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P pic.

Union Sq, Somerville, Ma 2017



Extra Special Welcome 2 Awl the big boys & girls arriving from www.paulfb.com/444597918 Jesus Is the jubilee.III of Jesus Is the jubilee site:


Now. 6/12/19

Nanci holds the door 4 Friends and Fans of Brother Erik i.e. Everyone (link below )

Now, 6/7/19

Nanci holds the door open 4 Team Oneness, Faith and Gratitude. Thank You Schweetheart for the magic. <3 ) ) )

Btw, Still waiting 4 your people 2 call my people, dear, to set up lunch. )

Now, 6/4/19


Nanci holds the door open 4 444 angels 2 start with, All of us part of Team Love, Gratitude and Adventure forever.. You W us humanity? We hope so. )

3/24/18 Update: Nanci hold(n the door open for 'Team Happily Ever After' in Union Square, Somerville, Ma June, 2017. )

If anyone should, could or would like to share this page here's a URL: www.tinyurl.com/GodsHappilyeverafter777 TYVM. )

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Nanci holds the door for 'Team Going Home Sweet Home.' <3 )



Nanci holds the door to anyone who needs a lift to the New Ruby Rogers Center 'Upstairs.'



Nanci holds the passenger door for all who want to be passengers to Infinity. We have one driver who

goes by 'Hey you,' among other names. )

'Who me?'

Restored yet again 2/18//21

Photo by Carol T,. Chelsea, Ma. (many years ago)

Let's welcome a True Warrior for Truth, Justice and the universal way. Joan will you please help us all get to Heaven?

Oh, never mind, we're already here. )


Like, Happy Birthday Joan Baez <3 ) www.paulfb.com w more sharings, like: http://www.paulfb.com/441358584 http://www.tinyurl.com/JoanBaez777 Who's Joan, kiddies? We felt a giant portal opening in our <3 when we opened this page. True. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Baez Did we mention Joan is an excellent driver? (here) www.tinyurl.com/Nancisplace8881111 #Realdealfolks #Therealfolkiesknow #Keepsmiling ) ) )



Look what we stumbled on, speaking of the Birthday Lady...

The Story Behind A Musical Moment That Gives You The Shivers.

Thank you David Hoffman for sharing on Yt.

OMG was this like vintage wine from a bygone era. Thank You Joan. Earl, Randy,

Gary & the baby. Thank You again David for capturing this sweetness. <3 )

Now 1/10/21 From Fb...

Happy 80th, the new 60 Birthday Joan Baez! A true warrior 4 the light. Awl invited to a Joan Appreciation page www.tinyurl.com/JoanBaez777 & here: http://www.tinyurl.com/Joantakeushome0000 & here: www.tinyurl.com/ComingHome2God0000 See Ya's awl in 7th Heaven, humanity. Oh, seems weir already here, correct Jerry? 😎🙏 🧳 www.tinyurl.com/Jesusisjubilee000 www.paulfb.com Awl Praise & Thank You Giving 2 God. IJN. And So It Is. 😎 See Joan status here, if led, 'Paul Friday' moment 1/10/21 7:44 a.m. www.tinyurl.com/SeccretsofaJoyroom0000 Hope En - Joy 😎

Joan Flower girl of a generation <3 )



Big Papi is an Excellent driver (Watch on Yt 2 see subsequent vids.)

Thank You 4 the 'Big Love' David 'Big Papi' Ortiz Everyone <3's You, Man. ) ) )

As good a driver David is, He's an even better hugger... (888) <3 ) Hey New York, Boston <3's U whether U like it or not. )


We Awl wish You a Very speedy recovery, David.. God Bless and looking 4 ward 2 a nice hug. Godspeed, and 'Go Red Sox!'.

Back to previous thread...

Who wants to go home? So far we have 3 Excellent Drivers and 3 vehicle choices offered by God, The God of Jesus Christ, Guys. When One gets 2 know that divine love, llke Christ You Will do anything to share that love bc it is there 4 us earth angels 44 if we wake up, smell the coffee or tea, and fire our bankers. We are each our own sovereign boss and we decide what and who is right and who is full of ... whatever.. Really doesn't matter, anymore. ) God <3's us. That's everything we need. ). Jesus said we must be as little children, so Guys (includes 'gals' of course, but for grammatical economy we say guys or 'gise,' ok? )

Currier and Ives P pic of Quicksilver III, Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma.

Going Home on the Jesus Express.Choose your vehicle. They all run on Love.

At this particular juncture we do recommend Quicksilver II AKA 'Starship Hope'. One of Ashtar's Fleet.

Yahoo images P pic Circa 1968 Classic 1960 Triumph TR 3 P's first car.

Who wants a blessing from this High energy videe. Wait 4 it. God bless

From our last video to our very first from 2013.

God's plan is Our plan. Who can see the pieces coming together.according to Divine timing?

So, we can choose these or whatever floats your particular boat. What's that Ashtar? our very close friend. and frequent dinner guest along with His lovely Soul partner, Lady Athena Yes, we did see that everything at the Chop And Chop was the magical # of 88. It is suggested here by Holy Spirit to share the historic, but seldom heard recording from 1993 where Ashtar came thru 'the human telephone line' Michael El Legion but first let's make sure everyone, as many as possible 'got the memo,'Spirit, which is shared at Dr Peebles place and Site essentials page so lets, grab a cup, take our shoes off. Popcorn is an option or whatever you like. We're about 2 have supper w a little merlot wine left from last night..We name things we love so, naturally we dubbed our glass of wine, Jesus. Somehow it seems to fit. )

Look guys, Its true everything is 88 Cents, at least for what we can see in this picture. Yeah, Paul slaves over a hot stove cooking 4 his super buddies like Ashtar and friends. I.e. .Everybody. )



A little fun. )

Alright Peeps. Ask yourself. Is this really a good idea? Lol )


Now, back to previous thread...

First, we rec the cosmic memo from 1995 from Connecting Link magazine RIP If pages don't load fully, try later. TY )

Look, here's the plan once again, www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777 w Jesus' response: www.tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777

This, after not being available for a while, is now available at this perfect & all the perfect moments to come. His Will willing. )

From 1993,,,

tinyurl.com/Ashtar4us777 W Michael ElLegion and Ashtar

And then, if int...


September, 2012: With Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire James Law and special Guests.


Jim had fun down here, and guess what, guys? He's still having even more fun on the other side where that's the # 1 occupation of everyone, correct Jim?

