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Visualize a world of love and Heaven on Earth Must become a reality. And so it is.

Welcome Dear Ones to the day we've been waiting eons for.

"See here how everything lead up to this day

And it's just like any other day that's ever been

Sun coming up again and the sun going down

Shine through my window

And my friends they come around

Come around, come around."

Lyrics, Robert Hunter- Music, Jerry Garcia from Black Peter.




Greetings Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are closing this thread termed Love Now News page, not because there's no

more love news - far from it. It's just this particular thread and this particular starsite

has made it's point. We close the Grateful month of the eternal August the way we

started, with our beloved brother, Mr Jerry Garcia. Take it away Jerry...

Simple Twist of Fate

Thank you Jimmie B for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band.

We will all see each other at the eternal jubilee ~ in oneness, love, light, good music

and Gratitude. Thank You Father Mother God Creator All That Is, In Jesus Name.




p.s. Don't, please, think this site is dead - not at all. There comes a time to say 'done.'

There will be an occasional artist profile featured on this site as spirit leads- starting with

someone with the initials DF coming soon. Feel free to connect on FB. Contact details

are at Site Essentials page. Cheers and keep smiling! )



Greetings Dear Ones,

Wow, on this day we have message from God and Blessed Mother Mary.

Are we truly, wondrously, gloriously and lovingly blessed? Indeed! )

Mother Mary: A Journey of Dimensions…Further Into the Realms of the Unknown


Thank You Blessed Mother Mary and Channeler Fran Zepeda.


God: From Water to Steam~ The Ending of Time.

Thank you rainbowabundance ffor sharing on YT.

Thank You God and Channelers Yael & Doug Powell




As the days of the grateful month of August 2014 dwindle down to a precious few,

may we listen and take heed the words of an earth angel who was with us for too short a time...

Oh, and you are invited to check out the appreciation page of one Kate Wolf, see menu at left or here:


These Times We're Living In...

Thank you Kevanrbrownvideo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kate Wolf and Nina Gerber.

Yep, these are strange times on planet Earth but we should take comfort that we

are being looked after from higher dimensions. Should we embrace the notion that

all is as The Creator would have it, fellow volunteer beings of light? Indeed. )



Love is All, and you will awaken into the glorious brilliance with which It shines.


Thank You Saul and John Smallman

The intense magnetism of God's Love for you is irresistible.


Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.


8/22/14 The love day of the grateful month of August. A day we've waited an eternity for...

Greetings Folks, hope you are doing well in this schoolroom place termed planet earth.

So, this page is quite full and these pages become less servable when they get too long;

so this page will join the archives on August 31, just to let you know. Now, we can always

start a new page but you know what, people? It's time we took a break and move on and

not have sharing good stuff on the mind. So, that day will be our last sharing, at least

for the forseeable future.

This is not written in stone and yes, we will, of course, try to maintain this, His site. There

may be other artist profiles shared as spirit moves us. It is also hoped that if you've hung

around this little 'jubilee' site you've found some little measure of what our intent was years

ago when we started sharing 'good stuff.' like the following Heaven Letter:

And, yes we will leave you today with a song. See below...

The journey continues...


Stars Shine In God

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You God and Channeler Gloria Wendroff.


Nothing Else Matters.

Thank you NEA ZIXNH for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica.



Check out what the great Ray Manzarek has to say esp at the end of this video.


You have to be open to the energy. If you can open your heart to the energy.. that great love energy of the creation of this entire universe.. good things

will happen to you. But you've got to believe. You've got to believe in the goodness. You have to open your heart to the energy. You can't be afraid."

"We're all riders on the storm, God bless you" - Ray Manzarek

Thank you Lstudiopresents for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ray Manzarek.



Oversoul Teachings: Your soul craves creativity.

Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing onYT.

Thank You Wes Annac




R.I.P. Robin Williams (1951-2014) Tribute - Best Movie Moments.

Thank you FromHere There for sharing on YT.

Well humanity, a great soul has gone home. We have lost a great artist ~ someone who

always gave all he had and with all his heart. We can't real, but we can certainly be grateful for

having benefited from their artistry and generosity of spirit; something Robin had in spades.

Thank You Robin Williams. Your impact on humanity can not be measured. Can't

put a measure to the laughs, love and light. We all appreciate what you shared with us.

We do wish it was more but God's plan is perfect and God knows depression is a really

tough one to experience. Some of us have been there as well and for this fellow ~ music

is the healing refuge of choice. Here's a song we hope will help anyone else going

through tough times, not to mention the tons of other healing music shared at this, His, site.

Remember folks, we're never really alone. Spirit is always with us.

Peace, love and prayers for Robin and his family and fans all over the world.


Melancholy Man...

Thank you Mim Mahmet KARAMAN for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and Channeler John Smallman.

Original transmission...




Today is a day to remember and be grateful to Creator for a a great true friend to us all.

Thank You Jerry..



Jerry Garcia

“There's no way to measure his greatness or magnitude as a person or as a player. I don't think any eulogizing will do him justice. He was that great, much more... than a superb musician, with an uncanny ear and dexterity. He's the very spirit personified of whatever is Muddy River country at its core and screams up into the spheres. He really had no equal. To me he wasn't only a musician and friend, he was more like a big brother who taught and showed me more than he'll ever know. There's a lot of spaces and advances between The Carter Family, Buddy Holly and, say, Ornette Coleman—a lot of universes, but he filled them all without being a member of any school. His playing was moody, awesome, sophisticated, hypnotic and subtle. There's no way to convey the loss. It just digs down really deep.” - Bob Dylan

We miss you Jerry!

Photo: John Sievert



Here we are beloveds. It's 8/8/14. The day we've been waiting eons for. Let's celebrate this day

and all the gifts Creator gives us called 'days.' The following message is esp timely on this day, enjoy...

Thank You rainbowabundancefor sharing on YT.

Thank You Gillian MacBeth Louthan.




Welcome Dear Ones to the day we've been waiting eons for. Let's take in this message

from 'The Group" channeled thru Steve Rother. This is segment 6. The entire broadcast

is at 'Beacons of Now' page from menu at left. Lots of good stuff to check out...

Thank You Steve & Barbara Rother and 'The Group.'




Greetings fellow creator beings of light and love,

How be you all this wondrous, glorious loving day? Wonderful, indeed. Where did God's month 7

termed July go? That was fast. It must be so what they say ~ time seems to be speeding up with

the quickness these days.

So, holy cow, as my friend Jerry Garcia would say, here we are it's a new month with 8 for infinity

to inspire us. Let's see how fast this month goes. This must be termed the Grateful month.

In gratitude can come enlightenment. Let's be grateful for every little thing, seeming good and bad

and see what happens with that as Jim Morrison would say. lol I tell you these musicians... )

ok speaking of musician's ~ today is none other than Jerry Garcia's birthday. If led, check out the

Jerry appreciation page from menu on left or click here and also the Grateful Dead Wall page Cheers...


