May is Mother Mary month

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Mother Mary Most Blessed Sacrament Church, Quincy [Hough's Neck] Ma.

Dear Divine Blessed Universal Mother Mary,

We humbly pray and ask you, in The Name of your divine holy son, our Beloved Saviour, Jesus ~ to intervene

as only You can and bring peace, love, harmony, joy and light to a planet sorely in need of same. Esp please, Dear Mother, open humannity's eyes

to the folly of things that hurt and harm our beloved long suffering host, Gaia, Terra - Mother Earth. Let mankind open their eyes and STOP.

Just Cease, immediately, the destructive, and totally unnecessary, esp since alternative options are available and have been for decades,

activities such as fracking, drilling for oil, playing with our weather and any other unnecessary folderol.

Also, it's 2014 and well past time that we got to meet and welcome our Galactic Friends from "upstairs" who have been dying for us to wake up,

throw off any fears some would have and welcome them. I personally, on be~whole of Sons and Daughters of Light hereby say to Ashtar and the

Heavenly Fleets "Come On Down." Let's do coffee or whatever and show us around the perfect ship Heaven has for each of us to check out.

Thank You Divine, Infinite, endlessly loving Mother of Peace and Love we beseech you to answer our collective prayers, which will be especially

amplified at 7pm every day wherever one is in the world.

WE Thank You So Much Mother Mary, we Know You Have The Power and Creator and Jesus Is On Our Side.


And So It Is.

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Source Father Mother God Creator Great I AM THAT I AM. ALL THAT IS. The Infinite 'The One.'

And So It Is.


(Addendums to above: 7/28//17)

Now, how about a song about Gratitude. Hmm, what shall it be: Be right back...

Oh, to be home and sink into the green green grass of home. Sounds like Heaven on Earth.

Everyone? Indeed. Yes. )


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Thank You "The King" ~ Elvis Presley.

Namaste All.



Greetings fellow Creator Beings of infinite light and Love

This page ideally should be visited after visiting Golden Age of Love Now page, and this posting:

What an amazing, awesome, time to be on planet Earth.

It really is time to get this party started. This month of May. The signs are everywhere.

this day is what we've been waiting eons for.

Remember Beloveds to remember to pause at 7pm your time wherever you are and say a prayer asking Mary

to deliver us, Her beloved loving children, to our most perfect place according to Creator's perfect divine plan.

The videos on this site, for the most part, can be seen and felt as prayers. Everything comes from Source inc our God

given talents so let's continue to share and invite ALL THAT IS that is in the wings for us to manifest and In Jesus Name.

And So It Is NOW.

Sting, you got a song for us? Yep, seeing and being the light...

Amen. Thank you Sting.

6/1/14 addendum, as stated at 5/31/14 sharing on MMM pg V

Let's add a little synchronicity- always good. Here go ya...

Synchronicity II

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Thank You Chile Audience. )

Thank You The Police ~ Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland.




Greetings one and all and how is everyone on this 2nd day of this sacred month on planet Earth? Great, I'm sure.

Oh, perhaps like so many of us you feel burdened, put upon, maybe broke and ready to give up. Let Creator assure

you beloveds, your eternal infinite soul is rejoicing because it knows what is just around the corner. In a word "fantasticness."

Say good bye to the ridiculousness, embrace the new paradigm of Love coming over the planet like a mighty tsunami. It's time.

Did everyone "plugged in" remember to say your special prayers to Mother Mary In Jesus Name at 7 pm last night? I know Creator heard ours.

Paul was driving thru the streets of Boston at 7 pm last evening with his friend Carol. We prayed for the divine, perfect plan of Creator to

manifest all the good that Heaven allows for God's children on Earth Now, and for the protection of Earth from those not activating from

their higher or best self.

So, after our official prayers (but still praying) we were on the Bridge termed as as the Tobin Bridge, listening to music on the Sirius radio channel

"the Bridge" when the perfect, and I mean perfect, song came on. Yes, it was me and my Mom's song ~ " Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens,

now known as Yusuf.

Whenever we hear that song we know Mom is checking in and we are filled with joy, Yes.. Ever laugh and cry at the same time?

Yes, this was good as most, if not all, of you have experienced.

That song and other Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf material, for lack of a better word, is at that page on menu at left.

Did I mention that my mother was the biggest "fan", if you will, of Mother Mary ~ The Blessed Virgin? I remember us kids praying The Rosary in the

living room at Mom's behest. She prayed endlessly to Mary and I can't even put a number on how many rosaries my mother prayed for me, alone.

Thank you Mom!!!

And So It Is, Indeed.