Thank U 4 jumping on by here, everyone's friend & buddy, if ask. Love U 2 Bro. Hope see You & Awl on the 'flip' side, soon. (there's that 's' word again. )

Then from July, 2013 James Law w more special (surprise ) guests.tinyurl.com/MrToadsWildRide777

Thank You James Law ~ Big Time and Jesus, My Mom & Fam , Jimi, Jerry, John and Dr Peebles who attended

one or both of these sessions. God Bless You and all who listen to these. And so it is, indeed. )

Oops, ok, so if you read that B4 the reading, it wasn't a surprise. lol

And this one just added here, brought up from below. God's adding the heavy artillery close to the top here 4 us.

www.tinyurl.com/LovesLeaderNow777 Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky and the Akashic Record Keepers, and, of course, God. Source of ALL THAT IS. IJN. <3 )

Now, 6/7/19 It's High tide at our ~ God's channel, What's 'ours' is God's, dear ones. w/o God we have nothing. With God the world is our moody blue oyster weir all that's good and amazing, magnificent and Awesome is ours 2 share with ALL THAT IS. Y'all invited, now. Don't be a stranger. right Jim Morrison? YEAHHH Jim Shouts... ) lol )


Now .6/8/19 We have been nudged to reveal this new now page at the paulfb site. It's already done, we just have to do the work of filling in the content as Spirit moves scribe's fingers. This reading is about to be shared over here. Please come and, if like, share. Thank Ya's http://www.paulfb.com/442247080

Yahoo Images

Purple Beach 2 infinity, No one left B hind. <3 )

Leslee Jo, can you please tell us the time? Thank you, dear. Everyone <3's U! )

The Time is NOW!!! - Message for Awakening with Leslee Jo Klinsky

Thank you Leslee Jo Klinsky's Akashic Dream for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Leslee Jo. We'll see you and all your fellow beloved friends at the jubilee. Oh, weir already here ` 7th Heaven. Rejoice, Rejoice, we made the right choice. i.e. to B Grateful... Dead or Alive. God Bless Us every one and Every thing. All Is Well and Thriving. Too late 4 anything 2 stop Now. This Is a goood (well) thing. So, in closing... scribe extends his love and light, down from The Infinite Mind of Creator. Fun is us, In Gratitude, divine love and service.

Just knock on our door if there's annything further Ya's need fellow children of The One. Now, we know Everyone needs a good cosmic hug, so 4 those ready, ask, take a deep breath or more. Ready, here we go... ( <3 ) Repeat as want. Always here. God Bless You aka as Humanity. Cheers and cheerio 4 now.

Rec & Fin

6/8/19 3:22 p.m.

P.s. We recommend all our friends, that's you, everyperson, check out Leslee Jo's Yt channel here... https://www.youtube.com/user/LesleeJK/videos

Look, guys, looks like we made our goal.. With help a plenty from God, Lord Jesus Mom and Dad & Diane & Fam and Friends et al. & angels, angels, angels, ad infinitum. * <3 )

Take a tour of the love ~ swoop room July 22, 2017

Thank You's to God for this Far Flung Production Limitless.

Thank You God who does everything. Paul, you are an excellent innocent bystander. lol )

Who likes slide shows? esp ones where God did all the work? Check these 2 out, if led. (more at site essentials page.)

What can we say, folks...


A more concise version of this show is here...


Anyone starting to get The Big Picture? Aimee, you are? Congratulations You don't even have to wait 'til Tuesday,' my dear... <3 )

Thank You Til Tuesday. A Band of angels if we ever saw ~ heard one. God bless ya's

and all yer fans ~ we believe that is everyone gifted w ears. to hear <3 ) God bless. )

Love the hairstyle, Aimee... )

No need to worry...

Thank you Nanci and Crew. Keep smiling... <3 )

Now May 30, 2019 Update...

Congratulations Nanci and All supporters of The Ruby Rogers Center... Prayers heard and acted on by Team "Whatever It Takes" In close association with

The Company of Heaven spirits angels and the God is Love and Love Is God Love God and love one another trustees. In other words, dear ones... Not mine however THINE is Done. Not my will way momenting or plan but Your Will Is Done Now Dear God ALL THAT IS. IN JESUS NAME. AND SO IT IS.

If you would like to share this happily ever after dovetailing page , here's a new url in addition to the one at the top. TY.


Now, end of insert and back to the previous thread

It's too sad to even think that our brave, selfless veterans, who served and defended our country in foreign wars, fighting against ourselves, since we are all in the human family, dear sisters and brothers, right?

We think of Brother John, a veteran and client of the Ruby Rogers Center, who could find no other option than hanging out and sleeping on a bench in a small park around the corner from Ruby Rogers. Just one of a multitude of people and veterans - who served their country, forced to sleep on a bench, cold, hungry, broke (but not broken) and alone. SMH. Budget cuts.. Our blood boils, people. Nanci has told me that John was always the first client, waiting for her to show up and open the place, making sure she was safe and sound. RIP John, just one client of RRC. Every one with a story, just like we all on the planet have our stories, old souls.

Think on this, my dear friends, it's ok to weep. We do. Special 'Thank you' to Ruby Rogers Staff member Harry Agritha for this FB Sharing of Brother John Gammon. Nice work, Harry.

Rest in peace John L Gammon 3/28/66 - 10/2/17. You were one tough proud lifelong Villain. Last Spring when Mary and I visited you after church on Palm Sunday the doctors gave you two months to live...you lived for six. You never complained about the pain that you were in. You always made me laugh when I visited you weekly at hospice. When I picked up your belongings today, the nurses staff and patients I told were very sad but pleased that you are no longer suffering. I will miss our visits at your bedside with Zeus whom you called your nephew. I will miss your sense of humor. I will miss your street smarts. You were one tough son of a bitch and fought until the end. Liver cancer sucks...you are in a better place now where there is no pain brother. May your memory be eternal.

We must share Harry's story of John here. Makes one think that, hey, if you can leave this 'Brokedown palace' of a place with just one good friend, it was all worth it. God bless John and Harry and Mary and Zeus. ; )

Harry Agritha

Thank you all for your condolences. Unfortunately, John was homeless and had no biological family that I know of. We met 5 years ago when I started volunteering at the Ruby Rogers advocacy center in Somerville. We became good friends when I joined as a staff member 3 years ago. John was a very active member and part of our "family" at "Ruby's" as he called it. He was one of many members who was devastated when the center closed its doors in June after 33 years serving the Somerville community.

He had many friends until his health declined last spring. The staff at hospice told me I was the *only person that visited him. He looked forward to my visits especially if Mary and Zeus joined me. Last month when I brought him a meatball sub from Leone's, he was so happy you would never know he had no appetite, he ate the whole thing and told me it was better than a steak dinner! I looked forward to visiting him and making a positive difference in his life. John was one of our many members who was a veteran.

* we have been informed that the nurses weren't correct with that statement. Nanci and at least 2 other people visited him a few times.. Glad to hear that.

