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Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma at sunset



Greetings fellow awesome immortal spiritual beings on the way up. Welcome to one of the earliest pages we worked on on this site. As you scroll down you'll see entries from 2012. At those very early days we only were able to place the links to videos and not the actual video for some reason. Anyway, we may be doing updates here to show the vids and restoring other content that is not with us anymore. We invite ya's to join the conversation. We have updated the headline for this page to reflect that this is, not only 'good news' but Now 'New' news as well, as we move forward in our collective journey.

We hope you en-joy this page and this site and don't see it as, e.g. Paul's trip. This is something we've been led to do as a service to God and humanity. It's a job we volunteered, pre birth, to do. And make no mistake, as if we could, dear ones, we all have our custom designed jobs and missions that we came down here to do, outside of our routine 9 to 5 or whatever we do to put food on the table for our family's.survival. There's a bigger picture for us than to be wage slaves in an obsolete economic system. Don't get started, Paul. )

Anyway, Guys, if you would like to share this particular page, here's a URL. www.tinyurl.com/NewGoodNewsofForever777 We esp invite ya's to see the content starting below @ Dr Wayne Dyer's sharing of 10/28/12. It's an excellent place to join the conversation.

Good stuff, indeed, if we do say so ourselves, fellow multi-dimensional cosmic beings of infinite love and light. )

If led to support our endeavor's with a note, a like or even a modest contribution, this is our anchor page w all our info.


Thank Ya's Very Much and God Bless You! and Dr Peebles says same only, ahem: GOD BLESS YOU!!! And GOD ~ THANK YOU! On be-whole of All Your kind, gentle, loving and compassionate children ~ ever growing Companions to YOU GOD. And So It Is. <3 )

P.s. Dr Peebles Is Everyone's Awesome guide if we ask Him. Check out His page, www.tinyurl.com/DrPeebles777 Ty Dr Peebles. <3 )

Alright, so much for this update dispatch. We return Ya's to the following thread. Hope Ya's All have a Good time here.... )

Rec & fin


22:22 pm on our phone, aka 10:22 p.m. )



Greetings dear ones,

As was officially announced on Independence day,(see below) every day is Independence Day. Indeed, given to us as

He would want His children to as termed "have it all." it is Now time to take the curtain of the illusion down as God

directs. Ok, God, so how does this work and what will be the outcome?

First, humanity you need to de-stress yourselves and go on the giving standard i.e. where money is simply not needed.

Earth is the only planet that has this stranglehold over its inhabitants. The time is Now for the complete paradigm shift of the ages.

Our friends orbiting the planet in their ships are there at our beck and call, dear ones, but for them to boost us into the perfect ship

for each of us, we have to ask them - giving them our permission to be taken aboard.

Humanity will be ascending soon and thenTerra can begin to fully heal and return to Her/ her forever pristine state as she was

in the beginning. Fear not, there is absolutely nothing to fear, dear beloveds, as this is simply God's will and part of His perfect plan, Indeed.

The grand experiment in 3rd dimension to 4th and now in 5th dimension "reality" is just the ill-usion. God is taking us home, just like the song

'Uncle John's Band" written by those 2 prophets Mr Garcia and Mr Hunter.

This will all be a transformative, joyous, loving and co-ordinated. There is no chaos in God's perfect loving plan. It will be like moving from one

room to another only the new room will be designed by God to your perfect specifications because since God is in you and you are in God.

He knows you. His love for you is eternal and infinite, indeed. For documentation on how this could be worked in initial stages, dance on over

to Good News ~ Documents there and see the document 2nd one down ~ announcement of a cashless society, dated 7/11/2002.

So we will mark the time God recorded this thru hp, the humble servant, and then we will share an appropriate song since this is how we

communicate in the higher realms, just ask Jim Croce, you know how words can get in the way? Of course you do, indeed.

Link to Good News/ Documents page.


Rec fin. 11/2/15

10:17 p.m.



This replaces Led Zep content that disappeared. Hope En-Joy...):

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day 10 dicembre 2007 presso l'O2 Arena di Londra

Thank you Luigi Natale for sharing on YT

Thank You Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham & Jason Bonham.

God bless You & all your fans i.e. Everyone, indeed. )

Announcing: Today, July 4th 2015 Independence Day in The U.S. Is, Now Declared and Proclaimed:for Planet Earth:

*******************************************World Freedom Day****************************************************

A Day to be Free, Unfettered and Celebrated as God's will for HIS Beloved Children - The Sons & Daughters of Light.

7/5/15 12:57 Am

This Just In: Everyday is Now - World Freedom Day! Huh? Son/Daughter, Do you know you are, in reality, a limitless, multi-dimensional cosmic spiritual being playing the game of improvement here in the school-room earth?

Infinite Creator (see sharing on front page) has declared us "Free" Therefore it must be so. And so it is Now. IJN.

And So It Is.

Why we have and must always have World Freedom Day ~ Every Day.

Thank You Beloved Master Nelson Mandela and All the Freedom Fighters

Now and Throughout History.



Ed note: If you were just arriving here as directed from the front page, please scroll down

to the Crosby Stills & Nash Southern Cross videos. Southern Cross is the 3rd "official song"

of this site. Then scroll up. We hope you enjoy your visit. Y'all come back now, hear? )



Ok mr p we know you have an :"official" song for

World Freedom Day's i.e. all the days of our lives to live, so tell us what it is, please. No prob bro, here you go...

The Moody Blues When You're A Free Man

Thank you moody Jill for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues. Shout Out! to Dr. Timothy Leary! Keep smiling! lol - not a problem. )

9/19/13 (originally shared below- party still on - shared 7/7/15)

Anybody hear about a party going on in this local universe? Oh here it is Now. Rock on. )

Thank you Aurevlis for sharing on YT.

Thank You Electric Light Orchestra and all fans of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Plan: Let's celebrate World Freedom Day Everyday! Deal? awesome. )



Welcome to World Freedom Day!

As promised here are the 3 Official Albums of this, HIS, site (not necessarily in order)

Hope you all enjoy them.

Announcement: It was written on the front page that there would be a 3 song and 3 album sharing featuring those of the female persuasion..

No one wants to wait, right? Well, guess what? HE was way ahead of us. It's already done.

See Women's Voices (menu left) Will be added to, most likely.

So, this is it beloveds, HE is done, this expression of His Divine love is here for you when you need or want it.

Of course we remain to serve humanity any way Divine Ultimate requires. We won't say faretheewell, we'll just say

See you on the road, your road is our road.

In oneness,


p and Co.

p.s.. The following album pretty much sums up where we are humanity.

Who else is ready for an adventure?

The Moody Blues

On The Threshold of a Dream (1969)

Thank You Hippie Chick for sharing your amazing talent on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Crosby Stills & Nash

Thank you Darryl Hushaw for sharing on YT.

Thank You David, Stephen and Graham for providing the soundtrack for "back in the day."

I think everyone remembers the first time they heard this masterpiece. Paul was living

on Aviation Ave in Coconut Grove, FL and heard it blasting from a neighbor's windows. )

Pure jasmine, still is! Keep rockin' guys!

Are you ready? Blasting off from Boston is the debut album of...

Ok, the album was not available but this is the song and presentation

He says goes here. Done, and perfect. And God Bless you Brad!


Thank you HWTVideos for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston. Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, Barry Goodreau, Fran Sheehan & Sib Hashian.

Also we Thank the City- Boston, ' the world's city' - teaching the world how to move forward

in love and grace.


Guess what, beloveds? In reviewing this page and scrolling way down I see that a certain album by Journey

was declared the "official" album for this site. lol That means we're up to 4 "official" albums. ) So let's hear it!

Journey ~ Frontiers (Full album)

Thank you ForeverStevePerry's channel

Thank You Journey.

Now: The 3 rd official song of this site:

Crosby Stills & Nash Southern Cross (Technicolor Version)

Thank you b3r3z1n4 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby Stills & Nash

Southern Cross - Crosby Stills & Nash

Thank you GreatOldiesDJ for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby Stills & Nash.

SHOUT OUT to Neil Young!


NOW 9/21/13

Welcome One and All to "The Official Party at The End of The World" It IS the end of the world as we know it.