Happy Birthday Jerry, We All Love You!

Here's a featured song at Jerry's page, Can we take it to heart...together?

We can all be together, forever and ever when we make it to the promised land...

Update: This just in...

Everyone Is Invited to visit Jerry's Jubilee site. Here you go...


See you there ~ Knockin' on Heaven's Door...



Messages from God: Living In Heaven...

Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing on YT..

Thank You God Thank You Yael & Doug Powell




Jeshua, Take My Hand As We Cross The Threshold...

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jeshua and Yael and Doug Powell.


Yahoo images

With a song in our heart, look what we found... )

Staranger In Paradise

Thank you TonyBennettVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Tony Bennett & Andrea Bocelli.



Welcome beloveds to another wondrous, glorious, loving day in the neighborhood.

This is the day we've been waiting eons for and Thank God it is here, Now. Thank You God!

Let's welcome some old friends and listen to some amazing music on a warm summer day, shall we?

From Los Angeles, California... The Doors.

Just mosey on over to the menu at left and click on Jim Morrison / The Doors or click here:


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Greeting Dear Ones to the day we've been waiting eons for. Twenty-two is, we all know,

the love number and here in God's sacred month of July- it's certainly a day to be grateful

for, like all days. Let's send our light, love and prayers to our brothers and sisters in truly

troubled areas of the world. What is the answer, what is the way? Love, plain and simple.

Please do your part to spread the word, Thank you.

A word from our cosmic love leader...

Jesus Through John Smallman

It is your nature to roam the divine cosmos freely.


In Video format...

Thank you Mario Gattoaldino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and Channeler John Smallman.

From Ann and The Angels

Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Angels and Channeler Ann Albers.





We salute the newest member of God's All Star Rock & Blues Band ~

Johnny Winter

Johnny & Band 2010

Thank you CoolAmnesia for sharing on YT.

Thank You Johnny Winter.


All invited to visit the Johnny Winter Tribute page. See menu at left or click




Welcome dear ones to the halfway point of this special month termed July.

We are blessed to have a wonderful communication from Divine Mother Mary...

Open Your Hearts Wider...

Thank you Mario Gattoaldino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blessed Mother Mary and beloved master & channeler Fran Zepeda.


Gentle reader. just the facts; we are led to share that immediately after posting the above we took a nap and

had one of those truly cosmic dreams. It's been a while since we had one. These aren't your

"run of the mill" dreams, no; so enjoyable when they are unfolding. Then, on waking - grabbing

a pen and paper the fleeting dream is gone into thin air leaving us with an image or feeling like wow

have we just been gifted with something amazing.

Image left is of a screw working into a skull. It may sound uncomfortable but it wasn't. It was a shared

joyful experience in the dream. )

approximated image

Yahoo images.

This dream was about more love and more joy just like the song by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

which started playing in our head immediately afterward and is still playing.

So here is the song we're sure Creator would love for His/Her children to hear now and it's our immense

pleasure to pass it on.


More Love

Thank you Stinopsy for sharing on YT.

So many great songs Thanks Guys!

Thank You Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Oh yeah, the jubilee is on...

Keep smiling folks. )



You are about to blow your minds and find yourselves One with God.


Thank You Jesus and channeler John Smallman.

All invited to check out the Janis Joplin 'Experience' page...


Yahoo images.

Janis w cat )



Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing on YT.

Thank You God and channeler Gloria Wendroff.



Happy 74th Birthday Ringo Starr!

Yahoo images.

Keep spreading the peace and love...

Photograph; from the Concert for George

Thank you Mikael Sjogren for sharing on YT.



Thank You God that we in the United States can celebrate Independence Day.

May the whole world experience the joy that true freedom can bring.

Jimi show us how it's done...

Thank you wolfbob man for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi.

See more at The Jimi Hendrix Experience page



Such a special time this is Dear Ones. We are coming up on a spectacular celebratory

weekend esp as observed in The United States. Let's check in with Steve and Barbara Rother

as Steve channels 'The Keeper of Time.'

May we all find the Golden Key. )

Thank you Steve Rother for sharing on YT.

Thank You Steve and Barbara Rother and The Keeper of Time.

Check the complete broadcast shared at 'Beacons of Now' page.



Ahh, breathe in the new month ~ God's Month. 7 is His number, is it not?

This will be a most wondrous, glorious loving month and with mercury direct to boot how

can this be anything but the best month ever? So let's celebrate and let the music continue

to lead the way. This group you may have heard and heard of so..lead us on guys.

Once there was a way... There still is. )

Thank you TheBeatlesOnDemand for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles



Prime Creator, 'Uncle'. lol Ok this song has been swimming around our head since Zorra

recommended it to be played on His calls. He has said Prime Creator recommended it to Him.

We woke up this morning with this playing Very loud in our head. Ok, it's time, can't wait to see

what's around the next bend. Can you, Dear Ones?

p.s. Check out the brand new Cass Elliot page from menu on left.

New World Coming...

Thank you clodoaldo500 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cass Elliot.



Greetings Beloved Masters,

Welcome to the new, improved Front Page L o v e Now News page. We've merged

to the infinite Love-way expressway to our collective divine destiny as this is the one

and only way to fully experience our ultimate destiny of Oneness with Creator ~ All That Is.


Love makes the Evening News...

"I believe the power of language and words can transform. And the more you think it,

the more you speak it, the more real it becomes."

Steve Hartman's "On The Road" piece aired 6/27/14:


Thank you our former pinned picture, Happy Trails... )

Google Images

On The Threshold of A Dream

Thank you Hippie Chick for sharing on yt.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



After Summer Solstice:

Comes The Dawn...

Thank you Illuminated Entity for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues

And please visit 'It's All God' page for new updates.

Thank you.

And the New Moody Blues page, not to mention site main page! )

Google images

Moody Blues back in the day.



Well, is it really front page news that there is now a John Lennon tribute page?

In our world it is. So, friends, you are invited to go over there and check it out;

it's right under the Grateful Dead wall page. As John would say "Shine on All." )

Is John saying "Peace, Love and Joy to You All!" ? )



Greetings Friends,

May we share this work we stumbled on? So far we can't seem to view this video enough.

Breathe and download this for yourself and have a great now day! )

HERE IT IS. The answer to every question, the balm for every ache within, the reason for the longing

without name...all is here. I offer this video to you with a heart full of love, my brothers and sisters.

Drink deep of this cup.Then pass it on.

Judith Dagley Flaherty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JudithDagleyFlahertyBeyondTherapy

6.16.14 An Important Video-- Right NOW!


Thank you fromthecelestialteam or sharing on yt.

Thank You The Celestial Team, Yeshua and Judith Dagley Flaherty.


See this and other sharings at this site's FB page: and if you like 'like' it TY! Comments welcome too!




Just in time for Father's Day...

Announcing the new George Harrison page.

