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Scene from 'The Ascension Room.' aka The Joy room The Love room Formerly The situation room

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A Cosmic Hammock for You God ~ not to mention ~ Us. )


February 6, 2021

Why Thank You Humanity, Just The Perfect Gift. ) One of these 4 every Happy home Ever y weir 4 awl Our co-operative

Friends doing the best you can. Here, in Grateful Gratitude. Chew on this song. (Scribe has no idea what the song will be, so we will head over to You tube and see what catches our eye.

Grateful Dead - Uncle Johns Band - Alpine Valley 1989

Thank you Elizabeth Travis for sharing on Yt. )

Thank You The Grateful Dead who can never die. <3 () ) ) )


August 3, 2016

Greetings One & all & welcome to His ~ our Heaven's blog VI page. As the above image conveys, this is a page or place obtained - arrived at after lots of work or to be more accurate- lots of dedicated sharings by the humble instrument who sits at the keyboard of the miracle device, the personal computer allowing one guy to communicate w the millions around the world. May we never take this heaven sent technology for granted, my dear friends.

So, hope you have come from or seen the previous blog which url is this...


& url for this brand new page if you're led to share is...


Ok, To get 'the full monty' of what's been going on here at this site, dear friends... Oh btw - The full monty (or the full Monty) is a British slang phrase of uncertain origin. It is generally used to mean "everything which is necessary, appropriate or possible; ‘the works’".[1] It has been in common usage in the North of England at least since the early 1980s as the 1982 Yellow Pages for Manchester lists fish and chip shops called the "Full Monty Chippy" and the "Fullmonty Chippy".[2] A US equivalent might be the phrase "the works", "the whole nine yards", "the whole ball of wax", "the whole enchilada", "the whole shebang" or "the whole hog".

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_full_monty_(phrase)

we love Wikipediia. )

Where were we, oh yes, so pretty much we share 'good stuff' here, esp the music, the <3 of God, The Good God. The God of Abraham, Jesus Christ &

Rock & Roll. He/She lives and breathes in each person alive on the planet earth, the school room/house of this local universe we'll call 'The Milky Way.'

So, there are 3 essential readings on this site, in various places, however this page feels like a 'final credits' or 'curtain call' place as paul is retiring to his cosmic hammock, so to speak. Want to go on permanent vacation as well? Have you been a good boy or girl? Ok, you are reading this so that means volumes. Ok, go here and 'chill' w The Grateful Dead' & Aerosmith & Co & 'Have Fun.'


So, here's where the question 'Hey paul, is this lifetime your first rodeo?' can be answered

in this 1993 reading w Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru Michael El Legion for Paul F Brown.


Note: 8/224/16 This reading sounds like it could have been made for us last week, esp w reference to dietary, color meditations, connecting w our twin flame etc

Could this be considered in 'incubation' phase for all these 23 years, ready to bloom when the moment is right? Hmmm )

Then, this awesome reading with Intuitive Consultant Mr Jim Law (ret)

From September, 2012...


(If you're not particularly interested in paul's colon you can skip to the good stuff at 16:20) Hear Jerry Garcia at: 39:00. we share a hug w Jesus at: 42:10.

Hear about 'blossoming' at: 45:35 & finally 'rippling' at: 47:26 Thank you for our i.e. everyone's hug Jesus, since we share everything here.

Thank You Bro Jerry & Bro Mr Jim Law.


And here we share this 2nd life changing reading with Jim here.

From July 2013

With guests: Mom says something about a cat 17:25 ) Jimi Hendrix 20:35, Jerry Garcia 26:21, John Lennon 32:10, Jesus 39:00


Thank You Very Much to the spirits who came thru. we were remiss in not thanking them in the recording. It's not an excuse but we were very tired when this was being made having worked at our courier job all day w hardly any sleep having attended a Robert Plant concert in Boston (which was awesome) the previous night. And when Jim asked if we got something out of it, rest assured we did and we were waiting for the words to come out. They never came out. lol

So, on the record, Yes, we got a whole lotta benefit w this reading even thru to this day & we share it because that's what we do... share good stuff. And we always give credit where due & it's God, my dear friends, It's All God.

