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7:52 a.m. this page was born.

Greetings loving family & brother & sister earthlings. Thank you for the warm, sweet & loving welcome. You make me feel like I've already accomplished my mission. ). yes, Heavenly Infinite Father said Aspyn Serenity, we have a spot on planet earth for a hero. Would you like a fantastically amazing chance to join the A ~ 777 team down there and 'love' everyone to deth? me, dear father, i don't think I'm worthy? God smiles & says, sweet, dear loving baby, you are just what the doctor ordered. You bundle of joy that you are can & will melt the hardest hearts down there. Heaven knows they need all the help they can get. Our good buddy p, down there will be your Godfather and he has a starsite for God that no one pays attention to because forces of obstruction & imbalance influence viral & mass media from getting his blinding light out from the vacuum box we've had to put him in for his own protection.

What's that alice? Sure, write a song about it, actually, just download it and you'll have a hit on your hands, but don't really deny your maker; it's just a song, like AC- DC are not really on the highway to hell, we just call it Rock & roll, dear beloveds. friends, fellow spirits who volunteered to take embodiment in the zoo, or jungle down there in never never land. Some call it that because when they get back home, here in Heaven, they say "I'm 'never' going back there, no f'n way. Then, after settling in back here they think, you know what, looking back and remembering the good times w me friends down there, it actually wasn't so bad after all. So they take a number & get back in the queue to go back to the most difficult planet in the cosmos we are having our being in at this moment.

Can Rock & roll save your very soul? No, but Jesus can, & He's a rocker. so, we say what we gotta say in song, like that Aerosmith song Yeah, letting the music do the talking, that's the cool way to, as they say, ready Ashtar... ' let it all hang out' ) so to speak. Paul, excuse me dear friend but can I say one thing?. Why yes, of course sweetie, what say you? I say 'I

i'm in, now can I get my friends lined up like you did. Yes, dear however all wars, you know down there are over, everything's changed down there as folks woke up and went on a dancing in the streets mode. You and you alone sweet child of mine will tip the axis of love on a planet that didn't know if it was coming or going, if it's AC or DC, if it's sunny or share. I tell you Aspyn serenity, you are what the world needs now, love, sweet love ~ indeed, the online world wll be the one to find you and keep you cuz this format is the intimate one, indeed a God given miracle gift so we all can communicate. So, as obviously Sweet Serenity, has made her spectacular entrance for us. Here she is ~ pretty in pink & ready to change lives from the get go. My gaze, she says, will fill your heart with love, love and more love. What else is there? From where I come from, love is the only thing I know, so, go easy on me, please. Thank you. Here's my ) to brighten your day, everyman & everywoman. i come to bless you, straight from God's heart. Will you let me in? AAghhh, don't you feel better. Ok, let's get some pictures & some heavenly music in here.

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Sweet Aspyn Serenity of the dawn, the sweetest dawn we ever could ask for. Thank You God.


Here i am world, who wants to love more today? Know i love you more ) & a hug ( )

Aawww lookey here humanity, a tiny sweet Angel of God, come to witness spring's new hope.

live hand in hand & together we'll stand, on the threshhold of a dream. Those words of The Moody Blues just poured out effortlessly

Ok, coffee moment, actually p's been up since the cow's went to bed, sleep moments w God coming up. He willing we will wake up with a re-booted fresh brain to work with and more good thngs from Him will be on our horizons & we'll even be beyond the threshold of all that's good to come. 'Exactly,' as Jay Leno would say. Sleep here comes p, zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rec & fin.for now


10: o5 a.m.

See Aspyn Serenity's official 'gaze' here:

Thank you Kanał użytkownika Kobis11 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ms Bonnie Tyler. Aspyn Serenity along w God felt & heard your passion in this awesome song.w perfect lyrics.

It will be shared over at 'that guy's' page over here:



p pic

Here's Carol holding God's little 'bundle of joy.' Look, what God just sent us team. Who's got a song for the occasion. p will now proceed, in faith, to YT and come back with the perfect song. However, first here's a pic of the baby's mother, Cheri, with our first glimpse of Aspyn Serenity.