All welcome to share the love over there and spread it around


Google images



Jesus through John Smallman...

Akiane Kramarik portrait

You are divine beings on Earth to assist humanity to awaken.


via @wordpressdotcom

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.



Google images

Check out Brazo free gazings at Meet Braco page and new call post at Blog Coener.

Ciao for now.



On 70th Anniversary of Normandy invasion we Salute The Greatest Generation.

WATCH: 93-Year-Old WWII Vet Jim 'Pee Wee' Martin Jumps Into Normandy To Mark 70th Anniversary


Thank you KLaugeard for sharing on yt.

Thank You The Greatest Generation.

Google images. Google images.



Greetings fellow eternal, immortal beings from Heaven and creating Heaven here on Earth.

Check out the Eternity Conference...

From Author of 'Waking Up In Heaven' Crystal McVea's FB page ...

Come to The Eternity Conference.

For my friends who may want to catch this awesome conference...It is being streamed live. I will be speaking

on Thursday at 7pm Eastern/9pm Central. Don Piper is the speaker for Friday night and Todd Burpo on Saturday and Sunday.

          1. Is HEAVEN actually REAL? Find out at the Eternity Conference, Bothell, WA. June 5-8.

          2. FREE EVENTS

          3. Heaven is for Real--Todd and Colton Burpo

          4. 90 Minutes in Heaven--Don Piper

          5. Waking up in Heaven--Crystal McVae

          6. www.evergreenchurch.tv





Here is replay of Crystal's presentation...


Yahoo images.



Greetings Dear Ones,

Well, wasn't May the month of the ages, at least on the pages here in the May is Mother Mary Month pages.

starting with 'Golden Age of Love Now' page.

We finished it with adding John Lennon's 'Imagine' and The Police's 'Synchronicity' on the first page

of Mary's month to finish up. (as stated on the V th page.)

Now, we come upon this invitation from Divine Mother and we say Yes. Are you with us?

The Divine Mother: Come Ride the Wave!


Thank You Divine Mother Mary,

and Thank you Linda Dillon.



Memorial Day.

Greetings on a day that we in America salute and give thanks to our brave men and women

who have fallen to preserveour freedoms. We Thank them for making The Ultimate Sacrifice.


Google images

There is more on the 'Heroes' page. Thank you for visiting that.

And also your presence is most welcome at May is Mother Mary Month IV

Come and be nourished in Divine love...



Welcome to this loving glorious wondrous day beloveds. 22 is the love number and today is a great

day to just shine and be your light. Be sure to check out the May is Mother Mary Month pages where

Mother Mary is sharing the good news of our eternal salvation simply by loving God thru Jesus.

Mary is sharing this thru our own been there ~ experiinced that ~ Heaaven~ God ~ Jesus Is real. Indeed.

Please listen to this important call.

MAY 21 - WEDNESDAY - WHAT A SHOW! St Germain hosted the first part of this call! We started at 8 PM Eastern... same time as the global 10-minute focus on PROSPERITY! So we were joining millions, globally. - We then heard from Lucifer... much more detail of The Fall and "the experiment that went wrong." And Sananda closed this call with his final words: It is done. What an informative call! WEB PAGE: blogtalkradio.com/channelpanelTelephone replay after the call: 1 209-255-1099 + 439724# Ref: 23#



This just in: New message from Sananda via Kathryn E. May.


Thank You Sanada and Kathryn. Beautiful message. )

[earlier today]

Beloveds, on this wondrous glorious loving day that we have been waiting eons for ~ don't mosey but "fly" over to

Mary's Place ll and check out what the angels are sharing over there! )



Update: At 'Site Essentials' page we now have an official donation button. Paul can't keep doing this for free.

It is sincerely hoped by Paul and his bill collectors that those of you, hopefully everyone, who visits this ~ HIS site

and gets some positive influence will make a donation on the way out. Even a buck or two helps big time.

God bless you each and every one of you and let's "Turn it up!" Peace and Love. p


Saw Carlos on Kelly and Michael, this morning. What joy you bring to the world Carlos! Thank You for being the light you are and Godspeed!

See Carlos Santana and angels at May is Mary Month ii page. Yep, you'll see Carlos is an angel too! )



Fin: 4:44 Am

Hello Brothers and Sisters of Light.

Another all - nighter so turning in now.

Couple of things. Yes, we have an awesome intro and Song of the day. Praise God! Check it out at Mary's Place ll

New info at Blog Corner and finally new info at Site Essentials At Site Essentials there is contact info including

how to make a donation so we can keep this site going. Anyone so moved & willing to help out will be much blessed.

Indeed. Yes. )

Thank You & Good Night. )

p.s. We have sent tweets to the Jimmy Kimmel show #JimmyKimmel letting him know of Paul's extra vivid dream a

while back with him on the show and green room. P was shocked when he woke up to find it was a dream. lol

Anyway, if the Galactics haven't taken us "upstairs" by then, we would love a trip to the west coast in June. Please

if led, Tweet Jimmy & company and let them know you'd like to see "the lover of the world" on his show.

Thank You each and every one with All God's love that we all share. And so it is.

Amen. )




Greetings Dear Ones,

Just a note as a traffic cop would do to direct you to the latest "good stuff" coming down here at 'your' God site.

If something here floats your boat and you'd like to share it ~ what's holding you back? Go for it. You're not going

to make anyone mad, believe me So the song message from Mary and The Company of Heaven and the Song of

the day is on at May is Mary Month ll page (those are L's fyi)

You have to click on Golden Age of Love Now to access it. Or you can use this direct lnk:


By now, if you like what you see here you've bookmarked this God's site. You could be the first on your block to tell your

friends the Song of the day from Heaven! Don't necessarily wait for paul to announce it on twitter or facebook.

That may take a while, like early this morning, he got the song of the day up and he crashed, I mean crashed. ) He finished it

later and still hasn't put it out in the usual places cuz he did other stuff which you can now see at Blog Corner. Ok, so this

cosmic traffic cop humbly suggests to you fellow Gods and Goddesses to mosey on over to Mary's Place and Blog Corner

and get the latest. Thank you and Cheerio. )


A song of now...

Thank you Moody Jill for sharing this great art on yt.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



(From Blog Corner)

Greetings Beloved Masters,

This Blog Corner is now going to be much more active and will be the place where important information such as this amazing call below.

Be sure if at all inspired at this site to share with your friends. God, Divine Ultimate has provided this one place, simple and clear where

mostly ~ the music does the talking.

In Oneness,

) (Divine Ultimate's signature, yep, it's a smile)

p.s. Be sure to gift yourself with Blessed Virgin Mother Mary's page entries daily - this sacred month of May.