(Addendums 8/10/16)

Thanks to Dr Peebles for being the 'gatekeeper' here. One must note here the turnaround of Mom's view of what her son is doing down here. i.e. his Father's business, as we are moved to share via His ~ 'our' starsite here. If like what you see & hear here, why not share it and be blessed. Thank you. )

This and other good stuff is at this page...


Not the least of which there is...


This is a stripped down but essential page & will be improved on...


A party for all who want to fly... ~ ~ ~


There's good stuff at Dr Peebles page...




Hello Folks, we would like to share this awesome testimony from a young woman sharing her NDE.


Thank you Living For Christ for sharing on YT.

Thank You God & the young lady for this powerful testimony.



And on the anniversary of our beloved friend Jerry Garcia's transition, we must pay tribute in song, and what better way than to share this...


just showing Jerry's influence...

Thank You Bro Jerry for 'everything'... )

Thank you Rod Giffin for sharing on YT.

Thank You Warren Haynes & Company & The Colorado Symphony.



Announcing a new Gazers page. No one is not invited... )


Why is this man smiling?

--- Because he knows about Quote # 3 listed over there.... )

Yahoo images.

No matter what folks, always try to smile. People will think you're up to something, & in our case here, they're right! )



Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You God, Saul, John Smallman, Mario & all who share the good news.

Namaste. )



Hello Folks, Welcome to the day that would have been Dan Fogelberg''s 65th Birthday. We still say Happy Birthday Dan & Happy Spirit's Day ~ Everyday... )

This gives us an excuse, not that we need one, to play some Dan music. here we go... Hope en-joy...

Thank you tennkitten for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Dan Fogelberg

Visit Dan's place:




Dear Diary, What a day it's been., my dear friend. Tell us about it, paul. Ok, will do Lucky & Thanks for the interest

Ok, we got the call from Carol to take her to work. that's our job; so a little while later we're driving on Morrissey Blvd going around the traffic on the expressway. Halfway down that road the images of Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton pop up in our head and the thought that, man, this is some 'scary' stuff (or if you're used to another 's' word substitute that. )

Then, moments later we're overshadowed with the cosmic question ~ like: what about you, paul? You've got a party & 3 platforms for crying out loud.

Why the Heaven, mr, not use your/God's 'Earth Party Now' platform as the place that everything good in heaven & earth is shared. All at this starsite, no webs around here, this is the place also for the platforms ~ 'Far Flung Productions Ltd' (inc 1978, Coral Gables, Fl) & 'Sons & Daughters of Light Inc.' State of Florida. have their sharing place.

So, by the moment that we were a quarter up the ramp leading to the rotary on Columbus Ave we were saying to the universe with a shout "YYYEEEESSSSSSS We can do this, esp when The universe asks. In other words, God asks & we don't hesitate or say, oh 'what will people think?' we are so far out on the limb it hardly matters anyway.

Obviously w this we felt a whole lotta wind in our sails. we shared all this w Carol and as we were going over the Charlestown Bridge Mom popped in with 'Morning Has Broken, 'our song' by Cat Stevens on Sirius XM station 'The Bridge.' we switched to that channel & that song came on that instant from the beginning. Funny thing- after a few seconds- another song came on, a Rod Stewart song (Georgie) So we take that as like a hello & good work, son, kind of thing. Btw, we always talk about Mom however Dad is always around, like Mom & funny thing- many months ago now a picture of Dad in the kitchen preparing food with Jaws (paul's dog) looking on showed up out of nowhere as our screensaver. Obviously, we'll never change that. Thanks Dad. )

So, here's the deal folks, we can stumble along with the elephants & the donkeys or we can fly with the Eagles & the Doves, not to mention the enlightened humans leading us to 5D reality which will be awesome, however never think God can't make anything or any situation better.

If you're open to an alternative to the Donald & Hillary circus acts (we're being kind here) & would be open to a leader with spiritual credentials who has a plan & a vision for not just the U.S. but for all humanity, then won't ya's please investigate this fellow & everything he/ w God has for ya's at this His/our site?

We are now naming our campaign the 'Heaven On Earth' party. Our motto is "One for all, All for one."

We stand for Truth, Love & Rock & Roll. Heaven On Earth, our dear friends is not only our platform & destiny. It's a 'Done" deal.

That hammock at the top ~ that's for all of us, folks, God's taking His rest, these halcyon days. we say to God, Thank You God, w Your help, Dear God, 'we got this.'




