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Photo by Cheri Tangherlini. 2016, Chelsea, Ma.

Now 1/18/20

Who me God?   )   It's all your fault, Paul Brown.  )  (replacing disappeared photo)

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March,  2016

God's promises will be kept, His Will willing esp when made thru a recognized & certified prophet such as  Neil Young, HerHis  beloved son. ~ one of them.
therefore, beloved Creators of the female persuasion, to whom this may concern...  Here, you can stare at the ceiling or you can bring it down and start what could, no promises, be an amazing journey for you..

God says:  Ahem:  Ladies, he's kind, he's not the boss. You are, if you get together.  Be prepared to share lots of  awesome music while knowing ~ silence is truly golden. p to his friends also paul.  Always lower case for his humility, modesty & humbleness.  Alright, you want to know a little more so we, the infinite complex simply known as "God"  suggest you explore this, given up to God & The  Great I AM THAT I  AM, Divine Ultimate, &  ALL  THAT IS, in service to All His fellow Creators  of Infinity.  Yes, dear ones there are no 'spring chickens' among us.  We are as old as the wind. Many of us  have been thru many lives together, not just as humans.  Do you like to hug a tree?  You're actually hugging someone.  Everything and  everyone has the same name, right Buddy.  )  Yep, there you go.  p will continue this channeling  right after this commercial break:

There, how was that?  Oh, right, habits are hard to break however, paul always told Carol, there's no smoking in Heaven, no commercials and no speed bumps.
So, dear friends, this is where we are at.  Heaven on Earth has taken over.  Let Mr Obama be the last President of these United States of forever, ok?  For crying out loud.  Ashtar loves that one  Jesus ~ Lord Sananda weeps at what He is witnessing on His Plan~it Earth these days.  Yes, my Dear Friend  God  The Good God of All Creation, The whole, entire 'Kit & Kaboodle" is in the palm of His Hands, dear beloveds and the only thing  holding more good stuff from coming down is, the  usual suspect:  F E A R  Granted, it's a biggie but it can & will be overcome as  word of this, GodAlmighty, starsite gets out  the  front door and to Your TV and mainstream paper.  3 things people remember:  1 When President Kennedy was shot.  @. Where were You when 9/11 went down.  And 3.  When You landed or  stumbled on or were turned on to this, His site, by a  friend.  There are newspaper editors out there, we  can feel it now as "The Law" comes on.  OOHH YES '

"Jump Street is  lining up, as we speak of souls, fearful or blind or just 'worriied' about what other people think.  He says  to you folks, again: And  etch this in stone, dear beloveds   cuz it ain't going anywhere.  AGGH, Ahem  and w CAP, Italics, bold & underlined and p says 'and then some'  Clearing throat chakra.  Ahem.  Ok "WHAT OTHER  PEOPLE THINK IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  And as paul the human did  it w/o the  additions, he will since God is willing now to do it again.  Ok, throat is cleared.  settings ready, target engaged.  Do it again p.  Yes Commander Divine Ultimate  w 'and then some' built in with 

As paul looks up  and see's that he forgot to turn caps off.  God says leave it as is, and p, yes, so human w his upstairs super capabilities not allowed down here
with the contract we all agreed  to B4 coming down here on the scene   We share another poignant (google 'poignant.' the word has soul) example from just the other night when paul found himself  at The South Shore mall in beautiful Braintree, Mass.

God led him to be standing in front of Hannoush Jewelers silver display case.  p remembered he  did mention to the universe via  His blog on gazers page that
he needed a new silver chain for his pendulum..  The lovely facilitator of the deal that went down,  Krista L was very helpful and the 2nd  22 inch chain was It  as God  said "buy it' after Krista mentioned the word "strong" p told her "God says by it."  p  does not question or ask questions.  He hears:"buy it" loud & clear, he obeys.  Why waste lifetime moments? indeed.  So, big 'Shout out" to Krista & Hannoush Jewelers.