Gentle visitors,

Please mosey on over to Blog Corner and check out the latest entry there. And have a

most wondrous glorious, loving day. And please do yourself a big favor and visit 'May is

Mother Mary Month' page every day. It doesn't show up on the menu, so access thru

'Golden Age of Love Now' page - the way it should be. All is unfolding according to Heaven's

Divine Perfect plan. Of that you can be assured of. Everything is alright. )



Dear Gentle Humanity,

A simple question for you. If God threw a party, would you want to go or at least check it out? "Yes"?

http://EarthPartyNow.com Our Divine Mother Mary is stepping forward esp this month, to invite you now. Check out

Her message and the Song of the day ~ See what song and artist is featured today.at 'May is Mary Month' page.

http://tinyurl.com/MayisMaryMonth All Welcome to The Jubilee! Yes and Indeed.



A little Galactic Music

Thank you strangeuniverse1 for sharing on yt.

Thank You A Flock of Seagulls.


Big Story!!!


You may have seen this trailer. Zorra says in the following call that "All need to see that movie." ( At 1:69)

This is an important call...

APR 27 2014 ZORRA'S SUNDAY Q & A Zaraya gave a short description of his trip to Hollow Earth when he was 12, beamed up from a corn field. Quite interesting. Much Q & A. Healing Pulse. Zorra confirms Sananda's picture as accurate,as seen in new film just released: Heaven is for Real - Lots of good information. WEB PAGE: blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetworkTelephone Replay: 1 209 255 1099 + 439724#


More re this at NDE Page. Check it out.

Just say AH...

Thank You Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer and Gisele Frederich for sharing on YT.

Thanks to Lani Romero for sharing this perfect video at The Healing For Ascension Tour Group page

in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/268493096648640/

An Urgent Appeal From Mother Earth


Thank You Kathryn.~ Portia and esp Gaia.




Congratulations to the 36,000 Winners of The Boston Marathon rep the best of the human spirit.

A Shout Out to Team Hoyt running their final marathon. Well done Dick and Rick!

They said last year would be their final marathon, but Dick and Rick Hoyt were inspired to run one more time

watch as the inspirational duo crossed the finish line:


Thanks Steve Burton, CBS News and The Hoyts ~ The Whole Team!




Dedicated to Everyone worldwide affected by last year's Boston Marathon tragedy.

Love and peace wins and we Thank God for the strength gained from same.

Thank You Elvis Presley

Thanks to purelistener for the YT sharing



Solemn tributes mark Boston Marathon bombing

BOSTON (AP) — Survivors, first responders and family members of those killed in the Boston Marathon bombing marked the anniversary Tuesday with tributes that combined sorrow over the loss of innocent victims with pride over the city's...


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Zorra: We could have one more short call, handling unanswered questions. Peter helps us understand our power

of discernment as we confront inconsistent information. Kathryn describes her trip to the sacred mountain in Puerto Rico,

her vision of the open portal to the great crystal in the heart of Mother Earth.


Here's the song requested by Father God to close out this call

Thank You Mama Cass Elliot and a Shout out to Mr Johnny Cash!

Thanks to Peter Loner for sharing this on YT.


April, 2014

Archangel Michael St. Germain Zorra ~ Father God

Our Historic LAST Channeled Call!

Kathryn E. May, PsyD aka Lady Portia has been asked by Spirit to serve as "The Voice of Mother/Father God." In this capacity Kathryn has brought us

timely messages from both Father and Mother God, Prime Creator, Sananda, St Germain, Ashtar, Archangel Michael and other Cosmic Guests.

Thank You to All The Above and Anne DeHart aka Lady Nada for tirelessly facilitating these calls!

Listeni to Our Historic LAST Channeled Call! by Channel Panel

This landmark call on 4/6/14 opens the portal to our Ascension...




Sananda announces that April 15th will be the beginning of the end of this phase of Planet Earth; this experience of human kind. After April 15th, there will be no more 3rd Dimension... on April 15th, everything in the world will change.

Archangel Michael reveals a startling disclosure: "In the higher Councils it was decided, 'One of us must come to Planet Earth and live amongst the darkest of the cabal... infiltrate, gain power...' It was I, and I incarnated as..."

St Germain: "Should the RV be not by April 15, we will intervene - you will receive our Announcements that your Galactic brothers and sisters are here above you .. they will show themselves.." April 15: the turning point.

We are to continue our Harmonic Ascension Meditations and Hourly Daily Mantras

WEB PAGE: blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel

Telephone Replay: 1 209-255-1099 + 439724# Ref #5

Harmonic Ascension Project!

Let's build up the energy to the April 15th EVENT

Share Worldwide!!!





MAR 30 2014 SANANDA'S ASCENSION TRAINING - SUNDAY! 11:00 AM Pacific!-12:00 PM Mountain-1:00 PM Central - 2:00 PM Eastern Sananda always has the perfect words to bring us into a state of expecting and honoring our Ascension. And each Sunday, Sananda takes us to the etheric retreat of an Ascended Master. It is here that we receive the healing energies that leave us in such a perfect state of bliss. These calls are so special, and... we take that feeling with us. WEB PAGE: blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel

MAR 29 2014 - REPLAY - OUR SATURDAY CALL WITH ZORRA and PRIME CREATOR! Click on the heading above to listen to this monumental call. Hear Dr. Kathryn May read the text she had received from Prime Creator giving inside information about the events of Flight 370. And, it is still unfolding! Hear Prime Creator explain further and answer questions. And what about Obama? Is he safe? Zaraya tells more about life in Hollow Earth. Quazar tells more about the teachings of Abraham: www.abraham-hicks.com. I listened to the weekly tapes/cd's for about 20 years, and now we have just learned that "Abraham" is Prime Creator! These are excellent to help us clear old belief's.

WEB PAGE: blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel

TELEPHONE PLAYBACK: 1 209-255-1099 + 439724#

Prome Creator shares the bigger story of Flight 370


Stay up on unfolding events at:





Healing For Ascension Tour's photo.

Request to the Ground Crew

Dear Ones,

You are truly a magnificent ground crew. Your efforts have made it clear to the Powers That Were that whenever one of our... own is in danger, we can rally thousands of our troops in a moment. Your response to my plea to download and preserve the work which our beloved M.T. Keshe has offered to the world resulted in a flood of requests on the Keshe Foundation website, making it obvious to everyone that he is no longer the sole possessor of this invaluable information. It is not pointless for them to threaten his life, since his famous thumbdrive now belongs to the world, not to him.

You have coalesced into a team of intelligent, aware and heart-centered volunteers, the likes of which the world has never known. You do not need to be in the same town or even the same country to feel the connection you have with each other and with Us. It is truly gratifying for us to see how quick you are to offer your time and efforts, and how effective you can be.

I have one more request for today. Our passengers of Flight 370 are eager to have their day in the media light so they can tell the world of their adventure with the Galactic Brothers and Sisters who rescued them, their education concerning the truth about what has been going on behind the scenes on the surface of Planet Earth, and their deeply felt wish to make their appeal to the world leaders to sign NESARA law into being across the planet.