Now is a time for The gathering of friends. We are All friends. There is no-one who is not our friend. This is

The Age of NOW ~ dawning on God's beautiful planet ~ Terra. This is a time of Joy and Celebration and we can

do this because The Man from Nazareth ~ Jesus ~ "Made it so" for us. Thank You Jesus! Praise God!!!!!!!

Speaking of friends, singing a song that means something.

Thank You Masters Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash & Company

And, of course, The Fans~ You make it All Happen!

Thank You Master Paul Simon, Master Graham and Master David, singing a song

channeled thru Master George Harrison.

Homeward Bound we are...

Nice, very nice. Thank You George and Paul.

Who invited this guy to the party? ) This is for You Mom )

Thank You Master Neil Young.

We got some wine chilling for ya Neil, and friends. Oh oh That's Everybody, we're in trouble now! )

Who else wants to be forever young?

Thank You Mistress Joan Baez.

By popular vote: What is the female word for Master?

Mistress (don't worry what it has come to mean, OK?)

So, what's the plan, Stan? Ah, how 'bout we...

And be Brothers and Sisters as we are Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Light and esp LOVE.

Thank Ypu The Doobie Brothers and Fans!

Oh, we're just getting started, folks. 4 sure. )

Jimmy, You "Da Man" and "Hot" Coral Reefer Band and Company and Fans, et al. )

9/20/13 Ol' Pal Jimmy Buffett says: "Party Time. Plan it Earth!" Somebody tell somebody...

Thank you Susan Vineyard, nice work

Here We Are, Yep, a crazy bunch 4 sure... )

Thank You Master Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band & ParrotHeads, et al. )


Why worry? Place it all in God's Hands and be happy.

Thank you Mr.Bobby McFerrin & Company


Check out Interview with Mr Robert Plant. over at Blog Corner. ))


New News Front Page News is at The Front Page of This, Father's Star Site: In accord w that is this Now News featuring

The Dave Matthews Band. Audio only here but meditate on the symbolic art~work and then thank all The Volunteers who

agreed to participate in this seminal event in Humanity's evolution. Let us get educated.

Thank you Dave Matthews Band. and Company i.e. E v e r y o n e. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


On this particular day we mark the biirthday and on the 9th we will mark the anniversary of the passing into eternal life

one of the Earth's most loved and respected souls. That is Mr Jerry Garcia.

Now, we all have a friend on the other side in Jerry. He's alive and thriving and nowhere near limbo. He actually is holding a doorway, a portal if you will,

to join him and Jesus and all the company of Heaven on the other side. This is the side of the veil to be on beloveds.

There's no earthly care re money, putting food on the table, traffic or rudeness, not to mention killing, conniving, plotting evil and conspiring to annihilate anyone over there, no folderal at all. This is all worldly crap.

And crap is the correct term for it.

Now, and I do mean now, and unlike some situations down here on earth, we CAN get there from here. All we have to do is follow Heavenly Father's Divine, Infinitely Perfect Plan. HIS funnel of information, His portal to sanity, wholeness, ascension and life everlasting begins in our hearts. Today's technology makes it easy esp compared w say, the time when Jesus walked the earth. All can now be revealed at a star-site. That star site is:


All God's children are invited to visit and soak up what you will, including overwhelming proof, evidence, forensics, etc. re this 'real deal' arriving on your doorstep this awesome day, at His gathering place.

Thank you, God bless each and every one of you. Come to The Jubilee in the infinite mind of God ~ where You have a front row seat, if you want it.

Keep smiling and as Jesus would say and does. "My peace I give you, accept my peace and I will lead you to everlasting love, light, truth and beauty beyond anything you can possibly imagine with your earthly minds."


As usual, we leave you with a song. Maestro...

Thank you Jerry, David Grisman and Tony Rice.

See you in Heaven and Heaven on earth.

The merger has begun. All is perfect as Heavenly, Infinite Father would have it.

Please, everyone tell everyone the Good News. This will be loaded to the New News section of His site.




w Jesus & Paul aka "p"


p.s. As we say "Have a nice forever." )

Rec. 8/9/13

fin: 7:07 Am

edited: 7/4/15

Be there in good health, we all have God's wealth. This, like everything in God's world...

**************** NOW. Is F R E E !



I read the news today HOORAY!!! Hey brothers and sisters, have you heard...God Is In The House!

Oh oh, here's Father who will, as usual, say it in a song. What's the song Dear Heavenly Infinite Father?

Father is So generous, we didn't get a song, friends, We got a whole concert. And take a wild guess who it is. )

From 1970 at London's Royal Albert Hall;

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I give you, from The One Infinitely loving and giving Father Creator along

with Mother Creator ~ God ~ ALL THAT IS, In Jesus Name. For Oneness In HIM and HIS Divine Love, simply...

********************************************** Led Zeppelin **************************************************************

Live at Knebworth

Thank you toshihiko yamamoto for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

Meanwhile, Your and HIS humble servant is at your kind service. Can he help or get you something?

Consultations, personal and professional are usually done when Paul is sleeping. Just a-s-k and the door may

be open for you, God willing. And So It Is, Now. IJN. Yes..

Who wants to Rock?

Scorpions, how you guys doin' ? Good.

Who wants to hear some Scorpions music? me )



Gotta have: Winds of change.


Turn it up:

Rock you like a hurricane.


Thank you Scorpions,

Fellow sons and daughters of light. You've been rocked! Now roll away any fear, doubt, anxiety

or confusion. We are all exactly and precisely where we should be and doing what we contracted

to do according to HIS perfect plan. For more clarity on this, visit the NDE page esp the Dr Eban Alexander sharing.

We are here at His Jubilee in Oneness.

On The Threshold of a Dream. *

Thank You Lord Jesus.


"p" I Am That I Am

p.s. Keep smiling, see and Be The Light! )

And So It Is.

P pic.

Your cards, humanity...w perfect pyramidal pink quartz love crystal, red garnet & gold pin & nebula stone aka the 'heaven on earth' stone, and a sea shell. )

You are most welcome. Don't be a stranger... )


Attn fans of Divine synchronicity, check this out and be there if you are led. )

Bob Weir To Headline Online ’4EVRFEST’ « 100.7 WZLX




Today is Captain Jerry Garcia's birthday - a cosmic holiday! This is the first day of the rest and I Do mean 'rest'

of our lives. Paul, the humble originator of this room, initially named "Lightship Infinity ~ Sunset Grill Team." is now also officially retired from the rat race. The rats won the race. Congratulations to them. We humans have a new, improved and better way to go. We can just call it Rock & roll. All the details and 'good stuff' that God would have us learn

is hanging out now and forever at HIS starsite. http://EarthPartyNow.com Stop by and visit and tell everyone about it iif led.



Posted in skype room: Sunset Grill Team

Ed note: this skype room ran its course and is no longer active.).

Fun, anyone?

Sunset Grill Team.

Greetings Friends!

Ever wish there was a place to share a great quote, something that made you laugh or inspired you?

We have a skype room called Sunset Grill Team. You are invited to visit.

And you can tell us about your great opportunity there too. Ed note: 8/2/13 No need to post hot $ making opps; passe in a cashless society.

We gratefully embrace our diversity and uniqueness of every one of us!

Now here's a word from our mascot. Take it away, lucky!


No obligation, just sharing good stuff & Fun!

Paul Brown "P"

Skype: paulfb88

This site email: NewFrontiers77@gmail.com

Business email: paulfb777@gmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/paulfb

FB: http://facebook.com/paulfb88

Come to The Jubilee!

The Jubilee: http://EarthPartyNow.com ~ You're already here. ) Use Chrome zoom setting 125

One other thing to lay on you folks, you awesome children of God.

Three things for Rich success in life.

1. Put God 1st in all things.

2. Make Jesus your best friend.

3. Give your heart to Mother Mary. She will give it right back in Divine love and compassion.

Love, light and keep smiling!

Your and HIS humble servant,

"p" )

p.s. Gotta leave all this with a song. Hold on let's see what Father chooses and I'm outta here. )


Thank You Father and Thank you Boston.


As The humble servant gets ready for another day in the field; He declares and decrees that August 1,

Mr Jerry Garcia's birthday, Is Now and Forever a Global and Universal Holiday. Do what you want on this day

but it is highly suggested that you listen to Lots of Music, the Stairway to the Stars.

In Eternal Gratitude.

"p" and Company



New News Flash:

Announcement: August 2013 is Jerry Garcia month!

You all are lovingly invited to The Jubilee!