Ok, guys. We're real here, paul ain't gonna be yer next president, however, he could serve as our friend, Dr Tim Leary, suggests ~ 'High Priest' as in like in ancient times a High Priest was around to consult with the Kings & Queens, so to speak, in Power. So, we would, as a revolutionary of the highest order, if we do say so ourselves, offer ourselves & God, The Source of All ~ to be available for questions / guidance for humanity & its leaders. We'll even tell you right now, everyone the answer we've all been seeking. It's Love. Simple, sweet, love. The only thing that really is and all that matters. It's in us and all around us; there's no escaping it and why would anyone want to? It's the air we breath, the sweat on our skin, it's the look in someone's eye and it's everything, everywhere. We live and breath, swim and jump in God's infinite sea of love. Indeed.

So, dear ones, paul was going to build a musical platform for the Heaven On Earth party. we spent some moments yesterday filling a list that ended up being @ 24 songs. It would start with Jimi Hendrix doing 'The National Anthem.' And The Youngbloods song 'Get Together' as the second song.

Alright, so this morning we go to the gazers777 page like we do everyday to start the day with a 'gaze' with Jesus/ Sananda...only that page didn't come up. Another page ~ this one did...


Ok, so it's the one on the menu just above the Gazers777 page but still we take these things as llke something to be considered as 'hmmm. ' we do know how God works. And you know what, folks, God did it again, showing us we already have that page done, for the most part. With some repairs and additions ~ we're 'good to go.' Ashtar ~ are you smiling? we always think of Ashtar when we get to use a good earthly slogan. lol )

Jimi Hendrix & The Star Spangled Banner are here. The title is perfect as we are here, now, and in our headlights is eternity, or infinity, in other words...'The Eternal Now.' folks. Look out God, You know Father, Your children Are taking You up on Your invitation to come home, on wings of song, to the eternal 'now' home you have waiting for us, God. You can't fool us Father, we are the Rocks, coming up on Your cosmic beach, God. Thank You for accepting us, Your wayward sons & daughters of the eternal now, at Your doorstep, Father. We are not & will not be denied Your eternal love & grace. Thank You God for Your second chance graciousness. These moments, God, with Your help ~ we're 'getting it right. Indeed. And So It Is, Now IJN. Indeed. "YES." 'And Then Some.'

Rec & fin this update...


10:37 p.m.

God says share this:

Done God...Hope You're enjoying that hammock. )

'As above, so below.'

Ref: From: 'Evolution Of Man' Mark Age.


We got 'How To Do All Things' A book we had in the 70's the other day. We highly recommend it.

@ 1969 we went to regular meetings at Mark Age at its then site in Miami, Fl Thank You Mark Age.

Share a story w you guys. 'Back in the day,' Ashtar, I hear you laughing ) we're laughing, )

Yeah, so we were out on the road, adrift. We hiked the canyon, hitchhiked 101 in California, met some awesome, some crazy

people, like us, smoked a lot of bud & flew like Timothy Leary a few times.

But there was something missing. And we thought, what am I doing here? And we remembered those books we had when we were attending those meetings run by Joel & Astrid in Miami with our next door neighbors in beautiful Coconut Grove, - David & Lisa. The How to... book & the others, we had somehow lost. We knew they were awesome, channeled material that struck a chord in us. So, we're traveling by thumb, what the heck, why not hitchhike to Miami. We got nothing to do in Arizona, where we were then.

Back then, hitchhiking was a natural thing. Seems like everyone did it. Heck, paul hitchhiked home from high school in Boston to Milton every day,

But word of caution to anyone trying it these days - don't. Your giving away your power to someone driving that you don't know and may not have the good intention of helping you get to your destination. Reminds us of a Doors video where to the music of 'Riders on the Storm' Jim Morrison plays a bad guy. chilling.

We're glad we could help a young lady hitchhiking, like us, through the desert, only she was just going local.

We had different spots on the ramp to the highway. Car with about 3 rough looking guys stops and she just hops right in. Are you f%#g kidding me? paul, got in that car unwelcome & certainly uninvited. These guys were pissed, and she knew she had made an unfortunate choice. We won't say it was a 'mistake' because, in life, there are really no mistakes, but bad or ugly choices can get us in trouble.