Paul F Brown

RIP John 'Rockin In Paradise.' Fine tribute Harry, One worth sharing here. www.tinyurl.com/GodsHappilyeverafter777 The Ruby Rogers Center is coming back.folks and any support is most welcome. #Sharethegoodnews #Givingisneverwastedactivity #Everyoneneedsahelpinghandsometimes 😎

P pic off bulletin board at Ruby Rogers Center

Nanci and Harry. You two look marvelous. )

The lesson is; my dear friends, we all need to look after each other. No child of God is unworthy of compassion, empathy, caring and fighting for. The Ruby Rogers Center went down but it's coming back and it's legacy will shine on forever as a beacon to people everywhere on how to treat one another. i.e. Christ like, fellow human beings, immortal spiritual beings on the way up. Jesus, The Christ consciousness, God's ultimate perfect gift to humanity, was & Is our way~ shower and brother, a man of spit and vinegar and take no prisoners warrior when it came to showing people the real meaning of real love.

Jesus laid sown the perfect blueprint for how to live a good life. There's a time to turn a cheek and a time to fight like Archangel Michael doing God's will against the dark forces of evil and dissolution. Remember Jesus and the money changers in the temple? That's exactly how this Paul guy feels sometimes, folks. Everyone worrying, fretting, trying to make ends meet, some even robbing and killing over it And then we put up with ego centered political 'leadership' in the world today.

God knows. enough is enough, folks. Everyone knows, by now at this very late date in our evolution, we need change, and the sooner the better. What would

Capt Picard, a fellow revolutionary advanced being on the cutting and sewing edge of human intelligence, say? See The vid. Indeed, team Oneness concurs, Capt.

And So It Is. )

Star Trek - Money Doesn't Exist in the Future

Thank you to producers, directors, actors and everyone involved in this Star Trek enterprise. )

All it is is a concept, people. That's all it is, one that societies, countries, worlds have fallen for, until they wake up and smell the coffee, esp when a teacher like Jesus comes along and the world's problems seem to melt away. peeps. Following in His loving and living with purpose and not backing down when the heat is on or push comes to shove. The light can not and will not be shut out as long as our team oneness is in town.

Paul, Lucky and Daisy here, Paul, if the Free 'Woken up' world asked... would You, Mr Paul, be our Leader? God already is L & D. You think HE The Father doesn't hold Ultimate control of ALL THAT IS? Think again. We have our free will, beloveds, but if some leader clown and his playmate e.g. are going to try to blow up the planet over their petty little disagreements, then, that just will not be allowed or tolerated. When push comes to shove, God Knows, mot even in the blink of an eye Ashtar, not to mention Jesus, and the Sunat Kumara's of the Universe have the green light to step in and take control.

This is akin to what Mr Brown is doing with his self appointed, 'Love in Action' volunteer mission, sealed with a hug and handshake with Creator.

So, This is the way of the world and as the beloved broadcaster, Walter Cronkite used to say after every nightly newscast... 'And That's The Way it is.' And as Dan Rather once famously said "Courage" Indeed. We all need that. Btw, Dan, Sir, did you ever see the email Paul sent you, inviting you to interview him? We haven't heard anything but we're still open to any interviews. Now, no special offers, just ask, first come first served, esp the kid reporters out there who want a scoop. )

Remember, guys we are all about 'Fun.' Fun is the best, that's why God left it to be the last thing 4 HisHer chill dren 2 go thru. Fun will never end as we are all created Fun beings, let Paul tell you guys about God's sense of humor OMG ) Guys, let's be like the birds and the bees and the chimpanzees, and the giraffes. Did we mention the donkeys and the elephants? The Eagles watch, contemplate, they are the wise ones and they are singing, along with All Creation... Praise God, Thank You God. We Love You God for You are Great and Awesome God and We Love You God!'

Jerry knew all about Fun, and how 'contagious' it can be... )

Photo Courtesy The Grateful Dead.

As scribe's fingers can hardly keep up with the flow; just the way it Is and should be, w no 'woulda, shoulda, coulda regrerts at the end of our collective rainbow, team oneness. Yeah, it's like the old football analogy started when Paul Brown coached the Cleveland Browns and when Jim Brown scored a touchdown, it was like, yeah, that's what I do, no jumping around or crazy celebration for him. Nope, just give me the ball and get out of my way bc I know where the end zone is, and when the designated player gets in there the whole team, not to mention a city - wins. We are finished for now, dear lovers of ALL THAT IS. Catch Ya's later, as green energy* is all over this keyboard. Wow. <3 )

* The colour of money but also the colour of healing. Feel, breathe, think and instruct our minds, our all powerful subconscious minds, that we are healed. All is well in Heaven and Earth and there's nothing to worry about bc we have put it all in God's hands. Expect miracles and watch them happen. When a synchronicity happens, bless it, and ask for more, they will come. Be at peace with yourself and the whole wide world will be at peace with you, Jesus says. Fill thy own cup in order to be able to fill thy neighbor's cup, the Master says. Know God Is love and allow that love to shine in you like the sun that lights up the world. And So It Is. Peace be with all; Thank You Jesus. <3 )


To whom it may interest: Ashtar's words thru the great clear 'telephone line' Michael Ellegion. for Paul F Brown


Rec & fin for the record. Joe Friday time... And Wishing each and every one of us a Most Blessed, Happy Merry Christmas!


11:00 p.m.




We Thank God for awakening us to experience another day in our particular wellusionary hologram. We make it work to best of our considerable abilities. Along the way He may place 'landmark stations;' re how we're doing. These 2 readings are such landmarks. We are one team, guys, so take to <3 that you are w the winning team. The competition? What competition? Thank you very much and 'keep smiling... ) '

We usually share that Ashtar reading with this one and now we have a dynamic 3rd one to share. So this one is really essential..Thank you great Intuitive Consultant James Law, Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jesus


And this one just added

www.tinyurl.com/LovesLeaderNow777 Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky and the Akashic Record Keepers.



Greetings All Gods and Goddesses,

Welcome to the Infinite Love Day of the cosmic month of March, 2018. We're so glad you're here. Look around

and see if you can have some fun here. We hope you find something to thank God for.. And if like ~ share...)

Cheerio for now...

Paul & Dakarra, <3 )



Drivers & Passengers invited to Paradise...

Who's next? Everyman, You're coming, right? Oh Good. ) Cuz God doesn't take the no word for an answer. Just to let ya's know.

It's too late, there's no more time, the curtain has rung down and the stars are singing as one. Moment is Now for E v e r y o n e to get on the what train, Mom?

Yeah, that one ~ The Peace Train. Let's go Guys, while we're young. )



Insert: “Time is, time was, but time shall be no more.”

