  All the way, right Carol & Nanci  etc?
You's are the brains, at least for this guy, p brings the best rewards of 'living & doing ~ Love in action'  for God.  And So It Is Now & forever,  IJN.

Thanks Carter Alan of ZLX for playing 'Masters of war' by Bob Dylan for those who know not what they do, esp re the Orlando incident.
God bless you too Carter & all listeners of His favorite radio station, and all stations & listeners of all stations  that play music.  Music is love ~ Love Is God
So, How do yuu do?    )

Rec & fin.
1:16 p.m.

Hope all are having a  wonderful day in the neighborhood.  we/He invite y'all to mosey on over to Aspyn Serenity's place where, if we do say so ourselves, some 'awesome stuff' is waiting for us all.

Oh, and hope ya's are checking out where we're at w His wind in our sails.  Can be a Rockin' hurricane or a gentle breeze, you know.   )

Later   )

Ok, it's later and we got some desperately needed sleep, friends.  So,  let us share this little synchronicity caught on video the other day.  Btw,  as of now He recommends that 
"YES" has replaced Amen, which translates to 'So be it.'  Those of us who need our blessings yesterday.  Let's  try the magic word, 'Yes'  Oh,  and let's meet  at the 'Sunset Grill' of the mind.  we have our basket.  you got yours?  Cool, yep, all our friends are coming.  See ya's soon, esp if you invite us to yer concert or event.  If ask, we'll bring our 'Hug' sign.'  p  God <3  ya's.   )

We've only just begun...

Rec following us over to a bright sunlit place, we've found...  ).

Greetings Fellow beings of Te One!  How are your sybchroncities going in the ever unfolding 'onion' of God's unveiling.  Everyday the music, which is our master, if we're smart because  that music, which is at the  <3 of God, it's the vehicle  to take us Home to Him..  Now, as p has to 'Run out the door'  We say to one & All...
Welcome to His Summer of Infinite Llove.  it started at 12:01 this morning.
p is working on a new page,  That features Janin Joplin as His opening act.  In the meantime, head  east on over to 

And  say Hello to  Jesus, to start & then take  your moments til you get to Janis and get a perfect smile & then a Hug from  this everyday GODDESS. Ok, Thank p later.  Bye.

Then, don't miss  Ann & angels, and of course, Mom & coming... Dad & sister Diane.
p's late, late, for 'the boss',,,,,, he's gonna 'catch it now.'  Coming Carol.  omg  )
paul gets there a wee bit late, however, as usual, he's gotta wait.  Anyway, we had an awesome day in the city of hope  & love  in action, for us. ~  Boston. 

So, here's some of the plates that talked to us today.  p was driving Carol crazy by reading them out loud and what they were saying. in case anyone iis interested in what these #' & letters say to us; it's like  this...
1- beginnings,start, 2 , 22, 222 - love   3 - trinity. 33 - Christ  4  Angels, for, transition. [44- esp  angels]  5 adventure. 6 business.  7  - God   8 infinity/  eternity _ God.  9- culmination /max.
Letters:  G- God.  J - Jesus.  L - love,  M- Mary /music, Mom. V -victory, validate N = Now   E - everyone, attraction.  X  Chop  Chop Fini ending - sending on its way, like a prayer or affirmation,  giving it wings. 

These are a few, &  for you they may mean something else.  That's fine.  )

So here's an epic 'split second'  'show up'  of Erik on the dangerous 'Jamaicaway' we're on heading  to the Forest Hills area of Boston.  p seeing all these amazing plates, he, out of the blue, w no pre plannng, shouting out just as he thought of it... "Erik, the very next license plate we see  will be from you, ok?"  we are at the rotary when we get behind a red suv.  we look at the plate and you can see what it is in the middle of the picture  above.  As Neil Young's 'the loner' plays in the background, on the tape named. 'In memory of  Randy California, ~ Fresh  Garbage.' This tape is old, like all our tapes  and being tortured in the machine  so we put it in the other other machine and it plays better. The song comes on now   is 'The Old Laughing Lady.'  A song God had made for us, we feel.

~  At the end 'everything is alright. as the trust that song conveys is truly humbling,  deep, deep awesomeness. Thank You Sir Neil.  Now... 'Suite Judy Blue Eyes.'  struggling to play, sounding like some ray of sun trying to swim through a sea of mud.  very interesting affect.  The tape ending   'sing the song, don't  be long, thrill me to the marrow.'  tape ends.  we, fellow spirits will press on. in gratitude to 'The One"  who brought us to this place.  The next music  we hear?  It's completely up to us.  Whatever we choose, it can be the radio, or a cd or a  tape. or a You Tube.  as a demonstration, we will simply ask 'ALL THAT IS' to guide us to the next song and whatever it is, we will share it w ya's and see what happens.  

we say to the universe.  Universe, please guide us to the next song that a friendly, loving and adventurous universe would have us, as the tight knit team we are, fellow daughters & sons  of the light to infinity, take us there.  w a 'shout out to Erik to help guide this little demonstration, so hear we go. Obtw, the plate #'s for Erik, as all can see above from that car are... Ahem:  1 Ex 733.  we usually don't record the whole lic # respecting people's privacy, so we apologize to the lic owner.
we congratulate you that the law of attraction has given you such an awesome license plate.