Awww, well done Cheri, 40 hours of labor, and baby delivered out at exactly in the perfect moment as per His perfect momenting.

Here are her perfect lucky numbers.

Born: 3/5/16 3= the trinity, 5= adventure 5 always the 'adventure' #. Who wants to go on an adventure? Everyone? & 16+ = Sweet. Any ?'s 'Good' ~ God. )

7: 43 p.m. Of course 4+3 = 7 so she's like 77 on arrival.

This cosmic superstar has her own page,

here at His starsite, feel free to visit any/ moment. (yeah, folks, we don't use the term 'time' anymore if we can help it. There is no more 'time.' We have graduated to the eternal "Now" experiencing wondrous, glorious, loving moments. Moments, spent in His infinite love field, my dear friends. Indeed, and you can take that to the limit, eagle breaths. )

Look, here's the proud 'Godfather' Thanks always for asking me to have that honour, Cheri. Eternally humbled ~ I Am That I Am. )

p pics

The proud Godfather, paul, holding Aspyn Serenity. ) All God's joy in the palm of p's hands. Thank You God. )

And now, the song:

Thank you Scsigs for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Beatles, God's messengers of light, love, fun & happiness ~ forever. )

And So It Is Now & Forever, IJN.

Namaste, folks, keep smiling

p & Co in 122% accord w Him / Her. )

******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* &&&&&&& ~~~~~~~ VVVVVV

And God said... Let there be music & His children said. Put a Rush on it , so here;s one for the new baby in town. Ok, we haven't shared with ya's Aspyn's God given, Law of Attraction name have we? R U ready, fans of God's perfection in action? Aspyn serenity's earth & cosmic nickname is. Take a break, Bonzo, hey Phil Collins Yeah, he wants the gig. Ok Bro, drumroll please. ~ Wow, how'd he do Bonzo? Totally Awesome, Captain. He & we all concur, take a bow Phil. BTW, if you join a band & they need a singer, you, my dear friend would 'knock it out of the park' Annd you cantakethat to the Emperor. Ok, Aspyn Serenity's cosmic 'nickname' is. Ahem:

*************************************** ~~~~~~~ '7 Downtowns' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Awesome God. we couldn't have imagined a more perfect name if we tried. And the format & presentation. This is just pure 'God' folks. You're the Ultimate, 'hands up, hands down 'best in the business,' Dear God. Thank You sooo much, God. Everyone on p's team loves You God. Your team mr p? Well, yes, our team is humanity, itself. See, we were one on the other side, then we came down here to this fractured place and we lost our way for a while, and now we are going back as one, even better & stronger than ever before. We are one in the divine love & light of Jesus show us the way Jesus. Thank You, everyone's Bro.

Yes, God's doing His thing here, folks, we are all witnessing it. p, the humble instrument now brings to ya's this moment, The King of Rock & Roll, himself

Mr Elvis Aaron Presley. Take it away Brother Elvis... and btw release us all from this 'jailhouse' paradigm. If only we could find a leader who is not only 'hip' enough but also hep enough, then maybe we could all say as one. Thank Y (Jesus says use lower case) ok everyone: 1 2 3 Thank you Jesus.

Jesus, Please take us home & w help from a song & what's the song? ust a sec everyone, hold on please. John, the Beatle turned into a peace dove, Lennon would like a word. John the talking stick is yours, Bro.

Now, John sitting here, next to the typist says, AH-Hem "I am not worthy however Jesus Is The Way, The Truth, The Light & The Ultimate Love ~ The only way out & the only way home. Jesus is The Gateway to God." (pendulum confirmed msg) Very well said Bro, John, High 5 ) Jesus says "Thanks Bro."