― James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

---And just to share, the other night, we were driving from Boston to Quincy w Mom in our thoughts thinking about synchronicities and things and just as in a perfect conversation this song came on the Sirius 'Bridge' channel. What a coincidence, right Mom? lol

(and how we came across the above quote today was another serendipitous occurrence and not planned, while updating this page:


It's part of 'the paradigm shift' Good Shift happens. )

Cat Stevens - Peace Train

Thank you Kwanonify forr sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Master Cat Stevens now Yusuf.

Let's all love Alfred Hitchcock, on the peace train, can we? Here's hoping All our synchronicity's help us find the right train home, right, Mom? ) <3 )

Alright, Welcome Everyone & Everything to This ~ God's & His Most Noble Creations ~ Us ~ 'Happily Ever After' Site. You are here, now because you were born to be here. Congratulations on your most notable achievement on this most beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, harmonious, adventurous & kind day.

So, as we do let the love of God's <3 among other things - do the talking, let us start off this celebratory place with a song. God, Please choose the song and may we all, each & everyone w no soul left out listen w the love that God placed in our souls when we were created to be as loving companions to Him~Her.

The song is coming & hear* it is. En-joy Folks...)

In God's infinite generosity, He gives us a whole album. Thank You God. )

Thank you Juan José Gómez Montes for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Meet our Partners in Love ~ And on behalf of the group ~ All Praise & "Thank You's' To God In infinite Gratitude. Indeed. IJN. Yes.

P pics.

Mom, Now 7/1/19 & forever referring to as 'Marie' Jesus ~ Sananda, Our Saviour & 'deliverer' and The Blessed Mother Mary.=--Now simply 'Mary' Our Good Thank You's In Oneness. Now & Forever, Indeed. TYJ Thank You God. Indeed. Yes. Ref here the 'Bullet' page 2 learn about the 1st name movement, Titles now not used, See Jesus' easiest teachings http://www.paulfb.com/442698503 TYVM )

And in the beginning God thought ~ said...There outta be a group named Yes. And in the perfect moment in the scein of forever, along w the other Far Flung teams & groups come to save the love planet there was a group. Yes, may we hear from them now, Dear God? Thought you'd never ask Mr Triumphio. )

Thank you ViacomHeLLInc for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yes.

Who's up for some 'Good' energy w a band that features the Queen of Rock? Everyone? We hope.

Thank you kittyup1 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar ~ Neil Giraldo & Band.

God hears gratitude, beloveds. God loves gratitude. Let's be 'Grateful heads' and swim in His infinite love together, forever. Who's In? Ok, besides every soul on the other side. What about on this - the fleshy side of Heaven? Oh, Good, we see a rising tide, could this be the expected tsunami of love some were talking about? Here's some 'good' songs we could ride a tsunami with. However, first, let's Hear a couple more from Pat, Neil & Co.

Thank you kitty1 for sharing on YT.

Thank you Pat Benatar Library for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Masters Pat Benatar ~ Neil Giraldo & Band.

Are we all a Band of Brothers & Sisters rising up into His non-blinding light yet dear ones? Here's a place to ride a tsunami of love songs as we were talking about above. TY. if led to take this tour to the places it will take us all. God will always keep His promises; no doubt about that at all. Indeed. )


Rec & fin for now.


12:11 a.m.

We ain't done yet this morning folks,

Thank you kitty1 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar ~ Neil Giraldo & Band

So, Jackson Browne has the singing stick. Take it away, Bro Jackson...

Thank you Megan Smith for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jackson Browne & Company.

Note: We shared this vid bc of the top comment there on YT by MrRainjunky. A Must read, check it out... )

Can Music save your mortal soul? It's the <3 of God, isn't it? Indeed. IJN.

Don McLean "American Pie" LIVE 1972

Thank you BBC Newsnight for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Don McLean.

Thank you TransatlanticMoments for sharing on YT.

Thank You Don McLean.

Thank God the music never really died. You can't kill music, esp Rock & Roll.

Here's to the notion that music can get us through pretty much anything. It hasn't failed us, dear ones. Here's a look back when this site started.

Hope en--oy...




Note: 9/27/16 Previous note here was an error by the human scribe. Nothing is better than God's ~ Christ's Divine Love which encompasses All..

Then comes Rock & Roll. Celebrate this Great gift w us Folks

Here's KISS 'owning' Argent's song 'God Gave Rock & Roll To You.' Indeed. )

Thank you #1 Kiss Video Channel! for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kiss.

What's next, dear friends? God Only Knows...)

Thank you Walter Katekaru for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beach Boys



Apropos of nothing we direct ya's here specifically to slide 17 for whatever it says to you. For us it's the path to infinity.

Music can say it all & leave nothing out. ioho. Indeed.

Time to 'Get Together.'

Thank you TransatlanticMoments for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby, Stills & Nash & Joni Mitchell & John Sebastian.

Alright, Dakarra has a song for us now, folks. If you are new to this site and don't know who Dakarra is we refer you to this page.


Dakarra is Farilii ~ Paul's Twin Flame who has taken residence in this 'good'

body we are walking around in w a full, loving & grateful <3 .that is all any of us needs. )

God has a twin flame for all His children among All the blessings He has in store for we who <3 Him. Indeed.

The song... just, simply 'Part Of The Plan' )

Thank you DanFogelbergVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg & Band.

Wait, here's another one...

The Rain Song - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

Thank you 80thisvelvetglove for sharing on YT


Thank You Robert, Jimmy and Company of Excellent musicians. <3 )

And you know there's got to be a third... )

Thank you coloradream for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Thank You beloved Dakarra aka 'Dakota' for these exquisite choices. What? One more - absolutely...Let's hear it...

Thank you aeglive for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart & Band.

On behalf of Dakarra & The Group ~ We keep getting promoted, Guys ~ The Sons & Daughters ~ Daughters & Sons of Creation. Yeah, God had us in mind right from 'Jump Street' as it were, dear beloveds. However, we are as young as our next breath. So breathe in love & exhale gratitude my dear friends & let God take care of the rest. Speaking of rest, do try to get plenty of it, and sleep- leave yer body & go visit God; that's what happens anyway. Get as much sunshine as you can. The sun is our nourishing partner if we let it.

And turn off the tv and go vegan if led. Get out and breathe the clean air if you have some in your neighborhood. And don't listen to negative people. Walk away, turn off that talkmeister who gets you mad. Wake up and be the being you and me and all were meant to be when God created us. No, I don't have a soapbox, I'm just sitting here at the computer, it's 12:29 a.m. and we'll call it another day at the office.

Ciao for now

Love, )

Rec & fin


12:33 a.m.

What's that Sananda?

Tell them I Love You -3 times. There you go guys...

I Love you

I love you

I love you

Thank You Lord Sananda.