Now, comes the sad, sad and yes, crying out loud part, as the emotion of helplessness  comes  down.  You see my dear, getting closer, friends, we  really are getting to know one another here, aren't  we?  Though we will never fully know the full scope of what the person next to us has been through.since aeons ago. Who hasn't felt a  little helpless or near that?  Neil even wrote a song about it.  So, as the story goes, p comes out of the mall & goes to where he parked the  car. Only problem is it wasn't there.  he knew where he parked it. why God, not there?   

Poor guy walks around the parking lot for almost a full hour.  Where are you quicksilver?  Come on God, Puh- leese where's my car?? After going over the same old section of lot p goes where he hadn't gone before cuz he 'knew' he didn't park over there.  Well, lo & behold, finally,  there's 'quicksilver' sitting there.  This, like everything is in p's akashic records. As this  went on, p knew He was putting on a demonstration of how, we, infinitely powerful, immortal spiritual beings can be taught and learn lessons in  the game  of life that we, spirits in the material world, have taken on. So, where are you coming from?  What have you been thru?. Unlike other people, God, He knows everything there is to know about us, and then some, indeed.  This is a good thing. Very good as God is good. God: Good.  )
Namaste.  p

This Rec & fin.
9: 29 p.m.

Who's ready for a life in eternal bloom?  It won't get boring.  Promise.  <3  )

Photo by God.  (Selfiie )  We R Awl God, Children of The Light of ONE.  And So It Is.  <3  ) ) ) 

To whom it may concern.  We got a song, hope you like rock & roll?  Great, we'll get along just fine, then:  The Song:  

Thank you Thee Gonz  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Head East.  Awesome song to enter Heavens Rock Hall of Fame with Congrats from Everyone of us who love great Rock, hold  the roll.  )

Thank you Shout Factory for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dave Mustaine & Megadeth.  What can we say?  You just said it, Bro...To 'take no prisoners; metal.  We should all consider ourselves  doa, guys. )
( i.e. dead on arrival.)

Thank you Moon doggy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Spanky & Our Gang.   Who wants to be in His gang,  as one in the sun?  All of ya's?  Awesome.  )



Word to the wise, God is  not pleased with Himself.  Don't you be either, not for one split nano second.  Don't go there.  Don't even think of pranking God>  God is 

not mocked under any circumstances.  Think you 'know' someone else?  You don't know the first thing about them.  Are they kind?  If that come up no in your initial 

feelings for someone.  Turn, walk away & don't look back. We have spoken.  signed w our signature,  ~   p

Thank you Director for sharing on YT.

Thank You Argent.  We all deserve to hold our heads up, right, everyone?   Indeed.  )


Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough

Thank you Vladimir Ninic for sharing on YT.

Thank You  Sheryl Crow for sharing raw talent from Heaven.  Take you to Walmart?  )

Rec  & fin.


10: 33 p.m.


1/18/20  (Replacing disappeared content)

Off to  to see Everyone's friend Cass, don't call me Mama.  Ok, Cass.  )

Cass Elliot - New World Coming 1970

Thank you clodoaldo500 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Cass . Helping 2 bring the New World in from Heaven.  <3  )

3:25 a.m.
Had awesome moments working on Cass Elliot's sharing gaze.  Hope y'all go to see it.

Bonnie Tyler - I Need A Hero (1986) 

Thank you kaskadomega for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bonnie Tyler.  God led us to this song for sharing at baby Aspyn Serenity's page.  Don't miss the 
synchronistic miracles that will be going down over there,  folks.

Also we are now  making a big announcement.  Ready humanity?   ok  here's the  large announcement.  and btw, there is 
no giant economy size, just like 'one size fits all.'  So, here goes.  excuse us.  aagghhhh,  agghhhh agh  ah  hahhh, ok we got Godzilla out.  So hear (sic) we go .  Ok , Ahem:  Dear beloved masters of  reality and cosmic  travel which each and every one of us do when we slip out of our bodies when  we enter the sleep state.