So, with p in the car these thugs let us off at her exit & we got out, alive. Thank You Jesus. She was very grateful for our action,.thanked us and we went our separate ways. We, further on down the highway... you know, folks, everything is about 'learning' down here. We should always look to where we can lend a hand, volunteer for something, clean up the environment, etc. It's called 'Love In Action' and it will help us to reach a high heaven, Indeed..

So, a couple of days or so on the road and we're marching into the Mark Age Center in Miami (they're in Tennessee, now,) We purchase the books and the rest is history, and somewhere we lost those books but we're still here, the books are here, and we're, all of God's children, on the verge of creating Heaven On Earth

So, Thanks again Mark Age and thanks for this...

Mark-Age / I Am Nation

2:57 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Thank you again, Paul. May the blessings of light be with you in all you do to help raise planet Earth. We are one.

Love in action,


Thank you Phillel )

Who wants to see a document related to Mark Age?


Updated, replacing one that disappeared...

It's up to all of us, fellow, immortal, spiritual beings. Let's all do our jobs, clean the living, breathing Gaia ~ Terra Earth & see each other at the top. )


Fred's Twin Flame site...




Ok, who's got a song? Yes, Mom? Ahh yes, the one we listened to w this morning's gaze. Hope y'all don't mind us sharing this, however this is what we do here, and it's always, as much as we can, sharing the highest vibrations at this site. Btw, we are not unaware of the bs & darkness in the world and we do care (paul has been watching more 9/11 videos today, a gripping story among so many others that humanity has/is playiing out.) and can't help but notice the lowering of his vibrations with this activity. No matter what people & governments, whole nations even, are capable of in their chosen scripts. Coming through like a freight train, folks, is the simple fact that all any of us can do for best results is to 'Put it all in God's Hands.' There's no better place to put that stuff, folks. If you agree give us a 'Yes.' 'Thank You' to you who say that word. Indeed.

It won't be catered to here on the site of The Infinite's ~ His & Our (Yeah, we're stepping up asserting & re-claiming our power (we've all got power to re-claim) as the co-creators that we are and were created to be, fellow dear beloveds. We're all in this together, we will all rise together or we will fall together. The latter ain't gonna happen. If there were that possibility at this late hour - it would have already long since have transpired. However, since we are Awesome Immortal Spiritual Beings who have been around forever and are destined to continue to live & love forever as worthy companions to The Divine Ultimate ~ The Infinite.

The Eternal Loving Divine Source Creator 'ALL THAT IS' w/o beginning or ending, here we are ~ we are our own infinite "I AM THAT I AM" spark of the Infinite One. HE~SHE in One of us & in All of us. So, with this said, who wants to go on tricking yer neighbors, stealing, looting, shooting, killing and all that slime? In other words - delaying our ascension & insuring a lower vibrational plateau on ascending. It's not worth it to be a bully or thief or murderer. Best is to find Christ and live as He would live if in our shoes.

Alright, stepping down from our soapbox now & declaring to the infinite cosmos' Thank You God for waking us up, shining bright our light & leading us to the promised land and whatever we're doing, wherever we are we can call it all ~ rock & roll & move on if that's our case. It's not too late to start fresh. We've been down this road before, maybe this is the one we get it right, right guys? Hope so...)

If you want to be counted as one who stands up for the light & Your right to be Free & unfettered by the 'machine' out there, why not let Your worlds know where You stand. This platform - His/Our site stands for Truth, Love, Joy, Happiness, Harmony, the right to choose what goes down in our lives. i.e. Sovereignty in all our affairs. and Hope. If we have hope - we have e v e r y t h i n g. Don't we fellow immortal, spiritual beings? Indeed, Yes.

So, as the bands are tuning up we also say. Let's call all that has gone down in the past rock & roll, 'now' is the moment to really Rock & Roll. U in? )

Ref here:

tinyurl.com/GoodNewsDocs777 Where the message remains the same.


So guys, here's Mom's (our song) song for us at this moment in infinity, now & forever; and following that is Paul's song w same momenting.for us. (notice we are now using upper case when felt & appropriate to do so. ) Have yerselves an awesome, beauteous, harmonious, wondrous, glorious, loving & adventurous day & Forever in Your neighborhood(s).