Not so fast Mr Farili, did someone mention Fun? Esp w Joss Stone & Rod Stewart? Me & Dakota are there...)

Thank you Alexander Lopez for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joss Stone, Rod Stewart & Band.



Greetings Fun seekers. Did you notice the addition of the word 'Fun' to the above title- going along with the 'Ascended' word yesterday? You've found the right place for these concepts going forward as we walk through God's script as He Decreed, Declared & Invoked for His Far Flung Children In The Beginning. All the other threads- pages are being directed to this & the subsequent pages this page will, His Will willing, spawn. God did indeed leave the best for last for His beloved children, each & every one of us, to explore forever. Fun.

Can you folks imagine the infinite fun of meeting new friends, lovers, exploration partners to go on great adventures with forever? It's all in His scope for us once we wake up and get rid of the political, the financial & yes religious, the one-upmanship, competition and jealousy roadblocks that have been keeping humanity down. We are S p i r i t u a l beings, dear ones, Free of any dogma, or code that we have to abide by. We are created pure love and that is our only purpose for being. We love naturally, completely and with no restrictions whatsoever. That's what God created & that's what we are and our only mission in this or any other life we've had since this whole play down here began.

First order of business,dear ones is - we gotta wake up. This page, it is hoped, will help us do just that. Here ya's go...


Here's a very simple announcement we are sending out on social media. If like & led - won't you share it w your worlds?

"What if God, in the end, just wants us to have Fun?"


Mom says: Be not afraid & let the 'Fun' begin... )

P pic

We concur. There's no mutant enemy, folks, only us. And So It Is.

So, Paul - got a recommended page for some fun at this moment. Of course my dear friends, Lucky & Daisy. Got your ears on? Here ya's go...


This and the subsequent pages it leads to all end up here at this dovetail page and from here we all go forward, dear ones. This is His design for this site.

In the end, which is only a new beginning we will all go forward together in Oneness. Indeed. )

Want more?


Photo by Carol Tangherlini

And who wouldn't want to walk to the next bend with The Moody Blues?




Introducing this site's King of Fun ~ Now & Forever...)

Courtesy Grateful Dead.

Ladies & Gentlemen Beloved Master Jerry Garcia is in the house w a few friends. 'Hey' Jerry. )

See & hear Jerry & friends here


And here, among many other places on this site.


Can't forget the '4 horsemen of the keyboard seat' here. Also w Nicolette Larson & Bob Marley...




Christmas Day,

The above picture had disappeared, our dear friends. So, while we're getting this page ship-shape for visitors we feel that this is another Christmas gift for us to share from The Creator. And So It Is Now. IJN. Indeed. Yes

Yes, Hello There, what we are looking at is a box w a perfect pyramidal pink quartz crystal signifying God's perfect love for us, His children. a gold & red garnet pin, The Nebula Stone, aka the 'Heaven on Earth' stone and a simple seashell.

Then we have 2 tickets to paradise which may or may not be other people's idea of paradise. This, of course, does begin w the raising of one's consciousness which begins w being grateful for everything. We know this, right, guys? We know just being on this starsite raises our vibrations. When we leave here and say, have to go online and try to earn money with some program or other, it's just a major letdown, but we do have to earn money to survive somehow in the system we are, most of us, struggling in now. An old, obsolete model that totally sucks ioho. There is a way out however and it is revealed around here. )

Ok, back to thread from 10/2/16...

We'll put it to song now as we are hereby asking Spirit to guide us to a song that will remind us to always be grateful for our blessings, no matter what.

And the song is...we'll be back...

So, what we did was go to our boxes of cassette tapes digging deep and blindly picking one out and here is the song that this tape starts out with.

we can't think of a better song and it's a co-incidence isn't it that it's The Grateful Dead? )

Here's the actual concert song on our tape;

Thank you deadphishpanthers76 for sharing on YT.


Here's Jerry & Co doing it up in fine style w Bruce Hornsby...

Thank you LoloYodel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Here's to seeing us all down the road... )

Rec & fin


5:35 a.m.


Same day

11:55 a.m.

So, who will we meet on down the road while we're feeling 'bad?'. The only ones out there are friends we haven't met yet, folks. Beloved Master Ben Orr of The Cars invites us to His 'Gaze' section. Scroll down til You see an incredibly beautiful Dude, that's Ben listen to some Cars music. Highly recommended.at this particular juncture. ) tinyurl.com/Gazers777

Esp important these days to stand up to all the fear mongering, bad news on our doorstep and the opiate of the masses - TV. Spirit in our house says...

'Let The Good Time Roll.' 'Hey' Spirit has it right here, now - for us. Thank You Spirit w Mucho Grande Gratitude. Indeed. )

Thank you J Lou for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Cars. Thank you Guys for showing up from your Far Flung Worlds, indeed.

THE MOODY BLUES -- The Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn -- 1972.wmv

Thank you sabucatuloco for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Moody Blues

So, Paul aka Farili Triumphio, is there a message you are bringing forth w this- HisHer~Our site that you would like to share at this particular moment?

The message remains the same, Lucky & Daisy and here it is. Like God Is. This message from God Is.

It remains the same....click on dear friend. )

Did you get our letter, humanity? Here it is again if you missed it.



Jesus, our Ultimate Gateway 2 Infinity, What say You? Deal or no deal?

Jesus, did the deal go down?


Awesome... )

God, we know, can make anything manifest. just ask Captain Picard...

Shared here w other 'Good stuff.'


And here...


Ok, done for now, moment to get out in the fresh Quincy, Ma. air. Catch ya's later, if led to come back here...

Rec & fin for now.


2:02 p.m.



Merry Christmas fellow beloved children of God. HisHer Sons & Daughters ~

God's gift to us is this sacred day folks is complete and unfettered total freedom, if we want it. We do have to accept it. The moment is Now, dear ones. 2017 is almost here. A perfect moment in our collective millions of years history to finally end all the bullcrap humanity has been going thru for aeons. Love is the way and the only way we can ever rise above the chaos, the confusion, the folderol of an unbalanced one hand at war with its other hand bc they don't have the knowledge that they are connected.

All God's children are connected. It's simply just an unassailable fact, dear friends. We could so go on however we have more work to do and the sandman is coming around. So, catch ya's later.

Peace out.

P & D w <3



Can't go wrong w this advice...

Thank you Adamfulgence for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Prine

We concur John Prine, total silence can be your best friend & no smile should be illegal. )

Thank you sichlaubruun for sharing onYT.

Thank You John Prine

The Allman Bros usually kicked off their shows w this song as they did when we were lucky enough

to see them in a N. Miami clsichlaubruunub back in the day. Here's to new beginnings on life's unending highway...

Thank you Daniel Shiel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.