We all know how to do that, right?  Of course.  So, p having a  quick nap  after coming home from 'the field'  is informed by Spirit that he, yes, p himself, now has his own group.  Yep.  Of course 'a group' doesn't necessarily have to be a music group, does it?  No p, it doesn't but wouldn't it  get boring w everyone standing around?  Indeed that would be however, if you were in the presence of  Jesus,  would you complain or  walk out?  We doubt it  So, don't worry, you know music is the air p breathes and  the wind in his  sails, as  right now this moment  Bob Seger is singing 'Against The Wind." on a cd p put in a few songs ago. .  

This cd is awesome.  It's 'Bob Seger ~  Greatest Hits'  with cover picture, Bob, dressed in black holding his guitar in the middle of railroad tracks. p knows this picture is on one  of the 'smilebox' projects he created w God.  He, God,  doing the 'heavy lifting,' as  always.  Again, as we  say to anyone who listens.  Want something done right?  Don't just do it  yourself.  Ask HimHer to help you, even take the lead.  however, don't think there's a free riide.  you have to do your part.  If you're passionate about what you're doing that should not be  a problem.  Actually, really, there are  no 'problems'  since everything is in God's control.  All is as it should be w no if's and's or but's.

All duly noted and thank you for  that captain.  aahhh are you going  to tell us  the name of the group in which you, paul f brown, cosmic name one of them, is ~~~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '7 Eagles' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .  God said  call it  'p & humanity.'  we just looked on YT to see if there was a group called humanity, we  couldn't find one however we did come away with our next song, so let's wrap this up with SCORPIONS, one of the most powerful & long lasting groups on the planet.

p, wait a sec,  you can't play 'jingle bells' on the guitar, who you gonna call to play guitar n the band  & what will  you play, our dear

friend?  Well p plays massive air, or what is termed- 'emotional guitar,'  he, like everyone, can play  tambourine.  Now, for guitarists 
^ drummers and keyboards we can't name them, it's whoever 

shows up  We will  name the #1 to start & then all to follow. One could imagine a dream lineup starting w this cat, in fact this dude

 was called... 

'The Guitarist of The Future' in a Rolling Stone interview back @ 1976 or 77.  

Yes, it was none other than Jimmy Page, guitar God of Led Zeppelin fame who called, correctly, we might add & do:  Donald  'Buck 

Dharma'  Roeser lead guitarist of, from New York City,  Ahem:  'Blue Oyster Cult'  ~  So,  dear Buck, Bro, if you want the

gig, it's yours, buddy.  Have your people call my people, ok?  Just thought of something, we don't have any people.  We've been

living in a box, sung about in an Alice in Chains song.  'Man in the box'.  Anyway, we must be going.  We take back that the 
Scorpions song will be next.  We have  a more prioritized song and we have the situation noted in His  blog, or will be there soon

Blog is  here:

Here's what we're talking about, sadly,  for real.  Yep, p in same boat as millions, if not billions of others out there.  'I don't think that's right' Ty Robert Plant as he sings that line in 'Since I've been loving you'

Thank you Jimmy Karlsson for sharing on YT.

12: 33 a.m.
As all our worried minds are about to be  blown: Thank You Led Zeppelin &  Audience of everyone.
We always thought you were singing ''worldly mind"  Robert )  That still 'works' for us, even more, Now.  )

The Kinks - Low Budget (Live)

Thank you  The Kinks for sharing on  YT.

Thank You The Kinks & Audience of billions  of us on a low budget.  God  says, Have  you sleepers seen p's ( and mine) memo. Look.  scroll down a bit.  )

Thank  you Scorpions VEVE for sharing on  YT.

Thank You Scorpions, The  Pride & Joy of Germany God bless Ya's & yer Fans  ~  Everyone.  )  Rock forever ~        ~       ~       ~       ~                      ~

Thank you Kanal von gitarrenaxl 4 sharing on YT

Thank You Metallica.  Everyone loves ya's.  Thanks 4 feeding us.  Indeed.  )

Thank you Dewey Cole 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Alice In Chains 4 'knockin' It Out of The Park.'  From Your fans ~ Everyone~   )

Thank you LivingColourVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Living Colour 4 showing us a new & better way 2 communicate.  Now we All 'Get it.'  Keep Rockin' humanity.