Now. p asked God for 5 more minutes as he can't and won't try to fight off sleep. So we now share this with you, brother ~ sister humanity. And, if led, please share this w your worlds, more of His infinite power to ya's, indeed. )

6/14/16 Edits / addendums. )

Thank you Johnny Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Elvis Presley. The King of Rock & roll )

Have we all told you lately 'We love you" & by reciprocity (nice word p.- it's Him my dear friend)

We are saying we love ourselves because, obviously, we are all one in Him. If this is not making sense to anyone, we'll stop & try

to explain. No Bro, we're good. Ok, Great, awesome even. So, you are, indeed, 'God: Good.' ) )

Later spirits in love of the one, we are all one. See ya's around, in 'oneness.' )

Thank you southy 333 For sharing onYT.

Thank You Mr Tom Rush. On behalf of Serenity What can 'one' say except 'Thanks Bro' for this masterpiece. We all love it & you. )

p, out & off to dreamland for a bit.

Rec & fin,


12:00 p.m.



Who wants to go to heaven in a split p shell. i.e. the Music? Try here...Thank You God ~ Who Does All.

witness, paul, the typist. indeed. we, His will willing, will meet ya's over here. just press play, ~ & 'play on 'players.' )

He will send us over there with a song, guys. hold on, ok ~ hear we go... )

Thank you J. R. Ramos for sharing on YT.

Thank You Player

Guess what, dear ones, God made us All 'players' In oneness w Him/Her ~ Let us pray "Thank You God ~ In Jesus Name."

& Now ~ Let's Play. It's ladies choice.

p hopes he gets picked for a cosmic dance.

so, dear paul, why don't you play a song that might attract the opposite sex to ya.

Good idea God, Xellent even. p can't think of a better song than the one that was 'our song' of paul & Nanci.

So ladies , will you dance with this melancholy man, go for a long walk on the beach & the park with him?. we're asking you nice. And this is also for all our sisters & brothers ~ brothers & sisters of God. We are all 4 one ~ one 4 all, Indeed. What anyone has for genitalia has absolutely no meaning when it comes to love, we all know that, right? Splendid.

So, once again going out to Nanci, only asking as a friend. You know I still love you Nanci, the old laughing lady herself. to the very core of my being, and I know you still love me. ~ here's our song, perfect to use and share w all & everyone, as an example, who wants a love or lovers to play with forever, Indeed.

Know, He says ~ infinite are the ways of God & infinite is His love. God has a perfect peach for us all and a whole orchard if we want it. Don't deny your love to another peach dear beloveds. God is love incorporated for all the orchards in all the infinite worlds in all dimensions in all cosmos' throughout His / Her infinite Creation. And all we gotta say, beloveds know... tell us, the typist will type the word for us Ok hear comes the word....... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, Good God as one we push 'The King Of Rock & roll' forward to say for All of Us..."THANK YOU VERY MUCH GOD. We are not worthy, But WE ACCEpt with TREMBLING HaNDS YOUR INFINITE LOVE, KINDNESS & WISDOM 4 ALL OF US. On stomack to floor GOD OF ALL THAT IS... THANK YOU SOOO VERRY MUCH, OUR FATHER/ MOTHER OF HEAVEN & NOW HEAVEN ON EARTH. THANK YOU GOD, WE AS INFINITE COMPANIONS OF YOU, DEAR GOD OF Infinity. stop: Done. Thanks again, God. Whew ,

Holy Noah, guys. Ok here's the song we're talking about. Take it to heart, and take it to your new lover,(s) if led. Carry on, oh, and 'have a nice forever'... )

Thank you J.R. Ramos 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Orleans, Thank You Fred Astaire & Cyd Charisse & J.R. Ramos for the brilliant work. )

Alright, folks, He has given usa path (fix typo 'usa'? No way, Jose. ) Carry on... )

we/He is taking this to the world, dear friends, help make this/His site viral ~ please? If led. )

Thank you's & most of all ~ Thank You Jesus ~ Sananda. <3 our symbol / logo 4 the Sons & Daughters ~ Daughters & Sons of Infinity

Namaste. )

Rec & fin.moment...


12:52 p.m.