And the song to send us on our way ~ living 'happily ever after' can only be... ioho

Thank you saskatchawan for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Outlaws.




And so Dear Friends, on behalf of God, Who Did Everything on this entire site w the humble instrument, Paul, your humble servant, pushing the buttons;

we do wish each & every one of You ~ God's immortal spiritual being children... a most beautiful, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, harmonious,

sweet, kind & GRATEFUL Forever. In Jesus Name. <3 Jesus?

Thank You Paul, beautiful job, Bro. <3 Dear Brothers & Sisters of The One. Be in peace, love, joy, harmony and happiness this moment on and forever.

When in need, call on me and I will answer, sometimes in ways that are hard to understand at first. Just 'know' - beyond any belief that you may have, that

God knows what's right for you and HisHer Will Is done for the good of us all. Go in peace and play well together in the infinite realms of God's holy Heavens.

And So It Is. )

And So It Is.


Yahoo images.

So Folks. Keep smiling, Have Fun & we'll see ya's around. )

Rec & fin.


9:40 a.m.


Rec & fin


6: 55 p.m.



Alright Folks, This page and other theme pages are 'done' and in the books. The current blog will have any new sharings as Spirit leads.

It's been our distinct pleasure to steward this His~Our site. We Thank God first & foremost for this honour & privilege. We thank our Spirit Guides, Angels, Fairie Friends and we esp Thank Mom for always being our constant inspiration. Thank You Dad, Diane all Family & Friends & fellow spirits out of and in the material world as well. Let the eternal fun begin Now for Everyone. Peace & <3 forever... )

P pic.

Current blog...


And Now...



Yahoo images.

And now...


Christmas Day.


Google images.

January ~ February 2017


Yahoo images.



Greetings fellow 'Luckies & luckettes!'

Its the Sun-Day of the Lucky St Patrick's Day weekend and do we have a lucky & carefree song to share with ya's today! Indeed.

First, a little story... so Paul was in his car the other day just getting on the Tobin Bridge from Boston to Chelsea, and so often magic happens on this and other bridges as well. As we've mentioned before, we actually expect for Mom to have one of 'our songs' play with one of 'our beloved artists like Al Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Elton John, Jackson Browne or Neil Diamond.& John Denver to name a few. Oh we have to say Simon & Garfunkel & America & Neil Young and Joan, Judy & Joni & Carole & James etc

Anyway so, The Gordon Lightfoot masterpiece 'Carefree Highway' comes on on 'The Bridge' Sirius XM satellite radio, a song Gordon wrote after seeing a sign

saying that going through the Arizona desert one night traveling with one of his bandmate friends. He thought - now there's a song in that. And he wrote it within a couple of days. So, Mom you did it again and this song, obviously, right everyone? Is The Perfect song for this page to go out on and we all fly away to wherever God has a place prepared for us all. And so it is dear ones, beloved masters all. (lower case for our humbleness & gratitude to God, IJN.. Yes.

So, Gordon will you kindly play that song for all of us now? and Thank You. )

p.s. Love the lucky green shirt. )

Thank you Memories64 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Gordon Lightfoot. God bless you and each & every one of us ~ You're sweet, loving kind & above all - Grateful children

Dear Father ~ Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS Prime Creator Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine Source The Infinite. IN Jesus Name. And So It Is. Now. Indeed.



Cheers & Cheerio )

Rec & fin


5:22 a.m.



Happy Love Day of the merry month of March Everyone.

Certain circumstances came up yesterday and this song was a crystalizing synchronicity at a moment. So where better to share this than right here.

And so it is; and whereas God always has the final approval, well ~ enjoy... )

Thank you RockHippie69 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Who & All Your Fans ~ Everyone. Indeed, )

Catch the latest blog, if led. )


P pics.


April/May 2017

And did you catch the latest, latest blog?


Yahoo images.

Namaste & Happy Trails Forever Everyone. )

P pic

Who's ready to go on an adventure? We got the wheels... )

Yes? Oops, we're gonna need a Bigger vehicle. But get your own.

It has Your name on it, at participating dealers. See below...



Better yet, go get your own. They are God's vehicles, dealers, Not Yours.

Just letting you know. Everything in creation is God's including us, my dear friends.

Cop to this knowledge and we will all live happily ever after in HisHer Infinite Love. IJN.

And So It Is.

Rec & fin

1:05 a.m.

Namaste. )


Some recommended music for the ride, in addition to all the awesome music on this site...


The magic harp music of Peter Sterling...


Experience the portal music of David Young...


Dr Todd's PinealTones...


And so many more w a search for uplifting, ethereal or transformative etc.music on www.youtube.com



Speaking of uplifting music on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, sweet & kind day in the Mary month of May...

We are hereby announcing that, God willing, there will be a new Heavens blog page commencing on or shortly after June 1, 2017 due to popular demand, mostly from 'the other side.' Indeed. It's a crowded place sometimes over the instrument's shoulder when he gets on this site and magic happens out of 'nowhere.' )

Also, we'll share w ya's that there is a new 'gaze' pic for Dan Fogelberg at the tinyurl.com/Gazers777 page, replacing the one that was there that disappeared.

Check the one Dan replaced it with (w p's intuition) It's a doozie (the word we thought when we first saw it: reminds us of Braco. straight from Source. Indeed.

"There is no darkness in this place that we're bound ~ Love is the only thing that matters."

Dan Fogelberg, 'Icarus Ascending'

This awesome song and more here...


"And the road goes on forever..."

--- Midnight Rider The Allman Brothers Band

Lyrics: Gregg Allman, Robert Kim Payne

For the interested: A little background on the song...


"Midnight Rider" originated during the group's time spent at Idlewild South, a $165-a-month farmhouse they rented on a lake outside of Macon, Georgia.[1] Allman felt free to smoke marijuana with no police around, which contributed to his writing at the cabin.[2] Its genesis was quick: the song came to him out of nowhere, and he completed a rough draft in just over an hour of writing.


So the song and where that leads forever after... only God knows. One thing we do know and all that matters is HE~SHE GOD Loves us.

So, we think we're 'good' dear ones. In fact we think it's moments like these to 'Rejoice and be ever Sooo Grateful to God for All our immense blessings' )

And on behalf of the group, with a grateful nod to Kryon, we say: IJN... "And So It Is."

Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider (Exclusive Video)

Thank you Sandman368 Video-Variety-Channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.

Happy Trails, Espavo & Namaste for now our dear friends,

P pic.

Like peace, love & joy, guys...

Keep rockin' rockers... )

See you maybe around the next bend...


First and Foremost: GOD. Thank You God for everything You did on this site which is Everything. Indeed. Bold print, italics & underlined

Thank You Universal Mother Mary & Thank You Our Lord and Saviour Jesus ~ Sananda. for Your unending love & support. And So It Is.