Come see all your friends and new friends at this celebratory site ~ eons in the making.

Be sure to visit the 'New News' section.

Cheerio and Namaste.

Your host,

Paul aka "p" the humble servant

p.s. Jerry has a new band in Heaven ~ The Grateful Living

p.p.s If led share this good new news with Your world.

7//29/13 [moved from front page]

The universe has just thrown this site a rather harsh curve-ball and we lost all content on this intro page.

No worries, it will be restored and better than ever. Little by little we'll get it perfect. Bear with us please and

keep smiling. All is as it should be. ) Those who like to cut to the chase go to: Home, anyone?

Off to work, retirement for all is here. Let's all go home. Amen. "p"

New New News


Open Letter to a Friend

Greetings Jim,

First, Thank you for the reading. I'm listening to it, now for the second time as I write this.

I had decreed beforehand that the perfect reading would come through. Listening to this I accept that the perfect reading did come through as HE wanted it. It can't be otherwise.

When it was actually coming through I actually thought that hmmm - what's this about, as when Dr Peebles was going on about doing mini bios on certain musicians, it was a curve that initially I thought- I won't be doing that, isn't that already out there. And mentioning the financial benefits of doing this work- I thought, what? That is so not what I'm interested in, so mundane.

And Jerry, I thought didn't sound like himself as he did for sure in the first reading and why is he talking about this stuff. John Lennon who I specifically invited to come through prior to the reading was melancholy and introspective and real.

Oh, and Jimi was Jimi, what more could anyone ask for? lol Love ya man!

Jesus, Thank You for Your Presence, Blessings and Peace. Divine.

(Ed note: the above 2 lines were added after this letter was complete.)

At the end, I thought that this really wasn't what I was expecting, so when you asked about the reading, I'm so honest I was waiting for the right words to come out but all that came out was silence. I do have a lot on my plate but God gives us what we can handle and it's always more than we can chew.

That is for every person on the planet. We all get more than we can chew whether we like it or not while we're going through it. In the long run, yes, we can handle it and it makes us stronger and therefore part of the plan. I did say to you I'd be a little quiet in the reading. (for the record of this letter) Also I had a full day at work and an errand

And, on way too little sleep, having gone to the Robert Plant concert the night before. Robert, the pinnacle of rock royalty was absolutely, amazingly awesome and his band was just 'crackerjack' great! So what I'm getting at, Jim, I was exhausted, it may have factored into my responses. But, again, it's perfect as God's plan is perfect.

Btw, I didn't seem to notice any distortion in my diction since my upper teeth were pulled last Tuesday, I must be getting used to talking with no teeth. So I literally have nothing to chew with. lol I'm on a yogurt and slice of bread diet, but basically fasting til next Saturday when my new smiling face will be ready to shine. ) Ed note: delayed at least a week for more healing.

This morning, the morning after the reading, on waking up I was visited by John Lennon and we had a crying session. It was so f'ing good to let it out. and then Jerry was there and the floodgates really opened up like you would not believe. I haven't cried like that in many many years. It felt so great, just the release and healing of - whatever.. I just choked a little now remembering it.


Love, light & rock and roll forever my friend,

Peace and love and Amen.

Paul aka "p" the humble servant


Special Thanks to Jesus, Dr Peebles, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.

Extra special thanks to my Mom, Marie, for coming forward and yes, suggestion will be worked on. Do see vid of Mr Stevens on one of the music pages.

A shout out to all the Company of Heaven, Archangel Michael and Company ~ that includes Everyone, no one is left out, no one. Amen.

Everyone can play in HIS Band: " The Grateful Living."

Special grateful acknowledgement to spirits: Duane Allman and Berry Oakley, Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarak of the Doors, Elvis, Janis, Mama Cass, Phoebe Snow, John Bonham, Brad Delp,

George Harrison, Keith Moon and John Entwhistle, The departed members of the Grateful Dead family ~ Ron aka Pigpen, Brent, Keith, Vince et al,

Timothy Leary, Frank Zappa, J.J. Cale, Dan Fogelberg , Alvin Lee, and space here for those Paul left out (and reserves the right to add when he remembers.)

Ok we have a new group in town, beloveds.

Introducing: Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Forgotten Ones. lol )

Actually they just changed their name to SRV and the Eternals. Yes, They are beyond counting in numbers.

Gratefully, we humbly acknowledge we are all one in Divine Love of Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS ~ In Jesus Name.

And so it is now and for all eternity into infinity forever and ever and ever, Amen.

Peace to all and out for now.

p.s. A smile is a terrible thing to waste. If you have one ~ share it. )

p.p.s. Ok ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... here's your link to deep end communication.

But first we recommend listening to the first reading from:

September, 2012:


Then from July, 2013


(multiple listenings reveal multiple insights one has found.)

Keep smiling and see you around...

"p" )


Bruce, what are you up to, bro?

Thank you Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.

Let's go fishing*, Bruce. Deal? We'll see. )


Thank You God, Jesus, Mother Mary and Company of Heaven. Thank you All The Children of GOD, wherever you are.

Thank you Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Roadies, Outlaws and Gangsters of Rock & roll.

Rock on... )

* When we say "fishing," that is a metaphor. We have compassion for all 'fish out of water' and are not interested in bothering

any fish, minding its own business in its own peaceful environment. Better to more accurately say "whale watching," but that,

obviously, does not have the same connotation. )

Peace out,




Final 'New News' post:

" Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths."

Proverbs 3: 5-6 (NKJV)

Good Morning Friends,

Paul had a vivid dream this morning. Our signature symbol, the lighthouse, was in it.

We dreamed that this site would be closed today. Except for addendums; what has been

posted in here will be 'it.' The good news is that according to the dream...We'll fly! Like this:

Thank you Lighthouse.

We know this is sudden, especially since this 'New News' has been in incubation

for 26 years. [See postings of 10/28/12 & 10/30/12] However, we take dreams very seriously and

to go on as if that dream never occurred would be pure folly. We read the lines and take

heed of the signs that Heaven shows us. Besides, all the germane 'stuff' has been shared here.

Here's a song for our journey onward: From the 'Frontiers' album:

Thank you Journey

And from our artist of the month, Sting, Father's selection:

Thank you Sting.and Company.

As Mr Plant sings, for all of us..."Oh Father of the four winds, fill my sails..."

We, the grateful living, Lovingly "Thank You" Dear Heavenly Infinite Father and Mother



We shall see you around, friends.

Peace out.

Your and His humble servant,


p.s. Keep smiling! )


Greetings Fellow Children of God,

Are you ready to celebrate? It's time.

Thank you Jimmy, Robert, John Paul and Jason

and John ~ in spirit.

Led Zeppelin


Addendum: On Thanksgiving Day

Gentle visitors to this, God's Starsite, you are invited to review the 'Best Thanksgiving Quotes' at, where else?

The 'Great Quotes of Note'. page. )

And to stay abreast of the 'done deal' ascension updates, from the company of Heaven, with a grateful salute

to the channelers, click on: you guessed it!

Other Beacons. Ed note: Now 'Beacons of Now.'



p.s. Leave you without a song? Can't do it if we tried... at this rubicon point ( please look up 'rubicon' if not familiar with the term.)

Asking Father to select the song makes it perfect. Father?

Wow, what more can one say. It was right there, with no questions. Money for Nothing.

With Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Sting and Phil Collins

Thank you gentlemen.

Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. )

The three words Mark says at the end of the song say it all!

Thank you Father ~ Mother. Thank You Jesus and Thank you Everyone!

In love and.light. Amen.

p.p.s. We were privileged to see Mark Knopfler along with Bob Dylan this past Sunday night in Boston.

Two great bands. It was a great show!



As was announced in earlier posts, December, at this site, is Jesus Christ month, as in 'Artist of the Month.'

What... you don't think of Jesus as an artist, as such? All human beings are artists. If one is - we all must be;

it's in our DNA. No, not everyone is Picasso, but you are you and that's enough; for God and us- your fans!

So, Paul has been waiting for this moment and it is now: It's Mother Mary's selection ~ for Jesus, The Christ.

At the Genesis of this very special month in the year of Our Lord, 2012. Reveal to us Mary, please,

Your perfect selection:


Update: The 3 original sharings here disappeared, so here's 3 replacements.

Let;s get to know Jackie Evancho. As Sharon says... A 'heavenly' talent. Indeed.