Also, p noted that as he recorded the plate # we were listening to track 5 ~ 'Still Loving You.' and  then track  6 of Scorpions CD.  #6, No One Like You. So, we are led to go down to the car & get the CD and from that this is the song the universe wants now & forever for the world  & all infinite cosmos', dimensions & the vastness, the infinite far flung vastness of  God' infinite loving field. so, looks like Erik is leading us to the song the Rockin' universe created by God is leading us to that & now, the servant is, going to get & share w us all.  Hold on...

Thank you gabitzurock  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions.

Heads  Up, folks.
Braco is doing live, frre gazings today, tomorrw & the next day.
Details here  tinyurl.com/Braco777

Ok, don't look now, paul but the sandman is here.  Yes,indeed the sandman, and with  him, we must go.::
Off to see where he takes us.  The vivid dream we had the other night that we were a conscious actor in,  making the dream up as it went along, like the music of The Grateful Dead,  was awesome & will ask to remember my dreams and if good will share w everyone here.  Sweet dreams to all of us angels, even you Gregg.  we do disagree.  You, Sir are right up there w your Brother, Duane, not to mention  Berry O.


Hi Guys, Ok, what a Horrible horrendous day we had.  Just horrible.  Worst day of paul's life, Carol's life & Michael's life. (Carol's Boss., a retired Dr- Carol is his professional organizer.).  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong today.  Michael even had a car accident.  we won't talk about what went down  but we will say Boston drivers SUCK!!!  Not all, obviously, but the bad ones really are nasty.

They say the worst 'times' are before the best times. Well, folks in less than an hour it will be the 22nd and the lift off of the divine, permanent, suummer of Love, The Autumn, Winter & Spring.  His  divine infinite field of cosmic love is where we, His Rock & roll kids, will live forever.  HE is taking over His plan-it, aka His "PLANT - IT"  For the really thick who can't read a script, or  get a clue.  Look at all the names, people.  Look at the names.  Goodness gracious,  Here's an album we recommend for  some of You's  "THICK AS A BRICK"  by Jethro Tull.  Nice  work Ian Anderson Martin Barre & Co.

This is going on the front page and we'll put it here, and it's in other places too.   Please read it and take it to your brain, please humanity.  It's Not  a joke.

So, re the license plate #'s as code that paul see's all day.  It's code that we are, indeed, in HIS divine energy field, set like a infinitely finer setting than a swiss watch.  Did you know, dear beloved masters, that God, not only is aware of what's going on in minute, down to the sub cellular level of our bodies, because He IS our cellular level  The Father / Mother of ALL THAT IS is aware of every blink of an eye that we have every day & every blink of an eye we've had since the day we were born into this ~ His house.  Indeed.

So, guys, as we were running ot ths morning  to go get Carol and take her to Michaels, we were not thinking of license plate codes. but here's yet another synchronicity  we had slowing us up for  a few seconds.  Another car was backing up in front of us to get out of the parking lot.  As we were typing this part earlier God jumped this story to the front page where the umbers were shared  there.  The plate on the car we had to waiit a few seconds for?  A 16.What else can one say but   'sweet.'

Alright next stop, we are off to...  sleep. zzzz  )
God just said this so we wll comply  )

Rec & fin
3:23 a.m.

Alright, we checked guys so here we are.  Same love # day ~ the 22 nd, so as we are in celebratory mode.  Let's stop by a Jesus welcoming place & see how the party is progressing over there.  Here's yer directions, everyone.  Smile and ask God to take you there it's all prepared & ready for us all.  Here's link.   )

More 'good stuff' to come.  Look for it here til we go to a new page.  Ty.  )
Reminder Braco is doing gazings.  One more day after today.  See announcement above.  Ty. )
'YES"  we do seem to be all smiles around here.  If you won the game, would you be smiling?  Well you should because if you're reading this:  You're team won!  " Congratulations."  No man is an island, we know because we are all connected, as in we all came from the same Source.  Source can not lose. never has,  never  will.  The 'house' rules.  Can't lose for winning, so why don't we just surrender and be the winners Spirit created.  Our circumstances in life no longer matter, dear ones.  The 'rat race' is over> they all went over the cliff chasing greed.  As Alice Cooper sings "School's Out" on 'the wind' WZLX, Boston's Classic Rock. 100.7  God's music station esp for now, however all stations playing music, are God'sas  everything is God's.  Everything comes from Him, Indeed.  "YES."

As, now 'The Cars' ~  'Bye  Bye Love'  plays.  Reminds us we're on the way to 'buy' a Mercedes Benz for  a  friend and  Then later He & She  are hosting a HUGE "Party"  there at the same page as everyone's dear friend from Texas is entertaining.  Ok, as  "Scorpions" are Now providing max wind in our sails  w "Rock You Like A Hurricane. Hear ~ have you see this yet? I n perfect synchronicity, as usual w His perfect 'script' going down for you & for we.  )

So, later, folks.  )

Announcing... A new 'Gazers' page that is "Must see"  for all.  T see what's going on click on this... )

Welcome everyone to a brand new  month and coming  soon, a new blog page.
p is as usual, running out the door, however we will take the moments to announce 2 new pages for all of us still in the game or want to be.  Here ya''s go...
 & here as well,,,

So, the new blog page is here, folks

See ya's over there   )