We Thank Mom and Dad, and we Thank sister Diane and all our ancestors on the other side. Thank Ya's all for your love, prayers & DNA! )

We Thank loving brother Dick & sister Maureen for putting up with yer crazy brother, Paul.

We Thank all the artists featured on this site and the 'gazer' volunteers; may you all continue to be inspirations to the millions. Thank You Very Much. Yep, nod to You, Elvis. )

We esp Thank Dr Peebles who, along with Intuitive consultant Mr Jim Law, this site would not be what it is. We Thank Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Prince,

John Lennon, Cat Stevens~ Yusuf, Al Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, B.B. King, George Harrison, Karen Carpenter, Kate Wolf, Janis Joplin, Christopher Squire,

Yes, Loverboy, Dan Fogelberg, Timothy Leary, Alvin Lee, Keith Emerson, Duane Allman, Berry Oakley, Nicolette Larson, Frank Zappa, The Champ - Muhammad Ali, Joe Cocker, Maya Angelou, Ann Albers, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Phoebe Snow, Richie Havens, Dr Ralph Stanley, Kurt Cobain, Fred Neil & the president of team oneness - Glenn Frey - just a few of the spirits we're led to give a nod to here.

Please accept those unnamed are equally appreciated, like - did we mention Elvis & Bob Marley. oh, and the 4 horsemen of the Grateful Dead keyboard seat- Ron, Keith, Brent & Vince. Ok, we're in trouble here, how could we leave any of the official gazers or friemds featured on that page out, right Mother Teresa? ) Here we go guys, love all of you inc The Moody Blues, Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Erik, Brad Delp, Theresa Caputo, Lionel Richie w iana Ross, The Commodores, John Bonham, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Nick Drake, Lowell George, David Bowie, Jim Croce, The Reagans, Sonny & Cher,John Denver, Blue Oyster Cult, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, and Marvin Gaye and on to site faves like Led Zeppelin, Santana, Three Dog Night, America, Motown, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo & Band, The Highwaymen, And there's plenty more that could be added as love only creates more love however the site is finished. Indeed. )

A giant 'shout out' (we don't want to disturb the neighbors) to all the amazing bandmates of the above mentioned artists! Without you guys taking up your roles and doing the awesome work that you have and continue to do things would just not be the same at all. Congratulations folks like Bobby Weir and all the members of The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Starship, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Scorpions, The Eagles, Metallica, ELP, ELO, CSN, CSN&Y, Boston, Chicago, Kansas, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Steely Dan,The Mama's & The Papa's. All the folk artists ~ Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul & Mary, Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, Van Morrison and Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Ticker Band,The Doors, Megadeth, etc etc with another giant salute to the seminal blues artists without whom there would be no Elvis, Beatles Stones as we know them. Thank You artists like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Etta James, Howlin' Wolf, Freddy King, Albert King, Buddy Guy and B.B. King, Little Richard & Chuck Berry who turned on folks like Johnny Winter & Stevie Ray Vaughn. Bonnie Raitt, Joe Bomomassa and many more. Also gotta thank The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys for basically inventing harmony,

Man, Everyone showed up down here for the biggest, baddest shootout at the cosmic OK corral and hasn't it been a trip.They say it's all illusion and we're sure it is but by gum it's an illusion that rocks, even for the other genres of music and rap- poetry with a beat. Whatever floats one's boat it's shown up here, so we know it's upstairs too, we've been told this, only bigger and badder w no limits, boundaries, restraints on what God's kids can do and it's not showing off; it can be healing as well as entertaining and just sharing joy. Indeed.

We Thank and Salute All The Fans, Priests, Troubadours, Minstrels, Lovers (formerly roadies) Outlaws & Gangsters of Rock & Roll.

We came down here to conquer w our love, art & music and by golly, miss Molly w a nod to Little Richard & big 'shout out to Chuck Berry, we did it, despite what the TV is telling us. Has the moment in time come to turn it off, tune in & just be God's children forever in peace, love, joy, harmony, bliss, adventure & most of all ~ Gratitude? (we feel a song coming forth here, who can guess what it is? It's no stranger to this site, that's 4 sure.)

Alright, then dear fellow 'ones,' as just another face in the crowd, we, on behalf of the group, Sons & Daughters of Infinity, do hereby accept & say 'YE'S' to a new paradigm of light & love, mercy and compassion to all who occupy this blessed Mother Earth aka Gaia, Terra. It is no longer to be ravaged and plundered and tortured for Her rich resources. It is forever to be respected in all ways possible, large & small. It is not yours to plunder corporate greedsters and it is Not anyone's ashtray. It is sacred ground we live on fellow infinite, immortal spiritual beings - so many here w us on hidden (for our own protection) spiritual espionage missions of light.

And the best part now is that we've only just begun. Let the Fun begin, right Jerry? )



Addendum & edits this day

The cosmic trigger day of the month. esp noted this particular month bc there's No turning back my dear friends. No turning back at all. Weir (sic)

'stuck' w each other. And So It Is.

P..s. Major 'Shout outs & High 5"s to all the Jazz Cats out there. everyone <3's You guys. & gals. ( )

End of above edits and addendums.

Rec & fin..


9: 39 a.m.

And now the song...

And So It Is.

Moody Blues-When You're A Free Man

Thank you Moody Jill for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues

p.s. This song can also be seen/heard at Dr Tim's gazing place...


Not to mention other places like here...


On this note we bid ya's adieu,,,

---And may you keep a song in your heart, a smile on yer face and...

"have a nice forever," )

And So It Is.

Peace, love, joy, harmony, happiness, adventure and most of All ~ Gratitude, dear ones. Thank You God. We Praise and Worship You God & a Mega

'Thank You' To Jesus Christ, without whom, none of this would have happened. An Xtra Special Thank You to Mom. You are my everything Mom, <3

See You & the Fam real soon. )

And So It Is.

Namaste. )

Rec & fin


1:33 a.m.



Alright, guys, here we are on the edge of eternity.

The blogs are telling the story. We do recommend following them from the last one that was mentioned here- the # 8.

So, here's link to # 9 which we dedicate to # 9 Himself, Mr John Lennon. Thank You John for All You have done in guiding this work and being a light on the path to All. God bless You, Indeed. Dear Bro. )



The road to infinity and beyond starts to accelerate at this blog. Got yer seatbelts on, folks? )



Full circle moment. Hey Guys, if haven't seen it yet, ya gotta check out what went down over here...


Heaven on Earth forever.

Time stamped.


3:37 p.m.