I ask you now to take the press release which Kathryn has written and send it to every media outlet you can find, whether it be your local newspaper, television station or internet source. I have asked her to attach it to this message so that you can print it out, hand it out everywhere you go, and fax or email it to everyone you can think of who might have a way to pass it on. It is an issue that has captured the attention of the world, so it does not have to be devout spiritual people who will make the difference. Everyone is guessing now that extraterrestrial intervention is the only logical answer to the puzzle. Now we must prove to them that it is not a hostile act.

I send you my endless love and blessings, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. We are One.

Your Sananda, in Joy, Harmony, Peace and Friendship

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 19, 2014, 8 am.


Press Release - Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship

LightWeb News

March 18, 2014, High Falls, NY. A comprehensive announcement describing the rescue of Flight 370 has been recorded by LightWeb News. The plane was suffering hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction. Whisked out of the air in mid-flight, it was taken aboard an enormous spacecraft from Sirius, claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command, whose full report is available from LightWeb News.

Radar pictures confirm the appearance of alien craft and the sudden disappearance of Flight 370. Confusion reigns in the search and rescue efforts because of the astonishing anomaly which points directly to extremely advanced technological intervention.

Read the full explanation from this source, which cites the connection between sightings of cigar-shaped UFO’s in the skies over conflict areas (recently the Ukraine), the capture and safety of the passengers, and a new demand for countries around the globe to participate in initiating NESARA law.

Commander Ashtar claims responsibility for the rescue and for the demands, in cooperation with the passengers, who have offered to act as “hostages” to bring about immediate world peace. The entire interview can be obtained by contacting Dr. Kathryn E. May at kemay@aol.com.

Channel Panel Call with God and Guests by




Kathryn E. May

Sananda/Jesus' Urgent Message - We Must get Keshe's Work out to Everyone for his

protection and our benefit!

...And now, Dear Friends, let us dance in the streets and make a joyful ruckus, for WE are the New Beginning, the Creators of the New Golden Age!

I love you beyond words,

Your Sananda/Jesus

*www.whoneedslight.org - Facebook: Healing For Ascension Tour; https://www.facebook.com/groups/268493096648640/

www.HollowEarthNetwork.com - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollowEarthNetwork?v=wall

** https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=bf45c90b2b044660&id=BF45C90B2B044660%21143&ithint=folder%2C.rar&authkey=%21AGRPC-Y6xyui0YI

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 17, 2014, 8 PM, New York

Hey anyone ready for The Jubilee? Feeling lucky? Thanks to voodoonolo for posting this!

Thank You The Grateful Dead and Fans. ~ We do believe that is Everyone. )



Channel Panel with God, Ashtar and St. Germain

Kathryn E. May, PsyD has been asked by Spirit to serve as "The Voice of Mother/Father God." In this capacity she will do a channeling session live so that callers can call in and speak with the one who has called him/herself God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Shiva, Mother/Father God, and occassionally, Sue.

Hear among other 'good stuff' about Flight 370 and what occurred.


Rich abundant Thank You's to All!



From the album: Message

By Healing For Ascension Tour


Breaking News!

Hello, all Beloved Earth Dwellers, it is I, Ashtar. I have very good news to tell you about our successful Double Trouble display over the Ukraine. You will appreciate the irony embedded in the Truth whi...ch is now being revealed around the world. We are whooping and hollering on the ships, as you might say.

Many of you have seen the video of the "cigar shaped UFO" over the Crimea - the territory where Putin gathered his ships and ground troops to try to "keep peace" by applying military force. The video was seen all over Russia as well as the rest of the world, and was claimed by the Russian press to be a UFO. You may have noticed it was then that Putin pulled the Russian troops back "to barracks". He decided that the sight of a 3,000 foot long UFO flying surveillance over the trouble spot was not something he wanted to challenge.

All might have died down, met as it was by the cold shoulder of the cabal-controlled media, if it weren't for the following release from the Turner Radio Network. I quote it here in its entirety for comic relief.

March 8, 2014 -- (TRN) -- The United States has deployed a spectacular new military asset in the skies over the Ukraine. The craft made its presence known on March 6, in broad daylight, and it so baffled media and local residents, they called it a "UFO." Since the craft has now been publicly seen, TRN is pleased to be able to report the development and deployment of the new "Sky Dreadnought." Video of the craft over Ukraine and further details, below.

The Sky Dreadnought is the most advanced military weapons system in the history of human existence. Nothing on the face of the earth can even come close to comparing. The ship, a long, cigar-shaped craft, is almost 3,000 feet long, about the length of three aircraft carriers.

It flies by virtue of a gravity-manipulation system, allowing it to operate at any altitude - even into space - and return, without need of jet engines, propellers, massive fuel tanks or rocket engines. All this is achieved by the manipulation of earth's gravity, which, for all intents and purposes, affords unlimited motion possibilities.

Since the craft manipulates gravity, there are ZERO gravitational effects upon the crew or systems inside the craft. Instead of the craft moving despite gravity, gravity itself moves *with* the craft. This means the craft can maneuver at previously impossible angles and speeds without the crew suffering any "G-forces."

While it's maximum speed is classified, TRN can report the Sky Dreadnought can easily travel in excess of ten thousand miles per hour inside earth's atmosphere, or stop and hover --- all of it totally silently. Not only can it achieve these amazing speeds, it can do so almost instantaneously, making the craft totally untouchable by any weapons system on earth.

The exterior of the craft is coated with trillions of nanites, so technologically advanced, it cannot be tracked by radar, cannot be locked-onto by fire control radar of any type, cannot be tracked by infra-red or other heat-seeking weapons. These nanites are not only part of the anti-radar features of the craft, they are also part of the defensive "light-bending" visual stealth, communications and weapons systems.

For defensive purposes, the nanites can be used to view and transfer images seen on one side of the craft, to the other side, meaning the craft can seem to "disappear" to the naked eye.

For communications, other nanites direct all electromagnetic emissions to the sky, making it impossible for ground or air-based radio-tracking or communication interception.

As to weaponry, the Sky Dreadnought does not use any conventional weapons. All of its weapons are a type of pulse-plasma beams which, when seen by the naked eye, appear to be blueish-white, focused bolts of lighting. The weapons were first used on an experimental basis in the second Iraq war, where prototypes were tank-mounted, and were seen melting cars, trucks and buses to the shock and horror of the Iraqi troops who witnessed their use. The weapons operate 360 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally without any blind spots. Nothing can escape the crafts' weapons and no man-made object on earth can withstand being hit by the beams. Metals turn molten and melt in seconds; concrete is reduced to powder instantly. Human bodies shrivel to burnt/melted hulks the size of infants, in less than one second.

If attacked, the systems on board the craft can engage a staggering number of threats simultaneously; literally thousands of attacking targets can be wiped out of existence before they even get close to the craft. While the range of its plasma weapons is classified, TRN can report the craft has the ability to attack any target from horizon to horizon, no matter the altitude of the craft! Given this ability, there isn't a weapon on earth that can be be launched at or used against the Dreadnought without the attack being detected and destroyed.

