Heaven's Hall of Fame ~ Celebrate Forever ~ All of us ~ 77777

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The Risen Christ.

Brought to all of us by our holy sponsor Jesus Christ. 1 2 3 all together Now: "Thank You Jesus!"


And So It Is, Now, Indeed.

Namaste, Espavo, Happy Trails & Turn it Up. ) ( )

Thank YOU So Much God.

We will all love on and strive to do Your Will because we know it's the best for us all.

and, indeed, it is so ~ Now. In Jesus Name..


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12: 20 a.m.

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God bless the Child-Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Thank you somaelh for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blood, Sweat & Tears.



Update. Spirit has created an intro page to this page, my dear friends. To get there - here are the directions...

# 1 Go here with a click paulfb.com

# 2 Check out all the good stuff there, if led. but click on the button at the drop down menu 'Jesus Welcomes Us <3

# 3 Read, experience, and, if led, share with Everyone the 'Good new News' that You have found. <3 ) )

See Ya's on the beaches of the world ~ any world. ) ) ) ~

P pic..


Nantasket Beach, Hull, Ma.

See Ya's at the beach... )

Who needs a little romance? )

Dan Fogelberg ~ Same Old Lang Syne (v1) ~ Dan Fogelberg

Thank you JMEagle for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg. )



Jesus, it looks like you're offering everyone a hug; is that correct, our Dear Friend? )

We'll take that smile as a 'Yes' Dear Brother.

Ok, whoever wants a hug, and we mean a real 'Hug' w Jesus just click on this url and download it. The hug w Jesus starts at 42:33 Of course we do recommend listening to the whole reading up to that, otherwise you'll miss good stuff esp a visit with Jerry Garcia. So, with the hug - just have feet on the ground w an open & grateful <3 and you will experience it, guaranteed. ) Shout out & Thank You to Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Mr Jim Law. RIP.


After that try our deluxe 45" special with Kevin Karlson. As P was/is proxy for God coming thru for you, so is Kevin for The Infinite coming thru P to Kevin & to you if you are open to it.. It's all about being open to what the universe wants to give us, dear ones.. )


And more good hug stuff shared here along w a whole lotta love & good stuff. )


This is a simple, sweet, kind, compassionate & loving transfer of Chi*




Anybody seen any rising suns around here?

Oh, this just in over the horizon, check it out...

Mom, I told you if God could sing, He's sound like Gordon Lightfoot. For you Mom & Everyone...

Beautiful Gordon Lightfoot..

Thank you Gordon Lightfoot - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Gordon Lightfoot.

Y'all be sure to check out Gordon's starsite page here:


Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind

Thank you fab70smusic for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot. <3 )



Note The title has been changed to reflect that all God's children are Hall of famers & the 5 (the # of adventure) 7's puts us all on the same level of equality & worth.

Hear (sic) we all r where Heaven on earth resides, as wll as the other pages on this, His site. All r most welcome to come & play here anytime. The 'holes' left by copywright infringement will be fixed soon. If u enjoy this site plz consider the work that has gone into it thru the simple channel- p. He only wants the best 4 his friends. He knows 'I AM THAT I AM' Is The Best in The Business, 'I AM THAT I AM,' Is here 2 stay, would never leave His Children unprotected & wouldn't even think of giving up His ''good" the illusion w/o a fight. He made, crafted & lives in this divine illusion like the bad guys do. Guess what? He prompts this channel to type...It's 'over,' my dear friends. It truly is 'done.' When a Turkey is 'done' in the oven, it's the moment 2 take it out & eat it. correct? Of course.

Christ taught us about this w 'This is my Body & Blood, take it & eat: All of you & infinite life will be yours. And so it is, now. In Jesus Name. This is not a joke, tho some seem 2 think that about what is termed 'life.' p feels like putting some 'Bread' on. We know, it's all about sharing & caring, so...here ya go...musical bread 2 feed one's soul. Souls require feeding & nurturing so take care of your soul & help other's w their needs & when the moment is nigh, we will connect back to the far flung star we sprang from. Sound like a plan, Stan? 'Awesome' is the word for this age of enlightenment we're in now, folks & Yes, you can take that 2 The Leader of the Band. Hey WZLX, can you guys put on some 'Yes", soon. Yeah, Roundabout would b appropriate.

Oh, and p will very soon, have a page of His i.e. God's perfect 12, in honour of His 'perfect 12' i.e. Aries 2 Pisces. There, Him willing, will be a Female & Male perfect 12 songs. This will be soon, so stay tooned. (sic).

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We found we already had a 12 + perfect thread 4 the ladies, so all good...


Yahoo images.

And a pretty good one 4 the guys too, ioho. Get fueled here, everyone. Ty )


Yahoo images.