Namaste. )

P.s. 5/24/19

Hey Guys, weir the team seems to be going is weir one can find the above Currier and Ives 'Going Home' pic..If led here ya's go...

http://www.paulfb.com/432893459 As above so below. Cheers. )

Now May 31, 2019

<3 )

Saluting Joan Baez well earned retirement. As a retiree ourself Don't think twice, it's alright, in fact it's the best. esp when it comes. )

Joan Baez - Fare Thee Well Abschiedstour - Live @ Pariser Olympia 13.6.2018 (COMPLETE HD CONCERT)

Thank you Udo Bröhl for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Joan Baez. Everyone loves you. God bless you and your fans. 8 8 8 ~ ~ ~

Now. 6/5/19

Now what Mr Fox? This page is a wrap, right God?

God says... Indeed, my non wayward son. Simply ~ follow yer friends 4 a little help and all will be well. Alright, I, or 'we' as our multidimensional selves prefer to

refer to ourselves, as one, indeed as the whole universe is as one.. We Know You God would Never, Ever steer us wrong, so we will take Your advice, Dear God. W So much Love and Gratitude. In Jesus Name. And So It Is.

P.s. God, We pledge to do our part in Your Holy cosmic Serious Plan, Dear God, ALL THAT IS. IJN.

Now...Good idea, God, Excellent even...Thank You!! ) BTW Our dear friends, make no mistake, as if we could, we can't

This Is God's Jubilee and no one else's. ALL GLORY & GRATITUDE TO YOU GOD. By The Blood Of Jesus To Fulfill The Destiny of Mankind. Thank You again, God and Please, we humbly Pray that You Father Mother God Source Creator will accept our humble simple gift to You God. It's the picture below...

The Most Interesting Man In The World Meme | I DON'T GO ONLINE OFTEN, BUT WHEN I DO... I INVITE ALL MY FRIENDS 2 MEET ME @ WWW.PAULFB.COM | image tagged in memes,the most interesting man in the world | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Thank You God and Thank You God for our collective gifts, one of which is our Forever Young=ness/// Young lovve (well) older love. Love is Good, not only that, it, like us all... Is Divine. We can say no more, Except Thank You God Now and forever unto eternity. If anyone has bells, there can be no better time to ring them than now. <3 ) ) )

'Back in the day' 1970's Photo by Harry Agritha, Ruby Rogers Center Staff 2017

2 troublemakers still on the loose. <3 )

Did someone say, leave us w the purrfect song? Let's hear it w a large collective nod to Mr Bob Dylan.

Mary Black and Joan Baez - Ring Them Bells

Thank you maryblacknet for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mary Black and Joan Baez and the Grateful audience ~ All of us. Esp Thank U God. IJN. )

While this vid was getting ready to play the next song popped up, we know anyway that we need 3 songs 2 break away, so 4 You Mom. Our Loving angel 4 eternity aka 4 ever. ) That adds up 2 4444. Can someone think angel portal? We do, ) ) ) )

10 - Father and Son - Tea for the Tillerman - Cat Stevens

Thank you GoldenRock for sharing on Ytt.

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf Proving musis, sweet music can help us arrive at the door (figuratively) of Heaven.

Now, as we type this we hear the 3rd song start playing. A song we are gifted to hear just about every day. Hear we go..W Xtra large Thank You 2 Mom & Dad and Diane and George & Company of Heaven. <3 )

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat

Thank you jaimecarranza31 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Mr Al Stewart and Company of Heavenly musicians. Yes, Indeed, guys, when we get 2 heaven this is a song we will hear every day. That's why we Do hear it every day. "We must be In Heaven, Man!" Someone said. You are correct, my young son. Welcome to 7th Heaven, right here on Earth.

Alright, my dear friends. This is the 7 th Sharing of Love that we are submitting now as fulfilling Dr Peebles wish.

Of course, we like sharing good stuff, we over deliver, so rest assured, no doubt we'll have more sharings tomorrow since the maintenance man here has a lot of 'fixing' to do and further sharing as spirit leads, guides and inspires. Our Very Best 2 each and every one of you. Everyone in All God's Heavenly realms say as one w one word.

"Cheers". We humbly say 'Thank Ya's. Now can we stop killing each other and turn on the faucett of love instead of man made monopoly money? God Bless Us Each and Every One.. And So It Is. Indeed. Dr Peebles Please lay on us what You have to say, if anything, please?

Alright, One TWO Three, As One 2 AWL of Us...With a large Nod to Mr Jimi Hendrix...

Thank You Jimi. You Are Absolutely Correct, My Dear Friend. <3 )

What's that Jerry?

We concur, Bro. Thank You. <3 ) ) )

DEAR GOD, On our collective knees, Dear God, We humbly and prayerfully and GRATEFULLY THANK YOU GOD 4 The NOW Infinite Blessings You So Unselfishly shower on us, Your Beloved Children. Now all perfectly aligned to receive The Richest blessings of Love we can receive. We Know Dear God that Nothing Else Matters. Only Love Is Real, All else is funky dunky illusion and we arre done w that hogwash, God. We are The Real Deal bc You Created us God and we offer one song up To You God. We'll put All our eggs in One song 'hear' here God. And it will prove, once and 4 ever We have No doubt that this will be pleasing To You Father Mother Source God Creator. ALL THAT IS. Paul, I AM THAT I AM will you kindly do the honours w your trembling hands. Absolutely Dear God. Just doing our humble job that we and others volunteered us 4. Thank You Jesus.and serious nods 2 the Team of One. And Now The song...

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters 2007 Live Video Full HD

Thank you NEA ZIXNH for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica. Come Play Gillette, again, if can. You Guys have a whole lotta friends in these parts. God Bless Ya's and All yer audiences and fans, inc God and angels everyweir, if want . We have a lot of arms over here 2. Wave. ) ) )


Metallica - Enter Sandman Live Moscow 1991 HD

Thank you Met4life1995 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Metallica and 4 showing the world how to Win The Arms race God's Way, 4 Humanity. 1111888777444333222, no 1 alone can do. God says. <3 )

. That's all, guys. Hope Ya's en joyed the show. We do have a new page to start working on as soon as tomorrow. Now, be good, nobody's perfect but God. We're not God but we all have a spark of God in Us and that's enough, So sleep well everyone w the knowledge that we are loved far far beyond any measure and no one has to worry over anything. God's infinite Love is sweeping over the planet and we are in for the ride of our lifetimes. And So It Is. See Ya's around. <3 )

Rec & Fin

6/5/19 9:45 p.m.

Now 12/20/20 Our new favorite song...

Thank you David Ramirez - Topic for sharing on Y

Thank you David Ramirez for shining & sharing your light! )


1/11/21 11:22 a.m.

The Best Documentary to Understand The Hippies

Thank you David Hoffman 4 producing this documentary & Awl the Hippies. <3 ))))))))))) That's 11 smiles 4 those scoring at home )