(Back to original text.) Exquisite, Mary, Thank You. And I believe you have another one for us...

Simply Amazing, God given talent. ) We do things in three's here at God's site, so we say:

"Merry Christmas"

with Jackie Evancho and Company.

Thank You God, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Mother Mary and Thank You Jackie Evancho and Company!

May The Joy and Peace of Father ~ Mother God, Creator ALL THAT IS Jesus, Universal Mother Mary and All The Company of Heaven reside in the hearts

of All on Earth at this celebratory time and for all the days to come, now and forever, In Jesus Name.

And So It Is.


Christmas addendum:

Season's Greetings Gifted Ones,

The revelatory and timely best selling book by Eben Alexander M.D. contains these truths for our collective knowledge.

"You are loved and cherished.

You have nothing to fear.

There is nothing you can do wrong.

If I had to boil this entire message down to one sentence, it would run this way:

You are loved.

And if I had to boil it down further, to just one word, it would be, simply:



Proof of Heaven

A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife


Thank you God, Dr Eben and Nightline.

More info, esp watch the interview with Oprah. Thank you Oprah.


Man Dies And Meets Jesus Christ In Heaven ! ( Near Death Experience ):


Thank you Jesus and Dean.

Mirjana's Apparition, March 2,2012:


Thank you Mother Mary and Mirjana.

A Christmas gift of music for all generations: Enjoy

THE MOODY BLUES -- To Our Children's Children's Children -- 1969.wmv:

Thank You The Moody Blues.

And we leave you with Heaven's Hall of Fame Concert:

Thank you The Moody Blues.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Keep Smiling, and Have a nice forever everyone! )



Worship the Lord with gladness:

Come before Him with joyful songs.

-Psalm 100:2

Thank You Kate Nowak and Live (Love ) More Abundantly Productions.

And So It Is.



Galactic Messages Of Light Angels And Ann November 18 2012: http://youtu.be/UuKR01da-TY

Thank you Angels and Ann

Galactic Messages Of Light Saul November 18 2012: http://youtu.be/EjOT0YfP3ZU

Thank you Saul and channeler John Smallman.



The Beacons of Light: A Lesson In Time


From this message [Rec reading more than once. You want to 'get' this.]

We tell you, dear ones, you are more loved than you could ever know. You are some of the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. You have been called throughout the entire universe, and you have journeyed far. This call went out almost 800 years ago for you had to be in place now. You had to have your lifetimes, your experiences on Earth, and you your failures as you call them. But you are here, now, and there is a new time imprint that is happening. This is not just on the responsibility of each individual, for you also comprise the collective time imprints as you are right now. We tell you that every heart in this room is beating in harmony right now. Carry that feeling with you and wear it on your face in the form of a smile for the rest of the day, for you know who you are. You have been re-minded where you come from and we hope we have re-minded you of your own heart as a child. Play well, dear ones, and above all, enjoy the journey. It is beyond your understanding, but we are incredibly grateful that you are in place to make this transition.

It is with the greatest of honor to remind you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.

I am. . . the Keeper of Time.



A note from Steve: Almost 800 years ago there was a special group of spirits who worked hard to change consciousness on Earth. They were finally responsible for the first Human Rights declaration in the United Kingdom, on June 15, 1215, known as the Magna Carta. These special beings, reading this message, are now back on Earth to move human consciousness into the New World. We made it!

Thank you Steve and Barbara Rother.

This calls for some music ~ Cosmic Music as only The Moody Blues can create;;;


Thank you The Moody Blues.



Galactic Messages Of Light Agartha November 12, 2012




Galactic Messages Of Light AA Michael And Krishna


The Sun Will Arise, and Flowers Will Bloom | Heavenletters




Greetings Freedom Lovers,

It's Veteran's Day. A day we pause and reflect on our freedoms and the cost of same.

We gratefully Thank our brave men and women in uniform; past, present and future for

their sacrifices.

Suggest click on 'Heroes.

Another day in infinity and eternity




Greetings All

Here's some Heaven Letters...

Awaken Yourself, Sleepyhead | Heavenletters


Refer to Strawberry Alarm Clock page... )

Catch A Moonbeam:


Ok, Father, this HL begs for a song. Let's see what you choose. We'll be back in a flash as God does not dilly dally. Time now 11:30 pm here we go...


Back at 11:36 song was 2:45 perfect selection God. } Not that it has to be fast. Just having a little fun. Fun, a concept we hope to be exploring

now thru all eternity. You can tell through these Heaven Letters that god is into fun, right? )

Thank you Cat Stevens and company


One more Heaven Letter for the times we share:


And you know we had to get this song up, right? Check out live videos of this too!


Thank you Cream.

Peace out.


p.s. Keep smiling, God loves us! )



Greetings Fellow Beings of Light,

Sharing the following Sting Concert: Berlin 2010.


Timeless music from a timeless artist.

Thank you Sting.



Congratulations to Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren. Well done to Mitt Romney and Scott Brown

for hard fought campaigns.

We don't watch a lot of TV but thank goodness the political ads will be over! Here's some news from our allies thru Sheldan Nidle.

Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle 11-06-12: http://youtu.be/25PDdiNrBT8 via @youtube

Peace out.




Congratulations Aerosmith on successful street concert and release of new album: Music from Another Dimension.

Aerosmith plays free outdoor concert in Boston


Celebration time on the planet!



Greetings to all in God's Flock,

Tweet: God says: Come one~ Come all! Visit The Jubilee and be sure to click on New News. http://EarthPartyNow.com It's time Earth had a Party!

Suggestion: Tell everyone about God's site and click on Celebrate Now or Beginnings or both or all!

Keep smiling,


(Off to work.)


Greetings All and welcome to November. It should be a great month with much celebration.

Let's start it off with a few selections performed by the artist of the month, Sting.

Gabriel's Message




The Hounds of Winter


Thank you Sting and all the other musicians.





Greetings One and All,

The great storm is over and to whatever degree of discomfort it caused you; we are led to remind you that life's storms, whether,

physical or mental are part of the 'deal' when we take embodiment in this schoolhouse, Earth. Turning everything over to God is by far

the best way to get through anything. If we affirm:

"Not my will, way, timing or plan is done but Your Infinitely Perfect Divine Will, Way,Timing and Plan Is

Done Now ~ Dear Heavenly Infinite Father ~ Mother, God, Creator, All That Is, In Jesus Name." Amen.

No matter what the situation is in our lives at this time, or anytime. Be grateful and thankful, no matter how hard it is.

Remember, we signed our own contracts coming into this life. We are the architects of what transpires. And so it is. Amen.

Paul promised to share the Rock & Roll dream he was gifted with, so here it is:

At 7:33am on January 7, 2010 Paul F Brown said…

Ok, I had a dream this morning and though I've had countless dreams and some of them truly "cosmic" in nature; this morning's

was beyond. I'll title it:........................46 People.......---------**********~~~ )

Set in Massachusetts where I live, I was working on a project that only 46 people had any clue about. I was to make a speech soon to them.

Before that I was in a room with @ 4 people and I started to make the speech. I started by saying~ 46 people, only 46 people know about this. Millions of people out there in ( I named a bunch of towns in Massachusetts) don't know this yet.. The feeling that soon All will know was there, and it quickly accelerated to where I was prone on the floor and looking at people. My face changed to theirs and to everyone's face quickly, like in psychedelic sequences going very fast, and feeling psychological torment but not revealing any of that - knowing that I must "keep it to myself."..........As this was going the room emptied with the quickness and ROCK AND ROLL, ROCK AND ROLL, ROCK AND ROLL was Amplified from out of my consciousness and out "there."

A young teenager came in dressed in overalls and crawled beside me. I grabbed his hand, from my prone position, and just held him...........I woke up and wrote the dream in my notebook. When finished looked at the clock and noted the time as I always do. 4:59 am January 7, 2010.This will go down as one of my (HIS) most amazing dreams, (lifechanging, I hope) Shall we Rock this house? (as Badge plays on the playlist.~ now~ Spirits in the material world. Hey, that's Us! :o) Signed, Paul F Brown your humble servant, Namaste.

For the record, this dream is entered in "comments" section at:http://tinyurl.com/7thheavenonearth.

There you have it, as Mr Young says re: Rock & Roll "There's more to the picture than meets the eye..."