Thank you peruven 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Bread featuring Mr David Gates on vocals. Perfect song, perfect delivery & era when this came out. We thank You perfect God of 'ALL THAT IS' ~

The Great & Infinite ~ I AM THAT I AM ~ Prime Source ~ Ultimate Divine ~ Divine Ultimate ~ Creator of Creators & One with All~That~ Is. Indeed; & So It Is, Now. IJN.

Anyone left up there you can see, paul? ) nope. )

Ok, guys, p's gotta bring his car 'quicksilver' in 4 an oil change. & we hope your day goes ~ swimmingly 4 you. Indeed.

Cheers, )

Rec & fin.


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Now, as was stated here before...

Thank You God for All we are, which is love; infinite, divine & without end.l.

Thank You God for the Incredible future You have in store for Your grateful

loving children. It Is Now Truly "Celebration Time" on 'Plant It' Earth. TYJ!

Now, turn it up and let's Welcome Back the Greatest Rock Band in the History of Rock and Roll!

[Special Thanks to all who made these videos available for sharing.]

Ed note, all the folks who uploaded will be thanked soon on their contribution.

URGENT UPDATE ~ Update: NOW Now 10/19/15

This just in literally seconds ago.

From Divine Ultimate...Good News: Are you ready, Dear Ones? Got your seat belt on?

Here you go;;;

EVERYONE Is Now this moment inducted into Heaven's Hall of Fame, Yes, saints or sinners

HE takes no prisoners

Moment marked at: 10/19/15

3:50 p.m.

Congratulations Each and every one of us. IJN.

Keep smiling in Gratitude, and esp.. L-O-V-e.

It iis written, Now, Indeed.

p & co 7 & humanity

Oh, btw

Happy Trails Which has been playing all this time, see & hear it below and

Thank You Quicksilver Messenger Service, as well as all the music playing

now or in storage. It's there when you need it, just call on it when you need it,

Heaven knows it 's healing. What's better than prayer? Silence, music of your taste.

Thanks all & see you around the campus. )

He says insert newer picture here, Bro. Done. 7/28/17 (as previous pic disappeared.)

P pic..

Paul Jesus <3 )

Your humble smiling servant, Humanity. <3 ) Accurate painting by artist Akiane Kramarik

(This pic replaces one that disappeared.) https://www.youtube.com/user/akianeart

No more long face for Paul. This is a face of someone with no money worries bc God Who Owns this Plant it has declared and decreed that the only thing we need down here in 3 and 4 D is Love. The Cashless , Love Is All We need is IN. Isn't that a relief. Even for you Wall Street Titans it's got to be a large load off your minds, always trying to keep your 'ducks in a row.'

Paul, selfie, taken at World's End, Hingham, Ma 2017. We hope this )

contagious for our friends... Everyone. <3 )

Thank You God

Thank you Led Zeppelin.

We Salute and Thank The Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Roadies,

Outlaws and Gangsters of Rock and Roll.


Greatest Rock Band ever? You can't argue with Jack Black. )

The Kennedy Center Honors Led Zeppelin Part 1 of 2

Thank you Jimmy Karlsson for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jack Black, Foo Fighters and Kid Rock.

Led Zeppelin Kennedy Center Honors 12 26 12 (Lenny Kravitz & Heart)

Thank you Chard Prasodjo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jack Black, Lenny Kravitz And Heart w Ann & Nancy Wilson & Jason Bonham & Company.

Thank You Led Zeppelin and Fans. Everyone, We hope. )


Madonna, help us get this party started, ok?

Thank You Madonna & Crew. Awesome work! <3 ).

Thank you Elizabeth Travis for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Thank you Milos Krstic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eric Clapton & Company.

Thank you amberson1100 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rod Stewart & Company.

Thank you aizbelz for sharing on YT.

Thank you SCORPIONS Crazy Italian Fans for sharing on YT.

Thank you Scorpions VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions.

Thank you carann5 for sharing on YT

Thank You Mr Joe Walsh. )

Thank You Crosby Stills & Nash

Thank You EssentialDegnities for sharing on YT & congratulations. )

Thank You Jefferson Airplane.

Thank you abedabe123 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Loreena McKennitt & Company.

Thank you 1957GSS for sharing on YT.

Thank you Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.

Thank you koaxis77 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Quicksilver Messenger Service

Orleans - Dance With Me

Thank you KlassikRocker for sharing on YT.

Thank You Orleans. ~ Paul & Nanci's song <3 )

Oh by the way...

Thank you ReelinInTheYears66 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Three Dog Night.

Thank you ReelinInTheYears66 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Al Green.

Thank You Journey.

Thank you Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo & Band.

Thank you JimiHendrixVEVO for sharing on YT

Thank You Jimi Hendrix & Experience ~ Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell

Aerosmith at Boston Strong Concert

(Click on, it's good.)