Carry on with Godspeed beloveds, until next time.



Peace & Joy to the world, now, anyone?


[Music addendum added 6/1/14 after all the days of May had music on these sharings.]

toward a world living in peace as one...


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Google images.

Thank You John Lennon and Yoko Ono.



Greetings beautiful, wondrous, glorious and loving beings of light,

How are you? On this 3rd day of Mary's month the month and the day we've been waiting for as all the

days we celebrate and live thru as great gifts from Creator, and so they are. Yes.

The 7pm prayer meetings are "On" on both sides of the veil, beloveds, Indeed. Hmm, Paul has a little confession to make, though,

you see he was so absorbed in working on this site yesterday, though it's not really "work" - more like a labor of love - willingly taken on and guided by spirit; he looked up and it was 7:15! Oh my goodness, Late for the prime time sharing of Mary's communion of prayer gathering.

Talk about "ring them bells" paul boy should set his alarm clock from now on. lol Though work on this site is almost like praying, those 15 minutes I'll pay you back Mary. Promise. In fact done. Amen.

Let's see where spirit guides us on the computer, we already have the song of the day in place.

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Thank You Blessed Mother Mary.

Song of the day:


Thank You Jefferson Starship.



5/5/17 (Replacing previous vid that disappeared.)

The Miracles of Lourdes

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Thank You Blessed Mother Mary

Mother Mary who Sir Paul McCartney never forgets

The premature death of Sir Paul McCartney's Mum not only inspired Let It Be but forged a common bond with his fellow Beatle John Lennon.

Song of the day...

Paul McCartney Live - Let It Be - Good Evening New York City Tour (HD)

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Thank You Paul McCartney & Company.

Dedicated to All our Beloved Mom's wherever they may be. We Love You Mom... <3 )

Song of the day:

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Thank you Jimi Hendrix.

Yahoo images.

And so it is, now, indeed.



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Thank You Blessed Mother Mary

Mary in Her unbounded generosity wants to give us, Her beloved children, the whole rosebush! Yes. )


The song of the day:

All the songs of the day are for Divine Blessed Virgin Mother Mary.

Rose of Sharon.

By a folksinger icon we all love. )

Thank you Joan Baez and also to Eliza Gilkyson who penned this awesome song.

A cantora Joan Baez em visita ao Chile, na semana passada; país fez parte de sua turnê sul-americana

Sebastian Silva/Efa

Thank you Joan. Nice catch. )



Thank You Blessed Mother Mary of Medjugorje.and the world.

Song of the day...

Dedicated to Mother Mary and My Mom and All Golden Hearted Moms Everywhere.

May be an image of 2 people, including Paul F Brown

Neil Young - Heart Of Gold

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Thank you Mr Neil Young and Audience and to Golden Hearts everywhere. <3 )

All Google images

Thank you Neil Young.



Dear beloved ones,

Be it now known that this page is officially "Mary's Place."

Welcome with open arms! )

Mary would like to know... Do you believe in miracles?

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Thank You Divine Blessed Virgin Mother Mary.


Here it is: The Song of The Day... En ~ Joy

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Thank You Bruce Springsteen & The E St Band & Fans. )

Google images

Thanks Bruce! Thanks to All who love Bruce. Who does that leave out?

No one.

And so it is, now.

5/7/14 photo. Paul F Brown




5/5/17 (Replacing previous vid that diasappeared.)

People who saw the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Thank You Blessed Mother Mary.


Song of the day

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Here's a live version

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Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. Buck Dharma on lead guitar and vocals.

If BOC comes near your town - don't miss!

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.



Beloved Masters, We hope you have enjoyed these video presentations. Continue your

own investigations of the miraculous if led - plenty online and off.

Thank you all very much. Indeed! Yes. )

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Has the time come Now for mainstream media to cover the good news that we are

all immortal spiritual beings having human experiences which we are on the rise from?

Who else wants to go home?? )

Thank you toABC News for sharing good news.

Thank You Divine Blessed Virgin Mother Mary And Thank you for delivering our prayers to

Your beloved Son, Our Saviour ~ Jesus Christ. Amen.


The Song of the day...

Thank you to Luis Delgado for sharing on yt.

Thank You Heart ~ Ann and Nancy Wilson and Jason Bonham and Company & Audience!

And, of Course, Thank You Led Zeppelin ~ Jimmy, Robert, John Paul and John!

Thank you for coming by this page. We hope it was uplifting for you. If like to share the url for this page is...

To be continued at May is Mother Mary Month ll

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Blessed Mother Mary.

Thank You All...

Peace, Love & Joy... )

Namaste )