Making the craft all the more amazing is that once its weapons are used, the area in which they were used is completely safe to enter. No long-term radiation or other health hazard exists. This being the case, the craft can go in, utterly flatten an entire country, and the area it conquers will be ready for re-population and re-development by the United States immediately after the confrontation.

Believe it or not, the craft is based at an undersea base in an ocean. The craft can operate underwater, but there are still some unresolved issues in using its weapons while it is submerged; the weapons work, but anything even close to the area they are used is also affected by the dispersion of the plasma, which has unintended consequences for innocent life forms in the area.

It took more than 25 years and literally trillions of dollars to develop this craft. Those claiming the Pentagon "cannot account for" trillions of dollars, can now figure out where that money went.


You've heard of the "United States of America?" Get ready for the United States of Earth. [Ashtar: Read, NESARA] There will be a "new world order" and it will be American.

The presently existing nations of the world have proved themselves uneducated, petty and barbaric; they have lost the right to be sovereign independent states. As will be displayed shortly in Crimea, once Russia misbehaves too much and is utterly humiliated when battle begins, the "one-world-government" that's been in the works in the UN will suddenly turn out to be American; because the rest of the world will have no choice.

Five days ago, when this web site ran a story announcing the deployment of a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group toward the Black Sea over the Ukrainian situation, many were critical, claiming it to be a hoax. Yet days later, that carrier strike group appeared off the coast of Greece. The final paragraph in that story stated in-part: ". . . the U.S. is also deploying another weapons system, which has been successfully tested, which can knock the S-400 out of action. TRN is not revealing the nature of that system for obvious reasons." The new "Sky Dreadnought" is that weapon system.

Below is video, taken March 6, 2014, showing the Sky Dreadnought over the skies of Ukraine. It is reported by Ukraine media as a UFO. It is not a UFO, it is an American warship; and from today, the world will never be the same. - TRN

(The original video has been removed, but another source has put it out, with the following comment:

"Have you noticed every time a country is taken over by the Cabal, UFOs appear?")


Yes, indeed, Beloved Ones, there was a massive surveillance ship over the Ukraine, but it was not developed by the U.S. government in secret. It belongs to the Sirius Star System Fleet, under the Ashtar Command. I could not resist - I took the helm myself to carry out this mission, and what a pleasure it was!

Now, you may be wondering about the above "press release." I must admit to having come up with the rather catchy name, the "Sky Dreadnought". Of course it is a bit of a play on words, since it is intended to sound terrifyingly dreadworthy, but the title can also be read as Dread Not. We are rather proud of the science fiction bit of (group) writing which describes very accurately, if a bit dramatically, the actual capabilities of the ship, which Kathryn has described as "totally awesomely awesome."

We are especially pleased with the outcome of our efforts. There will now rage a debate across the world about the true origins of this craft (thanks to our Turner boots on the ground.) If it is truly "the most advanced military weapons system in the history of human existence," and it belongs to the U.S., the rest of the world is completely under the control of the United States, as the article says. If it doesn't belong to the U.S. (and no one else has claimed it) then what??? It has to be a UFO!

Does the military of every country in the world dare ignore the possibility that this is truly a game-changer? That every weapon known to man is now completely and utterly obsolete, and that any form of military resistance is now completely unthinkable? What if it does belong to the U.S.? What if it doesn't?

Can you picture the shouting and chest-pounding in the board rooms and war rooms of the cabal-sponsored military elite? Can you imagine their red-faced frustration at learning they are completely impotent? There is nothing their money can buy that can forcefully re-establish their power this time.

(On the deck of the New Jerusalem you can hear the strains of the wonderful "March of the Tin Soldiers" from the Nutcracker.)

Their only recourse is to pretend that they are unaware or disbelieving about the presence of the great ship. Of course it will be as easy to ignore as the proverbial elephant in the living room. Given the stranglehold on the media, they might have succeeded eventually, because of the short memory of the public, but we have thought of that too.

You may also have heard about the airliner which vanished in Malaysia. Flight 370 was just off the eastern coast over shallow water when it wavered in the air then suddenly dropped from 35,000 feet to 0 and disappeared. At the same time, radar showed a "plane" which suddenly accelerated to 4 or 5 times the speed of any other craft, hovered in one place, then suddenly vanished from the radar screen, seconds before the airliner also disappeared.

I am very pleased to tell you all that the passengers and crew of the airliner are safe and happy in a secret location. There were several ships in the area, and the maneuver was carried out effortlessly. It is very serendipitous that the airplane carried a large number of Lightworkers from many countries who are delighted and very enthusiastic about the proposal we have made to them, that they be used as "hostages" to expedite the following demands:

Their release will be contingent upon an immediate global agreement that all countries now in possession of any weapons of mass destruction relinquish them to be evaporated forthwith.

1. NESARA law will be presented for signature to all the world's leaders - representatives of every country on the U.N. charter - and will be immediately enacted. We anticipate that President Barack Obama will be first signatory on the document.

2. There will be declared a Global Celebration of Peace for every person on the planet, regardless of race, religion or nationality, to be marked by one month of singing, dancing and public performances in every village, town, and city on Earth. All expenses are to be underwritten with the funds which would have been allocated for military expenditures.

3. All military personnel will be paid full salary for three months after they turn in all weapons and uniforms and return to rebuild their own families and communities. After that, no expenditure by any individual or nation will be permitted for any military activity or equipment whatsoever. This will free governing bodies to use their resources for infrastructure, water and sanitary systems, sustainable agriculture, and educational and social programs to elevate the conditions for all their citizens.

The people of Planet Earth can also look forward to the sharing of the technology behind the propulsion system for the marvelous space craft they will soon observe over all the major cities of the world. We wish for them to become familiar and comfortable with our presence, which they will soon associate with freedom, good times, free energy, and global prosperity.

We promised you Disclosure, Dear Ones. Well, here it is. It may take a few days for the inevitability of this massive change to sink into the consciousness of all the citizens of the planet, but I assure you, it has already begun. We will continue to display our presence to the world, now that the U.S. has been declared the supreme power over all. It will cause increased confusion in the ranks of the elite, but we are certain the citizenry will adapt very quickly to the fact of permanent and lasting peace on Earth.

Here on the New Jerusalem, we rejoice with a gentler kind of drum beat. We enjoy adding our own lyrics as we sing the child's song that ends like this:

"I played my drum for Him, pa rum pum pum pum

I played my best for Him, pa rum pum pum pum,

rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

Then He smiled at me, pa rum pum pum pum

Me and my drum."

Yes, we will all be marching to a different Drummer - the pulse of the Universe, the breath of our beloved Prime Creator, with our Star Brothers and Sisters at our side. We will rejoice together in the sparkling Light of the New Golden Age.