Thank you Ze18613 4 sharing on YT.

Perfect, indeed.  Thank You Neil Young 4 being God's R & R channel 2 Infinity, one  of them.  Everyone )  


Neil Young + Promise Of The Real - Peace Trail (Official Music Video From the Film 'Paradox')

Thank you neilungchannel for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Neil Young.  Sometimes, one may wonder if this sonng is the one to choose out of many.  
Then you read the comments and you know.  Yeah this is it. Every month is 'Suicide Prevention Month' & music therapy works. 

Neil Young & Promise of the Real - "Cowgirl In The Sand" Live at The Forum, Los Angeles

Thank you Darryl Houston Smith for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Neil Young & Promise of The Real.  Promises kept... )

Looks like we're on a roll here.  Gotta have the horse.  Love the T shirt, Neil.  )

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Down By the River (Live at Farm Aid 1994)

Thank you Farm Aid for sharing on Yt

Thank You Neil Young & Crazy Horse.  

Neil Young - Harvest - 1-16-14 Winnipeg

Thank you thesignaturelibrary for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young.  


Rush - Tom Sawyer (Official Music Video)

Thank you Rush for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Rush.  RIP Neil  Rockin In Paradise.  )  Jerry's got a new drummer, guys.  ) ) ) 

May or may not be continued as Spirit moves. Ty.  )...


Thank You Neil.  Gee, what a coincidence. )  We've had this song in our head all day.
Then we get to finally go and post it here, and lo & behold this exact song starts playing on   Check  the song log if find hard to believe.  4:08 pm Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
The Loner (Live) (from 4 Way Street)  What;s that Thheresa?  Right.  Folks, you can;t make this stuff up.  Lol  )
To see songs played, go to ' programs'  tab and thhen click on 'playlist archives.'  Alright, Hope Y'all R having Fun by Now.  )

Now  1/26/21  4:44 p.m.  Our New Now Favourite song  Shine on Me  David Ramirez.  )

Thank You David Ramirez.  <3  ) ) ) ) )  5 smiles 4 adventure, ladies & gentlemen.  
Have Fun.  That's not an order, simply a suggestion.  Ty Good God.  <3  ) ) ) 

Now  1/26/21     Fred Neil - Faretheewell(Fred's Tune)

Thank you  clis005 for sharing on Yt.  )

Thank You Fred Neil.  Wish we could have had a beer together  when we were both living in Coconut Grove, Fl
Maybe next lifetime.  )  Ed Note:  Gise, Excuse me, on bewhole of Creator - we awl R Done w 'lifetimes.'  Ok? That stuff IS   
Pro deliverer who simply Does his job which is to deliver 'Goods.'  Ok? Good..  God's Will. Way, Momennting & Plan 4 our eternal salvation
in the realms of what is termed, wait 4 it...Paradise, Now .  Any Questions?  Good.  wait, always Thomas w a question.  Go 4 it son. Btw, you R 
a hero 4 asking the question that others may have also but are too meek to ask but is on their inquiring minds, so go ahead, my dear friend, ask your question.

'Are you sure, God?'

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Rec & fin  1.26.21  6:54 p.m.  Quincy, Ma USA, Milky Way Galaxie Heaven Gratitude.In Infinity of The ONE.  
And So It Is.  IJN.  <3 ) ) ) ) )   To  Adventure,  not to mention Love Joy Happiness Harmonny Relief & Gratitude.

Rec site to go to?  How about
And w his buddies...

Image may contain: 1 person, car and outdoor

Ty Nanci 4 holding the  door 4 the passengers, w your 'magic'  turqoise t shirt & constant smile.  <3  ) 888 And Then Some.  )

Class Dismissed.
Rec & fin  1/26/21  7:16 p.m. Hope everyone has a sweet 4 Now in the eternal Now.  And So It Is. Ty Jesus Mary & Awl The Company 
of Heaven,Now on Gaia, Mother Earth & awl Her other names. inc Love Joy Happiness Christa Vivienne Et al.  )  Ciao 4 now... <3  ) ) ) ) )