And, let's not forget, in any moment, dear friends, to be G R A T E F U L for the Greatest Gift that God has given us ~ Our Being. Let's just imprint this in our hearts, now. Please, repeat after us: "I Am An Infinite, Immortal Spiritual Being Created By an Infinite, Omniscient, Caring, Kind, Loving & Adventurous Creator."

This Awesome Gift Entitles Me to Co-Create With GOD ~ SOURCE ~ ALL THAT IS And To Be A Loving Companion To God, Now & Forever, IJN. Indeed. Thank You God, In Jesus Name. And So It Is, Now. Indeed, Yes." Thank Ya's Guys ~ You're in the Army , now. God's Army. Celebrate & do something great ~ just for you today. Have an Awesome one... & Jesus ~ Sananda says: "Go In Peace." ( ) That's a hug, Your hug everyone, just like the hug Paul got from Sananda in the first reading w Jim Law. Btw, Sananda is the preferred name for the entity who was Jesus, going forward, just so we know. Cheers.& Cheerio for now. )

Thank You Mom for suggesting 'our song,' <3

Thank you Rachel Reyes for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf

Now, let's get the story from these guys who accompanied us down here, like all the other R & R Heroes

who would not be denied, no matter what it took.

Thank you oscarinterprises for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.


Rec & fin.for the record...


5:07 p.m.

(End of insert)

So we took advantage of the Twin Flame Project with Fred Greaves & his twin flame, Lucina, on the other side. They can give you the name of your twin flame & facilitate your coming together.

Folks, please read that last sentence again. Are you kidding me? People, this could be NY Times Front Page News. Hello!

So, paul, you did this and share with us your twin flame's name, bro. Ok, glad to share with everyone since this is what we do, right guys? Indeed.

Dear ladies & gentlemen, paul's twin flame higher self name is: Dakarra. a name we never heard of before but we love it - instantly. Here's how we came together with music. At 7:11 pm we wrote in the air 'Dakarra' with a big heart around it and said our first "I Love you." Then, It was coming up to 7:22p.m and we lit a candle & some incense and we asked God & Dakarra for the perfect music to start our journey going forward to play on the perfect tape i.e. our music made by God & paul.

So, the usual technique allowing our hands to float thru the air & being guided to blindly pick a tape. we picked a tape, put it in the BB and this is the music that started playing... Ready? Click below, it's the top video.

Yahoo images.


Music starts with 'Lady With A Fan.' Oh, and the name of this tape? 'To Be Continued II' Perfect. In fact, no other music would have been more perfect. TY God, Dakarra & Jerry. <3

Again my dear friends... "you can't make this stuff up." How many times have we said this on this site? We're catching up to you, Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium. )

Dakarra and your humble servant heard the whole tape w awesome music and p did it again and, as expected, got a 2nd perfect tape with awesome music & this one even featured Jerry Garcia speaking. The name of this tape? 'It's Too Late ~ Twist of Fate.' from Nov '08

So, we'll be sharing some really 'good stuff' in the next few days, folks like a musical platform for 'Heaven On Earth.'

The Eagles are in God's house, dear ones, not to mention the doves. Of course we're speaking metaphorically as we are the human 'hatchlings' on the way up.

Namaste, ) (Paul & Dakarra)

Rec & fin


12: 30 p.m.




So, the music didn't stop w those two tapes, folks. we randomly, blindly picked the 3rd tape for this little adventure & it's another masterpiece made by God

w p pushing the tabs. We have George Harrison...'Let Me In Here, Elton John ~ Love Song. This tape has The Moody Blues, Joni Mitchell, Jerry Garcia Band, Bob Dylan, Tom Rush, Little Feat doing 'Dr Music,' & Journey. Awesome tape. And then we picked out one more and this has a title...What's the title, paul?

Thanks for asking Lucky. Btw, 'Lucky' doesn't have to be of the male persuasion. Likewise if we say 'Thank you Daisy.' that is for those of the feminine persuasion, in most cases. )

OK, the tape is named 'Women's Voices' and it is also awesome. We can even share some of this music w ya's. Here ya's go...