I am your brother, in Love, Joy and Laughter, Ashtar.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 11, 2014, 12 am, High Falls, NY

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,


More essential information:


Rich abundant Thank You's to All!



The Grand Journey Begins With You


Thank You Master Andrew Martin. Father God? ... "INDEED!" )

Now a grapfic picked by Prime Creator... "Creator" to His/Her friends"

be right back:

Hendrix College l Journeys

LOL That was way too EZ Dear Creator!

Found front row Yahoo Images for journeys. Jimi you are (One of) the best my looking over my shoulder spirit guide!

Everyone should check out and hear the Good Stuff news at Jimi Hendrix Experience page.

And THANK YOU Dear Creator, Dear Prime Creator!!

On bewhole of All Humanity!!!

P and Company

Amen, Espavo, Namaste.

To Beginnings...

Prime Time News Flash! Beloved Creator has given us kids the key to the High ~ way. What, you ask? Love, of course, silly. )

Love is the key, Love is the vehicle, Love is what we are, Love is where we're going. Love Love Love! Right, beloved masters; You, Company of Heaven, Patrons ~ John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix and of course ~ Jesus ~ Sananda, Father Mother God ~ Prime Creator Peace to one, peace to all. Now and forever. Amen.

And here we suggest visiting the Yusuf/ Cat Stevens page to hear Mom's song hereby dedicated to each and every one of you fellow creator's ~ God's children.

The dawning of The New Now Golden Age is here , Finally! Is it time to spread the good 'now news' even to the doom and gloom mass media - don't you think?

it's time to show the world there is an alternative to war and strife and arguments and disharmony? Fellow lightworkers, and that's You if you are reading this.. Let's

show the world that there Can be an end to all that bs and usher in the era of bright, golden shimmering sunlight, clear blue skies, and green grass and high tides forever.

Deal? Awesome.. Let's " Make it so" for it IS already a Done deal. )

Rock on you Rockers!

Thanks to Saskatchewan for sharing this on YT.

Thank You The Outlaws

"God Bless You Too!"

And while we're at it God Bless the Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Roadies, and Gangsters of Rock & Roll as well!

Who does that leave out?

No one.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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On this auspicious day, when we remember and celebrate the life and work of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

and all his accomplishments on behalf of humanity...

We have a very special message from Prime Creator.

Announcement from Prime Creator

And in video format created by request. Thank you gattoaladino. God bless you and your work. The perfect graphic! )

Channeled via Lady Portia ~ Dr. Kathryn E. May


Thank You Prime Creator and Lady Portia ~ Dr Kathryn E May



Hey fellow Infinite and Eternal Spiritual Beings of Light & Love... What time is it on the Plant it? It's time for Cosmic Celebration!

Heavenly Infinite Prime Creator, Father, Mother, God, Creator, ALL THAT IS ~ In Jesus Name ~ Do YOU Concur?


Thank You Steve, Barbara, Elrah, The Keeper of Time, EM and The Group.

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Ok; you know we have to have a song. Led Zeppelin Take Us Home, Please? Thanks Guys!

Thank You Jimmy, Robert, John Paul And John, with a major "Shout Out" to Jason!!

Led Zeppelin ~ Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.

Thanks to LinkBulletBill for the nice work and YT share.

Time for a tip of the Hatlo Hat once again to the Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Roadies, Outlaws and Gangsters of Rock & Roll

Peace out for now.

Oh oh Spirit has an encore for us... Richest Blessings to All... P )

Thank You Journey.

and Karly Waskowich for YT sharing.


New Years Eve

Welcome The Year We've All Been Waiting For!!!

Looked in You Tube for New Years Songs. Our computer recommended this. We Must concur. We love our computer. lol

Thank You Led Zeppelin i.e. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham (in spirit) and Jason Bonham.

Thanks to the Fans and all who made this possible and a shout out to Ahmed Ertegun for all he made possible.

Here's to an Awesome 2014. Keep Rockin'!!!

As always All Thanks Appreciation and Gratitude to Prime Creator ~ Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator All That Is ~ In Jesus Name.


Jesus January 1, 2014 Channeled by John Smallman...


Thank You Jesus and John Smallman; and gattoaladino for sharing this and other videos on YT.


Christmas 2013

Yahoo images.

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman and gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sananda and Gillian MacBeth Louthan and for the YT share- gattoaladino.

Thank You Jackie Evancho, Sir James Galway and Company. (more Jackie; scroll down New News page)

Divine Mother thru Isabel Henn and shared on YT by gattoaladino. Thank You All.

Thank You Mary and channeler Elizabeth Ayres Escher. Tazjima and gattoaladino for YT share.

Ensure that you make available plenty of time to CELEBRATE! Saul thru John Smallman


Thank You Saul and John Smallman.

Merry Christmas to All!



Winter Solstice Celebration 2013

Thank You Ritchie Blackmore and Rainbow.

Thank You Mr Jackson Browne and Libby Piotrowicz.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman and producers of this video.

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Keys to ascension...

Thanks to Annaka Rae for sharing this.



An Intergalactic Homecoming Celebration for All: Update on Ascension and The Event from the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael...


Thank You Goldenlight.



The World loses a very bright light. Nelson Mandela 1918 ~ 2013


Thank You Nelson Mandela. Sure to be working still on the other side. We Salute You!



Thank You Steve And Barbara Rother & Company, Elrah, The Keeper of Time and The Group.

Complete Virtual Light Broadcast




Thank You Archangel Michael and Ronna Herman.

and Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.


Thanksgiving Day, 2013

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Thank You George Winston.

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Happy Thanksgiving to All!



A Grateful Salute to One of Our Great Presidents: John F Kennedy

His Finest Moment...

Thank You Mr President,

Wish we had a chance to get to know you more while you were on earth.

Yahoo images.

Your magnificent and most wondrous awakening was divinely planned.

Jesus through John Smallman





Thank You All Veterans For Your Service.

2013 Veterans Day Slideshow:





Sharing a work that all should see...

Hard Rain

Thank you Eric Gibson and Company for this awesome documentary.



Down the Rabbit Hole Fred Burks shares "the goods" including Heaven on Earth...




Congratulations Boston Red Sox! 2013 World Champions!

Well done guys! Very well done indeed!

From the album:Timeline Photos

By Boston Herald

Red Sox on top of the World; win third title in last decade http://shar.es/IjX0s



Here we are ~ humanity reaches the dizzying heights.

The Piano Guys w Guest Alex Boye singing Coldplay's Paradise African style "Peponi."

Thank You One and All for this uplifting and, yes a little crazy, expression of humanity's

fearless and not to be denied nature. What's next God? Bring it on...

Paul F Brown

Our Comment on You Tube:

Thank You, The Piano Guys, Alex and all who participated in this . I think your guardian angels worked overtime during this shoot,

but it was worth it! This is so divinely inspired and executed. simply awesome. Btw it is featured Now at HIS: Earth Party Now dot com

site in Front Page Now News section. All welcome to The Jubilee! Peponi ~ paradise ~ Indeed! )





Your destiny is to create with God. Saul through John Smallman.