Unlike our fragile economic systems that cannot stand the test of time, God's love and Rock & Roll can never die and

will survive and thrive thru all eternity; just like us, the grateful, immortal spiritual beings that we are. Amen.

Have a great Rock & Roll day,

Love from Father Mother and All the Company of Heaven,

Thru "P"

p.s. Here we nudge you to check out the 'Popular Demand' pages of this, Father's Starsite. )



Greetings All The Gifted Ones,

We hope everyone is ok especially those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. If you were affected, look for the silver lining.

God only sends us what we can handle and have in the cards for us. Good news is that He has complete and total freedom

in our cards but we have to accept it. Amen., spiritual beings of love and light.

The other day Paul mentioned one Dr Janet M. Townsend and the course he took thru her: Spiritual Awareness. We have the course but, unfortunately the correspondence with the information shared on 10/28/12 is long gone and searches for Dr Janet or

Universal Mind Church, St Croix, VI turn up nothing. It has been 26 years after all. Paul, at that time, sent the good Dr. a copy of the Journey album 'Frontiers' with a thank you letter. Dr Janet wrote back thanking Paul for the letter and said she didn't understand why we sent the music, mentioning that it 's a bit 'acid' to her musical tastes. )

It is hoped she came around to like that perfect rock album, but even so it remains one of Paul's all time favorites.

Just listened to it in the car yesterday.

It seems that things have come full circle. God has a starsite [you're at it] that very few know about. It features HIS 'New News.'

Rock & Roll has been revealed as our runway or 'rockway' to the stars. His slideshow shares that. (link below)

We are all 'Gifted' equally. No one is more gifted than another.

We just have different roles to play. Are we playing them? Look who has showed up and delivered! Start with Elvis,

The King of Rock & Roll~ finding his place in Graceland. We, fellow show-uppers, are all in Graceland, as well. This beautiful planet could be called Graceland.

We have Led Zeppelin and The Moody Blues and The Allman Brothers Band, We have Ray Charles, James Brown, B.B. King and all the cultural music of God's Far Flung kingdom. We have it all, beloveds. Let's stop fighting and killing each other and stop the political one-

upmanship and live as one mind in unity as Father Mother wants us to. Christ showed us the way and laid it out in The Lord's Prayer.

"...Thy Kingdom come, Thy will is done, Now, on earth as it is in Heaven..."

Now: Announcing that "Frontiers" by Journey is the 'Official' album of this, His Earth Party Now Starsite.

Here's a couple of songs from the album to show why this is so. The whole album, itself, doesn't appear to be available,

but the individual songs are.


Thank you ForeverStevePerry's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.

After The Fall

Thank you karly waskowich for sharing on YT.

Thank You Journey.

The guys delivering 'the goods.'

If you don't watch this whole performance at least treat yourself to the last song Separate Ways, ff to 43:43

Thank you SpasticConiption Neal Schon fan page for sharing on YT.

Thank you Journey.

Til next time,

Peace out.


p.s. If you find yourself here and you think others might like it also, then share it, please. Paul, has become very tired of

trying to 'blow the whistle' on his mission over the years. But we persist because we are led to do HIS work. It's not Paul's plan, friends, it's Heaven's plan and Paul, for better or worse, was born to be the focal point to bring certain things home.

We are here, extremely grateful to be entrusted with this work, this responsibility. We try to do it well, God knows.

And we also like to have some fun, because God, when we're on the right path...Is F-u-n!

We are eternal. We are not going anywhere, except "upstairs." at the perfect appointed time. Only God knows. Amen.

p.p.s. Coming attractions: Paul's rock & roll dream. [literally.]

p.p.p.s. Speaking of fun, and it is Halloween time, and it is still Neil Young month, let's see if Father has something

in the cards for us, shall we?


Thank you Jimmy Fallon and The Boss.

What's that Neil?


Thank you Mr Young. )

OK enough frivolity. Let's hear a cosmic song from a cosmic artist....


Thank you again Mr Young.

See you at the TD Garden in Boston, soon.




It was an Awesome show, guys. You can even find some of it in Youtube, I believe. )



Greetings Gifted Ones,

We are led to share with you the fact that it's no accident that you and we are here today.

Twenty six years ago Paul took 'Spiritual Awareness,' a study course with Dr Janet M Townsend published and

offered by The Universal Mind Church, St Croix, VI

This is spirit channeled information and study material thru Dr Townsend, the channel.

The course was very good as one would expect having come from God from whom all things come, in ultimate actuality.

All the great books, all the great songs, movies etc.. Everything is channeled thru us from God, though we, most of us, take all the credit.

Dr Wayne Dyer would second this information.

This added 11/7/18 replacing one that disappeared.)

Yahoo images

Thank You Dr Wayne Dyer. Indeed. )

At the end of the course Dr Janet relayed that I, Paul, would be bringing forth 'new news' in the future.

We had pretty much forgotten about it til recently. The first new news entry was on this site September,16, 2012.

As it says there and on the first page of this starsite, we are about total transparency with nothing hidden whatsoever.

The point, friends, is that this, obviously, is not a lark or an ego trip or other such folderol that Paul is propagating. This whole expression,

like us all, is and has been in the cards since, really, time immemorial, as part of Heavenly Infinite Father's divine decree in the beginning.

We are all living and having our being as participants in this divine life giving and sustaining decree. I don't know about you but

this is something that I, Paul, the humble servant sharing this information is extremely grateful for. We are as eternal as God is, folks.

We get to be His companion gods and we are awesome. And you can take that to Dunkin' Donuts. I'd say the bank but banks will be

closed soon as God's new paradigm does not need currency when we and everything are free. His will on earth as it is in Heaven.

You don't need money in Heaven and in Heaven on earth. When does this start? How soon can we start? Who will be the first

to start giving things away? We shall see.

Another thing the guides told Dr Janet was Paul's 'cosmic name.' We all have one. Ready for this? Paul's cosmic name is:

Farili Jagio, prounounced fa-reelee zajeeo. ) It translates to: 'the gifted one.'

So, beloveds, it seems to be coming clear here, as we type this that the time truly is upon us when we make a quantum change

and not be afraid of these changes. We are all in this together. God Is guiding us. He loves us beyond human comprehension

and all we have to do is embrace the changes and be very, very grateful. Eternal life beckons. He is making us an offer we can't refuse. )

What more is it all about? Let's let the music do some talking.

It's all about Freedom.


Thank you Mr Richie Havens.


Thank you Crosby, Stills and Nash.


Thank you Joe Cocker and The Grease Band.

See you in paradise,

Your and His humble servant,

Paul aka "P" Ace, Downtown, oh, and Farili Jagio )

p.s. Friday we posted the link to Blue Oyster Cult's 'I love the night' which mentions the lovely lady in white,

a reference to us of Mary. In our rounds in Gloucester one of the contributors left a holy card of Mary. There are no accidents,

nothing is random. In ten years or so of doing this no one has left a holy card. That this was left the same day as Paul posted

the song is just proof, ever more so, that the universe is alive and listening and cares that we find our way.

Thank You Mary for making our day and thank you to the lovely lady who left the card. Richest blessings.

p.p.s. Our salutation at the top of this correspondence was to The Gifted Ones. As we are all one. What's good for one is good for all.

We are all equally gifted in our own niches. You are the only one who can do exactly what you do. We are so unique and amazing,

each and every one of us reflecting God as who we are. Can you say "Thank You God!" "Thank You Jesus" and "Thank You Mary!" Amen.

p.p.p.s. Check out the October Beacons of Light in the 'Other Beacons' page. Relevant to this.

Well done, humanity, well done.

Peace out. "P"



Greetings Gifted Ones,

Psalm 82:6

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

To be continued...



Happy Friday Folks,

Off to see the Gloucester fisherman but must comment on the Blue Oyster Cult show last night. As usual the boys were great.

Good to see them in such a cozy site. Great versions of Shooting shark and Don't fear the reaper and they even did 'In Thee' and

Astonomy accoustically as part of the encore. Very tasty stuff. Come back soon guys!

Here's probably our favorite BOC song. Hope you enjoy.


Father, would You like to post something?


Thank You Father. )

Yes, folks, this isn't your mother's Heavenly Father. lol

Let's give you one more...

Dedicate this to Mary. Thank You Mary for watching over us all, God's grateful children.



Thank you Blue Oyster Cult.