Thank you Aerosmith and Friends.

Boston Boston Strong Concert

Thank you Boston.

Thank you The Cars.

J Geils Band Boston Strong Concert

Thank you J. Geils Band.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band ~ Countin' On A Miracle.

Thank You Bruce & The E Street Band.

Let The Kingdom Come..

Thank you Karl Wallinger & World Party.

Thank You World Party.

Everyone is coming to God's party

Thank you Kiss.

James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett Boston Strong Concert

Thank you JT and Jimmy Buffett.

And remember fellow children of All That Is... Yes, You've got a friend.

Thank you James Taylor, Carole King and Awesome Company {that's Everyone!} )

Let the good times roll ~ forever.

Thank you Mr B.B. King and Company.

Thank You John Mayer and 'the legend' Mr B B. King ) )

Sting has a message...

Thank you Sting and Company

Rock & Roll and Rolling Stones Forever...

Thank you Rolling Stones.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse November, 2012 in Boston

Thank you Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Awesome show ~ Paul & Carol were there. )

Neil Young Walk Like A Giant Boston garden by Ben Wilder 11 26 2012

Thank You Again Neil Young and Crazy Horse ~ Rockin' on for eternity... )

Sir Paul McCartney and Friends at Fenway Park, Boston, Ma July, 2013

Thank you Paul and Band and Fans.

A song to get ready for winter w scenes from above

Thank You Ritchie Blackmore ~ Rainbow.

Perfect Strangers To The Rising Sun Live Tokyo

Thank you Deep Purple

Jethro Tull Living in the past.

Thank you Jethro Tull.

Jeff Lynne & ELO Mr Blue Sky

Thank You Jeff and Electric Light Orchestra.

The Doobie Brothers Listen to the music, were having a cconversation here. )

Thank You The Doobie Brothers.

Shooting Shark from the Revolution by night allbum.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

I love the night. For Divine Mother Mary ( )

Take me away.

Burnin' for you.

In the still of the night. Live

Thank You Whitesnake God bless You Too... )

Megadeth The world needs a hero

Tornado of souls Live

Thank You Megadeth

Metallica The Unforgiven

Nothing else matters. Live

Thank You Metallica.

.Guns n' Roses-Knocking on Heavens door HD LIVE

Thank You Guns N' Roses. ) <3

AC/DC Back in black

Thank You AC/DC.

Yes ~ Roundabout...

Thank You YES.

Who's ready 4 a new home? One by the sea?

Genesis Home by the sea.

Thank You Genesis.

Lionel Richie & Company All Night Long.

Thank You Lionel Richie & Company

The Police We are spirits in the material world.

Synchronicity II

Thank You Sting, Andy and Stewart The Police.

[Support your local & cosmic police]

Thus Dear Friends in Heaven, concludes the presentation of the 4th party induction

into Heaven's Hall of Fame. We can not list all who can and should be in here.

These artists are really just a representation of who belongs here, Ok? Good.

Keep smiling and celebrating folks and carry on with gratitude to Divine Ultimate~

Divine Creator ~ Prime Source ~ Prime Creator ~ Divine Heavenly Infinite Father~Mother ~ God ~ Creator

~ ALL THAT IS ~ In Jesus Name.

And So It Is Now, Indeed.

On this auspicious occasion we will hereby recognize and Thank & Bless The Volunteers

who said "I'm in" when God thru Sanat Kumara, the Lord of Venus, sent out the clarion call

that went out to all souls in His infinite firmament.

It was ~ if you are able your presence is needed on Planet Earth ~ Terra.

It will not be easy, it will, indeed, be very hard. Only one thing can save the Earth, love.

That's it. If you can love the Earth and your fellow beings you'll meet there, God will find

a way. Prayer and music helps the most, not to mention silence.. You're not good at prayer? Do you talk to yourself?

Guess what, you are talking to God, He lives inside you as you, Beloveds. He thinks you're pretty

neat so you were one of the countless applicants, so to speak, to be allowed to come here on your God

given and agreed to mission.

So, in closing, we want to thank everyone for doing their best. God will bless each and every one of you.

Yes, saints and sinners, There are no jails upstairs. Life is about learning. So, what have you learned in

your time here on schoolroom Earth?

Congratulations, you made it. Your team has won Big Time. See, our team has the benefit of Jesus Christ in the

cosmic end zone, so to speak, for over 2,000. years. Indeed, Jesus has proven Himself to be, in Divine Ultimate terms, ~

The Way, The Truth, The light and most of all the love back to Source. Indeed and Yes, So It Is Now, Indeed.