Love is sounding a clarion call. Jesus through John Smallman.


Jesus, our best friend, with a message like this- that reminds us of some of our favorite music You know we have to play it.

Thank You for this awesome message

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult



Congrats and Good Luck in the Series to The Boston Red Sox!

Victorino's grand slam lifts Red Sox - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN


via @FoxSports

Boston Globe photos.



Braco TV Home https://www.braco-tv.com/index.php From Oct 18th- 21st Live streaming.


10/14/13 & 10/19/13

Hello ... me again!


Oct 14th is here once again . Five years down the track ... here we all are ... still in waiting!



10/19/13 Channeling:


Thank you Blossom.



Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: Jumping Outside of Time


Thank you Goldenlight.



A perfect, perfect time for a transition. We can almost hear trumpets!

Humanity~ is it Now time to expand our minds?

Thank You Steve, Barbara, Elrah, Em, The Keeper of Time and The Group for showing us the way.

(more Steve, Barbara and Company at Beacons of Now page.)

You know we have a song to put here, right? We'll be back with Father / Mother's selection...

Thank You The Who and Guests and The Fans ~ Us Sons and Daughters of Rock & Roll.



Thank You Scorpions

Do we have a song? Oh yeah, we got a song, hold on a sec.

Thank You Styx.

NOW 9/23/13

23 is the "Cosmic Trigger" number folks. Can the following be HIS Divine plan?

Receiving God's Love | Heavenletters (More Heavenletters in 'Beacons of Now' section)


Bird Song or 'How God's children learn to fly.' )

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

9/22/13 Autumn Equinox Day and The Beginning of The Eternal Now.

Greetings Fellow Infinite Beings of Love and Light in The One Infinite Body of Prime Source!

Huh? Wazzat, you talking to me? Just having a little fun, beloveds, but Yes, It is True.

Your Vastness will become more and more apparent to you as The Ascension process proceeds

according to Heavenly Infinite Father's Divine Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Plan unfolds.

To start this new page off, which is continuation of the main front page and the New News page,

both of which have more than carried their weight; we must launch this with Our Super Hero and

Patron Saint of this, Father's Star~Site, One Master Jimi Hendrix. If you have not heard Jimi in the

second reading given to Paul by Jim Law you might want to check that out at Site Essentials page.

Now Star Spangled Banner for The Now Age. Marking the chronological time for the record as we

push off into time eternal.

9/22/13/ Culmination #9 22 the eternal love # 13=4 the trans # and so it is Now, IJN. Amen.

12:14 a.m. The eternal adventure for all starts Now. 12 signs of the zodiac 14=5 the adventure #.

How's yours so far? Mine's good. )

Sir Jimi...

Thank You Jimi

Yep, folks, almost as soon as it started we gotta put the "Master & Mistress" thing to bed. We're all

culmination beings if we are on the planet at this very late date in Earth and Human evolution.

We'll see how it goes.

Another Master from that same reading, steps forward with His masterpiece "Imagine." Thanks God.

Thank You John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

And furthermore: For the official NOW Age

Yes, John and Yoko's and a generation's message remains the same. Peace NOW so we

can get to the Real Good Stuff that Prime Creator ~ Father ~ Mother God Creator has in store

for each and every one of us, also Creator Gods. We Do have The Power, People. Let's Use it.

Ok, so how long did you think it would be before we got around to these guys? ) After all-

Jerry did show up in the reading as well... Masters, take it away...

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

On this auspicious day of the Autumn equinox, we pass on a message from our friends and support teams.

Together all the forces of light make the NOW Heaven On Earth paradigm manifest. Thank You God! And So It Is, IJN.

Thank You to Laarkmaa, the gateway Pleiadians, All Support Beings, Groups, Planets etc from Whatever

Star System One calls home.

Special Thanks here to Pia Orleane, Mark Smith and Oribel Divine, And Thank You, yes You ~ for

watching this presentation and all divinely inspired presentations that uplift humanity. God bless all who create them, share them, watch them, and esp those who take action from their inspiration.

As we Rock and Rollers say: Rock On... and Keep Smiling.

Ok, God, what would YOU suggest as THE Song to follow THIS with? God just smiles and "hear" comes The song, beloveds. Enjoy. )

From God with Divine, Infinite Love and Light

Thank You Jerry and The Grateful Dead and The Fans!

As Jerry says at the end of this song...:"Thanks a lot, we'll see you in a little while."

Thank YOU Jerry and Yes ~ we Will see You, And Your Friends i.e. Everyone on 'the other side,' in a little while. Amen. )

The Story of "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead: http://youtu.be/PIyfMiA3Xe0 via @youtube


Later this same cosmic day...a note to all


Greetings Friends,

May I ask you a question?

Where, in heaven's name, are you getting your "news" from i.e. the TV, your paper and on the internet?

That's fine, we just ask you to consider adding God's site to your arsenal of information.

If it strikes a chord and if Led ~ share it with Your world of influence. You know you make a difference. You're a major part of the fabric of God's creation; you do know that, right? The bigger world and it's inhabitants will be very grateful to You, if you do. You can "prove it so" one way or the other.

Action = results. No action = No results. Simple.

God is having a Party and The Omniverse Is Invited. The corporate controlled "news media" won't touch this. They are afraid of God and the real truth of HIS divine mercy and compassion and the miracles HE is performing in the lives of everyday people interfering with their profits. Doom and gloom and wars, that's what they report. And be sure to stay tuned for the next commercial with a special offer you don't want to miss. Puh-lease, Louise.

News Flash Earthlings: In the Eternal Now, money is a non factor.

The few families that control the world's wealth are paupers compared to Father's Infinite Wealth.

HE doesn't put a price tag on the sun's rays or the cooling of water or the light of the stars at night.

All HIS Gifts are Free and HE wants us, HIS beloved Children to wake up and smell the flowers

and coffee, and Yes, Listen to the M U S I C ~ THE Designated "Flyway" back to HIM and Our eternal

homes ~ prepared and waiting for each and every one of us in the higher realms.

It's up to us, people, to accept, not reject Father of All That Is' offer on the table. Deal?

Thank you Deborah Tavares, Trevor Coppola and all who made this video possible.


Sting, Stewart and Andy say it the way we say it. You can't kill spirit and spirit is FREE.

Thank You The Police and Fans, i.e. Ever y one, right God? When everyone wakes up

YES, Son- definitely.

Christ said we should be as little children. Let's lighten our load and take the Great Commander's advice to heart, shall we?

Oh, and can these guys rock out? You tell me...

Thank You Loggins and Messina and Company and Fans, i.e. All of us! )



So, Greetings fellow Gods & Goddesses on the way up.

Take what you will of this page, as it is, at least for now...

See you at the grande dovetailing page, and...

Have a nice forever...


P pic.

Namaste. )