Good Morning Folks,

All I can say about the show at the TD Garden last night is WOW. OMG, did the three Gods; Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart,

who make up Rush, deliver a spectacular multimedia extravaganza. The musicianship and big screen movies and lights ~ simply amazing!

All the 18,000 plus Gods who attended the show were fed and left smiling. Thank You Rush and God who makes all happen.

Paul, the working fella - who sure hopes to retire soon, with everyone else! is off to beautiful Gloucester.

Hope you all have a great day. Paul will, esp since he gets to see none other than Blue Oyster Cult tonight, God willing.

Leave you with a song that's been playing in our head for a few days. Father says 'play it' so here's Ace.


Thank you Ace.

Peace out.


p.s. Gotta give you some BOC


One more for the road...Father's choice.


Ah, yes, I'm sure we'll be hearing that one tonight. Thank You Father!

Thank you Blue Oyster Cult.



Greetings to you who are reading this. Who else, right?

Paul, following in his Brother Jesus' footsteps, gets to drive all over the home of the famous fisherman,

beautiful Gloucester, Ma. today.

We dedicate the following song to all the hard working fishermen and Jesus, The Ultimate Fisher of men.

Paul is so privileged to follow in Jesus footsteps just like that other Paul two thousand years ago.

Here's the song and Paul & Carol , God willing, will get to see these guys this evening, three of the most talented and

hard working musicians on the planet.


Thank you Rush.

p.s. Here's a statement if you would like to help spread the good 'new news' of this, HIS Starsite.

"The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax and

cabbages and kings."

Lewis Carroll

From: Alice In Wonderland

Greetings To All,

You are invited to take the magical mystery tour of Heavenly Infinite Father's Starsite w related videos, slide shows etc.

It is hoped that those with eyes to see and ears to hear and some grey matter between the ears to process this 'New News'

will begin a journey to enlightenment and enjoy what God intends for all His children, and that is nothing short

of Heaven on Earth...NOW.

And so it is Now, IJN. Amen.

p.s. Keep smiling. )

p.p.s. This has absolutely nothing to do with any religion or dogma or cults, except for Blue Oyster Cult. )



Greetings on the 23rd, the cosmic trigger number. Father has new news thru our Heaven

and Heaven on earth house band, The Moody Blues. Listen to this news and picture yourself

in paradise, for that is where we are. We can be Free Now, if we allow it.

Read God's lips...'everything is free.'



Greetings Spiritual Beings having a human experience on schoolhouse earth,

Here we are the 22nd day of October. 22 is the l-o-v-e number in case you didn't know.

It's also Monday, start of yet another 'work' week. One voice cries out in the wilderness:

Excuse me, does it Really Have To Be This Way? Esp Now when God, Himself, who O-w-n-s this

planet that you, and he, have to scurry over every day to make ends meet. And isn't there usually more "ends" than "meets!"

It can be changed in the twinkling with our worldwide media salivating over "news" to satisfy the insatiable masses for new

"product" to market.

Ok, we know, at least some of us, that we are living within a Divine decree set forth from an infinite mind of love and light

and compassion for His creations. That includes you and me, fellow humans. It is Now time to wake up and smell the roses,

not to mention the coffee and get with God's program for His children. He has given us a leader, although so far kept subterranean

by industrial strength protection and the decree's Perfect timing playing out. Guess what? The time has finally arrived. Thank God!

Here's a song to think about.


Thank you Joan Osborne.

We want the whole story Captain Jack:


Thank you Led Zeppelin.

And one other thing straight from the Father. What will it be? Let's find out together, shall we?


Thank you The Grateful Dead.

Brilliant choice, as usual, Father ~ the ultimate deadhead! )

So, isn't it time to cash in our chips, friends? Let's get on with living on God's 'plant it' as He wants us to, i.e. Free

and unfettered. I saw an immortal spiritual being the other day. Actually we all see them. They're everywhere these days, holding signs.

Paul gave him a buck, as always, but no one ~ especially we immortal spiritual beings should have to beg for what we need

to get through a day. It is the Father's good intent to give us the kingdom. It is not on sale at any price. It's Free.

When will we accept?

This lonely voice in the wilderness says NOW. And so it is Now, In Jesus Name. Amen.

recorded by "P"

aka as "Ace," & "the Heaven on earth guy"

Your and HIS humble servant.

p.s. This should be a very 'fun' week as Paul gets to see, God willing, Rush and Blue Oyster Cult.

Let the days of Fun begin for Everyone!

Peace out, "P"


Greetings and Good Saturday morning sports fans,

First things first, Paul wants to thank The One True Infinite God of all time and space for saving him three,

count em, three parking spaces (no job is too big or too small) three days in a row, right in front of Cheapo Records

in the beautiful 'Peoples Republic' aka Cambridge, Ma. Drivers in Boston/Cambridge are saying wtf (what the fun)

That's unheard of around these parts. True, unless you visualize and affirm 'space' or whatever keyword might

work for you. Gee, if we can do this for parking spaces, why can't we all live as one mind and affirm 'Peace and

love and healing for the planet and everyone on it?' Actually, we can and some are. More on this soon.

So, luckily, Paul was working in Cambridge and able to stop into Cheapo and got the vintage music he needed.

Yes, this is a plug; ' When God needs just the right vintage music, He moseys, marches, or sometimes just walks

right into Cheapo Records in the heart of Central Sq in beautiful Cambridge, Ma.'

For the record the first day He picked up Taj Mahal and Peter, Paul & Mary. Subsequent days, He picked up

Frankie Valli and Roy Orbison.

Another great find is Planet Records on Mt Auburn St. just down from Harvard Square.

Paul got George Harrison's 'All things must pass' there.

Ok, as We head off to work in beautiful Marblehead, Ma. and we really hope we will be able to retire from 'work'

soon. Maybe if enough people get turned on to this starsite and get a clue, we can All retire. I do believe this

is God's plan. If you work at someplace like Dunkin' Donuts we will have to keep you on for a while. See previous

posting on this.


Greetings party goers at this celebratory site of Our Father.

Father and the humble servant, Ace, finished the new slide presentation this morning after an all-nighter and registered the domain

and Paul headed off to work while that was processing. Turned out to be a busy day and we hung around to get the

route for tomorrow - in beautiful Framingham, Ma.. For those who don't know; Paul collects for a fund raising company raising funds

for local police and fire associations. We will be retiring soon, and if God has His way- which He will; we'll all be able to retire

except for those in service, food professions. (until we are taken "upstairs" to the higher realm we have earned in which to dwell.)

Things like that. If you work for the IRS and insurance and banks sorry, the new incoming

paradigm does not support those.

What part does music play in the unfolding of God's perfect divine plan? It's central. Be sure to visit HIS Mission Statement page

and you'll find a treatise there on what it's all about, Alphie.

p.s. Here's a song specifically designed to synchronize with the master plan of God, hope you enjoy it.


Thank you Mr Bob Seger.

p.p.s. Keep smiling, God loves you! )


Greetings fellow immortal spiritual beings.

Yes, beloveds, you would be giving yourself an immeasurable spiritual boost if you started to think of yourself

as an immortal spiritual being rather than a member of some religion. For that is truly what we are.

in case you haven't noticed, this site is not about religion. This is a unifying site where all God's children can

come and enjoy spiritual upliftment and commeraderie. The music is our means of communication where mere words just don't get the job done.

Yes, this is a place where those lucky enough to have eyes to see and ears to hear and a modicum of 'grey matter' between the ears can come and figure out what is right in front of our collective noses. As the song said:

"There is no political solution, to our troubled evolution..."

Thank you to The Police.

Announcement: Although today is sweet, tomorrow, numerologically speaking, is The Day for God's culmination

Smilebox presentation. Look for link to it here. Ace, the working man is off to work but leave you without a song?

Never. (hardly.)

Pick out something good for us Father. Please.

Thank you aristacourt for sharing on YT.

Thank You Father. Perfect, as usual. Have a perfect day Folks and if you "go with God." You can count on it.

Peace out. "P"

Thank you The Moody Blues

#1 Rock Hall of Fame inductees in the Now Heaven on Earth.

And So It Is.


Good morning folks,

What was Paul thinking? Three days!- not when he goes into a store for one or two

cd's and comes out with a whole lot more - all essential btw. No doubt, it will be til tuesday and maybe longer

with this working man's rush schedule. Huey Lewis news flash: journey soon over, ten years after could have been. But God's perfect plan

by divine decree carries the day and all of us to a new genesis in a higher spirit dimension. Maybe u2 feel the oncoming energies quickening?