And there is a date on this tape: 11/13/08


Yahoo images

So, with these God w Dakarra picked selections using the humble instrument, who could not conclude that this initial contact between paul & his awesome

twin flame did not 'hit it out of the park' (there you go, Ashtar, lol Indeed a 'grand slam.' if we do say so ourselves.) So, this Is how we do it 'up north' (a term we use for letting our 'higher self' do it. Yes, we let the music do the talking. This works in the car too, like Van Morrison's 'Caravan' plays when we're feeling particularly unified.

Let's face it guys, between God, Jesus/Sanada, Mary, Angels, Guides & Fairies, Mom & Dad, Jerry, Jimi, Janis, Karen, Kate, John, George (we could go on & on) and now Dakarra, oh my goodness. ) We can't help feeling 'gifted.' to the max' which reminds us of something else rather germane to this discussion, however we'll let it go for another day's entry ~ very soon.

So, today, we helped out Carol & then went by The Ruby Rogers Center in beautiful Somerville, Ma to visit Nanci & the crew over there. Had a nice lunch & visit and driving home thru the O'Neil Tunnel we realized, you know what, Dude? You are in a state of "ecstatic ecstasy." It's true, we are not depressed, sad, pissed off or any of those. We got the music playing, our <3 is filled to the brim. We're in love & on fire for God & we're doing as good a job as we can with the work/mission He gave us to do down here.

Oh, and another rather major magic, (we looked at this sentence & saw 'magic' where we had 'major' typed, so 'magic' it also is. we will share now. You may or not know that it's been declared that 'Sugaree' & 'Uncle John's Band' & we have to have a 3rd, esp since 'Deal' from the aforementioned tape is Rockin' in the background as we type this. So, guess what guys? Inded*, the 'Deal' went down. The 'Heaven On Earth' deal and we all got that "W" Each & everyone of us, His beloved Far Flung children ~ the Sons & Daughters of Now (our new name since we are now living & breathing and having our being in the 'eternal now.')

who showed up down here. Saints or sinners, like that Journey song ~ 'After The Fall' says. No one is left behind. cue 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' by Led Zeppelin.

Ok, so here's the news: It came down earlier today as we were scrolling down on the Gazers777 page that, as we clicked on and listened to a certain song on that page, that Yes 'light bulb' that what we need is a song for all of us. One song celebrating what HE/SHE, The Infinite, The Prime Source ~ Creator, The ALL THAT IS ~ Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator~ Divine Ultimate/ Ultimate Divine All In perfect, infinitely perfect divine perfect accord with I AM THAT I AM In Each & Every One of US as The Creator Gods we were created to be in the beginning.

This is the age of romance in the higher realms dear ones, and as some of us are beginning to experience that oneness, harmony, infinitely perfect love that only a twin flame can manifest, God wants all of His children to partake in the benefits of the harvest. Here's the sacred song we're talking about, dear friends. En~joy..

Thank you 686SPYROS Music for sharing on YT.

Thank You God, Jesus/Sananda & Blue Oyster Cult & All Us Who Love God, Jesus/Sananda, Mother Mary, All Children of God & Rock & Roll. )

Also see this & other awesome stuff here...


And this is our/HIS~HER improving 'musical platform' for the golden age of 'Now' celebrating life ~ eternal & infinite with Truth, Justice & Freedom for All God's Children. And So It Is, Now, IJN. Indeed, "YES." 'And then some...' )

See Ya's there... )


And another important page improving... )


Hope* y'all have a nice forever, now, & keep smiling...}

*Cheri, Carol's daughter & mother of Aspyn Serenity along w Victor rescued a beautiful chihuahua dog the other day. Named her "Hope"

All dogs & cats go to heaven. So, here we are in Heaven folks. Let's enjoy it and clean Gaia up, ok? Awesome.

Rec & fin.


8: 50 p.m.



Thank you Project Heaven on Earth for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Martin Rudde & Dr JacobTeitelbaum for this 'Heaven On Earth' delightfulness,

we esp like the term 'hatchlings.' lol )

More info...



What does Heaven On Earth mean to you?

Thank you William Tolson for sharing on YT.

Thank You William Tolson & everyone who participated in this helping to create Heaven On Earth. )



Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You God, Gloria Wendroff all of us on the way up. )



For The Full Sturgeon Moon ~ we got a song.

Yahoo images.