Thank You to the Fans, Priests, Troubadours, Minstrels, Roadies > Now Lovers, Outlaws & Gangsters of Rock & Roll. Indeed. ) ( )

Shout out to all who had anything to do with making and sharing these videos.~ You have laid down a path we can run on

with the miracle of modern technology where 1 dude in beautiful Quincy, Massachusetts, USA can move his fingers over a

keyboard and connect to a person's soul anywhere in the world. So, Thank You God for this and all the amazing events & friend~

ships to come. We will end this now with a song which we can consider a theme song for this phase of our collective journey.

Here we go...

The Moody Blues Floating ~ ~

Thank you Dan's Blues for sharing on YT.

A more cosmic version ~ ~ ~

Thank you EssentialDegnities for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Good night Gracie et al )

fin: 4: 03 a.m.


p.s. Next induction will be after midnight 10/20/15 God willing. Thank You God who is

Fully responsible for All the content of this, His site.

And So It Is, Indeed. )



4:09 a.m.

Thank you aristacourt for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Thank you Moody Jill 4 shariing onYT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Let's be God's children & live in perfect peace, perfect peace. Sound like a plan (His perfect, infinitely perfect plan) humanity? Really?

Ok, let's get serious. Awesome. )



Doesn't that last song tell the story. "When we're All Free Men & Women Again," Like back in the beginning before humanity took a fall.

Guess what humanity, He's giving us another chance. This time who would say 'no." Seize the moment & say: 'Yes.~ I'm In."

Thank You God. For all who say "Yes"

we'll close it up by saying.. "And So It Is, Now & forever, Indeed. IJN

Namaste )

Rec & fin.


3:05 a.m.



For You Boston. & The World.

Aerosmith - Dream On (with Southern California Children's Chorus) - Boston Marathon Bombing Tribute.

Thank you TheAerosmithVault for sharing on YT..

Thank You Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and The Southern California Children's Chorus

Let''s Dream On Forever, guys; sounds like a plan...

Namaste. )

p.s. Paul, we're exhausted and know you are as well, however, you must have a even further place for us to go, if led, right Bro? Of course my dear friend(s). Spirit has no end; just ask Jesus. In fact- He invites us all to come over to this place for more musical nourishment. Here ya's go.but don't be a stranger here, ok? Awesome. )


Google Images.



Greetings Ka Jillion Family of One ~ Under The Great Central Sun.

Yes, indeed, It is now and forever written that we, dear brothers and sisters of the light, for the darkness has been cast out,

are so tight and in each other's soup, we live and love and Rock and, hopefully, don't bleed too much, and only then from like

a gash from playing soccer. Indeed, wearing our physical bodies can be a challenge to aoid pain and suffering of so many types.

It will be better when we all ascend as one and find ourselves 'upstairs' where we belong, or on a ship headed to 'Heaven knows where-

Mr &r Ms Ka Jillion. Whatever out=plays we are loved beyond our human physical capacity to comprehend, dear ones. Let the Celebration

of God's eternal Victory be our Grateful mandate fellow sons and daughters of Infinity. May we all shine shine shine. We can't help same -

It's just the way it is..

So, we do have a place to go and here (hear) it is. A sweet, God provided place where the worship of God is in plain and simple sight. Here's link...


Naturally we leave ya's with a song. Scribe will see where he is led and be back. Hold tight, as the song is playing in the humble instrument's brain, now. ) Anybody got a clue what it will be? Be right back... )

Cat Stevens - Morning has broken 1976 For Mom, this is our song. <3 )

Thank you fritz51325 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf. <3 )



Queen - We Are the Champions (Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 1985)

Thank you Chakhnashvili Paatar for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Queen Freddy Universe (Yep, God gave Him a raise 4 All the love he created down here. )

Brian May ~ Roger Taylor and John Deacon. And a Big nod 2 Adam Clayton.) Truly a Band for the ages. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_(band)



This is wrap dear Friends of ALL THAT IS. Where to now, Paul? How 'bout outdoors Lucky & Daisy? We hear there's a whole Big beautiful world out there to explore. Walk barefoot on the good earth and soak up Gaia's healing energies aka negative ions. Play, run skip and breathe the air. Let's live in Joy & peace.

Wouldn't that be a nice change?

Ok, here's a good place, maybe it's raining outside or the moon is out & not the sun. You coming w us big brothers & sisters? Spirit has a leaving page. We hope Y'all r coming with. God's given us free choice forever. So maybe see Ya's there. Good stuff awaits, guaranteed.


Here's 2 tickets, however you don't need 'em. As a child of God in good standing on this boot camp schoolhouse, no longer a battlefield, we've all earned our stripes. So let's take 5 and we'll all see each other where we may. Sound okay fellow peeps, spirits in body, soon to be back in light? Hope so. Cheers, <3 )

Namaste. )

Rec & fin 9/17/19 12:11 a.m.