Yes, all is well and Heaven on earth is on. The dark ones are still acting up over the world. Someone please tell them the game is o-v-e-r.

We're in a revolution, as the Allman Brothers sing. Love has triumphed. Time to lighten up and fly like free eagles we are.

And so it is now, IJN. Amen.

p.s. Let the humble servant retrieve a song to feed the hungry flock, hold on.


Thank you Flock of Seagulls.

Excuse me


Thank you The Eagles.

These things come in threes, Father what would You like to share?


Perfect, of course!

Thank You Father.

Thank you Blue Oyster Cult.

Thank you to all of you on the threshold of Magnificense, now.

p.s.. A new page is up: Can We Talk,.

Later, "P"


Quick update to those following events at this- God's Starsite. Paul, aka as "P" for short has a new nickname.

While working hand in hand with Source ~ creating a new Noah's Ark size Smilebox presentation, he is being

referred to as "Ace." This, I assured the company of Heaven was fine with me as long as it's clear that this is

not the diamond, nor the club or the spade ace. That leaves that other one- we all know what that is.

So, yes, we are happy to accept and respond to that. And, of course, we are grateful. Thank You Father. )

Watch this space for release of the new Smilebox. Meanwhile it is hoped that you have reviewed the other

two as shared in this site. Rejoice! God's divine plan is proceeding with the perfect timing and plan as decreed

at the beginning. God's Love and mercy and rock & roll will solve all our situations.

Trust Him. Amen.


p.s. Expected release, as time allows, is within 3 days.

p.p.s. It's up to you reading this if you want to pass it on to everyone you know inc media. It is suggested that if you do such action- you will reap great cosmic benefits. If you like what you see here and just keep it to yourself, you lose.

Just a word to the wise.


Good Morning Folks,

Heart rocked the Orpheum last night. Show was awesome. Ann's voice is truly a force of nature that

only seems to get stronger. Nancy and the great band simply 'brought it!' All who attended got fully fed!

Here's some Heart:


Thank you Heart.


Father knows best.

Father says it's time to get a clue as to 'What's going on' ~ Marvin Gaye; can you shed some light?


Thank you Mr Marvin Gaye.

Bob Marley shares the truth in song as only he can. Testify, our courageous friend!


Thank you Mr Bob Marley.

Time has finally come for God's children to go home. Neil Young has the honour of providing a soundtrack.


Thank you Mr Neil Young.

Have a great day folks, if you're going to the Heart concert tonight we might see you there.

It will be a great concert.

Peace out for now.


p.s. Thank you Father of All That Is for the above and below selections. We know You are in charge

and we wouldn't want it any other way. We all love You and we all say "Thank You God!"

In Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Amen.


Press Release Announcement Good New News Press Release Announcement Good New News

We here at Earth Party Now let the music do the talking. So ~ Take it away Mr Lewis & co.

Earth Party Now Press release. If led pass it on. The world needs good news, don't you agree?

and this is the best.


Thank you Huey Lewis and The News.

More good news:


Thank you Peter Gabriel.

Where do you want your new home to be?


Thank you Genesis.

Good New News to be continued...

Thank you!


On this 7th day of the 10th month of the year 2012 we are led to present officially to humanity - that's you,

dear beloveds, a presentation in incubation since December 2011. With fresh domain the company of Heaven which is directing action in this starsite, officially reveals the Free and Easy Party. Unlike the parties elephant and donkey, we are

not plodding along trying to work with systems that are obsolete and doomed to extinction.

We are the Eagles and we soar to new heights on the wings of divine truth and 'love in action' as our guide.

Please review the following slide show and decide if this new paradigm is right for you. Are you an immortal spiritual being? If so, this is your party.


Always a song and the song to accompany this comes from the Scorpions, a group dedicated to promoting global peace

through their classic, timeless music.


Thank you Scorpions.

There is hope, and in fact, hope and faith have won the day. We Now have forever and a day, eternal life, beloveds.

Eternity is ours, now and forever. Let this song from some of God's messengers light up our way.


Thank you The Moody Blues.

And one more song from an infinitely generous Father. What will it be? Let's all find out together. Hold on:


Absolutely beautiful. Thank you Father ~ Mother on behalf of your sons and daughters of light,

aka as The Grateful Living. Thank you to the creators and people who upload these great videos.

And Thank you once again The Moody Blues. Please, if possible, come to Boston for a show soon! )

That's all for now, folks

Keep smiling )



Greetings Free People of Earth,

Here's a great recording that reflects what our Father wants to see His children doing on His planet~

paradise Earth. And who are we not to take Him up on His glorious intentions for us? Let's all say " Yes" and

get this party started! Now.


Thank you Styx.

Speaking of Yes...See how Steve Howe got his name! lol


Thank you Yes.

And one more song to light up our paths today, let's see what the boss has up his sleeve...

Ah yes, a great moment in Rock history. March 26th, 2012 in Boston. !0th Avenue Freeze out ~

Tribute to Mr Clarence Clemons. Enjoy!


Thank you Boss and E Street Band.

Ok, Encore by request of The Company of Heaven ~ They are cheering us on Big Time fellow spirits in the material world.


Thank you The Police

And Thank All of You for 'getting with the program.'

"Thy Kingdom come, Thy will is done now on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us

our debts as we have forgiven our debtors."

From: The Lord's prayer. Amen.

Have a happy, healthy and love and music filled day and forever, friends. See you around the university!

Keep smiling, God loves us all and He Is taking us all home. All is well and getting weller! )

Peace out. "P"


Greeting Friends,

Father has a special treat for His Far Flung Flock today. but first it's time to get on the bus,

or better yet The Peace Train. Take in the words of this song and decide - are you in or are you

too busy with your doomed to extinction earthly money and busy busy ventures. Wall Street titans have you got

your ducks in a row yet? Internet entrepreneurs- the hot new program is something about sharks...lol

I think the universe is saying that particular trend of trying to make a living has "jumped the shark." )

In God's new paradigm, friends, you don't need money. You need a smile, a need for the item.

Sorry, no unlicensed drivers will be allowed to ask for a car. And you must be grateful and say "Thank you!"

See the document for this in His slide show.


Ok, it's time to get on the Peace Train.


Thank you Mr Cat Stevens.

It's now time for God's special treat esp for those already turned on to The Moody Blues. Heaven's Rock Hall of Fame #1.

Mosey on over to http://tinyurl.com/threshold777

Thank you Moody Blues and Murray Lerner who [along with God since God does all thru us] created this movie.

Hope you enjoy and as we say "Have a nice forever..."

Thank you all and remember God loves you. Let's love one another , keep smiling and... Turn it up! " P"


p.s. These are the days, finally, when Paul for one, who hasn't been to a concert since seeing Blue Oyster Cult in

Plymouth, Ma in 2006 gets to start enjoying life and this new phase officially kicks off with a date w Carol this coming Tuesday.

We'll be seeing Heart at the Orpheum, in Boston, Ma. We will also be attending upcoming shows by Rush,

Bob Dylan, Neil Young and, oh yes, Blue Oyster Cult. Can you say Let the good times roll?! )


Good Morning Friends,

Seems humanity has a choice. Be thick as a brick or accept and allow the new paradigm change.i.e.

going back to our original oneness

, with the quickness. Those who want to be thick, here's your news:


Thank you Jethro Tull.

Those immortal spiritual beings who want to get on with human evolution may choose this bus- way.

And leave the driving to us. Make no mistake, the Father of All That Is is doing this thru the humble servant.

So here's an option for you, musically speaking, since we do let the music do the talking.


Thank you Blue Oyster Cult.

We'll leave you today with a selection from Him, and Paul is as curious to see what it will be as you should be.

It's always something unexpected. Be right back.


Does Father have deep, beautiful, exquisite, mystical musical taste or what? People, we are staring eternity

in the face. These are the days to celebrate and know the time has come when God will take us home, en mass,

to our true home in the higher realms where we all came from. Let's cast off the mundane, boring rat race and

really start living as He wants His children to live. Free Free Free. Amen. "P"

Thank you Loreena McKennitt.


Greetings Everyone,

Today is "P" Day! The day the mainstream is invited to find out what's been percolating underground for so long.