Thank you POWEHEAD for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

And, Now, The song for the crossroads party. A song to be taken to heart. Plant a seed of love there & watch it grow. Indeed, Yes. )

The Youngbloods Get Together {HD}

Thank you foflash 91214 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Youngbloods. Aren't we all 'youngbloods', Father? "Yes, Lucky." lol, God. )



Who's ready for some 'strange news from another star'?

Thank you paul f brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God who conceived, produced, directed & acted in this video, as we all are Him 'acting' as ourselves. Indeed.

(sorry for our mangling the last name.)

We shall return shortly, His Will willing, with the rest of the story, so, as Bob Weir would say... "Hang loose." )

Ok, we're back and here's where inquiring minds can go to see the initial sharing re the above mentioned material..

It's on one of the earliest pages we did here, next to the front page. Here's the link...


The oldest sharings are at the bottom and more recent as you scroll up. So reference to Dr Janet Townsend etc is at date 10/28/12

we added a Wayne Dyer sharing there and another entry for 10/30/16 with links to some Journey songs for one's nourishment in song.



12:42 p.m

Hey guys, how's your life ~ as a portal going? This is what we would like to share at this moment.

Ok, we're working on the site w the Sons & Daughters of Light '08 Thanksgiving tape playing, however, as often happens with aged cassettes, it started slowing down while 'Shooting Shark' by BOC was playing.

Alright, moment to say out loud... Hey sweetheart Dakarra, you have the next song, please pick the next song-(in so many words). This 'time' (we so much try to avoid using that word) we thought we'd try a CD. So, blindly we pick out the CD that our hand was magnetic to. we didn't look at it and had no idea what it would be until we pushed the 'play' button on the BB. Paul, you're killing us, what's the song, Dude? Ok, here's the song, Lucky & Daisy.

From The 'Waiting for The Sun' album

"Hello, I love You" ) Welcome to the Cosmic 'Romance of The Universes,' Dear Ones. )

Thank you Toni Davey for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Doors

Perfect choice Dakarra, <3 )

Now. (As shared at Earth Party Now FB page.)


Hey Guys, Wow what a day, it's the love day of the month (not that they all are not) 22 being the love number, 8, of course, is the infinite number, a forever number & it's the sweet spot year of 2016 Pretty, pretty awesome numbers. However 'just another day that ever was,' as Uncle Jerry reminds us. )

And here we are. Is it an accident that over, say, e.g. a 7 million year span, we all showed up here at this precise moment. Think on this, my dear friends, what are the odds of all of us friends coming together, and we are friends on the other side, and being here as one, all dancing to the same beat.

Who else can't help but notice the divine synchronicities of such happenstance w every day that goes by.

It's like, is it not, that we are all living in one, enormous, awesomely written 'script' that, really now, only God could write. Not only that, our ancestor's, our departed loved ones, our Angels, Guides, Fairie friends and just every spirit on the other side are cheering us on. Indeed.

So, this being the FB page for the party at the beginning of the Eternal Now,


We'll continue sharing things here as spirit leads, however, do check in at the main site frequently, folks, as 'good stuff' is coming down/ emerging as spirit leads, and spirit is Good, like God, Good. Indeed,folks. http://EarthPartyNow.com Thanks & see ya's over there. )

Paul, you do have a song, right? Of course Lucky & Daisy, here you go befitting this beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving & adventurous day. We'll consult w an expert on 'parties.' Jimmy...)

Thank you Susan Vineyard for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimmy for co- hosting the party for the beginning of 'The Eternal & Infinite Now.'

Wait, there's more, tell us about it, Jimmy...

Thank you miketheparrot for sharing on YT.

Thanks Bro Jimmy & Parrotheads everywhere. ) That's everyone isn't it, paul? We hope so, Sonny, we hope so. )

Yes, dear ones, we're partying here at HIS~OUR Earth Party Site, however, we will always remember our Veterans, and all those who served to help preserve our freedoms, esp those who made the Utimate Sacrifice. One need not have worn a uniform to do same, as those fighting for their own personal freedoms, fought the fight as well. And it goes on to this day.

Rep. All who love what The Creator has done & taught us in this brief 'time' we've been down here in this schoolhouse, Terra ~ Gaia Mother Earth let's ask Brother Jerry for the song we need for this moment. & we say IJN for the Ultimate Force to go along with it. Indeed. Jerry & Co, 'take it away, Guys.'