It's time for all God's children ~ the saints and the sinners alike to wake up and know that it is God who is in charge of His plan-

it Earth. There are no accidents and no mistakes in nature and, believe it or not, humanity is part of nature.

The game is finally over, the chips have fallen where they may. The sick economic disaster is done.

The Cashless Society is In. Now. This is God's Will. It's God's right as owner of His planet Earth to say what's

to go down on HIS plan-it. Let the following song make it even more clear to the thick as a brick ones among us.


His revalatory slide shows for your review:



Your humble servant, Paul, is in the process of presenting a new show of celebration and saluting those, mostly musical

people, who have uplifted us so much and who have provided the sound track to help us all get through the maya.

Thank you all ~ on both sides of the veil, and on behalf of the group...Carry on. )


Thank you Dave Matthews Band and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

See you all around the campus!

Love and peace

Paul "P"

p.s. One more song for the road: We'll see what Father/ Mother would like it to be. Be right back...


Beautiful. Father / Mother ~ absolutely!

Thank you Spanky and Our Gang.

You know what folks, this is so much fun, let me close this with one selection straight from Paul's heart

to all fellow children of God. Not quite sure what it will be but I'll be right back with the selection...


That was easy. Thank you Boston.

And yes, the city also!

Peace out. "P"

10/2/ 12

Greetings All,

As Paul heads off to work it has been laid on him to share Your most beneficial tool to be in the flow and receive

what's in your dna/ future which is fabulous - beyond belief- if we allow it. We could have waited until later, but, God forbid,

something happened to Paul and this never made it out. The following is Your Cosmic mantra. Use it to stay in the

right flow with God's pefect plan for you.

"Not my will, way, timing and plan is done but Your Perfect, Divine, Will, Way, Timing and Plan Is Done Now

Dear Heavenly Infinite Father (may also say) [Mother, God, Creator, All That Is] of All That Is ~ In Jesus Name". Amen.

The "In Jesus Name" gives it the Great Power and guarantees delivery on Angels wings to the Father.

Ok folks, now

your humble servant has to finish mapping a route of 112 stops (can you say 'oy vey') collecting for the hero ffirefighters

of the 'garden city' of Newton, Ma

and get out the door. There's got to be a song to put in here. Let's see what it will be from 'Tthe Big Chair' - Be right back...

Back This was a bit of a curve ball- totally unexpected, but I love it. David Gates and Bread. Enjoy. Peace out. "P"



Greetings All,

Just as last years spooky month of October was declared Neil Young month, at the 7th Heaven site, so it is this year of Our Lord, 2012.

Enjoy the Fall and try to get outdoors as much as possible. Remember real life is not inside that box so many stare at all day.

While we're at it November will be Sting month- same as last year, and December is always Jesus Christ month.

So keep rockin, beloveds, and be Free as God wants us all to be. Now.

p.s. September was Jerry Garcia month. Hope you had a good one. "P"

p.p.s. We are working on a new Smilebox presentation that will be inclusive and feature some of those people not in previous ones.

It will be a while so stay tuned. We're off to our 'real world' job. Take care.

p.p.p.s. Click on Popular Demand and get the Neil Young and 'Company of Heaven' message to Humanity.


Greetings All

The following was added at the completion of 'Popular Demand' page after Boston video tribute to Brad Delp.

This qualifies as 'New News' - don't you agree? Keep rockin' and smiling beloveds - the best is yet to come. Big Time!

Thank you Boston.

Brad, the following playlist is dedicated to you.. Thank you and Thank You Jesus!


Rock on 'Sons and Daughters of Light!'


''The Grateful Living'

His Diamondstock Miracle Now Playlist:


p.s. These 153 songs are the survivors of a list capped out at 200.

May or may not be replenished.

"Have a nice forever, beloveds."

Your humble, grateful, kind and eternal servant,

Paul "P"

p.s. One more time ~ Everyone:

"Thank You Jesus!!!" Amen.

p.p.s. Nature abhors a vacuum so playlist will be filled. Stay tuned. And Keep Smiling for crying out loud! lol


9/17/12 6:20AM

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is The wish of Father ~ Mother God that we...

"Have a nice forever."

"Have a good and blessed one" "P"

Thank you Moody Blues.


9/17/12 5:46AM

"I can say that God." "P"

Divine Rock & RollI Intervention. I can even say ' Divine, Infinite and Eternal Rock & Roll Intervention!' Amen.

A song- always a song to accompany. How about this one:

Have you heard?

Thank You Father.

Thank you Moody Blues.

Peace out. 6:02AM



It's a Led Zeppelin Omniverse, everyone. These are the days of divine gratitude & celebration on 'plant' it earth!

Led Zeppelin's 2007 Reunion Concert to Hit Theaters in October http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/led-zeppelins-2007-reunion-concert-to-hit-theaters-in-october-20120913

Entitled Celebration Day, the film will be released on 1,500 screens on October 17th. The concert – taped on December 10th, 2007 at London's 02 Arena – will then be released on "multiple audio and video formats" on November 19th.

~ Great day for a cosmic celebration! May We mention it happens to be Paul's birthday? God Thank You! You are The Best! )


Sept 16, 2012

This site is about full and complete disclosure with maximum transparency. Therefore we feel compelled to to share the following correspondence. Can you say "YAHOO!" )

Most recent communique is on top. This is from Paul to Jim and Jim to Paul...This as shared in our Sunset Grill Team

skype room: Here it is...

You know, people, we are creating a record here. 'There's more to the picture than meets the eye' as Neil Young sings. So I want to share something in here - my very recent conversation with Jim Law, the amazingly gifted medium who gave me a reading recently. Here it is- for the record.' (most recent on top)

Hey Jim,

Of course we know there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. Maybe the universe feels this is a YAHOO moment! lol. )

I love your reaction. It's just what I needed. Father wants to free His children now & let the good times roll,

for crying out loud! ) Speaking of good times, I received my 4 Blue Oyster Cult tickets yesterday for show October 25th.

It will rock the planet- guaranteed!

Off to work, have a great day, my friend.

Richest blessings,

Your fan,


p.s. Everyone is invited to His party site, Everyone invite Everyone. Thank you!

From: JIM LAW <sedonajames@msn.com>

To: paulfb88@yahoo.com

Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 9:14 PM

Subject: RE: Jim, resending email

Hello Paul,

You are correct, I never got the gmail message from you so its good that you sent it again using this other address.

YOU ROCK!!! Good work...the site looks great

and you are in the flow! Earth Party is a great title. You know, so many people are doom and gloom and I was just

saying this today to a friend, that instead of

that, how about one big party. And there you are!

Its great to be here!



Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012

Hi Jim,

I got a notice in my gmail that the following email I sent you yesterday was delayed and you may not have or ever receive it. I'm resending it here on yahoo. Check out the Earth Party site. Good new news of love finding its way to benefit everyone is worth sharing imho.

Take care,


Greetings Jim,

Well, it's been a week since our reading and, you know what? That reading contains elements

that we, i.e. I, and the company of Heaven, want to bring forth to everyone in a concise, human

and interesting manner. It conveys an ordinary guy, I think, with an extraordinary mission, if you will.

I'm led to post this reading later on the first page of


I made a tiny url of the link:



This will be added as soon as we get to re-recording it from file.


And I welcome any thoughts you may have on it, Jim.

Some things this action will do in time...

!) Make our mission of sharing His love & light clear and accessible to the masses.

2) Provide great information to those who want to have a healthy colon.

3) Allow the world to see we are the humble real thing and that the company of Heaven

~ many of whom showed up at the reading is alive and thriving and cheering us all on.

4) Let the world hear from Jerry Garcia with practical advice for all of us. "Live your life" etc

5) Share a Hug and more with Lord Sananda.

6) Share God's love and compassion for His children.

7) Celebrate in the knowing that Heavenly Infinite Father ~ Mother God Creator ~ All That Is

Is Love Divine Infinite & Eternal and will not be denied. Amen.

Now: 7/3/16

Addendum. "And So It Is, Now, In Jesus Name, Indeed, "YES."


Warmest regards,


Important Note: We want to extend our profound "Thank You's" to all the wonderful and talented people

who have shared these treasures - videos, photos and other art throughout this site!



P.s Y'all invited to the new improved starsite where the pictures don't disappear as much... here...