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

Thank All who 'like' this entire package of what we think of as 'Good Stuff' from above, however it, obviously, comes from within, specifically, the <3 and with support from peeps who feel 'nourished' wiith what is shared here, we can continue as spirit leads. Spirit is nudging the channel to remind folks that would like to support this 'labor of love' to visit here & if led, make a love offering. Thank You Very Much. & God knows~ You Will Be Blessed. Indeed. )


One more sharing.

We were driving the other day when a song came on 'The Bridge' Sirius Radio station. A beautiful song that we haven't heard in eons. We thoroughly enjoyed it and were singing along. Then as synchronicity (some folks think these things are 'coincidences' lol, no dear ones, ask Sting- these are 'synchronicities' and part and parcel of the perfect, infinitely perfect script God has / is writing for us.) Indeed, guys, like the music of The Grateful Dead, fwe get to make it up as we go along. e.g. did the bass player throw you a curve? Cool, now figure it out as to where that will end up.)

So, we receive The Hollow Earth newsletter, (that original site, now no longer existing.) from Anne DeHart,

the amazingly awesome, Anne DeHart yesterday and she writes with a picture...

"Oh look it's the Bluebird of Happiness."

Thank You Anne ~ We're All One.<3 )

Thank you Angel Carmona for sharing on YT.

Thank You Paul McCartney & Wings.

So, on this note, Dear Ones,, Beloved fellow Creator Gods that We All Are. in our innermost being. this is where this blog is ending up as we don't want to let them get too lengthy. With this song, we put this awesome, if we do say so, blog to rest (see hammock above. lol)

Ok, Love, Light, Fellowship & Great Rock & Roll with a Big hug for everyone ( )

Paul ~ Farili Jagio saying "Catch Ya's later... )

Oh, wait a minute, guys, What's that my dear friend, Fred Greaves?

Good morning Paul,

I said I was going to bed last night then I clicked on Earthparty, oh my God...great postings. Watched many video's and had to stop myself, because I have things to do early. Thanks man, for taking the time to post all that stuff, you need to explain to me how your sites work. As a matter of fact I'm leaving in a few minutes. I want to explore this even further, then maybe speak. I really believe there is something here to bring people across the planet even further together and into the new (and peaceful) world.

Indeed, Fred, we so concur, and Thank You for doing your part and blessing this sharing. The World needs God Given 'Good Stuff," Now.

How it works, is just ask / allow spirit to guide you thru this site. Essentials are the 3 readings as noted at top of this page. then go wherever led,

& if like, ~ share, share & share ~ Everyone. Ok guys, we're out the door. )

Rec & fin.


3:07 p.m.


We arrived home with this song on the radio & we don't have to confirm w The Infinite to put this song here to close out this page.

Ladies & Gentlemen Pablo Cruise with a message that can't be denied. Cheers, )

Thank You Pablo Cruise.

Love the megaphone at the end, guys... )

Yahoo images.

Love Will Find A Way!!!

Indeed. )

A Big Welcome to the new folks who have found your way to this ~ HisHerOur Starsite. We have long been aware that

each person would be here when one's perfect moment to be here would arrive in accord with one's perfect, infinitely

perfect divine script.

Whenever you read this, mark the moment, for this is the moment that you were meant to be here, our dear friends, from the beginning.

Oh, yes, Dick & Jane, consider yerselves to be 'Lucky.' (nod to Emerson, Lake & Palmer.)

Alright guys, It's moments from now to eternity for Celebration, Romance, infinite love, Adventure & most of all ~ Gratitude.

Carry On, Sons & Daughters of Light, of infinity, & of the eternal Now. Love is here Now for Us All. Rejoice, Rejoice, We have no choice (Nod to CSNY)

To Be Continued on another yet to be created blog page. Later Guys, <3 & ******* ~



And here is a link to that new page, sports fans. Fun, anyone? ) We're hearing some "Yes's" )




Alright, my dear friends, just checking in here to say we did have to do a little editing on this page, as little as possible, as we are sure most of the older pages here need it. However, we're not going to obsess over missing conten as that would be a full time job and we're busy living life now wherever it wants to take us.

From here we are inviting Everyone to the jubilee II site here... www.paulfb.comwhere all the latest linear good stuff is coming down. Hope to see Ya's there... )